How to turn off photo syncing on iPhone

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Sync iPhone and iCloud

To take full advantage of Apple’s cloud capabilities, you need to understand how to sync contacts from iCloud to iPhone.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open iCloud Panel and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Put the “Contacts” engine in an active position.
  • Click on “Combine”.

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The process is completed, now all contacts are visible to the user through Icloud from any device. If you choose to transfer other information, it will also end up in the cloud.

Let’s figure out how to sync iPhone to iPhone via iCloud. You will need to create a backup copy of the data on one iPhone, and then upload it to another. The execution time of this operation depends on the speed of the Internet connection of both devices.

  • go to the “System Preferences” in the Apple menu;
  • open the iCloud window;
  • enter Apple ID;
  • mark the data you want to save.

Now you should learn how to turn off iCloud sync on iPhone, if the need arises.

  • in the Settings pane on the iPhone, click on your Apple ID;
  • scroll down the window and click “Exit”;
  • in the tab that appears, enter the password to log into the account;
  • click on the “Disable” button;
  • set the switches to green for stored data and white for those to be removed.
  • click on “Exit”;
  • confirm your step-by-step actions.

Create a new passphrase (optional)

  • Select an account.
  • Click Sync.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Encryption.
  • Click Encrypt data being synced using a passphrase.
  • Enter and confirm the passphrase.
  • Click Submit.

Sync 2 iPhones via iCloud

Making a connection using the popular “cloud”, or linking two smartphones with iOS to each other, is quite simple. The functionality of Icloud is powerful, facilitating fast drag-and-drop of files “wirelessly” provided Internet access and working iCloud. So, you need to open the “Settings” application. iCloud on the donor iPhone. Log in to your account by entering the Apple ID associated with the service, and then the password.

To start the process, you need to go through a two-step sync in iCloud:

  • Carry out backup activation (RK).
  • Recover information from RK.

To complete the first point, select “Backup to iCloud”, enter the section:

Disable syncing one device

This item will be relevant for the majority. disabling the synchronization of one of your devices. iTunes will not open automatically when you connect your iPhone or other device and sync, so nothing will happen either. For this:

Connect your gadget to your computer and wait for this annoying program to open.

Then select your device in the list on the top left. the device page and basic information about it will open.

Scroll down to the “Settings” subsection and you will see a list of what and how should be synchronized in relation to this particular gadget of yours. Uncheck the box next to “Sync automatically if iPhone is connected”.

We recommend leaving the option “Synchronize with this iPhone via Wi-Fi” enabled, since it is relevant only when you yourself work in iTunes and does not annoy by minimizing current programs, and sometimes it is still useful to make backups.

By the way, if you do not want to sync all your media library with your gadget, we also recommend that you check the “Synchronize only marked songs and videos” box, so you can choose which albums and tracks you want to download to your iPhone without taking up a lot of invaluable space on your device.

How to create a passphrase

  • Open the Chrome app on a trusted iPhone or iPad.
  • Sign in to Chrome with your Google account.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select an account.
  • Click Sync.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Encryption.
  • Click Encrypt synced data using passphrase.
  • Enter and confirm the passphrase.
  • Click Submit.

How to reset a passphrase if you’ve forgotten it

If you change the passphrase, all synced data will be removed from Google’s servers and your devices will be disconnected from your account. Please note that payment methods and addresses from Google Pay are not encrypted with a passphrase. Bookmarks, passwords, history and other Chrome settings saved on the device will not be affected

When you sign in to Chrome again, data syncing with your account will resume.

Bookmarks, passwords, history and other Chrome settings saved on the device will not be affected. When you sign in to Chrome again, data syncing with your account will resume.

How to set up sync via iCloud?

iCloud is the name of the original, pre-installed cloud on Apple systems. The cloud is available to all Apple technology owners. Each user is given access to the cloud by his Apple ID. In the free mode of use, you can upload up to 5 GB of data to the service. At the same time, the company periodically holds promotions, during which it expands the storage for free. Still, more often than not, promotions imply a discount on the purchase of additional space. Discount cloud capacity can be expanded up to 1 TB.

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Through iCloud, all data from a smartphone (music, photos, videos, etc.) can be synchronized with a PC. To activate the function, you will first have to change several settings of the cloud service. But in the future, it will be easier to transfer files both from a smartphone to a PC, and in the opposite direction.

Using iCloud is the fastest and easiest way to transfer files between devices. During the procedure, the user does not have to set any complex settings. You don’t even need to establish a wired connection. With all the advantages of this method, it has one drawback. the space on the cloud is limited. If you actively use your smartphone, the free space is not enough.

