How to turn off unwanted calls on iPhone

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Block incoming calls

Typically, calls with “No Caller ID” and “Unknown” status come to the iPhone from robots and various marketing departments. They can be blocked, like all incoming calls with an unknown number. The operation carries a certain risk: if friends or relatives call you from a number that is not among the contacts, they will not be able to establish a connection. If there is no such danger, follow these steps:

  • Open the standard “Settings” application and go to the “Do not disturb” section.
  • Turn on the “Manual” option.

After activating the option, a crescent icon will appear in the status bar near the clock. This means that the device will not make any sounds: you will not hear notifications or calls. To overcome this block, it is necessary to give individual subscribers special permission.

  • In the “Do Not Disturb” section, click on “Call Allowing”.
  • Select “From Favorites” if you have previously added all the necessary numbers to the “Favorites” list.
  • Select the “All contacts” mode or create a special group of contacts, calls from which should pass.

Those numbers that will not be added to the allowed list will not be able to reach you. Please note that the function turns off the sound of calls and notifications. Therefore, it is recommended not to keep it constantly on, but to set a clear time.

For example, let the Do Not Disturb mode turn on in the evenings, from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am the next day. During the specified period, only those whom you have allowed will be able to reach you, the iPhone will block other calls.

turn, unwanted, calls, iphone

Barring and Restricting Incoming Calls on iPhone

If you do not want to answer calls from specific subscribers, the blacklist comes to the rescue. But how to block calls on iPhone if the number cannot be determined, or the phone is not in the list of contacts? Such an opportunity is present, and it will be useful for all iPhone owners to know about it.

iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting

Download the file on the iPhone using the link


If you are bothered by a specific subscriber, then it is easier to block him by sending him to the black list.

  • Open your contact list.
  • Find the person you don’t want to be in touch with anymore. Press the “i” button to open the information menu.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap “Block”.

This is perhaps the most convenient way to block calls on iPhone. At least you don’t risk missing an important call. Messages from a subscriber from the blacklist will also not be received. You can view the black list in the settings in the “Phone” section. there will be a list “Blocked”. If you want to remove a subscriber from the list, click “Edit” and select “Unblock”.

iPhone How to Stop Unwanted, Spam, Scam and Unknown Callers

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Calls from one iPhone are displayed on another. how to remove syncing?

Greetings! When you have several iPhones in your family, then you are a very rich person, many people prefer to use one Apple ID account for all of these devices. So what? At first glance, everything is really very convenient! For example, a game (program) was downloaded on one gadget, and it instantly became available on another device. Plus, there is no need to memorize the data of several accounts at once. It would seem that happiness has come. Live and rejoice!

However, it is not for nothing that Apple recommends creating a unique Apple ID account for each iPhone. After all, there are also enough problems with the simultaneous use of the account (by different people on different iPhones). For example, iCloud backups. And if Apple ID is stolen, all gadgets on which this identifier is activated fall under attack.

There is another problem that is associated with the use of one Apple ID on multiple iPhones. the synchronization of call and call logs. We will talk about this today.

A brief description of the situation. When making a call from one iPhone, the data instantly appears on the other. The same situation is with missed and incoming calls. They called you, you did not pick up the phone, and a notification about this is immediately displayed on all other iPhones with your account. It turns out that the call history and call log will be common for all iPhones on which your Apple ID is entered.

Conveniently? Of course. But this call log sync is only good when all these iPhones belong to you. Otherwise, questions are possible. we are all curious and suspicious people 🙂 But oh well, now it’s not about that, but about how to get rid of it.

Use different Apple IDs

The most correct and correct decision. We create our own, unique account for each gadget and the problem will disappear by itself. Yes, this will take some time, and it is not always convenient for various reasons, but later on there will be some advantages.

In addition to the fact that the synchronization of calls on the phone will stop (which is already good!), It will be possible to use an iCloud account for each iPhone separately (and this is an extra space for backup), and in the future, protect yourself from various surprises (such as synchronization SMS, Safari browser tabs and others).

