How to turn off Samsung TV without a remote

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Using a smartphone to control the TV

Smart TV models provide control using Android and iOS apps installed on your phone or tablet. Most manufacturers develop their own software for free download via the Play Market. There are also universal apps, but they are usually overloaded with ads and not very user-friendly.

If there is no Internet connection, you will not be able to control your “best friend” from your smartphone

All ways to turn on the TV without a remote control

All modern TVs are equipped with remote controls. Therefore, manufacturers often do not consider it necessary to make convenient and intuitive manual control panels. Meanwhile, they are. You just need to know where to look and how to use them. Such a need sooner or later arises in almost every home. The remote control can get lost, fail, the buttons happen to sink. Even the batteries run out at the worst possible time. And you can control the TV using your phone. How to turn on the TV without a remote control. in the article below.

Keys on the TV

The most common designations for manual control buttons:

There are some others, but they are very rare. Basically, manufacturers strive for uniformity so that users do not have to get used to buttons of different brands and models.

The procedure for using the buttons is the same regardless of the problem to be solved.

Setting up your TV without a remote control

Of course, it is much easier to do this using the remote control, but it is quite possible from the manual panel. Let’s look at the example of setting up channels:

  • Switch on. POWER.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Use the arrows to scroll to the “Channel settings” section.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Select the submenu “Manual setting”.
  • Confirm action. OK.
  • Select “Auto tuning” or “Programs”.
  • OK.
  • In the “Programs” subsection, assign its own number to each channel.
  • Channel selection. OK.
  • Adjust to the required image quality with /-.
  • Confirm Action.
  • Exit the menu.

∗ If this section is selected, TV will search for channels by itself.


As in the previous cases, you first need to download the application to your smartphone. For TVs of this brand, Philips MyRemote is the best solution. Synchronization is carried out either over your home Wi-Fi network, if there is an access point. Or via Wi-Fi direct, as described above.

The application works similarly to its competitors from Samsung and LG. The latest versions add sync functions with Philips audio devices and players.

Button control

Most manufacturers hide the manual adjustment panels in order to make the TV more compact, to reduce the risk of interference with the settings by young children. Or just the design requires.

The panel buttons are very small and uncomfortable. This is understandable. they are needed only in exceptional cases.

For domestic models, manual control, as a rule, is located on the front wall, under the screen and is closed by a hinged panel. The buttons have their own designations in Russian and do not raise questions from users.

Imported brands mostly hide the manual control panel on the back or side walls. Each model is different.

How to turn on the TV without a remote control is indicated by the manufacturer. If the operating instructions have been preserved, you need to refer to them. The manual contains all the designations of the buttons, their purpose and method of application.

When the instruction is lost, it doesn’t matter either, because the functionality of all buttons from different manufacturers is almost the same.

If the manual is lost or the TV was bought off hand (it happens), you can download the Russian-language version on the manufacturers’ websites for free. Provided that there is an Internet connection.


The Japanese went further than others and created just a virtual remote control for smartphones, without bothering with additional functions. This is just a copy of the original remote control, only in a mobile device:

This application. TV Remote for Toshiba. is an infrared solution, that is, it can be used absolutely on all models of the manufacturer (if, of course, the smartphone has an infrared port). The software includes voice support and a virtual keyboard. And the cherry on top. this remote works with Samsung, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp and Sony TVs.

How to turn ON/OFF Samsung TV without remote control

Almost all manufacturers have a limitation: TVs manufactured in 2014 and older do not support the control function from a smartphone, since the encryption protocols have changed during this time. But, if the TV and the phone have infrared ports, then with their help you can use applications to work with the TV.

Switching channels

It is not difficult. As a rule, after turning on the TV, it starts working on the same channel on which it was turned off. To switch to another, you need to scroll to the desired.

How to control a Samsung TV without a remote control?

Any modern Samsung TV model is equipped with a remote control (RC). Due to the high sensitivity of the sensors installed on the devices of this brand, the TV can be controlled with the remote control from a long distance. At the same time, even without the strict aiming of the remote control at the receiving panel of the device.

But it may happen that it will be impossible to control the television panel using the remote control. The remote control may get lost, broken, or the batteries may be discharged. If the repair of the old one or the replacement of the new one cannot be done at the moment, then you can manage the settings without it.