Important! To synchronize, your computer and smartphone must have internet access. When the connection is established, you need to initially set up the smartphone, and then the PC

The methods on Mac OS X and Windows are slightly different, they are both described below.


Switch the “Backup to iCloud” slider to active mode (turns green), then click on “Create backup”:

When copying data volume, transfer rate will have a direct impact on the procedure time. If the function is left on, copying will occur automatically every time the smartphone is connected to a “charger” with Internet access.

How to turn off icloud cloud sync on iPhone

I mentioned two methods of data synchronization earlier. The other is iCloud. It runs directly on the device running in the background.

iCloud is a service that allows you to store data in the cloud and sync it between OS X computers and iOS devices, such as an iPhone with an iPad.

All you have to do is log into your Apple ID on your device and disable this service.

To turn off syncing on iPhone, you must prevent sending data to iCloud. To do this, go to iCloud, and mark what data you do not want to send to the cloud.

Also there (almost at the bottom) you will find the backup function. it can also be turned off by dragging the slider.

In addition, there you will find the Find my iPhone service, which, despite the name, in addition to the iPhone itself, also allows you to specify the location of other iOS and Mac devices based on WI-FI network data.

I would not recommend turning off finding an iPhone. iPhones are expensive and if they are blocked if lost, the likelihood of getting it from the finder increases, even for a reward.

How to turn off syncing of photos and contacts in iTunes on iPhone

All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. In general, iTunes is used to sync music, photos, videos, applications, games and many other data.

To turn off photo synchronization (most often asked about turning off photos and contacts), follow the instructions below (see photo above).

  • Open iTunes. Make sure the latest version is installed.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with supplied cable.
  • Find the connected iPhone.
  • Select “Photo”.
  • Remove the “Synchronize” checkbox.
  • Click “Finish”.

[/ info]
In addition, in the “Settings” on the left side of iTunes, you will find other useful tabs where you can disable synchronization selectively:

  • Music.
  • Movies.
  • TV show.
  • Podcasts.
  • Books.
  • Sounds.
  • Intelligence.

To do this, click a content type in the list under Settings, and then remove the Synchronize label. If this field is already selected, then leave it as it is.

How to turn off syncing on iPhone including icloud with the cloud

Data sync allows you to save photos, contacts, call calls on your computer, pair with the cloud, even sync with Google.

Thanks to this, all the necessary data can be stored not only on the mobile device. You have two options, one is iTunes on computer and the other is iCloud on the cloud.

This is certainly not bad, but you have to pay for everything in our case with data packages and battery power.

If you decide to sacrifice synchronization, you will not need to turn it off.

Tune Blocker. disable syncing of your iPhone or iPad

Tune Blocker is a small, inexpensive device (a piece of cable with a switch) to disable or enable the syncing of our iPhone with iTunes.

If you belong to a group of people who avoid connecting their iPhone to a computer just because they don’t want to put it on a long syncing process, then you can equip it with a Tune blocker.

Depending on which position you move the switch to, the device may turn off sync.

It also works with iPod / iPhone power adapters. you only need to connect one cable. Success.

Turn off Photo Stream?

In the iCloud section we find the item Photos, open it. In the Photo item, we immediately find the Photo Stream, turn it off. That’s all, the album will be automatically deleted after disabling the “Photostream”.

How to clear photo stream on iPhone?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Go to the “Albums” tab.
  • Click “My Photo Stream”.
  • Click “Select”.
  • Select one or more photos by pressing. Selected photos are marked with check marks.
  • Click the trash can icon. Click “Remove [number] photos”.

How to delete photos from your phone so they stay in iCloud?

How to delete photos from iPhone but keep in iCloud?

  • Yes, such an opportunity is indeed provided.
  • You can disable it in the following settings menu: open Settings. Photos and Camera.
  • After that, you can open the Photos application and delete all photos without fear of their safety in the iCloud cloud storage.
  • ————————————————————

How to sync between iPad and iPhone?

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, then open iTunes and select your device. Click Browse on the left side of the iTunes window. Select “Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi.” Click the Apply button.

How to disconnect communication between iPad and iPhone?

Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

What to do if photos are not deleted from iPhone?

In order to delete photos you must:

  • Connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to PC / Mac.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Go to the page with the device.
  • In the left side menu, click on the Photos tab.
  • Uncheck the Synchronize option or the selected folder with images (in this case, the entire album will be deleted).
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How to connect iPhone and iPad?

On the device you want to connect, select Wi-Fi Settings and find your iPhone or iPad in the list. Then tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. If prompted, enter the password for the tethering mode.

How to remove syncing photos on iPhone?

