How to turn on Internet TV on TV

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how to turn on Internet TV on TV

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How to distribute the Internet from a smartphone or tablet to Smart TV

How to turn on Internet TV on TV

Almost every modern TV has a Smart TV function. Smart TV is a technology that allows you to go online from your TV to watch videos, web pages, download applications. Smart TV function multiplies the capabilities of your TV making it a low-power computer. However, in order to use this function, the TV needs to be set up, in particular, the TV must be connected to the Internet. In this article, I will describe in detail how to set up Smart TV on a Philips TV.

We go to the main menu of the TV, for this press the button with the image of the House, in the future I will call this button “Home”.

Next, rip out “Connecting to the network”.

Select the connection type “Wireless” or “Wired”. The wireless method means connecting to the router using a Wi-Fi network, wired. using a network cable connected to the router.

If you connect via Wi-Fi, you need to select your network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and enter a password to connect to it. If “Wired” then you need to connect the TV to the router using a network cable. As a result, you should receive a window about a successful connection to the network.

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After that, you need to update the TV’s firmware in order to fix errors in the previous software version. To do this, press the “Home” button on the TV remote control and select “Configuration”.

In the menu click “Software Update”.

Specify where the firmware download will come from, in this example “Internet”.

Next, the TV will check if there are new versions of the software for the TV, if there is, it will offer to update them. You need to agree to the firmware update. If there are no new software versions, a window will open informing you that you already have the latest software version installed.

Now you can safely launch Smart TV on your Philips TV, to do this, press the “Home” button on the remote control and select “Browse Net TV”.

When you start Smart TV for the first time on a Philips TV, you need to agree to the terms of Smart TV provision and select some settings, this will be only once, in the future such offers will not arise. The first thing that opens is the Smart TV Terms of Service, which you must agree to.

After that, a window will open in which you need to agree to the use of Cookies.

The next step will be offered to register with Philips, this procedure is voluntary, so you decide whether you will register or not, in this example I ignore registration.

Then a window will open prompting you to remember what you are watching in order to provide you with recommendations for viewing what you are interested in. I prefer not to use this functionality, so I will choose “Do not connect”.

At the next step, you will be asked to block applications with a rating of 18, here the choice is yours, if you enable this function, then applications 18 will be prohibited from viewing (in the future, this functionality can be turned on or off).

This completes the list of questions; in the future, when Smart TV starts, they will no longer be there. As a result, a window will open in which you will see a list of the applications installed by default, among them there is a browser with which you can visit any web pages and ready-made applications for watching movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.

If you are having problems setting up your Smart TV on your Philips TV, the first thing to check is. network configuration of the TV, for this go to the menu (button “Home” on the remote control) go to “Configuration”. “Network settings”.

By choosing “View network settings” you will see the network settings of your TV.

The main thing to pay attention to. the “IP-address” field, the address 192.168.X.Y (for example or must be registered in it, this means that your TV has received the network settings of the rotary and they “see” each other. If at the same time Smart TV does not work for you, you need to check the settings of your router.

Here are the more popular reasons why Smart TV may not work on a TV:

If for some reason you are unable to set up Smart TV, I recommend reading the article. Solving the most popular problems associated with setting up Smart TV.

New articles on LG Smart TV:

If the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then it is possible through it, if not, then it can be purchased separately, but it is not cheap, somewhere around 100-150. So if it is not there, then it is easier, or rather cheaper, to connect via a cable. Here, of course, see for yourself which option you like the most.

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If you have an Internet connection via an ADSL modem, then everything is simple. We connect a network cable to one of the free LAN ports on the modem (most often there are 4 of them):

If you have a dedicated internet connection, you can simply plug the network cable into the TV and the internet should work on it. If you have a dedicated Internet, but want to use both on a computer and on a TV, then here you will need to buy an additional router or a router, they say. But you need to know which one to take, there are also some nuances here. Which router is better to check with those. support of the Internet provider itself.

How to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet?

Greetings to everyone on the pages of the blog. Finally I got to my blog and decided to write about how to set up and connect a Samsung TV to the Internet? I think many will be interested in it.

It’s easy to connect your Samsung TV to the internet. TVs are “smart” and practically all the moments of setting up “take over”, we just need to help him a little and direct him in the right direction. There are several nuances:

  • firstly, depending on what kind of Internet you have, the connection method will differ,
  • secondly, how to connect via Wi-Fi (wireless) or via cable.

How to set up Internet on a Samsung TV

With the connection, I think, figured out more or less. Now let’s go directly to the TV setup. The technology is smart, it’s not for nothing called SmartTV (translated as smart TV ), so you probably won’t have to tune the TV itself, everything should automatically tune in and the Internet will be there. This is the case if we connect via a cable. After connecting the cable. go to the Smart Hub menu:

and run some application, YouTube for example, to check:

If everything works, great. You can install the apps you need Samsung Apps and enjoy watching.

If, when checking, you see the inscription “Network error” or something similar and the Internet does not work, then go to the settings. Click “Menu”. “Network”. “Network Settings”:

In the network setup menu, you will see a window like this:

Click “Start”. let TV try to set up the Internet on its own. If you are successful, you will see an inscription something like. “Setting successfully completed”.

If something does not work out, then you need to go to the “Network Status” section:

and first select “IP Setting. Receive Automatically”:

try. If it does not work, you will need to manually register the IP address, mask, gateway and DNS. To do this, in the “IP Settings” field, select “Manual”:

And enter all the data manually. Naturally, you need to know what data to enter, here either the provider’s support service or an acquaintance who is well versed in computer networks can help you.

If you connect via a wireless WI-FI network, then you will need to configure (“Menu”. “Network”. “Network Settings”). select a network, connect to it by specifying a password. If the TV does not “see” your wireless network, you will need to add it manually. the “Add network” menu and manually fill in all the required fields.

Well, in short, that’s all. If you missed something or something is not clear, ask in the comments.