How to control a joystick?

The latest models of Samsung plasma panels, instead of the usual set of keys for manual control, are equipped with only a lever with one button. It’s called a joystick. It is very easy to operate the TV settings with the joystick button. The device of such a control lever is a large flat button on a small foot that can rotate in any direction. When moving the joystick, you need to follow the prompts on the screen and when the desired item appears, you should:

  • press the center of the button if you need to enter the menu or confirm the changes made;
  • press the upper edge of the key to switch the channel number upward or move upward through the menu items;
  • press the bottom edge of the button to switch the channel number downward or downward in accordance with the menu items;
  • press down on the left edge of the key to decrease the sound;
  • press the right edge of the button to increase the volume.

When operating the TV using the joystick, you need to be careful, and when you press, the pressure should be applied directly to the center of the button.

If the movements are not clear, the pointer may jump over the desired point and the control system will work incorrectly.

Controlling buttons on the panel

Each TV has a control panel. Depending on the model, it is located in front or on the side, rarely. behind the device. The control panel, located on the TV body, is a dedicated part that is equipped with several buttons. Each button has specific icons and legends.

If the control panel is located at the front, it is most often hidden. To start operating the TV settings in manual mode, you need to remove or flip the cover from the buttons by lightly pressing it.

Before you start using, you must carefully study all the labels and symbols located near the buttons. The standard panel, which is equipped with almost all popular models of Samsung TV receivers, is located at the front of the device in the lower right corner.

The control system includes the following buttons.

  • POWER. By pressing this button, you can turn the TV on or off.
  • MENU. Pressing this key enters the device menu. From the menu it is possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other necessary parameters.
  • OK. Confirmation button. By selecting the required menu item or setting parameter and then pressing OK, the change made is confirmed and saved.
  • VOLUME. There are usually 2 buttons under this label. One with a “-” sign and the other with a “” sign. With their help, you can reduce or add the sound emitted by the device.
  • CHANEL. This key is necessary to scroll through the channels. There are also 2 buttons under this inscription, which allows you to switch channel numbers either upward or downward.

If your TV model assumes that the keys are located on the side or rear panel, their functions will be the same as the keys located on the front panel, so the operation will be identical.

Mobile phone use

You can also customize the TV without using the remote control using a mobile phone. Not all Samsung LCD panel models have this functionality. For this type of control, you need to install a special program Samsung TV Remote on your smartphone.

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The TV must also have a set of certain functions:

  • the presence of Wi-Fi;
  • Smart TV function.
  • the presence of an Ethernet port;
  • the remote control function on the mobile device.

If all of the above conditions are met, you need to launch the application installed on the phone. In the proposed interface, 2 screens will appear on the screen of the mobile device. One of the fields will contain buttons with channel numbers. And by going to the second field, you can manage menu items.

The designation of the keys in such a mobile application is the same as on the remote control or on the TV panel. Therefore, management will not be difficult. The advantage of this type of control is that you do not need to point the mobile device at the TV. you can even change channels from another room.

Thus, you can watch TV even without a remote control. And several proposed control options will help you choose the most suitable one in a particular situation.

How to control the TV using your phone, see below.

Basic information about AV

Basically, an AV connector or output is a single socket on the back of the TV, to which a special cable or wire is connected. The other end of this wire connects to the desired device. After this manipulation, the data is transferred to the screen. Thanks to the fusion of the analog signal, we achieve the rebroadcast of files on the big screen. Recently, almost every type of equipment has been equipped with these inputs. At the moment, this is the best and most reliable way to transfer data from any external storage device. They are equipped with cameras, players, camcorders, DVDs, and among the latest developments there are even phones with the function of this input.

In order to make the correct connection to the TV, you need to sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Make sure your vehicle supports this option. You can find out from a consultant before buying.
  • Buy the appropriate wire if it is not included in the kit. There are various models, the most classic of which are tulip and scard.
  • Connect external media and screen together.
  • Switch on the desired channel. It is usually written in AV mode.
  • Make all the necessary settings, as when regulating the operation of a standard channel.