Registering a new Apple ID is a matter of 10 minutes, but that removes all the questions. However, if this method does not suit you for some reason, then there are other ways to remove duplicate calls, for example, through the settings

Disable call log synchronization through settings

To ensure that the list of outgoing and incoming numbers ceases to be repeated on different iPhones, you can also use the device settings. Another thing is that there are many settings and there is no universal solution. Try and experiment. one of the methods will definitely work. Here they are all:

  • To begin with, on the gadget from which you want to remove the appearance of your call history, you need to go to “Settings. FaceTime. Calls from iPhone“. Naturally, we turn it off, because if calls are duplicated on different devices, then their list will be repeated.
  • Do not exit the settings and open “Phone. Calls on other devices”. Disable the item “Allow calls”.
  • Turn off iCloud Drive. You can do this in “Settings. iCloud. iCloud Drive”. It is this line that is responsible for allowing programs to store documents and data in the “cloud”. And the call log, in essence, is the same ordinary program and all call records are just synchronized via iCloud Drive.

The only thing to remember is that even if the slider has already been disabled in each of the items under consideration, it is recommended to turn it on and off again. Because software failures and glitches are also possible, more on that below

options or what else you can do

Let’s move on to various “bugs” in the iOS system. As the technical support of Apple assures, it is possible that the firmware will “get crooked”.

So she took it and stood up. How simple it is, really, Apple?

That is why, even if you have completed all the points above, the list of calls on different iPhones may continue to be duplicated.

What to do in this case? You will have to completely reinstall the software to get iOS “right”. This can be done either through normal recovery, or (if something goes wrong). there is always DFU mode. However, this is already the most extreme measure (nothing complicated. but it takes a lot of time) and I sincerely hope that it will not come to this. Let it be so!

The call goes to two iPhones: how to disconnect

When you have multiple iPhones, there is often a problem when calls are duplicated on two iPhones. Few know how to disable this feature. When creating iOS, Apple provided the ability to receive a call coming to one user’s device using another device. But since this is inconvenient, people often ask: “If the call goes to 2 iPhones, how can I disable this mode?”.

If two iPhones are ringing at the same time, how to turn them off becomes the number one task. There are three ways to remedy this situation. They assume that a user, without contacting technical support, will figure out how to turn off calls on a Mac from an iPhone.

Different Apple IDs

One of the conditions for calls to come to two or more devices is their authorization in one Apple account. Therefore, the most correct method would be to create different accounts for several devices, which will allow you not to think about how to turn off the synchronization of calls on iPhones. In fact, this is the right option, since initially each iPad, iPhone and MacBook should work under its own “account”.

How to turn off calls on a MacBook from an iPhone by changing the account? To do this, all devices are deauthorized, except for the main one, and you are logged into them with the new Apple ID. This will stop incoming calls and messages to other devices. But if you need to take advantage of one account, for example, you need to share the application history, it is better to turn off the call on other devices through the “Settings”.

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Disable in “Settings

When messages arrive on two iPhones at the same time, not everyone knows how to disable this service. Call duplication occurs because there is a connection between Apple equipment, which is established when logging into one account on several devices, as well as when they are connected to the same Internet network. It’s worth learning how to reset a call on an iPhone, of course, but the constant cancellation of calls can get annoying.

The double of calls and messages is convenient if the phone is far away and you do not want to follow it, or it is charging. But the situation when the iPhone and iPad are ringing at the same time will require knowledge of how to disconnect the connection, because it causes inconvenience.

There are two ways to solve the problem through Settings, which differ in approach. The first implies a complete disabling of the function. For him you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” section from the main screen.
  • Select the item “Phone”.
  • Go to submenu “Calls to other devices”.
  • To prevent the call and message from being duplicated on devices, you need to remove the top toggle switch in the “Allow calls” line, making it inactive.

How To Stop Spam Calls On ANY iPhone!

The second solution allows you to partially disable the function, leaving parallel calls on the necessary gadgets:

  • The settings menu opens.
  • In the same section “Phone” select “Calls to other devices”.
  • In a separate window, remove the toggle switches for those gadgets that do not require duplicate calls.

Sometimes this menu is not present. this indicates that there are no devices simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi network and the same iCloud account.

