How to tune DTV channels on your TV

TCL TV manual

TCL TV manual for TCL 26E92NH10 model indicates the following connections (before connecting devices, you must unplug the power cord):
1) Power cord to AC POWER socket
2) Ant. socket for connecting the antenna cable
3) DVD player
4) Home Theater System
5) Blue Ray disc player
6) Cable TV decoder
7) Game console
8) Camcorder
9) Headphones
10) Personal computer or laptop

Setting up digital channels

A given manufacturer has a large number of different models, the interface of which is significantly different. At the moment, almost all new TVs run on the Android TV operating system.

In order to tune twenty free digital TV channels on your TCL Smart TV, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Enter the TV menu by pressing the corresponding button.
  • Next, you need to go to Settings.
  • Go to the Channel settings.
  • Click on Channel Search.
  • We change the broadcasting country to our own if you live in the Russian Federation, choose Russia.
  • Next, you need to select the type of scan Autosearch.
  • The next step is to select the Tuner mode.
  • Use the left or right buttons to select Antenna to search for digital terrestrial programs.
  • Channel Type Digital or DTV, you can also select Analog.
  • Click on search and wait a few minutes before the end of the frequency scan.

Answers to questions on TCL TV

Please tell me where to find on the remote control or in the TCL 32D4026 menu how to switch the screen resolution? (for example, it costs 16: 9 how to change?) Connected to cable TV. There are digital channels. 09/26/2018, Belarus. The Grodno region. Novogrudok

On TCL TVs, the image size is selected using the Zoom-, Zoom buttons or in the Picture MENU section.
When watching cable digital channels, the screen resolution and aspect ratio are determined by the input signal.

Top Models

The most popular models among TCL TVs are the following devices:

  • TCL LED32D2930. A good budget TV with a screen size of 81 cm, a digital tuner, support for Smart TV, with the ability to connect USB drives for watching movies and photos, as well as playing music. Display resolution. 1366×768, frame rate. 60 Hz, horizontal and vertical viewing angles. 178 °;
  • TCL L43P6US. TV receiver with a diagonal of 108 cm, 4K resolution, HDR support and LED backlighting. TCL L43P6US TV has a Smart TV function, connection to the Network is carried out via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connector. There are USB connectors. The device is equipped with tuners for watching digital terrestrial, cable and satellite television;
  • TCL L50P6US. Low price, excellent technical characteristics and extensive functionality have made this TV receiver the subject of many expert reviews. 4K resolution, LED backlighting and HDR deliver stunning visuals. Smart TV function provides Internet access, and USB connectors allow you to connect a USB flash drive or hard drive to watch movies;
  • TCL L55P3CFS. The main advantage of this TV set is the curved shape of the screen. Thanks to this design, an outstanding picture and complete immersion in the events taking place on the screen are achieved. In addition to this feature, the TCL L55P3CFS LED TV has Full HD resolution, several tuners for terrestrial, cable and satellite television, Internet access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, as well as several USB ports. Diagonal. 139 cm;
  • TCL L65P2US. This device has the largest screen size in the company’s model range. 165 cm. LED TV TCL L65P2US stands out for its 4K display resolution, LED backlighting, and support for the Smart TV function. A DVB-T2 tuner is installed for watching digital TV. USB connectors allow you to connect flash drives and hard drives. The TCL L65P2US TV remote control is convenient, with a separate button for the Netflix app. At the same time, to work on the Web, the user can connect and use a regular mouse and keyboard.
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How to do Auto or Manual Tuning for TV and DTV Channels on LG Smart WebOS TV

Malfunctions on TCL TVs are rare, but if they do appear, you need to contact the service center. Free of charge during the warranty period and at an affordable price at the end of the warranty, specialists will reliably and efficiently repair the device.

Some of the most popular low-cost and high-quality TV sets are TCL TVs. The model range of TSL equipment includes both budget devices intended for watching television and functional devices with Ultra HD resolution, curved body and Internet access. Many buyers will be interested in who is the manufacturer and which models are considered the best, as well as how to tune TCL TVs to receive digital channels.

Tuning TCL TV channels

One of the advantages of TCL TVs is the quick exit from standby mode. By this criterion, they are ahead of many competitors.

Next, you can establish a wired and wireless Internet connection. After the previous parameters are set, the TV will prompt the user to go to the channel setup. First you need to select the type of tuner. antenna, cable or satellite.

Then you need to specify which TV channels you want to search for. digital, analog, or both. After that, you need to wait a few minutes until the device completes the search. Now you can start watching TV.
The user can also tune channels on the TV through the TV receiver menu.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Pick up the control panel, press the “Menu” button.
  • Open the “Channels” section.
  • Determine the type of tuner. antenna, cable or satellite.
  • Click Auto Scan.
  • Mark DTV (digital), ATV (analog) or both.
  • Start TV channel search and wait for completion.

In addition to automatic search, the user has access to manual tuning of analogue, terrestrial, cable and satellite TV channels.

  • Open “Channels”.
  • Select “Manual Scan”.
  • Go to “Analog Manual Scan”.
  • Select frequency, start search.
  • “Channels”. “Manual Scan”. “Digital Manual Scan”.
  • Select frequency or set channel number.
  • Click “Start”.
  • Open “Channels”.
  • In the column “Tuner type” indicate “Satellite”.
  • Select satellite view.
  • Specify transponder.
  • Press the blue button to start the search, confirm the action by pressing “Ok”.
  • Open “Menu”, select “Channels”.
  • In the field “Tuner type” set “Cable”.
  • Select “Manual Scan”, then “Digital Manual Scan”.
  • Enter frequency, start search.