How to turn on av on TV without a remote control

Modern technologies are striking in their spectrum of action. They are actively being introduced into all spheres of human activity and simplify life. In our daily life, we also come across inventions that have become familiar, but until recently they were considered a rarity. First of all, everyone remembers about TV. Over the past ten years, this type of technology has evolved from a luxury item to a part of the interior. Now it has become available to everyone and is able to beautifully complement the design of the room.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of models that differ in functionality, cost and appearance. You can choose a model for every taste. However, do not forget about the main function, which is broadcasting TV programs. Thanks to modern technology, the number of options has also increased. Now there are Smart TV capabilities. However, the old operating modes have also survived.

In this article, we will look at the AV mode and show you how to switch modes on the remote.

Literally AV stands for and translates from English as audio and video. Based on this, it can be understood that the main task of this mode is to play and broadcast video with sound.

IMPORTANT: There is a connector on the AV TV panel and the corresponding operating mode. Do not confuse these concepts.

What is it for?

To begin with, it is worth understanding the main purpose of this connector and the operating mode. Modern TVs are equipped with picture and sound reproduction functions. They can work in several main ways:

If the first mode is clear to everyone, then we will dwell on the second in more detail. The main task of this input is fast signal transmission from any device and the ability to view it on a large screen. This is very convenient, especially for work purposes. But you will not succeed if the appropriate TV mode is not selected when the device is connected. It is he who is intended as a separate channel for broadcasting files from an external drive.

That is, every time you use an external media, you need to switch your TV to the appropriate mode.

IMPORTANT: For easy access, you can manually set the button to quickly switch to AV.

How to turn on without a remote control and is it possible to do it?

Despite the simplicity of this method, there are some difficulties. Basically, they consist of including the screen itself in the work. Of course, the simplest and most basic method is to turn on the desired channel using the remote control by pressing the corresponding button.

However, it so happens that it does not work, you do not have a remote control, or it suddenly breaks down. In this case, you will have to deal with non-standard inclusion options. There are several ways to accomplish this task:

  • Some TV models have a dedicated control button panel, usually located on the side or bottom. It has buttons for increasing, sound volume, channel switching and a separate button for AV / TV.
  • Another effective option is telephone control. To do this, you need to download the required application with a basic set of functions and control buttons. Through this program, you can turn on the device and select the mode you are interested in.

IMPORTANT: The keypad on some models is too small to be seen. Inspect the entire enclosure carefully.

What actions can be done using the buttons

According to the description of the main keys, it is clear that with their help it is easy to turn on / off equipment, increase or decrease the volume, switch channels and enter the settings. An exception is switching and controlling the receiver, which must have a separate remote control.

It is easy to figure out how to change channels and adjust the sound. Let’s consider how to turn on AV mode without a remote control and make other settings in the Menu:

  • You can enter the main menu using the Menu button or a long press on Power, or on the central button of the joystick. It all depends on the TV model.
  • A list of TV settings appears on the screen. You can move up and down using the volume buttons.
  • You can go to the desired subsection using the channel switching keys.
  • After setting each parameter, you must confirm the actions. To do this, “OK” is provided or pressing the menu button again.

Complete instructions for operating a specific TV model are attached in the passport to the device. You can also read it about Honor on the official website of the manufacturer.

Remote setup without a remote control via a smartphone

Smart TVs work over the Internet. They are equipped with more features than classic plasma or LCD panels. And they can be controlled via smartphones, after installing the corresponding application on the mobile phone.

There are a lot of “remote control substitutes” programs, but TV Remote is considered to be the most effective. It fits all modern TV models. And it’s easy to download it for free through the AppStore or Google Play, depending on the OS of the smartphone.

After installing the application, you need to synchronize with Smart TV. This can be done in three ways:

  • IR port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth.

All options are wireless. And their choice depends on the model of the TV and mobile phone.

Important! The application allows you to bypass the child lock button lock. This option turns off manual control of vehicles. And thanks to remote synchronization, a virtual remote control appears, with which you can enter the unlock password.

