How To Tune Channels On Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 inches. detailed review and customization of the most affordable Android TV

Greetings! Today we will talk about the most affordable TV in the Xiaomi TV line, with a diagonal of 32 inches and a resolution of 1366×768, which is based on Android 6. The TV is good, but requires some preparation for work (localization) and installation of a useful set of applications. I will tell you how to almost completely get rid of Chinese, which applications work well on TV and how to install it all.

You will also find out my personal opinion about the TV, all its strengths and, of course, disadvantages. And in order to immediately dot the i, I will immediately express my opinion about the screen resolution. Many will say that it is 2018 and 4K TVs are already starting to come in, and here is miserable HD. With this I only partially agree. Firstly, there is a small diagonal. 32 inches and from a distance of more than 3 meters when viewing, I personally do not see any difference. I put 2 HD and Full HD TVs side by side on purpose. And secondly, such TVs are often taken as additional, for example, in the kitchen or in the nursery. In general, why am I doing this? Besides, if you don’t use it as a monitor, then the resolution is enough, many people watch HD projectors with a diagonal on the whole wall. and nothing, their eyes haven’t burst. Therefore, I will not attribute the screen resolution to any pros or cons. this is just its feature, due primarily to its low price. But even if you are an ardent opponent of such TV, do not rush to close the review, because if you are basically interested in Xiaomi TVs, it can be useful. The fact is that in older models with a larger diagonal: 43 inches, 49 inches. Full HD resolution; 55 “, 65”. 4K resolution, uses a SIMilar skin that only has Chinese by default. There is no international firmware and it may never be, so revision is required with your own hands, on your own. But in fact it is very SIMple, I spent no more than a couple of hours on everything, most of which I was looking for useful information. But first things first, I propose to get acquainted with the technical characteristics first:

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 “
Screen 32 “diagonal with a resolution of 1366×768, viewing angle. 178 degrees, contrast ratio 3000: 1, refresh rate. 60 Hz, response time. 6.5 ms.
Sound 2 built-in 5W speakers
CPU 4-core Amlogic 962-SX clocked at up to 1.5Ghz
Graphics Mali-450 MP3 up to 750MHz
Built-in memory 4GB
operating system Patch Wall based on Android 6
the Internet Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Ethernet 100 megabits
Interfaces HDMI. 2 pcs (one of which is HDMI ARC), AV. 1 pc, USB 2.0. 1 pc, S / PDIF audio output. 1 pc, Ethernet. 1 pc, DTMB (antenna). 1 pc.
Dimensions 773mm x 435mm. without legs or 773mm x 478mm. with legs.
The weight 3.94 kg
find out the actual cost

review version

The box itself is also made of standard cardboard, and inside the insert is made of dense foam. In general, the chance of damaging content in transit is minimized. On the box, you can see the mi hare and the abundance of Chinese characters. TVs are currently sold mainly within China (at least officially), so initially everything is only in Chinese.

The kit included a small instruction, legs with a set of screws and a remote control.

How To Tune Channels On Xiaomi TV

The compact remote control with a minimum of buttons fits perfectly in the hand. A finger reaches out to all controls. There are navigation buttons in the form of a conditional cross and “ok” in the middle, buttons for working in the system (menu, home, back) and volume control buttons. Everything is very SIMple, nothing more. The plastic is rough, not easily soiled. The transmitter is powerful, you don’t need to play a sniper, aiming the receiver at the TV. The only thing missing for the ideal is the air mouse function, because some applications in Android are not adapted for the remote control and you have to connect a regular computer mouse via usb, which, by the way, is also an option. At least for the initial setup, a mouse is needed, but then you can completely get by with the remote control.

The appearance is quite pleasant and modern, the plastic does not look cheap and does not have an unpleasant smell.

The legs are attached to the base with two screws each. With the legs, the TV is stable, does not wobble. The minimum depth of the surface where the TV is planned to be installed is more than 180 mm, because it is precisely this width that the “legs” are spread.

The surface of the screen is matte and does not glare from light, visually the TV seems to be very thin. Although the central part with the board is 9 cm thick.

Frames are small: 1.1 cm at the top and 1.4 cm at the sides.

In the lower part there is a small Mi logo, under which there is an LED that actually lights up only during system boot and has not been seen anywhere else. The IR receiver from the remote control is also located here. There are no problems with sensitivity, within the room the signal reaches from any angle.

In the lower part in the center there is a physical on / off button. Downward-facing speakers are located to the left and right of it. The speakers are quite large, the specifications indicate the power of 2 to 5W. The volume is high, for watching movies and TV shows I usually use 30% volume. The sound is dominated by middle frequencies and at high volume the TV just starts to “yell”, so for those who like high-quality sound it is better to connect an external audio system. In the system settings, you can turn on Bass Boost, which adds a little low frequencies, volume appears. In general, the sound is normal, especially for a budget TV. I have LG from the same price category in my kitchen, but the sound there is much worse.

Connecting to the Network

The Internet connection on Sony Bravia TVs can be configured in two ways: via Wi-Fi or using a cable.


Wi-Fi connection can be done in two ways:

  • using WPS technology, designed to SIMplify the wireless connection to the router and does not require entering a password from the local network;
  • in the classic way, in which you need to know the name of the home Wi-Fi network and the password to it.

Connection via WPS is possible only if both the TV receiver and the router support this technology. It is also carried out in two ways: the first. using a button, the second. by entering a code. In the first case, you need to press “HOME”, then select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “WPS (button)” on the screen. After that, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, where you will be asked to press the WPS button on the router and hold it until the connection is established. In the second case, you need to open the TV receiver menu from the remote control using the HOME key, select Settings. Network settings. Wireless settings. WPS (PIN). Then you should also act according to the instructions on the TV screen. But with such a connection, you need to open the web interface of the router from the computer and add a new device (TV), specifying the PIN from the TV receiver screen as confirmation. After that the connection will be established.

To connect in the standard way. using a password from a Wi-Fi network. press “HOME”, and then select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “Scan”. Next, in the list of found networks, you must specify the home and enter the password to establish a connection.

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A detailed description of connecting to a Wi-Fi network for a particular TV receiver model is recommended to be found in the instructions for it, since on different devices this process may differ depending on the type of menu and the name of the sections.


After installing the application for watching IP TV, you need to download Playlists with TV channels, which can be obtained from the provider or downloaded from the Internet. It depends on Playlists which channels and how many of them the TV set will show.

Installing Applications

In addition to Google Play, you can install applications on Android TV using a flash drive, having previously downloaded the apk file of the desired game or program downloaded from the Internet to it.

However, Sony Smart TVs running Linux can use existing applications that provide access to a wide range of content and music.


To establish a wired connection to the Network, connect the LAN connectors on the router and the back of the TV receiver with an Ethernet cable. Further actions depend on the operating system of the Smart device. Android or Linux (for example, KDL-40WD653).

  • For Android-based equipment, press the “HOME” key on the remote control, then open “Settings”. “Network and Accessories”. “Network”. After that, you will need to select “Network Settings”. “SIMple”. “Wired LAN”, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • For TVs with Linux OS, you need to click “HOME”, open “Settings”. “Network”. “Network settings”. “Set up a network connection” or “Wired setting”. Next, you need to select “SIMple” or “Automatic”, and then act according to the recommendations on the TV screen. Usually, the connection is configured immediately, no additional manipulations are required.

On Sony Bravia TVs of different years of release, the menu may differ, as well as the names of the sections, so a more detailed description of the connection is recommended to be found in the instructions for use of the TV equipment.

Sony Smart TV. features

After connecting Sony Bravia to the Internet and then setting up the Smart-section of the TV set, the user will have access to:

  • online viewing of TV series and movies;
  • installation of applications for access to interactive television;
  • surfing websites through a built-in browser;
  • communication with family and friends via social networks or Skype;
  • weather data, latest news;
  • search for information on the Web and voice control of the TV set;
  • numerous games;
  • transfer of multimedia content from a mobile device to a large TV screen;
  • duplication of the smartphone display on a TV receiver, etc.

These are just some of the possibilities that Sony Smart-TVs offer. It is necessary to understand that none of the “smart” options will work if the device is not connected to the Internet.

Instructions for setting up Smart-TV on Sony TVs

Sony Smart TV panels not only traditionally broadcast TV channels. they open up for the user the opportunity to watch a variety of online content, including IPTV, chat with friends via social networks or Skype, play games on a big screen, surf the World Wide Web and performing other activities of an entertainment nature related to the Internet. However, to take advantage of all this, you need to connect the TV receiver to the Network, and then set up Smart-TV on your Sony TV.

