How to turn on Smart TV on LG TV

Possible problems and solutions

Operational problems arise in the operation of each device. Since IPTV is considered a new technology, there are failures in the process. Most often they are associated with the number of working TV channels and the setting of parameters. Let’s deal with each individual case below.


Installation via changing DNS

To install forkplayer on LG Smart TV on LG device, enable the Smart TV folder and follow next:

Why are there so many non-working IPTV

Anyone can make a new broadcast. Buy special equipment for filming and rent an office. In addition, you need to issue a permission to record. In order not to waste money, channel owners record broadcasts illegally. Most ISPs take down illegal IPTVs. Calculating them is easy enough. The more users subscribe to a channel, the easier it is to find it. Thus, Internet companies remove such resources every day. We recommend using the “Overall rating” tab. The table contains working channels.

Forkplayer for LG Smart TV: how to install, configure, fresh DNS 2021

Forkplayer application for LG Smart TV. utilities for watching free TV channels on the device of the same name. Standard Smart TV technology has no advantage. On the contrary, the utilities are free to operate on the internet on TV. With the help of the application, it is possible to watch TV shows, clips and listen to new tracks online on any device. The main thing is that the program is downloaded on the TV and connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Installing from a USB stick

It is possible to get ForkPlayer from external media. It is important to take into account that the media content will not be in full. To get all the options, you need to download the Remote ForkPlayer to your device. The function is launched in the settings of the Smart TV itself.

Installing ForkPlayer on LG webOS via developer IDE

Another method to download forkplayer for LG Smart TV is to use an adapted development environment. The method does not require the introduction of a new DNS value. And also you don’t need a USB flash drive. Basic steps to download:

  • download the current version of Java for the OS;
  • enter the latest webOS TV SDK;
  • if you get a Git error, download the latest version of the application;
  • authorize your account on the webOS TV website;
  • connect your PC and TV to your home Wi-Fi;
  • then start the TV parameters.

Next, start the “Settings” TV. To do this, turn on Smart TV and proceed to execution:

  • select Developers Mode from LG Content Store;
  • open the platform and register in the system;
  • then enable the Dev Mode and Key Server options.

Setting up forkplayer on LG Smart TV

To set up ForkPlayer on LG TV with webOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, follow these steps:

  • turn on the TV settings and click on the line “Network connection”.
  • define a method for connecting the device to Wi-Fi.
  • click on a specific Wi-Fi point or mobile network.
  • click on the “Advanced settings” folder.
  • activate the self-entry DNS section and enter the combination

What is Mirakast for TV

Wi-Fi Certified Miracast is a popular technology created by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012.

It allows you to organize communication between the TV and another device via a wireless channel. Mobile gadgets contain a lot of photos, work files, videos and game content. It is more convenient to view them on a large TV screen. With Miracast, you can view your smartphone, tablet, laptop on the TV screen.

  • on Android platform, starting from version 4.2;
  • with the operating system Windows 8 or higher, as well as Windows 7 when installing the WiDi driver;
  • Linux.

Mirakast is based on advanced Wi-Fi Direct technology. We can say that it replaces the HDMI or MHL cable. You can transfer data in both directions.

There is no compatible protocol for Apple devices. The analogue is AirPlay.

How to connect and configure

The adapter should be plugged into a free HDMI port. Connect the charging cable on the opposite side. It can be plugged into a USB port on your TV or through a power adapter to a power outlet. As a rule, a short wire is included in the kit, it is difficult to reach the outlet. You can use a cable from a mobile phone.

  • Turn on the TV and go to the menu.
  • Select the settings for the HDMI port to which the device is connected. You can find it by enumerating all ports until the name of the device is displayed.
  • The SSID item contains the name of the network that this module creates, and the password for connecting to it. The mobile device should connect to this network.
  • Open the browser and type the IP address of the adapter, it is also listed in the menu on the TV screen and starts with the numbers 192.168.
  • Find the home network icon in the menu, enter the password and connect.

The choice of adapter modes is carried out by a button on its body.

Other TV models

The first step is to clarify the year of manufacture of the TV. This can be found on the information sticker, or in the passport of the device. If it was released earlier than 2012, then there is no built-in Mirakast in it. Later models must have the technology built in. Connection information can be found in the user manual. If it is lost, you can find it on the manufacturer’s official website.

The connection procedure is simple and similar for devices of different brands, you can do without instructions. You need to find the function connection icon in the menu and activate it. It can be in sections:

  • screen;
  • connections;
  • signal source;
  • network.