For different TCL TV models, the automatic and manual channel scan settings may differ. The user can get more detailed information in the instruction manual. Usually it comes with a TV set, in case of loss it can be downloaded on the Internet on the official website of the manufacturer.

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TCL manufactures reliable and quality TVs. The model range includes equipment of a wide variety of diagonals, as well as with various functionalities, which allows any buyer to choose the right device for himself.

The user usually sets up the search for television channels when the TV receiver is turned on for the first time, but if in the future he needs to update or configure them again, he can do this using the remote control through the TV menu.

Cable TV setup

If you have entered into an agreement with a cable provider, then in order to view most of the network channels, you must have an access card with an encoded signal.

  • Follow all the steps above to Auto Search.
  • Next, you need to change the Tuner Mode to Cable.
  • Channel type Digital and Analog.
  • Search Mode Full.
  • Click on Search and wait for the end of the process.
  • If you know the parameters, you can select Network.
  • We set the start Frequency, Modulation, Symbol rate and network ID.

Check with your service provider for these parameters. If you do not know them, select Full search, then your TV will fully scan and find all channels.

DTV standards in the world

There are no more questions about what DTV is on TV, but there is the next one. how many standards of terrestrial TV are there??

In order to maintain the compatibility of equipment in the world, it was decided to distribute broadcasting standards to different countries:

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  • DVB. standards of this format are used in Europe and Russia;
  • ISDB. Japan works with this standard;
  • ATSC. American Standard Digital Terrestrial TV.

Further, the DVB standard has different formats, designed for different concepts of use. For instance:

  • DVB-T, DVB-T2. terrestrial digital TV that can be caught through an antenna over radio waves;
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2. broadcasting video data via satellite TV;
  • DVB-H. distributes TV broadcasting to mobile gadgets (smartphones, tablets);
  • DVB-C, DVB-C2. digital TV transmitted via cable from the provider.

The prefix 2 in many standards means the second generation, which is distinguished by the best indicators of range and noise immunity, and a large number of broadcast channels. Including in HD quality.

What are the Differences Between Digital TV and DTV

Confusion can arise with these two concepts due to the similarity and consonance. But they have a clear hierarchy. Digital TV refers to all types of this broadcasting. DTV indicates that it belongs to terrestrial TV only. And DVB-T2, often mentioned in the characteristics of tuners and TVs, is a European standard that Russia also uses to broadcast a digital signal.

How to watch digital channels on your TV

  • Disconnect the 220V power supply on the TV;
  • Insert the antenna plug into the TV input;
  • Turn on the TV;
  • Enter the menu and move the slider of the digital tuner to the “On” position.
  • Click on “Autosearch programs”, wait for completion and watch digital TV.

If your TV does not support DVB-T2, then you also need a tuner. Implementation with a tuner follows the scheme:

  • Unplug the TV from the outlet to de-energize.
  • Connect the antenna cable to the corresponding input of the antenna attachment.
  • Use “tulips” or another way to output video and audio to the TV screen by connecting the tuner and TV;
  • Turn on the TV.
  • In the signal playback source, select the one from which the output was made (AV (tulips), SCART, HDMI);
  • In the menu, activate the automatic channel search or set the frequencies manually.
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What does DTV sign on my TV mean?

When the abbreviation DTV is present on the device, it means that it works with terrestrial digital TV. The technology has undergone minor upgrades since its inception, so it has several broadcast standards. To find out the supported standard, it is recommended that you look at the markings that may be on your TV / receiver, box, or operating instructions. For example, the standard:

What is DTV on TV

DTV channels are preferred to watch in all countries due to their availability and the quality of the transmitted picture. Also, a significant part of them are broadcasted for free, and anyone can use them for their TV. The article discusses the DTV technology, what it is and its functional features.

Explanation of the abbreviation

The letters “DTV” denote the “Digital Television Transition” technology, which translates as “Digital Terrestrial Television”. In order for a TV to work with this technology, its receiver must support DTV, receive a signal of this format and output video and soundtrack. The receiver is usually an external receiver, but modern TV models are equipped with such a receiver by default.

The transmitted signal is encoded in digital MPEG format and represented as a binary code. The basis of its popularity is that the signal is not affected by weather conditions (as was previously the case with analog). Even if it is rainy or windy outside, the TV will not lose signal.

DTV capabilities

When asked about DTV, what is it in TV, there is a simple answer. it is an evolutionary technology compared to an analog signal. The main advantage is working with the MPEG-4 format. Encoding allows you to significantly reduce the size of the transmitted media data. Additionally, using the European DVB-T2 standard, you can:

  • Broadcast teletext and subtitles.
  • Provide 3D video broadcast using DVB 3D-TV technology.
  • Stream multichannel surround sound.
  • Pull up the HbbTV site to interact with the audience during broadcasts.
  • Stream HDTV and UHDTV formats.

Are DTV channels available to everyone in Russia?

Each DTV standard includes sets of TV channels called multiplexers. Each multiplexer contains about 10 channels, which are output at one frequency. With the help of the tuner, these channels of the same frequency are distinguished and can be fully reproduced on TV.

There are two multiplexers in Russia: RTRS-1 and RTRS-2. In different regions, you can catch both, or one at a time. This is due to the limited number of towers and their placement.

DTV channels are available to Russian citizens free of charge, subject to the presence of the accompanying equipment:

tune, channels
  • External / internal tuner paired with the TV;
  • Antenna UHF operating in the decimeter band corridor.