How to turn on bluetooth on philips TV

Set up cable digital TV

You can also set up digital cable television broadcasting in the DVB-C format on older Philips TVs that do not support the modern DVB-T2 format. Therefore, first check the instructions for your TV for the possibility of receiving a digit.

  • Press the HOME button to exit to the TV menu.
  • Next, through Settings, go to the Channel Search section.
  • Click on Reinstall Channels.
  • Country selection, if you have an old model, you need to choose Finland or Germany, if a newer one, choose Russia.
  • Choosing the type of connection Cable TV.
  • We go to the Settings item, this must be done. There are several important steps to take in this section.

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  • Frequency scan is best set to Full, then your TV will find all available channels.
  • Set Network Frequency, Baud Rate and ID to Auto.
  • Digital signal, press On, otherwise not one channel will tune.
  • Save everything and click on Finish.
  • Click on Start Search and wait for the end, it can take a very long time, be sure to wait until the process shows one hundred percent, you do not need to interrupt the scan.

Many people make a mistake when they skip the Settings section, and thus do not turn on digital channels.

How to find out if your Philips TV supports digital TV

  • Check the product passport for the presence of a DVB-T2 digital tuner.
  • There is another way, this is to go to the site See the figure of the Russian Federation and check your TV model for the ability to receive digital channels.
  • Choose your TV from the list and look at the third column.

A UHF antenna is required for stable reception. If you are close to the TV tower, the antenna can be indoor. If a street with a signal amplifier is needed far away, for more reliable signal reception.

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Setting up a Philips digital TV is one of the most difficult. Therefore, in this process, you need to do as indicated in the instructions below, and then you can independently install digital channels and start watching your favorite TV channels.

Setting up digital channels

To set up DVB-T2 digital terrestrial channels on your Philips TV, first connect the antenna cable to your TV.

  • Take the remote and press the HOME button, it shows a house.
  • Next, we find the Settings or Configurations section, the name depends on the model.
  • The next step is to select the item Search for channels
  • Country selection, choose Russia.
  • Connection type Antenna.
  • The next step will be asked to Start Search, but you click on the item that is next to it, usually it is called Settings, this is very important.
  • In installations, you need to turn on the digital channel function by clicking on ON, otherwise only analogue will be tuned.
  • We save all the actions taken.
  • Click on Search and wait for the end of the channel search.

Manual search

If you only need to add a few channels to an existing list, you can use the manual search on your Philips TV. It is much faster than Autosearch, and the old saved TV channels will not disappear and will be in their previously saved positions.

  • To do this, go to the TV settings and select the Channel settings section.
  • Next, you need to find the Signal Test item, this is manual setting.
  • We set the frequency and click on search.
  • After the channels are found, click on Save.

You can find out the broadcasting frequency of the multiplex on the RTRS website by selecting your locality.

How to set up your Philips TV

In order to tune your Philips TV, make sure your model supports the broadcast format you want. Since in the Russian Federation digital television broadcasts in the DVB-T2 format.
At the moment, there are two multiplexes available, which include twenty free digital channels of various topics.

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Set up your old Philips TV

If your TV does not receive digital channels, you need a digital set-top box.
If your TV and set-top box have an HDMI output, then use this connection method better, since with this cable you will get the best picture and sound.
If this input is not there, then use RCA tulips that must be connected strictly according to the colors of the cable. It happens that the TV has only a Scart connector, then a Scart-RCA adapter is needed.
The antenna cable should be connected to the set-top box itself, since it will be the TV’s tuner.

How to set up Smart TV on your Philips TV yourself

Philips is a renowned brand. The Dutch company of the same name has existed since 1891 and supplies original technical products to the markets of different countries.

All of them are distinguished by quality and thoughtfulness of details. Smart TVs also do not fall out of this list.

Each model uses its own developments and innovative solutions. This applies to picture quality, sound, ergonomics, safety and user friendliness. The issue of taking care of the environment is not avoided: competent use of electricity, safe disposal, etc.

Most of the modern “smart” Philips TV models are based on the popular Android TV operating system. In early versions (up to 2014) and some inexpensive current models, the Smart TV platform is used, it includes the MyRemote, SimplyShare, Net TV applications.

The settings depend on the device platform, model. Below we will consider the procedure in light of the connection methods.

Philips Smart TV Installation Methods

wired connection

With this method, to access Smart, you need an Ethnernet FTP cable and a router.

  • Connect the router to the TV receiver and turn on the explorer.
  • Press the button on the remote control with the image of the house.
  • Select Settings. Network Connection.
  • Follow menu items and on-screen instructions.
  • Submit your request to agree to the user terms.
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Method one: wireless

You can set up access to smart TV on the home screen via a Wi-Fi network. For the many applications to become an integral part of Philips, it is necessary to use the assistance of technical guides such as:

  • a router that supports a Wi-Fi network;
  • wireless adapter (PTA01).

Philips Smart TV connection sequence:

  • Turn on the router.
  • Find a special USB connector on the side of the TV receiver.
  • Insert the adapter into the USB connector.
  • To set up a wireless offering, you need to press the WHS button on your router.
  • Wait about two minutes.
  • Find the line “Easy access” in the menu, confirm the selected function with the OK button (if necessary, upon request, enter and confirm the pin-code. Press Pin-code in the menu. OK. insert the proposed pin).
  • When requesting a security key, the sequence is as follows: User. OK. dial the key on the TV remote.

This program of actions will allow the configured TV to join your home network. If more than one router is found, the network is selected using the Scan buttons. and Easy access.

How to set up IPTV on a Philips TV

Setting up IPTV on a Philips TV is done through the ForkSmart Smart TV widget. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Go to Philips setup.
  • Click View Parameters.
  • Write down the numbers and letters that appear on the screen.
  • Back to menu.
  • Select network parameters.
  • Set up the ip-address.
  • Return to the menu and launch the static IP address setting.
  • All the necessary set parameters should be taken from the records of point 3.
  • Turn off the TV and turn it on again.
  • Press on the TV remote on Smart TV.
  • Launch the “Megogo” widget, as a result of which foorksmart should start working.