If the problem persists

Rarely, but there are cases when the instructions on how to turn off general calls on the iPhone did not help. Then we are talking about failures in the operation of iOS, when the firmware was installed incorrectly, often this happens after updating the operating system. To solve this problem, you should reflash the device, making it “clean”.

The procedure will require a computer with iTunes and downloaded firmware supported by the device. Further actions are extremely simple:

  • The phone connects to the computer.
  • Hold down the Shift key and press the “Restore” button.
  • Firmware file is selected.
  • iPhone is set up like new, or you can use a backup.

Using this instruction, the iPhone owner will solve the problem of duplicate calls and messages on Apple equipment. This can be done in two minutes and in the future you will not experience the inconvenience associated with syncing iPhones.

How to block unwanted calls on iPhone

Every user has come across telephone spam at least once in his life. Yes, the number of an unwanted subscriber can simply be added to the black list, and then the calls will stop. However, the situation may repeat itself in the future. how can this be avoided? It turned out to be very simple. To do this, you just need to install a special extension that will automatically block spammers.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but iOS has applications that allow you to determine the subscriber ID and block all unwanted calls. It is noteworthy that this function can also be used to identify unknown numbers. And the most important advantage is that the option works completely invisible to the user.

So how to block unwanted calls?

Before we start, we need to download an appropriate application from a third-party developer to the iPhone. To do this, enter the request “blocking numbers” in the App Store. We select and download any program from the list. All extensions work on the same principle.

  • We launch the downloaded application to update the database of numbers;
  • Now go to “Settings”. “Telephone”;
  • Select the item “Call blocking and identification”;
  • We activate our application in the section “Allow these programs to block and present a subscriber ID.” Optionally, you can turn on several programs at once;
  • All is ready!

After an incoming call is received on the iPhone, iOS will check the subscriber’s number with the application database, and if a match is found, it will block the call. Personal experience has shown. the option really works. unwanted calls have disappeared, as if they had never been.

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On iOS, unlike Android, there are no hidden features. Despite this, comments from surprised users regularly appear on the Internet, who discovered

The WebP image format is no longer new, but many have not learned how to work with it and even convert it into something more digestible. Let’s figure out how to convert WebP to JPEG or PNG in a couple of actions

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The fourth way. ask the operator for help

Well, if you have been subjected to a real telephone attack, then you should resort to the most drastic measures. Let the mobile operator block anonymous calls and will not be able to, but he can find out who is hiding under the inscription “Unknown”.

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Many of us have encountered annoying calls from unknown numbers. We’ll show you how to block an unknown number on iPhone and what tricks you should use.

Some smartphone users are overtaken by annoying calls, both unwanted people and advertising from hidden numbers. And therefore the question of how to block an unknown number on the iPhone is of interest. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and help you make sure that no one else bothers you.

Call blocking apps

Also in the AppStore there are a number of applications that will be an excellent assistant in how to block incoming unknown numbers on the iPhone. One of these, for example, is Truecaller.

This application allows you to block unwanted numbers, all unknown or anonymous. What will be a great help.

Call blocking apps

Also in the AppStore there are a number of applications that will be an excellent assistant in how to block incoming unknown numbers on the iPhone. One of these, for example, is Truecaller.

This application allows you to block unwanted numbers, all unknown or anonymous. What will be a great help.

The third way is to put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode

If you can’t block anonymous calls on the iPhone in any way, then you just need to ignore them. By switching your smartphone to “Do not disturb” mode, you will no longer be disturbed in the middle of the night by another call from an anonymous annoyance bothering you. Do not disturb mode can be flexibly configured by assigning its automatic activation at a specific time.

You can read more about the mode in this manual.

The second way is to make a list of trusted numbers

The method is rather clumsy, but still working. In the standard iPhone settings, you can define a whitelist of subscribers from whom calls will be accepted. All other calls, including anonymous ones, will be ignored by your smartphone.

The disadvantage of this method is that because of these settings, you can miss important calls from people trying to call from numbers that are not recorded in your contact book. You should resort to using this method if anonymous calls do not give a pass at all.

