How to turn on the TV without a remote control and buttons

Smart TV control

You can turn on the TV using your phone. This requires special software and an internet connection. In this way, you can control any TV with Smart TV functionality.

In order to turn on your LG TV without a remote control, you need to use the POWER button on the TV itself. You can install the LG TV Remote app on your smartphone to control and change channels. You just need to take into account that the application works with LG TVs of 2012 and older.

We use push-button control

If you remember the first Horizon TVs, then they had a large button panel in front. All buttons were impressive in size, had additional prompts, so there were no problems with the control of old devices.

Domestic devices were replaced by foreign-made models, where all signatures are already made in a foreign language. over, the buttons were getting smaller. In modern models, there is only a screen in front, so many believe that the remote is the only tool for communicating with the TV. In fact, all TVs are equipped with a manual control panel. However, you need to look for it already on the back or side wall. It can be so compact that you can simply not notice it. If you face the display, then on the Toshiba, Philips TV you need to look for the panel on the left, and Pana Sony, Bravia on the right. For Samsung, LG, the control keys are installed on the back wall. The location may vary, it all depends on the specific model. Studying the operation manual.

We use a smartphone as a remote control for any TV model

If you have a different brand of TV, you can download the TV Remote app on your iPhone or other smartphone. With this program, you can control any TV from your phone. You can download this program from the AppStore or Google Play.
Download TV Remote app for Android smartphone / tablet.
Once the utility is installed, you can connect to TV using:

  • IR blaster.
  • Infrared port.
  • Wi-Fi.

The interface of the program is extremely simple. Only the necessary keys for performing basic manipulations are presented.

Main buttons on the TV panel

First you need to figure out what the labeling of the keys on the TV panel means:

  • POWER. a button for turning on, can be located separately from the main panel;
  • MENU. enter the menu, in some models it is used to turn on the TV.
  • OK. used to confirm ongoing operations.
  • or. switching channels, also used for working in the main menu.
  • – or. adjust the sound volume.

The latest models of TVs Samsung, Panasonic, Philips have manual control in the form of a joystick.


First you need to install the Samsung TV Remote utility. Then scanning and synchronization starts. The application has a fairly intuitive interface, it will not be difficult to understand the controls. The user has two working screens. One contains the keys for turning on a specific channel, adjusting the volume, turning the device on and off.

The second screen contains keys for controlling multimedia options.

All ways to turn on the TV without a remote control

Today, almost all household appliances, including televisions, are equipped with a control panel. With it, you can turn on and off the device, change channels, make the necessary settings. However, it can break, get lost, or the batteries simply run out, and there will be no spare at hand. In such a situation, many do not know what to do, how to turn on the TV without a remote control and control it.


On all TV models, including Supra, Vestel, Funai. Sharp, child protection provided. After activating it, the control panel is locked. The device does not respond to commands from the buttons. Even if the device, after connecting to the network, will show a channel, you will not be able to switch to another without a remote control. Therefore, if it breaks, it must be quickly repaired or a new one purchased. Be sure to study the instructions. On some models, you can unlock the lock by entering a specific password.

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How to turn on your LG TV without a remote

A TV remote control or, as it is often called, simply a “remote”. a device that allows you to switch programs, adjust sound and other settings without leaving the couch. is an extremely convenient thing. And although the first TVs with remote controls appeared in our country in the early 90s, today they have so blended into everyday life that many do not know how to do without a remote control. Nevertheless, manufacturers of modern TV models have provided this opportunity, so any LG TV is easy to turn on or manually set up.

If your remote control has run out of batteries, or you cannot find it, or the remote control is broken, you can still use your LG TV: enable and configure all functions to the fullest.

It is worth noting that if on old TVs all the buttons were placed on the front panel and were large enough and easy to use, then on modern LG TV models they are located on the back or on the bottom panel in order to maximize the functional surface of the screen.

The location of the buttons may vary from model to model and are detailed in the instruction manual for the TV. You will need the Operation and Function Management section, which schematically shows the location of all the function buttons, and also describes in detail which of them is responsible for what.

