How to tune channels on a dexp TV

How to tune your DEXP TV to digital channels without a set-top box

How to connect DEXP TV to digital TV without an additional tuner. The technique is divided into several types: supporting digital but without Internet access, supporting Smart, not supporting the format. To configure without using a prefix, you need to go to the main “Smart Menu” and perform all actions from there. What to do:

  • through the “Settings” select the mode and change the value of “Antenna”;
  • having opened “Search”. “Auto-tuning”, we are waiting for the loading of parameters;

Upon completion, all found TV signals will open, with a new request you do not need to enter parameters.

If your TV does not support digital TV

There are several options for solving the problem: one of them is buying a new TV set with an already built-in set-top box and maintaining the required signal. This method hits the family budget dearly; an alternative is to connect via a set-top box.

Ether channels

An antenna is connected to search. Procedure:

  • open the main “Menu” through the button on the control panel;
  • scroll through and find the “Channels” section, open the “Manual search” tab;
  • enter the parameters, you can view the information on the Internet by typing in the browser “Digital TV coverage map”, for each area the parameters are different;
  • enter the information using the arrows on the remote control and press “Start”.

Actions continue until all signals available for broadcast are unlocked.

Manual setting

The automatic system may not cope with the task and the number of TV programs found will be less than the expected volume. In such cases, the entire procedure is performed manually, the sequence varies depending on the type of connection.

Checking for digital TV support on DEXP

Access to digital TV is provided by a special built-in tuner that converts the signal into DVB-2 format. If DVB-T is supported, then the model will not catch a digit without a prefix.

How to tune your DEXP TV to receive digital TV channels

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The first thing to do is check for connectivity. In order not to get confused and do everything right, instructions on how to set up digital television on a DEXP TV:

  • on the remote control, press the button to switch to Smart mode;
  • open and click “Settings”, confirm the action “Ok”;
  • go to the “Channel”, indicate the type of the connected antenna;
  • select “Auto-tuning” and wait for filling in the data necessary for the search;
  • go to the “Scanning” menu, select. “Full”;
  • when requesting network authorization, indicate. “Automatic”. “Search”.

Upon completion, the air will be replenished with 20 TV programs.

Possible problems and solutions

The H32 lineup is characterized by problems with displaying TV signals, the TV does not find them and does not display the entire list. These problems are observed in h32d8000q, h32d7200c, f43b8000k, f24d7200e. This is caused by an insufficient signal forwarded to the repeater. The solution to the problem is to install additional equipment in the form of an amplifier or reconfigure the TV.

A weak signal indicates a systemic conflict between the antenna and TV, the accessory may not match the parameters. Solved by buying a new antenna or an additional tuner.

Cable ducts

The search for programs is carried out through a cable that is connected to the set-top box. Procedure:

  • press “Menu” on the remote control, scroll through the opened list and find “Channels”;
  • switch to manual search and enter information into the “Antenna” value, data plays a key role in signal search;
  • go to “Cable” and enter the numbers received from the TV provider.

After saving all initial settings, all available and active programs will be found.

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Poor image quality

Poor picture quality is usually caused by antenna operation or damaged antenna cable. Check the integrity of the wires or change the location of the antenna.

Initial settings

After the connection procedure, you must select the source on the TV. When turning on the device, select the input to use. For example, HDMI or AV. Next, the receiver menu should appear on the screen, where you should:

  • Specify language.
  • Select country.
  • Click on “Auto channel search”.
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The list will display the channels found, to view and configure, use the keys on the remote control. You can also start manual search for TV channels.

Initially, it should be noted that the receiver is able to independently detect available channels for viewing. In some cases, a manual search may be required, then go to the settings and in the “Search” section select the appropriate function.

How to connect a Dexp set-top box to a TV to receive digital TV

Disconnect the devices from the power supply beforehand and check the presence of batteries in the remote control (RC) and familiarize yourself with the designation of the keys.

Old and new DEXP receivers

In fact, all DEXP receivers do not differ much from each other. All models are equipped with the required connectors and support the major formats. The only difference may be in the presence of a display, but this criterion is not considered the main criterion when choosing a set-top box. The instructions below are suitable for receivers:

  • HD 2991p.
  • HD 1812p.
  • HD 2551p.
  • HD 2992p.
  • HD 1813p.