Block a contact from messages

If an unknown person often writes to you and you need to block him, then this is done directly through messages. For this:

  • We open messages, then the correspondence with the desired contact.
  • In the upper right corner, click the “Information” icon.
  • Click on the number to open detailed information about the contact.
  • At the bottom we mark “Block subscriber”.

How to block anonymous call on iPhone

Many of us have encountered annoying calls from unknown numbers. We’ll show you how to block an unknown number on iPhone and what tricks you should use.

Some smartphone users are overtaken by annoying calls, both unwanted people and advertising from hidden numbers. And therefore the question of how to block an unknown number on the iPhone is of interest. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and help you make sure that no one else bothers you.

How to block unwanted incoming calls on iPhone

Stop annoying calls from unknown contacts by blocking them.

If you are constantly receiving calls from unknown numbers or you yourself want to block a number from which you do not want to receive calls, you can easily do this. Below I will tell you how.

How to block contacts in the Phone app

If you have an iPhone, you can block any phone number from the Phone app.

Launch the Phone app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Click the “Recents” or “Contacts” button at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the “Information” button next to the name of the contact you want to block.

Click “Block this Caller” at the very bottom and “Block Contact” again to confirm.

How to block contacts in the FaceTime app

You can block a phone number in FaceTime anytime, right from the app.

Launch the FaceTime app from your iPhone’s home screen.

Click on the “Information” button next to the name of the contact you want to block.

Click “Block this Caller” at the very bottom.

Click “Block Contact” to confirm.

How to block contacts in settings

You can also pre-add contacts that you can block at any time.

Launch the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Go to the Phone or FaceTime menu.

Tap Blocked under FaceTime or Call Blocking and Identification under Phone.

Click “Add New.” (Add New) or “Block contact”.

Enter the name of the contact you want to block or scroll down to find it.

Tap on a contact’s name to block it.

How to unblock contacts in settings

If you later change your mind and want to unblock the contact, you can do this at any time.

Launch the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Click “Blocked” at the bottom.

Then “Edit” (Edit) in the upper right corner.

Tap Done when you’ve unlocked everyone you want.

You can also simply swipe from right to left on any contact to reveal the unlock button.

How to block unwanted calls and messages on iPhone

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you are bored with dozens of phone calls and messages from various companies or just unwanted acquaintances? If you are a happy owner of an iPhone, you can solve this problem with a few movements of your finger across the screen.

At the dawn of the spread of mobile phones in Ukraine in the early 2000s, the sound of a MIDI ringtone, after which a person proudly opened the top cover of his “clamshell”, was even considered solid.

Hardly anyone could have imagined that in 20 years people will radically change their attitude to this: now there are so many different calls, notifications and messages that users resort to all possible ways to protect themselves from them.

Experts even identify a new form of fear. telephonophobia, or the fear of answering phone calls.

The classic solution to this problem remains silent mode and flight mode on a smartphone. But what if you need to stay connected and only partially protect yourself from the annoying phone?

This is especially true of millions of advertising mailings and calls, which have become real parasites of our time, well, or situations in which your phone number ended up in the hands of intruders and trolls.

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iPhone is the best way to protect your nerves

Apple developers have foreseen that the owners of their smartphones may not like the excessive number of calls / notifications from certain subscribers and added a simple and effective function to block any number in two bills.

To activate this built-in “feature”, just click on the icon with information about the contact that will ring you and select the bottom column “Block”.

It is important that by blocking a contact in this way, you immediately protect yourself from calls and notifications from this number, not only on mobile, but also in FaceTime, as well as Apple’s proprietary email application.

This blocking in the iPhone is much better than similar functions in other devices, where you have to resort to using third-party applications to create a “black list”.

True, you may also need such apps if you want to block unwanted mail or notifications from services that are not owned by Apple. This primarily concerns Gmail, WhatsApp

But blocked subscribers will be able to leave you voice messages. they will be hidden in the “Blocked messages” section.

Those you’ve blocked will no longer appear in your contacts, messages, or FaceTime. The subscriber will also not receive any notification that you have blocked him. Some kind of trolling introvert.

