How to upgrade iPad to ios 10

What’s new in the top ten?

On iOS 10, the animation has changed, this can be seen at the time of exiting and entering applications. The changes also affected the control center. Each function has an active position illumination in different colors. The center is divided into two tabs, one for the most popular functions, a second unit for playing music and connecting a headset.

The “curtain” for notifications has been changed, which is lowered by swiping from top to bottom from the top edge of the screen. At the top is SpotLight. Changes have also been made to some applications. For example, Photo. A folder for displaying “memories” pictures has appeared. The zoom has changed in the “camera”, now it is adjusted using the vertical slider on the left. “Contacts” and “messages” are improved and more convenient to use.

The clock app displays information in a new way. The stopwatch looks like a real one, if you don’t like it, you can swipe to the left to change it to digital. The “maps” application has changed dramatically, everything works smoothly. There is a new application called “home”. Here you can create rooms and add room displays. You will be able to see what is happening in this or that part of the house. The AppStore has a new “categories” tab (these are games, entertainment, and more).

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Why iPad 2 won’t update to iOS 10

How to Reflash iPhone or iPad, iOS Restore and Update | Apple


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What to do if iPad won’t update to iOS 10?

IPad users are very pleased with the release of the iOS 10 update from Apple, which will bring your old iPhone or tablet the latest innovations available on the latest generation of devices.

In fact, iOS 10 is designed for the latest processors, so OS 10 doesn’t always behave at its best with older iPads or iPhones, leaving device owners frustrated when choosing an upgrade. In this article, we will look at the questions: what types of devices are compatible with iOS 10, how to update the iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad Air to iOS 10 and what to do if the iPad does not want to update.

There is a list of devices that are compatible with the tenth version of the operating system, including iPad 4, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4 versions, as well as iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad Pro version 9.7 and version 12.9. Appl published these versions of iPads as versions compatible with OS 10. In addition, version 10 behaves well with devices that support iOS 9, except for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini, which should not be tested with the new version of iOS 10.

Upgrade without iTunes

Increasingly, people are generally giving up on personal computers at home. Mobile devices are pushing them out of our apartments, because there are more than enough of them for everyday tasks. In such a situation, Apple did not support the dependence of its devices on personal computers, and new iPad models, like all other lines of devices, can be updated without iTunes and, accordingly, without connecting to a computer at all. To do this, you just need to have a sufficient battery level. If there is an outlet nearby, then it makes sense to connect a charger, because the iOS update on the iPad. enough, as you will see, an energy-consuming process. Besides, the new firmware can really weigh a lot. Therefore, if possible, you should use the Wi-Fi network when you see the update message on the iPad screen. You can also check for their presence yourself in the settings. After

List of devices compatible with iOS 10

  • iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2;
  • 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro;
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 4
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Sixth generation iPod touch.

If any iPhone model, starting with the iPhone 4, could run iOS 7, then in the next revisions of its mobile system Apple dropped support for iPhone 4. Given the manufacturer’s tendency to limit support in each OS release, it is not surprising that the list of compatible devices iOS 10 did not hit the iPhone 4s, the original iPad mini, and the second and third generation 9.7-inch iPads.

IOS 10 has received a significant number of improvements and new features. Key changes include completely redesigned Messages and Photos, Apple News news app and Apple Music service.

How to fix an error downloading an update on iOS 10

An error occurs when installing an operating system, as a rule, due to the flooding of corrupted update images of an unimproved version 10 operating system. Apple is constantly working on fixing images, offering the user more and more IOS firmware.

What to do and why the system freezes on the tablet during the next OS update? At the same time, the device resembles a useless brick with which nothing can be done. Don’t be nervous, let’s try to fix the situation.

Connect your iPad to PC via USB cable. On your computer, enable the latest version of iTunes (at least 12.5.1 version) or download its update from the official website. Next, perform the hard reset mode of the iPad, holding down the “Home” key and the “Power” key at the same time for 20-30 seconds until the recovery screen lights up. The iPad connected to the PC will appear in iTunes, where you will have to select the “Update” or “Restore” action. You press the Update button to download the iOS 10 firmware to your iPad. This process will take a certain amount of time, please wait until it finishes. If the device freezes again, repeat the procedure.

