How To Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps On Samsung TV

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Installing additional applications

Now let’s figure out how to properly set up a Samsung TV, Smart-TV and install new applications on it. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

We go to the main menu of the device by pressing the button on the Home control panel (it shows the house).

Next, we find the Samsung Apps menu item and select it with the “Ok” button.

In the window that opens, we find the “Install” button. Hover the pointer over it and click “Ok” again.

At the end of the installation of the application, return to the main menu with the Vask button.

Finding a new application and launching it.

How To Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps On Samsung TV

Installing the device. Connection

The first step is to set up. this is the assembly of the TV and its commutation. On the first of them, we install the TV on the supports, fix them, then place the device in a permanent place. Next, we connect the power cord to the outlet and the corresponding connector. We bring a wire from the TV signal source to the ANT IN port. In case of connection to the Global Web using a twisted pair, we bring this wire to the corresponding port of the device. If you plan to receive information via Wi-Fi, then there is no need to connect any additional wires. How to set up “Smart-TV” on a “Samsung 5500” TV through “Wi-Fi” will be further discussed.

Delivery list

As a rule, the list of complete set of such devices includes:

Installation stand.

Certificate of full compliance with applicable regulations.

Coupon with branded warranty.

Control panel and batteries for it.

There is no separate user manual in paper form. Therefore, figure out how to set up “Smart-TV” on a “Samsung” TV. for example, it is possible only in the corresponding menu item of the device. Therefore, you just need to turn it on right away and deal with the electronic version of the documentation and only then start connecting and reprogramming.

Establishing a network connection

In the case of a wired connection to a computer network, as a rule, there is no need to make any changes to the software shell. In this case, the network address is assigned automatically. It is much more difficult to do such an operation as set up “Smart-TV” on a Samsung TV through “Wi-Fi” or any other provider allows you to configure a router in a certain way. In most cases, the network address of the device is set automatically. Therefore, the implementation of a wireless connection consists of the following stages:

Go to device settings.

We select the item “All settings”.

Next, select the “Network” section.

At the next stage, go to the item “Wi-Fi network”.

We search for all available connections. Find your network in the list and connect to it. Enter the password if necessary.

Tips Tricks

The above aLGorithm of such an operation, how to set up your own TV “Samsung”, “Smart-TV”. is universal and can be applied to any modern software shell. There shouldn’t be any special problems when setting up such equipment. Regarding the connection method, it can be noted that it is most optimal to use wireless Wi-Fi. In this case, the speed of receiving data can reach 300 Mbps, and this will allow you to watch broadcasts in high quality without any problems. The memory subsystem in such devices has a very, very modest size. Therefore, it makes sense to install only the basic and most demanded applications. Examples include and youtube. In the first case, there are many free movies even without registration. In the second, all the content is freely available. The only negative in this case. this is the need for periodic viewing of commercials.

Briefly about the technology “Smart-TV

Before setting up “Smart-TV” on a “Samsung” TV, let’s find out what is behind it and exactly what advantages it provides. A classic device of this class has only a tuner and several inputs. That is, with its help, you can only watch television channels. By connecting additional devices to the expansion ports, you can display images from any media player or computer. In the case of solutions equipped with “Smart-TV”, the level of functionality of the final product increases significantly. In this case, a software shell is added, due to which the level of the product’s capabilities significantly increases, the TV is already turning into a full-fledged multimedia center for recreation and entertainment. As a result, on such a device, you can not only watch TV channels, but also visit sites, watch movies and play.


At the previous stage, the aLGorithm of how to set up “Smart-TV” on the “Samsung 5500” TV was completed. Now you need to check the correctness of the configuration and make sure that the device is fully operational. To do this, do the following:

After turning on the TV, we check the image and sound quality of all the channels found.

We go to the application menu and check the performance of each of them step by step.

Open a browser and check the loading of pages from the Global Web.

If everything is done correctly, then no problems should certainly arise at this stage.

Channel setup

Next, you need to search for all available channels and save this list. To do this, you need to carry out the following manipulations:

On the turned on TV device, go to the setup menu using the button of the same name.

Further, in the menu that opens after this, we find the item “All settings”.

Then a new dialog box will open, in which you need to select the “Channels” item.

Then we select the sub-item “Channel search”.

Further, we select the channel source. It can be an ordinary antenna, it can be a signal from a cable operator, it can be a set of satellite equipment. It is also recommended to carry out this operation in automatic mode and this option must be selected in the next window. After that, all available TV channels will be searched.

