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How to turn iPhone on and off?

And again we return to the topic of discussion of one of the most popular smartphones of the last few years. I think it’s no secret that iPhone smartphones are very popular in Russia. Many users who purchased this device for the first time often ask questions regarding the use of the phone. One of them sounds like this: how to turn the iPhone on and off? Believe it or not, it’s incredibly simple to do it.

Take your phone in hand. At the top of it, you will see the Power button. Click on it and hold for a few seconds until the screen shows the first signs of life. As soon as a bitten apple appears on it, you can release the button. Now it only remains to wait a little (literally a few seconds), as the device will be loaded and ready to work. Actually, that’s all, nothing else is required of you.

If suddenly for some reason the device refuses to start, try this. As you know, the iPhone has two main buttons: Power, which is located at the top of the screen, and Home, which is located on the front of the device. You need to hold down both of these buttons for about 10-20 seconds to restart the smartphone. It is quite possible that if the gadget did not want to boot by pressing the Power button, it will boot after holding the indicated buttons. If it does not work, try holding the buttons down for a longer time (40-60 seconds).

In order to turn off the iPhone, you will need to hold down the Power button for a few seconds, after which a kind of window will appear on the screen. Swipe over the “Slide to power off” and the device will be turned off within a few seconds.

At the same time, you should not turn off the gadget by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons, so this does not turn off the smartphone, but only reboots it.

Everything described above applies to absolutely all iPhones that have been released until now: 3G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S. As for the iPhone 6, nothing will change in this regard, except that the Power button will be on the side instead of the top of the device.

How to turn off iPhone if the Power button or screen doesn’t work?

Let’s look at two fairly common cases. If the Power button does not work, then turning off the device will not work so easily. You will need to install an application that allows you to turn off your smartphone without pressing the Power button. You can find it in iTunes. You will most likely have to turn on the iPhone using such an unusual method: connect it to the charger and it turns on.

If the screen does not work, that is, the sensor, then you will not be able to turn off the phone at all, unless you wait until the battery runs out. But turning it on will not be a problem.

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Yeah, if the button is turned off, then write it away

No, you can use applications to reboot from the app store.

Or put it on charge, it will turn on by itself

All is well, only for some reason the reboot does not work. I hold the buttons for 2 minutes and still there is no result.

Can not be. Apparently, something happened to the buttons themselves.

I did not know about the home and paver buttons! really reboots! cool.

If the power button doesn’t work, what to do?

In the app store, look for applications to disable the iPhone, there are a lot of them. But here’s how to turn it on later. a question)

turn on. just insert the charger and charge

the phone turned off, but the power button does not work (broken, usually the shortcut icon was used), how to turn it on without a button?

But what if the sensor does not work and when connected to aytyuness to update the system, it says to turn off find the iPhone? How to turn it off if the sensor does not work? who knows, tell me

I have an iPhone 3, I hold the Power button for 3-4 minutes, and still zero reaction.

Enabling 3G on an LTE-enabled iPhone

In order to enable the Internet via 3G cellular networks with LTE support, you must perform the following steps:

  • go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gear-shaped icon, which is located on the main desktop of the smartphone;
  • select the section “Cellular”, which is highlighted by the icon in the form of a cell tower;
  • then select the “Cellular data options” menu;
  • the toggle switch opposite the line “Enable LTE” must be switched to an active state;

Note! If you specify the “Data only” item in the settings, then the preferred network for Internet access will be LTE, and for calls and short messages. 2G or 3G. If you activate the line “Voice and data”, then the latest generation network will be used for all functions.

How to switch mobile Internet to 3G mode

Sometimes it is necessary to leave only 3G on the iPhone for mobile data transfer. This is done through the menu “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular settings”. “Voice and communication”. In this section, you need to select the value 3G. After that, the smartphone for the Internet will use this type of networks.

It’s important to know! If 3G is not in use, it is better to turn it off, since the use of this standard even in standby mode requires large battery resources, which leads to its rapid discharge.

How to Turn On, Turn Off and Restart your iPhone 5s | Tutorial 1

How to enable 3G on iPhone and iPad?

Step-by-step instructions for turning on 3g. Activation options depend on your phone model and installed iOS. We will look at how to enable 3G on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4,4S, 5,5S, 6, 6. All these settings are also suitable for iPad.

