How to turn off parental controls on Samsung

Features on the child’s device and disabling parental controls

The child does not have much functionality in the Family Link application: you can find out what exactly parents can see and do, read the help.

An important item available to a child is “About parental control” in the main menu of the application. Here, among others:

  • Detailed description of parent’s ability to set limits and track activities.
  • Tips on how to convince parents to change the settings if the restrictions are draconian.
  • The ability to disable parental controls (read to the end before you get angry) if it was installed without your knowledge and not by your parents. In this case, the following happens: a notification is sent to parents about the deactivation of parental control, and all the child’s devices are completely blocked for 24 hours (you can only unblock from the controlling device or after a specified time).

In my opinion, the implementation of disabling parental control is implemented competently: it does not provide advantages if the restrictions were really set by the parents (they will return them within 24 hours, and at this time the device cannot be used) and makes it possible to get rid of control if it was configured by unauthorized persons (they will need physical access to the device to reactivate).

Let me remind you that parental control can be disabled from the control device in the “Account Management” settings without the described restrictions, the correct way to disable parental control to avoid blocking the device:

  • Both phones are connected to the Internet, launch Family Link on the parent’s phone, open the child’s device and go to account management.
  • Disable parental controls at the bottom of the application window.
  • We are waiting for a message to the child’s mail that parental control is disabled.
  • Then we can perform other actions. delete the application itself (preferably from the child’s phone first), delete it from the family group.

Google Family Link is the official parental control for Android phone

Until recently, parental control functions on Android phones and tablets were limited: they could be partially configured in built-in applications such as the Play Store, YouTube or Google Chrome, and something more serious was available only in third-party applications, which is described in detail in Android Parental Controls instructions. Now, the official Google Family Link application has appeared to implement restrictions on the use of the phone by a child, track his actions and location.

This overview is about how to set up Family Link to set restrictions on your child’s Android device, the available activity tracking features, geo-location, and some additional information. The correct steps to turn off parental controls are described at the end of the instructions. If you do not need to set restrictions and prohibitions, but only need to be able to get the position of a child or relative on the map, for these purposes there is another application from Goolge, for more details: How to find out the location of friends and relatives on Android. Also useful: Parental Controls on iPhone, Parental Controls on Windows 10.

Setting up parental controls on your phone

In the “Settings” item, among the parental control options for an Android phone or tablet in Family Link, you will find the following sections:

How to Enable or Disable Parental Controls on Google Play Store?

  • Google Play actions. setting restrictions on content from the Play Store, including the possible blocking of application installation, downloading music and other materials.
  • Google Chrome filters, Google search filters, YouTube filters. setting up blocking of unwanted content.
  • Android apps. allow or disallow already installed apps to run on your child’s device.
  • Location. turn on tracking the location of the child’s device, the information will be displayed on the main Family Link screen.
  • Account Information. Child account information and the ability to Stop supervision.
  • Account Management. information about the parent’s ability to manage the device, as well as the ability to stop parental control. At the time of writing this review, for some reason, in English.

Some additional settings are present on the main screen for controlling the child’s device:

  • Usage time. here you can enable restrictions on the time the child can use the phone or tablet by days of the week, you can also set the sleep time when use is unacceptable.
  • The Settings button on the card with the device name allows you to enable specific restrictions for a specific device: prohibiting the addition and removal of users, installing applications from unknown sources, enabling developer mode, as well as changing application permissions and location accuracy. On the same card there is an item “Play signal” to make the child’s lost device ring.

Additionally, if you go to the “higher” level from the parental control screen for a specific family member, to manage the family group, in the menu you can find requests for permissions from children (if any) and a useful item “Parental code” that allows you to unlock the device a child without access to the Internet (codes are constantly updated and have a limited validity period).

In the “Family group” section of the menu, you can add new family members and set up parental controls for their devices (you can also add additional parents).