Then connect your mobile device and PC (as described in the paragraph with LG TVs).

How to check if your TV supports Miracast

Almost all modern TV models are equipped with Mirakast technology. But if the user has not encountered it before, he may not know whether it is built into his TV or not. To check, go to the device settings and check for the presence of the Miracast item in the menu.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

The Miracast function in the TV provides the user with many benefits:

  • Connecting without using a separate Wi-Fi network.
  • Watching video content in high quality.
  • High speed IEEE 802.11n transmission.
  • The ability to organize an internal network without using a router.
  • Works without installing an additional application.
  • The ability to transfer video in 3D. Full HD.
  • Built into most modern devices.
  • Easy to configure, intuitive interface.

The technology has minor drawbacks:

  • cannot transmit Ultra HD, since the maximum resolution that the standard supports is 1952 x 1200;
  • problems may arise when establishing communication between devices;
  • requires H.264 codec to work.

What is Miracast TV Adapter

If the TV does not have a wireless connection function, you will need a small external device. Mirakast adapter to implement it. It will allow you to connect your mobile device to the old TV model.

Appearance and functionality

The gadget has a compact size and looks very similar to an ordinary USB flash drive. It connects to the device via HDMI port of 1.4-1.6 standard. A Micro USB port is provided for power supply. Antenna is additionally connected.

Adapters generally support three connection standards:

  • Works with all devices running Android 4 and higher.
  • Allows you to connect your TV to Apple devices.
  • Serves for displaying video, photos and music from a computer or laptop over a local network. It does not allow you to completely duplicate the screen, but displays only the selected file.

How to enable and configure DLNA on LG Smart TV

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology allows devices (supporting this option) to be combined into local networks for quick exchange of various types of information. Simply put, using DLNA, you can watch movies and TV shows on one device, listen to music, view photos that are physically located on another device. For example, you can watch a movie downloaded from the Internet to a laptop or tablet on a large TV screen, or send a photo to a printer directly from a digital camera without downloading the photo to your computer.

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DLNA uses UPnP protocols. Information is transmitted using a local IP network. Can be used both via cable (Ethernet connection) and wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

How to find out what the TV supports DLNA?

DLNA function is supported by all modern LG TVs with Smart TV option. Look for DLNA Certified disclaimer on the product packaging and in the User Manual.

All devices supporting DLNA are usually divided into three groups:

  • HomeNetworkDevices. This includes TVs, printers, stereos, media players, etc.
  • MobileHandheldDevices. Mobile gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras.
  • HomeInteroperabilityDevices. Gadgets that can convert content formats and also support additional communication standards.

Setting up DLNA on your LG Smart TV is very easy with your own hands. It doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions. In addition, you can connect and configure DLNA on your LG Smart TV in several ways.

Smart Share was developed by LG specifically to allow owners of the brand’s TVs to play content from a computer, laptop or tablet on a TV screen. Here’s how to set up DLNA using Smart Share.

  • Make sure both of your devices (LG Smart TV and laptop / computer / tablet) are connected to the same router (via a network cable or using a wireless connection). You can also connect your computer and TV directly using an HDMI cable.
  • Download the Smart Share program to the computer you are about to sync. It is recommended to download on the official website of LG. ( Install it following the instructions. Smart Share will start automatically every time you turn on your PC.
  • Customize the program. To do this, after the installation process is complete, on the notification panel, right-click on the Smart Share icon that appears and select the “Configuring Smart Share Program” section. Select “On” mode and activate it. This mode gives the TV access to information (not all, but only movies, music and photos) stored on the computer.
  • Go to the “My Shared Files” section (Menu on the left side of the Smart Share pop-up panel). At this point, you can manually select which folders to open access to. Shared folders are added by default. To add additional folders to this list, click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the pop-up panel. Complete the configuration by clicking the “Apply” button.
  • If you want to change the name of your device (for example, to make it easier to find in the future), go to the “My device settings” section. If this is not done, the device will be named automatically.
  • In the Allow / Block Other Devices section, you will see your LG TV if it is DLNA connected. In the same section, you can block other devices (for example, if you have more than one TV in your apartment or house, and you do not want to open access to information on your computer for everyone).

LG TV startup. avoid static and selet auto input when turning on

How to play a movie from a computer on a TV Lg?

