How to tune digital channels on Sony Bravia

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Sony KD-43XG7096

Our TOP 43-inch TV Sony KD-43XG7096 opens. It will allow you to enjoy watching movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts and other video content in 4K resolution. The manufacturer’s proprietary technologies are working to improve the quality of the picture. 4K X-Reality Pro enhances detail to bring low-quality images closer to 4K, while Triluminos Display technology delivers natural colors, including reds, greens and blues, which are considered the most difficult to reproduce on a TV screen. In addition, the TV received a good speaker system, which will make watching movies more comfortable and will allow you to feel the effect of presence. Among other features of this model, it is worth noting a large number of connectors for connecting various devices and the presence of Smart TV, which will allow you to access a huge amount of video content on the Internet. Reviews on the network about this TV are all extremely positive and significant flaws were not found. So I would recommend this model to anyone who wants a 43-inch TV.

HOW TO: Tune Sony’s Android TV (analogue/digital tuning)

  • Diagonal: 43 inches.
  • Resolution: 3840 × 2160 (4K).
  • Matrix type: IPS.
  • Backlight Type: Edge LED.
  • HDR10.
  • HLG.
  • 4K X-Reality PRO.
  • TRILUMINOS Display.
  • Speakers: 2 x 10W.
  • Dolby Digital Plus.
  • S Force Surround.
  • Clear Audio.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • OS: Linux Smart TV.
  • HDMI connectors: 3 pcs.
  • USB connectors: 3 pcs.

Why is it important to study the Sony Bravia TV guide


  • In the delivery set for each model of the Sony Bravia TV, the caring manufacturer Sony encloses a special booklet with a manual. It is the step-by-step instruction available to any student that makes it easy to master the full potential of a modern multimedia device.
  • This manual contains all the technical information on how to turn on and off, how to set up, what parts it consists of, specific features of the device and much more.
  • With the help of detailed diagrams and manuals, each Sony Bravia TV user can configure individual parameters just for himself. This will make using the device as comfortable as possible.
  • When using any technique, the most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the rules of safe use. This will save you from many unwanted dangerous situations with technology.
  • The manual for using the TV, as a rule, indicates typical malfunctions and how to fix them. By following the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions, you can correct many errors in the settings and avoid contacting the service center on a simple technical issue.
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We have collected manuals for our customers for the most popular models of Sony Bravia TVs. These manuals are presented in Russian in pdf format. You can open and download the file with the desired model below.

Possible problems

In general, most of the problems in the operation of applications installed on Sony SmartTVs are due to incorrect user actions. Rarely occurring software errors are usually taken into account by developers and eliminated when updates or new versions are released.

Failure in the operation of applications is also possible due to untimely flashing of the Smart TV receiver operating system or the use of an outdated version of the program. In this case, the problem is solved by updating the TV OS firmware or simply installing a fresh version of the widget.

In addition, the operation of applications may be disrupted due to a failure in the Network settings or an incorrectly selected method of connecting to the latter. Such violations are corrected by eliminating the deficiencies. For example, in some cases, rejecting a wireless connection via the WI-FI module and using a LAN cable to connect to the Internet can help.

Summarizing the above, let us draw the reader’s attention to the fact that if an existing Sony Smart TV receiver is running Android OS, the installation of additional software on it is similar to a similar process on ordinary smartphones, so it will not cause difficulties even for beginners in the smart technology industry.

After entering all the necessary values, start the search, but keep in mind that it can take an hour or more.

Deleting and sorting channels

If for some reason you do not want to watch one or several found channels, you can delete them from the list. This is done as follows:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select “Settings”, then “Digital Configuration”.
  • Go to “Remove Programs”.
  • Find an unwanted channel in the list.
  • Hold down the central button on the remote control (“Select”, “OK”). The channel is removed.

In the event that you need to sort the order of the channels, the procedure looks like this:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select “Settings” and “Digital Configuration”.
  • In the menu that opens, go to the item “Sort programs”.
  • Enter the channel number to be changed and press the Select key. The program will stand out.
  • Use the “Up” and “Down” keys to move the channel to the desired position.
  • The procedure is repeated for all channels that need to be sorted.
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No signal

If no channel is showing, you need to take the following steps:

  • Check antenna connection. The plug may have fallen out of the socket.
  • Make sure the integrity of the antenna cable visually and, if possible, by “ringing” it with a multimeter.
  • Check antenna orientation. Digital TV broadcasts in the decimeter range, and UHF antennas, as a rule, are sensitive to the direction to the signal source, so they must be installed with an orientation clearly to it. The exact bearing to the nearest repeater can be found on the CETV interactive map.