Disable sync for all photos

Click a device to select it. If prompted, confirm that you trust your device. Click on the “Photos” tab under the device information. Uncheck the Sync box, then click the Delete Photo button.

How to sync between iPad and iPhone?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to Settings [your name] iCloud.
  • Turn on the “Contacts” option.
  • When prompted to merge contacts or cancel the operation, click “Merge”.

How to turn off syncing calls between Apple devices?

Go to Settings. Phone. Calls on other devices and turn off Allow calls. 2. After that, open the Apple ID. iCloud section and disable iCloud Drive.

Turn off syncing with another device?

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the profile picture Synchronization.
  • Click Disable.

How to turn off Safari sync between iPhone and iPad?

  • 1) Open Settings and select your Apple ID at the top of the page.
  • 2) Select iCloud.
  • 3) In the Applications Using iCloud section, turn off the switch next to Safari.
  • 4) A window will appear where you need to decide what to do with previously synchronized objects.

How to Delete Photos on iPhone from My Mac?

In order to delete photos you must:

  • Connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to PC / Mac.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Go to the page with the device.
  • In the left side menu, click on the Photos tab.
  • Uncheck the Synchronize option or the selected folder with images (in this case, the entire album will be deleted).

How to Delete Photos from iPhone from My Mac?

You can delete photos from My Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac.On a Mac computer

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Select the photos you want to delete.
  • Go to Image menu Delete Photo.
  • Click “Delete” to confirm.

How to turn off the feature between two iPhones

Usually, the user activates the option to duplicate contact details and calls from one smartphone to another. When the client no longer needs this service, he can refuse it. The procedure is performed through the phone settings. To remove the activation, you must follow the instructions:

  • on a cell phone, the user selects the “Settings” section;
  • then the section “iMessage” is selected in the list;
  • when the client enters a subsection, he should scroll down the page;
  • there will be located the item “Calls from IPhone”;
  • the slider is moved to the “Off” position;
  • now you need to restart both smartphones.

When the actions are completed, the client will be able to delete the service that he no longer needs. Contacts and calls will not display on the second iPhone.

Can the owner deactivate the feature

If the owner needs to completely delete information from the gadget or he wants to clear the device’s memory, he should additionally turn off the connection to the services. The information is saved in the iTunes program, as well as in the cloud storage of the smartphone. If the customer no longer needs to save the phone data, he can deactivate the option.

Disconnecting the connection to Icloud

If the client is looking for a way to remove the synchronization of an iPhone with another iPhone, it should be done through the “Cloud”. Disconnection is usually required if the customer sells an old smartphone because they bought a new one. To deactivate the connection, follow these instructions:

  • open a smartphone on the home page;
  • find the item with the name “Settings”;
  • after switching to the section, the item “Aycloud” is selected;
  • when the subsection is open, you should find the “Manage storage” button in it;
  • as soon as the entrance is completed, you need to find the sub-item “Synchronization”;
  • there the user can move the slider to the “Off” position.

The owner can choose only one item, for example, “Photo”. The adjacent slider moves to the inactive position. You can also press the “Delete” key.

How to remove syncing between iPhones

To transfer information from a device to another gadget or desktop computer, the user must synchronize the data. But there are situations when you want to refuse this option. It is worth talking in more detail about how to turn off sync on iPhone and what are the best ways to do it.

Remove connection to stationary PC

If the user wants to un-sync iPhone with iPhone, he can use iTunes. When the owner connects the cell phone to the computer, a connection is automatically created between the gadget and the program. During the communication process, all device data are copied. If you want to disable the option, you should use the following instruction:

  • first, a cell phone must be connected to a stationary computer using a cord;
  • then the user must launch iTunes on the PC;
  • when the connection is established, it will need to be removed;
  • for this, the device icon is selected at the top of the screen in the corner;
  • the owner clicks on it, the computer will display basic information about the phone;
  • scroll down the list to find the “Parameters” item;
  • after clicking on this item, you must find the section “Synchronize automatically”.
  • note
  • If the client wants to completely abandon the option, he must also deactivate the item “Synchronize with this iPhone via Wi-Fi”. Otherwise, the function can be activated. It will allow you to make backups without connecting to a computer via a cable.

Pay attention to the “Synchronize only checked files” section. If the user does not want to copy music, movies and videos from the gadget, he can select only those files that he needs.

