How to turn on wi-fi on LG TV

Top 10 Ways to Check and Repair Wi-Fi on TV

There are 10 main ways to restore WI-FI to work on modern TVs. Most of them are related to correcting wireless settings. Required settings on Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony devices can be changed at home without contacting a service center.
Let’s take a look at all the main ways to fix configuration errors in turn:

turn, wi-fi

Manually specifying connection data

Using the built-in Smart TV menu, go to the WI-FI connection options. Select the manual mode for specifying settings if the DHCP server is disabled on the router, and the connection with automatic parameter detection does not work. In the “IP address” line, enter any IP from the local range. Valid start and end addresses are available for clarification in the admin panel of the router.

In the “Subnet mask” field, you must specify which part of the IP range will be used to address clients on the local network. The common value for this parameter is In the “Gateway” line, enter the IP address of the router, which is used to enter the settings.

Advice! The subnet mask and gateway can also be checked through any computer connected to your router. To do this, select Command Prompt from the context menu of the Start button. In the window that opens, enter the command: “ipconfig / all” and press “Enter”.

Replacing the WI-FI adapter with an external one

This method will not correct the problem with the internal radio. But if it is because of them that errors occur when connecting, use an external device. The form factor of such a WI-FI adapter resembles an ordinary USB flash drive. Like most other devices, it works when connected to a TV via USB.

On sale there is another type of adapters for receiving WI-FI. They have an external multi-directional antenna that provides better signal reception from the router. It is recommended to connect such modules via a USB extension cable, placing them at some distance from the TV. Thanks to this connection, interference from a working Smart TV will be minimized, and the data exchange speed will increase.

Important advice! Before purchasing an external adapter for connecting to a wireless network, check the list of supported devices in the instructions. This information can also be found on the manufacturer’s website or in technical support.

Updating the TV’s firmware

Smart TV firmware needs to be updated in a timely manner. Errors can accumulate in the process of work, as a result of which difficulties arise when connecting to the Internet via WI-FI. Depending on the TV model, the update can be done in several ways:

  • Through a wireless network;
  • Using the cable Internet;
  • Via an external USB storage device (USB flash drive or hard drive).

If WI-FI does not work on Smart TV, use the second or third option to download the new software version. Detailed instructions for updating the software are usually posted on the website of the company that released the TV. Possible names of the required section: “Help”, “Support” or “Help Center”.

While the utility is running, it is important not to disconnect or de-energize the device. Any interruption may affect the further functionality of the Smart TV. Do not use third-party firmware to avoid loss of warranty service.

Reboot TV and router

The first steps to be taken if WI-FI does not work on the TV is to restart the Smart TV and the router. The malfunction can be programmatic in nature and can be easily corrected by reinitializing the device drivers. To restart the TV, turn it off and on again. Some experts also recommend removing the plug from the electrical outlet and then plugging it back in. This advice makes sense for those TVs that remain connected to the local network even after the screen is turned off.

During the reboot of the router, you must wait 10-20 seconds between turning off and on. During this time, the previous Internet session will be closed on the provider’s side. Therefore, the connection will be made anew, with the settings reset to zero. When Smart TV and router turn on again, try to connect WI-FI.

Changing the Router Location

Problems with the wireless network on the TV may be due to poor signal reception from the router. If possible, move the router closer to the Smart TV and install it so that there is less interference in the path of radio waves. Signal barriers are walls, furniture, and working appliances.

Installing an access point on an elevated level will help ensure a better WI-FI connection. For example, you can put the router on top of a cabinet or hang it over a door. If you cannot move the router closer to the TV, connect a more powerful antenna to it. The higher the antenna gain, the better the network will work on Smart TV.

Troubleshooting DNS Server Errors

This method is especially relevant for Samsung TVs. Accessing the Internet and multimedia content through the Smart Hub becomes difficult when Samsung’s servers are overloaded. When specifying your DNS server addresses, the connection to Internet resources will be made directly, without using the manufacturer’s infrastructure.

DNS server addresses are specified in the provider’s support. You can also use the free public DNS. This service is provided by Google, Yandex, OpenDNS. For example, to use the Google address servers, it is enough to enter the IP of the main server: and the additional one: If there is no text field for entering an alternative server, enter only the first address in the DNS settings.

other methods

There are also alternative ways to connect your LG TV to the Internet, if for some reason these are not suitable for you. For example, you can access the Internet through your phone by connecting to it using Direct Wi-Fi technology, or use a set-top box to your TV.