You can control your blacklist in the Blocked Contacts column in your phone book, messages, email, or FaceTime. There you can unblock contacts that you blocked earlier, or add new numbers to this list.

In addition, those who have updated their iPhone to iOS 13 have the option to turn on blocking calls and notifications from all unknown numbers. This will be especially useful for protecting you from spam, unwanted ads and people you don’t know.

To do this, just go to the phone settings and activate the “Silence of unknown subscribers” function.

Do not worry, they will certainly be able to speak after that, but not with you.

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Can a client perform phone lock on iOS

On the iPhone operating system, it is possible to add numbers to the blacklist through the “Settings”. This functionality was added to the smartphone after the release of version 7 of iOS. The user can block unnecessary mobile phones not only through the settings section, but also in the “Contacts” and “Messages” items. It is worth telling in more detail how to perform such a procedure on your own.

How to block a phone number on an iPhone

Sometimes, unwanted calls and text SMS are received on the user’s cell phone. If the owner of the gadget wants to get rid of such incoming, he can use emergency situations. This service allows you to add phones to a database that blocks incoming calls from a specific cell phone. It is worth telling in more detail about how to block a contact on an iPhone.

turn, unwanted, calls, iphone

How to block in Facetime and is it possible to block messages

As already mentioned, immediately after entering the mobile into the emergency database, the user will not receive not only incoming calls, but also text SMS. This means that you can block messages. Now it’s worth dwelling in more detail on how to add a number to an emergency via Facetime. The operation is performed according to the following scheme:

  • the Facetime application is launched on the smartphone;
  • as soon as the launch is completed, a list will be displayed on the screen;
  • next to the subscriber’s phone is the “i” button;
  • you need to click on this icon.

As soon as the owner clicks on the icon, a list of actions will open for him. There you should select the item “Block subscriber”.

What applications can be used to create an emergency

Additionally, users are given the opportunity to use applications through which blocked databases are created. Such utilities have advanced functionality compared to the standard option that is provided in iOS. Popular types of software include:

  • Black List Call. This is a simple utility that is provided to users for free. It allows you to block those cellular that are unwanted by the user. The functionality practically does not differ from the built-in program. But here the client can add any number, even if it is not in the directory.
  • BlackList: Caller ID Blocker. Another utility with a simple interface. It allows you to identify the caller ID. Additionally, it can block an incoming call. You can activate two functions at once at the same time.
  • Call Control. If the user does not know who the SMS and incoming messages are from, he can still add contacts to the emergency.
  • Call Blocker: Block Call Spam. There is an intelligent lock here. Also, the software has access to the iPhone directory and can work with it.
  • The disadvantage of the program is the long registration in the service. Usually, software is required to authorize via or provide your personal data. Additionally, the program sells premium versions with advanced functionality.
  • Numbo Call Blocker Caller ID. The utility provides a standard set of functions. Immediately after registration in the system, the application recommends performing a paid subscription.
  • note
  • It is not recommended to indicate your personal data in utilities, such as Name and Patronymic, as well as date of birth.

Advantages of using the “Black List” program

This option has undeniable advantages. For example, a user can get rid of text SMS containing ads and spam. Also, if the client often receives calls from one number, offering certain services, you can simply block the phone. After that, incoming messages will cease. Another plus of the program is its free provision. The owner of the gadget just needs to configure the option without paying for its daily use.

Where are the emergency phone numbers

The user has learned in detail how to block a phone number on the iPhone, now he should figure out where to see information about the blacklist. This option is located in the gadget settings section. To find it, you need to perform a number of such actions:

  • the iPhone owner goes to the settings section;
  • there you should select the item “Phone” from the list;
  • then the client from the list selects a subsection with the name “Blocking and identification of calls”.
  • note
  • As soon as the entry into the sub-item is completed, the full base will be displayed on the screen. All subscribers who are included in it will be registered in it. Here the customer can unblock the number. You can also additionally add a phone to the emergency.