We open the desktop on our gadget and go to the “settings” section.

We go to the section Basic. Network. Activate the “Enable” slider so that it glows blue. So we just turned on 3G mode.

We open the desktop on our gadget and go to the “settings” section.

Go to the “Cellular” section and move the slider to the left “Enable 3G” (it will change color from gray to green. Turn off 3g mode, move the slider to the right.

We open the desktop on our gadget and go to the “settings” section.

Go to the “Cellular” section. click “Voice and data” and select “3G” if you have not selected it. We return to the settings and see that we now have activated 3G mode.

How to enable 3G on iPhone

Today the Internet has become an integral part of the modern world. It is an affordable and inexpensive method for finding information, participating in social communities, communicating, watching videos, movies, listening to audio tracks, and finally, accessing news feeds. Simply put, the Internet today is a powerful mass media, and you can use it both on a PC and on a smartphone.

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What is mobile Internet access for? The thing is that usually a wireless hotspot with WI-FI access is used at home or in the office. But sometimes there is no such connection option, but there is a confident coverage area of ​​the cellular operator, in which case you can turn on the mobile Internet and fully use the smartphone. In order to understand how to enable 3G on an iPhone 6 or earlier, you need to understand what network subtypes exist. Three types are popular today:

  • 2G. the earliest and longest existing, today it is used to ensure the transmission of voice data, access to the Internet with its help is impossible, since the speed is calculated at a maximum of tens of kilobits per second;
  • 3G is also one of the oldest, but still in use, types of mobile networks at an average speed of up to megabits per second. This is enough to meet the needs of the smartphone user;
  • 4G (LTE) and 4G. the most modern standards that provide access to the global network at speeds up to 100 megabits per second, can be used not only on smartphones, but also to organize shared access to multiple devices.

So, below are instructions on how to switch iPhone to 3G cellular standard, for this you need to follow several steps:

  • open the settings menu (“Settings”) and go to the “Cellular” section;
  • click on the line “Voice” (by default it should have the value “2G”) and set the type of 3G network;
  • after that you can activate the trigger “Cellular data” all in the same section “Cellular”.

Now the Internet is available on the smartphone via cellular networks of the 3G standard. You can verify this if you look at the signal quality level indicator, the corresponding 3G icon should appear next to it.

How to turn off 3G on iPhone

You may wonder how to turn off 3G network on iPhone. To do this, you just need to do everything the same as when you turn it on, just select the 4G type. If you need to understand how to disable 3G on the iPhone, this is done in the “Settings”. “General”. “Network” section, the toggle switch opposite the “Enable 3G” line must be moved to the inactive position.

From the above, it can be seen that there is nothing difficult in the question of how to make only 3G on the iPhone. This type of data transmission networks can be successfully used both as a stand-alone one and in conjunction with LTE or 2G. At the same time, you do not need to have any supernatural knowledge: in the settings menu, everything is clear at an intuitive level.

How to turn on the mobile Internet on the iPhone is a fairly frequent request in the vastness of search engines. Phones of the company “Apple” provide the user with several types of communication at once. mobile Internet, connection to a wireless Wi-Fi network, connection to a computer using.

By the way! On the iPhone, you can also easily change the data standard protocol between 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE (improve the quality of communication) How to turn on the mobile Internet on the iPhone is a fairly frequent request in the open spaces of search engines. Phones. Комментарии и мнения владельцев for the Cackle website.

How to enable 4G on the iPhone, every user of modern models of Apple phones, who has switched or wants to switch to the fourth generation communication format, should know. Changing the standard can be quite simple: if 3G was previously used, then the first step is to check for.

Instructions for activating the device

Before you turn on and activate your mobile phone, you should:

  • Make sure the phone battery is charged.
  • You must have a stable internet connection on your computer.
  • You must have a special SIM card for iPhone.

Your further actions should consist of:

  • Switching on the device. To do this, click on the button located at the top of the phone. An image of an apple should appear on the screen.
  • Then a welcome message should appear. Swipe from left to right across the screen.
  • Select the required language.
  • select a country.
  • Now you need to connect your mobile phone to Wi-Fi or PC for further activation.
  • If you select Wi-Fi, you must enter the access password. If there is no wireless connection, then you need to connect your phone to your PC.

