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How to turn on the microphone in the Zoom mobile app

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Zoom Platform is a multifunctional multi-platform online conference application. Android and iOS mobile phones are also compatible with this software. When working with any application (the Zoom client is no exception), any user may have difficulties. And if you are also a novice user, then even more so. As it became clear from the title of the article, we will talk here about how to turn on the microphone in Zoom on the phone.

Granting permission to use a microphone in iOS

To issue permission to use a microphone in Zoom on iPhone, you need to open the device settings, find this software and click on it.

Open the list “Allow access” to the Zoom program and in the line “Microphone” move the switch all the way to the right. This action is enough for Zoom to use the iPhone microphone.

Granting permission to use a microphone on Android

Note! The issue of microphone permissions for the Zoom mobile app for Android will be discussed using the example of Xiaomi Redmi 7. On other devices, the interface may differ, but the algorithm is similar.

In order for the mobile version to play sound, the application must be given the appropriate permissions. Undoubtedly, such an opportunity is also provided to the user when connecting to the conference. But, as they say, nobody canceled the law of “meanness” and at the most inopportune moment something can go wrong. Therefore, preventing the problem is easier than “treating” in a hurry.

To issue the appropriate permission, you need to launch the settings of the mobile device. In the settings you need to go to the chain “Applications” = “All applications”.

In the list of applications, you need to find Zoom and click on it. This will open the application options. You need to select the line “Application Resolution”.

The list will be loaded, in which you need to select “Microphone”, and then set the pointer to “Allow”. You need to exit the settings by the arrow located in the upper left corner.

Zoom app setup

This setting must be activated if the user needs to automatically turn on the microphone of the mobile device when entering a video conference and making a call from the user’s side.

To do this, you need to launch the mobile application. At the bottom of the screen, click on the settings icon. A window will open in which you need to select the line “Conference”.

In the conference settings window, you need to disable the “Always mute my microphone” setting.

After that, when entering a new conference or organizing your own, the user does not have to think about turning on his microphone. It will turn on automatically.

Activating sound on the video conference screen

Regardless of the setting described above, the user has the ability to control the availability of their microphone in the conference. To do this, you need to enter someone else’s, or organize your own video conference and at the bottom of the screen on the left, click on the “On. sound”.

Participation in a video conference implies that the user delicately uses the microphone of a computer or mobile device, that is, he turns it on only at the moment when it is necessary to make a presentation, and in other cases the microphone is turned off. A microphone always on creates additional interference. The result is background noise that prevents the presenter from speaking and the listeners from listening.

Hope this article helped you figure out how to turn on the microphone in Zoom on your phone.

How to turn on the microphone in iPhone settings

So, you decided to call from the site using our service, but for some reason the call cannot be made. Perhaps the problem is quite simple. your microphone is not connected to the computer or is not enabled in the browser from which you are trying to call.

Don’t despair, this problem can be easily solved! Follow the instructions below and you can easily make calls through your browser.

How to turn on the microphone in the Google Chrome browser?

If the microphone is turned off in Google Chrome, then to turn it on, do the following:

Click on the crossed-out camera icon.

Select “Always give access to my microphone” and click “Done”:

Click on the “Call” button and wait for the operator’s response.

How to turn on the microphone in the Mozilla Firefox browser?

In order to make calls over the Internet using the Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to follow these simple steps:

Click on the lock icon to the left of the address bar.

Select the “Allow” drop-down menu next to the Use microphone text:

Click anywhere on the page to close the menu.

Click on the “Call” button again on the call page. After pressing the button, the call will start. Now you can make calls again!

How to turn on the microphone in the Opera browser?

In order to turn on the microphone and make a call in this browser, you will need to do the following:

Click on the microphone icon to the left of the browser address bar.

Click on the “Clear settings and update” button:

Allow access to the microphone by clicking on the “Allow” button:

In the main browser menu, select the “Settings” menu item and go to the corresponding tab:

On this tab, in the “Microphone” section, click on the “Manage Exceptions” button:

In the window that appears, select and click on the cross:

Refresh the call page and allow microphone access.

Then you can freely make calls!