After finishing the DLNA setup process and connecting, you can watch movies from your laptop on your TV. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Smart TV button on the remote control.
  • Find and tap Smart Share.
  • Open the “Connected devices” folder and select the virtual server created on the PC.
  • In the “All folders” folder, you will see your content, which you have shared on your computer.
  • Start the movie, TV series, video clip you need in the usual way.

Problems that may arise when connecting the TV to DLNA via Smart Share:

If your TV does not “see” the folder from the computer when Smart Share is on, but all conditions are met correctly, the problem may be in the antivirus or firewall. Try disabling them, restarting your TV and computer and try again.

You can also set up DLNA on your LG Smart TV using Windows Media Player

  • Find Windows Media Player on your computer, click on the Stream section.
  • In the menu that opens, activate the sections “Allow remote control of the player” and “Automatically allow devices to play my media”.
  • Find the Organize button at the top of the Windows Media Panel. Select the “Manage Libraries” section. Select the types of content you want to share from the menu. “Music Library” for audio files, “Video”. for video files, “Gallery”. for images of different formats. Then click on the “Add” button on the right side of the panel and manually add the folders with the required files. This is necessary because by default Windows Media only allows the TV to access shared folders.
  • The algorithm for working with the TV is the same as for the method with Smart Share: find the Smart Share section in the menu on the LG TV, open the “Connected devices” folder and select the desired media file in the folders.

How to turn on Smart TV on LG TV

Almost all modern TVs are equipped with a Smart TV function. With this function, you can watch videos, websites directly from your TV. Those. the TV has become a kind of computer on which you can install applications, access sites using a browser, etc. In this article, I will go into detail about setting up Smart TV on LG TVs with the new webOS operating system.

Since when connecting a TV via a network cable coming from a router, it does not require special settings, I will dwell in more detail on connecting an LG TV to a Wi-Fi network.

Press the “Settings” button on the remote control.

Select “Network” on your TV. “Connecting to a Wi-Fi network”

Next, select your wireless network and press the “Ok” button on the control panel.

After that, you will need to enter the password from the Wi-Fi network.

If you have forgotten the password for your Wi-Fi network, you can use the WPS technology, for this, in the menu where all wireless networks are shown, select. “Connecting with WPS-PBC”.

After that, within a minute, you need to press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router.

It doesn’t matter which method you used. by entering a password or WPS, as a result you will connect to a wireless network, this can be understood from the checkmark opposite the name of the Wi-Fi network.

After that, you can start using the Smart TV function, for this press the “Smart” button on the remote control.

At the bottom of the TV, you’ll see a list of the default apps installed. You can select any and run it using the “Ok” button on the control panel.

LG Smart Tv WIFI turned off solved/How to turn on WIFI on LG TV / LG TV WIFI Issue EMODE

If you don’t have enough installed applications, you can add more, to do this, press the “My Apps” button on the control panel.

Select the “LG Store” app on the TV screen.

After that, you will open all the applications that are available for your TV, select any and install it. Now the installed application will appear in the list of installed applications.

If for some reason you were unable to set up Smart TV on your LG TV, I recommend reading the article. Solving the most popular problems associated with setting up Smart TV.

IPTV setup

You only need to set up Smart TV to watch TV channels in order to specify stalker portals or m3u playlists, which will be the signal sources.

To watch Smart TV for free, find the “Applications” item in the menu, where portals and playlists are recorded. The prefix in question allows you to add no more than 4 lists.

To further set up IP TV on your LG TV, open the appropriate section. Previously installed playlists are located here. The developers have sorted by folders, and the current broadcasting grid for a specific channel is on the left.

If you press the “VOD” button, the TV will open a list with programs or clips, not channels. This is convenient in cases where there is no desire to flip through the channels in search of an interesting program.

You don’t have to buy a set-top box if you install applications for the TV. Next, we will tell you about how to watch IPTV for free on LG Smart TV.

You can look at the detailed setup instructions at

Installing Vintera TV App

Vintera TV is a free IPTV player for LG Smart TVs. You can download and install the application on the TV thanks to the Webos IPTV OS.

turn, smart

It is convenient in that it contains a list of more than 100 channels and plays video in HD and 3D format. The program is also available on smartphones, so you can watch Smart TV for free on any device.

To install IPTV Player on LG Smart TV for free, just transfer the downloaded file to removable media, connect it to the TV and start the installation process.

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Each channel is located in a thematic folder, this allows you to watch only interesting TV shows.

How to watch IPTV on LG Smart TV for free

IPTV on LG TV, thanks to webOS, is available when the Internet is connected. At the same time, for the benefit.