Enabling Android Parental Controls with Family Link

First, about the requirements that must be met in order to be able to perform the following steps to set up parental controls:

  • The child’s phone or tablet must have Android 7.0 or later. The official website says that there are some devices with Android 6 and 5 that also support the operation, however, specific models are not listed.
  • The parent’s device can have any version of Android, starting from 4.4, it is also possible to control from an iPhone or iPad.
  • A Google account must be configured on both devices (if the child does not have an account, create one in advance and log in with it on his device), and you will also need to know the password from her.
  • When setting up, both devices must be connected to the Internet (not necessarily to the same network).

If all the specified conditions are met, you can proceed with the configuration. For it, we need access to two devices at once: from which control will be carried out and which will be controlled.

The steps for setting up will be as follows (I skipped some minor steps like “click next”, otherwise there would be too many of them):

  • Install the Google Family Link (for parents) application on the parent’s device, you can download it from the Play Store. If you install it on iPhone / iPad, there is only one Family Link app in the App Store, install it. Launch the app and check out multiple screens of parental control capabilities.
  • To the question “Who will use this phone” press “Parent”. On the next screen. Next, and then, at the request “Become a family group administrator” click “Start”.
  • Answer “Yes” to the question about whether the child has a Google account (we previously agreed that he already has one).
  • The screen will prompt “Take your child’s device”, click “Next”, the next screen will show the setup code, leave your phone open on this screen.
  • Take your child’s phone and download from Play Store Google Family Link for kids.
  • Run the application, at the request “Select the device you want to control” click “This device”.
  • Enter the code displayed on your phone.
  • Enter the password for the child’s account, click “Next”, and then. “Join”.
  • At this moment, the parent’s device will ask you to set up parental controls for this account? We answer in the affirmative and return to the child’s device.
  • Check out what a parent can do with Parental Controls and, if you agree, click Allow. Turn on the Family Link Manager profile manager (the button may be at the bottom of the screen and invisible without scrolling, like in my screenshot).
  • Set a name for the device (as it will be displayed on the parent) and specify the allowed applications (then you can change).
  • This completes the setup as such, after another click on “Next”, a screen will appear on the child’s device with information about what exactly parents can track.
  • On the parent’s device, on the Filters and Control Settings screen, select Configure Parental Controls and click Next to configure basic blocking and other options.
  • You will find yourself on a screen with “tiles”, the first of which leads to the parental control settings, the rest. informs the basic information about the child’s device.
  • After setting up, several letters will come to the email of the parent and child with a description of the main functions and features of the functioning of Google Family Link, I recommend that you familiarize yourself.
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Despite the abundance of stages, the setup itself is not difficult: all the steps are described in Russian in the application itself and at this stage are fully understandable. Further about the main available settings and their meaning.

Additional Information

The implementation of parental control for Android in Google Family Link is probably the best solution of this kind for this OS, there is no need to use third-party tools, all the necessary options are available.

Possible vulnerabilities have also been taken into account: it is impossible to delete an account from a child’s device without the parent’s permission (this would allow it to “get out” of control), if the location determination is turned off, it is automatically turned on again.

turn, parental, controls, samsung

Disadvantages noticed: some options in the application are not translated into Russian and, even more importantly: there is no possibility of setting restrictions on turning off the Internet, i.e. the child can turn off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, as a result, the restrictions will remain in effect, but the location cannot be tracked (built-in iPhone, for example, allows you to prohibit disconnecting the Internet).

Attention, if the child’s phone is locked and it is not possible to unlock it, pay attention to a separate article: Family Link. the device has been locked.

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Hello. Or you can add another device to an existing account, I mean the child’s account.

Yes, it’s just that this new device must also be under the same account of your child.

Good evening! When Family Link was connected, the child’s mobile Internet stopped working. Please tell me how to restore the work of the mobile Internet?

Hello. Family Link was not supposed to influence this in any way. So I don’t even know what to assume. You can try restarting your phone in safe mode (like this: and see if the mobile Internet will work there.

The English language was accidentally turned on, all the options are in English. how to return everything to Russian

And on the phone itself, Russian is everywhere? If not, then in the language settings (Settings. Langauges Input or something like that).