How to turn on iPhone 5s: instructions

If you recently became the owner of a new phone, then you may be faced with the fact that you do not understand how to turn on the iPhone 5s. In most cases, mobile phones of this brand must initially undergo activation, and only after that they can be turned on.

Turning on the mobile phone

  • Connect your computer and phone via USB cable.
  • An image of a wire stretching to the iTunes inscription should appear on the mobile phone.
  • Now you need to activate or deactivate the location settings.
  • Then select “Set phone as new”.
  • After that, agree to the User Agreement.
  • The iPhone 5s has the ability to set a fingerprint. You can do it now or later.
  • Now you need to press the Home button for 20 seconds.
  • If you have installed a fingerprint, then you will need to enter a password.
  • The next paragraph says “Diagnostics”, which allows you to send news from the manufacturer to the owner of the phone.
  • After that, you should see a welcome inscription, indicating that the inclusion and activation of the mobile phone were successful.

Enabling Screen Recording on iPhone with iOS 11

If you have iOS 11 or a newer version of the iOS operating system, then you do not need Jailbreak and third-party applications to enable screen recording on iPhone. You can only record your screen using the built-in tools. To do this, open the iPhone settings and go to the “Control Center” section. Recall, “Control Center” is a menu that opens with a swipe from the bottom edge of the screen. There you can adjust the screen brightness, as well as other commonly used iPhone functions.

After you have opened the section with the settings of the “Control Center”, you need to go to the subsection “Customize controls”.

This will take you to a menu where you can customize which items will be available in the Control Center. Here you can add and remove items, as well as change their order. In order to be able to enable iPhone screen recording, you need to add an item “Screen Recording”.

Now you can enable screen recording on iPhone. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. Then click on the screen recording button, which looks like a dot and a circle. As a result, a countdown will appear inside the button, and then the button will turn red, signaling that screen recording has already begun. To stop recording, return to the “Control Center” and press this button again.

Also, when you turn on screen recording, you can open a menu with additional settings. To do this, you need to press the record button and hold it down for a while. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen in which you can enable sound recording from the microphone.

After stopping recording, the resulting clips can be found in the “Photos” application in the “Videos” album. Using the “Share” button, you can send these videos from the “Photos” application to the cloud storage or by email. You can also connect your iPhone to your computer and upload videos directly, they will be in the same folder as your photos.

How to enable screen recording on iPhone

The need to record the screen on the iPhone does not arise very often. But, if such a need arises, then it is not so easy to implement it, because there are a lot of restrictions on Apple devices. Nevertheless, it is possible and now you will learn how to do it iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and iPhone X.

How to Record Screen on Old iPhones

If you have an old iPhone and cannot update to iOS 11, then you can use alternative screen recording methods. For example, you can record your iPhone screen using AirPlay technology. As you know, AirPlay allows you to transfer images from your smartphone screen to other devices. And if you transfer the image to a desktop computer, then it will be possible to record it already on the computer using any program. The only tricky part is getting the picture to be received with AirPlay. To do this, you need to install a special program on your computer. For this purpose, programs such as Reflector, AirServer or LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver can be used on the computer.

MacOS users have another option. screen recording with QuickTime Player. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and allow access to it by confirming the request “Trust this computer?” After that, you need to launch QuickTime Player, open the “File” menu, go to “New video” and turn on “Record the screen of a mobile device”.

Also you can record screen using iTools program. This program is a whole set of utilities for working with iPhone and other devices from Apple. Among its features is the function of mirroring the screen to a computer. To enable this feature, you need to open iTools, connect your iPhone via cable, and enable Real-Time Desktop in the Toolbox tab. After that, to enable iPhone screen recording, you need to click on the Record button.

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How to turn on the Internet on iPhone 5

If you plan to use your phone not only for making calls, but also for accessing the Global Web, then in this case you need to know how to turn on the Internet on the iPhone 5.

If your configuration steps are not correct, then you will not be able to go online, which means that during lunch breaks or waiting for your turn in government agencies you will have nothing to do.

Instructions for activating the Internet on the phone

In order to connect to the Internet in your mobile, you should:

  • Go to the device settings section.
  • Select “Cellular network”.
  • Now you need Cellular Data.

