How to Update Google Play on Android Samsung

clear Play Store data

Another way to force the Play Market to update is to clear its data. When you do, Google will automatically check for the latest updates.

To clear your Play Store data, follow these steps:

  • Open the device settings either from the quick menu or by clicking the “Settings” icon.
  • Tap Applications / Application manager / Installed applications depending on the phone you are using. Then, in the “All” section, search for Google Play Store. Click on it.
  • Restart the device and wait 2-3 minutes for the program to automatically update.

Advice. If you are having problems with the Play Store, then try also clearing the cache and data in the Google Play Services section. To do this, in step 2, find this section, and then follow steps 3 and 4.

Installing APK files on devices prior to Andro /

What can be done

All these problems are solved in the ways that we have already talked about. If the Internet is available, but the device does not connect, you need to check if the date and time are set correctly. You also need to make sure that the connection is not blocked by antivirus.

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Give permission to install unknown apps

Since we are updating Google Play from an external source, Android devices require permission, which is required for security reasons.

The steps are different on devices before and after Android 8.0. Don’t worry, we’ll cover both.

In the “Application Manager”

If the update is enabled but not in progress, you can try clearing the cache and user data from the application. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Enter device settings.
  • Open the section “Applications” or “Application Manager” (may have different names, but the meaning is clear).
  • Select from Google Play list.
  • In the application settings window, click on the “Erase data” and “Clear cache” buttons.

This usually helps in most cases.

Bad firmware and untested apps

If the market is not updated immediately after the flashing, an incompatible distribution may have been used. Exit. re-flashing or resetting the system to factory settings.

The solution in this case is simple. to remove the culprit of the problem. You can identify the “pest” by turning it off in the “Application Manager”.

By uninstalling updates

If the previous method did not work, you will have to resort to a radical solution. You need to uninstall the latest Google Play updates in the Application Manager. To do this, you should do almost the same as in the previous case, only select the “Delete updates” item.

The program will start searching for them and reinstall them, but in the latest edition. To update the Play Market on Android manually, you will have to return the application to its original state, which will allow it to search for and install updates.

How To Update Google Play Services | 2020

If the Play Store does not work

If the program does not want to open, the reason may be related to the account. A person can remove the password from the mail and put a new one, on the basis of which a failure occurs on the Google server. The device automatically stops recognizing the account.

In this case, the solution to the problem may be the only one. You should restore access to your own page. For this purpose, the following actions are performed:

  • connecting to the network;
  • you go to the settings;
  • the Synchronize icon is clicked.

The utility may ask you to re-enter the password. After the end of the event, access will be returned.

How to download the updated Play Store?

It is easy to update the portal through the main menu. To download the latest version to your smartphone, you need to perform the following manipulations:

How To Manually Update Google Play Store on Android To Latest Version | Guiding Tech

  • Go to the main page of the utility.
  • The image is swiped from the left edge to open the menu.
  • The section with Settings is pressed.
  • The list is scrolled down to the section Assembly version and click on it.
  • If there is an available variant, it will automatically update to the current variant.
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If you set the correct settings, the software will be downloaded automatically. This process will be carried out every time a new version is released. In this case, user participation is not required. The correct settings are to put the Always button in the corresponding column.

Update Play Market for free on your Android phone

The service is automatically updated by default. This frees the user from having to perform any actions with the device on their own. If a difficult situation arises, you will need to perform the following actions:

If there is no automatic operation to improve the software, you can always carry out this process manually. Below you will find instructions on how this process is carried out.

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If it gives an error

Login problems can arise for a variety of reasons. Depending on the type of failure, the problem should be resolved. Here are the main ones:

  • code 505. installing a third-party file manager and granting ROOT rights;
  • 506. stop and complete clearing of software information. In synchronization, active ticks are removed and reboot;
  • 491. the current profile is removed. After that, the device is rebooted. The gadget turns on and the account page is activated;
  • 492, 413. clear the data of Google services and pause the message. After that, the cache in the used search engine is deleted;
  • 927. you need to wait until the installation is complete.

If a person cannot correct mistakes on their own, you should study the videos presented on the network and strictly follow strict instructions. Also can understand how to update Google Play on Android.

Upgrade to Android 9 Honor Play

To get a similar result and find out how to manually update an Android application without the Play Store, you need to follow these instructions:

  • options and settings are pressed;
  • the transition to applications and notifications is made;
  • further on access to special applications and click installation.

If the person acted through the Chrome search engine, if the APK file was downloaded for free in the market, the 9 honor update will be quickly restored. The operation will not be performed without affixing and turning on a special switch to authorize the operation.


To carry out the standard manual action, you will have to act through the main menu. You need to open it to the line with the settings and tap on auto-update. Here, a person must choose one of three options:

  • Never. the update is not involved at all;
  • Always. installation is carried out automatically during any connection;
  • Via Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the software will be updated every time you connect to the network in this way.
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If such manipulations do not give a positive result, if a person accidentally deleted something, you will need to act in a different way.

