How to turn off the voice assistant on your TV

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For LG TVs

Let’s take a look at how to remove audio on LG Smart TV. Go to the menu: Settings → Accessibility → Audio Descriptions. The switch can be in the “On” positions. and “Off”, choose according to your taste.

On LG TVs, the command is noticeable in that it disables the free movement of the cursor through the menu. if you see that some functions that require free cursor movement have become unavailable, check the audio description settings. When the function is turned on, a hint usually appears, warning that the movement of the cursor will be limited.

The setting may not be available in some regions, and in some it may also offer an additional switch for the volume and speed of audio descriptions.

English menu path: Settings → Accessibility → Audio Guidance.

An assistant is also available here that allows you to enable or disable the possible display of subtitles for videos in which they are available; enable or disable high contrast mode; adjust the “transparency” of the settings menu.

Voice guidance on Smart TV: how to refuse help when you don’t need it

Voice guidance in normal TV settings can be an unwanted (and rather annoying) side effect when using today’s smart technology. Let’s take a look at how to disable this feature, why it can turn on accidentally, and how, if necessary, you can turn it back on.

For Samsung TVs

Let’s figure out how to turn off unnecessary voice guidance, and try to apply our knowledge in practice, to begin with on a Samsung TV.

We go into the settings of our TV in this way: Settings → General → Accessibility → Voice guidance settings. If the switch is green, then the option is enabled. We translate it into a “gray” position. annoying comments will disappear.

As we are kindly prompted by Samsung technical support, the option is enabled by default if you hold down the volume button on the remote control. “Squeeze” is a very subjective concept (and someone is used to adjusting the volume in this way from an early age), so there are no special surprises in the fact that the audio accompaniment is turned on from time to time against your will. But why it still works like this, from year to year bringing inconvenience to users. of course, that’s another question.

The path for English versions of the menu will look like this: Settings → General → Accessibility → Voice Guide Settings → Voice Guide.

In general, this instruction will be more useful to those who use new models (from 2016 inclusive) of TVs. Older TV series may have a settings menu that looks a little different. look for the Accessibility or Accessibility categories anyway. They can be inside their own categories. usually “System”, “General” or “Advanced settings”.

The model and serial number of your TV can be found either on the type plate on the back of the device, or from the menu: Support → Contact Samsung. At the time the article was published, the serial number in the menu is indicated only for models of the H, J, K, M, N, Q, LS, R, T series. Knowing the model and serial number, you can download a manual with descriptions of all menus from the Samsung Download Center. for your device.

What is Voice Assistant

A voice assistant (or virtual assistant) is a set of software that helps you use your device remotely. Commands are given by voice. when they are executed, the device usually also plays some kind of voice response, which creates the illusion of a dialogue between a man and a machine. Each voice assistant has its own “personality” and, optionally, some self-learning abilities. Voice assistants are an integral part of the “smart home”, which is used to control almost any household device. In modern Samsung TVs, by default, voice control works through the efforts of the “native” Bixby or the “Alice” system developed by Yandex, although if you wish, you can use the more famous Alexa.

In this article, however, “voice assistant” does not mean a virtual assistant as such, but the Voice Guide function (literally translated, unfortunately, causing a lot of confusion), designed to help visually impaired users in controlling “Smart TV”.

This is one of the more prominent “voice” features of Samsung TVs, and predates full-fledged voice assistants. As a rule, in Russian localization this option is called more modestly in order to deliberately separate it from the functions of virtual assistants. the corresponding setting will most likely be called “Voice guidance”. In TVs from other manufacturers, this option will be called differently. for LG, for example, it is “Audio Guidance” (or “Audio Descriptions”), although in terms of functionality and principle of operation they are absolutely similar.

How to enable voice guidance

We go to the same menus, perform the same actions, but instead of turning it off, turn it on. When this function is enabled, any ordinary action on your TV (switching channel, decreasing or increasing volume) will be accompanied by a voice comment, and the corresponding menu line will usually be highlighted in green.

To change the settings on a modern TV, you can also use voice control: Bixby so far understands commands only in English, “Alice”. in Russian. To use Alice, you need a Yandex account.