Depending on which operator you are using, you will need to enter the following settings:

  • Beeline. To connect to the Internet, you must enter “” into the APN address. Username and password. beeline.
  • Megaphone. You need to enter “internet” into the APN address. You do not need to write anything in the password field and username.
  • MTS. APN address “”. In the password and username field, type “mts”.
  • Tele 2. You need to enter “” into the APN address. No need to enter anything in the password and username fields.
  • ACTIV. APN address “internet”. But in the rest of the fields it costs nothing to type.

Now you need to activate the Internet by moving the slider from left to right in the “Cellular Data” section. After this action, the inscription “E” or “3G” should appear at the top of the screen.

That’s all. you can enjoy the benefits of the World Wide Web: communicate on the Web, search for information, music, images, organize them into folders.

What you need to know about the Internet on iPhone

You should know some more features of Internet access:

  • It is better to use an unlimited tariff for the Internet. Thus, you will save your communication costs, while having a certain amount of MB to use for 30 days.
  • If your phone battery is low, the Internet may not work. In this case, charge the mobile phone, then try again to gain access to the network.
  • If you are heading to another region or country, then connect a special tariff to be able to go online without spending large sums on it.

What to do if the Internet does not work on the iPhone?

Reset your network settings by going to Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular network settings, and previously used VPN and APN settings.

How to enable data transfer on iPhone 8?

To enable or disable the cellular data function, go to the Settings menu and select Cellular or Mobile Data. On iPad, this menu is called Settings Cellular Data.

How to enable 2g on iPhone?

In order to configure the communication parameters, just go to the Settings. Cellular. Voice and Data menu. Here you can put a switch in front of one of the proposed types of communication. 2G, 3G or LTE.

How to make it only LTE iPhone?

On iPhone, go to Settings Cellular Data Options and tap Turn LTE On, or go to Settings Mobile Data and tap Turn LTE On. May 21, 2019.

Why LTE doesn’t work on iPhone?

Problems can arise for various reasons: Leaving the cellular coverage area (outside the city or in the metro); IOS operating system error; Failure of the LTE module.

How to turn on mobile internet on iPhone 5s?

To turn on cellular data on your device, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select from the menu: iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network”; iPhone (iOS 7 and above): Cellular; iPad (iOS 6 and above): Cellular Data.
  • Turn on the “Cellular Data” toggle switch. Related Articles

How to enable USB data transfer on iPhone?

From the Settings menu, select Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode, and enable access to USB accessories under Lock Screen Access. If USB accessory access is disabled (as in the image above), you may need to unlock your iOS device to connect to USB accessories.

How to enable Siri on 11 iPhone?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

How to make Siri speak Who is calling?

First, let’s figure out how to make Siri voice who is calling. To activate the function, the user performs a series of manipulations:

  • Open the menu and find the item “Settings”.
  • Select the department “Phone”.
  • Open the cell with “Call Announcements”.
  • Select the appropriate option.

How to change Siri call?

Press and hold the Home button. This should activate Siri. If not, Settings. General, find Siri and toggle the slider to enable Siri. There you can go to the settings and change them as you wish. May 22, 2020.

How to talk to Siri correctly?

You can contact Siri using the Home button

To access it, you need to hold down the home button until Siri responds. If your device is an iPhone 6s or newer, you can speak a question or voice a request immediately after pressing the home button.

How to set up Internet on iPhone?

SIM cards of most mobile operators are sold with a connected mobile Internet: the user just needs to install the card in his iPhone, and access to the network will immediately be available to him. However, it is still necessary to know how to configure the Internet on the iPhone manually, otherwise, in the event of a system failure and deleting the network settings, the user will be left without access to a significant number of functions. neither checking mail, nor downloading applications from the AppStore will be available to him.

How to turn on mobile internet on iPhone?

First of all, you need to clarify whether data transfer is activated in the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the “Cellular” section in the “Settings” menu.

Then check the two sliders “Cellular Data” and “Enable 3G”. Both must be in active position.

If the “Cellular Data” toggle switch is not turned on, the iPhone will only be able to access the Internet if it is present in the Wi-Fi distribution area. Turning on 3G is also highly recommended. otherwise the smartphone will use the EDGE standard. The maximum download speed that can be achieved when connected to EDGE is 474 Kb / s, but you should count on 50 Kb / s. Needless to say, this is too slow internet?