Via computer

In the process of solving the question of how to update Google Play services on Android in Crimea, you need to download the corresponding program on a PC. For this purpose, the following manipulations are performed:

  • Internet access is provided;
  • find the file with the APK extension;
  • installation is performed on a PC;
  • the application is “overwritten” to the smartphone.

Standard transfer requires a USB cable. Initially, the system does not allow such an operation, since the software will be regarded as unfamiliar.

To get around such restrictions, you need to go to the settings menu and to the security section. Here you will already need to activate Unknown sources. After that, everything you need will begin to be installed on the phone without any problems.

Play Market service update

We turn on the Internet, preferably Wi-Fi with unlimited traffic.

In the menu we find the line “Settings” and click on it.

If there is an update for the Play Market, you will see the message “A new version of the Play Market will be installed.”.

If there is no update, you will see “There are no updates for the Play Store”.

There is a more complex option for manual update, which must be used only in case of problems, for example, if the Play Market is not being updated, although a new update has been released for it long ago. instructions on the next page.

How to update Google Play services on Android?

If you are using an Android device, be it a smartphone or tablet, you probably know that updates for Google Play services are released from time to time. Today we will talk about how you can update them on your touch device yourself.

But first, let’s update the Play Market.

How to update Google Play services on an Android phone?

Google Play services update automatically as soon as you connect to a network (mobile or Wi-Fi). However, some users disable automatic updates through the Play Market, so you will have to update services manually.

Launch the Play Market, select “My applications and games” from the menu.

Next. the “Updates” tab. Here you will see all applications for which there are updates, including Google services, for example:

If you need to update a specific application, click on the “Update” button next to it.

Downloading and updating happens automatically.

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As soon as the application is updated, it will disappear from the “Updates” section.

If you want to update all applications at once, tap on the “Update All” button. in this case all applications for which there is an update will be updated, including from Google.

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The update has started. Please note that apps are updated one at a time.

For the future, we recommend enabling automatic app updates. In the settings, select the line “Auto-update applications”.

And choose either “Any network” (if you have unlimited mobile Internet), or “Only via Wi-Fi” if mobile traffic is paid.

After that the apps will be updated automatically.

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How to update Google Play services using other sources

  • Download an application with services, for example, from our section.
  • Remove service updates first. The technique is described in the method
  • In the security section of the settings section, activate the checkbox allowing the installation of applications from unverified sources. If you can’t find this item, it’s okay, later the system will allow you to go to this setting.
  • In the file manager or download point, select the downloaded application with services and click “install”. The OS will inform about the blocked installation function from unverified sources, and will offer to cancel the installation or remove the restriction. With the second option, the system will open a window where you need to activate the installation function from unknown sources.
  • Wait until the installation of the application is completed, and then check the functionality of previously unavailable functions.

How to update Google Play services by reinstalling again

Sometimes service updates fail to replace the previous version. In this case, you need to reinstall the application by uninstalling the updates, and then restart the installation.

How to update Google Play services on Android

By default, Google Play services are automatically updated, which eliminates the need to involve a user to fix update issues. In this case, sometimes unforeseen situations arise as a result of a software failure or user intervention. In this case, you need to update google play services in one of three ways:

Other sources are a radical method to update Google Play services when the first two methods do not help. Also suitable for owners on whose devices the services are removed or not installed initially.

How to update Google Play services

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What are Google Play services used for?

Google Play Services is a set of software installed by default on certified Android devices. The utility allows you to interact with the servers of the search giant, thanks to which many familiar functions work correctly. Here are a couple of examples that services are responsible for:

  • Automatic update of installed applications.
  • Interaction with Google servers, geolocation services, energy saving, etc.
  • Synchronizing data and creating backups.
  • Recommendations and personalized advice. Display of information and news in accordance with the interests of the user.

It is worth noting that Google Play services also provide additional functions to applications that have little or no connection to Google. This increases the basic capabilities of the program, for example. geolocation from Google services, even if the program does not have Google Maps; Push notifications, etc.

often, Google Play services stop working due to user intervention. This is due to the fact that the services actively use the resources of the mobile device. RAM and battery power. Therefore, the owners, primarily of weak smartphones and tablets, prefer to hinder the operation of services in every possible way: turn off automatic updates, delete or disable services in the application manager.

As a result, performance improves, but functionality is impaired. Therefore, it is reasonable not to interfere with the work of the services of the search giant, but to think about optimizing the operation of the device, especially if there is a shortage of free resources.

Play market does not work on Android or does not start: what to do?

The Play Market digital service is the main source of applications where you can download any game or program. However, almost all owners of gadgets of this OS faced a difficulty from the category: “My Play market does not work on Android”.

  • Google server crashes;
  • communication problems (no internet);
  • incorrectly set date and time;
  • crash when downloading updates, etc.

