How to tune the antenna on a Thomson TV

TV remote control Thomson

The appearance of the remote control for the Thomson TV and the description of the buttons.

MUTE. without sound. Press this button to temporarily mute the sound.
ON button. turning the TV on and off
0. 9. buttons to select a TV channel
Info button. current status information
Return button. return to the previous channel
Sourse button. input source selection

Menu button. enter menu mode
Arrow buttons. navigation through menus and adjustment of values
ZOOM button. Select the aspect ratio. Not supported in USB mode
OK button. confirmation of choice
Text button. switching teletext modes. Some Thomson TVs are not supported.
Exit button. exit from the menu

Vol \ button volume control
TV button. TV mode selection
List button. displays a list of channels. Pressing it again displays a list of Thomson’s favorite channels
CH (P) button. switching channels. In models with teletext, also serves to turn pages
Subtitle button. selection of subtitle language for digital channel
Guide button. selection of an electronic program guide, this function is only available for digital channels. In USB media player mode, menu selection of playback options

Rec button PVR recording of the viewed program. Available when a USB device is connected
TimeShift button. activation of the function of time shift of the viewed program. Available when a USB device is connected
Lang button. Selects the type of sound for the analogue channel you are watching. Selecting the language for a digital channel.
Colored buttons
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Thomson 21MG10KG User Guide?

Where can I find instructions for the Thomson 21MG10KG TV? Moscow region.
01/2/2019 TOMSON 63DF68L Moscow I lost my TV set-up instructions I can’t tune channels either with the buttons in the TV hatch or with the THOMSON RCT 3004 remote control.

The manual for the old Thomson 21MG10KG model is not easy to find. But you can understand the basics of its operation by finding the user manual from another CRT TV of the same brand. For a line of one manufacturer, the difference in operation of different models is negligible.

Tuned channels are missing

Hello, after off. and incl. TV THOMSON t40d18sfs-01b into an outlet, when you press the button on the remote control P (-), the channels are not switched, but in the following order TV, SCART, HDMI 1,2,3. I also got an inscription saying that I need to configure the channels. Now I don’t know what to do. Having looked for information on the forums, they say that either the memory of the khan or because of the not performed channel tuning. 05.11.2018, Bryansk.
11.22.2019 THOMSON T24RTE1020 Nodal How to set up TV channels

4.28.2019 Thomson T43D15SF-01B Urus-Martan, Chechen Republic Channels disappeared. Since April 25, 2019, no channels are shown. Autosearch doesn’t help.
10.18.2019 Thomson t32rtl5130 Korolev How to tune digital channels?

You need to re-tune the channels in automatic mode. If the tuned channels disappear after unplugging from the outlet, the memory chip is faulty, it must be replaced.

Also, if the signal is lost, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the receiving antenna.

Thomson TV setup

Thomson TV setup done by pressing the MENU button on the Thomson TV remote control. Navigate through the sections of the menu using the arrow keys, when you find the desired section, press OK.
Select the desired value using the arrow keys on the remote control. Pressing the MENU button returns to the previous section, pressing the EXIT button exits the menu.
If any item in the menu is grayed out, this means that this function is not available on your TV, or it cannot be changed in the current menu or submenu.
The buttons on the TV panel have the same function as the corresponding buttons on the Thomson TV remote control.

Thomson TV Q&A

How to set up teletext

12.4.2020 09:12:37 THOMSON T32C11DU Leningrad Region KIRISHI How to set up teletext

There is no special setting for teletext operation. It should be remembered, however, that it is not present on all television channels.

How to set up your LG Smart TV?

The first time you launch your LG Smart TV, you will be guided through the initial setup process. You will need to get a few things.

Begin the installation process. The configuration process begins with pressing the Enter button. This will link the remote control to the TV.

Enter your language and clock information. The first information you will need to enter is the language and time zone. Besides defining the default language for your menus and setting the clock, it helps to set the location for the TV.

Choose your network. Smart TVs rely on internet connection, so you’ll need to set up a network connection. If you want to use a wireless or wired Ethernet connection, you will need to select a network type. Even if you want to mostly use a wired LAN connection, it’s still a good idea to start by logging into Wi-Fi so you can connect before using cables.

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Enter your Wi-Fi password. If your network is selected, you will need to enter a password to complete the login to your Wi-Fi network. Use the onscreen keyboard and remote controls to log in.

Agree to the terms and conditions. Connected Services use your information to offer the best recommendations and services, so you will need to agree to LG’s legal notice and privacy policy before using your Smart TV. Some of the terms you agree to are: Allowing Connected Services to Access Cookies and Data, and Allowing LG Voice Controls to interact with the various apps and services you install.

Some privacy settings can be changed in the settings later. you can opt out of some ads, for example. but you will need to agree with the basic template to get started.

When your network is connected and your agreements are met, you are ready to start browsing.

How to do the initial setup of your Smart TV?

This process varies from one brand to another, we’ve put together specific instructions for setting up your LG TV. Samsung or Sony. Each set of instructions will walk you through the entire process of using the TV, from turning it on for the first time to setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

While these features are not exactly the same, this process usually involves choosing a language, connecting to a local Wi-Fi network, and agreeing to one or more privacy policies. You must also pair your TV with the remote control. This usually happens automatically as soon as the TV is turned on, although some TVs will ask you to test the remote during setup.

How to add and remove apps on LG TV?

Your Smart TV, like your smartphone, is a connected device that provides instant access to media, games and other applications. LG offers over 200 apps for its Smart TVs, many of which are available for free via the LG app store.

Select an application. After you find an app that looks interesting, you can find out more about it by selecting it from the menu. This will open a separate page for the application that offers a brief description of the content and services it offers, as well as screenshots of the application used.

Installation and download starts immediately after clicking the Install button. Once the installation is complete, you can open the app directly from the page or search for a new app on the home screen.

To move an app to a different location in the ribbon menu, first select the app; then press and hold the Enter button to open edit mode.

Enter edit mode. While in edit mode, you can move the application up and down the length of the scroll ribbon menu using the right and left direction buttons on the remote.

How to Scan For Channels From Your Antenna on Your TV (AKA How to Setup Your Antenna)

Remove unnecessary applications. To uninstall an app, press the up button to select the X icon over a separate app tile. Select after highlighting X, press Enter to uninstall the application.

Confirm the deletion. After you have selected an application to uninstall, you will be prompted: “Are you sure you want to uninstall?” Select Yes to confirm the deletion.

Exit edit mode. After you finish moving or uninstalling an application, you can exit edit mode by clicking the Finish button.

What is a home screen on a TV?

Each Smart-TV platform has its own unique layout. LG and Samsung TVs have very similar home screens, each with a single row of apps that runs along the bottom of the screen. Sony Android TVs have multiple rows of apps, inputs and settings, while Roku TVs offer a tiled layout that looks more like a smartphone.

Whichever TV you have, there are four key details to be familiar with:

How to set up Smart TV on a Sony TV?

Setting up your new Sony TV won’t be a problem. In fact, it starts the moment you turn on the TV for the first time. While Sony’s Android TV version guides you through the setup process, it’s still helpful to know what you’re getting in advance.

Select your Wi-Fi network. Like all Smart TVs, Sony’s Bravia models rely on network connectivity to offer all the apps and streaming options you’d expect, so the first step is to establish that connection. Even if you want to connect your TV with an Ethernet cable to connect to your local network, it’s still a good idea to start by logging into Wi-Fi.

Enter your Wi-Fi password. If your network is selected, you will need to enter a password to complete the login to your Wi-Fi network. Use the onscreen keyboard and directional controls on the remote to login.

Finish connecting to your network. Once you are logged in, it may take some time for the TV to complete the connection.

Accept the privacy policy. Like any connected device, Sony Smart TVs need your permission for all content and information to be transferred between your TV and Sony.

Next, during the setup process you will go through antenna setup and channel scan, but if you don’t have an antenna, your first setup will be done.

How to tune channels on your TV

While Smart TV can take center stage, it will also connect to a range of other devices such as cable or satellite TV, game consoles and multimedia players.

Whether you’re installing a game console on an LG TV, a set-top box on a Samsung TV, or a Blu-ray player on a Sony TV, the basics are pretty much the same. If the TV is on, you can plug in and turn on your external device, but pay attention to which input you plugged the HDMI cable into. After turning on the device, the TV should automatically detect the device and add it to the input menu.

Once you have found the device in the input menu, you can rename the input and adjust the parameters. On some TVs, such as Sony Smart TVs, you may need to adjust the settings for that particular input to enable all available functions. For example, 4K and HDR gaming requires enabling these features for a specific HDMI port.

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On the other hand, Samsung Smart TVs offer excellent auto-detection and should adjust input settings accordingly, without having to do anything.

How to tune the antenna on a TV

For channels that are free, you will need to connect an HDTV antenna and scan the channels.

This is a fairly simple process and your TV should go through it automatically. Special instructions for LG TVs. Samsung and Sony are available, but the basics should all be the same.

However, watch out for “home theater displays” that look like TVs but are not technically. Because they lack RF connections and TV tuners. This was especially common on older TVs, but current models have the tuner and jack you will need.

First, connect the antenna to the TV’s RF connector, the screw coaxial connector located next to the HDMI and audio ports on the back or side of the TV.