Good day! For me, too, in an incomprehensible way, the application switched to English. But the whole phone works in Russian. What to do? There are no language tabs in the application.

Delete the application and download it again. It helped me to solve this problem after updating.

On my device (parent, iPhone 8), the app is not working. A cloud is drawn and it is written: “offline now”. the line is inactive and “repeat”. the line is active. My and the child’s phone are connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the child’s application works on the device.

Good day. Tell me what could be the reason. The child deleted fl. When you try to re-configure it, it gives an Error when setting up an AC after confirming all accounts and passwords. The child’s phone has already been completely cleaned and reinstalled

The buttons on the parent device for the daytime limit and sleep mode are gone. What can be done about this, please help

Good day! For some reason, when blocking, FL does not ask for the parental code, but offers to choose an account by the parents, which can help. The child chooses very quickly found the password. How to make it so that it can enter only with the help of the parent code?

I can’t find the tab to change the language, it’s just not in the settings section. I ask you to help me set up something, everything flew after the update

And in the settings of Android itself (not the application), Russian is set by default (it should be in the first place).

Tell me, FL works fine, but the child somehow manages to unlock the phone and use it further, and the time limit is simply canceled. How can you bypass blocking?

Hello. How to cancel the time limit on the part of the child. I don’t know myself, something new. And so some things were blocked (such as location) by turning on the power saving mode, for example. Perhaps playing with the time settings can also achieve something.

Hello. How to hide the fl app on a child’s phone? Or make it so that he cannot open it?

Hello. Not really. Well, perhaps with the help of third-party utilities or launchers to hide applications, but he will find it. On the other hand, the fact that he can open it does not give him any special opportunities.

Hello, such a question on this program, if the phone is lost with the family program installed in it when it is turned on or active, it will be displayed for me?

Hello. Yes, it should be displayed. But even better like this:

The child learned the password from parental control. How to change it?

It is forbidden to change the date and time on the child’s phone (Family Link). How to change?

You can temporarily disable parental control from the parent’s phone or see what restrictions are responsible for this and exactly how to fix them.

Good day! I have been suffering with the program for 2 days and already terribly unbalanced, help me please!

Parental control is set up with the child’s phone. I want to include a second parent in the group. The problem is that the account of the second parent is tied to another family group, with the child’s old mail. I cannot delete that old group. because the second parent does not remember the password for his mail.

According to the instructions, I tried to add a second parent through the Play market. it opens my notebook for me! And does not send requests in the form of SMS.

What am I doing wrong, where did I look? please tell me

Eh but I don’t know what to tell you. Except perhaps attempts to recover the password of the second parent through a phone number or something else.

Good afternoon, I have such a problem turned off parental controls from my phone, and now I can not connect the devices. On the child’s phone in the application, when clicking on the existing address, it says “an error has occurred”. And I can not delete FL from the child’s phone.

Hello. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help: I’m not familiar with this situation and there is no way to reproduce for experiments.

Good afternoon, the same problem, I turned off the control, and now, the child’s device cannot be reconnected.

Hello, I downloaded this application, but when the child has no place to enter the setting code for connecting devices in the phone, when you go to the child in the application, it immediately opens as if the code had already been entered

I deleted the application as needed, then downloaded it again, but I can’t log into my account, I tried to recover the password, they write to me that they are not sure that my account is mine. what am I supposed to do. the child naturally cannot delete this application because there is a ban

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very strange and you use the same account to log into other Google applications?

I wanted to temporarily disable FL for the child, but did not find the “account management” button. There is only Account Info and that’s it.

The same problem, there is simply no button. For the second hour I have been trying all the methods, but nothing works. Please help me to demolish this application. I changed my phone to HUAWEI, but there is no Play Store and it is impossible to install the parent application. Then it will not be possible to manage the children. I really hope that there is a way out.

what a horror! what normal parent would install this? it’s a violation of personal boundaries. this application can be installed for children up to a maximum of 8 years old so that they do not talk to unwanted people!

