How to tune TV on sony bravia TV

SONY setup

The setup for cable TV on Sony TVs is slightly different from other models where the steps are almost identical. Also, on older SONY BRAVIA models, you need to select the country Germany in the settings.

  • Press the HOME button and find the Settings menu item.
  • Next, we are looking for a Digital configuration.
  • Open the item Automatic tuning of digital stations.
  • Select the type of connection TV Cable or DVB-C.
  • If a list of operators appears, choose our own, if you don’t find the one you need, click on Others.
  • Specify Scan Type Full, if you know the frequency of your operator, you can specify the Network.
  • Click start and wait for the full channel setup.

Setting up TVs Doffler, Polar, DEXP, Leben.

The interface of these TVs is sometimes the same as they use the same software.
To set up cable television on these TVs, you must turn on the DTV mode in advance by clicking on Source.

  • In the menu, use the down button to select the Channel item
  • Here you will need to do a few steps by selecting your country and Current input Cable.
  • Click on autosearch.
  • We select All channels you can choose which channels you need.
  • Search type Full and click on Start.

In some models, the menu may differ, but the basic actions are almost the same.

LG setup

In order to install cable channels on an old-model alji TV, you must definitely change the country, because when you select Russia, the DVB-C format will not be available and to enable it, you must put Finland or Germany in the TV parameters. You will then be able to tune digital channels.

  • Go to the menu, click on auto search by selecting Cable TV.
  • You will be given a list of operators, choose your own, if yours is not there, be sure to click on Others.
  • Selecting Full Search
  • We put a tick on digital channels.
  • Click on ok and wait for the end of the search.

Which Search Type to Choose Full, Network, Fast.

Many people, when setting up their TV to receive cable channels, make mistakes by choosing the wrong type of channels. For example, when choosing Network, you will need to enter the start and end frequency, QAM modulation, and stream rate. These parameters are different for each operator, so don’t bring anything here if you don’t know for sure. Therefore, by choosing Full search, the TV will tune all the available channels by itself, only a little longer.

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Cable TV setup

When searching for cable channels, you will need to select which channels you want to watch digital or analog, you can also select both lists in the settings.

  • Press the MENU button on your remote control.
  • Find the CHANNELS menu section.
  • Next, you need to enable Autosearch for channels.
  • Country selection, Germany or Finland is recommended for old TV models, in newer ones choose Russia.
  • Antenna Selection. choose Cable, Cable TV or DVBC.
  • DTV channels are digital only, ATV are analog.
  • Search mode Full and start the search.
  • We are waiting for the end of the installation of channels.

How to set up cable TV

Almost all cable providers provide digital television services, and many operators have also retained the analog broadcasting format, which means that subscribers do not need to purchase digital set-top boxes.

Cable operators mainly provide digital channels in DVB-C format, so make sure your TV supports this format before setting up.
This format is also present on older models of LCD TVs that do not support DVB-T2, so check the instructions for the TV

Setting up your Samsung TV

Setting up a Samsung to receive cable TV does not take much time.

How to re-tune a Sony Bravia TV. Standard Menu

  • Enter the TV settings by pressing the Home or MENU button.
  • Go to the submenu Broadcast or Channel.
  • In the Antenna section, put the Cable.
  • Click on Autotuning.
  • Then you need to select the type of channels Digital and Analog
  • The search mode must be selected Full. If you know the parameters of your network, then you can select Network or Fast, but for these two modes you need to enter your network data in the cable search parameters.
  • Click on Search and wait for the end of the process.

Setting up a digital cable box.

Cable operators use a variety of digital set-top boxes. It is not difficult to set it up, sometimes it is easier to do it than on a TV.

  • After you have connected the set-top box to the TV with the appropriate cable, enter the set-top box menu.
  • If you have a universal set-top box like the World Vision T62A that receives air and cable, you need to select the search range
  • Turn on Autosearch, broadcast mode Full.
  • We are waiting for when all channels are scanned, it may take some time.
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How to tune channels on a Philips TV

Today more and more people are switching to digital television. Many people have a logical question how to tune channels on a Philips TV. You can contact a specialized company to call a specialist, or set up digital television yourself. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to set up your Philips TV.