The TV will detect a new signal and should scan channels automatically. If this is not the case, you should be able to select channel scan or something similar under the antenna-input parameter on the main screen.

The system will scan all possible channels, identifying each channel that has a signal.

After scanning is complete, you can raise the channel guide. This should auto-populate with information about which shows are on which channels all in a handy on-screen guide.

Checking the TV for DVB-T2 reception.

First, we check whether your TV supports DVB-T2, since it is in this format that digital television is broadcast on the territory of the Russian Federation.
This information can be found in the instructions of your TV, check the product data sheet, this information should be indicated in it.
There is also another way, using the Internet, for this we go to the site See the figure of the Russian Federation. Here we find the item
Check if your TV accepts digital terrestrial TV, enter the brand and model of TV, and see if it is possible to receive a digit or not.


  • Press the “House (home)” button on the remote control
  • Select “Channel Search”
  • Select “Reinstall Channels”
  • Choosing the country “Germany”
  • Choose “DVB-C Cable”
  • In the list of operators, select “Others”
  • Press to the right on the remote control, select “Settings”
  • We set the frequency scan to “Full”
  • Set the baud rate to “Manual”
  • We set the baud rate to “6875”
  • We turn on analog channels only if they are needed
  • Click “Done”, return to the previous menu
  • We start the search

To set up a PHILIPS brand TV, first read the stickers on the back of the TV, where separately for each tuner (DVB-T and DVB-C) there is a list of countries in which, according to PHILIPS, there is digital broadcasting (at the time of TV release, but if you update the firmware via their official website, this list may change in subsequent firmwares). If the item Russia is not in the list, then select. Slovakia, Slovenia or Others.

General algorithms for tuning digital channels for various models of PHILIPS LCD TVs:

  • Click on the icon. “House”;
  • We choose. “Installation”;
  • We select “Search for channels”;
  • We select. “Reinstall channels”;
  • We choose. Country. Russia or Others. If the item Russia is not in the list, then select. Slovakia, Slovenia or Others;
  • Select the digital mode. “Cable (DVB-C)”;
  • In the line “Network frequency” we drive in the frequency. 298 MHz (298000 kHz);
  • In the line “Transfer rate” we drive in the speed. 6875 CS: GO / s;
  • In the line “Scanning frequencies”. 256 QAM.

Setting up takes about 5-10 minutes.

A detailed description of setting up digital channels on TVs of the PHILIPS trademark:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • In the TV menu that opens, select the “Configuration” section;
  • Select the “Installation” tab;
  • After pressing the “OK” button, you will move to the second field of the menu, then go to the “Channel setting” tab;
  • After pressing the “OK” button, you will see the third part of the menu, where you need to select “Automatic. installations “;
  • Next, you will see a message about updating the channel list. Click “Start”;
  • Select “Reinstall Channels”;
  • In the “Country” section, select Russia, but if this country is not in the proposed list, then select Slovakia, Slovenia or Others;
  • Since you are connecting to digital TV via the DVB-C cable network, you must select “Cable”;
  • Before starting the search for channels, select “Settings” to manually correct the search parameters;
  • Set the baud rate to manual. In the tab, manually change the baud rate from the control panel to the desired one. In some TV models, the flow rate is indicated in the “Symbol 1” tab, “Symbol 2” we leave 0;
  • Now set the manual mode of the network frequency and from the remote control enter:
  • Frequency: 298.00;
  • Data transfer rate: 6875 CS: GO / s;
  • QAM: 256.
  • After clicking the “ready” tab, you will again be taken to the channel launch menu, now you can start scanning.

If you did everything correctly and saved all the changed parameters, then during the search you will find channels.

Setting up digital channels

In order to tune 20 digital channels on your TV, you need to do a few steps in the TV settings menu.
for this we take the remote control and press the Menu button. In different TV models, it may be called differently. For example, for Smart TV, you must press the HOME button.

The site provides instructions for setting up different brands of TVs such as DEXP, Doffler, Samsung, Akai, Philips, Thomson, Sharp, etc. For convenience, you can use the search on the site.

SONY brand TVs

Since not all SONY models are equipped with a digital cable TV (DVB-C) tuner, you need to check your SONY TV model. Models equipped with a DVB-C tuner are marked KDL-EX or KDL-NX. for example KDL-2EX402R2 the first 3 letters in the model name (KDL) just indicate that the TV is digital. ” For KLV-BX, etc. no DVB tuners.

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General algorithms for tuning digital channels for various models of SONY LCD TVs:

  • Press the “MENU” button (for some models it is called “HOME” on the remote control (hereinafter referred to as the RC). This button is usually blue;
  • We select the item “Settings”;
  • Find the Digital Configuration menu in the list of settings, enter it;
  • Select the item “Autosearch for digital stations”;
  • The source selection window will open. select the type of TV connection. Select “Cable”;
  • In the item for selecting the type of scan. select the “Full scan” mode.
  • Or by selecting the item “Manual” we enter: Frequency: 298 MHz (298000 kHz); Access code: “Auto”; Symbol rate: 6875.
  • Then click “Start” and wait for the TV to finish searching for channels.

Take a look at the bottom of your TV’s OSD. The bottom menu bar displays tips on which buttons on the remote control to perform certain actions in the TV menu.


General algorithms for tuning digital and analog channels for various models of LG LCD TVs:

  • Press the button. “Menu”;
  • Choose from the menu. “Options”;
  • We choose. “Auto-tuning”;
  • Choose a country. “Finland”; (possibly France, Switzerland, Sweden)
  • Select the signal source. “Cable”;
  • We choose. “Digital”;
  • Click. “Search”.

Setting up takes about 5-10 minutes.

Detailed description of setting up digital channels on LG TVs:

  • In order to tune high-definition digital TV channels for the overwhelming number of LG models, press the “Menu” button on the remote control, you will see the TV menu, in which you will need to select the “Options” section.
  • Specify the country “Russia”.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu, the “Auto search” item and specify the method of connecting to the TV “Cable”.
  • In the window that opens, go to “Settings” and enter the following parameters: Search type: “Fast”; Frequency: 298000 (kHz); Speed characters: 6875; Modulation: 256 QAM; Network ID: auto.
  • If you did everything correctly and saved all the changed parameters, then during the search you will find channels.
  • An important feature of LG TVs is the Auto Channel Update feature. It must be turned off, otherwise the TV will periodically reset the channel list you have configured. To do this, go to “Digital cable settings. Auto channel update”: Off

Select “Setup” to sort the channels. “Autosearch”. “Cable”. Uncheck (√) “Auto numbering”. Execute. After setting up all the channels, the necessary buttons will appear in the “Program Editor”.


Setting up digital channels on TVs of the PANASONIC trademark:

  • Press the “Menu” button;
  • We select the item “Settings”;
  • In the window that appears, select “Analogue menu. settings “;
  • In the window that appears, select the item “Add TV signal”;
  • In the table that opens, put a tick on the line “DVB-C”;
  • Click “Start auto-tuning”;
  • After searching for all digital channels, going to the main menu in the “Settings” item, the line “DVB-C setup menu” appears. By selecting this item, you can correct the setting in manual mode (set the frequency to 298 MHz (298000 kHz) and the speed to 6875 CS: GO / s).

Your TV menu may differ from the suggested model. In this case, you need to find tabs that are similar in meaning. If your TV asks for a search step, specify 8 MHz.

  • Press the “Menu” button;
  • We select the item “Settings”;
  • Go to the subsection “DVB-C Settings”;
  • We select the subsection “Autotuning”;
  • In the “Auto-tuning” menu, enter the values: Frequency: 298 MHz; Symbol rate: 6875 Ksim / s; Note that there is no “modulation” parameter. Search mode: “All channels”; Scanning mode: “Fast” (or “Full”); Network ID: “auto”.
  • Click on “Start Scanning Automatically”.
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Channel scan lasts from 3 (“Fast”) to 10 minutes (“Full” scan), after which TV automatically displays a list of all channels tuned by this tuner. The channel list will be displayed automatically, or it can be found in the DVB-C setup menu.

How to tune Thomson TV to digital channels

What to do if channel tuning gets lost?

If you have tuned channels in automatic mode, try running manual search. If the channels fail again, the cause should be looked for in a bad broadcast signal, a faulty cable or a breakdown of the TV. Read more:

Thomson tv how to set up

Question answer

Find a ready-made answer in the knowledge base or ask your own question.

Thomson TV setup

Our masters configure Thomson TV for analog and digital channels of terrestrial, cable and satellite television, adjust brightness, color and geometric parameters of the screen, wired or wireless connection of Thomson TV to the Internet, connect external playback players or recording devices.

We know how to set up a Thomson TV. Call us! Calling the master of tel. 8 (926).444-16-66

How to set up a Thomson TV correctly

Types of services

Thomson TV malfunctions that can be fixed by yourself:

Thomson TV won’t turn on. check your electrical outlet.

No color picture. Change color system in TV settings, Switch to another channel, Black and white picture may be broadcast.

The remote control does not work. Replace the batteries, or the batteries are incorrectly positioned.

The screen is snowing, the presence of interference. In the event that the antenna is located far from the TV center. where the signal is very weak, the picture on the Thomson TV screen may be degraded by dots. If the signal is extremely weak, it is necessary to install a special TV antenna to improve signal reception.