If the firmware still has not been installed, install the old version of iOS 9 on your tablet and return the previously created backup copy of data from your iPad to its place.

In addition, it is useful to remember that by downloading the latest version of the tenth firmware, you can get to the test firmware, which will turn your tablet into a “brick” at the end of its validity period, so update and download the OS version iOS 10 GM correctly.

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Is it possible to install iOS 10 on iPad 2 or iPhone?

With the advent of the updated firmware, a list of gadgets appears that should no longer be installed. Most likely, this is directly related to the internal hardware of the devices. Indeed, for the correct operation of the device, the ability of the “iron” to cope with the imposed load is required. iOS 10 is no exception. With her appearance, she “sentenced” many devices.

iOS 10 and iPad 4, how it works?

The 4th generation, like air, can be attributed to the extreme models that can still support the new firmware. When installing updates, the gadget may freeze or slow down. You can get out of this situation by optimizing the tablet settings. Before installing the firmware, check the compatibility of your model with the update. Some iPads will not have support.

After installing the firmware, restart your device. This will help you complete the installation correctly and eliminate possible freezes. It is better not to use the gadget for the first six hours, everything will slow down, this is normal. The firmware scans the information and rebuilds everything in a new way. This process will take especially long time if you have a large photo gallery.

If after a while the tablet does not work faster, the first thing that can be done is to deactivate the motion effects. This can be done by going to the settings icon, then to the “main” section. Under the “Accessibility” subsection, find “Reduce Movement” and activate the toggle switch. Second, lower the transparency of the elements. In the same subsection, find “increase contrast” and activate the toggle switch opposite to “lower transparency”.

Third, turn off background refreshing of applications in the “iTunes Store and App Store”, which are located in the settings. Also, in the “main” section, you can disable content updates. These three simple steps are enough to speed up your tablet significantly. If the operation of the device with the updated firmware is uncomfortable, you can roll back to the previous version in the first two weeks after its release. Do not waste time, do it as soon as you understand that the gadget worked better before.

Apple released iOS 9 beta 3 for iPhone and iPad

At the Apple conference, a new operating system for tablets. iPadOS was presented. How to install iPadOS Beta and what features of the OS you will find out right now.

Upgrade without iTunes

and more, people generally give up on personal computers at home. Mobile devices are pushing them out of our apartments, because there are more than enough of them for everyday tasks. In such a situation, Apple did not support the dependence of its devices on personal computers, and new iPad models, like all other lines of devices, can be updated without iTunes and, accordingly, without connecting to a computer at all. To do this, you just need to have a sufficient battery level. If there is a power outlet nearby, then it makes sense to connect a charger, because updating iOS on an iPad is enough, as you will see, an energy-consuming process. In addition, the new firmware can really “weigh” a lot. Therefore, if possible, it is worth using the Wi-Fi network when you see the update message on the iPad screen. You can also check for their presence yourself in the settings. After

Updating process using iTunes

As we said, will require iTunes on the selected pre-trusted computer. To upgrade, for example, iPad 1 to iOS 7, you just need to connect it to your PC. iTunes will see the connected tablet and display it in its left tab. Select the “Browse” item, and in it click the “Update” button. Your tablet will be updated to the latest version of the operating system, which iTunes will automatically download from Apple servers. In this case, he will perform all the required operations himself. So this is probably the easiest way to upgrade. However, the other method is also not more complicated.

How to upgrade to iOS 11

As usual, we recommend backing up your device before updating any OS. Even though Apple has made the iOS update process smoother than before, there is still the possibility that things could go wrong. In this case, it is worth making a local iTunes backup rather than using iCloud, as it is much easier to restore.

