How To Unlock Your LG TV Remote

All methods of unlocking the TV remote

If the remote control falls into the hands of children or animals, or is misused by an adult, it may become blocked. In this situation, you need to know how to unlock the TV remote control in order to fully use its capabilities.

Universal remotes

If the remote control cannot be returned to work, you will need to purchase a new original remote control or use a universal one, for example, released by Huayu. This manufacturer manufactures remote controls for both TV panels and cable TV set-top boxes.

To set up the remote control to work with a certain technique, you need to use the instructions for it, which contain the codes. Here you need to find the brand of your TV and follow the specified steps.

Thus, if the TV remote control is blocked for some reason, the first thing to do is to use the instructions and look for the answer to the question in it. If it is lost or the necessary information is missing, there are a number of universal combinations for unlocking the remote control. Most likely, one of them will help fix the problem. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new device or contact the service specialists to resolve the issue.

Additional methods

There are a number of different combinations that can be used to unlock the remote control of different TV models.

  • Press the buttons “P” and “” at the same time. Then you need to enter combinations consisting of four identical digital symbols, for example, “1111” or “2222”, etc. The sequence “1234” belongs to the universal codes. After entering the combination, press “”.
  • After pressing “Р” and “” the LED on the remote control will light up continuously. Instead of a combination of numbers, you can try pressing “Menu” and “Channel up” or “Menu” and “Volume up”.
  • Press any button for five to ten seconds. This option is suitable for few TV panels.
  • A combination of buttons “Exit”, “9”, “1” is suitable for unlocking the remote control in some models.
  • In some cases, removing the batteries helps to eliminate the malfunction. During their installation in their original place, you need to press and hold the power key.

How To Unlock Your LG TV Remote

The main way

There are many different options for unlocking the remote control. The main one is to refer to the user manual for the TV, where you can find answers to all your questions, including about unlocking the native remote control.

In most modern television equipment, for example, in Samsung Smart TV, instructions for use can be found in the menu. This cannot be done without the remote control, but if the user has an original or universal remote control application installed on his smartphone, he can open the menu and find the user manual.


Locking the buttons on the remote control from Samsung TV panels often means that the protection mode was turned on, which could happen when the remote control was dropped or other mechanical impact on it. To remove the protection, you need to remove the batteries, press “Power” and, while holding the key, put the batteries back. This will unlock the remote.

Samsung TVs have the “Hotel Mode” option used in hotels and hotels. It is designed to partially block the functions of the remote control, so that using the device you can only switch channels and adjust the volume. To remove this protection, you must open the service menu. This can be done in one of several combinations:

  • sequentially press the buttons “Display”. “Menu”. “Power”;
  • “Mute”. “1”. “8”. “2”. “Power”;
  • for TVs assembled in Europe: “Standby”. “Display”. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”.

In the service menu you need to find the “Hotel” mode and move the slider from the “On” position to the “Off” position.

To unlock the remote control from the LG TV Panel, you also need to remove the batteries and put them back while holding the power button. If this method does not help, you should successively press the arrow buttons: “up”, “down”, “left”, “right”, then shake the remote control. If these actions did not bring results, you can try universal options.

Remotes from other brands of TV sets

For TV panels from other manufacturers, such as Sony Bravia, Supra or Thomson, to unlock the remote control, you must first look at the instructions. If there is no solution to the problem in it, you need to act in the ways already described for other brands of television equipment. First try to remove the batteries, and then, while holding the power button, put them back. This usually helps. Otherwise, you should try to enter universal unlock codes. If this does not lead to a positive result, you should contact the service center specialists or get a new TV receiver control device.

Philips and Sharp

For some samples of TVs of these manufacturers, to unlock the remote control, you must enter the combination “0000” or “1111”.

If there is no result, for Sharp TVs you need to do the following:

  • SIMultaneously press the volume down button on the TV case and the power button on the remote control;
  • on the TV panel case, SIMultaneously press the volume down and channel up buttons. an empty channel will turn on, then you need to open and disable parental control, after which the remote control will start working in normal mode.

