How to tune channels on a prestigio TV

Setting up satellite channels

5.13.2019 Prestigio PTV43DN01Y_BK_CIS Art. Novopokrovskaya, Krasnodar Territory, please tell me how to set up Tricolor channels on your TV?
6.28.2019 Prestigio Space 32 Black PTV32SN02Z_BK_CIS Yakutsk How to set up satellite channels? Here 20 digital channels say shows in the region. When tuning, 60 satellites come out, which one should I choose? Do I need to turn on the antenna at the back? We tried to set it up: they turned on the usual indoor antenna and chose the first satellite. no channel finds.
8.13.2020 Prestigio PTV32ss04z_cis_bk Vladimir Configuring the mts module itself. Analog channels are shown. The module itself does not work.

Setting up your Prestigio TV

Connecting speakers

10.28.2019 1 TV PRESTIGIO 43 “WIZE 1 PTV43DN00Y_BK_CIS Novosibirsk Connecting a TV to the music center. TV audio output to the audio input of the music center? Where to find the audio output on TV?

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In this TV, the music center is connected to the headphone jack.

Setting TV parameters

03/10/2019 PTV32DN01Z_BK_CIS PTV32DN01Z_BK_CIS Resurrection district, Nizhny Novgorod region. the number buttons on the PTV32DN01Z_BK_CIS TV remote control connected to cable TV do not work. CH / CH buttons. work
9.28.2019 Prestigio 24 24 inches Chupa village, Loukhsky district, Karelia Good afternoon, my parents are elderly people and are afraid of technology. We bought them a TV, connected channels through Rostelecom, everything is fine, but. pressed something and the screen decreased, I live in St. Petersburg, I don’t see the TV and the remote control. Please help me with a description of how to change the screen size, I will try to help them from a distance.

How to Tune Analog and Digital Channels on TCL S6500 TV. URDU / HINDI

Prestigio TV manual

Prestigio PTV 32DN01Z, according to the operating instructions, has the following technical characteristics:

Table: Specifications

Parameter Characteristic Parameter Characteristic Parameter Characteristic
Screen resolution HD 1366×768 Screen format 16: 9 Brightness 260 cd / m2
Contrast 3000: 1 Response time 6.5 msec Viewing angle 176
Number of channels 400 Neon lights Direct LED Digital tuner DVB-T / T2, C, S / S2
CI support there is TV system PAL, NTSC, SECAM Sound power 2×7 W
Multimedia MPEG-4, MKV, JPEG, MP3, WMA input HDMI, Component, AV, USB Power Supply Interior
Standby power consumption 0.5 watts Power consumption no more than 45 W MTBF 4000 h
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TV remote

The remote control for Prestigio TV with the designation of the remote control buttons is shown in the figure:

Power. Standby mode on / off

P.Mode. select a preset picture mode

S.Mode. select a preset sound value

Left, Right, Up, Down. cursor keys to navigate the OSD

tune, channels, prestigio

Source. input source selection

Auto. auto adjust button
Colored buttons. additional actions according to OSD prompts

EPG. output of electronic program guide in DTV mode

DTV / Radio. switch to digital radio mode

On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Prestigio TV

Often, users’ problems can be solved without calling the wizard at home. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Using a USB storage device

11.28.2020 10:38:08 TV RESTIGIO PTV32SSO04Z_CIS_ML Moscow region Please explain my steps to connect a USB drive as an internal memory of the TV. Tried it many times, it worked once, but couldn’t transfer the app to USB as an internal drive. Now again nothing happens. Explain what to do please

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HOW TO: Tune Sony’s Android TV (analogue/digital tuning)

On the TV, you can use a USB drive only for recording TV programs, playing media content and installing applications.