Most likely, an update is already available for your device and you received an invitation to install iOS 11. If not and you are in a hurry, you can go to the “General” section in “Settings” to check if the update has been downloaded. Connect to a power source and do not turn off Wi-Fi during the entire installation process. iOS 11 is over 2GB and the setup process takes about five minutes longer than it did in iOS 10.

Once the installation is complete, you will find that the iOS 11 lock screen looks slightly different. There is no slider to unlock, you need to press the Home button again. After you finish setting up, you will see that the design has not changed much and this is essentially the same iOS as last year.

The ipad is not updated what to do. Updating your iPad correctly

Apple users can be sure that their gadgets will always receive the highest possible updates for their hardware. That is, if the iPad “pulls” the new iOS, it will get it. Unlike competitors who provide their operating system to manufacturers of final tablets, that is, they create an extra link between themselves and the user, the Cupertin company performs all the stages itself. This allows her to directly interact with the buyer, which translates into the relevance and timeliness of device support. If closer to the topic of the article, it means for the end user that he is in the forefront of receiving new versions of system applications and operating system without having to look for them himself. This concern for users is what sets Apple apart from other IT giants.

To ensure security, the system needs to be updated regularly

Like the vast majority of other actions affecting the system, this will be done through iTunes. If you left the iPad settings in the recommended state, that is, “Default”, then you have already enabled automatic check for updates. Otherwise, you will have to watch it yourself. But if you have already made such a choice, then you probably know what you are doing. So we leave it up to you.

So, in order to keep your iPad up to date, iOS on it needs to be regularly updated. As you undoubtedly understand, this is not only about interface changes. but also about fixing security errors and malfunctioning system components. The need to update iPad doesn’t come out of nothing. As soon as a system becomes popular, the likelihood that attackers will pay attention to it increases significantly. Their calculation is simple: if people use it, it means that they store their personal data there. And what is done by people, people can break. There are no absolutely secure systems, this is an illusion. Therefore, there is a constant arms race between software developers and reverse engineers. The task of the iPad user is simple. to regularly update iOS on your device in order to fix all critical security bugs.

But this is not the only reason. The human factor may well work with the programmers of Apple itself, and they can make a mistake, because of which the tablet will not work properly. If you find yourself in a situation where a system application unexpectedly crashes with an error or, in general, restarts your tablet, then you know what we are talking about. So, it’s worth updating iOS on iPad precisely because most of these critical errors are eliminated in this way. Sometimes even the “brakes” of the system were eventually removed by Apple by updating the operating system.

What are the essence of vulnerabilities and how they are dangerous

CVE-2021-1780 and CVE-2021-1781 are vulnerabilities in the WebKit engine, on the basis of which, for example, the standard Safari browser is built. Both of them can lead to the execution of extraneous code on the device, according to Apple representatives.

How to upgrade IPAD/ IPHONE to iOS 10

Keep in mind that even if there is a different browser on the system, the Safari engine may be invoked by other applications. So even if you prefer to visit the web through a third-party application, it won’t save you. The very presence of a vulnerable engine in the system is dangerous.

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CVE-2021-1782. vulnerability in the system kernel. Apple describes it as a “race condition” error that could potentially be used to elevate the privileges of a process.

According to the information available to the company, all three vulnerabilities can already be exploited by criminals. It is possible that attackers are using these vulnerabilities in conjunction, but the details are still unknown. For the protection of users, Apple will not release details pending a detailed investigation. The CVE database on the pages of these vulnerabilities also lacks accurate information yet.

Results of the iPadOS beta review.

Let’s summarize the tablet OS review. What innovations will you get in the system:

  • Increased speed of work.
  • 6×5 grid of icons.
  • New multitasking gestures.
  • Slide over mode.
  • Dextop Safari.
  • Connecting flash drives and mice.
  • Accelerated Apple Pencil.
  • Tablet like touchpad for PC.
  • Scenarios with NFC tags in commands.
  • Ability to connect game controllers.

Install iPadOS beta and experience the advantages of the new system over iOS for yourself. Use your tablet even more productively.