At the end, you will need to save all the results obtained.

After that, the TV can already be used to watch programs.

How to set up “Smart-TV” on a Samsung TV? Tips Tricks

This tutorial will describe how to set up “Smart-TV” on a “Samsung” TV. The setup aLGorithm will be given for the 40H5500 model with a 40 ”diagonal, but in reality it is universal and can be used when configuring any SIMilar devices. As will be shown below, there is nothing particularly complicated in this procedure, everyone can handle it.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on a K-series TV

Enter the TV menu. Depending on the remote control model:
press the Menu button twice

or press the Home button.

Select Live TV.

Select Channel List.

Press the right button on the remote.

Select Edit.

Check the channels you want to delete (a checkmark will appear to the left of the channel name).

Select Delete.

Click OK to confirm.

Press the Return button several times to exit the menu.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on a D, C or other series TV

To find out how to delete channels on these TV series, please contact Samsung’s free support.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on an F-series TV

Enter the TV menu. Depending on the remote control model:
press the Menu button

or press the button and select Menu item on the TV screen.

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Go to Broadcast.

Select Change Channel.

Check the channels you want to delete (a checkmark will appear to the left of the channel name).

Select Delete.

Click Yes to confirm.

Press the Return button several times to exit the menu.

How to remove channels

Below you will find instructions for the various series.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on a T, R-series TV

Enter the TV menu. Depending on the remote control model:
press the Menu button twice

or press the Home button.

Press left, then select Live TV. then Channel List.

Press the right button and select Change Channel.

Select the channels you want to delete and press the center button on the remote. A check mark will appear to the left of the channel name.

Select Delete.

Click Delete to confirm.

Press the Return button several times to exit the menu.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on TV N, M, Q, LS-series

Enter the TV menu. Depending on the remote control model:
press the Menu button twice

or press the Home button.

Press left, then select Live TV. then Channel List.

Press the right button and select Change Channel.

Select the channels you want to delete and press the center button on the remote. A check mark will appear to the left of the channel name.

Select Delete.

Click Delete to confirm.

Press the Return button several times to exit the menu.

Click here to learn how to delete channels on an E-series TV

Press the Smart Hub button on the remote (in the form of a colored diamond).

In the window that opens, select Channel.

Check the channels you want to delete (a checkmark will appear to the left of the channel name).

Press the Tools button on the remote.

Select Delete.

Click Yes to confirm.

Press the Return button several times to exit the menu.

How to Delete Unwanted Channels on Samsung TV

How to uninstall an app from your Samsung Smart TV: memory cleaning aLGorithms in different ways

Did you manage to download a lot of widgets to your TV, and now you don’t know how to get rid of them? Can’t uninstall an app from your Samsung Smart TV and don’t know how to clear the cache? All these difficulties can be encountered by every owner of the equipment of this brand. But do not be upset and think that the TV memory will never be cleaned. There are certain aLGorithms for this, which we will discuss in this article.

Removing preinstalled apps

Pre-installed programs are those that were installed by the developers during the production of the device.

Sometimes they take up the TV memory, but they are irrelevant for the owner, and he wants to get rid of them. The answer to this question is SIMple. unfortunately, standard widgets cannot be deleted.

Method two

This method is suitable for TV series 2016 and earlier. You will need to carry out manipulations in the following sequence:

  • Press the “Home” button (located on the remote control), in the menu that opens, select the “Applications” section.
  • Next “My applications” (my apps).
  • A new window will open where you should select “Options” or “Options” (gear at the bottom of the screen).
  • Select an unnecessary widget, find the delete line, click on the required instructions.

If the operating system of Samsung Smart TV was released earlier than 2016, the manipulation of clearing memory from unnecessary programs will be the same.

The difference can only be in the location of the settings icon, in older firmware it is not at the bottom of the screen, but at the top.

Method one

In this way, you can delete the application on Smart TV Samsung for owners of the latest firmware versions, starting from 2017. Sequencing:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control to open the “Smart Hub” menu.
  • Select the “Applications” sign below (in the form of a figure consisting of 4 small squares).
  • A section with installed programs will open, select “Settings” (an icon in the form of a gear);
  • Set selection on the widget to be removed.
  • To call its settings, press the selection button on the remote control (located in the center of the remote control).
  • In the window that opens, click on “Delete”.

The program will be erased from the device memory.