Connecting the device

The receiver comes with the necessary cables, except for HDMI. Depending on which inputs your TV is equipped with, make the connections:

  • If you have an HDMI connector, use the appropriate cable.
  • In the absence of this input, you will have to use tulips. RSA, they are included in the kit.

Further setup of the set-top box is carried out using the remote control. Let’s consider each stage in detail.

Channel search

The presented category is located in the menu tab and offers the following settings:

  • Automatic search. Click OK and wait until the system automatically detects all available broadcasts.
  • Start manual search. Use the arrows on the remote control to select the channel frequency, when detected, press OK.

No signal

Basically, this error occurs due to a damaged wire. Check the integrity of the cables and connectors. But, also the reason may be hidden in the provider. Contact technical support and check if scheduled maintenance is underway.

How to connect and configure a digital set-top box Dexp to receive channels

The main advantage of the Dexp set-top box is the price-performance ratio. The manufacturer has provided the receiver with wide functionality, and its configuration does not require special knowledge, it is enough to follow the instructions. In this article, we will look at how to connect and configure the Dexp set-top box for digital TV.

Cable TV setup

Let’s imagine that you have chosen a provider and a tariff plan, the cable will be stretched, which means it’s time to start setting up TV channels. To avoid any mistake, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • First, a potential client enters into a formal agreement with a provider, which actually offers several tariff plans to choose from.
  • After starting the TV, the message “Digital channels not tuned in” appears on the screen.
  • You need to take the TV remote control and go to the menu by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • In the “Channel settings” section, select the “Automatic search” command, then click on the “OK” button. The device will start scanning the signal coming through the cable and will automatically tune in the available TV channels. Both twins and channels with an incorrect image (stripes, ripples, interference) are registered, sometimes users are faced with distorted sound or no sound at all. These channels must be removed manually. It’s easy to do, wait until the scan is over, and then just delete low-quality TV channels.
  • In total, the automatic search takes only a few minutes. There may be exceptions, it all depends on the number of TV channels available for viewing. When the scan is complete, the device will show the saved channels.
  • You can also find and store TV channels manually, but you need to specify the frequency. In general, manual searches take much more free time.

Now you know how to tune channels on your TV. Of course, there will still be certain differences from the steps described in the instructions, but they are insignificant. The nuances are determined by the characteristics of the brand and model of the TV device. Also, a lot depends on the provider. For example, Tricolor offers a convenient TV channel search system.

Setting up channels on older models

On television equipment of older models that are not equipped with a remote control, tuning, including searching for TV channels, is carried out using special controls. They are located on the front panel next to other buttons.

To start manual tuning of channels, you need to pull out a special box, in which these controls are actually located, allowing you to determine the frequency. As for setting the picture of analog channels, it is also done manually. Rotary controls are used. Sound and brightness can be adjusted in a similar way.

Quite often, a tuned TV, when turned on again, requires additional adjustment, since such equipment does not have a storage system.

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What television signals are there?

It is customary to distinguish 3 main types of television broadcasting. The type of signal directly depends on the reception method.

  • Terrestrial television. the signal is transmitted by a special tower, it is received by an indoor or external antenna. In this case, additional devices (all kinds of receivers) are not used.
  • Cable TV broadcasting. the signal is transmitted from a special server located in the provider’s distribution center. In this case, new subscribers are connected via cable.
  • Satellite system. an impulse is transmitted from a satellite to a parabolic antenna. A special set-top box converts the signal and transmits it to the TV through a cable.

Cable, terrestrial TV allows you to set up analog or digital broadcasting. Gradually, in all countries there is a systematic disconnection of analogue broadcasting. Not surprisingly, Veda digital provides high quality audio and video transmission. However, to receive a digital signal, the receiver must be connected to the TV. However, the latest models of television equipment are equipped with built-in tuners.

How do I tune in cable, digital and satellite channels? Immediately, we note that this is done automatically or manually. The process of searching for channels is very similar, but there are still certain nuances. Now let’s consider the specifics of setting up TV broadcasting.

Setting up channels on Smart TV

Models operating on the Smart TV platform appeared in the Russian Federation relatively recently, but almost immediately began to enjoy enormous popularity. There is nothing surprising in this, because “smart” TVs are very convenient to use, moreover, they differ from analogs in extensive functionality, support all innovative audio and video formats.