Do you have a MacBook or an iMac? We’ve created an online marathon for you to set up useful services on Mac: learn in 8 easy lessons how to quickly set up your Apple ID, iCloud and other services on your Mac. secure your user data, optimize iCloud storage, etc.

  • It’s fast: you don’t have to search YouTube for setup instructions.
  • It’s simple: you will see every step on the screen, with prompts in understandable language.
  • Convenient: you gain useful skills from the comfort of your seat.

IOS update over the wire

It will be carried out by synchronizing the iPhone and iTunes through a computer via a Data cable. Before installing, make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to the Internet.

If all the manipulations are performed correctly, then at the end of the installation the new IOS 10.3 will be installed on the iPhone.

Reclaiming disk space and speeding up the device through the use of APFS

The main feature of the version is the new file system. Apple File System. APFS is much more efficient at allocating performance and disk space than previous software. Beta testers note that the amount of free space, after installing the OS, has increased to 5 GB.

The new file system gives a performance boost. This is especially noticeable on older devices like the iPhone 5s. After installing the update, the gadget starts working faster and smoother. without jerking or freezing. When switching to APFS, the user does not lose a single bit of personal data.

Error correction

Here the Yabloko players did their best. They’ve fixed a large number of bugs, including UI crashes. We’ve also fixed a famous vulnerability where a stranger could cause your iPhone to freeze by sending a text message.

Find my airpods

Airpods are wireless earbuds designed by Apple. They are distinguished by high sound quality and small size. The latter often leads to the fact that gadgets are lost, even at home. iOS 10.3 has the useful Find my Airpods feature. You can find it by the corresponding plate in the Find my iPhone application. After pressing the search button, the headphones will emit an increasing high-pitched sound to help locate them. This function is only possible when there is a Bluetooth connection between Airpods and iPhone. Otherwise, the application will indicate the location of the last time such a sync was registered.

How to update iPhone to iOS 10.3 and what’s new in the update

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In this article, we’ll show you how to update your iPhone to iOS 10.3, which was released recently. We will also tell you what’s new in this update.
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How to Update iPhone to iOS 10.3

There are two ways to update iOS. wireless and wired. Before proceeding with the operation, you need to create a backup of the device in the cloud storage iCloud (if an account exists) or using iTunes. This will help in the event of an error in the initialization of the new version of the operating system to save personal information: phone numbers, videos / photos, application data, etc.

This application requires iOS 10.0 or later: FIX for iPhone iPad iPod | iOS 10

Improving AppStore performance

This is made possible by the fact that developers can now respond to user reviews. Now, when the application does not function correctly or it needs some kind of revision, the creators of the software can respond to the claims. This direct link will help improve the quality of your applications. For example, earlier, through a torrent program, when searching and downloading a movie, it was impossible to select a container, namely mp4, which is the default for the iPhone, and the (HD) format. Therefore, it was necessary to download movies on iOS via torrent directly from the sites. Now, thanks to feedback from the developers, such incidents can be quickly corrected.

How to upgrade iPad 2 to ios 10

This wikiHow will show you how to update the system software on your iPad using the Software Update feature on iPad or iTunes on your desktop.

Using a software update

Back up your iPad. In most cases, updating iOS will not result in data loss, but sometimes things can go wrong.

Connect your iPad to a power source. Use the charging cable supplied with iPad to connect to an electrical outlet or desktop computer.

Connect to Wi-Fi. Larger iOS updates require your iPad to be connected to Wi-Fi to download.

Click Software Update. It’s at the top of the page.

If this link does not appear, then your software is up to date and no update is available at this time.

Read the Apple Terms and Conditions.

Click Agree. Download and installation will begin.

  • The update time will depend on the update rate and the speed of your Wi-Fi network.

Follow the onscreen instructions to restart iPad.