Hello, I installed the program and the child’s time zone was not correctly selected on the phone, the time zone was in Moscow, but Yekaterinburg is needed, it has remained Moscow, and now it does not allow to change it must be allowed, but how to enable and which program I don’t know.

The problem is as follows: I need programs that are always allowed, always work, and not only at a set time. The instructions ask you to find Settings on the locked device and select grant access to applications that are always allowed and click Save. But I cannot find it. Help.

Parents who have installed this application for their children cease to look like adequate people in my eyes. Never in her right mind would install it to her children. This is a violation of their personal boundaries, and if this is a teenager, then, in principle, a huge mental trauma, the child will feel distrust from you. A telephone is a salvation for modern children: they see support in it, find and communicate with friends, if you are so simply ready to deprive your child of moral support (which, I think, you yourself cannot provide). then you are clearly not a very good parent, but an ordinary tyrant who seeks universal control of everyone and everything, your child will not be able to learn to live with such control (if at all he decides to live on after such an act of yours).

How to disable safe mode on Samsung j5?

To disable Safe Mode on Samsung, you need to turn off or restart your phone. When the Samsung logo appears, hold down the volume button. After loading, the inscription “Safe Mode” should disappear.

How to Exit Samsung Kid Mode?

Go to Settings, then to Account Information Select Disable parental controls If necessary, enter the password and follow the menu prompts Confirm disconnection

How to disable Safe Mode on Xiaomi phone?

Each version of MIUI has its own way of entering this mode. There are 5 of them in total Method

  • Disable smartphone.
  • Turn on the device by holding the power button until the Xiaomi logo appears.
  • Release the power button and hold down “Volume down”.
  • Wait for the download to complete and release the key.

How to get out of kid mode on Xiaomi?

Go to Settings, then to Account Information Select Disable parental controls If necessary, enter the password and follow the menu prompts Confirm disconnection

How to remove parental controls on Android?

In the Google Play Store, open the menu and go to the Settings page. Next, you need to click on the “Parental Control” line in the “Personal” section. Change the position of the Parental Controls slider to Off. Disconnection must be confirmed with the PIN assigned when the function was enabled.

How to Exit Kids Mode When Forgot Samsung Password?

Samsung s10, to exit the child mode: press the button on the right on the case on / off. hold, shutdown and restart will appear on the screen. press off. hold, appear enter safe mode.

How to disable security mode on your phone?

To exit the phone from safe mode, you will need to restart it. If the shutdown menu has a “Restart” button, then click on it. Call the shutdown menu by long holding the power button. Click on the “Turn off” button and wait until the device turns off completely.

Setting the mobile data limit

  • From the home screen, tap and swipe up to show all apps.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap-off Connections.
  • Tap Data Usage.
  • Under Mobile, click Billing Cycle & Data Alert.
  • Turn on the Restrict mobile data switch.
  • When prompted, click OK to confirm.
  • Click Data Limit.
  • Enter the desired level.
  • Tap Set.

Top 5 parental control apps for Samsung devices

So, we have established that the child mode on Samsung devices. this is fine, but with limited parental control support, and the operation is technically very simple. But these limited parental controls don’t suit parents.

They need something more powerful, with a lot of features to work with easily and with 24/7 support.

Fortunately, these requirements can only be met with professional programs that have been designed for such time-consuming purposes. These parental control programs are technically packed with valuable features that make parenting easier and more effective.

Here is a list of 5 such programs available on the Internet. After careful research, we have selected these names from among hundreds of similar programs. All 5 of these programs are great, each with its own power to make parental controls more effective. But we put FamiGuard first as it is our top choice for parental control software.


FamiSafe. another giant on the list of parental control apps. This is a great parenting app with all the features you need. While this is a significant new addition to the parental control market, it has been very well received. It already has a huge loyal user base and ranks as one of the most powerful apps in the service. Trial version available with all features and services, also available for free.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifics of IT;

FamiSafe provides users with real-time GPS tracking capabilities.