If the instructions are missing or there is no information on how to unlock the remote control, for Philips TVs the steps are as follows.

  • Bring the remote control to the body of the television panel, directly to the inscription “Philips”, find the red and blue teletext buttons, press and hold them for 10 seconds. In case of successful actions, a corresponding message will appear on the screen.
  • If it was not possible to achieve a positive result, you should remove the batteries from the remote control and disconnect the TV equipment from the mains, and then return the batteries to the remote control, turn on the TV and check the operation.

If all the described actions did not help, you need to try universal ways to unlock the remote control. In case of a negative result, in this case, you should contact the service center.

Features of the procedure for remote controls for TVs of different brands

Many TV manufacturers use different methods to install and remove protection on their product controls. The methods of the most popular brands will be discussed below.

Features of unlocking some brands

Locking the TV can be carried out using various methods on equipment from different manufacturers. Below are the options for removing protection for the most popular brands of TV receivers.


You cannot unlock your Samsung TV without a remote control. The standard child protection code can be found in the instructions, usually “0000” or “1111”. To remove the lock, you can reset the device through the menu to factory settings.

What else can cause SIMilar symptoms?

In addition to the above negligence or childish curiosity, the reason for blocking the TV panel can be much more serious. a memory failure or device settings. In this case, a flashing may be required. It is not recommended to do it yourself, you should contact a representative of the service center.

If only one channel is working correctly, the reason may be a configuration failure. In this case, you need to re-search for channels using the remote control or buttons on the product body.


On Toshiba equipment, the Child Lock function disables all buttons on the TV panel, they can only be unlocked using the remote control. It is also possible to set parental controls on favorite channels or block the menu from making changes to the TV receiver settings. All actions are performed only with the remote control, so you cannot use the buttons on the case to unlock. You will need to purchase a new remote control.

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Locking individual channels, functions or settings of Philips TV panels is done in the Child Lock section available in the settings. The transition to it is carried out through the remote control, but on some models, access to the menu is possible through the buttons on the body of the TV equipment.

In addition, to unlock a vehicle, you can return it to its factory defaults. To do this, you need to reinstall the TV in the “General settings”.

In the samples of this brand, it will be possible to disable child protection without a remote control only on old TV models, where you can access the menu using the buttons on the case. On new products, this is not possible. to unlock the equipment, you will need to purchase a new remote control.

Tips from the masters

To protect yourself from such a problem, it is better to prepare in advance and install a special application on your smartphone that allows you to control the TV. For example, in the Play Market there are many SIMilar utilities for Android-based devices designed to control a TV panel.

If the owner of the device decides to purchase a new remote control, it is necessary to choose an original product that matches the existing TV model. Otherwise, there is a risk of finding that the equipment and the remote control are incompatible, or some of the buttons SIMply do not work.

Thus, unlocking the TV without a remote control will work in rare cases. Therefore, it is recommended that such an opportunity be foreseen and prepared in advance, as mentioned above, or control your actions and the pranks of your children.

Other manufacturers

On TVs from other manufacturers such as Thomson, Erisson, Supra, Hyindai, Polar, etc. resetting the lock without a remote control will work in rare cases. This is usually possible if the control panel is not locked and has a Menu button. In this case, you can go to the “Childproofing” section and turn off the set restriction.

All ways to unlock your TV without a remote control

Many modern TV panels can be locked using the corresponding function. This action, as well as the subsequent unlocking of the TV equipment, is carried out using the remote control. However, it often happens that the remote control is out of order or disappeared somewhere, so it becomes necessary to unlock the TV without the remote control.

Unlocking methods

The first thing to do to remove the lock is to find the instructions, find the necessary section and study it. Usually, in this case, manufacturers describe the procedure for actions, if at all it is possible to unlock this model without a remote control.

If the instruction is lost, you need to calm down, stop looking and try to remember what actions led to the problem. So, on some models of television panels, you can open the menu by pressing one button or a whole combination on the device case. If you can do this, you need to go to the blocking section and disable the set ban on viewing. Usually this method is suitable for old cathode ray devices such as LG 21 FS7RG.

If the problem persists, you will need to purchase a new original remote control. A universal one will not work, because it may not have the necessary buttons necessary to remove the child lock.

How to set up a universal remote for an LG TV

A universal remote control is a device with which you can remotely control several devices at once, for example, a TV, an audio system, a set-top box, etc. This is very convenient, since one remote control replaces several, saves time and eliminates the blockages of unnecessary equipment.

Universal remotes are produced by many manufacturers, and they all differ not only in price, but also in the set of functions and types of devices that can be connected to them. Therefore, carefully read the datasheet before purchasing.

Setting up a universal remote: steps and instructions

  • Before you start setting up the universal remote control for your LG TV, turn on the TV (with the original remote control from the device or using the Power button on the case).
  • Point the remote at the TV, press the TV (TV) button. Hold it for a few minutes. The indicator on the front of the device should light up.
  • Press a combination of programming buttons on the remote (they differ depending on the manufacturer, so read the instructions carefully. This can be a combination of Power and Set, Setup and C, etc.
  • The field for entering the code appears on the TV screen. For different models of LG TVs, this can be 025, 164, 161. Enter the code using the remote.
  • Wait for initialization to complete. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the indicator on the remote control goes out.

LG’s universal remotes have proven themselves well in the market. They are compatible with any equipment from this manufacturer.

It is important to remember that in many universal remotes, all settings are reset after removing the batteries from them at the same time. Therefore, they need to be changed strictly one by one, or the adjustment will have to be carried out every time from scratch.

Connecting the Magic Remote

Almost all modern LG TVs running on the webOS operating system can be connected to the Magic Universal Remote Control, which works in the same way as a computer mouse. With its help, it is convenient to select the desired functions directly on the TV screen by moving the cursor over it.

A Magic Remote Control may be included or purchased separately, depending on the TV model. In some cases, you may also need an additional Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter connection.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting Magic Remote Control

  • Turn on the TV using the “native” remote control or the button on the case.
  • Approximately 15-20 seconds after turning on the TV, point the Magic Remote Control towards it and press the OK (Wheel) button.
  • The remote control is activated, after which the corresponding inscription will appear on the TV screen.

You can also customize various settings for the Magic Remote, such as the speed at which the cursor moves across the screen and the size of the cursor. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Press the Home button (Home icon) on the remote.
  • In the upper right corner, select “Settings” (Icon “Gear”).
  • Click the button with three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, you can change the speed at which the cursor will move across the TV screen, as well as its appearance: size and shape.

If you do not use the cursor, then after a certain time it becomes inactive and its image disappears from the TV screen. To return it, just shake the remote control from side to side.

The Magic Remote Control can also be used like a regular remote control. To do this, press any of the buttons: “up”, “down”, “right” or “left”.

The range of use of the Magic remote control is 10 meters, if you use it from a greater distance, there may be problems with signal transmission.

How to set up a universal remote on a smartphone

A smartphone can become a universal remote control. To do this, he must have the SMART function. To do this, you need to download the application. for instance,

LG brand devices

Many models from this South Korean brand support child and animal blocking of the remote control device from accidental button presses. Often, users have problem situations when the option is activated, but they do not know how to perform the reverse operation. Unlocking the remote control from the LG TV is easy if you have instructions for the TV set at hand, where you can peep the procedure and password. Otherwise, try pressing the arrow button: up, down, left, right, and then shake the device. Manipulation is suitable for unlocking a working remote control.

The generic methods described above can also help.

How to unlock your TV remote without instructions

If the instructions for the TV are lost, and there is no Internet access, to search the network for help documentation, then you can try the following common universal manipulations.

  • Remove the batteries from the device, and then, while holding down the “Power” button, return the batteries to their place.
  • While holding down the “P” and “plus” buttons, you can try to enter the digital codes “1234”, “1111”, “2222” or another combination, completing the set by pressing the “”.
  • Instead of enumerating number combinations, you can use a combination of keys “Menu” and “Channel” or “Menu” and “Volume”.
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How to unlock your TV remote

The function of blocking the TV remote control in some cases is a useful tool for ensuring safety when using the TV. Modern TVs are equipped with the ability to limit actions with the remote control, for example, for children, hotel guests. Remote control lock comes in handy to avoid pet pranks.

When the user locks the device himself, there are no questions about how to unlock the remote control. But if the situation happened by accident, difficulties may arise with bringing the remote control into working condition.

General recommendations for unlocking the remote control

When the TV remote does not respond to user actions, the first thing to check is the health of the batteries. It is possible that the power supplies are down and the device refuses to work. In this case, replacing the batteries will solve the problem with the inoperative remote control device.

The second reason for the problem is accidental blocking of the TV remote control. The reverse is easier by referring to your TV documentation. In the instructions, the manufacturer describes in detail the action of all buttons of the control device, including the key combination for unlocking.

Remote controls from TV Samsung

Samsung TV models are often equipped with “Hotel Mode” options, useful for hotels. In the home environment of using such a TV receiver, problems may arise if the restrictive mode is accidentally activated. The device can only switch channels.

The best solution to the problem would be to consult the TV documentation. If you can’t look at the instructions, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to get into the TV menu:

  • “Mute”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “Power”;
  • “Display”, “Menu”, “Power”;

In the operating menu, the “Hotel Mode” option is disabled by moving the toggle switch from “ON” to “OFF”.

What is hotel mode

Some TV models are equipped with the HOTEL MODE function. The option provides for blocking the use of certain TV functions for hotel guests. The following actions are limited: channel search, volume increase above the set value, a number of other settings. The hotel guest can switch between channels.

Manufacturers, as mentioned above, use other options to block TV control actions. For example, the parental control function blocks switching to individual channels. To unlock the remote control in such a situation, it is enough to disable the modes mentioned above. How to do this is indicated in the operating instructions for the remote control.

Remote control for Philips TVs

For Philips TV receivers, the Parental Control option can be activated by accidentally pressing certain keys. To disable the option, and thereby unlock the remote control, the following options are suitable:

  • press alternately and hold the “POWER” and “Vol.” buttons;
  • SIMultaneously press and hold buttons “” and volume control.

These manipulations open an empty channel from which you can go to the control toggle switch of the “parental control” functions to switch to the “OFF” state.

How to unlock your LG TV if you forgot your password

Without exception, all TV models have a lock function. Sometimes it is needed, for example, if there are children in the house and they are used to using the remote control, which they do with pleasure, forgetting about lessons and SIMple children’s games. It is difficult to ward off them from the screen without locking the TV. But it so happens that even the presence of a password does not help, because the lock can be removed. Then the parents come up with a more complex PIN code, but manage to forget it.

What to do in this case? Either do not watch your favorite TV programs at all, or try to deal with the problem. Of course, you can call the master, but after all, the owners of TVs are sure that they will cope with the situation without anyone’s help. This happens quite often. But if you see that nothing works, it is better to call a professional.

Causes of malfunction and how to neutralize them

Troubleshooting options are numerous, but the most popular are the following:

Use the remote control by pressing a special key combination on it. True, you still need to know this combination, because different TV manufacturers often use non-standard instructions. Although if you are sure that you have not made any changes, you can always try the 0000 combination. It is standard for most models. If it does not help, there is an alternative, albeit not so popular with manufacturers. to press the combination 1234;

It happens that the TV is working properly and no one has pressed the remote control, but when the device turns on, it does not work, and an inscription flashes on the screen that a password must be entered. Most likely, the point is that you need to configure the channels. In this case, try to conduct a new search for TV channels, and they will restore their broadcasting;

If we are talking about Smart TV, then it could be outdated software. The system reacts in this way to the increased number of errors that block the system, including the broadcast of channels. To fix this flaw, you need to urgently reflash the TV by updating the software online or using a flash drive.

Both last options are much less common than the first, but if entering a password or resetting it to factory settings does not help, then it makes sense to check the last two ways to restore broadcasting.

How to understand that the TV is locked

If you did not specifically install the unit on the TV, then it happened by accident. Perhaps the children pressed a free key combination, in connection with which the device ordered to live for a long time, or the system itself began to glitch, and therefore the unit was installed. There can be many reasons, but you can’t leave everything as it is either.

How to understand that the LV device has not broken, but there is a block on it? It’s very SIMple, because on any TV, the presence of a block is accompanied by one of these signs:

Nothing is visible on the screen except a blue background and a key pattern. There is no sound or picture of the broadcasted programs;

Instead of the expected image, a password field is shown on the monitor;

Only one channel works on the TV, and the device does not respond to attempts to switch it with the remote control or on the panel of the TV itself.

In general, the signs are obvious, so it is rather difficult to confuse the presence of a block with some other problem. Nevertheless, if you know what password is used, then the situation is easy to solve. If you don’t know him, and the blocking happened by accident, then only a very lucky person can guess this arbitrary combination of numbers.

When you have problems with luck, you will have to use other methods that will help if you forgot the password on your LG TV or did not know it at all.

How to reset a PIN code to factory

If it was not possible to remove the child lock from the TV using standard methods, you can go to the cardinal methods, which consists in resetting the settings to the factory settings. You can do this on LG TV by following these steps:

Open the menu and select “Settings”;

Go to the “Security” section;

Further password reset is to select the “Reset PIN-code” menu;

But this is not enough either. After this path has been passed, the following manipulations should be carried out:

Enter the password digits incorrectly, and click on confirmation (OK);

Sequentially press the following combination: Up. Up. Down. Up;

Enter code 0313 and click “Ok”.

After that, you can check if the password was reset. This is desirable because it is necessary to clarify whether the procedure was successful. If everything went well, then whatever the password was before, now it will become standard, and to remove the block you need to enter four zeros.

Here’s another way to reset your password:

For a keypad:

Press the POWER button and turn off the power;

Further, you should carry out the following actions: MUTE. 8. 2. 4;

Be sure to press POWER to turn on the power.

For Smart Touch Control:

Turn on the power with the POWER key;

Press the sequence MUTE. Increase. volume. RETURN. Smart. volume. RETURN. Increase. volume. RETURN.

These are great ways to unlock your LG TV if you forget your password. Be sure to try each one and then you will know exactly how to act if the children again get too wild and block the TV.

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How to unlock your LG TV

Even if the owner of the TV has never encountered a blocking problem, and has not used the unit, he may need to remove it. But how to do it if the principles of action are unknown. If so, then you need to take the instruction. As a rule, this piece of paper can significantly help, because it specifies standard passwords, as well as how and in what order to use them.

If there is no instruction, then it can be found on the Internet, knowing the TV model. You can watch it on the back of the TV. Then download it and use it. In addition, you need to take a remote control, and preferably the one that came with the TV set, well, or SIMilar.

So, the instructions indicate a special set of numbers that are pressed to remove the restriction on channel search. In addition, the block can be removed by pressing the button with the drawn key on the remote control. This button should be pressed and held for ten seconds, and then the password is either removed or reset to the factory.

How to change password on LG TVs

To change the password on LG TVs without trying to reset the pin along with resetting all settings to factory defaults, you can use the following method:

You need to enter the settings menu;

There is a blocking subsection, and the user should click on it;

In the process, a window will pop up where you need to enter the password;

It is not necessary to enter standard values, but the combination 0325;

Next, a window will appear prompting you to enter a new password twice to confirm it.

If, after completing these procedures, the situation has not changed, then the child who set the password turned out to be a much more sophisticated user than his parents. In this case, it is better to stop experimenting and turn to a TV technician for help. Thanks to his services, the TV will start working as usual with an almost 100% guarantee.


There are two options for locking a Samsung device. At the first, nothing works, it is made to protect children from switching to unauthorized gears. You can fix the situation in the following way:

  • Take out the batteries;
  • Press and hold “On / Off”;
  • Insert the battery back and release the button.

With the second lock option, only switching channels and adjusting the volume works on the device. This is the hotel mode. It was created so that guests do not arbitrarily change the settings. You can also remove it using one of the following combinations, which will open a menu in front of you:

  • “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER”;
  • “STANDBY”, “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER” (for European assembly equipment).

