How to turn on wi-fi on an LG TV

Computer or laptop

Modern computers and laptops are equipped with a wi-fi transmitter, that is, they can replace a router. The connection process is not much different from the previous option, although in some TV models it may be necessary to enter additional data, the IP address and DNS servers, but usually the technician requires such data with a wired connection.

turn, wi-fi

Naturally, in order to provide your LG TV with an uninterrupted connection, your computer must always be on. The same connection option is available using modern smartphones, with proper equipment configuration, the wi-fi speed will be sufficient for watching online channels and films.

Via network cable

This method is far from the most convenient, as it requires installation work in the room. If you already have a network cable for a WI-FI router from your provider in your apartment, then you will also have to carry out the second one: the information flow over one Ethernet channel can be sent to only one device.

Another disadvantage of this method is that modern LG TVs do not support all network standards of domestic providers (among incompatible ones, for example, PPPoE and L2T). the LV technology simply will not see the wire connected to the Ethernet port, coming directly from the Internet provider.

For these purposes, a router is required, and authorization to the PPPoE server is already performed on it. Do not be afraid, 99.99% that everything will work the first time.

If a cable connection is the only possible solution, then you should be ready to manually set the connection parameters (if DHCP is not running on the router). You will need to load data such as the IP address and DNS servers into the device memory yourself. You may also need to inform the telecom provider of the MAC address of the television device: some providers use this code to identify the device in the system.

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Please note that if there is only one LAN cable at home and it is inserted into the LG TV, then you will have to distribute WI-FI to other gadgets from Smart-TV. You can find out the compatibility of the device with local standards from the contract or by calling the provider (Dom.Ru, Rostelecom, MTS and others).

How to connect a TV with Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi? For example LG 32LN575U

Hello friends! Now, the topic of TVs with Smart TV function is very popular. It’s really cool and convenient, but many people have problems connecting these TVs to the Internet. I wrote in this article about the ways in which you can connect a TV to the World Wide Web, where I wrote that you need to do this.

In this article, I want to tell you more and show how to connect your TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi wireless technology. In this way, you can connect in the event that your TV has a Wi-Fi function, or you bought and connected an external Wi-Fi receiver (in the article, the link to which is above, I talked about this).

Nowadays, many TVs are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. It is very convenient, there is no need to lay any cables, etc.

We connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, I can only show you how to do this on an LG TV. The process itself, on other popular TVs such as Samsung, SONY, Philips, Toshiba, does not differ much.

Turn on your TV and open settings. There is a special button on the remote for this.

Go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.

Select the desired wireless network from the list.

Note. If you need to set the parameters for connection yourself, click on the “Manual settings” button. This will be needed, for example, in order to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, specify a static IP, connect using WPS technology, etc.

Now we need to provide a password to connect to the wireless network.

If you entered the password correctly, and your network is working well, then you should see a message that the TV is connected to a wireless network. Just click the Finish button. If you have forgotten the password for your network, then read the article

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If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then leave everything on “Automatic”. Also, it is possible that a network map will be built.

That’s it, you can use all the functions of Smart TV technology! If you turn on Smart TV mode, you will see an icon that indicates that the TV is connected to the Internet.

How to connect LG Smart TV to wi-fi, video

Having bought a new LG TV, many owners are faced with technical difficulties. First of all, in order to use all the functions of “smart” technology, you need to connect the TV to the Internet, and the most convenient and popular way to do this is a wireless wi-fi connection. This review is devoted to a detailed analysis of ways to connect your LG TV to the Internet via wi-fi.


Wirelessly connecting TV to the Internet via a WI-FI router will not only take less time, but also more convenient in terms of everyday use. In some cases, it is convenient to use WPS technology to quickly synchronize devices, in more detail in the section below.

The user does not need to pull special wires (called twisted pair) around the apartment or buy additional accessories. You only need a router connected to the network.


An exception to the rule is those LG TV models that do not have a built-in Wi-Fi module, but at the same time support Smart-TV technology: you will have to purchase an external network module (for example, LG AN-WF100). This accessory is inserted into a USB port, pcmcia card (for older models) or C1 connector, and its synchronization by the device is automatic. no one should have any difficulties. You should not try to save money and buy a cheap analogue, since TV LG is only compatible with adapters from this manufacturer.

Another option for the wireless method is the Ad-Hoc network, the creation of which does not require a WI-FI modem. In this case, the TV is connected directly to the computer (local DLNA server) and does not have Internet access, but the user is able to broadcast any media files stored in the memory of the laptop / monoblock / system unit on a large TV screen.

I connected the TV via TP-Link TL-WR841N (5 more devices were connected with it). My Internet speed is up to 15 Mb / s, the real speed is 2 Mb / s. I did not notice any problems with Smart TV. Videos from YouTube and other services show perfectly and without delays.

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How to connect a TV with Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi? On the example of LG 32LN575U updated: February 7, 2018 by the author: admin

How to connect Wi-Fi on LG TV?

  • Go to LG TV Settings.
  • Select “Advanced settings” → “Network” → “Connect to a Wi-Fi network”.
  • Select your home network in the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enter your password and connect to the Internet.

How to set up Smart TV on LG TV?

How to set up Smart TV on LG TV.

  • On the TV, select “Network”. “Connect to a Wi-Fi network”
  • Next, select your wireless network and press the “OK” button on the control panel.
  • After that, you will need to enter the password from the Wi-Fi network.
  • And press the “Connect” button.

How to find Mac address on LG TV?

Click on the connection and select “Status”. After that, according to the inscription “Information”. There is the item “Physical address”. You open it.

How to find out if the TV has built-in Wi-Fi?

The bottom line is to go to the TV settings, and in the “Network” section (usually it is called that), see if there are Wi-Fi (wireless network) settings there. If so, then most likely there is built-in support and you can connect your TV to your home wireless network.

How to find out if your TV has Smart TV?

It is best to find the official website of the TV manufacturer in the search results. In the characteristics we see information about the Smart TV function, the operating system is indicated there (in my case, it’s Android). This means that the TV has support for Smart TV.

How to Cast from Phone to LG TV?

Connecting your mobile device to your LG TV is easy:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Launch the “Screen Share” application.
  • Turn on Miracast or AllShare Cast on your phone.
  • Select your TV in the device list.