How to add a phone number to the database using the “Messages” section

When the latest iPhone firmware was presented to customers, manufacturers added the ability to block cell via the Messages section. If the user needs to transfer one of the numbers to an emergency, he can use the following instruction:

  • the smartphone must be unlocked;
  • then the user should find the section with SMS on the screen;
  • after entering this item, you need to find a correspondence with the subscriber of interest;
  • if the user often sends spam, you should find the “i” icon in the corner, it is located on the display on the right;
  • now you need to select the mobile from which unwanted SMS are received again;
  • scrolling down the page, you can see the item “Block subscriber”.

As soon as the owner of the gadget clicks on this item, the number will be transferred to the blocked list. This means that messages and calls will no longer be received.

Turn on the Antispam option on Android

To permanently get rid of phone calls and spam from anonymous callers, do the following:

  • Open the “Calls” section;
  • At the bottom of the display on the dialing board, find 3 vertical dots (or 3 horizontal stripes, depending on the brand of smartphone);
  • Find the item “Antispam” or “Blocked”;
  • Go inside and explore the opportunities provided:
  • Don’t forget to activate the antispam mode;
  • Go to the sub-item “Call blocking”, turn on the sliders for the categories “Strangers” (“Unknown”) and “Hidden”;
  • Similarly, you can configure the “SMS Blocking” sub-item;
  • Explore and customize black and white lists. Contacts from the first will not get through to you, from the second, on the contrary, with the full blocking enabled, they will calmly dial.

Also, you can configure these parameters through the main section “Settings” of the phone, in the subsection “Calls”. “Blocked” (or “Call blocking” and other synonyms).

How to enable Antispam on iPhone?

To get rid of unwanted calls on the iPhone, you need to do about the same thing, only using a different algorithm. The instruction is relevant for phones with IOS 13 and older:

  • On iPhone, open the main menu;
  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Find the item “Phone”;
  • Scroll to the end of the page and activate the slider in the “Stub unknowns” line;
  • Below is the “Blocked Contacts” subsection. We advise you to go there to adjust the lists;
  • Done. Now calls from unknown numbers will come to the answering machine and will be visible in the “Recent” section. If you wish, you can call back.

We described how to get rid of advertisers’ calls to your mobile using its basic capabilities. Now, as promised, here are the best third-party apps.

Divorces when buying and selling an iPhone on Avito: new deception schemes

If you get sick of the constant advertising spam over the phone, read our instructions on how to get rid of calls from unknown numbers. Phishing on the phone is incredibly common today. They did not face cold calls, except perhaps, the cosmonauts on the ISS, and that is not a fact. Such annoying advertising “sin” all commercial companies concerned about expanding their consumer base. And where do they get our data from??

How can you get rid of spam calls to your phone from unknown people and, at the same time, do not miss important calls? There are two ways:

  • Take advantage of the built-in capabilities of IOS and Android (anti-spam option);
  • Install an additional application that will help get rid of left calls from unknown.

Below you will find detailed instructions to help you get rid of unwanted mobile calls for both iPhones and Android devices.

How to make no one call on an iPhone?

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Do Not Disturb.
  • Slide the switch opposite the Do Not Disturb option to the Enabled position.

How to block all incoming calls on iPhone?

The slider turns green, which means that you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode. Tap Allow Calls. Choose which calls you will receive in Do Not Disturb mode. To block all incoming calls, select the “Nobody” option.

How to block all incoming calls on the phone2?

Helps block calls and messages from unwanted numbers.Tele2 Blacklist service

  • 2201 #. activate the Black List service;
  • 2200 #. disable the “Black List” service;
  • 220 #. view contacts included in the list.
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How to set up calls on iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to Settings Phone Calls to Other Devices, then turn on Allow Calls. On iPad or iPod touch, choose FaceTime Settings, then turn on Calling from iPhone.

How to make the iPhone speak who is calling?

How to enable Speak Caller Name on iPhone

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Phone settings section.
  • Tap Announce Calls.

Is it possible to block an unknown number on iPhone?

Alas, you cannot blacklist unknown numbers on the iPhone. However, you can overcome calls from them, and without the need to jailbreak or use any special applications. How to block calls from unknown subscribers on the iPhone was described in this instruction.

Why Incoming Call Doesn’t Go to iPhone?