Working with TV Samsung

Features also depend on the specific TV model. But there are general rules and methods on how to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote control. These include:

  • Find a panel with buttons. It is often hidden behind a decorative strip. First you need to find it, lightly press on it. And only after that the buttons for controlling the equipment will open.
  • The standard panel is located on the bottom right under the TV screen. Often in new models, all keys are touch-sensitive, except for Power.
  • The easiest way to deal with the joystick is during operation. It is enough to go into the settings via Menu or Source and move the lever in different directions.
  • There is a separate Samsung TV Remote app for mobile control. The program interface repeats the buttons of the remote control, so it’s easy to figure it out.

You can control the TV without a remote control according to the general scheme given above. Or go to the manufacturer’s official website, find a model of equipment and see the instructions for it. It is easy to find out TV data by the panel or sticker on the device. It is located most often on the rear panel.

LG control features

Any LG TV can be turned on / off and configured without a remote control. This option is necessarily provided by the developers in case of loss, breakage or dead batteries in the remote control.

The vehicle keys have standard meanings: Power, Menu, OK, / The AV button is sometimes displayed separately. It is needed not to turn on the LG TV without a remote control, but to manually switch the broadcast to a DVD player or other external device.

To control equipment via a smartphone, there is also a separate licensed application. LG TV Remote. They can make settings and switch channels to Smart TV. Such models of equipment are produced after 2012. And for them to work, you need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet.

Standard manual control

To understand how to set up a TV without a remote control, you need to understand the standard values ​​and keys. They are found on all TVs. And they include:

  • Power on or POWER. It is located separately and is usually larger than the other keys.
  • Go to the menu section. MENU. There are TV models where the same key is used to turn on, only in this case it must be held for 10-15 seconds.
  • The key to confirm the selected actions is OK. There are options where to go to the menu you need to click on it twice.
  • Channel switching. signs. Located next to each other. They are also used to navigate the menu.
  • Volume control. indicated by and Also needed for navigation.
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Separately, older versions of TVs have a button for switching the signal source. It is designated “AV”. In new versions, the broadcast source is selected through the menu.

In the new TVs from Pan Sony, Philips, Samsung, the control keys resemble a game joystick, near which there is an on / off button.

Features of the TV Remote app

The Smart TW Remote app allows you to set up your Samsung TV without a remote control. It is also suitable for all Smart TV manufacturers. And with its help, it is easy to switch channels, turn on movies from a DVD player, install new applications and even go out to social networks through the technology screen.

Among the options and advantages are a convenient keyboard for entering text, voice data input, Multi-touch for solving different tasks at the same time. In fact, the application becomes a full-fledged and even more functional analogue of the remote control.

Installation takes less than a minute. For synchronization you need:

  • Launch the application.
  • Connect the phone to the TV. go to the settings and select the TV brand from the list as an access point;
  • Wait for automatic synchronization.

After these simple steps, the smartphone will turn into a multifunctional remote control.

Key element designations

Each button, even on the smallest panel, has a certain functionality, and is signed with a word or symbol.

  • The element labeled “Menu” is most often designed to turn the device on and off, and also allows you to adjust the image without a remote control.
  • Button “Ok”. is intended to confirm the selected settings or actions.
  • Items marked “” and “” are for channel travel. After pressing “Menu” they are used to navigate between setting options.
  • Using the buttons “” or “-” you can adjust the volume, and after “Menu” decrease or increase the values ​​of the selected settings.
  • The “AV” button is designed to select a special mode that allows you to use a DVD-player or VCR. In some models, it may not be available, but when such devices are turned on, the mode is activated by itself.

Connecting a set-top box to a TV without a remote control

In order for the TV to start showing through a set-top box or receiver, you must select a signal source on it. To do this, on the case, you need to find a button with a rectangle, into which the arrow enters on the left, and by clicking on it, select the desired connector.

Source button. select a signal source

Sometimes switching is carried out by scrolling through the channels. after their end, the device will automatically start switching signal sources. Some devices have a dedicated AV / TV key that allows you to switch from antenna to tulip.


To control the TV of the Korean brand Samsung, you need an installed utility on your phone. Samsung TVRemote. After installation, you will need to wait for synchronization. The program has a nice and intuitive interface with two desktops. On the first one there are standard buttons. power, channels, volume. The second will help you take advantage of the Smart functions of the device.

