How to Unlock PIN on Samsung Phone

How to Unlock Samsung via Safe Mode

If the lock is not removed in the usual way, it is possible that the phone was blocked by some malicious applications. This does not necessarily mean viral activity, but it deserves close attention.

  • First, try restarting your gadget in safe mode. To do this, turn off your smartphone completely. When turning on, hold down the volume down button.
  • The Safe Mode inscription in the lower left corner will inform you about the successful completion of the procedure. Unlock the device in the usual way: by entering the unlock PIN or pattern password.
  • In safe mode, third-party programs are blocked. Only system applications that come with Android work. It is possible that the work of the malicious program that caused the non-standard blocking will also be blocked.

If the attempt is successful, analyze the recently installed applications and remove them from the gadget. After the operation is completed, restart the smartphone in the usual way.

How to remove a pattern or pin code through a data reset

If the user has forgotten the pattern, but remote access via the Find My Mobile service is not available, he still has one more option to unlock on Samsung. or Hard reset will fix the problem.

Unlocking a Samsung smartphone with an incorrectly entered PIN code

After 6 incorrect PIN codes, the gadget blocks the entry of new data for 30 seconds. After this time, the user has a chance to enter the cherished numbers again.

Therefore, the first method of unlocking Samsung is simply to wait until the timeout expires after the incorrect PIN code entered and try another combination.

Hard reset using keys

Hard reset. rollback to factory settings with the subsequent erasure of all data contained in the internal memory. If the last synchronization with cloud storage was a long time ago, then there is a risk of losing contacts, media and achievements in different applications.

As a rule, a hard reset is initiated from the Settings, but in case of urgent need it can be performed using the buttons. by holding down a certain combination of them.

  • Turn off smartphone.
  • Simultaneously hold down the volume rocker, the Home and Power off buttons. On some new models, the key that returns to the desktop is not provided, then all the others are pressed.
  • The power button must be released as soon as the company logo appears on the display, the rest must be held for another 15 seconds.
  • If done correctly, “Recovery” should appear on the screen.
  • Next, the Factory Reset item is selected with the volume rocker.
  • The selection is confirmed with the power key.
  • Once all data is erased, Reboot System Now is selected to reboot Samsung.
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Unlocking a Samsung smartphone with an incorrectly entered PIN code

After 6 incorrect PIN codes, the gadget blocks the entry of new data for 30 seconds. After this time, the user has a chance to enter the cherished numbers again.

Therefore, the first method of unlocking Samsung is simply to wait until the timeout expires after the incorrect PIN code entered and try another combination.

How to unlock Samsung a30 if you forgot your password or PIN and pattern

You will need to follow a few simple steps on your Samsung a30 or a70.

How to Unlock Pattern/Password Pin Lock Samsung Galaxy A20 Without Pc by Waqas Mobile

There will be a slightly strange menu, and perhaps even scary for some, do not be afraid. nothing tragic will happen.

The first step is to turn off your Samsung 30. Then press the power while increasing the sound.

Keep it short. You will see the menu as in the picture above. release both buttons. You should be interested in the item “wipe data / factory reset”.

You can select with a sound button. decrease the volume. Then confirm. Confirmed by inclusion.

After that, it will agree with the command “Yes”. select and press the power supply once. This can be said all (after the process is complete).

It remains to start the phone. To do this, navigate to the line “reboot system now” and click power.

Great job! The unlocking operation is completed in a few seconds. You got the phone off the assembly line.

How to unlock Samsung a70 if you forgot your password or PIN and pattern

On Samsung a70, unlocking a password, key or code is no different from the thirtieth one. you can see it in the pictures.

Therefore, it makes no sense to rewrite the same text once again. All your actions are the same.

Turn off, turn on holding two buttons, select “wipe data / factory reset”, confirm, agree and reboot by selecting “reboot system now”.

The only thing worth saying is that a locked phone sometimes does not want to turn off. Then if you hold down the power for a long time (no more than 10 seconds), a “restart” should appear.

If you reboot, then, as soon as you see the Samsung logo, hold down and turn it up and power together with it so that the menu appears.

How to Bypass Password/Pin Code to Factory Reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES

If the reboot does not appear, then press the power to make it quieter, and then when the logo appears, proceed as described above.

How to unlock Samsung a30 and a70 if you forgot your password or PIN

It is good practice for the owner of Samsung Galaxy a30 / a70 to set a screen lock with a pin / password / pattern. so others do not have access.

Only one day the moment may come when you forgot your password PIN-code or pattern.

In the case of Samsung Galaxy a30 / a70 phones, the situation is sad, since they have Android 9, respectively stronger security.

Do not be sad. you are not the only person in a world that has forgotten. there is a way to restore access.

It’s very bad if you forgot the password on your Google account, then it will be more difficult to unlock.

Let’s first write the instructions, and then, if I have time, I will share more on this issue.

Can phones unlock the screen differently?

There are some options to remove password / code / key lock on Samsung a30 / a70, but USB debugging must be enabled for this. disabled by default. most do not enable it themselves.

Previously, there were no problems with these in older Androids. Now security has improved. I will not be surprised if soon it will be like with iPhones. forgot the password, you do not remember the ID, you can throw it away.

Today, a lot of locked iPhones are lying on the shelves. the only way out is to hand over them for small change for spare parts.

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You can unlock the screen using a Google account, but most of the login information is not dented, which greatly aggravates the situation.