If none of these steps gave a result, you need to seek help from the masters. This is most likely a malfunction of the TV.

Manual Channel Tuning

It is usually required to switch the TV to manual channel tuning mode if there are any problems with autosearch, or if another digital multiplex is broadcasting in the vicinity, and you do not want to knock down the existing settings.

Step-by-step instructions for manual configuration are described in a separate article. In general, its algorithm looks like this:

  • In the TV menu, the item “Manual tuning” is selected.
  • The frequency from which the search will be conducted is indicated.
  • TCE number is established.
  • The detected channels are recorded in the TV memory.

You can find out all the necessary data in 2 minutes from the article about the frequencies of digital channels.

Check if your Sony TV supports digital TV

Before you connect your digital TV and start setting up, you need to check if your TV can receive it at all. This can be done on the website of the manufacturer or official distributors of Sony products, but the easiest way is to use this online service. To do this, enter the model number in the “Search” line:

Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
KDL-22EX553 22
KDL-24W605A 24
KDL-26EX553 26
KDL-32EX653 32
KDL-32EX343 32
KDL-32HX753 32
KDL-32R423A 32
KDL-32R424A 32
KDL-32W503A 32
KDL-32W603A 32
KDL-32W653 32
KDL-32W653A 32
KDL-32W654 32
KDL-32R303B 32
KDL-32R435B 32
KDL-32R433B 32
KDL-32W706B 32
KDL-32W705B 32
KDL-40EX653 40
KDL-40HX753 40
KDL-40HX853 40
KDL-40R353A 40
KDL-40R453A 40
KDL-40R473A 40
KDL-40R474A 40
KDL-40R483B 40
KDL-42EX443 42
KDL-40W905 40
KDL-42W653A 42
KDL-42W654 42
KDL-42W654A 42
KDL-42W807A 42
KDL-42W808A 42
KDL-42W805 42
KDL-42W828B 42
KDL-42W817B 42
KDL-42W705B 42
KDL-42W706B 42
KDL-46EX653 46
KDL-46HX753 46
KDL-46HX853 46
KDL-46R473A 46
KDL-46W905 46
KDL-47W805 47
KDL-47W807A 47
KDL-47W808A 47
KDL-48R483B 48
KDL-49X8505B 49
KDL-49W8505B 49
KDL-50W705B fifty
KDL-50W706B fifty
KDL-50W685A fifty
KDL-50W817B fifty
KDL-55HX753 55
KDL-55HX853 55
KDL-55W805 55
KDL-55W807A 55
KDL-55W808A 55
KDL-55W817B 55
KDL-55W828B 55
KDL-55W8505B 55
KDL-55W905 55
KD-55X9005A 55
KD-55X9005B 55
KD-55X8505A 55
KD-55X8505B 55
KDL-55W955B 55
KDL-65W855A 65
KDL-65S995A 65
KD-65X8505A 65
KD-65X8505B 65
KDL-65HX953 65
KD-65X9005A 65
KD-65X9005B 65
KD-65X950B 65
KD-65X9505B 65
KDL-65W955B 65
KDL-70X8505B 70
KDL-79X9005B 79
KDL-84X9005 84
KDL-85X9505 85
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Setting up digital channels yourself on a Sony TV

Digital television allows the viewer to watch programs and films in a quality that is not available for the analog version. However, in order to take full advantage of the “number”, you must first follow a series of simple steps. Let’s see how to set up a Sony TV to receive digital TV.

Auto search for digital channels on Sony

The easiest way to tune channels is using auto search. The exact procedure differs depending on the model and the specific interface option, but the general algorithm is as follows:

  • The TV menu opens (as a rule, using the corresponding button on the remote control labeled “Menu” or “Home”).
  • In the menu, the “Settings” tab is first selected, and then “Settings”.
  • In the settings you need to select the item “Digital configuration”.
  • In the menu that opens, you need to activate the item “Automatic search for digital stations”.
  • The TV prompts you to select a signal source. Here it is necessary to indicate where exactly the digital TV signal comes from. from the terrestrial antenna or cable.
  • The TV itself will start scanning the range and memorize all the detected TV channels.
  • After the scan is finished, a message indicating the completion of the process will appear. After that, you can start viewing the found programs.

Important: some TV models (for example, the Sony Bravia line) have two types of scanning. fast and full. The second one looks deeper, looking through the entire available range, but it also takes much more time, up to an hour.

Adding local analogue TV channels

Although in Russia broadcasting of federal channels is being transferred to digital, analogue television is still preserved: local programs are broadcast on it. If you want to watch them, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the menu and go to the “Settings”.
  • Select analog configuration (ATV).
  • Go to the item “Channel search”.
  • After the end of the procedure, guard the received analog channels.