Turn on and configure the microphone on iPhone

If the microphone does not work in the iPhone 7, then experts recommend checking and debugging it. There are several options for solving the problem with dysfunction:

  • via voice memos. The user must open the program on the home screen and make sure that he does not cover the device with his fingers. After clicking on the recording shortcut (in the form of a red circle), you need to say several phrases. Having finished the microrecording of their own voice, they again press the red button. Recorded playback occurs through the corresponding icon. If this is not the problem, then the user will hear the spoken word without unnecessary interference and noise;
  • via Siri. First you need to try to ask Siri something, if the assistant does not appear, then press the “Home” button and wait for her answer. After activating the program, the user must ask a question. If the attempt is unsuccessful, then the problem is with the microphone and its performance;
  • via the app’s camera or FaceTime. The check is carried out through the indicated programs with obligatory voice accompaniment. On video or audio material, the voice of the recorder should sound clearly and loudly, and not in a barely audible background.

If none of the attempts to debug the microphone was successful, then you need to check its performance.

The interlocutor does not hear

If during a conversation the subscriber constantly asks again, then debugging is carried out according to a certain scheme:

  • Open the “Dictaphone” program and press the “Record” button.
  • Speak the phrase into the top of the smartphone and stop recording.
  • Listen to the material received. Voice should sound clear during playback.

If the audio material is of poor quality, then you need to look for the problem according to the above criteria.

How many microphones are in the iPhone 7

The seventh version of the smartphone is equipped with four microphones:

  • two sensors are located at the bottom of the gadget;
  • one between the iSight camera and the True Tone flash;
  • the last one in the loudspeaker itself.
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Note! Each of the devices has its own function, suppresses noise and allows you to calmly talk with the interlocutor.

How many microphones are in iPhone 6

How many microphones are in the iPhone 6:

  • in series 6 and 6 there are three pieces located on the upper and lower parts, plus one is present near the camera;
  • in versions 6s and 6s 4 units: two are present on the front sides, one is localized in the conversational dynamics, the last is near the camera.

Important! Any of the sound devices can malfunction; to solve the problem, you need to find out the exact location of the broken one.

Where is the iPhone’s microphone, how many pieces

Where is the iPhone microphone located and how many are there in different versions? In earlier models of smartphones (4 and 4s), there were two of them. The main one was built in from the bottom of the case and was responsible for capturing sounds during a conversation, and the auxiliary one was on top of the phone. The latter helped to suppress extraneous noise during the operation of the recorder.

Microphone access is important when speaking

For your information! Older models were equipped with only one device. This approach is associated with a weak camera, for which additional sound devices were not installed.

Checking the headphone jack

The accumulation of foreign particles (dirt or dust) can also interfere with the normal operation of the smartphone. Cleaning is carried out according to the above algorithm using a soft cloth or napkin.

How to allow microphone access on iPhone

To activate the functionality, the following steps go through:

  • From the main menu go to “Privacy”.
  • Move from point to subsection “Microphone”.
  • Make sure that the program is turned on and next to the shortcut the toggle switch is in the active state.

Important! If the “Discord” program has access to the microphone or the subsection is not in the general list, then contact the developer of the utility for questions of operability.

Microphone access is easy to set up by yourself

Clear history and cookies

This, of course, is not a novelty, but every user should know that they can delete history and cookies from their Safari browser in one swipe. And if you have something to hide. do not forget to do it more often here: Settings / Safari. Almost at the very bottom. Clear history and Delete cookies and data

Erase iPhone Data After 10 Unsuccessful Password Attempts

Protecting the data on your device is much more serious than meets the eye. To add another layer of protection against unauthorized intrusion, turn on the “erase” function in case of 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter the password. Even if your smartphone or tablet is stolen, the data stored on it will not fall into the wrong hands. Go to Settings / General / Password protection and find at the very bottom. Erase data.

How to enable / disable the microphone icon on the iPhone keyboard

Despite the fact that modern iPhones come with a fairly large screen, it is not uncommon for many users to accidentally press the microphone button while typing quickly on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. This problem is especially true for those with thick fingers, or using an iPhone with a small display.

Fortunately, the microphone icon (voice typing on iPhone) can be disabled if desired. If you rarely use Dictation, it makes sense to remove this icon altogether. Deactivating this functionality will not only remove the icon, but also increase the space bar for more convenient typing.

The method described below is quite simple and can be used even by beginners. If necessary, the microphone icon can be added to the keyboard again.

IOS security settings everyone should know about

iOS 7 brought us many innovations, among them. opportunities related to privacy and data security. And it should be noted that many of these capabilities enable Apple to collect and store information about you. This review will focus on the security settings of iOS 7 that you might not have gotten to yet. Despite the fact that many of them are not innovations, but were present in previous versions of the OS, information about where to find them and what to do with them can be useful for novice users.