Setting up Smart TVs on Android

Installation is even easier on Sony TVs with the Android TV platform, and the Smart Service interface will seem familiar from smartphones and tablets running this platform. All you need to do to set up Smart-functionality is to register in the Google Play service and log in to be able to download programs and games to your TV set.

Software Update

To complete this process, you need to press “HOME” on your Smart TV with Android TV OS, and then select “Applications”. “Help”. “System update”. “Auto download” or “Automatically check for updates”, then click “On”. Some models will need to accept the company’s privacy policy.

For Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to press “HOME” and then on the screen select “Settings”. “Product Support” or “Customer Support”. Next, you need to click “Automatic update” or “Automatic software download”, and then “On” and “Enter”. The procedure may vary from model to model.

Disadvantages of automatic search

To figure out how to tune channels on a TV, every home appliance user should be aware of the disadvantages of automatic search. These include the fact that the channel numbering is carried out by the TV independently, so you have to remember at what frequencies this or that program will be broadcast. It is also possible to accidentally store interference.

Setting up cable TV on Samsung equipment

Cable TV is one of the most popular ways to instantly transmit signals from a TV tower to an apartment or house. In addition to cable TV, there is also more modern satellite and digital TV. Thanks to such technologies, the viewer is offered a wide range of channels at an affordable price.

To display the channels on the screen of Samsung equipment, you need to set up signal reception. Each channel broadcasts at a specific frequency. The tuning procedure consists in recording in the TV’s memory information about what frequency is needed to demonstrate various information to the viewer.

How to tune channels on TV manually?

To find out how to tune channels on a TV, you should know that this process on modern models is divided into two stages. The first is to set up the input source. The second is to adjust the sound and quality of the image displayed on the screen. It is also necessary to assign numbers to TV channels and adjust the functional parameters. If there is a function of connecting the TV to the Internet, you need to connect your digital equipment to the network.

Setting up your TV

But in order. and more often people ask the question: “How to set up TV channels on TV? What should be done?” To set up your newly purchased new TV for watching satellite TV, you need to find all the channels that are available on the satellite equipment. To perform this operation, you must connect the receiver to the TV using a special cable. Then digital equipment needs to be switched to monitor mode.

To tune the TV to receive terrestrial, cable, analogue or digital channels, connect the TV plug to the TV jack. It is usually located on the side or back of the case. Then click on the “enter the menu” button. After that, you need to decide how to tune the channels. in automatic or manual mode. In the first mode, the technician searches for all available channels on his own. After completing this operation, a message will appear stating that you can enjoy watching TV. Choosing the second method, you have to configure each channel independently and separately, which will take more time.

Screen image

After buying a new TV, it is not enough to know the answer to the question: “How to tune channels on the TV?” Note. Any settings in modern digital technology, whether it is screen resolution, setting the quality of the displayed image or setting the sound level, are made using the “Service menu” function. To open it, press the “Menu” button on the equipment control panel.

In addition to answering the question: “How do I set up digital channels on my TV?” it is important to know about the quality of the image. This function is launched by pressing the “Menu” button. Then you should select the sub-item “Image”. This section adjusts the picture to the optimum for the digital TV screen. In this case, the following parameters are used:

  • definition;
  • Colour;
  • contrast;
  • brightness.

By controlling these parameters, the value of the scale of the required parameter is changed up or down, achieving the optimal picture quality, pleasing to the user’s eyes.

Tuning to receive TV channels. Antenna types

Those people who are interested in the question: “How to tune the TV to receive channels?” you should be aware that there are several types of antennas for this household appliance:

  • The signal received from the terrestrial antenna should be tuned on TVs using the remote control.
  • Setting up TV channels of a TV that is connected to a satellite dish is carried out using the remote control from the satellite receiver.
  • On a TV that is connected to a cable antenna, tune in TV programs using the TV remote.

Not so long ago, television could only be watched using an over-the-air connection. The signal was then transmitted to the TV from the TV tower. In this case, the design of the antenna had large dimensions, it had to be installed at a height and directed towards the nearest TV tower. The signal quality was poor, so the picture displayed on the screen often disappeared and noise appeared. Besides all this, the number of channels was limited. It is not an easy task to tune channels on a TV for high-quality signal reception using a terrestrial antenna in an urban environment.

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Fortunately, more modern cable television is available to most Russians today. Using the latest technology, you can tune your TV to show several dozen analogue channels of flawless quality at once. And also over 100 digital channels. However, the questions are: “How to tune channels on the TV?” not less. The image output is carried out using a cable laid in the apartment. If you use this connection method, no additional equipment is required, such as receivers.