Even if you switched the “Enable 3G” slider to the active position, this is not a guarantee that the gadget will work exactly via 3G. It all depends on the coverage area: if in the area where the iPhone is located, the connection is poorly received, most likely you will have to deal with EDGE.

It is very easy to find out which standard the data is transmitted through. just look at the top of the screen. Operator name can have one of two icons: 3G or E.

The second is evidence of data transmission via EDGE. Therefore, the letter E horrifies all lovers of fast Internet surfing.

If there is neither 3G nor E in front of the provider’s name, then the mobile Internet is not available. There are two possible reasons for the lack of a network: either the “Cellular data” slider in the settings is disabled, or the coverage is very weak.

After you check the toggle switches, you need to clarify whether the mobile connection settings are entered correctly. This is done like this:

In the same section “Cellular”, scroll down, find the subsection “Cellular data communications” and go to it.

Pay attention to the “Cellular Data” block. 3 fields must be filled in here: APN, username, password.

The following parameter values ​​are valid for leading operators:

Why does iPhone break?

No device can work without failures. precisely, not a single high-tech device can never fail over the entire period of operation:

  • iPhone is smartphone, assembled from dozens of different components.
  • Each part of the iPhone is, in itself, a small miracle and the result of scientific and technological progress.
  • All these components are interconnected due to rather fragile loops that have the ability to fail at the most inopportune moment.
  • It is impossible to exclude the “human factor”, not every user can boast of careful handling of fashionable gadgets.

In such conditions, sooner or later the phone will stop giving “signs of life”, there will be problems with the sensor or some services. This is inevitable, you should prepare yourself for such a turn in advance. To understand and look for the culprits in this case is not the most reasonable decision, it is better to try to fix the situation yourself.

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How to fix iPhone 5s yourself?

If your favorite phone suddenly stops turning on, you must:

  • Do not panic, pull yourself together as quickly as possible.
  • Check the charging port is working, it could be deformed or clogged with dirt.
  • Make sure the phone charges normally when turned off. The reason may lie in a malfunctioning iPhone battery or problems with the charger itself.
  • Press two buttons. “Home” and “Power”, hold them in this position for up to a minute.
  • Play with the sound switch, then hold down the two cherished buttons again.
  • Connect your phone to your computer, after launching iTunes on your stationary device. Automatic repair may start.
  • Put the iPhone on charge, overnight and check its performance in the morning, using all the methods described above.

iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE: Won’t Charge, Won’t Turn On, Black Screen NO PROBLEM!

Every year the number of users with “apple” products is increasing, but many newbies do not know at all, if the iPhone 5s does not turn on. what to do and where to run.

iPhone has turned off and won’t turn on: what to do?

  • Simultaneously hold down two buttons. “Home” and “Power”. Sometimes this action already helps to achieve the desired effect.
  • Press the buttons and hold them in this state a little longer. Even after half a minute, do not despair, the phone may still begin to show signs of life.
  • Put the device on charging, you may not have noticed how the battery is completely empty.
  • Leave it to charge for 15 minutes, even if the battery was almost full recently. If you only knew how lithium batteries suffer in the cold.
  • “Click” the sound switch a couple of times. From the point of view of theory, this should not affect the performance of the smartphone in any way. But in practice, such manipulation sometimes really helps to launch an already hopelessly “extinct” device.
  • Launch iTunes on PC and connect the cable from iPhone. On the phone while connecting, hold down “Home”. This is an option to quickly restore your smartphone, just click the “Restore” button on the screen.

All these methods of checking the health of the phone will not take more than a minute. And what is even more interesting, they will not harm the device itself in any way. Just think, nobody opens the case, the iPhone does not climb into the “insides”. If you cannot start the phone on your own, you can safely contact the service center.

Self-repair of equipment

Official dealers always advise taking products to service centers and not trying to fix the breakdown yourself:

  • This is beneficial for the manufacturer from a commercial point of view. For the repair of any, even the most insignificant malfunction, you can issue a good invoice.
  • It is convenient for diagnostics. It is much easier to try to restore a device when you know for sure that no one has delved into it before you and did not perform any manipulations.
  • This is sometimes simply unacceptable to the user. The device is necessary for the user after a couple of hours in working form, and in the service center it is advised to come in 3-4 days.
  • This can hit a decent budget. Even small, but regular breakdowns outside the warranty period will cost “a pretty penny”.