The main thing is that the combinations are played in the order given here. If everything is done correctly, a menu with the inscription “Hotel” will appear on the screen, and next to it is a slider. Move it from “On” to “Off”.

All of these methods are suitable for most Samsung TVs. But if it did not work out, then you are dealing with a special model and you need to contact technical support. They will tell you how to unlock the TV remote control.

Ways to unlock TV remotes of various brands

In modern models, a special button is often installed for this, in older models you can also unlock the TV remote control by pressing a special key combination.

Universal unlocking methods

First check if the batteries are dead. To do this, take them out and try on another device. If it’s not about them, then press the power key, and then insert them back. This is the main way to unlock the TV remote control.

If it didn’t help, there are others:

  • Press and hold any button for 10-20 seconds;
  • While holding “P” and “”, use a four-digit combination: “1111”, “2222”, “1234” or others. Then click on “” again. Do not forget that the time intervals between these actions should be minimal;
  • SIMultaneously press first “P” and “”, then “Menu” and the key responsible for increasing the volume or scrolling channels up;
  • “Exit”, “9”, “1”. press them SIMultaneously or in turn, in the sequence given here.

All of this, however, may not work. Then it’s better to look for instructions for the corresponding brand.

Ways to unlock the remote control

If a gadget doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it’s broken. Perhaps it was accidentally blocked by pressing a tricky key combination. You can fix the situation in no time. it is not even necessary to search through the cabinets in search of instructions.

  • Universal unlocking methods
  • Ways to unlock TV remotes of various brands
  • Samsung
  • Philips and Sharp TVs
  • Sony

Philips and Sharp TVs

There are two ways of unlocking for “Sharps”:

  • SIMultaneous pressing and holding of the “On / off” buttons on the remote control and “Volume down” on the TV body.
  • SIMultaneous use of the Volume Down and Switch to the next channel keys on the TV. After that, you need to go to the menu and remove the parental control mode.

But what to do if you are the owner of Philips and a person who is not used to keeping instructions for using the technique:

  • When switching channels remotely, everyone must have noticed a row of completely useless multi-colored buttons at the top of the device. It’s time to use them. You need to bring the remote control to the TV. to the Philips sign. And then, while holding the red and blue buttons at the same time, wait 10 seconds. If everything goes well, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen.
  • And if not, then repeat these steps, having previously de-energized both the remote control (remove the batteries) and TV (pull the wire out of the socket).

And again, a lot depends on the model, so you need to ask the specialists. However, before doing this, you must definitely try all the universal methods.

Plus, the failure to work can be caused by a large amount of dust in the case. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the cover from the remote control and run it with a damp cotton pad inside.

In order to set up a TV remote for “Sony”, you need to work with the TV itself. There will be a button on its body that opens the menu. Clicking on it, we look for “STANDARD SET” (“general settings”). There will be a parameter “REMOTE CTRL” (“remote control”). Choose ON.

Another problem is that the functions you need may be blocked in the remote control due to the fact that the device is not initially programmed to work with the TV. To resolve the issue, you need to find the SYNC MENU button on it, and then. the option “Select HDMI device”. You will be offered a list of models, and there will definitely be a suitable one.

But the LG TV remote can be unlocked using the round arrow button. Alternately, you need to click on the upper, lower, left and right arrows, and then shake the gadget.

For some brands (for example, “Supra”) it is not so easy to find reliable information even on the Internet. You should call the contact center and clarify the course of action.

But sometimes the problem is not in the remote control, but in the TV itself, and you have to think about how to unlock the TV. The table will help to solve the issue.

Problem Decision
When enabled, a data entry field appears, often against a blue background. A working remote is required to enter the code. You can take it from the instructions or from the maintenance service.
Some channels are blocked It is often enough to use the control panel on the case itself. Go to the menu. most likely, channel settings are lost or child protection mode is activated
You cannot change the settings: the technique refuses to accept the changes and hangs Here we cannot do it ourselves, we need to call the master

The best way to avoid such problems in the future is to take care of things and not use the poke method in their operation. Then they will last longer.