We hope this article has given a comprehensive answer to your questions regarding Smart TV voice guidance. If you still have any questions. leave comments, we will definitely answer you.

What Cortana Can Do?

In the role of a personal assistant, she can answer simple questions, since she has an algorithm for simulating speech. We can also ask her questions orally or enter them in printed form. Thanks to the ability to analyze the characteristics of the user, she can adjust her answers to his needs. If an assistant doesn’t know the answer to a question, they can quickly search for an answer through Bing. Perhaps the main drawback of the service is that it passes data through Microsoft servers. This is undesirable as it could be used by a company to track users in the future.

turn, voice, assistant

How to turn off Cortana Personal Assistant in Windows 10?

One of the most notable innovations in Windows 10 over previous versions of Windows is the personal assistant Cortana. The assistant is already familiar to users of smartphones on Windows Phone, now it has migrated to the computer OS. In general, it is a convenient service, but the built-in artificial intelligence leaves much to be desired. If Cortana technology is of little use or is often mistaken, it is best to turn it off.

How to disable Cortana in Windows 10?

The option to turn off Cortana is indeed present. Microsoft Allowed to not only disable the feature, but also remove all usage data from servers.

  • Opening the Cortana program.
  • Click on the notebook image on the left and select “Settings”.
  • Moves the slider next to “Cortana may give you suggestions” to an inactive position.

After completing the above steps, the program data saved on the local computer will be lost. To clean up storage on a Microsoft server, you need to follow an additional procedure.

  • In the same place, in the settings, we click on “Manage Cortana’s information”.
  • Your default web browser displays the Bing data page.
  • In the blocks “Clear personal information” and “Other information of Cortana” click on the button “Clear”.

If Cortana had access to your personal location data, it should also be removed from Bing Maps. A set of actions allows you to completely remove all personal data that is available to Microsoft through an assistant.

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How to turn off Cortana through group policies?

Important note. Group Policy Editor is not available in Windows 10 Home version, so the method is applicable for Pro and Corporative versions.

  • Find and open gpedit.msc through the search.
  • Expand the section “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates” and “Windows Components”.
  • Click on the “Find” block and look for the item “Allow the use of Cortana”.

How to deactivate Cortana through the registry?

If the system does not have group policies, we can use the registry, the required parameter is present in all versions of Windows.

  • Search for and run regedit.
  • Open the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Search.
  • Right-click on the workspace, select “New”, and then. “Parameter DWORD (32)”.
  • Set the name to AllowCortana and set the value to 0.

These are all available ways to turn off Cortana’s personal assistant. Their capabilities are sufficient for any task, including cleaning personal data from Microsoft servers.

How to Voice Disable Assistant on Samsung TV

If you have an Android device, you should be familiar with accessibility features that help visually impaired people. These include voice guidance, high contrast, grayscale, menu and text area enlargement, and sign language. After switching on, the voice assistant begins to give an audio description for the menus and TV settings. If you have enabled this feature, here is an easy way to disable Voice Prompt on Samsung Smart TVs.

Tips for turning off the audio description of your Samsung TV will work on all models. Whether you have a Samsung TV Series 5 or 6. 7-Series, 8-Series, 9-Series, QLED, or SUHD, you can turn off the voice guidance feature on all of them. I tried it on my Q70R but it should work on a wide variety of Samsung TV models including Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q95T, Q60R, Q80R, Q90R, Q90T, Q8C, Q950T, Q800T, Q900R, Q6F, Q7F, etc. You should also update your TV by updating Samsung TV automatically or via USB.

holding the volume button

Well, this is the easiest way to go directly to the accessibility shortcuts on your Samsung TV. In fact, I discovered this by accident when I was trying to do something else.

  • Press and hold the volume button on the Samsung Smart Remote.
  • You will be taken directly to the “Voice Guide” option. Just press the center / select button to turn off the voice prompt.

Disable voice guide

As you can see in the screenshot above, voice guidance is currently enabled. Just press the center button and it turns off.

Disabling Voice Guidance Using a Voice Command

If your Samsung TV remote has a microphone button, you can turn off the voice prompt as follows:

  • Press and hold the microphone button on the remote.
  • Say “Voice guide is off” or “Turn off voice guide”.