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Cable connection

It is best to connect your LG TV to the Internet by pulling the cable from the router to the TV.

  • Connect one end of the cable to the LAN output of the router.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the LAN input of the TV.
  • The message “Wired network connection established” appears briefly on the TV screen. Now you can use the Internet!
  • On outdated TV models, you will have to activate the connection yourself through the menu “Smart TV” → “Network” → “Set up a connection” → “Wired network”.

If you do not have a router, then the cable that goes into the apartment can be connected to the LG TV directly. But this method only works if the provider uses a dynamic IP. Fortunately, in most cases in Russia this is the case.

Wireless connection

  • Go to LG TV Settings.
  • Select “Advanced settings” → “Network” → “Connect to a Wi-Fi network”.
  • Select your home network in the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enter your password and connect to the internet. As a reminder, the Wi-Fi password is case sensitive: do not confuse uppercase and lowercase letters!

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LG Smart TV connection: Wi-Fi, Miracast, Bluetooth, etc.

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How to connect LG TV to the Internet, connect and configure Wi-Fi on LG Smart TV. LG MAGAZINE Russia magazine

Have you bought an LG Smart TV? Be sure to connect it to the Internet. without this you will not be able to use many useful functions! There are several ways to connect your LG TV to the Internet, but the main two are cable or Wi-Fi. Wireless connection is more convenient, but it may not be enough for viewing high-definition content.

Reference Library | LG USA Support

Since life waits for no one, at LG USA we create consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile devices to help you connect with those who matter most. Whether it’s preparing nutritious and delicious meals for your family, staying connected on the road, sharing your favorite photos, watching a movie with your kids, or creating a clean, comfortable place to celebrate important moments, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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How to set up in a particular case

When a user wants to connect his LG TV to his home network, he only needs to enter the password from the Wi-Fi router. After that, you will need to wait until the devices establish communication with each other to access the Network.

Invalid password

This error indicates that the user entered the wrong password from the Wi-Fi router. We need to once again make sure that the entered characters are correct, if to no avail, then reset the router settings to the factory level.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG TV: detailed instructions

Most LG TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi module that provides users with Internet access. How to connect your LG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi will be discussed in this article.

Damage to the built-in module

In the TV, the device responsible for the presence of the Internet via Wi-Fi may break. This can be verified by purchasing an external network adapter and plugging it into the USB port.

Wi-Fi network settings on LG TV

Important! The user should not independently repair the Wi-Fi module in the TV. This can lead to adverse consequences.

How can you connect to the Net

There are several common methods that allow you to connect to the Internet on LG TVs. Each way to accomplish a given task deserves special attention. The most common of them will be discussed below.

How to turn on through a router

To carry out this procedure, you must follow the algorithm:

  • Connect the router. Usually, for many people, the router initially works and is designed to distribute the Internet to a PC.
  • Take the remote control and click on the TV settings by pressing the corresponding key.
  • Click on the line “Network” or “Network connection”.
  • Select “Wireless connection”, the device will connect to the home network.
  • Find your network in the list of Wi-Fi networks and connect to it by entering a password.

Important! After completing the above steps, it is recommended to restart the equipment.

Unstable Wi-Fi connection

This circumstance has several reasons that require elimination:

  • The Internet spontaneously refuses to update;
  • weak signal strength. The router is far from the TV;
  • incorrect settings of either the TV or the router.

First settings

The very first and most common problem that appears after starting to use an LG TV is adjusting its color and other picture parameters. This is very important, because the user buys a TV just in order to watch it and enjoy a high-quality picture. If the parameters set by the manufacturer do not suit you, you can easily reconfigure everything to suit your own needs. Use the corresponding button on the TV remote control to enter the main menu. Now you are interested in the “Image” tab. Here you can customize all the available parameters according to your personal needs. The following parameters are located here:

  • saturation;
  • contrast;
  • brightness;
  • sharpness, etc.
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If you don’t want to fiddle with manual settings, the manufacturer offers several ready-made modes, for example, “Dynamic” or “Standard”. In the same main menu, you can enable or disable subtitles, adjust the sound, and when you connect the TV to a computer, you can use it as a main or additional monitor.

How to install and use applications

Please note that not all Android apps are compatible with smart TVs. Most of them are designed for use on smartphones or tablets.

Those applications that you cannot install will be signed with the phrase “Not available on your device”, so study everything carefully.