Quick search

  • We manually prescribe the frequency fluctuation in the 8 MHz range.
  • We remove analogue broadcasts, if they have already been saved earlier, and start the search.

Why can’t find any channels

Let’s consider the main problems that may arise during the search and configuration of channels:

  • The first thing to do is check the signal quality. Press the [Home] button on the remote control and select the [Status] section. In order to find all channels, the signal level must be over 80%.
  • The next step is to check the frequency and network ID. It so happens that the TV asks for data about [Network Frequency] and [Network ID]. These values ​​can be obtained from your provider.
  • Go to [Menu]. [Channel setup], and set the status to [On] for in the [Digital channel] section.
  • Also try changing the frequency scan step. To do this, before searching instead of [Start], click [Settings]. [Frequency scan step]. For a slower but more accurate search, you need to set the value to 1 MHz.
  • If none of the above gives a result, you need to reset the tuner to factory settings.
  • Leave only the power cord from the TV in the outlet, all other cords must be disconnected.
  • Turn on the TV and search for channels without cables connected (the CAM module must also be pulled out).
  • Next, turn off the TV completely, and connect the antenna and all other cords.
  • Search for channels again.

Tuning Philips TVs manufactured before 2011

Philips TVs are constantly improving. design is improving, new features are introduced. But the scheme of searching for digital channels on old and new models has practically not changed, with the exception of a few points.

Let’s figure out how to set up your Philips TV:

  • Open the TV menu and head to the [Configuration] section.
  • Follow the [Installation] item, and then [Channel setup].
  • An additional window will open on the right side, where we select [Automatic mode].
  • To find all broadcasts, you will need to select [Reinstall] on the screen.
  • The system will require you to specify the country (any option from Western Europe will suit). Experts recommend installing Germany or Finland. If only Russia is displayed in the list that opens, you will need to take the device to a service center in order to install the latest software version.
  • Select the signal source in the [Digital Mode]. [Cable] section.
tune, sony, bravia

Now we start the search and wait for the scan to be completed. Found broadcasts can only be saved.

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To watch digital TV on old devices, you need a DVB-T2 set-top box.

Advanced Search

  • Selecting [Manual Tuning] in the [Network Frequency] category.
  • We register the parameter 290.00 MHz.
  • Click [OK].
tune, sony, bravia

If everything was done correctly, scanning will start, the screen will display a list of found broadcasts.

Selecting the channel search mode

We go to the main menu of the device. To do this, you need to use the key on the control panel, which shows the “house”. In the menu that opens. the “Configuration” section, and then. “Channel settings”. This will open access to the search for digital and analogue channels.

  • Complete reinstallation. All previously configured broadcasts will be replaced with new ones. If TV will be tuned in for the first time, select this mode. All digital channels will be located at the top of the list, analogue. after them.
  • Update. All already available programs will remain, new channels will appear immediately after them.

Sometimes there is a malfunction in the TV settings or an incorrect antenna connection, this can lead to the TV not finding channels through autosearch. But remember that each user can fix these problems on their own.

How to set up a Philips TV with Smart TV

With the advent of more advanced TVs, the channel setting on the Philips TV has changed somewhat. The manual now looks like this:

  • We head to the main TV menu and go to [Search for channels].
  • In the following sections, we use system recommendations.
  • Before the search starts, the system will ask you to set the country. You need to choose the one that is presented on the marking of the device from the inside. So, if the device with the PFL marking is Sweden, since it was manufactured in this country. In other cases, we choose France or Finland.
  • Go to the [Digital mode] category, in the list that opens, set the item [DVB-C].

After these manipulations, the system will require you to set certain parameters. In the section that opens, there will be an item network speed or something similar. opposite it, write the value 6.875.
Then there will be two options for action. full or quick scan. In the first case, scanning may take half an hour, but not only TV channels will be added, but also radio, in the second everything happens faster.