Using iTunes

  • Download the latest version of iTunes. To download iPad update software, iTunes must have the latest available version.
  • Back up your iPad. In most cases, updating iOS will not result in data loss, but sometimes things can go wrong.
  • Connect your iPad to your computer. Use the cable that came with your iPad by connecting the USB end to your computer and the Lightning or 30-pin connector to your iPad’s charging port.
  • If iTunes doesn’t launch automatically, open the iTunes app on your computer.
  • Click your iPad icon. It’s in the upper left side of the window, below the toolbar.
  • Scroll down and click Check for Updates. If an update is available, iTunes will ask you if you want to download and install it.
  • Click Download and Update. iTunes will automatically start downloading the update and install it after the download is complete.

Your iPad must remain connected throughout the download and installation process. [one]

iTunes must be connected to the Internet during the entire process.

How to install iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

The public beta of iOS 10 will be released only in July (and the release version will only be released in the fall), but you probably want to install the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system now. This time it is much easier to do it than usual. now we will tell you how.

If you want to install the first beta of iOS 10, first install a developer profile. To do this, follow this link, open it in Safari, click “Download” and select iPhone or iPad. Install the profile and accept all necessary changes until the system prompts you to restart the device.

After rebooting, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Software update”. The system will detect that there is an available version of iOS 10 and will immediately start downloading it. To download, you need a Wi-Fi connection.

Actually, that’s all! After downloading, the installation of iOS 10 will begin, and you can use the system without adding the device UDID to the developer account.

Attention! is not responsible for the incorrect operation of iOS devices, including applications, after installing the beta version for developers.

Longreads for you

iOS 14.4 beta 2 is already available for download, but only to developers or users with a beta developer profile. However, if you are waiting for new features, there is not much to catch there.

Did you know that by the serial number of the iPhone you can find out at which plant it was produced and when? Apple will remove this information and make “random” serials. We analyze why this is needed, and what the letters and numbers in the iPhone serial number really mean.

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“This password is on the list of stolen passwords”. probably everyone received such a notification from iOS. Understanding what this means and how to protect your credentials

murzik96, Gathered everything in a heap: can delete the default software
2. “Raise and wake up from sleep mode”. when you lift the phone from the table, the screen automatically lights up.
3. Now you need to unlock by pressing the home button, and not with a swipe, in the “clock” program there is now a black background and the “Time to go to bed” tab has been added, which selects the right time for sleep and notifies you.
4.Cellular data can be turned off via 3D Touch
5. Now quick access to the camera is not by swiping from the lower right corner from the lock screen, but by swiping to the left
6.Widgets are available from the lock screen by swiping to the right
7.Widgets now have Notes, Mail, Photos and more.
8.the sound of the keyboard has changed (became more dull)
9. now in editing photos there is a new item “markup” you can draw, select fragments and write text on the photo
10.Also in Tinctures. Universal Access there were:
Magnifier in the camera (by pressing the home button three times)
Light filters. for people with color blindness, etc but you can just play around (adjust the screen tint from bright purple to bright yellow
11. Widgets are now available in the notification center! only from applications! and from the screen home. in the notification center only notifications, respectively.
12. in the button “return to prev. Approvals ”that appeared in iOS 9 (in the upper left corner of the screen), the black arrow is replaced by a square with a white arrow inside (it’s easier to hit it)
all that I found)

Making a backup

You can skip this step if you don’t have any valuable data on your iPad: documents in apps, saves in games, apps that are no longer in the App Store. This is extremely rare, so let’s start backing up. Just in case, I briefly explain the process.

a) Connect iPad to iTunes. We are waiting for the iPad to be identified in iTunes. And poke it.

Next, choose where to save the backup: in iCloud or on your work computer. And press the button: “Create a copy now”.

We are waiting for iTunes to complete all the manipulations.

b) You can also create an iCloud backup without using a computer. Settings-iCloud-iCloud Backup-Create Backup.

A backup copy is your guarantee that you will not ask questions like: “Where did my notes go !?” Don’t ignore this step! Before a global flashing, I always make a copy immediately to both the computer and iCloud.

I prefer to restore from a computer backup, because such a restore is faster than from the cloud. Difference between local backup and iCloud.