  • IPTV. a program for watching digital TV channels;
  • Wink is a popular online movie theater with many interesting and popular films;
  • Yandex is a major search engine.

You can install any programs and widgets if their functionality makes it possible to use them on the TV. For example, on a large screen it is convenient to work with texts and tables, view images and maps.

Account registration

Due to a number of features, LG TVs require mandatory registration before using Smart TV features.

So the first thing to do is register on the official LG website before proceeding with further settings.

This is not difficult to do, just follow the instructions below.

Press the Home button on the remote control. This will take you to the main menu of the TV. The “Login” button will be displayed in the upper right corner. Click on it. If you already have an LG Apps account, just enter your details in the special fields and click “Login”. If not, select the “Registration” item. Reading the privacy policy and user agreement or not reading it is everyone’s personal business, but to continue registration, both must be accepted.

Now you can proceed to filling out the contact information. Enter your email address and create a password. After that, click the “Authentication” button. This is very important, because later, through the email address, you can change the password if you forget it, as well as receive other useful information. If you don’t have an e-mail box, create it on any convenient service, for example, Yandex or Google. Now you can press the coveted “Register” button.

Now you will have to go to the previously specified mailbox to confirm your registration. This can be done through any of your gadgets or computers with Internet access, provided that you remember your password. The email contains a link that you need to click to successfully activate your account.

That’s all, registration is complete, however, do not forget to sign in to start using Smart TV. To do this, first press the Exit button, which will send you to the initial screen, and then the Home button to re-enter the main menu. Click on “Login” and enter your email address and password in the fields. Do not forget to tick the “Stay signed in” box. After you clicked the “Login” button, we refuse the system’s offer to fill in detailed information about yourself.

Via Wi-Fi

First, make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on. Now, as written in the previous paragraph, go to the “Network Connection” menu. Find the name of your wireless network in the list, select it and enter the password. The program will do the rest automatically, and you will be able to use the Internet. Please note, if your TV does not see the Internet network, try pressing the “Refresh” button or restarting the system. This can especially be a problem for users connecting the TV to the Internet for the first time.

How to connect and set up Smart TV on LG TV?

Modern TVs have long specialized not only in broadcasting TV programs, but can also perform many other functions, for example, watching videos on YouTube, going online, working with documents and even playing games. However, to provide such a wide range of possibilities, TVs need a fundamentally new software. Smart TV.


To use Smart TV, you must first of all ensure the availability of the Internet in your home.

over, it is important that it was just a network cable Internet with the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi router, and not just a USB modem or Wi-Fi from your other devices.

Although you can use the TV with any type of connection, be it Wi-Fi or wired Internet, in any case you will have to figure out the connection settings.

Basic Tips

If you search the Internet, you will notice that many problems with the initial setup are repeated from user to user. Basically, people try to achieve the perfect picture by manipulating the image settings and asking for advice on how to set the optimal image temperature, contrast value, which parameters should be turned off altogether in order to make watching movies and TV programs as comfortable as possible.

The fact is that there is no unambiguous and generally accepted answer to this question and cannot be. It all depends on the specific conditions, subjective color perception and taste of a person. Therefore, you are unlikely to find answers to these questions on the forums. You still have to spend an extra hour of your time on individual settings.

But with ease on the forums they give answers to questions such as, for example, connecting wireless headphones and keyboards to a TV. You can find out the firmware version of your TV, create a playlist, connect a microphone for karaoke, and even how to clear the cache memory. Do not skimp on time. It is better to sit for a while, understanding the functionality of the TV, than at the slightest need to go online for help. Also read the operating instructions carefully.

When setting up sound and image, be guided not only by your own feelings, but also by the size of the room, the intensity of its lighting, its color.

This will help you fine-tune the color scheme to suit your particular room. Never try to repair the TV yourself if it has not yet expired.

Through cable

If you decide to establish a connection via a network cable, insert it into the special port marked LAN. Please note that if this is the only network cable in your house, and there are still devices that need to be connected, purchase a special hub or, as it is also called, a switch. Connect the cable to it, and from it directly to the devices.

Using the Home button, go to the menu, from there go to the “Settings” item, and then. “Network”. In the menu that appears, select “Network Connection”. A simplified instruction on how to connect an Internet cable to the TV will appear on the screen, and a button “Set up connection” will appear. Click it. In the list of available connections, select the name of your network, enter the password. Done, connection established.

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Method 3

In some situations, users may not be able to connect the device in question directly to a TV or player. Then, the only solution would be. a computer or laptop. Just connect your device via HDMI and connect the microphone to your PC.