IPTV on LG TV, thanks to webOS, is available when the Internet is connected. At the same time, the user has a choice: install the STB or download the application.

Smart LG TV is controlled by the Webos operating system, you can watch channels if you set up special programs correctly. How to watch IPTV on LG Smart TV for free, further.

Connecting a set-top box

The first way to watch IP TV on LG Smart TV is to install a set-top box. This method also requires a router and connected internet. The algorithm of actions is as follows, in the example the Tiger i250 device is used.

  • Do not plug the power supply into the mains until you have completed the next steps.
  • Connect the set-top box to the TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Pick up the remote control, press the “Input” button, a list of available connectors will open. Select the HDMI to which the set-top box is connected.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the set-top box. To do this, select any free LAN-connector on the router and a similar one on the receiver.

You don’t need to do anything else, LG IPTV just needs to be configured.

Configuring SS IPTV Application

Free Smart TV channels are available through the SS IPTV program. Installation is similar to the previous one, but configuration is required.

  • To watch Live TV, go to “Settings”.
  • In the “General” section, find the line “Connection code”, click “Get code”. Write down the number.
  • Open the site to connect LG Smart IP TV with the program server.
  • Find the “Users” tab, click on the “Playlist Editor” button.
  • To connect LG Smart TV, enter the recorded code in the blank line, press the corresponding button.

Now you can return to the program and watch channels for free online.

Now it became clear how to connect IPTV to LG Smart TV. To watch channels, you just need to use the Internet.

Setting up the connection and connecting the TV to the Internet

With a wireless connection, you will need an access point, which is a wi-fi router, a router that transmits a signal to a TV receiver and provides it with an Internet connection. The router can be replaced with a laptop or laptop, this technique is equipped with a built-in adapter, which allows it to act as an access point.

So, the presence of an Internet connection is the main condition for Smart TV to work. at the same time, the Internet is needed either a wired or a router connected via WI-FI, therefore, USB modems from mobile operators will not work for you.

The TV is connected to the Internet connection using one of two methods: via cable or via WI-FI. Which of the ways to choose. decide for yourself, we will note that in both cases TV works perfectly.

How to set up Smart TV on LG TV

Account registration

However, for the full operation of Smart TV, only a connected and configured Internet connection is not enough. you will also need to register a personal user account on the LG website. Registering an account will help you get at your disposal all the available Smart TV functionality.

Registration is a fairly simple process that takes a minimum of time. So, to register, you will need:

  • First, enter the TV menu;
  • Find in it the account login key located at the top of the screen;
  • Click on the registration button;
  • After reading the user agreement, click “Agree”;
  • Enter your exact email address and then press the Authentication key. After a few moments, an email containing a registration confirmation link will be sent to the address you specified;
  • Enter your chosen password twice;
  • Click “Register” and check your email. a confirmation email should come to your inbox. Open this letter and follow the link indicated in it. Remember. this letter may not be reflected in the folder with incoming messages, in this case go to the “Spam” folder, it is quite possible that it automatically appeared there.

If all of the above points are successfully completed, you will find a letter on your page, upon receipt of which you should check your email again. The received letter will contain a link called “Complete registration”. follow it. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the LG website, where a message will already await you confirming the successful completion of the registration process.

Cable connection

When choosing this method, you will need to connect the Internet cable to the LAN connector on the back of the TV receiver. If you have only one computer connected to the Internet, it is recommended to purchase a special splitter to which an Internet cable is connected. thus, the Internet can simultaneously work on both the computer and TV. It is not difficult to connect the splitter. one of its outputs (LAN 1) is connected to a computer using a network cable, and the other (LAN 2) is connected to the TV receiver.

Now you need to set up your TV. Take the remote and follow the steps below:

  • Press the Home key and enter the menu;
  • Go to the “Settings” section, then to “Network”, then to “Network connection”;
  • Then select the “Configure connection” button and go to the “List of networks”.
  • Then you need to go to the “Wired network” item, click on the “Refresh” button, and wait for the connection message to arrive. After receiving this message, press the “Done” button. Connection completed successfully.

Setting up Smart TV on LG TV

Owners of LG TVs equipped with the Smart TV function can view channel packages via the Internet without connecting additional equipment, for this they only need a wireless connection and, of course, the TV itself. Naturally, the technician will first need to correctly configure and install all the required programs already stored in its memory. Below we will consider in detail how you can independently do these simple manipulations.