Firmware for iPad, iPhone on iOS 10. Detailed instructions

In this article, I will describe in detail the process of full flashing iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to the latest version of the operating system iOS 10. The process is briefly described in the article Firmware iPad, but here I made it even more detailed with the most up-to-date screenshots from the moment you thought of flashing. to a fully installed system. Plus, here in the comments you can ask questions of interest about the firmware on iOS 10, solve emerging problems, etc. We will try to help everyone within the framework of the comments.

You can always update through Settings-General-Software update. This article describes exactly the flashing of the device, which the user may need for one reason or another.

So you’ve made up your mind. Believe me, there is nothing complicated about it. Note that this manual is relevant for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All actions are exactly the same.

Preparing iPad

Make sure your device meets the iOS 10 requirements.

All models are supported except:

  • the outdated iPad 1, for which the final version will remain iOS 5.1.1.
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini 1, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5G. for them the final version remains iOS 9 forever (while the most current iOS 9.3.5)

Attention! If you have a reflashable iPad running iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, then you need to temporarily disable Find iPad (requires Apple ID password). The firmware will not work without shutdown.

IPad firmware up to iOS 10

When the firmware file has been downloaded, open iTunes. Hold Shift if you have Windows (Alt-Option for MacOS) on your keyboard and press the “Restore” button.

Next, select the firmware file downloaded in the second step. And click “OK” or “Select”.

Click the Restore button. The firmware process has started. At this point, it is better not to touch the computer and iPad.

Setting up iPad

If you have an iPad with LTE / 3G module, it will offer to unlock the SIM card. We press Unlock and enter the PIN code from the SIM card.

Welcome screen in multiple languages. You need to press the Home button (before iOS 9, you had to swipe to the right).

Choosing a language. Russian will be at the very top. Then you need to select a country or region. For some reason, I have Belarus at the top by default (most likely because of the old Belarusian SIM card). Found Russia on the list.

We are offered to select a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi connection is a prerequisite for normal setup after flashing. We select our network and enter the password from it in a new window.

Next, enable or disable geolocation services. In the vast majority of cases, it is best to enable these services. In the future, you can easily configure them (for more details, follow the link).

Next, you need to go through the procedure for creating a login password. Starting with iOS 9, you can choose a 6-digit password (and I recommend choosing it for security). The password settings can be changed in the future. I do not recommend leaving iPad without a password at all!

Then the user has 4 options to choose from (there were 3 in iOS 9):

We will consider the third option. After selecting “Set up as new iPad”, the user is prompted to enter their Apple ID.

Identity Verification. You will see this item if you have two-step verification enabled for your Apple ID. If you don’t see this item, then it’s time to think about enabling such a check.

Select a device from the list and get a four-digit verification code (Send button). Enter the code in a new window.

After setting up your Apple ID for a short time, you need to accept Apple’s policies.

Then again, a notification about setting up Apple ID and iCloud. We wait.

Turn on the keychain (Continue) or refuse to use it. Keychain Access lets you store passwords and credit card information in the cloud. Information encrypted.

We choose whether or not to use the Siri voice assistant. Everything you need to know about Siri. Siri now supports Russian, so I see no reason to refuse.

Then Apple leaves no choice and can only Continue. That is, by default, sending diagnostic data to Apple servers is enabled on your iPad. I recommend disabling this parameter in the settings: Settings-Privacy-Diagnostics and use-Do not send.

I also recommend disabling program analysis. Click boldly “Do not publish”. It’s safer for the user.

Finally, you will see a prompt to get started:

The main desktop in iOS 10 looks like this:

Second desktop (most likely the Feedback app will not be in the final version of iOS 10):

All standard iOS 10 apps are collected on these two desktops.

ITunes update

Update iTunes to the most recent version. You can do this directly from the iTunes menu. Or download it from the official page on the Apple website.

Who needs it, here’s a guide for beginners: How to install iTunes on Windows. On Apple computers, iTunes is included in the operating system.

The current version of iTunes is 12.5.1! (or higher)

Downloading iOS 10 firmware

From September 13th. Download the latest firmware from our dedicated article. Bookmark this article for yourself. links to the latest firmware always appear there quickly. 🙂