Blocking cookies

Cookies allow websites to remember information for logging into your accounts. login, email, etc. If you do not like the idea that this important data will be stored on your iPhone. you can choose one of three options when to save the cookie here: Preferences / Safari / Block. cookie.

Find iPhone

Finding an iPhone is familiar to anyone who has been using iOS for a long time. But if you are a beginner then installing this app would be a great idea. With Find My iPhone, you can remotely wipe your device or turn on Lost Mode. And the third useful function. “Play Sound” will help if you lost your smartphone in a bag or apartment.

If your iPhone is stolen, then you can see its location. An app on a device cannot be disabled until a password is entered. To activate Find iPhone go to Settings / iCloud / Find iPhone.

How to enable / disable the microphone icon on the iPhone virtual keyboard

Open the Settings app. “Basic”. “Keyboard”.

In the keyboard settings menu, scroll down and move the slider next to the Dictation option to the off position. This action deactivates the functionality and the microphone icon will disappear from the virtual keyboard.

That’s all. Now you can close the Settings app and try out the “updated” keyboard in any application. You will notice that the space bar has become wider.

In case you want to re-enable the functionality, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Keyboard” on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and activate the “Dictation” option.

How Find My iPhone works?

The Find iPhone service allows the user to:

    Find out the geographical location of the lost gadget. You can only find out where the device is if it is connected to the Internet. Remotely delete all contents of the smartphone. Activate Lost Mode on the device. It is impossible to use such a gadget. it will be possible to sell it only for spare parts and then for a pittance. Remotely trigger a loud beep on your smartphone to make searching easier.

The function can be used only if it is activated on the mobile device itself and if the owner of the gadget remembers the password for his iCloud account.

After losing the Apple smartphone, the user can go to under the account data that is activated on the device, select the “Find iPhone” section and see a city map on which the gadget’s location is marked with a green dot.

The owner of the lost “mobile phone” only needs to turn on the “Lost Mode” and go out in search. It’s better to take a friend with you who also has an Apple device. but only with the Find iPhone application installed. Through the application, you can reproduce a signal on a lost device.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Apple’s anti-theft technology, see our article on how to find your lost iPhone.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

Apple recommends that all Apple users activate the Find iPhone feature. If this feature is enabled, it takes five minutes to find a stolen device. The article will tell you in detail how to activate “Find iPhone”.

Apple mobile devices with iOS version above 5.0 are equipped with the superior Find My iPhone security mechanism. The function allows you to remotely block a lost / stolen gadget and find out its location. Thanks to Find iPhone, the number of reported thefts of Apple devices worldwide has dropped significantly. in London, for example, by as much as 50%.

Russian users, alas, have not yet “tried” Apple’s “anti-theft” function. many of them do not believe in its effectiveness; some even assume that in this way America is following the Russians. In fact, Apple’s search engine is powerful. It makes sense to give up paranoid prejudices in order not to shed tears after stealing an expensive device.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

You can set up Find iPhone on your mobile device as follows:

Go to the “iCloud” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID and password. if you haven’t done so earlier.

Agree to merge data stored in iCloud and iPhone. or opt out if you want to separate “flies from cutlets”. Also allow iCloud to use iPhone geolocation.

These two prompts will appear on the screen in sequence, one after the other.

Scroll down the screen and look for the “Find iPhone” slider.

A notification appears on the screen that Find My iPhone will be activated. Click “OK”.

It remains to check if the Find iPhone feature is enabled in Location Services. Go to “Settings” again and follow the path “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.

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In the section “Geolocation Services” there is a subsection “Find iPhone”. visit it.

Make sure the toggle switch of the same name is activated.

This check is very important. If Find My iPhone doesn’t use geolocation, you won’t be able to see your lost gadget on the map.

We have an article on our website on how to disable Find My iPhone.

What is Activation Lock?

A useful add-on for the Find iPhone service called Activation Lock (or Activation Lock) first appeared on iOS 7. The add-on allows you to “tightly” lock a mobile device associated with an Apple ID account. that is, in fact, turn your smartphone into a “brick” “. Neither flashing nor recovery in DFU mode will help to reanimate the gadget.

“Activation Lock” is, in fact, the “Lost Mode”, which was mentioned earlier and which can be enabled on the iCloud website.