TV navigation

The first TVs with a remote control on the side had a button control panel of a fairly large size, on which buttons for turning on, switching and setting flaunted. Very often, one large one stood out among them, which was responsible for turning the TV on and off, as well as switching between channels. Gradually, this navigation became smaller, the manufacturer made the panel smaller and smaller. When developing new TV models, designers tried to completely get rid of button navigation, constantly reducing it and even removing it to the rear panel.

Each device always has manual control, you just need to look for it. In the operating documents that come with the kit, there will definitely be a description of the panel and the purpose of its each element. Even with the most modern TV, thanks to push-button navigation, you can not only turn on the device, change channels, but also adjust the sound, brightness and even unlock the TV.

How to turn on the TV without a remote control

The remote control has been specially designed to make life easier for the common user. Indeed, with its appearance, it has become much easier to control a TV or other modern devices. But there are quite unpleasant situations when the remote control is lost, the batteries run out or, even worse, it breaks down. Of course, repairing the console is inevitable. But what to do, while the remote control is under repair, how can you switch between your favorite programs now? Some users have a logical question: how to turn on the TV without a working remote control? Don’t panic, every problem has a solution.

Smart TV control from a smartphone

TVs with SmartTV instead of a remote control can be controlled by a smartphone. This requires special software.

To control LG TVs, you need to install the LG TV Remote application on your smartphone, it works with Smart TV models from 2012. To turn on the device without a remote control or smartphone, you can press the Power button on the case.

Third Party Brands

If the TV is from another brand, then you can use the TV Remote utility to control it. The application has a pleasant interface and the required minimum of functions. It is easy to find it on request in the Play Store or AppStore, to put it on the iPhone.

After installation, the TV can be controlled via infrared or Wi-Fi. The first is convenient because all TVs have, but not all smartphones, but Wi-Fi will only help if you have a SmartTV.

Remote control signal disappears on Samsung TV

Turning off / turning on the TV via the remote control does not occur, the indicator reacts, but there is no action, or the TV starts to respond only after repeatedly pressing any button. This problem appears more often with brands of TVs Sony and Samsung. try to solve this problem by simultaneously pressing Program and Volume on the front of the TV. If the problem persists, you need to reflash the product system to the latest software version, then your TV will turn on the first time.

Faulty LED TV remote control

In addition to the batteries, the malfunction may lie in the infrared LED. It can break off or simply fail. It is simply impossible to determine whether the device is in order or not: for this you need a smartphone.

To test the operation of the remote control using a mobile device, the following conditions must be met.

  • The TV remote control must have an infrared sensor.
  • You will need a smartphone with a camera.

The sequence of actions for checking the operation of the IR sensor using the phone is as follows.

  • Turn on the camera of your mobile device. In this case, the screen will display what falls within the range of the camera.
  • Point the remote control at the switched on camera and press one of the buttons for a long time. It is best to press on / off the TV set.
  • If the remote control is functional and the IR sensor is working, a reddish or blue-violet light from it will be visible on the smartphone screen. The dimmer the light, the worse the remote works. Poor performance can be from problems with batteries or oxidation of contacts. Repairing these elements will help the device function properly again.

Attention! At the time of checking the operation of the LED, the room should be dark.

Using this technique, you can identify those remote control buttons that are not working and repair them. Sometimes a specialist consultation is required. If the device cannot be repaired, you need to purchase a new remote control.

Extraneous interference

They are very rare, but they cannot be ruled out. Just make sure that nothing interferes with the operation of the remote control: flashing fluorescent lights, other household appliances such as a microwave oven or microwave oven. For example, such a situation can arise if the TV is not placed correctly in the kitchen: many users put TV on the microwave without thinking about whether it can be done. Perhaps these steps will help answer the question of why the TV does not turn off and on from the remote control.

Dead batteries

The most common reason for the Samsung TV remote to stop working is due to battery drain. This is also shown by the statistics of customer calls to the repair points of household appliances. But replacing power supplies is the simplest thing to do, and it’s not hard to deal with. We find a cover on the back of the device, under which there are batteries. The lid has a special corrugated surface, by pressing on which, it can be easily moved.

The movement takes place in the direction in which the arrows point. After opening the compartment, we take out and dispose of the old batteries, and insert the new ones in their place, observing the polarity.

