How to turn off Find iPhone via iCloud

Turn Off “Find My iPhone” with a Computer from

Enable Lost Mode

When turned on, you will be prompted to enter a four-digit key to lock your smartphone. After that, you can specify the phone number that the person who found your device can call. You can also type a text message on the smartphone screen. Only this message and the specified number will be displayed on the screen. Disabling the mode is possible only when you enter the key that you specified for blocking.

How Find My iPhone works

Find iPhone is a service offered by Apple that provides a number of options to protect branded brand devices in the event of loss or theft. The service is managed through the iCloud service, with its help you can perform the following operations:

  • locate the smartphone on the map;
  • enable the “Activation Lock” mode, which completely locks the lost phone and deprives the attacker of access to the operating system;
  • remotely erase all information from the device’s memory;
  • play a beep to help you find your phone or tablet if it is nearby.

In order to take advantage of all the above features, you need to enable the Find iPhone function, let’s figure out how to do it.

Find and turn on / off “Find my iPhone”

If we are looking for a function to disable it, everything is simple, just follow the step-by-step instructions below, and the result will not be long in coming. Otherwise, you must be sure that you have an iCloud account set up, otherwise the Find iPhone function will not be enabled.

So, our task is to get into the Phone Settings, the “iCloud” section, as shown in the screenshots below. Once in the desired section, scroll down the screen until you see one of the functions with the appropriate name. To enable it, just move the slider next to the “Find iPhone” label to the right, if successful, the slider will change its color to green.

Find and operate with Find My iPhone

If you have never used this service before, then you will be asked to enter an Apple ID and password, or create a new one, after which it is enough just to repeat the procedure, and if you have an account, then the activation procedure will be over.

Turning off the Find my iPhone function is pretty straightforward too. Although I would not recommend doing this, but if for some reason you need to turn it off, then move the slider to the other side (to the left), the shutdown process is impossible without entering the password from your Apple ID account, which will be demonstrated by the pop-up window. As soon as the password is entered, the function is immediately disabled.

How to find

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How to Turn Off Find My iPhone via the iCloud

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If you lost your iPhone or think it might have been stolen, what to do? The good news is that Apple has software that makes it easy to track your lost device, and if it is stolen, you can use the program to erase the information and lock it so your data is protected. How to find “iPhone” if it’s turned off?

First of all, you need to know how to use Find My iPhone to find out the location of your iPhone or iPad. In fact, you can also use the same software to find your Apple Watch, EarPods, or Mac.

Find iPhone: App features, how to turn it on and off? How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud?

iOS devices, in particular the iPhone and iPad, have always been and remain one of the most desirable mobile devices not only for legitimate owners, but also for criminals who illegally acquire items that do not belong to them. How to protect yourself from theft or how to find iPhone with and without computer? Read “under the cut”.

Today’s instructions will be devoted to security issues, you will learn what the “Find My iPhone” function is (in the original “Find My iPhone”), how to set it up, how to find an iPhone with and without a computer, what to do right after buying a new iPhone for the first time queue.

At all times, Apple has paid maximum attention to security issues, take even the fact that antivirus programs are not developed for Mac computers, they are simply not needed due to some of the features of the operating system itself and Apple’s approach to its distribution. So in the case of the mobile operating system iOS, with each new version, it becomes easier to protect an iPhone or iPad from theft or loss. Even with the most unfavorable outcome (deliberate theft), it is possible to find the device, it is quite simple to do it, unless, of course, the attacker is “out of the box”, fortunately, there are not many of them.

To help you find your iPhone, whether it was stolen or lost, a special application included with iOS called “Find iPhone” is designed. It is it that is responsible for finding the iPhone and not only it in case of loss, therefore, first of all, after purchasing a new device, turn on and configure this function. How to do this using the iPhone as an example, read below.

How to find iPhone via iCloud without a computer?

Finding an iPhone via iCloud is possible not only from a personal computer, it can be done from any other mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), the only condition is an active Internet connection. The search procedure is completely identical.

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From any available device, go to, log in, and sign in to the Find My iPhone app. In the menu “My devices” select your device and you’re done!

It may also happen that you lost your iPhone within your home or room, and your home address will be marked on the map when determining the location of the iPhone. It doesn’t matter, and in this case it will be even easier to find the iPhone via iCloud.

1 On a computer, tablet, smartphone, go to the iCloud web interface;

3 If your device is connected to the Internet, select your iOS device in the My Devices menu. In the window that appears with the name of the device, click on “Play sound”. The server will send a request to the designated gadget to automatically play a loud signal.