With the current “Activation Lock”, you will have to enter your Apple ID every time you need to do the following:

That is, an attacker who stole a gadget will find that he has a device with which he cannot do anything. It would be most reasonable for a thief to contact the owner and, pretending to have found a gadget, offer to return the device for a symbolic reward.

The user needs to be careful and activate the Lost Mode only after the Apple ID password is written down in all kinds of notebooks and computer programs. If he loses the password or forgets it, then he himself will not be able to return the device to work. In such circumstances, service centers, Apple support, and even computer hackers will be powerless.

A person who has activated the Find iPhone feature on their mobile phone will have to take the privacy of their Apple ID credentials very seriously. If the data ends up in the hands of intruders, they will be able to block the gadget and, by changing the iCloud password, blackmail the owner of the mobile device. This fraudulent method is not “fantasy”; lately more and more users suffer from such illegal actions.

In Realtek HD Manager

As soon as you connect a microphone, the audio codec automatically detects it. “asks” which headset you connected. Check the Microphone pop-up box. After that, the device immediately becomes available for configuring and recording audio.

How to set up headphone microphone on Windows 10? The most convenient way is through the Realtek dispatcher. Call it by clicking on the speaker icon in the system line. If you do not find it, follow the path: Start. Control Panel. Sound and Hardware. Realtek HD.

The next task is to find the connected headset in the window that appears:

  • Mic;
  • Mic in at;
  • Microphone;
  • check mark on green circle.

When you cannot find the device, right-click on any empty spot in the manager window and mark in the context menu “Show disconnected”, “Show disconnected” If you find it there, try to disconnect and reconnect.

Now that the dispatcher “sees” the headset, you can start the actual procedure. Here’s how to set up a microphone on Windows 10 headphones:

  • Go down to the “Levels” section.
  • If the unit is quiet, adjust the gain between 0-30 decibels. Most devices can be amplified by 20 dB. Keep in mind that by choosing a value of 30 decibels, you will not only increase the sound, but also amplify the noise.
  • If you need to eliminate noise, switch to the “Enhance” tab: check “Noise reduction” and uncheck “Disable audio effects”. If a low-quality microphone is installed, then with noise suppression, the voice will be recorded with “metallic” notes.
  • If during recording there is an echo, in the same “Improvements” check the suppression of this flaw.
  • In the “Communication” tab, you can set up an automatic decrease in the volume of system notifications and music when talking on Skype.
  • The next useful section of the manager is “Additional settings”:
  • Classic mode. combining external and built-in microphones into one: if an external one is connected, it will be used by default, if disabled, sound will be recorded on the built-in.
  • Multi-stream mode. external and internal microphones are displayed separately. If you want, you can use them at once.

How to set up a microphone on headphones?

If the standard microphone settings on the headphones do not suit you or if you have difficulties with the very process of setting up the microphone, then this collection of checklists and tips is especially for you! In this article, we will learn how to set up a microphone on headphones:

Setting up on Android

How to set up a microphone with headphones? On smartphones and tablets running Android, the headset is automatically configured. If there are problems with it, then you can proceed to self-configuration:

  • Open the engineering department: for MTK processors. ### or ### for Exynos. ###
  • Find Hardware.
  • Go Earphones and Mic.
  • Self-adjust the sound volume, sensitivity of both the headset and the built-in microphone of the device.

Setting up a microphone with headphones on a computer or laptop

On a PC or laptop, you can set up your headphone microphone in three ways.

With Windows Sound Mixer

Let’s see how to set up a microphone from headphones on a computer in another way. Follow the instructions:

  • Double click on the speaker icon in the system bar.
  • If you do not find such a symbol, follow the path: Start. Settings. Control Panel. Audio Devices. Check “Show icon”.
  • In the mixer tab that opens, click on “Options”.
  • Check the box “Add. options”.
  • Go to: Options. Properties.
  • Check “Record”.
  • Make sure there is a jackdaw in front of the microphone.
  • Confirm OK.

Then go back to the advanced options where you can adjust the audio input levels as desired. If the sound is quiet, weak, amplifying it by 20 decibels will help. Depending on the version of Windows, this can be done by ticking the checkboxes “Microphone boost”, “Microphone boost” or “20 dB”.

Setting up on iPhone

The official wired headset and wireless EarPods do not need any additional settings. If the sound recording does not work, try to disconnect-connect the headset, restart the smartphone.