Custom Geofencing services are also available.

You can remotely track your browser history and general internet usage.

App lock feature helps you block unwanted apps immediately.

These are the 5 best options for better and safer parental controls on Samsung devices. The best part is that, unlike Samsung’s Kids Mode, these apps must be installed on your child’s device, which takes device control and access to related details to the next level.

Disable mobile data and Wi-Fi

By turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data, you can prevent your child from accessing the Internet or downloading apps.

  • From the home screen, tap and swipe up to show all apps.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap-off Connections.
  • Tap Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi Turn off.
  • Tap OK.
  • Back to Settings.
  • Tap-off Connections.
  • Tap Data Usage.
  • Slide the Mobile Data switch to OFF.
  • When prompted, press DISABLE to confirm.

Samsung Galaxy S9 parental control guide

The Galaxy S9 is part of the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy smartphone series and coexisted with the Galaxy Note line in Samsung‘s flagship smartphone series. Like all smartphones running the Android operating system, the Galaxy S9 does not have any specific parental control settings, but it does have restriction settings that can reduce your child’s exposure to adult content (or via apps on the internet).

Since the Galaxy S9 doesn’t have parental controls built in, some parents download third-party apps that can provide a safer environment for their kids. Fortunately, some will benefit from restriction settings and are very easy to configure.

How to remove parental controls on your phone in the Google Play Store

You may need to disable parental controls on your phone, for example, if your child has reached the age of majority, or you have found convenient software in the market and do not need the parameters of the smartphone directly. The option connects to Android devices in order to provide limited or denied access to the inappropriate content of Internet resources.

On Samsung

In Samsung smartphones, parental control is performed by the Child Mode option. To turn it on, you need to swipe the screen from top to bottom and activate it using the drop-down menu. To turn off Kid Mode on Samsung smartphones, follow these steps:

How to TURN OFF Parental Controls WITHOUT pin || 100% WORKING

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Search for “Children’s Mode” and go to the program.
  • Select the “Delete” option and enter the security pin.
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If the pin is lost, do the same in safe mode. To enter it, turn off your smartphone and, when turned on, hold the volume down button.

To boot your phone normally, restart your smartphone.

How to remove parental controls from an Android phone

To determine how to remove parental controls on the phone, you need to figure out which service it is connected to. Android mobile devices provide the ability to add accounts with limited viewing or use of selected programs. You will be able to set a ban with a protective password for applications to which you need to block access for a young user.

  • To use an account without any set restrictions on content, enter the security pin on the main screen of your smartphone.
  • In the device settings, go to the “Users” subsection, then to the account with the set restrictions.
  • Select the software for which you want to open access to the account with the set restrictions.

If you forgot your password

To unblock Google Market without entering a PIN, clear your data. The method will allow you to cancel the code and cancel the previously selected locks:

  • Open the settings for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • Go to Google Play from the list of suggested utilities.
  • Click on the “Erase data” button.

On Honor

To deactivate parental controls, go to options and then select the Digital Balance section. Turn off “Access time management” after entering the security password.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Google play

Google Play is a standard application for downloading and updating software versions. Among the service settings there is an option with which to control this process is removed. It is used to filter search results and hide attachments containing content 18.

To deactivate the option, open the app, then its options.

In the list of parameters, find the “Personal” block. Find the line “Parental Controls” in it. Move the switch on this line to inactive state. The system will require entering the password that was set upon activation.

If you cannot remember the pin code, open the utility options and use the reset option. This will remove all custom settings, including the child lock.

How to remove parental controls on a Samsung phone

Restrictions set by administrators (parent) on software in the Android operating system activates the locking of partitions and device options at the user’s choice. This allows you to safely give your smartphone to the smallest users, or even purchase their own. But if you don’t need to limit the resources used on your smartphone, we’ll show you how to turn off parental controls on your Samsung phone.

Hard reset

This is the most radical way to disable parental lock at any scale.

It is recommended that you back up the information on your phone before resetting data, as resetting will completely erase all data and user settings.