In this article, we will consider all the possible reasons and solutions for the lack of access to Google Play on Android.

What to do if Google Play won’t open

Reload the gadget. Firstly, this service may not work due to the lack of a Wi-Fi connection. Secondly, the system itself may freeze due to insufficient RAM or a banal failure. In any case, you will kill two birds with one stone by rebooting.

Reset data. The Play market may have stopped working due to a large number of temporary files (cache) and configuration data. In this case, the user must remove the unnecessary “junk” of the program. To do this, let’s do the following:

  • Let’s go to the system “Settings”.
  • We activate the “Application” panel (or equivalent. “Application Manager”).
  • Let’s select an item from Google Play.
  • Click on: “erase data”, “clear cache”.

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Google Accounts is not activated in the settings

First, the activation of the Google Accounts service. Very often, this program crashes, after which it turns off. You should go to the “Application Manager”, activate the “All” tab and find the item: “Google Accounts”. Turn on the service and restart the gadget.

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Secondly, working with a Google account. Sometimes a shared Google account does not interact with the Play Store. what should I do in this case? We do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the section of the main configurations.
  • We are looking for the item “Accounts”, go to it.
  • From the entire list of accounts, we find the line “Google”.
  • Choose your account ( gmail @ com).
  • We check for active synchronization in front of “Google”, “Gmail”, “Application data”. we turn on synchronization everywhere.

Third, the inclusion of the download manager. Very often this is a solution to the following question: how to update google play services on Android if the Play market does not work? It’s simple:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the item “Applications”.
  • We choose the option “All”.
  • Find the “Download Manager”.
  • Erasing data.
  • Turn on the program.
  • Reboot the device.

Very often it helps to update services and even complete the update of the Play Store.

Still not working? Then we go for broke and begin to consider all the mistakes and ways to solve them.

All the ways to troubleshoot the play market

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Accounts”.
  • Click on the “Google” section.
  • Choose an account.
  • There are three dots in the upper right corner. click on them.
  • Choose “Synchronize” to make a backup copy of the data.
  • Click “Delete account”.

The market on Android still does not work for you, since it is not tied to an account. Now you have to re-add your Google account, enter your username and password, and then restart your device.

Pay special attention to the Freedom app. it can bypass the Play Market license and emulate in-app purchases. As you can imagine, the service will not like it very much. There are three options to consider:

  • 1. standard deletion (it rarely helps);
  • 2. deletion using special software (for example, History Eraser);
  • 3. deleting an application using Root rights.

Go to “Settings”. We find the item “Restore and reset”. We save all important information, import contacts into a file, archive data. only after all these actions do we reset.

In order to save data, it is very convenient to use a MicroSD card: we import contacts there, move all important information, and then reset the system. Files on SD card will remain intact.

Click on “Reset settings” and confirm the operation.

  • Go to “Settings.
  • We deactivate the “Time zone of the network”.
  • Setting the correct time.
  • Setting the correct date.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”.
  • Choose “All”.
  • Finding the Services Framework.
  • Erasing data.
  • Erase the cache.
  • Reboot.

After obtaining Root rights, we give the program access to the file manager. We find the system hosts file in the directories: / system / etс /. It opens through the editor, we add the IP address to it: localhost.

In some cases, problems arise due to the lack of communication between your device and Google servers. Let’s take a look at these errors.

Google Play service not working: problems with servers

“The Google Play market does not work on Android, there is no connection”. as you have seen, often this is not your fault, but the fault of operating system failures and other malfunctions. However, Google itself can sin with this.

In some situations, the company’s servers may not work. This does not happen so often, but if all of the above methods did not help you, most likely you just need to wait for the company’s system administrators to set up the servers.

However, here you can also find the human factor. When we are unable to contact the Google server, or more often when we add an account again, this could mean the following:

  • you entered an incorrect mail (mail from or from Yandex does not work in the Google system, enter an address ending with;
  • you set the wrong time (you can correct the date and time by going to the “Clock” application or in the settings of your gadget);
  • you do not have access to the Internet (try opening a browser in the background and launching a website).

And one more thing: in some versions of Android OS there is an item in the settings. “constant data transfer”. Go to the network settings and make sure you have it activated.

If you still have an error connecting to servers, there are two more options you can try. 1. install the utility for cleaning the system from unnecessary garbage through the APK file (as an option, Clean Master) and remove the cache from all applications of the device. You can do this through a standard application manager, but specialized software will cope with the task better and faster. 2. find the GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.APK file through the explorer, delete it, download the APK file from the Internet and reinstall it into the system.

So, we have considered all possible ways to return access to the Play Market digital service. Try the simple recovery methods first; resetting to factory settings and activating Root rights is already “heavy artillery”, when none of the methods helps you. If you still can’t start Google Play on Android. describe the problem in the comments. We hope that our article was helpful to you.