Removing Apps Installed from Samsung Apps

All Samsung Smart TV users can install applications in the company’s proprietary service. The store is quite convenient, it is easy to install the widget you like on your smart TV. To do this, you just need to register and then you have access to all the features of Samsung Apps.

  • Sign in to Samsung Apps on your TV
  • find the “Downloaded Applications” section on the main page;
  • hover over an unnecessary application;
  • open its menu;
  • click on “Delete”.

This will remove the program.

If you cannot cope with any of the above methods, it is recommended to do a full factory reset:

  • start the general menu;
  • press the “Tools” button on the PU;
  • highlight the line “Reset”;
  • then you need to enter the password, for all it is standard: 00 00;
  • confirm their own intentions.

It is important to remember that the reset procedure will return the TV to a new state and all settings will have to be adjusted again after it.

How to uninstall apps from Samsung TV

Samsung, the world’s leading brand, endows all of them with its own operating system, Tyzen OS, for its Smart TVs. Over the years, the OS interface has been improved and updated many times. At the moment, TV control is extremely convenient and understandable, however, some inexperienced owners cannot remove unnecessary programs.

The combination of actions for different firmware versions may differ, so we will consider several methods.

Clearing cache and memory after deletion

An overflowing cache memory is the reason for slowing down the receiver, as well as an obstacle to loading new programs, since due to its fullness there is not enough total memory for the full operation of the entire device.

This problem cannot be solved on TVs with outdated firmware (earlier than 2017), but relatively new ones have the ability to clear the cache on Samsung Smart TVs, which significantly speeds up all work processes.

If it becomes necessary to clear the cache, you need to do the following:

  • remove unnecessary widgets on your device by any of the methods;
  • then you need to get rid of the remnants of files left over from them by opening in the browser menu;
  • select “General settings”;
  • after “Delete log”, “Delete log data”.

The procedure helps in most cases, but sometimes it becomes insufficient and you need to perform SIMilar actions through the engineering menu:

  • turn off the TV;
  • in this state, press on the remote control one after another a combination of keys: “Info”, “Menu”, “Mute”, “Power”;
  • settings will open, where you need to select one of the possible items “Smart Hub Reset” (in priority) or “Factory Reset”.

Having carefully studied this review, there shouldn’t be any difficulties in uninstalling applications in Samsung Smart TVs. One has only to remember the key actions:

  • the sequence will differ depending on the software version of a particular TV;
  • it is impossible to erase the widgets installed at the factory. Alternative methods can be dangerous;
  • when the behavior of a smart TV shows freezes, jams or lack of memory, you need to clear the cache. The TV will be rid of unnecessary garbage and will work faster, many problems will disappear.

SIMple recommendations will make it easier to use modern technology, save time looking for the right answers on the Internet, and watch your favorite programs will become much easier.

Clearing the cache

On Android TVs, the cache is cleared for each application separately.

To clear the cache, you need to enter the Play Market, as described in the previous paragraph, and then go to “my applications”. Next, you need to click on each application that requires cleaning and select “full description”. This will open information about the program, among which there will be the desired item “clear cache”.

Correct removal of applications from Smart-TV

When choosing a TV, many users stop at devices with Smart TV. This technology expands the capabilities of the TV panel, turning it into an almost full-fledged computer. Over the long years of existence of “smart” TV-receivers, manufacturers have been able to achieve the most SIMple interface, which does not raise any special questions about the use of even inexperienced owners. However, sometimes not everything is clear. Most often, buyers are interested in how to remove an application from Smart TV. In some cases, the program SIMply ceases to be necessary, but in some situations the removal of the software is necessary to free up TV memory and thus improve its performance.

Removal aLGorithm

To uninstall the app from Samsung Smart TV, you need to do the following:

  • find and press the Samsung Apps button on the remote control;
  • in the menu that appears, find and select the item “loaded”;
  • by pressing the yellow button on the remote control (with the letter “C”) open the editing mode;
  • having selected the required software, click on the “remove” button and confirm the action.
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But there is also a second way to remove software. It is convenient when the user noticed in the process of work that he did not need the program and decided to remove it. In this case, you can press the “Tool” button on the remote application on the unnecessary application and select the “delete” option.

Clearing the cache

LG TVs, like Samsung, have a tendency to clog up the cache, which leads to the braking of the entire system. In this case, when watching movies via the Internet, the OS takes a long time to load data or does not do it at all. This process may be accompanied by the inscription “there is not enough free memory on your device.” In addition, if the cache memory is full, it will be impossible to install a new application. The problem is fixed depending on how it manifests itself.