Follow these instructions to reset the settings.

  • Turn off your phone, then hold down the power and volume up or down button (depending on your phone model). Hold the buttons until the Android operating system emblem appears on the screen.
  • After loading, you will see the engineering settings menu. In this mode, the sensor does not work, so switching between elements is played using the volume buttons, and you can select the desired item with the power button.
  • Find the item “Wipe data / factory reset”.

The system will offer the option to confirm the deletion of all data or reset the operation. Click on the line “Yes. delete all user data”.

The system will start deleting data. The screen will briefly go out, after which the main page of the engineering menu will appear on it.

Now you need to start the reset process. To do this, select the section “Reboot system now”.

After completing the process, you will receive a phone with factory settings. You will need to set all the necessary parameters manually. Use a previously saved backup to restore files.

Also, the recovery process can be launched directly from the operating system settings. For this:

  • Open your phone options.
  • Find the section “Restore and reset”. often it is located in additional or advanced settings.
  • Tap on the “Reset settings” item at the very bottom of the page
  • Confirm the reset by clicking on the corresponding button.

Kids Safe Browser

Kids Safe Browser is a mobile browser with the ability to control actions and the content viewed in it. If you previously installed control with it, to remove it, repeat the following.

  • Open the application, find the options button on the top panel. Expand the options in the menu. Then select the “Parental Controls” section.
  • Log in to Kids Safe Browser using your Google account details. If you have not previously logged in with this data, the system will not ask you to enter a password.
  • The system will redirect you to the page with the main protection parameters. Uncheck the necessary parameters in front of the necessary parameters, and then save the changes.

If you no longer need the program, uninstall it using the application manager.

Removing the time limit

To temporarily restrict blocking, use administrator access. With their help, you can temporarily remove restrictions without completely deleting the profile. For this:

  • Log in to the system using an administrator account. Open “Control Panel”.
  • Go to the Accounts & Family Safety section. In the “Parental Control” item, select the “Control” line and move the lever next to it to the inactive state.

How to turn off parental control. Android (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, etc.)

You can return control back by moving the switch to the active position.

Family link

This application helps to monitor your child’s phone. It can only be controlled from the administrator’s smartphone. To disable the service, you must delete the parent profile. To do this, repeat the following.

Open the Family Link utility on your smartphone, find the menu icon at the top of the start page. In the menu, select the family block, in the list of profiles, select the required.

On the next page, tap the menu button, scroll down the page to the line “Account Information”.

The window that opens, scroll down to the inscription “Delete account”.

Select deletion and read the system message about the consequences of deleting your account. Confirm the action by checking the boxes in front of the three consent points. the account will be immediately deleted.

After the process is completed, the Google profile is deactivated on the controlled smartphone.

How to remove parental controls from Huawei and Honor phones: instructions

In the modern world, when the Internet is in every home, many parents worry about what their child is watching. In this case, setting up parental controls is the ideal solution. If the installation procedure does not cause great difficulties, because the system itself provides the user with instructions for turning on, then with turning off everything is different. Let’s take a look at how to disable parental controls on Honor and Huawei phones.

Limited user profiles on Android

The instructions for creating are absolutely identical to those presented above. The function will allow you to prohibit making calls, sending SMS or launching certain games. To do this, when creating a second user, select “Profile with limited access”.

Setting up parental controls on Android

Setting up functions involves a number of steps. Firstly, registering a profile, and secondly, adding the necessary devices and then adding restrictions. Let’s take a look at how parental controls can be configured on Android using built-in options.

How to turn off parental controls on Huawei and Honor phones

We’ve covered the setup process, but how to remove parental controls from Huawei and Honor phones? Depending on the service, the instructions will differ slightly.

YouTube parental controls

The video service also has a monitoring function. To activate it, just open the options and in the “General” tab go to “Safe Mode”. In this section, specify your preferred restrictions.

Additionally, we note that the developer has a separate YouTube for children. That is, if you are customizing it for a small child, then just download this application from Google Play. There is already a standard content filter included.