I have created a list of hundreds of Bixby, Alexa and Google Home voice commands for a Samsung TV that can be used to control the TV with your voice.

through accessibility settings

Let’s take a look at how to get your Samsung TV to stop talking in a few simple steps. To do this, go to Settings General Accessibility Voice Guidance Settings Voice Guidance. For detailed instructions with screenshots, see below.

  • Press the Home button on the Samsung TV Smart Remote.
  • Click on the left side of the circular navigation bar on your remote, go to Settings and press the center button to open it.
  • With the Settings menu open, highlight the General option.
  • Now press the center button or the right side of the navigation pad on the remote control to open the general settings menu.
  • Go to the Accessibility option by clicking the bottom of the directions bar and open it.
  • Among the accessibility options, you will see Voice Guidance Settings.
  • Open Voice Guide Settings.

On old Samsung TVs (2014-2018)

If you have an older Samsung TV, follow the steps below to turn off voice guidance.

  • Press the MENU / 123 button on the Samsung TV remote control.
  • Select Menu System or Settings.
  • Now select Accessibility Voice Guide.
  • Select Voice Guide again.
  • Press the select button on the remote control and select OFF to disable voice guidance.

What is a voice guide?

Voice Guide is a voice assistant or announcer on Samsung Smart TVs that provides an audio description of all menu items and options. In addition, it also gives audio feedback when switching to connected devices such as set top box or streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. In addition, it will also tell you all the details like the title of the movie and description when you view online streaming services.

Disable Voice Guidance on Samsung TV

Disable Audio Description on Samsung TV (2008-2013)

One of our visitors recently notified me that the steps above did not help because the accessibility menu was not available on her 2010 Samsung Series 6 LED TV. If you have a Samsung TV manufactured between 2008 and 2013, please follow these steps to disable audio description.

  • Press the menu button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select Sound or Sound Mode and press OK
  • Now go to the Broadcast option and select Audio Language.
  • If your Samsung TV has audio description enabled, you will see English AD selected. Here “AD” stands for “audio description”. Switch to “English” just to turn off the audio description.
  • On some Samsung TVs, you can enable or disable the audio description by simply holding the Menu button for a few seconds.

By turning off the voice guidance feature on your Samsung Smart TV, you get rid of annoying voice guidance. Some Samsung TV users report that they can still hear voice-over after turning off the voice guidance. Since Voice Guide and Bixby are the only features that provide voice output, you should also try to disable Bixby on your TV to get rid of the audio description entirely.

How to turn off the demo mode on a Samsung TV?

The first way. On the TV, press the volume button and see the menu. Then you need to press the menu button and hold it (about five seconds). The TV should exit demo mode.

How to make a cursor on the TV?

To activate the mouse cursor, just press the “minus”, “plus” keys on the remote control: After that, the cursor will immediately appear. Use the ring to move it. To click with the cursor, press the button located inside the ring.

What is the voice assistant for Samsung?

Bixby is a reboot of S Voice, Samsung’s voice assistant introduced in 2012 alongside the Galaxy S III.

How to disable Google Assistant on Samsung?

How to completely disable Google Assistant

This will disable all the helper features that have now become the main part of Android, but if you are ready for this, then let’s do it. Launch the Google app and open the menu and then select “Settings”. In the “Google Assistant” section, select “Settings”.

How to turn off voice prompts on a Samsung TV?

The voice guidance of these models can be turned off as follows:

  • on the control panel, press the Menu key or press the “Settings” button directly on the screen itself;
  • go to the “Sound” section;
  • select the “Additional settings” button;
  • then go to the “Sound signals” tab;
  • press the “Disable” button;

How to change the voice assistant on Android?

To change the voice assistant, go to the “Settings” of the operating system, to the item “Applications and notifications”. Scroll down, click “Advanced” and go to “Default Applications”. We go to “Assistant and voice input” → “Assistant”. Here we select “Yandex” and agree.

How to disable voice assistant in Samsung?

Talking Mode Control Instruction

  • Move from one object to another. swipe the screen to the right or left.
  • To activate an object. double tap on it
  • Scroll up or down the screen with two fingers.

This information is also shown before turning on the voice guidance.