How to set up the microphone through headphones: to increase / decrease the recording volume, press the volume up / down buttons on the wired headset or tap on the wireless touch headphones.

By Skype”

How to set up the microphone of wireless headphones in Skype? The application has a special Sound Test Service that allows you to test the quality of sound transmission / audio recording through a microphone. It is enough to make a free call to this service, follow the operator’s instructions.

What are the causes of the problem?

The problem can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Ingress of moisture inside. In this case, disassemble the case and dry the parts. If using a hairdryer, at minimum power.
  • Software failure. In this case, you will need to change the firmware at the service center.
  • Damage to the integrity of the microcircuit. Part replacement required.

Troubleshoot microphone problems on iPhone

If after checking the hardware, the problem is not resolved, follow the algorithm:

  • Disconnect headphones, headset and other external equipment.
  • When holding your smartphone, make sure that nothing covers the microphone and speakers.
  • Remove the cover that blocks access to the part.
  • Clean the equipment from dust and dirt. Do this carefully so as not to damage the microcircuit.
  • Reboot your phone. Services begin to malfunction during prolonged operation.
  • Check the installation of operating system updates. Some hardware won’t work without new drivers.
  • Reset the system to factory settings.

If for some reason you cannot turn on the microphone on the iPhone, contact the service center. The wizard will diagnose and repair.

How to test the microphone on an iPhone?

Users face the problem of how to turn on the microphone on iPhone. To solve the problem, consider how to test the microphone on iPhone, possible causes of problems.

When making calls, it happens that the interlocutor is hard to hear. The following problems arise:

  • the interlocutor does not hear your speech;
  • poor audibility;
  • the voice service does not recognize search queries;
  • When recording, the sound is distorted or reproduced with errors;
  • sound source does not change during a call.

In this case, you should figure out how to check the microphone on the iPhone. To find out the cause of the problem, testing is carried out using special software.

If you are unsure of where the microphone is physically located, consult the manufacturer’s manual. When testing, make sure no headphones or headset are connected to the device.

  • To check if the speaker is working, run the Record program. Click on the start button. Pronounce any phrase clearly. Listen to the result. You must hear your voice clearly.
  • Launch the Camera application to test the front and rear modules. Record a video. Listen to the sound quality. You must clearly hear what you are saying. Otherwise, read why iPhone screen recording is silent.

If you cannot hear a voice during a call, make sure that nothing is blocking the microphone passage. If the voice assistant does not respond, check if the speaker is dirty.

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IPhone microphone not working in Skype

If your iPhone microphone won’t launch in Skype, follow these instructions:

How To Enable Microphone On ANY iPhone!

This method is suitable for solving problems with other messengers. If the program method fails, the physical module is broken. It is recommended to take the device to a service for diagnostics.

Now you know how to turn on the microphone on iPhone. To install a new part, special equipment is required, which the masters have. Everything should function normally after being repaired.

Before proceeding, be sure to check the microphone connection (so that it is connected to the correct connector, the connection is tight), even if you are completely sure that everything is in order with it. Important note: if you have headphones with a microphone with one connector, they require a combined input / output for the microphone and headphones, and this is not available on every PC and laptop.

Microphone check in device manager

Perhaps the problem is in the sound card drivers and the microphone does not work for this reason (and it also depends on your sound card).

  • Go to the device manager (to do this, you can right-click on “Start” and select the desired item in the context menu). In Device Manager, open the “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs” section.
  • If the microphone is not displayed there. we either have problems with the drivers, or the microphone is not connected, or is faulty, try to continue from the 4th step.
  • If the microphone is displayed, but you see an exclamation mark near it (it works with an error), try right-clicking on the microphone, select “Delete”, confirm the deletion. Then select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration” from the Device Manager menu. Perhaps after that it will work.
  • In a situation where the microphone is not displayed, you can try reinstalling the sound card drivers, for a start. in a simple way (automatically): open the “Sound, game and video devices” section in the device manager, right-click on your sound card, select “Uninstall “, Confirm the deletion. After uninstalling in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”. The drivers will have to be reinstalled and, possibly, after that the microphone will appear in the list again.

If you had to resort to step 4, but this did not solve the problem, try installing the sound card drivers manually from the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard (if it is a PC) or laptop specifically for your model (i.e. not from the driver pack and not just “Realtek” and the like from third-party sources). Learn more in Windows 10 sound missing.