How to connect karaoke on LG Smart TVs: methods, microphone setup

Or you can do it without programs?

Programs should not be used in all cases. The advantage of the connected equipment, as noted above, is the high-quality imposition of voice and music in the same range. But, if you cannot use the hardware or install the application, then use the online services. To do this, go to the browser on the TV set and enter “Karaoke online” in the search box. There are many different entertainment services of this kind on the Internet. You will find any song and music you want.

The only drawback is the inconvenient handling. After all, you have to hover the cursor and select the desired items, but doing this from the remote is inconvenient.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Third Party Applications

Karaoke on LG Smart TV can be delivered using software. First thing you need to do is connect your microphone. You can do this directly by connecting the cable to a set-top box or TV, or use a computer by connecting it to the TV via HDMI. It depends on where the application will be installed. Thus, you can:

  • Download to computer or laptop.
  • To the TV.

Downloading and installing the program is carried out via the Internet using the Smart TV function or via a USB flash drive, where you need to place the installation file in advance. Please note that by using the Internet to find the software you need, you run the risk of catching a virus that can cause a failed firmware or serious errors. Therefore, it is better to use the official market in Smart TV to install the required applications.

Built-in karaoke software

TV makers don’t embed off-the-shelf karaoke apps into their devices. If the user wants to take advantage of this entertainment, he will either have to connect the equipment or download special programs. You can use:

  • DVD player.
  • Music center.

These systems provide the main advantage over applications. they provide a sufficiently high-quality voice-music connection in the same range. At the same time, you do not have to install third-party programs.

How to connect a karaoke microphone to your LG Smart TV

The question. how to connect a microphone to an LG Smart TV, worries many. In fact, the procedure is quite simple. Try one of the four solutions below.

Method 2

The second option, which allows you to connect a wired microphone, involves the use of the SCART connector, which is mainly found only in older TV models. For the procedure, you will have to take care of an adapter. RCA or tulips, consisting of three branched multi-colored plugs (yellow, red, white). First connect the microphone to the adapter and then to the SCART connector. At the end, using the remote control in the TV settings, select the connected device.

How to connect a TV with Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi? For example LG 32LN575U

Hello friends! Now, the topic of TVs with Smart TV function is very popular. It’s really cool and convenient, but many people have problems connecting these TVs to the Internet. I wrote in this article about the ways in which you can connect a TV to the World Wide Web, where I wrote that you need to do this.

In this article, I want to tell you more and show how to connect your TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi wireless technology. In this way, you can connect in the event that your TV has a Wi-Fi function, or you bought and connected an external Wi-Fi receiver (in the article, the link to which is above, I talked about this).

Nowadays, many TVs are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. It is very convenient, there is no need to lay any cables, etc.

  • The TV itself with built-in Wi-Fi (or with an external receiver)
  • Well, the Wi-Fi network itself, the installed router, for example, this /. Perhaps you do not have a router, but there are open networks, or networks for which you have a password. And one more thing, if you can’t connect to an open network, then do not rush to throw off all the problems on your device, perhaps there is simply MAC address filtering enabled.

We connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, I can only show you how to do this on an LG TV. The process itself, on other popular TVs such as Samsung, SONY, Philips, Toshiba, does not differ much.

Turn on your TV and open settings. There is a special button on the remote for this.

Go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.

Then we see a small instruction. Click the “Configure connection” button.

Select the desired wireless network from the list.

Note. If you need to set the parameters for connection yourself, click on the “Manual settings” button. This will be needed, for example, in order to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, specify a static IP, connect using WPS technology, etc.

Now we need to provide a password to connect to the wireless network.

If you entered the password correctly, and your network is working well, then you should see a message that the TV is connected to a wireless network. Just click the Finish button. If you have forgotten the password for your network, then read the article

If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then leave everything on “Automatic”. Also, it is possible that a network map will be built.

That’s it, you can use all the functions of Smart TV technology! If you turn on Smart TV mode, you will see an icon that indicates that the TV is connected to the Internet.


That’s it, everything is very simple and straightforward. If you have a different model, or even a different manufacturer, then I think that problems should not arise. And if there are any difficulties, then write in the comments, we will sort it out together.

I connected the TV via TP-Link TL-WR841N (5 more devices were connected with it). My Internet speed is up to 15 Mb / s, the real speed is 2 Mb / s. I did not notice any problems with Smart TV. Videos from YouTube and other services show perfectly and without delays.