After you have mastered the control of the device with the activated voice assistant, try to deactivate the function.

How to turn off the voice assistant on Android. Disable accessibility features on Android smartphones

via google account

The next option is how you can deactivate the voice assistant using a Google account.

  • First you need to open Google through the main menu.
  • Next, you need to open an additional menu, click on 3 points located at the bottom of the screen.
  • A menu opens, in which you need to click on the menu.
  • The settings open in front of you, where you need to find and click on the assistant.
  • Next, another menu will open, it is important to select Assistant in it.
  • At the bottom of the screen of your smartphone, you need to click on “Phone”.
  • The final stage is to drag the slider to deactivate the voice assistant option.

Disable via smartphone settings

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Opening the settings on Honor.
  • Find the “Applications” tab.
  • Go to the “Default Applications” section.
  • Click on “Help and voice input”.

We find in the settings the section “Help and voice input”

  • Click on the “Assistant” in this menu.
  • You will have several options for action, in our case you need to click on “no” to deactivate the option.

Disabling the voice assistant

Today, a huge number of voice assistants are available for use on Android, each of which has its own settings and deactivation methods. We will pay attention only to some of the options from the most famous developers, while most of the other analogues are unlikely to cause difficulties.

Function value

In order to further more quickly and naturally carry out the deactivation procedure, it is proposed to first understand what a talkback is. If you are aware of the localization of the option in the phone parameters, you can easily find other controls.

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Voice guidance mechanisms are designed for users with poor vision properties or without it at all, while the system somewhat simplifies interaction by reproducing all the manipulations with a voice. In practice, the option is predisposed to people who previously sat at the computer a lot, since all operations are more like clicks with a regular mouse.

Before you turn off voice guidance on Android, you should understand that the function provides voice over actions performed with one click. Additionally, there is a notification about incoming calls, and in the process of shaking it reads all the information displayed on the interface.

If you hold down a click on any letter for a few seconds, then talkback will first speak the character, after which the word itself to which it refers. The function allows the listener to understand certain sounds for correct typing. Among other possibilities, it is necessary to single out voice prompts, which demonstrate some information regarding various components of the interface. over, gestures and rewriting of the voiced speech into text format can be used for control.

How to turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant

Google Assistant is a really handy assistant that’s powered by artificial intelligence. The program acts as an improved version of the old Google Now, the main difference is that the assistant conducts a dialogue with the user.

Using such an assistant, you can give voice commands to send a call, write an SMS, get information about the weather, find the desired request on the network, etc. This is very convenient, especially if you do not have the ability to type text with your hands.

The key disadvantage or flaw of the assistant is that the program does not always recognize speech correctly, so it can execute another command or show an error. Therefore, many immediately try to disable this function. It will not work to remove the assistant from your device. it is a google system service. In this case, it is really possible to deactivate the option through the phone settings. Next, we will look at the existing options for disabling the voice assistant.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana, a voice assistant originally introduced by Microsoft specifically for Windows 10, is currently available on several other platforms, including Android. Like any other similar software, this application can be partially used by disabling unnecessary functions through internal settings.

  • Expand the application and open the main menu in the upper right corner of the home page. From the presented list, select the item “Settings”.

When the page with the settings appears, tap on the “Phone Settings” block and after the transition, find the “Entry point” block. Here, first you need to expand the subsection “Cortana on home screen”.

On the “Cortana on home screen” you need to move the slider with the same name to the left to deactivate the function. Other items will be disabled automatically.

Return to the page with the main parameters “Settings” and in the same block select the section “Hey Cortana”. To turn it off, slide the “From the Cortana app” slider to the left and you’re done.

When you return to the main page with application settings, both options considered should be in the “Off” state. Please note, as in the case of Marusya, you can completely disable Cortana by logging out of your Microsoft account.

Unfortunately, the Android application does not support the Russian language, even in the text version, nevertheless, most of the settings are intuitive. As a last resort, you can always resort to the removal mentioned below.

How to turn off Voice Assistant on Samsung TVs

On Samsung TVs, the voice assistant function can be activated immediately after leaving the factory. It is a dubbing by a female voice of all actions that are performed on the TV. Comments that help visually impaired people with prompts to easily navigate the TV menu. Voice dictation allows you to verify the correctness of the actions if it is difficult to see. The feature is called TalkBack.

