How to tune channels on your Samsung Smart TV


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An unofficial player with which you can play videos via torrent trackers. The user will be able to watch movies on Smart TV, serials, as well as terrestrial TV channels via the Internet. A full-fledged home theater with an impressive amount of content is being organized.

During installation, there may be some problems that can be solved by means of third-party devices such as smartphones or computers. You can find many detailed instructions in Russian on the Internet.


XSmart is one of the largest aggregators of links to streaming video from the Internet. There is also support for playlists with the ability to set up a full-fledged television at no additional cost.

How to Watch Channels and Movies on Samsung Smart TV for Free

Modern TVs from Samsung have a lot of built-in functions, but the main purpose of the devices remains to display television channels. There are methods that allow you to watch the broadcast for free. Each method has specific features and deserves separate consideration.

Gets TV

GetsTV is a handy widget that allows you to watch digital online TV for free. In addition to the main terrestrial channels, there are also themed cable and satellite channels. Additionally, there is an impressive functionality for watching movies. The program provides access to the content catalog, where you can find new items in very good quality.

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If the internet is weak, you can use the built-in quality setting function. In the corresponding section, you can choose between several levels of signal transmission. Series fans will especially appreciate the built-in automatic episode switching feature.

Peers tv

After opening the program, a set of channels will appear on the screen, which are available for free. In the section “My Playlists” you can insert a link to download a package of IP-channels from the provider or from third-party resources.

The application provides a section “Popular”, in which a set of the most viewed content for a certain period of time is available. Rewind and pause broadcast functions are available while watching movies, TV shows or TV shows.

The disadvantages of the program include the low quality of signal transmission, which affects the clarity of the image.

Unofficial applications for watching TV over the Internet

There are many applications that allow you to get free access to various Internet TV channels. They all function over the network and have a similar set of options. But there are also differences.

Free channels on Smart TV Samsung

There are several ways to watch free channels on Samsung Smart TVs. The simplest method involves setting up the antenna type of connection similar to conventional TVs. Only the main terrestrial channels are tuned this way. But the establishment of an Internet connection significantly expands the capabilities of the TV, providing access to a large amount of content.

Expert Settings lets you take matters into your own hands

How to get there: Settings Image Additional settings

Capture every sporty moment with Auto Motion Plus settings

Sports excitement is energy, but if you can’t stay up to date, gaming evenings with friends will be ruined. Now that you have your own QLED TV, you can forget about those thoughts. Auto Motion Plus settings sharpen images so even fast-moving images stay clear.

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How to get it: Settings Picture Advanced Settings Auto Motion Plus Settings

How to tune terrestrial channels on Samsung TVs 2018. Samsung TV set up guide: what to enable, disable and configure

Set up channels on your Samsung TV

There are only 2 ways to program a Samsung TV. With their help, the owner of the device can search for channels manually or perform auto tuning. The first option will allow you to detect even the weakest signal, and the second will simplify the whole process as much as possible.

How to rescan antenna channels on a Samsung TV

If you just bought a new TV or are rescanning for NewsChannel 5, follow the instructions below. Got a different brand of TV? Go to our antenna house and choose the TV model you have.

There are several dozen models of Samsung TVs. The instructions below are for the most popular models, but may not work for all.

Each TV manufacturer uses a different term to describe rescan. Most Samsung TVs call their rescan feature “Auto Program” or “Auto Tuning”

TRY THIS FIRST. If you’ve gone into TV settings before, these instructions will help you rescan your TV.

Select “Menu” on the remote control
2. Select the “Channel” or “Broadcast” menu. (The exact name of the menu will differ depending on your model)
3. Select “Automatic program”
4. If you are prompted to scan for Air or Cable, select Air. (Many TVs may not prompt and will scan both automatically)

Turn on Game Mode to get the most out of your game

How to get there: Settings General External Device Manager Game Mode.

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Samsung non-Smart TVs (all models)

These are all Samsung TVs that do not connect to the Internet, including most models released prior to 2014. There are many models of non-Smart TVs from Samsung, too many to have specific model instructions. The instructions below should work with most Samsung TVs, but there may be slight differences depending on the device.

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control. (Many remote controls will say “Menu” and three fields below it “)

Select “Channel” from the menu. (Some newer models may have “Broadcast” instead)

Select “Automatic program” “or” Auto tuning “

Your TV may ask whether to program “air” or “cable”. If yes, select “Air”. This will tell your TV that you are looking for antenna channels.

You can also find additional instructions for your specific TV model on the Samsung support page.

Come on, tune in!

Now that you know how to tune your QLED TV, you also know how to retune it! None of these settings are permanent, which means that whatever you’re watching, you can easily get the perfect setting just by tweaking it. Are you ready to get the most out of your QLED TV? You are armed with knowledge, so get started!

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