  • If the incorrect operation of the system is noticed when watching movies in the browser, then the solution is to clear its cache. To do this, go to the browser settings and select “clear cache”.
  • If the TV has become worse in general, then you will need to clear its entire cache. In this case, you need to click on the “gear” on the remote control to enter the device settings. Next, select the items “general”. “clear cache”. “done”.

After following the steps above and restarting the TV, everything will start working correctly.

Removing software from LG Smart TVs

Another rival giant that offers quality TVs and equips them with its own OS is Korea’s LG. Its operating system is called webOS, and by 2019 there are already three versions of it. That is, the most current platform that is installed in modern models is webOS 3.0. It is not much different from Samsung OS in terms of usability, but it has some peculiarities in the interface. Like the previous company, it has its own standard applications, but nothing prevents you from installing third-party programs.

Removal aLGorithm

To uninstall apps from your LG Smart TV using your regular remote, you need to do the following:

  • in the general application menu (opened by pressing the “house” button on the remote control), you need to find the “my applications” section;
  • then you should select the software you need to remove;
  • after highlighting the required program, available actions will appear in the upper right corner, from the list of which you need to select “change” (the “pencil” icon);
  • then a list of possible manipulations will also open, in the list of which you will need to select “delete”, and then confirm your action.

LG TVs are often equipped with Magic Remote controls, which are equipped with a gyroscope and can successfully replace a mouse. They make it even easier to uninstall the app. It is enough to point at the required soft arrow and select it by pressing the control wheel. After that, a cross will appear in the corner above the application icon, clicking on which removes the program. This procedure can be carried out even in the general application menu. it is not necessary to go to the list of installed.

There is another way. using the Magic Remote or a computer mouse, you can delete unnecessary applications by dragging the icon over the work area. To do this, select the required icon by pressing the button, and then drag it to the side without releasing the keys. A trash can icon will appear. send the icon to it. Everything, the application is removed.

Removing software from Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of TV receivers. For Smart-TV, it uses its own operating system called Tyzen OS. Its advantages are: high speed and SIMplicity, but most importantly, the platform is ready to use out of the box. As a rule, everything you need is installed here. Nevertheless, many users decide to remove the existing software and try something new.

Removal aLGorithm

How to uninstall an application on a Smart STB

Users who want to get all the features of Smart TV, but have a regular TV, can make their wishes come true with a Smart set-top box. Regardless of the form factor of the device, the method of connecting to the TV receiver and the cost, full-fledged models run Android OS.

For Android Box, the procedure for removing unnecessary software has a certain sequence.

  • On the main splash screen of the set-top box, go to the menu. To do this, the “Settings” or “Settings” button is pressed on the remote control.
  • In the list that opens, you must find the item “applications”.
  • Next, you need to click on the program to be removed, open its menu, and select the “delete” item. There is also a section to clear the cache, which solves the problem with overflowing memory.

For some Android Box models, the procedure for uninstalling software is slightly different. to enter applications, you should find the corresponding item directly in the main menu of the set-top box. Further actions are identical to those described above.

Features of built-in memory

The lack of built-in memory in Smart TV sets of any brand, including Samsung, is due to the fact that first the selected file is loaded into the internal storage device and only then is broadcast on the screen. Memory is freed up during playback, but if the process of clearing it is slower than loading content, then it may become full. In turn, this causes an error message to appear on the TV screen and the inability to continue watching. Interestingly, even the specialists of the Samsung Group, which is considered the leader of this market segment, have not yet managed to solve the existing problem at a constructive level.

Thus, the browser of any Samsung Smart-TV receiver (for example, models Ue46f6400ak, Ue43m5500, etc.) has limited capabilities due to insufficient internal memory, without which downloading content is impossible. Its main features:

  • self-cleaning is carried out only if the content download is slower than the playback speed on the screen;
  • the amount of memory cannot be increased by using an external storage device (hard disk, flash drive, etc.);
  • the memory overflow is not tied to any specific application, site or Internet page and can occur at any time.

Contacting Samsung Electronics Unified Support Service

The unified support service for Samsung Electronics has been operating since 1994. The remote service, thanks to which the owners of the TV equipment of this brand, without leaving their homes, receive not only qualified advice, but also operational technical support, has allowed the company to significantly increase public confidence in its products. By calling the hotline 88005555555 or by leaving a message on the website (Online Live Chat), the owner of the TV can notify the operator of the problem.