A sighted person does not need accompaniment. Duplicating information with a voice is only annoying, since speaking is loud and can be confusing when switching menu items. On Smart TV models, when the assistant is turned on, the cursor function does not automatically work, it is very inconvenient to use the browser.

Series K (2016)

The interface is dark without intrusiveness. If the menu is on a black background, then the Samsung TV is exactly the “K” series.

To disable tracking, you need to step by step along the path after opening the menu on the remote control:

  • section “System”;
  • item “Special. opportunities”;
  • “Vote. accompaniment “.

Then set up the voice prompter or disable completely.

Series N, M, Q, LS, R, T (newest)

  • Display the settings menu by pressing the button on the remote control (Settings) or through the item “Settings” (after clicking on Home), which is in the lower left corner of the TV screen.
  • Sequentially go to the sections “General”. “Special. opportunities”.
  • Go inside the item “Voice settings. instructions “. Disable the function or adjust the volume. The latter can be done if the accompaniment needs to be left, but it is now too loud and distracting.
  • There is a magnifying glass icon in the panel next to the Settings section. You can click on the magnifying glass and enter the name of the function you want to disable.

    Series J, H, F, E (until 2015)

    • Display the menu. Press the button on the remote control. The name of the button will vary depending on the year the TV was manufactured. May be called “Menu”, “KeyPad”, “”. After clicking, if an additional menu pops up, find the gear icon. When you click on it, the settings interface will be displayed.
    • Open the “System” tab in the settings.
    • Select the sub-item “General”.
    • At the item “Sound signals” stop your choice, confirm your choice on the screen.
    • Adjust assistant settings or disable permanently.

    The “S” premium series does not have a single solution to disable TalkBack for different models. You will have to study the menu and find the option to speak it yourself.

    Shutdown via remote control

    The easiest way to disable the speaker is to try it right away. On the remote control, hold down the volume button until the settings window opens.

    Inside there should be an option “Voice instructions” right away. Deactivate the option successfully.

    Close the window with the “Back” or “Home” buttons on the remote control.

    The same method applies to LG TVs. Only the item you need is called “Soundtrack”. After the release of equipment according to the standard, the function is disabled.

    If you did not succeed in turning off the voice guidance on the Samsung TV, then you will have to apply the method in which you yourself need to get to the corresponding settings item.

    Disconnection instructions

    The algorithm differs depending on the TV series. Each series has a different menu, set of settings and their location in the interface. The essence of the method is the same. to find the necessary item and remove voice prompts.

    To pinpoint the correct instruction, you need to know the TV series. Look at the appliance box or the back of the TV. Find the place where the model is written. The name includes designations for a number of parameters. region, diagonal, series. The screen type comes first, then the diagonal in inches, then the series is written with a letter designation.

    For example, the TV model “UE49MU6100U” says that the screen is liquid crystal (LCD), the diagonal is 49 inches, and the series is MU. In the same way, the series is determined for other models of television equipment of the Samsung brand.

    turn, voice, assistant

    You can find out the series through the internal interface of the TV in the menu “Support”. “Contact Samsung” (or “About this TV”). You need to look at the line “Model Code”. In our case, the code is “UE43TU7100UXUA”. The TV belongs to the T series, which means that the first instruction below is relevant.

    New TV models will be released all the time. The set of settings, the version of the operating system, the interface will change. This means that the location and name of the settings can also be different. Therefore, you will have to look for the required functions yourself. Or refer to the instruction manual, it is attached to the technique. Additionally, you can contact the official Samsung representative in your country through the website or call the number and find out about disabling the voice assistant.

    How to remove Alice from a computer completely in Windows

    First, let’s see how to remove Alice from Windows in operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. With this method, the application is uninstalled in the same way in different OS versions.

    To remove Alice from a laptop or stationary PC, follow these steps:

    • Enter Control Panel (read here how to enter Control Panel in Windows 10), select “Programs and Features”.
    • In the window “Uninstall or change the program” find the application “Voice Assistant Alice”.
    • Select the program, right-click on it, select “Uninstall” in the context menu.