Wi-Fi connection

To connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network, you need to sequentially perform the following manipulations:

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control;
  • First, go to the “Network” section on the TV, and then to the “Connect to a Wi-Fi network” item;
  • Then you will need to select your wireless network and press the “Ok” button on the remote control;
  • Enter the password and click on the “Connect” button.

The appearance of a mark at the name of the Wi-Fi network will signal a successful connection.

To start using Smart TV technology, you will need to press the “Smart” button on the remote. At the bottom of the TV screen, a list of applications will appear, from which you can select the ones you like and launch them by pressing the “Ok” button.

If the applications from this list are not enough for you, you can add new ones by pressing the “My Apps” button on the remote control, and then select the “LG Store” application that appears on the TV screen. The available applications will immediately open in front of you, from which you can choose, and then install the one that you like and suits you.

How to start using Smart TV?

  • First, connect your TV to an internet connection;
  • Open the menu by pressing the button of the same name on the remote control;
  • Go to the menu sections in this order: settings. network. the name of your connection. update;

After that, perform several sequential operations using the control panel, namely:

  • Register;
  • Install all the necessary programs and widgets;
  • Start browsing;

In order not to make unnecessary mistakes during configuration and connection, we will consider each of the above steps in more detail.

Beginning of work

To enter your page, use the “Login” button located at the top of the screen. After that, you will need to enter your password and your email address. In order not to repeat these manipulations at each login, you must check the “Stay logged in” box. In the dialog box that pops up at this moment, press the “No” button. Now the setup is complete and you can fully use all the functions offered by Smart TV technology.

Overview of TV operators’ services

Popular operators provide the following IPTV services:

  • Tricolor TV. include the Online TV service in the Unified package, costing from 1500 rubles. in year. For owners of smart gadgets there is an application “Tricolor Online TV”.
  • Beeline offers services from 150 rubles. monthly subscription to films from 99 rubles. Owners of Android, iOS, Smart-TV LG and Samsung can work through “Beeline TV”.
  • Telecard with the “Telecard online” tariff offers 70 channels at a price of 99 rubles. per month or 999 p. in year. Works with a similar app.

On the phone

In general, you can also watch a playlist on your smartphone via VLC for Android. First you need to install it, and then use it to start the playlist.

Internet connection and Wi-Fi

To watch IPTV through a smart TV, it must be connected to your home network, via a network cable or Wi-Fi.

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The network must be distributed by the router.

To connect TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi you need:

  • Enable Wi-Fi distribution in the router settings, set the hotspot name and password.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the TV and join the created point.

If the setup needs to be done using a cable, just insert the RJ-45 connector into the LAN connector of the router, pull it to the TV, and insert the other end of the cable into the Ethernet connector.

Installation example

Following the example of installing the program on Samsung Smart, you can do the same for other TVs:

  • Using a browser, you need to go to the forkplayer.TV website.
  • When finished, you need to open the Fork Store App Market.
  • In the list of widgets that opens, put SmileBY.
  • Then, you need to restart the TV so that SmileBY is displayed in the application menu.

IPTV viewing is controlled using the TV remote control.

playlist (text file with channels, m3u format) depends on the provider and the type of subscription.

You can add other playlists to existing playlists. To do this, you need to know where you can get them from and how to edit them.

Where to get playlists

Free playlists for watching Smart-TV are usually “embedded” into the program for watching channels.

Sometimes, you can get them from your provider if they are provided with this service.

In the public domain, you can find playlists with free channels. But this does not guarantee excellent quality of TV channels, stability and round-the-clock availability.

Specialized resources offer a list of self-updating playlists, but this can cause some inconvenience in terms of:

  • Installing additional software such as PeersTV.
  • Installing Adguard or other applications with VPN and antispam protection.
  • Loopholes of the program with access to the Internet, and as a result. the display of advertising banners.

A better solution might be to install widgets for Smart-TV by subscription.


TV manufacturers do not have a single standard for IPTV. This concerns the support of products and services.

This results in the following restrictions for users:

  • Some Smart-TVs included in the network use only the services provided by the operator. In this case, the program for IPTV should be installed from the provider’s website.
  • For other TVs with connectors for connection, it remains to buy IPTV set-top boxes (analogous to cable or terrestrial set-top boxes). Dune HD is a universal hardware operating in networks of several operators.
  • Computer broadcasting is usually provided with a “cut” package. For example, with the same number of channels for the TV and PC package, the latter will have fewer HD channels.