Tuning channels on an old TV

In modern TVs, the setup process is almost completely automated. But with the old model of such an electrical device, you will have to tinker. For example, to set up a Grundig TV, you need experience and some knowledge.

Some obsolete CRT TVs still have good picture quality. However, in order to display the image on the screen, you will need to search and adjust each channel separately, prescribing the color and sound parameters. There are situations when high-quality channel tuning is available only if you perform the following operation:

  • Preset TV channel.
  • After that, go to the fine tuning mode, and after that start adjusting the image quality on the screen.

This is how old models of Grundig equipment are configured.

Automatic screen adjustment

Most TV models allow you to adjust the screen in automatic mode, using factory settings optimized for certain programs: bright screen, soft, for movies or watching sports, and more.

In some cases, TV owners are faced with a problem related to the geometric proportions of the screen. This becomes noticeable when watching programs and films, when people become very fat or, conversely, thin. The reason for this disadvantage is the wrong setting of the screen aspect ratio. For modern broadcasts, you should use a ratio of 16 to 9, but for old films, a ratio of 4 to 3 is suitable.

Adjust the image using the remote control by pressing the appropriate buttons (on each TV model they are located differently) or by pressing the “Menu” button. In order to correctly configure this parameter, it is best to use the corporate logo of the television channel, which is located in a circle. The channels MIR, EuroNews and TV Center have such an icon.

Using LG as an example

To make the instructions clearer, consider the setup process on a TV from one of the most popular manufacturers LG.


Regardless of which interface your TV offers, in essence, you have to do the same thing. Therefore, setting up different TVs can be presented as a single instruction.

First of all, you need to pick up the remote control, turn on the TV and enter the menu. A window will appear on the screen where you need to select Options (in different models, the names may differ slightly, so do not be confused if your TV does not have such a button, but there is another one signed with a synonym). Further, in order to be in the settings window, you need to find the Auto-tuning item in the options. Now the device will offer us a choice of two signal sources. This is, directly, a cable or antenna. In this case, we are interested in the first one, so select this item and click on Start.

Next, we have to choose a signal source. Since we are setting up digital television, it is difficult to get confused here. Select the item Digital and click again on Start.

Immediately after that, we will be transferred to the final configuration stage. A window will appear in which, among other things, there is an item for selecting the search mode. After we choose the appropriate one, we will be offered several options. Here you need to select Full and fill in all the fields with general data:

  • Frequency (kHz). 314,000 (314 MHz);
  • Modulation. 256 QAM;
  • Transfer rate. 6875 kS / s.

However, you do not always have to enter this data manually. There are televisions that offer online searches. On such models, everything happens automatically, which, of course, makes the customization even easier for the user.

How to tune digital channels on your TV?

Digital television, one might say, made a real revolution, because a large number of people got access to media content in good quality. Recently, this direction has been constantly moving forward. This, among other things, led to the popularization of the technology and the emergence of offices that offer to adjust the figure for money. Today we will tell you how to set up digital channels on your TV so that you don’t have to give your hard-earned money for the services of specialists.

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  • We open the menu and see several items on the screen. Here we select Options.
  • We immediately see that in one of the lines we are asked to select a country. If you bought a TV relatively recently, you can safely put Russia, but on older models it is better to choose a country in Western Europe.
  • Next, go to the settings tab and select Autosearch.
  • As we said, in the new window you need to select Cable. If the TV did not offer a choice of option, it is better to change the country.
  • We set the parameters that have already been described above. They are not universal, so experienced users can set other values.

That’s all. It turns out that setting up digital channels on your TV is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. There is no need to call a master and spend money to have another person perform elementary actions for you.

How to find and tune channels on your TV yourself

Regardless of the functionality with which a TV is purchased, the user always sets a key task for the device. broadcasting broadcasting. However, few people know how to tune channels on a TV.?

The answer to this question will depend on many different factors. First, what kind of television equipment do you use. Smart TV or an ordinary device. The type of broadcasting is also important: satellite, cable, digital.

It is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to understand all the subtleties listed. That is why it was decided to create a universal instruction that will allow you to set up the main channels in the shortest possible time.

Setting up channels on older models

On television equipment of older models that are not equipped with a remote control, tuning, including searching for TV channels, is carried out using special controls. They are located on the front panel next to other buttons.