    How to remove Alice from Android phone

    Now I will tell you how to remove Alice from Android. I will show the process of removing the application using the example of a “clean” operating system Android 9 Pie.

    • Go to “Settings”, select “Apps & notifications”.
    • Find the Yandex application in the list of programs.
    • Click on the Yandex application icon.
    • In the About Yandex window, click the Delete button. If the application is installed by the device manufacturer and cannot be uninstalled, click on the “Disable” button.

    How to Trun Off Samsung’s TV Voice Assistant (Bixby)

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    How to disable Alice on a computer

    If the user does not need the voice assistant at the moment, it can be turned off.

    • Right-click on Alice’s icon located on the taskbar.
    • In the context menu that opens, select “Turn off Alice”.

    After that, the program icon will disappear from the Windows taskbar.

    How to disable Alice in Yandex Browser. 1 way

    The voice assistant is built into Yandex Browser, the program can be launched directly from the browser window. The application icon is displayed in the lower left corner of the main Yandex web page.

    To disable Alice in the browser, you need to enter the Yandex Browser settings.

    • Click on the “Yandex Browser Settings” button (three stripes in the upper right corner).
    • In the context menu that opens, select “Settings”.
    • On the “Settings” page, in the “Tools” tab, you can find the Yandex voice assistant parameters.
    • In the “Voice assistant Alice” option, uncheck the boxes next to the items “Enable voice assistant Alice” and “Enable voice activation with the phrase” Listen, Alice “.

    If necessary, you can reactivate these options in the browser settings to launch the voice assistant Alice Yandex.

    How to remove voice assistant Alice from computer in Windows 10

    In the Windows 10 operating system, you can uninstall Alice in another way, by going through a few steps:

    • From the Start Menu, launch the Settings app.
    • In the “Options” window go to “Applications”.
    • In the section “Applications and features” find the program “Voice assistant Alice”.
    • Left click on the application name.
    • Click on the “Delete” button.
    • In the warning window, agree to remove the voice assistant from your computer.

    If the user is not satisfied with the removal of programs by means of the Windows operating system, use a specialized program. the uninstaller.

    How to disable or remove Alice from computer and phone

    In this guide, we will analyze how to remove Alice from a computer or phone completely, or how to disable Alice in a browser, on a computer or on a phone. Many users encounter Alice on their devices, not everyone likes the intrusiveness of this Yandex application.

    Voice assistant Alice was created by Yandex, acting as a virtual assistant for users of smartphones and computers. Alice is built into Yandex search, Yandex.Navigator, Launcher, Yandex.Browser in mobile and desktop versions.

    Alice is ready to help the user in different situations: to answer a user’s question, go to a certain site, check literacy, get directions, suggest a piece of music being played, find out news, what time it is, etc. This is a pretty good set of functions designed to help users.

    Along with the positive aspects, some users experience discomfort from the intrusiveness of the application in some situations. Also, from a privacy point of view, using a voice assistant is not the best way to keep your privacy. It is possible that it is no coincidence that this voice assistant is popularly nicknamed “Major Alice”.

    If the assistant is enabled on the device, after clicking on the icon on the taskbar in Windows, a window will open with a greeting: “Hello, I am the voice assistant Alice.” Another option: the user independently launches the voice assistant with the phrase: “Listen, Alice”.

    There are two ways to restrict the use of Alice on a device:

    • remove Alice permanently;
    • disable Alice for a while.

    In the first case, Alice’s voice assistant will be removed from the laptop or desktop computer. In the second case, Alice will be disabled on the device for a while, until the user independently launches the application again.

    In the instructions of this article, we will look at how to completely remove Alice from a computer or Android phone, or how to disable Alice for a while on different devices.

    How to disable Alice in the browser. method 2

    The second way to disable the voice assistant is from another tab of Yandex Browser settings:

    • Enter “Yandex Browser Settings”.
    • In the context menu, select “Add-ons”.
    • In the “Yandex Services” section, in the “Alice Voice Assistant” option, move the switch to the “Off” position.

    How to disable Google Voice Input on Xiaomi?