How to change the current settings

If the user wants to leave one account for all his devices, he must change the settings that are set for synchronization. It is necessary to perform this action, since all information from the first phone will be transferred to the second iPhone. This means that photos, calls, messages, contacts and videos will be saved in the gadget. All this takes up a lot of memory. To deactivate the option, you must perform a number of such actions:

  • the user must unlock their cell phone;
  • then the icon with the name “Settings” is selected on the screen;
  • after going to the section, the owner selects the item “Account name”;
  • when the entrance is complete, you need to find “Aycloud”;
  • in the list that opens, the owner will need to find the item “iCloud Drive”;
  • a slider is located near the name, it is moved to the “Off” position;
  • also in this device it is possible to deactivate the “Handoff” service;
  • this option makes it possible to start an action on one smartphone, and then continue it on another phone;
  • for this section to be deactivated, you need to go to the section with settings;
  • there the item “Basic” is selected;
  • the name “Handoff” should be found from the list;
  • a slider is located nearby, it is transferred to an inactive position;
  • in addition, the client must deactivate duplicate calls from FaceTime;
  • in order for calls from the application to arrive only to one gadget, you must abandon the option;
  • to do this, enter the section with the smartphone settings;
  • there the item “FaceTime” is selected;
  • then from the list the client should click on the button “Your address for FaceTime calls”;
  • now you can uncheck those items that the owner decided to refuse, you can leave only the phone number;
  • the same procedure is performed with the second cell phone;
  • at the same time, a new address must be indicated in the settings;
  • the same steps will be needed for the “iMessage” messenger;
  • the client selects the section with the settings on the smartphone;
  • then you should select the item “Messages”;
  • a list will open on the screen, the client must click on the item “Sending / receiving”;
  • there are contact details, you need to remove the checkboxes from them;
  • then a list will be displayed on the screen, the owner clicks the button “On other devices”;
  • here you can refuse to sync calls to another cell phone.
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Thanks to such actions, the user can quickly deactivate the established connection between two cell phones. When all these steps are completed, the smartphones will not be linked.

How to deactivate the connection function yourself

There are several ways a user can apply to disable syncing of contacts on iPhone. First, you should try to change the current connection settings. When this option is not suitable, the owner can change their Apple ID account. It is worth telling in more detail about each of these methods.

How to reset icloud on iPhone

For software version iOS 10.3 and higher, logging out of cloud storage consists of six steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to your login.
  • Click “Exit”.
  • Enter the AppelID password and click “Turn off”.
  • Mark the data that you do not need to delete and click “Exit”.
  • Confirm your actions.

If your smartphone is running iOS 10.2 or older, the process for removing Icloud looks different:

  • In “Settings” select the iCloud section.
  • Click “Exit” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the command “Remove from iPhone“.
  • Select services that you want to leave on the phone or delete along with the storage.
  • Enter the Apple ID access code and confirm the deletion of the service.

After removing Icloud, the user needs to re-authorize in the AppStore, FaceTame and iMessage with their own ID and password.

Owners of Apple smartphones can independently regulate the data flow that is sent to the cloud storage. To do this, in the device settings, in the Aikloud section, just move the checkbox to an inactive position.

Before you turn off iCloud photos on the iPhone, you should know that all photos from the gallery that are in the cloud will be deleted from the phone’s memory.

Disable iCloud on iphone

The iCloud cloud service on Apple devices turns on automatically after a person is identified by AppleID. The vaults synchronize information from your smartphone with other Apple products. When a user needs to keep the privacy of data on the phone, they need to know how to turn off iCloud on iPhone.

How to reset if you forgot your password

The company is extremely strict about unauthorized access to the iPhone. Removing cloud storage from your phone is one of the functions that requires authorization using AppleID.

You can reset the old password and set a new one from a smartphone if the user is already using iCloud and the system is protected by an additional code.

You can request a new password for your account on the company’s website. To do this, just enter the website, enter the AppleID you want to unblock, and click on the “Forgot password” button.

Choose a method for obtaining new authorization data. There are two options to choose from:

  • To the e-mail that was specified during user registration in the Apple system.
  • By answering security questions.

iOS 14. How To Stop Sharing Photos Between Devices Using the Same Apple ID

A letter will be sent to the mail containing a link to change the access code to the AppleID.

About installing browsers on a smartphone, read the material: Five best browsers for the iPhone

If the smartphone belongs to another person and the password cannot be restored, you can change the authorization data through the company’s support service. When talking with a specialist, you will need to give information about the phone, numbers from the box and from the receipt confirming the purchase.

Saving iPhone data before resetting your account

Before you can turn off iCloud sync on iPhone, you need to back up your personal information. For this:

  • In the “settings” select the name of the user.
  • Go to the Aykloud section.
  • At the bottom of the list of commands, go to the item “iCloud Backup”.
  • We select the command “Create a backup copy”.

How can I stop syncing photos from my iPhone to my iPad and vice versa SOLVED

After completing the operation, the account can be reset or turn off the “cloud”.