To start manual channel tuning, you need to pull out a special box, which actually contains these controls, which allow you to determine the frequency. As for setting the picture of analog channels, it is also done manually. Rotary controls are used. Sound and brightness can be adjusted in a SIMilar way.

Quite often, a tuned TV, when turned on again, requires additional adjustment, since such equipment does not have a storage system.

Setting up channels on Smart TV

Models operating on the Smart TV platform appeared in the Russian Federation relatively recently, but almost immediately began to enjoy enormous popularity. There is nothing surprising in this, because “smart” TVs are very convenient to use, moreover, they differ from analogs in extensive functionality, support all innovative audio and formats.

To add one or another TV channel, you just need to follow the aLGorithm described in the instructions. Some users call the wizard to set up not only TV, but also an Internet connection.

In general, you can save some money and try to do it yourself, since the initial setup takes up the minimum amount of free time. The main thing is to 100% follow absolutely all the recommendations set out in the instructions. The search for TV channels is carried out automatically. The system will scan and save available programs.

What television signals are there?

It is customary to distinguish 3 main types of television broadcasting. The type of signal directly depends on the reception method.

  • Terrestrial television. the signal is transmitted by a special tower, it is received by an indoor or external antenna. In this case, additional devices (all kinds of receivers) are not used.
  • Cable TV broadcasting. the signal is transmitted from a special server located in the provider’s distribution center. In this case, new subscribers are connected via cable.
  • Satellite system. an impulse is transmitted from a satellite to a parabolic antenna. A special set-top box converts the signal and transmits it to the TV via a cable.

Cable, terrestrial TV allows you to set up analog or digital broadcasting. Gradually, in all countries there is a systematic shutdown of analogue broadcasting. Not surprisingly, Veda “digital” provides audio transmission in high quality. However, to receive a digital signal, you must connect the receiver to the TV. However, the latest models of television equipment are equipped with built-in tuners.

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How do I tune in cable, digital and satellite channels? Immediately, we note that this is done automatically or manually. The process of searching for channels is very SIMilar, but there are still certain nuances. Now let’s consider the specifics of setting up TV broadcasting.

Cable TV setup

Let’s imagine that you have chosen a provider and a tariff plan, the cable will be stretched, which means it’s time to start setting up TV channels. To avoid any mistake, just follow the SIMple step-by-step instructions:

  • First, a potential client enters into a formal agreement with a provider, which actually offers a choice of several tariff plans.
  • After starting the TV, the message “Digital channels not tuned in” appears on the screen.
  • You need to take the TV remote control and go to the menu by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • In the “Channel settings” section, select the “Automatic search” command, then click on the “OK” button. The device will start scanning the signal coming in through the cable and will automatically tune the available TV channels. Both twins and channels with an incorrect image (stripes, ripples, interference) are registered, sometimes users are faced with distorted sound or no sound at all. These channels must be removed manually. It’s easy to do, wait until the scan is over, and then just delete low-quality TV channels.
  • In total, the automatic search takes only a few minutes. There may be exceptions, it all depends on the number of TV channels available for viewing. When the scan is complete, the device will show the saved channels.
  • You can also find and store TV channels manually, but you need to specify the frequency. In general, manual searches take much more free time.

Now you know how to tune channels on your TV. Of course, there will still be certain differences from the steps described in the instructions, but they are insignificant. The nuances are determined by the brand and model of the TV device. Also, a lot depends on the provider. For example, Tricolor offers a convenient TV channel search system.

Quite often, users ask themselves whether it is possible to tune TV channels without using the remote control? This is possible if there are corresponding buttons on the front panel.

Preparing the TV

Tuning channels on a TV is far from the most difficult process, but still, sometimes certain difficulties arise. Mostly experts recommend starting by connecting to a signal source. For example, if you plan to set up a cable or analog TV, then the cable should be inserted into the antenna input.

If you use several TVs at once, then all devices can be connected to one antenna. However, to ensure a truly stable signal distribution, you need to get a special splitter or splitter. These adapters have several outputs through which TVs are connected.

Setting up satellite signals

The owners of parabolic antennas are always interested in how to tune the channels on the TV? It is clear that the search for satellite channels is noticeably different from the setup of cable or digital air.

Thus, you have installed a satellite dish and directed it in the required direction, now you need to figure out how to set up television broadcasting. A receiver is connected to the plate, the cable acts as a connecting link. As a result, the TV becomes the most common monitor.