Turn airplane mode on and off. Go to the Settings menu and turn on airplane mode, wait five seconds, and then turn it off. Check your Do Not Disturb settings.

Why is “busy” only on the first call on the iPhone?

Another option that, in theory, allows you not to miss an important call in Do Not Disturb mode is called Repeated Calls. You can enable it in the same Settings → Do Not Disturb menu (see the screenshot above). In active mode, the function misses a call on the iPhone if this is the second attempt to call in the last three minutes.

Do Not Disturb is enabled on the subscriber’s device

The Do Not Disturb feature makes the iPhone unavailable for calls from any numbers, while it can be activated and deactivated automatically at a specified time (for example, at night), a detailed guide to setting the mode can be found here. In the active Do Not Disturb mode (a month icon appears in the status bar), the iPhone also answers incoming calls with short busy beeps.

Of course, there is always the possibility of missing a really important call, for example, from family and friends. To avoid such situations, you can make an exception for certain callers and allow them to dial to the iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. To do this, you need to perform two operations:

On the page of the desired subscriber in the Contacts application, click “Add to Favorites”;

Go to Settings → Do not disturb → Call admission and put a tick in front of the “From favorites”.

Why is iPhone busy when I call

It is worth starting with a brief description of the two most common cases of short beeps (busy mode) when making a call, namely:

Busy because the line is really busy. the subscriber is talking to another subscriber;

Busy because the caller dropped (rejected) the call.

To reset an incoming call on an iPhone, you need to:

  • If the iPhone is locked. double-click the physical On button.
  • If iPhone is unlocked. red “Decline” button.

IPhone Busy: Why iPhone is always busy when calling. What’s the matter?

On the one hand, it is very convenient for a modern person to be in touch around the clock almost anywhere on the planet, on the other hand, each of us sometimes has to answer or drop calls that come at the most inopportune time.

At the same time, to solve the problem, it is enough to take a few minutes to set up the “Do not disturb” mode or add intrusive contacts to the “Black List”.

Your number is blocked (included in the subscriber’s blacklist)

Blocking subscribers using the “Black List” is easy and quick (detailed instructions on how to work with this function can be found here and here), while the marked contacts from the address book will not be able to reach the user’s iPhone, immediately after the call, short beeps will sound in the receiver ” busy. ” Thus, the “Black List” allows you to solve the problem with specific subscribers, messages and calls from whom you want to completely ignore.

How to enable 4G on iPhone

Many users don’t know how to enable 4G on iPhone, but it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. First, you need to check if your smartphone has this function. This should be written in the technical specifications of the gadget. It is also worth making sure that the SIM card has a connected Internet access service. Otherwise, the subscriber will not be able to access the network, or risk losing money from the mobile balance.

The user figured out what LTE is in the iPhone, now you should enable this service. To do this, go to settings and open “Cellular”. Here you need to find functions such as “4G LTE” and “Data transmission”. It is necessary to enable each of the options if they are disabled.

If they are turned on, but there are some problems with the Internet, then this means that the smartphone does not pick up the signal from the tower. The operator’s tower may be too far from the person’s location. In addition, the reason may lie in the lack of traffic. This can be checked with the mobile operator.

Often the internet does not work due to the fact that the APN name is not configured. To configure the name of the access point, you need to go to the settings and go to the cellular network settings. Next, you need to set the name of the access point. The name depends on the subscriber of which operator the user is. If it is Beeline, then you need to enter You can find out the name of the access point by contacting the operator.

Which iPhone models are capable of supporting 4G

Unfortunately, not all iPhone versions support the latest generation communication type. Therefore, the question: LTE, what is it in the iPhone, arises only for users of new models. After all, they have not met with such a function before. Earlier models of smartphones were released before the launch of the technology, they have only such communication standards as 2G and 3G, they do not have the fourth type of communication, and even more LTE.

The technology was first introduced into iPhones 5, 5 s and se. The developers have released two versions of the fifth iPhone model. with and without 4G. It is logical to assume that the first option is more expensive than the second. After the first sales of a new smartphone at that time, buyers immediately began to ask about LTE, what is it in an iPhone phone, because the function is new and incomprehensible. But soon the majority could no longer imagine the iPhone without this option in it. LTE is easy enough to turn on and can be turned off just as easily.