How to enable Find My iPhone

If your gadget is running iOS 5.0 or higher, you need to go to Settings, then go to iCloud, scroll down to the “Find iPhone” item and move the slider to the on position. If necessary, enter your Apple ID login and password. The Last Geolocation function is also located there. When activated, every time the battery of the device is discharged to a critically low level, its location data will be automatically saved in iCloud.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

If you decide to sell a smartphone on the secondary market, when you transfer it to a new owner, the question of how to disable the find iPhone function will become relevant. This can be done in several ways:

  • in the smartphone settings in the same way as described above;
  • remotely, via the iCloud service;
  • by deleting the iCloud account from the device or by resetting the settings.

The fastest way to disable the function is in the settings. To do this, we are also looking for the “Find iPhone” sub-item there, move the slider to the “off” position and confirm the action by entering the Apple ID password.

Also, protection is deactivated by deleting the iClouad account or resetting all internal device settings. To do this, follow the following algorithm: “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase content and settings”. In both cases, you will also need to enter your password and Apple ID login.

Instructions for remote shutdown using the iCloud service:

  • Launch the application or click on the following link, log in and open the “My devices” tab.
  • In the list of devices linked to your account, select the desired one.
  • You can remove a gadget from the list only when it is turned off, you will need to ask the owner to turn off the smartphone or tablet for a while.
  • We remove the device using a swipe to the left (in the mobile application) or a cross in the web version.
  • Confirm the action by entering the AppleID.

That’s all, now you know not only how to enable the Find iPhone function, but all the ways to deactivate it.

How to Find a Family Member’s Lost iPhone

If you have set up Family Sharing, you can find your family member’s device using Find My iPhone. You will need to provide his Apple ID and password when you go through the steps to find and lock your smartphone.

How to unlink a gadget from iCloud cloud storage

Smartphone owners have an Icloud account, and if the user no longer needs it, they will need to turn it off. To do this, you can use the phone settings. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • a section with settings opens on the cell phone, it is located on the screen of the gadget;
  • when a client uses a gadget of version 6 or 5S, you should click on your name, the function will be active only with the updated software;
  • if you are using iPhone version 4S or other older models, you will have to use the iCloud item;
  • further actions will not differ on cell phones of different models and versions of iOS;
  • a new section will open on the screen, the page should be scrolled to the end;
  • the button “Exit” is located at the bottom, it must be pressed;
  • then a pop-up window will appear on the display, in which the owner must write his password from the Apple ID account;
  • the smartphone will display information that all photos and other files will be deleted from the “Cloud” iCloud;
  • if it suits the owner, the consent button is pressed;
  • then click on the “Exit” item again;
  • you can delete a profile by erasing all contact information from the phone;
  • a notification will appear on the screen that all calendars and reminders will be erased from the smartphone;
  • to complete the unlink, you must re-enter the password for the account and agree to the deletion.
  • note
  • If the client does not want to lose his data from the smartphone, he should refuse to log out. After that, a backup copy of all parameters is created. Then you can repeat the exit. If the user does not agree with the deletion of all information from the smartphone, then it will not work to untie his iPhone from Aycloud for sale.

There are also situations when a buyer purchased an iPhone, and the previous owner forgot to unlink the account from the cloud service. In this case, you can disable it if the user has a password to access the system. Otherwise, you will have to contact the seller again to get the profile access code.

Disconnection is also possible in the customer support service. But you can go there with a gadget bought from your hands only if you have a receipt. In technical support, a specialist will help you unlink your account and then create a new profile for the owner. It is impossible to bypass protection in other ways.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud

If the owner of the gadget decides to sell his smartphone, he needs to untie the iPhone from iCloud. You also need to cancel the synchronization of the gadget with other devices and programs. The user will need information about what cloud storage is and how to sign out of iCloud account on their own.

Is it possible to unbind via a stationary PC

If a user wants to know how to log out of their iPhone account, then this can be done through a computer. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • to turn off the profile, you need to open the website on your computer;
  • a form for filling in with personal data will appear on the screen;
  • the owner must specify the parameters for authorization in the account, Apple ID data is used;
  • the password from the system is written in the next line;
  • when you are logged in, you should find the “Find iPhone” section on the page;
  • now you should find the subsection “All devices” on the screen, it is located at the top of the screen;
  • a list of those devices that have been linked to the profile will be displayed on the computer;
  • the owner must choose the one that needs to be untied;
  • when the smartphone is in an inactive position, just click on the “Remove from Find iPhone” button.
  • Interesting information
  • If the gadget is online, the “Online” icon is located next to it. In this case, the owner selects the “Erase iPhone” option. Further, the deletion must be confirmed. To complete the procedure, select the item “Remove from profile”.
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What is iCloud Cloud and how to use it

It’s worth starting with what cloud storage is. Modern users call it “The Cloud”. Such a repository is a collection of several servers working online. On such a server, the client can save the created backups from his phone.