What do the buttons on the LG TV panel mean?

All TVs have standard pictogram icons for function buttons, which are very easy to understand.

The TV remembers the last channel you watched on it the last time, so the next time you turn it on, the demonstration will start on it. Some models provide the function of selecting a “default channel”, you can select and activate it in the TV settings.

Another way to control your LG TV without a remote control is to use your smartphone instead. TV models released after 2012 support this function. The TV must support the following parameters:

  • connectivity via Ethernet (local area network),
  • Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • option “Remote control”,
  • Smart TV or Internet TV option.

You need to install the LG TV Remote app on your smartphone. It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Controlling the TV via Smartphone

Downloading a special application will allow you to use your mobile phone as a remote control. There are several effective programs to fully control your TV. However, the TV Remote is the best option. This program is suitable for absolutely all TVs. You can download the software from the AppStore or Google Play.

Install the app. Synchronization of a mobile phone with a TV can be done in several ways:

  • infrared port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth.

Much depends on the TV model and phone. One of the main advantages of this program is considered to be an intuitively simple and clear interface. In the application you will find exclusively necessary commands.

Absolutely all TV models have such an option as child protection. The function presupposes locking of all buttons of the manual control panel. You cannot deactivate the child lock without the remote control. Some models may be an exception, but you will have to enter a special password for this. Therefore, be sure to first read the instructions.

Roku TVs: How Turn Off/On with Button on TV (No Remote Needed)

That’s all. Now you know that you can control your TV without a remote control. It is enough to use the manual control panel.

Controlling the TV with buttons only

If we talk about old models, that is, about CRT TVs, then they had a large button panel in front, with which it was possible to control equipment. All keys are marked accordingly so that the user can change the TV channel or change the volume. Users have almost never had any problems with the management of such equipment.

Turning on the TV without a remote control from a foreign manufacturer is a little more difficult, since all buttons are indicated in English. The keypad has long been moved to the back or side of the TV. This allows the most efficient use of screen space.

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Remember that absolutely all TVs are equipped with a panel for manual control. The only difference is that the developers have significantly reduced the size of the keys, and also moved them to the side or rear panel. It can be so tiny that the user simply won’t notice it.

If you are using equipment from Philips, Toshiba, then stand facing the screen and look for the panel on the left side. On TV from PanSonyk and Bravia, the manual control menu is on the right. Sony, Samsung, LG put all the necessary buttons on the back of the TV, in the same place as all the interfaces. The location of the main buttons on the TV panel may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. You must first study the operating manual of the device in detail.

What if you need to turn on the tuner without a remote control? In this case, the situation becomes much more complicated. You need to purchase a new remote control from an electronics supermarket. Since there are no buttons on the front panel of the tuner for switching channels, volume control.

Switching channels

When the TV is switched on, the broadcast of the TV program that was selected last before the end of the last session will start. In the presets, you can select a channel so that it turns on immediately after starting the TV. How to switch channels without a remote control on equipment from Panasonic, Daewoo? The manufacturer does not play a special role, since switching between TV channels is carried out according to an identical algorithm.

There are dedicated buttons on the manual control panel. Click on them to scroll forward or backward through TV channels. What if these buttons are missing? How do I change channels? In this case, you need to go to the corresponding section of the menu to switch to another channel, use the volume buttons and. accordingly.

Solved: Home button on Q6FN remote does not bring Samsung Community

I have model Q6FN (2018), which is 2 days old. Last night I was in settings for the first time, adjusting the picture, and today, when the TV was on, the Home button on the remote does nothing. The remote is flashing red, no menus, no app bar, nothing. Can’t change inputs with remote control, settings or anything important at all.

I researched this a bit and so far tried the following: I unplugged the TV when it was off, waited and then plugged it back in. Turn it on (with the remote) and still nothing. Repeated this process several times. I also re-synced the remote (simultaneously hold Play / Back for 3 seconds). It re-syncs successfully, but still nothing. All other buttons on the remote control work fine, even a “long” press at home that brings up the remote assistance reference number. Short press Home to access everything important. culprit.