Another reason is possible: the batteries themselves are in order, but the contacts in the power compartment are oxidized or loosened. To check their condition, remove the cover as described above. Let’s shake the batteries a little. If they are loosely fixed, dangling in the nest, they need to be tightened. Having taken out the batteries, tighten the contacts with a screwdriver, then set the power back.

Oxidized steel parts do not allow electrical current to pass through. Oxidation occurs from dirt, dust, moisture. With an ordinary cotton swab dipped in alcohol or cologne, wipe the contact points. If this is not enough and the corrosion is not completely removed, remove it with a sharp metal stick. A needle or screwdriver will work.

Samsung TV does not respond to the remote control. causes and remedies

Modern users have already forgotten those distant times when it was necessary to get up from a comfortable chair in order to switch channels, make the sound louder or adjust the brightness. today the remote control (remote control) is invaluable in this.

Therefore, if suddenly the Samsung TV does not respond to commands from the remote control, it causes some discomfort. Why this happens, and how to reanimate the device, we will consider in our today’s article.

Remote control does not work on Samsung TV. why?

If your remote control does not affect the TV, then there can be many reasons, and only an experienced master can understand the essence of the problem, establish an accurate diagnosis. With the help of special diagnostics, the cause will be found in a short time, and often it lies in other devices. this already requires completely different actions. However, there are also quite common reasons that cause problems with the remote control.

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Samsung TV problem

As a result of numerous checks, you found out that the remote control is working properly, and the Samsung TV is still not going to turn off when you press the corresponding button on the remote control.?

There are not many options here: the photodetector is not working correctly, or a breakdown has occurred in the product control processor.

Such a malfunction cannot be eliminated on your own. by your actions you can cause irreparable harm to the delicate technique. It can simply turn off forever, and no magician will be able to reanimate it, and you have to go for a new TV.

How to check if the remote control on a Samsung TV is working

Sometimes there is such a problem that the Samsung TV remote control does not work. Most often, the cause of the problem lies in itself. Of course, if the remote control is dropped or mechanically damaged, it is not so easy to fix it. First you need to check the joint operation of the TV receiver and the remote control. To do this, we perform the following actions.

  • Make sure the TV is plugged in. If not, plug the power cord into an outlet.
  • Make sure the mains voltage is present. The safety valve may have been triggered or the electricity was cut off due to an interruption.
  • Check the operation of the TV receiver without a remote control. To do this, set various commands using the TV control panel. If everything is in order with the device, then the problem lies in the remote control.

Setting up your TV without a remote control

Some TV models have a manual control panel that visually looks very much like a game joystick. By and large, this is one large key with which you can fully control the TV. To confirm the action, you need to hold down the key in the center. To select the required command, click in a certain direction. The operating algorithm is very similar to that of old mobile phones.

Mostly a joystick-shaped manual control panel is found on TVs from Samsung or Daewoo.

Using the example of such a TV, we want to analyze the procedure for setting, for example, brightness:

  • First, you need to open the main menu, to do this, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it in this position for a few seconds.
  • The screen will display a list of functions that can be used to customize the technique.
  • Select the desired function by toggling between options by pushing the joystick up and down.
  • The command you need will be called “Contrast”, to select it press the center of the joystick.
  • Change the contrast level to the desired value. Use the left and right buttons to adjust.
  • To save the adjusted settings, press the center of the joystick.
  • To exit the settings menu, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it for a few seconds.

According to this principle, absolutely all functions, without exception, are configured. The manual control panel makes it extremely easy to sequence the TV channels. Finding the program you need will be much easier. This is done according to the following algorithm:

Lost your Samsung TV Remote? Try This

  • Go to the main menu by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • Select the “Channel setup” section, and then the “Manual setup” subsection.
  • To confirm the entrance to the section or subsection, click on the “OK” button.
  • Open the “Programs” item.
  • Assign a specific serial number to each TV channel.
  • To switch between numbers, use the buttons: up, down, left, right.
  • Do not forget to confirm the previously selected values ​​by pressing the “OK” button.
  • The color of the region is selected according to a similar principle.
  • Adjust sound settings.
  • Search for new TV channels.

The found TV channels must be stored in the TV’s memory. To find new channels, repeat the steps above.