Only a minority of users know that satellite dishes change their original location over time. The antennas are spinning due to heavy rain, sometimes pouring rain and other weather conditions. Therefore, from time to time you need to adjust the position of the cymbal so that a clear signal arrives at the tuner without any distortion.

The basic set of the receiver includes a special remote control. Take it and open the main menu. Follow the prompts that appear on the TV screen, they are also detailed in the instructions. This is how satellite TV is tuned.

A parabolic dish can pick up a huge number of different channels, so save only the most necessary ones. In practice, it has been confirmed that most often users watch educational, sports and entertainment TV channels. Therefore, you should not get carried away during the setup process and save everything, because in the end you will only waste your free time.

Tuning channels without an antenna

With a high-speed Internet connection, each user will be able to watch TV broadcasts, even without an antenna. To do this, you need to connect the receiver and the LAN cable. Another advantage is that in this way, channels are tuned not only for the Russian Federation, but for the entire post-Soviet space. You can always watch a missed film or sports broadcast in the recording, but this requires not a regular T2 tuner, but a Smart set-top box.

If you have access to a Smart TV, then no set-top box is needed at all. The main high-speed internet connection is over 20 Mbps. Just connect via LAN input Ethernet cable or connect via Wi-Fi, it’s very SIMple.

You can watch TV online on special websites. Also, a huge number of free applications were created specifically for this.

How to add Play Market?

Unlike the first versions of Mi Box, the Play Market works perfectly on the S model. You just need to add it to the list of favorites to open it in one click.

Hover over and click on the plus sign as shown in the screenshot.

Select an app: Play Games, Market or Music. After that, the program shortcut will be on the main screen.

The official Play Store has been cut for Android TV, so many applications can only be installed through the file manager.

How to uninstall an app?

Go to the application directory, hold down the button and select Delete.

Box control from phone or tablet

Lost your remote? Not a problem! Install one SIMple app on your Android phone and the problem is solved.

Click on the blue microphone icon to type a request for Mi Box using your voice.

Setting up Xiaomi Mi Box S: step by step instructions

In this article, I will tell you how to set up Xiaomi Mi Box S: install Russian, set up IPTV, torrents and show some useful features on Mi Box S. # 128578;

  • First launch of Mi Box S
  • How to connect a speaker / keyboard / gamepad?
  • How to add Play Market?
  • Installing third-party applications via X-Plore
  • Setting up IPTV and HDbox on Xiaomi Mi Box S
  • Useful tricks for Mi Box S
  • Box control from phone or tablet
  • Controlling TV with Xiaomi Remote
  • How to remove an app from the home screen?
  • How to swap apps in Favorites?
  • How to uninstall an app?
  • How to bring your phone screen to TV?
  • How to take a screenshot on Mi Box?

How to remove an app from the home screen?

The main screen of Mi Box contains your favorite apps and channels. To free up space, you need to remove unused applications or channels.

To do this, go down to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Tune channels button.

Setting up IPTV and HDbox on Xiaomi Mi Box S

Be sure to configure X-Plore Manager from the previous point!

Download the latest HDbox.

Transfer and install the.apk file via the file manager on the set-top box.

Open the app. # 128578;

Who doesn’t know, HDbox is an application for watching movies and TV shows. It searches dozens of popular movie portals, sorts by quality and displays without ads.

For all the time of using, I have not come across a single film that I could not find in boxing. Even new items of this year are available.


For data transmission, special.m3u /.m3u8 links are used, and IPTV-Playlists are a collection of such sources.

First, decide how you will watch TV channels: use your Playlists or include already installed channels inside the player?

For my own Playlists I recommend Perfect Player, and for the second option. Fry! TV.

Our Playlists and Fry! TV have a TV guide for a few days ahead. Also, paid IPTV has the ability to record broadcast.

Download the.apk file of the selected player.

Drop it on the TV box through the X-Plore.

Install and open.

How to connect a speaker / keyboard / gamepad?

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to settings.

Scroll down to the Remote Accessories section. Click on Add Device.

The search for devices will start. After detection, select the device and connect it.

This method works with any Bluetooth device.

How to swap apps in Favorites?

Place the cursor on the desired program and hold down the center button. A small menu will pop up: Open, Move, Remove from favorites.

How to bring your phone screen to TV?

Open quick settings on Android and tap on Cast. Choose Mi Box S or Mi Box 4.