Viewing with Vintera App

Samsung TVs with Tizen shell are available with an application for viewing interactive television:

  • you need to open “Smart Hub”. “Samsung Apps”. section “Video”. application “Vintera.TV”;
  • select a channel marked free and paid.

TV for LG Smart TV: All Internet Content on Your TV

The appearance in the house of Smart TV from LG is becoming a rather important event, as it significantly expands the well-established understanding of the capabilities of the TV. Unlike ordinary “boxes”, such devices allow you to use all available content from the Internet and install various applications. However, it is recommended to understand in advance the procedure for setting up TV on LG Smart TV.


The following applications are rightly considered the most popular:

  • YouTube. The full version of the application for using the most famous hosting. There are all the possibilities for watching videos, commenting and rating.
  • Online cinema with different films and TV series. The regular version contains ads that you can get rid of when you subscribe.
  • Gismeteo. Meteorological application with the ability to watch the weather for several days in advance. Can function as a widget and constantly display relevant data on the TV screen.
  • SS IPTV. IPTV Player for LG Smart TV, which allows you to watch IP TV by paid subscription to playlists from servers.
  • 3D World. Impressive 3D movie experience on TV.

From a flash drive

Basic conditions for using a flash drive to install programs:

  • formatting the partition in FAT32 format;
  • the presence of the distribution kit of the desired application downloaded to the root of the drive from a third-party resource in the form of an installer.

Now you need to insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV and wait a little. After a few moments, a new icon will appear on the screen, indicating the presence of an external resource. You need to click on it and the contents of the drive will open.

turn, smart

The installer of the required application is selected from the programs on the card and starts. Usually, you need to confirm the actions several times, since installing from external resources always involves certain risks. And by means of warnings and agreements, the publisher of the webOS operating system disclaims responsibility for possible malfunctions.

The installation will take some time. At the same time, you must not remove the drive from the TV or turn off the equipment, as such actions can lead to the failure of the installation or instability of the entire system. After the process is complete, the corresponding icon will appear in the list of applications.

Sometimes Smart TV does not see the connected USB flash drive. This could be due to a malfunction of the drive itself or the USB interface on the TV. However, the second option appears much less frequently. So it is recommended to check the port functionality using other connected equipment.

On some models, there is only one USB socket (which will be occupied by another device and cannot be disconnected), or there may be no such interfaces at all. The solution to this problem will be the use of special adapters to connect a flash drive to another connector.

How to install apps on LG Smart TV

Games are installed approximately as well. The only difference is. That for them there is a separate application “LG Game World”. There they are sorted by genre in the catalog.

You can purchase an application or game not only from a TV, but also from any device with Internet access. However, they can only be installed on LG Smart TVs.

It is worth noting. That some applications may not be available for certain regions. This is due to the specifics of the state policy in the field of information.

Installation of applications is possible both on the internal memory of the TV and on external media. But they will only work while the media is connected to TV.

Best Smart TV Apps for LG

Modern LG TVs with Smart TV functionality are full-fledged multimedia centers for using various content. A variety of applications allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in good HD quality, search the Internet, chat on social networks and even play games. It is impossible to name the number of existing applications for such TVs, since this number is growing every day. It’s no surprise that novice users can get confused by the abundance of suggestions. Especially for them, below are the best applications that open up impressive opportunities for the use of content.

How to tune channels on LG Smart TV

The channels on LG Smart TVs can be digital or cable. The digital transmission method differs in that a decrypted signal is sent to the TV at once, which does not require a TV tuner. For cable TV, a tuner is required.

The channel setup process for both cases is approximately the same. It consists in performing the following actions:

  • using the remote control, you need to go to the TV settings (most often this is the “Settings” button;
  • in the “Channels” section, select the “Autosearch” item;
  • now in the list of signal sources that appears, you must select those to which the cables or antennas are connected;
  • in the next window, you will need to enter information about the service provider, which can be found on the official website (in most cases, you just need to select the desired operator from the list of the most popular ones);
  • after selecting the operator and the type of channels, you must start the search by pressing the corresponding key;
  • usually the process takes a few minutes, the found channels will appear in the list of available.

The system sorts the found channels on its own, and it is not always convenient for the user. But on most modern Smart TV models, you can manually arrange TV channels by assigning them the desired numbers.

When setting up a satellite connection using Smart Maps, the process is not much different. After connecting the dish, you will also need to specify information about the operator and the transmitting device itself. In this case, when choosing a signal source, a tick must be put only in front of the “Satellite”.