How to tune in many channels on a TV

Manual Channel Tuning

Manual tuning for TV channels is absolutely necessary, because the automatic one records some unsatisfactorily. For example, doubles often appear, a poor-quality image, and there may be no sound. They are removed. But if the channel needs to be saved, you will have to act manually. This is done like this:

  • look for “Channel setup”, “Manual tuning” in the menu and press ENTER / OK;
  • select “Program” and assign numbers to the channels;
  • select the color system: PAL or SECAM, sound: 2.0 (stereo), 5.1, etc.;
  • conduct a “Search” channel, if it works, click “Save”.

If necessary, these steps are repeated for each of the TV channels. They must be confirmed by pressing ENTER / OK.

How to tune the TV to receive channels

You can set up the TV to receive channels according to our instructions. Use the Settings Wizard that opens when you turn on the TV for the first time.

Automatic and manual process.

The setup procedure can be complicated with satellite or cable TV.

In most cases, automatic search copes with its tasks, and after the procedure, the user only has to remove unnecessary channels from the list.

But sometimes the equipment does not correctly take into account the scanning range, signal source, etc. Then the procedure can be carried out manually or with the selection of new parameters. Of course, if we are talking only about new generations of TVs. In older owners, only manual mode is usually available.

There are no particular advantages in choosing one or another method of searching for channels. The first, automatic, saves time, provides high accuracy, is suitable even for inexperienced users, but occasionally it can make mistakes. The second, manual, requires more time and knowledge, but allows you to configure channels in more detail, including with poor reception quality.

If none of the methods succeeded, you can use the services of a telemaster. The cost of the call will depend on the region of residence, the distance from the workshop and its pricing policy. Alternatively, you can consider contacting volunteer organizations that can help with the transition to the new TV format for free.

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Tuning TV without antenna

Having high-quality cable Internet, you can watch TV without an antenna. To do this, connect the cable to the TV set-top box. There is one more plus, channels of the former CIS countries with excellent quality will become available. Now the vagaries of the weather will not affect the broadcast. There is one more positive point, it is that the missed film can be watched later at any convenient time. What is Smart TV can be found in the corresponding section of our website.

Setting up Smart TV makes it possible to watch TV programs directly from the Internet, but for this you need to have a stable network with a speed of at least 20 Mbps.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a Smart TV. You can connect it in the following ways: connect a router (router) and a computer with a cable, or use the Wi-Fi service. To ensure simultaneous access of a computer and TV via a 3G modem, a TP-Link TL-MR3420 router is used, it is also suitable for a cable network. Modern Smart TVs are equipped with a special output for connecting to a loyal network, it is connected with a cable to the router. In this case, the router gives the TV an IP address and all other necessary settings. Nothing else to do, TV is ready to go.

Connecting via wi-fi, go to the “Network Connection”, and select the desired network, indicate the password for access to wi-fi. After that, an IP address for the TV device will be automatically assigned.

Setting up digital channels

High Definition Television (HDTV) is a modern standard for the transmission of compressed video signals. This technology provides the highest picture quality. On all modern TVs with a DVB-C tuner, it is now possible to tune digital channels. But such a TV should also have the ability to view HD. This new technology is becoming more and more accessible to a wide range of users. Various offices appear offering digital channel tuning. But you can deal with this problem yourself and for free.

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With general knowledge and manufacturer’s instructions, it is easy to set up any TV. First, the lines are marked:

  • “Options”, “Automatic tuning”, mark the source and press “Start”;
  • put the cursor on “Digital” and press “Start”;
  • “Search Mode” and “Full” option;
  • enter the following data into the fields: frequency (kHz). 314,000 (314 MHz), modulation. 256 QAM, speed. 6875 kS / s.

Modern TVs are equipped with a network search, you just need to turn it on and wait. All parameters will be entered automatically. To add new digital TV channels, do a rescanning. After that they appear in the list.

How to set up a new TV

To connect a new TV to a conventional antenna, you must definitely switch to your native language. To do this, the tunable receiver is connected to the antenna cable, then by long pressing “OK”, they call up the menu, look for the item “Country”, the word LANGUAGE and select RUSSIAN. Now all the menu will be in Russian.

Setting up satellite channels

How to tune satellite channels if a dish is installed. The cable connects the receiver and the TV, putting it into monitor mode. The desired satellite is marked with the remote control from the tuner. In the menu of the receiver, select its scan. The easiest way is to entrust this to an automatic search, which immediately does everything on its own, without requiring you to enter the transponder settings manually. Before that, it is advisable to study the instructions that come with the device. It details how to set up digital channels on your new TV.

There are a lot of such channels, so you need to choose those digital channels that you like more and will be watched at least sometimes. Do not forget, when the image deteriorates, the reason may be strong wind and rain, so sometimes the position of the plate is corrected.

How to set up an old TV

On the old TV, the TV channels are tuned with special control buttons. On most models, they are located under the switches or near the antenna connector on the back of the panel. Channel frequency regulators should be looked for under special covers or in drawers.

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Setting up an older TV is always done manually. Very often, when you turn it on again, it becomes necessary for additional adjustment, due to the lack of memory systems. If desired, digital channels can be obtained by connecting the DVA-T2 set-top box.

Automatically tune channels on your TV

How do I tune my TV automatically? Almost cable TV, as well as analog, are set up in the same way. Perform it after concluding a service contract with the provider.

The receiver is turned on, the message “channels are not tuned” will appear on the monitor. Using the remote control, call up the “Menu”, move the cursor one by one to the lines “Tuning channels”, “Automatic tuning” and indicate the type of broadcasting that needs to be tuned. Now it remains to press ENTER / OK. The TV receiver begins to tune in channels, scanning the entire frequency range. It takes a few minutes of time and depends on their number, at the end of TV will show all the saved TV channels. If it didn’t work out, open it and study the instructions that come with the device. It contains a detailed description of how to set up for this TV.

When the TV operator adds new channels, the tuning is done again; for this, the edit line is used. But even after restarting automatic tuning, all previously recorded channels are saved, and new ones are simply added to free numbers.

If the old receiver needs to be configured in a new way, in the menu program they find the entry “Delete”, confirm the action by pressing “OK” and restart the automatic configuration.