To provide service specialists with remote access to your TV receiver, you must:

  • open the TV menu;
  • enter the “Support” section;
  • select the item “Remote control”;
  • provide the security PIN to the service technician.

In this case, the work is carried out online, and the service operator sees on the screen of his device only what is displayed on the faulty TV receiver. You should be aware that the company guarantees complete security of data that may be stored on the TV.

Consequences of insufficient internal memory

The accumulation of data in the built-in storage of information can ultimately lead to an overflow of the usable volume of the TV receiver’s internal memory. In this case, content viewing stops, and a corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application may spontaneously start overloading. In addition, the message about insufficient memory size may appear at any time completely unexpectedly for the user when:

  • connecting the TV to a computer;
  • using a USB flash drive;
  • listening to audio files;
  • watching movies, etc.

In practice, the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs fills up when the owner uses the built-in browser to view content. After full filling of its volume, the TV “freezes” and / or disconnects from the Internet. This makes it impossible to install widgets and / or applications, as well as view content. The problem can be eliminated only by freeing the internal memory of the TV receiver from unnecessary data.

System reset of the TV

If all of the above methods did not lead to the expected result, and the owner of the TV does not have the opportunity to contact the service specialists, then he can take a risk and carry out an engineering reset of the TV settings on his own. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following order:

  • turn off the TV;
  • on the remote control (RC), strictly observing the specified sequence, quickly press the buttons: INFO. MTNU. MUTE. POWER or MUTE. 1. 8. 2. Power, while the TV turns on, and the service menu in English appears on the screen;
  • use the Up and Down arrow buttons to select Option and press OK;
  • in the window that opens, select the Factory Reset item and press the OK button on the remote control twice.

The TV will then turn off and then on, and the initial general settings (menu language, country, network settings, etc.) will begin. Then you need to do the usual TV customization (channels, etc.). When accessing the Smart-menu, it turns out that all the widgets and previously made settings are missing. They will have to be installed again. In more detail, the process of carrying out a system reset of the TV settings is shown on:

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Removing unused applications

Removing unused or unnecessary applications is one of the most effective ways to free up the internal memory of the TV receiver. To do this, you will need:

  • enter the main page of SmartTV;
  • open the applications menu (APPS panel);
  • go to settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  • in the window that opens, find unnecessary (unnecessary) applications and sequentially click on each of them, pressing the “Delete” key;
  • confirm the actions performed and close the window.

You can get the same result if you reset all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all downloaded applications and fix any existing errors. This will reboot and install all factory applications in automatic mode.

Resetting Smart Hub settings can be done through the Settings menu, following the route “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset Smart Hub “. There you will need to enter the security PIN code “0000” (by default) into the corresponding line. After the message “Reset completed” appears, go to the APPS panel, wait for the notification of the initial setup and, following the prompts on the TV receiver screen, enter the menu. There you will need to select the applications required to use and press the “Finish” button.

In the event that resetting the Smart Hub parameters to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a SIMilar procedure for the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail at:

At the same time, on all Samsung Smart TV sets (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.), the settings are reset in the same way. The only possible difference is a slight difference in the names of the menu items.

Freeing up the built-in memory of Samsung Smart TVs

You can free up the internal memory of Samsung SmartTV TV receivers by performing SIMple operations such as deleting unused applications and clearing the cache of the built-in browser. If these actions did not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact Samsung’s Unified Support Service or, at your own risk, try to reset the TV settings to the factory level.

Free up memory on Samsung Smart TV

Television receivers of the Samsung trademark supporting Smart-TV technology continue to conquer the domestic market of household radio equipment. Their rapidly growing popularity is due to many functional advantages that were previously unavailable to owners of conventional TVs. Among them, connection to the Internet (wired or using Wi-Fi), search and viewing of interesting content without reference to specific TV channels, the ability to communicate on social networks and much more. However, despite the apparent SIMilarity with a computer, Smart TV is still significantly inferior to the latter. First of all, this concerns the amount of built-in memory, which is clearly not enough for viewing content (movies, clips, streaming, etc.) when using the built-in browser. Therefore, this material will discuss how to clear memory on a Samsung Smart TV.

Clearing the embedded browser cache

You can free up the TV’s internal memory by clearing the cache of the built-in browser. They do it as follows:

  • go to the main menu of Smart-TV;
  • launch a browser;
  • open the “Settings” menu;
  • in the section “Deleting history” find the item “Cache”;
  • click “Delete now” to confirm the action.

Clearing the cache may take several minutes, after which content browsing should resume.