Microphone stopped working after Windows 10 update or reinstall

After the recent big update of Windows 10, many have faced the issue in question. Likewise, the microphone may stop working after a clean install of the latest version of the system.

The reason for this (often, but not always, the methods described below may also be required) are the new OS privacy settings that allow you to configure access to the microphone of various programs.

Therefore, if you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed, before attempting the methods from the following sections of the guide, try these simple steps:

  • Open Settings (WinI keys or through the Start menu). Privacy.
  • On the left, select “Microphone”.
  • Make sure microphone access is enabled. Otherwise, click “Change” and enable access, also enable application access to the microphone just below.
  • Even lower on the same settings page in the “Select applications that can access the microphone” section, make sure that access is enabled for those applications where you plan to use it (if the program is not in the list, everything is fine).
  • Enable access for the Win32WebViewHost (or Desktop Web Viewer) app here.

You can then check if the problem has been resolved. If not, we try to use the following ways to fix the situation.

Checking recording devices

Make sure your microphone is set as the default recording and communication device. For this:

  • In the latest version of Windows 10, right-click on the speaker icon, select Open Sound Options, and on the next screen, select Sound Control Panel under Related Options, then click the Recording tab. In earlier Windows 10 versions, right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area, select Sounds, and in the window that opens, open the Recording tab.
  • If your microphone appears but is not listed as the default communication and recording device, right-click on it and select “Use as default” and “Use default communication device”.
  • If the microphone is listed and already set as the default device, select it and click the Properties button. Check the settings on the “Levels” tab, try disabling the “Exclusive mode” checkboxes on the “Advanced” tab.
  • If the microphone is not displayed, in the same way, right-click anywhere in the list and turn on the display of hidden and disconnected devices. is there a microphone among them?
  • If there is a device and is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.

If, as a result of these actions, nothing was achieved and the microphone still does not work (or is not displayed in the list of recording devices), go to the next method.

Microphone does not work in Skype or other software

Some programs, such as Skype, other programs for communication, screen recording, and other tasks, have their own microphone settings. Those. even if you set the correct recorder in Windows 10, the settings in the program may differ. over, even if you have already set up the correct microphone and then unplugged and plugged it back in, these settings in programs can sometimes be reset.

Therefore, if the microphone stopped working only in a particular program, carefully study its settings, perhaps all that needs to be done is to specify the correct microphone there. For example, in Skype, this option is in Tools. Options. Sound Settings.

Also keep in mind that in some cases, the problem may be caused by a faulty connector, not connected connectors on the front panel of the PC (if we connect a microphone to it), a microphone cable (you can check its operation on another computer) or some other hardware malfunction.

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Please tell me. I got Lenovo Ideapad 3 15ARE05 (Ryzen 3 4300U, 4GB RAM, 256 NVMe SSD). But after three months I noticed that the built-in microphone stopped working (voice search, Google documents, etc.), but the microphone from the external headset is working fine. I reinstalled Windu several times, before reinstalling I rummaged through a bunch of privacy settings in it. applications and systems but still can’t solve the problem. The microphone scale does not move with sounds and speech, but it sometimes wakes up from the system sounds of the laptop itself. Thank you.

And drivers from the Lenovo website for your laptop model take the sound or from somewhere else?

I hate Win10, but now I love this article. Thank you so much friends.

Aliluya all rummaged stupidly the slider was off))

Good time to all! I have a Lenovo G50. The microphone worked until my bad head gave rest to my hands. Namely: I decided to try to turn on Cartana. To enable it, as the world mind recommends, it was necessary to change the region and language to English. I did these manipulations and that’s it, the microphone stopped working. I returned the region and language to rush, but the microphone is silent in browsers and some other programs. All programs in which the microphone does not work are located at the very bottom of this picture.
How to enable microphone access for desktop applications?

And if you just reinstall the sound one: for the system it will be like a microphone disappeared. appeared. we re-configured it. And maybe everything will return to its original state.

When connected, the microphone works for about 15 seconds, after which it dies down to complete silence. At the same time, all drivers are all running, and there are no errors anywhere.

But I can’t explain this behavior somehow strange. The only thought: where there are recording and playback devices, look in the properties of the microphone if there are any additional special parameters, effects and other things, and if something is turned off.

I removed the microphone, updated the hardware configuration, the drivers were not updated, the device did not appear in the list, what to do?

Nothing helps (USB microphone, worked fine yesterday

Is it visible in the device manager? If not, try to connect to a different USB connector.