    There are two ways to turn off the voice assistant on Android Xiaomi.How to remove the voice assistant

    • go to Settings;
    • find the item System and device, and then Advanced settings;
    • enter Language & Input;
    • click on Google Voice Input;
    • click on the Voice Match item;
    • move the toggle switch to the Disabled position.

    How to turn off Blind Mode on Windows 10?

    In order to close Narrator, press the Caps LockEsc key combination. Right-click on the Narrator icon in the taskbar and select “Close Window”.

    Turn off Google Assistant?

    How to completely disable Google Assistant

    This will disable all the helper features that have now become the main part of Android, but if you are ready for this, then let’s do it. Launch the Google app and open the menu and then select “Settings”. In the “Google Assistant” section, select “Settings”.

    How to Disable Voice Assistant on Samsung?

    How to disable S Voice on Samsung Galaxy:

    • Double tap on the Home button to open S Voice.
    • Click on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of the application
    • Click “Settings”
    • Uncheck “Open with Home Button”.

    How to remove blind mode on LG?

    • Open the Settings app.
    • Select Special. TalkBack features.
    • Set the switch to OFF.

    How to disable the Google Assistant gesture?

    Google Assistant is built into all Android smartphones.Disable Google Assistant

    • Open the standard Google application.
    • In the lower right corner we find the item “” in the form of three dots.
    • Here we go to Settings Voice input.
    • Here we find the Voice Match item and disable access.

    Yandex Alice

    Another well-known voice assistant Alice was created in Yandex and today is integrated into the latest versions of the proprietary browser by default. Initially, the option is in a disabled state and therefore, in most cases, additional actions are not required. In this case, enabling, as well as disabling, can be done through the internal settings of the browser.

      Open Yandex Browser, swipe down to go to the live tiles screen and expand the menu in the lower right corner of the page. Here you need to touch the line “Settings”.

    At the next stage, find the “Search” block and in the “Voice capabilities” subsection tap “Voice assistant Alice”. As a result, a page with the main parameters of the assistant will open.

    The disconnection process, as you can see, does not differ much from the opposite task and is unlikely to raise any questions. In addition, you can not only completely deactivate Alice, but also leave some functions by selecting “Voice search”.

    Removing applications

    Each presented application, including the Google Assistant and, under certain circumstances, the accessibility of the Android operating system, can be uninstalled by standard means through the “Settings”. This deactivation method is the most radical, although it does not require clearing memory. Using the example of other programs, the procedure for uninstalling applications was described in detail by us in a separate article.

    Ways to Disable Voice Assistant on Android

    Devices on the Android platform have quite convenient controls, which can be simplified even more with the help of voice assistants. However, due to the availability of several options at once, some software becomes useless and requires removal to save memory space. It is about disabling voice assistants that we will discuss further in this article.

    Disabling the voice assistant

    Today, a huge number of voice assistants are available for use on Android, each of which has its own settings and deactivation methods. We will pay attention only to some of the options from the most famous developers, while most of the other analogues are unlikely to cause difficulties.

    Maroussia from

    Of all the voice assistants presented in this article, Marusya from the company is the newest and therefore less popular application. Here, as in other analogs, there are settings for controlling functions, through which you can also deactivate.

      Open Marusya through the application menu and tap the “Settings” icon in the lower left corner. After that, you need to find the “Basic” block and change the status of the “Voice Activation” function.

    As a result, the assistant will stop responding to the keyword and will be available only inside the corresponding application. If you are not satisfied with this solution, you can additionally disable linked accounts using the “Log out of account” button, which will automatically restrict the use of the software.

    Despite the short period from the date of release, already at the end of 2019, Marusya provides an impressive number of tools. Try combining different settings to use only the functions you want.

    Google Assistant

    Since the Android operating system is developed and published by Google, most of the preinstalled software is made up of services and applications from this developer. In particular, this applies to the Assistant, which provides a voice search function, better known as “Ok Google”. To deactivate, just visit the internal “Settings” of Google Assistant and turn off the previously mentioned option.

    Google talkback

    Unlike previous options, Google TalkBack is a standard service of the Android operating system and acts as an assistant for people with disabilities. Due to the fact that when using the option, all actions will be automatically announced, it is not always convenient to use it. We described the deactivation of the function in as much detail as possible in a separate instruction.