Viruses on Samsung SmartTVs

Purely theoretically, due to the fact that Smart TV receivers have access to the Internet, the possibility of viruses interfering in their work cannot be completely ruled out. However, based on the fact that Samsung’s new Smart-TVs (UE43NU7470 and others) use an operating system with a closed file system, which cannot be penetrated, they are not equipped with antivirus programs.

Summarize. To avoid interruptions when playing content over the Internet, Samsung Smart TVs should periodically clear their web browser cache. In addition, there is no need to accumulate applications that have lost their relevance and delete them in time. Then you do not have to reset the TV settings to factory values ​​and reconfigure it again.

Installing and configuring the Tizen SDK

First of all, download and install everything you need on your computer. Download and install Java. after that, download Tizen Studio with IDE installer. Be sure to download the appropriate 32 bit for your Windows. X86 or 64 bit. X64.

Launch the downloaded Tizen Studio installer, agree to the license, change the installation path if necessary and click Istall. After the installation is complete, click Finish. Package Manager will start, if this did not happen then go to the folder that you installed tizen-studio \ package-manager and run package-manager.exe or PackageManagerV2.jar.

Click install opposite Tizen SDK tools.

Next, click on the Extension SDK tab and click install opposite Extras.

While the Tizen Studio packages are being downloaded and installed, go to the Samsung website and register.

After registration, we find out the IP address of the computer. We go to the Network and Sharing Center. Local network connection (or wi-fi). Intelligence. Your address will be in the IPv4 line.

We turn to the TV. We go to Smart Hub, then to the Applications section and, in order, press the numbers on the remote control 1-2-3-4-5. In the window that appears, select ON and press Enter, enter the IP address of the computer in the empty field and then click on OK.

After that, the TV will ask to restart. For a more accurate result, turn it off from the remote control and unplug it for 30 seconds.

We turn it on and again go to Applications, the Developer Mode should appear.

We log in on the TV to our previously created account on the Samsung website. Click on the plus sign and enter your data.

Now we find out the IP address of the TV, press the Menu button and go to the Network. Network status, select IP Settings and see the address.

We return to the computer, wait until the installation of Tizen Studio is completed and run it, it is located in the folder where you installed, tizen-studio / ide / TizenStudio.exe.

After downloading it, click on the TV Connection icon, click on Plus, enter an arbitrary Name, the IP of the TV that you learned earlier and click Add.

Push the switch.

Creation of author and distributor certificates. Method number 2

Go to Tools. Certificate Manager.

Next, click on the Plus icon.

Choosing Samsung.

Check the box on TV and click Next.

Enter an arbitrary name for the certificate.

Enter arbitrary Author name and Password, remember them or write them down, it may be needed in the future. After clicking Next, a window will appear asking you to log into your account, click OK.

Enter the details of the account that was previously created on the Samsung website.

After a successful login, just click Next.

Once again Next.

Next, enter the Password, you can be the same as previously created, leave everything else as it is.

If everything is done correctly, a window will appear with a message about creating certificates. Be sure to save the certificates in a different place, it is possible to get them only once on the TV, the folder with the certificates is located in Drive: \ Users \ Username \ SamsungCertificate.

Creation of author and distributor certificates

Go to Tools. Certificate Manager.

Next, click on the Plus icon.

Choosing Tizen.

Enter an arbitrary name for the certificate.

Without changing anything, click Next.

Next, enter arbitrary data.

Without changing anything, click Finish and OK.

Installing applications on Samsung Smart TV T, R, N, M, Q, K and J series running Tizen OS

In this article, we will consider the installation using the new development environment Tizen Studio, the previous article with the Tizen SDK is outdated, since it was removed from the official site. This installation method is suitable for any device with Tizen OS, Samsung Smart TV T / Q (2020), R / Q (2019), N / Q (2018), M / Q (2017), K (2016) and J (2015) ) series. On J series, after restarting the TV, the application is deleted.

Creating a project in Tizen Studio and installing applications on the TV

Click on the project creation icon, select Template and click.

In Custom, select TV-samsung v3.0 or TV-samsung v4.0, depending on which one you have available, click Next.

Web Application.

Basic Project.

Enter an arbitrary Project name and click Finish.

Download and unpack the application for Tizen TV GetsTV or Others. Open the archive with the application files and drag them into the project, agree with everything.

Next, right-click on the project name and select Run As. 1 Tizen Web Application. If everything is done correctly, the application will start on the TV.