Other solutions I’ve read include accessing the settings to reset the Smart Hub, etc. which is of course not possible because I can’t get to the settings at all.

A small note for taste: 7 months ago I received a full refund for a Samsung KS8500 that was repaired 4 times within one YEAR under warranty. After the battle with Samsung. I swore that I would never buy another Samsung product, and sat on the money until 2 days ago, after a lot of research, I decided to make a dash. give them a second chance. It has the features I want (games). Looks great, the price is not bad. My frustration level is well over 9000. You know what they say, “Fool me one day.”.

Standard designations

Let’s assume that the TV manual control panel is found, but how exactly do you use it? Regardless of which TV brand you use: LG, Samsung or Sony, the set of buttons and their meaning will be identical:

  • POWER. the key to turn on / off the TV. Mostly it is located separately from other buttons.
  • MENU. a button to enter the menu, in some models this key is used to turn on the TV.
  • The OK button is needed to confirm a particular command. For example, by clicking on it, you can select a specific section of the menu.
  • – these buttons are needed to switch TV channels. They also need to be used to switch between menu sections.
  • Buttons. and are designed to adjust the sound.
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Separately, it is worth talking about changing the signal source. This is mainly done through the menu, namely in the appropriate section. However, older models are equipped with a special button labeled “AV”, you just need to press it. This is very convenient if a tuner or media player is connected to the TV.

Modern TV models from Samsung, Panasonic, Philips are equipped with a manual control panel that visually resembles a game joystick.

Samsung, LG, Philips, etc.

What if the TV remote control stops working? How do I turn on the technique or change the channel? You can turn on the TV without a remote control using special buttons located on the manual control panel. You can not only switch channels, but also adjust the volume, change the signal source, and even customize the work of the technician.

Setting up your TV without a remote control

Some TV models have a manual control panel that visually looks very much like a game joystick. By and large, this is one large key with which you can fully control the TV. To confirm the action, you need to hold down the key in the center. To select the required command, click in a certain direction. The operating algorithm is very similar to that of old mobile phones.

Using the example of such a TV, we want to analyze the procedure for setting, for example, brightness:

  • First, you need to open the main menu, to do this, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it in this position for a few seconds.
  • The screen will display a list of functions that can be used to customize the technique.
  • Select the desired function by toggling between options by pushing the joystick up and down.
  • The command you need will be called “Contrast”, to select it press the center of the joystick.
  • Change the contrast level to the desired value. Use the left and right buttons to adjust.
  • To save the adjusted settings, press the center of the joystick.
  • To exit the settings menu, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it for a few seconds.

According to this principle, absolutely all functions, without exception, are configured. The manual control panel makes it extremely easy to sequence the TV channels. Finding the program you need will be much easier. This is done according to the following algorithm:

  • Go to the main menu by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • Select the “Channel setup” section, and then the “Manual setup” subsection.
  • To confirm the entrance to the section or subsection, click on the “OK” button.
  • Open the “Programs” item.
  • Assign a specific serial number to each TV channel.
  • To switch between numbers, use the buttons: up, down, left, right.
  • Do not forget to confirm the previously selected values ​​by pressing the “OK” button.
  • The color of the region is selected according to a similar principle.
  • Adjust sound settings.
  • Search for new TV channels.

The found TV channels must be stored in the TV’s memory. To find new channels, repeat the steps above.

RESOLVED: I can’t turn on my Samsung TV

Have you checked if the outlet to which the TV is connected is working?

Whether there was a hurricane or a power outage before the TV didn’t turn on?

Try resetting the power and check if that works:

Turn off the wall outlet (if it has an On / Off switch) that the TV is connected to and unplug the TV’s power cord from the outlet.

Press and hold the TV power button (located on the side of the TV) for 30 seconds to dissipate residual TV power.

How To Turn Any TV On Without A Remote

Connect the power cord to the TV and turn on the outlet (if it has an On / Off switch)

Turn on the TV by briefly pressing the power button on the TV

If the TV turns on, you can use the buttons on the side to select channels, increase and decrease the volume, and turn off the TV (press the power button again) until you get a replacement remote control or universal remote control