Turning the TV on and off without a remote control

As mentioned earlier, if the remote control is broken, then to turn the TV on or off, you need to find the manual control panel. All nuances are clearly described in the user manual. How to turn on the TV without a remote control? You must press the POWER button. Some models are enabled via Menu.

Check if the LED is on. If not, then the problem is not with the remote control. The equipment may not be connected to the network. It is also necessary to check the operability of all elements of the power system. Modern TV models are equipped with a touch-sensitive power button. When the technique starts, the button will light up in the corresponding color.

Standard designations

Let’s assume that the TV manual control panel is found, but how exactly do you use it? Regardless of which TV brand you use: LG, Samsung or Sony, the set of buttons and their meaning will be identical:

  • POWER. the key to turn on / off the TV. Mostly it is located separately from other buttons.
  • MENU. a button to enter the menu, in some models this key is used to turn on the TV.
  • The OK button is needed to confirm a particular command. For example, by clicking on it, you can select a specific section of the menu.
  • – these buttons are needed to switch TV channels. They also need to be used to switch between menu sections.
  • Buttons. and are designed to adjust the sound.

Separately, it is worth talking about changing the signal source. This is mainly done through the menu, namely in the appropriate section. However, older models are equipped with a special button labeled “AV”, you just need to press it. This is very convenient if a tuner or media player is connected to the TV.

Modern TV models from Samsung, Panasonic, Philips are equipped with a manual control panel that visually resembles a game joystick.

Ways to turn on the TV without using the remote and buttons

What if the TV remote control stops working? How do I turn on the technique or change the channel? You can turn on the TV without a remote control using special buttons located on the manual control panel. You can not only switch channels, but also adjust the volume, change the signal source, and even customize the work of the technician.

Controlling the TV with buttons only

If we talk about old models, that is, about CRT TVs, then they had a large button panel in front, with which it was possible to control equipment. All keys are marked accordingly so that the user can change the TV channel or change the volume. Users have almost never had any problems with the management of such equipment.

Turning on the TV without a remote control from a foreign manufacturer is a little more difficult, since all buttons are indicated in English. The keypad has long been moved to the back or side of the TV. This allows the most efficient use of screen space.

Remember that absolutely all TVs are equipped with a panel for manual control. The only difference is that the developers have significantly reduced the size of the keys, and also moved them to the side or rear panel. It can be so tiny that the user simply won’t notice it.

If you are using equipment from Philips, Toshiba, then stand facing the screen and look for the panel on the left side. On TV from PanSonyk and Bravia, the manual control menu is on the right. Sony, Samsung, LG put all the necessary buttons on the back of the TV, in the same place as all the interfaces. The location of the main buttons on the TV panel may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. You must first study the operating manual of the device in detail.

What if you need to turn on the tuner without a remote control? In this case, the situation becomes much more complicated. You need to purchase a new remote control from an electronics supermarket. Since there are no buttons on the front panel of the tuner for switching channels, volume control.

Switching channels

When the TV is switched on, the broadcast of the TV program that was selected last before the end of the last session will start. In the presets, you can select a channel so that it turns on immediately after starting the TV. How to switch channels without a remote control on equipment from Panasonic, Daewoo? The manufacturer does not play a special role, since switching between TV channels is carried out according to an identical algorithm.

There are dedicated buttons on the manual control panel. Click on them to scroll forward or backward through TV channels. What if these buttons are missing? How do I change channels? In this case, you need to go to the corresponding section of the menu to switch to another channel, use the volume buttons and. accordingly.

Controlling the TV via Smartphone

Downloading a special application will allow you to use your mobile phone as a remote control. There are several effective programs to fully control your TV. However, the TV Remote is the best option. This program is suitable for absolutely all TVs. You can download the software from the AppStore or Google Play.

Install the app. Synchronization of a mobile phone with a TV can be done in several ways:

  • infrared port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth.

Much depends on the TV model and phone. One of the main advantages of this program is considered to be an intuitively simple and clear interface. In the application you will find exclusively necessary commands.

Absolutely all TV models have such an option as child protection. The function presupposes locking of all buttons of the manual control panel. You cannot deactivate the child lock without the remote control. Some models may be an exception, but you will have to enter a special password for this. Therefore, be sure to first read the instructions.

That’s all. Now you know that you can control your TV without a remote control. It is enough to use the manual control panel.