The “cloud” can be created by a specific company. If the client uses the storage, then he transfers information from the gadget to third parties. But the owners of the smartphone sign an agreement that all parameters will be inviolable and protected. Still, there are situations when a customer needs to turn off iCloud storage on their iPhone. It is worth learning more about how to do this.

What difficulties can arise when unlinking a profile from iCloud

If the user learned how to unlink iPhone from iCloud while turning off the profile, he may face some problems. Most often, the client simply forgets the password for his Apple ID account. This leads to the fact that it is impossible to disconnect the account from the “Cloud”. You can solve the problem, for this you will need to perform password recovery through the mailbox or security questions.

When an error appears on the screen during the unlink operation, the owner should check the Internet connection. If the network is malfunctioning, you will not be able to disconnect the account from the cloud storage. Additionally, it is recommended to find out if technical work is being carried out on the company’s servers. If the work is in progress, you will have to wait until they finish, and then repeat the unlinking operation.

Disconnecting the gadget from the iCloud cloud storage may be required if the owner wants to sell his smartphone. The procedure is performed through the phone settings. If this is not available, the owner can use a stationary PC.

Is it possible to disconnect without Apple ID password

Before turning off Find My iPhone, make sure that the owner remembers the password and username of the Apple ID account. Without a password, with which the owner confirms the action, disabling the function is impossible. otherwise, there will be no point in such a protective algorithm. If you completely forget your password, there is a code recovery form on the iCloud home page. The owner will be able to reset the password by requesting a letter to the linked e-mail or mobile phone, as well as answering the security questions asked during registration. There is no point in hoping for loopholes in the firmware. Apple cares about the safety of customers, so errors in the operating platform are promptly eliminated.

Using the app

Apple smartphones are preinstalled with a separate Find iPhone application, with which it is also possible to deactivate the function. For this:

  • find and open the application in the list of installed programs;
  • enter your Apple ID username and password;
  • wait for the sync to complete;
  • in the opened list of devices on which the function is activated, select the desired smartphone;
  • swipe the icon of the selected phone from right to left;
  • click on the red “Delete” button;
  • confirm your choice by pressing “Delete” again.

Please be aware that this solution is temporary, the next time you connect to the wireless network, the function will re-enable.

Via computer

Users are also given the option to turn off Find My iPhone through their computer. You don’t have to install additional programs, you only need a working browser.

  • Enter in the address bar. In the form provided, enter the username and password of the account.
  • Click the drop-down All Devices tab. In the list, find the device on which you want to disable the search function.
  • In the opened window of information about the phone, find the “Erase” button.
  • Confirm your selection and then enter your account password.
  • Optionally, it is possible to enter a phone number and add a text message confirming the deactivation of the function.

When the smartphone is connected to the Internet for the first time, the option will be disabled.

Deactivation methods

For the convenience of Apple customers, various options for interacting with the Find iPhone application are provided; it is possible to disable the function both by standard means and using a personal computer. The variety of methods is due to the banal reluctance of users to visit Apple service centers once again. iPhone maintenance is considered expensive compared to similar models. Also, the variety of approaches reduces the load on the “hot line” of technical support of the company. It is possible to deactivate the function even from devices running Windows and Android, access to the transmission over the wireless network would be open.

Using iCloud settings

To disable the function by controlling the iCloud app on your smartphone, open Settings. In the window that opens, find the “iCloud” menu item. A list of app settings will appear, look for the Find My iPhone option. If the function was previously activated, the slider is moved to the right and lights up green. To disable, move the slider to the left. the indicator will turn gray, this indicates the deactivation of the function. If necessary, enter your Apple ID account password in the form provided. If you have an email linked to your account, wait for a notification email that Find My iPhone is disabled. Switching the function back on is possible in a similar way, by returning the slider to the right side.

When do you need to disable the function?

The usefulness of the function should not be underestimated, but there are situations when Find My iPhone needs to be disabled or temporarily disabled. This will come in handy:

  • when restoring iPhone using iTunes;
  • when deleting information from the device, erasing content and settings;
  • when restoring information from a smartphone backup saved on a computer;
  • when preparing the device for repair before contacting the service.

The function is designed in such a way that the user, if necessary, can independently turn on and off Find iPhone. Manufacturers of “apple” smartphones strongly do not recommend disabling the function in other cases. the activated search has repeatedly rescued the owners in case of thefts and losses.

Through iOS

Before turning off Find My iPhone, make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet. It is desirable that the connection be made via Wi-Fi. the connection should please with stability and decent speed. To begin with, it is worth trying the option of disabling the function by standard means of the iOS operating platform. this method is considered the easiest and most affordable for iPhone users. The three suggested options are suitable for people using devices running iOS. iPhone or iPad. To disable the function, it is recommended to strictly follow the described recommendations.