Next, we advise you to watch a video in which Roman Lobanov will tell you how to repair an iPhone 5s that does not turn on by yourself:

What to do if iPhone dropped and won’t turn on?

Mechanical damage is a separate topic:

  • Malfunctions resulting from a fall or other physical impact are always more difficult to fix.
  • Any problem is related to the destruction or serious damage of a part of the iPhone.
  • It will not be possible to do without seeking help from specialists, most likely.
  • The problem may be related to damage not to the part itself, but to the loop that connects it to all other components.

If you have already “opened” your iPhone, this experience can be repeated again:

  • Inspect the contents carefully.
  • Try to find cracks, impact marks, or crushing marks.
  • Inspect all loops, if necessary, correct them.
  • Check for moisture inside.

Sometimes this is already enough for the phone to work again. If you do not understand anything in electronics, have never seen microcircuits and do not know which side to hold on to the soldering iron, it is better to take the iPhone to a branded service center immediately after the fall.

Should the experts be told about the cause of the malfunction? If the iPhone is under warranty, you can keep silent about it, or you can confidently prove that the phone has never fallen anywhere. Warranty cases for mechanical damage do not apply, and so. maybe you’re lucky. Conscience issues are a separate topic. Is the warranty expired? Then feel free to speak, this will simplify the diagnosis of the device.

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Answers to any questions

The genius of some people is simply impossible to deny. What is only Jobs, who set a new standard for the whole world in terms of mobile devices. For a whole decade, no manufacturer has been able to deviate from the established canons. But all reflections on greatness and genius disappear when the iPhone 5s does not turn on, what to do in such a situation is unclear and commercial geniuses are in no hurry to explain.

Preparing for firmware

Before going directly to reinstalling iOS on iPhone 5S, it’s important to do some preparation. If the following preparatory operations are performed carefully, the firmware of the gadget will not take much time and will pass without problems.


Almost all manipulations with Apple devices, iPhone 5S and its firmware are no exception here, they are carried out using a multifunctional tool for pairing the manufacturer’s devices with a PC and controlling the functions of the latter. iTunes.

Quite a lot of material has been written about this program, including on our website. For complete information about the capabilities of the tool, you can refer to the special section dedicated to the program. In any case, before proceeding with the manipulation of reinstalling software on your smartphone, please read:

As for the iPhone 5S firmware, you need to use the latest version of iTunes for the operation. Install the application by downloading the installer from the official Apple website or update the version of the already installed tool.

Flash and restore Apple iPhone 5S

Apple smartphones are practically the standard of stability and reliability of hardware and software components among all released gadgets in the world. At the same time, during the operation of even devices such as the iPhone, various unforeseen failures may occur, which can be eliminated only by a complete reinstallation of the operating system of the device. The material below discusses the methods of flashing one of the most popular Apple devices. the iPhone 5S.

Apple’s high security requirements for the devices it produces do not allow a large number of methods and tools to be used for iPhone 5S firmware. Basically, the instructions below are a description of fairly simple official ways to install iOS on Apple devices. At the same time, flashing the device in question using one of the methods described below very often helps to eliminate all problems with it without going to a service center.

All manipulations according to the instructions from this article are carried out by the user at his own peril and risk! The Administration of the resource is not responsible for obtaining the desired results, as well as for damage to the device as a result of incorrect actions!

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Flashing process

After completing the preparation and downloading the desired firmware package for installation, you can proceed to direct manipulations with the device’s memory. There are only two methods for flashing iPhone 5S available to the average user. Both involve using iTunes as an OS installation and recovery tool.

Download firmware

Before proceeding to the installation of firmware in the iPhone 5S, you need to get a package containing the components for installation. The firmware to be installed in the iPhone 5S are ipsw files. It should be borne in mind that only the latest version of the system released by Apple for use as the operating system of the device can be installed. The exceptions are firmware versions earlier than the newest, but they will be installed only within a few weeks after the official release of the latter. There are two ways to get the package you want.

    iTunes, in the process of updating iOS on the connected device, saves the software downloaded from the official resource on the PC disk and, ideally, you should use the packages received in this way.

One of the resources containing packages for iOS of the current versions, including for the iPhone 5S, is available at the link: