How to tune channels on a hyundai TV

How to tune channels on your TV?

Who among us does not like to sometimes spend an evening in a blissful slumber in front of the TV? We think that from time to time everyone allows themselves such weakness. And in order for watching TV to bring only positive emotions, you need to fulfill two conditions: firstly, you should not turn on news channels too often, and secondly, the TV must be properly tuned. Today we will talk about how to set up digital and satellite channels on TV.

How to tune digital channels on your TV?

So, you bought a new TV, or decided to connect cable TV. digital or analog. to an existing TV receiver. In this case, the procedure for setting up the TV will be as follows:

  • First of all, we conclude an agreement with the provider of your choice that provides cable TV services.
  • After the TV cable is routed through the apartment, we connect the cable plug to the corresponding socket on the TV. The first thing that we see. on the TV came out the inscription “channels are not tuned”.
  • We pick up the TV remote control and press the “Menu” button on it.
  • Select in the “Menu” section “Channel settings”.
  • In the “Channel setup” section, select the “Automatic setup” sub-item and click “OK”. The TV will then enter scan mode and will automatically search for all available channels. It should be borne in mind that in the automatic tuning mode, twin channels or channels with low image quality may appear on the TV: ripples, stripes, interference, with distorted sound or no sound at all. When the scanning process is over, you will have to get rid of all low-quality channels manually by selecting the appropriate items in the menu.
  • We wait patiently for the TV to finish auto tuning. If there are many channels, this process can take a good five minutes. When auto-tuning is finished, exit the menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • If you need to tune in not so many channels on your TV, you can use such a function as “Manual tuning”. At the same time, it is possible to set the required frequency for each channel, but it will take some time to set up each channel separately.
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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have given an average algorithm for how to tune channels on a TV. The fact is that there are a lot of TV models now, the appearance of the remotes and their menus can differ significantly from each other. You can find more detailed step-by-step instructions in the “User’s Guide” that comes with each TV.

How to tune satellite channels on your TV?

Setting up satellite channels on your TV will be slightly different from setting up cable channels:

  • To enjoy all the possibilities of satellite television, you must first of all purchase a special antenna capable of picking up the signal from satellites, the so-called “dish”.
  • Having bought a plate, we install it on the outside of the dwelling. the roof or wall, directing it to the point where the satellite is located. It should be remembered that over time, the plate may move due to strong wind, and its position will have to be corrected.
  • We connect a special set-top box to the TV. a receiver using a cable. At the same time, the TV switches to monitor mode.
  • We take in hand the remote control from the receiver and press the “Menu” button.
  • Using the tips from the instructions, we tune satellite channels on the TV.
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How to tune your Hyundai TV to digital TV

Hyundai TVs include not only high quality, but also modern technology. Affordable for buyers are also an advantage. New models of TVs manufactured under the Hyundai brand are equipped with Android TV software and have the ability to receive digital television of modern broadcasting standards. Smart TV models have the ability to access the Internet and connect via Wi-Fi technology.

Auto Search Digital TV

In order to enable automatic tuning on your Hyundai TV, you need a remote control. If it is absent, this function can be enabled using the buttons on the TV panel.

  • Press the MENU button and go to the Channel section.
  • Next, you need to select the first item of the Autotune section.
  • We select the Country of broadcasting digital TV, in our case it is Russia.


  • The next item is Digital Type broadcasting standard.
  • To search for terrestrial digital, select DVB-T, then click on start and wait for the end of the setup.
  • To set up cable TV, you must select DVB-C in this format that most cable operators broadcast.
  • The search type must be selected Full, for a full scan of the entire frequency plan.
  • If you know the network parameters, you can select the NETWORK type. But for this you need to know the initial frequency and other data.

If your provider encodes the signal, you need a CAM module and an access card.

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Manual DTV Tuning

To search for channels on a Hyundai TV, find out the multiplex parameters on the RTRS website. Select your locality, the frequencies available in your broadcasting area will be shown.

  • Turn on the menu on the TV and go to the Channel section.
  • Next, click on Manual settings.
  • We drive the frequency number.
  • Search step is mainly 8 MHz.
  • Turn on scanning.
  • We save the found TV channels.
  • We repeat the procedure for the next multiplex.
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Does TV support digital

In order to set up digital TV, make sure that your TV supports the DVB-T2 format. This format is supported by all new models, but to make sure of the capabilities of the TV, check the instructions or the product passport.
Also, any Hyundai TV can be checked on the website, see the figure of the Russian Federation. Where do you choose the brand and model of the TV receiver.

There are two different setup options to tune your Hyundai TV.
Manual Search. Suitable for quickly searching for channels. To do this, you need to know the name of the multiplex frequency.
Automatic search. you need to choose when you need to update or find all available channels on the network.

Connecting a set-top box

If your Hyundai TV is not digital, then purchase a digital set-top box for it. After that, the TV will act as a monitor, since the set-top box will act as a tuner. Antenna cable must be connected to the set-top box.

  • You can connect the set-top box and TV through RCA-Tulips, almost all TVs are equipped with them.
  • Also, some TVs only have a SCART output, then you need a SCART-RCA adapter.
  • Hyundai LCD TVs have an HDMI output, so choose a set-top box with this interface.