Another option to remove the pattern, password or PIN is the manufacturer’s account, in our case Samsung, but unlike Google, where it is necessary for the Play Store, it is very little registered.

The manufacturer has implemented the Find My Mobile function. If you have such an account, then after logging in, on any other device with the data of this account, you just need to click “Unlock phone“. it is much more convenient than clearing everything and losing data.

Forgotten PIN Passcode Pattern on Samsung

For the future, it is worth protecting yourself from such problems. Program a special Smart Lock, for example, select a place on the map where the phone will not require you to unlock.

At this point, your Samsung a70 or a30 will automatically unlock and allow you to change the security method. Thanks for visiting. Have a good day!

What to do if you forgot your PIN code

If you have forgotten your Samsung phone PIN and you do not have any other unlocking option, such as fingerprint or face recognition, then the only way out of the situation is to reset the settings to the factory state.

In doing so, pay attention to the following facts:

  • All data from the phone will be deleted
  • You will be able to log into your Samsung if only you know the details of the Samsung or Google account that is linked and used in this phone.

The inaccessibility of data and access to the phone without knowing the pin code and account data is a completely logical measure that can protect the data of the real owner from intruders.

How to remove PIN code from Samsung phone?

The PIN code protects your phone by limiting data from tampering. If you have nothing to hide and are tired of entering it every time, read below how to remove a PIN code from a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Instructions for removing the pin code

Let’s take a look at PIN removal using a Galaxy running Android 10 as an example:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Go to the section “Biometric data or passwords” (or “Lock screen”, depending on the firmware version)
  • On the Lock Screen Password tab, tap Turn off screen unlock password
  • Confirm the procedure enter the current pin-code.

Please note that all previously used unlocking tools such as fingerprint data will be disabled and deleted.

How to reset settings without entering the menu

  • Turn off the phone
  • Press the “Home”, “Power” buttons and the volume boost lever at the same time, holding them for 10 seconds until the screen turns on
  • Using the volume control, find “wipe data / factory”, confirm the action with the “Power” button
  • Go to the item “Yes”, and confirm the selection with the power button
  • Find “wipe cache partition”
  • Confirm again and wait for your Samsung Galaxy to reboot.

After these steps, your phone will return to the “out of the box” state and after logging into your account, you will be able to set a new PIN-code.

We recommend that you always write down the PIN code and store it at home, and for the safety of your data, periodically back it up to the Google cloud.

Possible reasons for disabling a password

There are several main reasons why you need to unlock your Samsung phone:

  • constant forgetting of the pin code;
  • buying a used gadget or simply giving it away for use;
  • a gift of the device to friends or relatives for whom it is difficult to enter a pattern or digital key;
  • setting a password in a random way;
  • there is no need for blocking;
  • damage to the screen of the smartphone, as a result of which it does not feel well touching fingers.
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It is still difficult to remove the PIN from an old Samsung phone. This is due to the fact that due to prolonged use of the smartphone, its touchscreen does not always respond to touches. Then entering a password will be problematic.

Is it possible to lock or unlock a Samsung phone without a password and how to revoke a PIN in 2021

Removing the protective screen lock on Android devices is a simple task that can be done in a couple of taps through the standard menu. However, device malfunctions are possible, in which this shutdown method does not work. Therefore, you need to be able to turn off the lock and remove the password from your Samsung phone in other ways.

How to turn off the lock on an Android gadget

It is easy to unlock your Samsung phone. In a normal procedure, this happens in the following order:

  • First you need to find the gadget settings and click on the “My device” section. Click on this item.
  • In the section you need to find the “Lock Screen” tab.
  • In the specified paragraph, all methods of protecting the gadget are shown. To change or remove the password on your Samsung phone, just select “No”.

If the usual method did not help to remove the password from the Samsung phone, then you need to look for other reasons. For example, it may be a malfunction of the software.

Unlocking your Samsung phone’s screen can be prevented by a VPN security network or active encryption of the internal memory or built-in MicroSD. This could be due to active administrative rights or downloading extraneous certificates.

Disable administrative rights

There are applications that function normally only with confirmed administrator rights. But their activity can prevent you from removing the screen lock on your Samsung smartphone. Therefore, you must first disable all administrative rights. To do this, perform the following procedures:

  • Gadget menu section.
  • Click the “Settings” tab and there they find the line “Lock Screen”.
  • Then they find “Other parameters” and click on the line “Device Administrators”.
  • All programs with active administrative rights will appear on the screen. There is a slider next to each program. To disable the rights, you need to drag them to the Off position.

As a rule, all sliders work and move. If at least one of them is inactive, then there is a virus on the device. Then, first of all, it is removed using a mobile antivirus program. After that, the procedure for removing administrator rights is repeated. The program on which the virus was detected is also removed.

Disabling certificates

Another reason why you cannot disable the screen lock on Android Samsung in the standard way is the presence of additional security certificates. They were installed as a result of downloading some programs from the Play Market that required a graphic or digital password. And while the security certificates are active, the pin code in the Samsung phone cannot be canceled.

Therefore, first you need to delete all active certificates. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • select the “Security” section in the menu;
  • in it they find the tab “Other security settings” and select the line “Delete credentials”;
  • confirm the deletion with the “OK” button.

The device does not always have active certificates. Therefore, when, when performing all the steps, the required line is highlighted as inactive, it means that they are absent on the smartphone. In this case, the locked Samsung must be turned off in another way.

After completing all the steps for removing certificates, the smartphone is rebooted and the security key is removed in a standard way.