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By disabling iCloud

Also, users can completely disable the account. do not worry, the account will disappear from a specific device, but it will remain intact.

  • Open the “Settings” application on your smartphone.
  • Scroll to the “iCloud” menu item.
  • Open the item “Delete account”, this is useful to log out of your account.
  • Choose whether to keep the synced information or delete.
  • In the form that opens, enter your account password.
  • Wait for the logout process to complete.

After that, the “Find iPhone” function will be removed from the current device.

How to disable Find iPhone without knowing the passcode?

How to turn off Find My iPhone without entering a password on iPhone and iPad

  • Open Settings. iCloud.
  • Click on Account.
  • Change your password by entering any character set and click Done.
  • An error message will appear, click Ok and then Cancel to return to the main iCloud menu.
  • Click account again.

How to Delete iCloud Account of Previous iPhone User?

Disconnecting Apple ID Account on iPhone

STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud. STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click Exit, then click Exit again. STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click on “Remove from iPhone”, then enter your Apple ID password. May 4, 2020.

What you need to do on an iPhone before sending it in for repair?

Before sending your device for repair or replacement

  • If you need to send an iPhone paired with your Apple Watch, unpair.
  • Back up your iOS device data.
  • Go to Settings in Messages and turn off iMessage.

How to find iPhone when offline?

How to enable offline search on iPhone and iPad

  • Make sure your devices are running iOS 13 or later and have Find iPhone or Find iPad enabled.
  • Go to Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude and select “Find iPhone” (iPad).
  • Turn on all three available switches.

When is it better to turn off?

“Find iPhone” is certainly a convenient thing, but sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to disable it. Here, of course, we can say about the sale of the device, but we will consider more “serious” cases when the function should be deactivated:

  • You must completely reset your user preferences, including content and personal data
  • It is required to “reanimate” the firmware or update the OS
  • Need data recovery using iTunes
  • You have detected a failure in the system and are planning to contact the service center

In other cases, it is recommended that “Find iPhone” is always on. Of course, for security reasons. But, unfortunately, even this will not provide a 100% security guarantee, because if attackers have data from iCloud, they can easily disable this useful function, but without a password, it will not be possible.

You can turn off the utility of the same name in the same menu, just move the radio button to an inoperative position. Now the data on the location of the gadget is not transmitted to the company’s servers, and it will be impossible to find out where you are by means of programs.

The easiest way is to do it from your smartphone.

To do this, go to “Settings”, “iCloud” and there we already deactivate the application. You will need to enter the correct Apple ID password in the appropriate fields and confirm the disabling of the function. Your email (aka iCloud account login) will immediately receive a letter from technical support that “Find iPhone” is deactivated.

But what if there is no direct access to the smart device for some reason, but you need to turn off the function? You can do this through the iCloud service, or you can do it through the same application, but on another smartphone or tablet.

Through the application of the same name

  • To do this, you need to download “Find iPhone” to another “apple”.
  • We go into the application by entering your iCloud data from the phone that you lost. IN
  • the list of linked devices, we find the device we need, swipe along the line with the name and click on the “Delete” item.
  • Confirm deletion.

To activate this function or not is up to you, of course. This app may be a bit of a problem, but it’s stupid to deny its obvious benefits.

Directly from the device itself.

We go into the already familiar “Settings” menu, click on “iCloud” and scroll down to the “Search iPhone” item. Further, it is quite simple: opposite will be marked On. or off.

Using Activation Lock. This is an official service of Apple, any tablet or laptop can access it, the main thing is to know the login and password. To start the search, you just need to specify the serial number of your phone and press the button. The rest will be done by the system in automatic mode.

The Internet is replete with other sites that will allow you to track whether this function is enabled. But they all work on a similar principle, in fact, they turn to the servers of the parent company, giving out data to the user, so there is no point in mentioning them separately.

Not for nothing, Apple engineers recommend not to disable the iPhone tracing utility. It is worth listening to their opinion and spending a few percent of the battery per day to keep geolocation and some other useful things necessary to find a missing cell phone.

Remember! For correct operation, you need a regular connection to the Internet to transfer coordinates to the company’s server. If this condition is not met, it will not be realistic to find an iPhone on your own. We will have to involve law enforcement agencies, but they are not willing to take on such small matters, the chances of finding the loss will tend to zero.

Does it work now?

How to find out if the “Find iPhone” function is turned on is extremely simple, there are plenty of ways, choose which one is more convenient. Engineers have introduced the ability to search back in version 7 of iOS, not to mention the more modern versions 10 and 11.