What does 3G, 4G and LTE mean in iPhone

All of these cryptic symbols are actually indicators of the type of signal the smartphone is currently using. If the data transmission range is small, the user will see the letter “E”, which is an abbreviation of the name of the “Edge” network. This network provides the phone with the ability to access the Internet. The rest of the designations are deciphered according to the same principle. For example, if the symbol “G” appears in the top line, then this indicates that the smartphone has access to the “GPRS” network.

Nowadays, any smartphone owner will have no difficulty in accessing the Internet, watching videos through it, listening to music, downloading something or transmitting any information. Now this is taken for granted, but just a few years ago, information technology was not so advanced. People had to wait for a long time to download a movie, music, video. And there was no question of video communication.

Fortunately, experts worked on this and soon presented the world with 2G, the second generation communication standard. It gave the user access to the Internet, but its frequency range was not enough to cover a large area. The operators tried to solve the problem and began to place a large number of towers at such a distance from each other that there were no “empty” zones between them.

This was extremely inconvenient and costly, so the specialists were looking for a new solution. Soon, 2.5G was created, which provided a higher level of communication at the expense of a larger coverage area. But this type did not last long, because in 2000 it was replaced by the third generation standard, which includes as many as 3 types of packet data transmission. 3G has faster internet speeds than its predecessors.

Note! Thanks to 3G, users were able to communicate via video communication, view content online and use the Internet on the move without interruptions.

The fourth generation was created in 2008, its speed exceeds 100 Mbps. This type of communication is optimal due to the fast Internet connection. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) came alongside 4G. Initially, this technology was used in 3G, and then it began to be used in the 4th generation. In simple terms, LTE is a kind of “accelerator” for the mobile Internet. When this function is enabled, the data transfer rate increases and the smartphone can easily switch to a convenient communication type. LTE also makes it possible to improve the quality of communication when forwarding.

How to Switch or Change 3G to 4G on iPhone

To switch the mode, just go to the settings and go to the “Cellular networks” section, where you can find the mobile data transfer. A person will see a list from which he can choose the communication standard that suits him.

Depending on the choice of the type of mobile data transfer, the smartphone will access the Internet at different speeds. Also, communication standards affect voice calls. Sometimes, poor signal quality may cause a call to be interrupted or intermittent. Therefore, for the best forwarding, it is recommended to turn on 3G or 4G.

How to disable LTE on iPhone

In some situations, the owner of the gadget needs to know how to disable LTE on the iPhone. This function, like any other, consumes battery power, in addition, the mobile Internet must be turned off during flights. To disable the option, you need to go to the settings and open the “Cellular” tab. In the line “4G LTE”, you need to change the checkbox from enabled to disabled.

How to set up the LTE function

With newer iPhones, you can customize LTE to your liking. For example, improve the sound quality of a voice call through faster data transfer, as well as improve the speed of the Internet. Before turning on LTE on the iPhone, you should figure out if the phone supports this option. This can be viewed by going to the tab “Cellular networks”.

Important! Some telecommunication networks do not provide for LTE communication type.

If the subscriber has access to the LTE function, he can turn it on or off. If there is no such function, then the user can turn off the Internet, or 2G, 3G or 4G.

Does 4G support iPhone 5s

The fourth generation 4G and LTE communication standard will be supported by all Apple smartphones, starting with version 5. Sometimes on phones this function is initially disabled, so the user needs to enable it on his own. The iPhone 5 and 5s do it the same way. To turn on and start going online with the function already working, you need to go to the settings and open the “Cellular” tab. The user will immediately see two options. “Cellular data” and “3G LTE”, which must be connected.

Important! To enable Cellular Data, the subscriber’s SIM card must be connected to the mobile Internet. To connect, you need to contact your telecom operator.

Does 4G support iPhone 5

As mentioned earlier, the company has released 2 versions of the 5 model. In the first version, 4G is absent, so it costs a little less than a gadget in which both 4G and LTE are present.