To add a particular TV channel, you just need to follow the algorithm described in the instructions. Some users call the wizard to set up not only TV, but also an Internet connection.

In general, you can save money and try to do it yourself, since the initial setup takes up the minimum amount of free time. The main thing is to comply 100% with absolutely all the recommendations set out in the instructions. The search for TV channels is carried out automatically. The system will scan and save available programs.

Preparing the TV

Setting up channels on a TV is far from the most difficult process, but still, sometimes certain difficulties arise. Mostly experts recommend starting by connecting to a signal source. For example, if you plan to set up cable or analog TV, then the cable should be inserted into the antenna input.

If you use several TVs at once, then all devices can be connected to one antenna. However, to ensure a truly stable signal distribution, you need to get a special splitter or splitter. These adapters have several outputs through which TVs are connected.

How to find and tune channels on your TV yourself

Regardless of the functionality with which a TV is purchased, the user always sets a key task for the device. broadcasting broadcasting. However, few people know how to tune channels on a TV.?

The answer to this question will depend on many different factors. First, what kind of television equipment do you use. Smart TV or an ordinary device. The type of broadcasting is also important: satellite, cable, digital.

It is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to understand all the subtleties listed. That is why it was decided to create a universal instruction that will allow you to set up the main channels in the shortest possible time.

Setting up satellite signals

The owners of parabolic antennas are always interested in how to tune the channels on the TV? It is clear that the search for satellite channels is noticeably different from setting up cable or digital air.

Thus, you have installed a satellite dish and directed it in the required direction, now you need to deal with the TV broadcast setting. A receiver is connected to the plate, the cable acts as a connecting link. As a result, the TV becomes the most common monitor.

Only a minority of users know that satellite dishes change their original location over time. The antennas are spinning due to heavy rain, sometimes torrential rain and other weather conditions. Therefore, from time to time you need to adjust the position of the cymbal so that a clear signal arrives at the tuner without any distortion.

The basic set of the receiver includes a special remote control. Take it and open the main menu. Follow the prompts that appear on the TV screen, they are also detailed in the instructions. This is how satellite TV is tuned.

A parabolic dish can pick up a huge number of different channels, so save only the ones you need. In practice, it has been confirmed that most often users watch educational, sports and entertainment TV channels. Therefore, you should not get carried away during the setup process and save everything, because in the end you will only waste your free time.

Tuning channels without an antenna

With a high-speed Internet connection, each user will be able to watch TV broadcasts even without an antenna. To do this, you need to connect the receiver and the LAN cable. Another advantage is that in this way, channels are tuned not only for the Russian Federation, but also for the entire post-Soviet space. You can always watch a missed movie or sports broadcast in the recording, but this requires not a regular T2 tuner, but a Smart set-top box.

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If you have access to a Smart TV, then no set-top box is needed at all. The main high-speed internet connection is over 20 Mbps. Just connect via LAN input Ethernet cable or connect via Wi-Fi, everything is very simple.

You can watch TV online on special websites. Also, a huge number of free applications were created specifically for this.

Sorting channels

3.5.2019 DEXP LED 22 Tomsk On the TV, channels were tuned with 11 digits, but it is not convenient to switch channels from 1.
8.29.2020 dexp f32d7200c Arkhangelsk The TV is set up, but to turn on, for example, 1 channel, you need to dial 800 on the remote control, the second 801, etc. How to configure the 1st channel to be on the 1st button, 2nd on the second, etc.?

It is necessary to turn off the LCN function in the TV settings options, and then sort.

DEXP Remote Problems

Good day! We bought a TV and nowhere can we find the DEXP F22D7100E / W instruction for the CX509-DTV remote control. Without knowing the purpose of the buttons, we cannot fully use all the functions of the TV. The instructions describe only the main ones. Can I get a visual instruction? 10/13/2018, Oryol.

2.3.2019 Dexp Orenburg Hello! I entered the USB section where Video, photo, text, music, and I can not switch back. TV remote is broken.

Remote controls of this type from different manufacturers have standard button designations. It is enough to hammer in the designation of the button in the search to find out its purpose. Unfortunately, there is no clear instruction manual for the CX509-DTV.

DEXP TV manual

Dexp TV manual for model DEXP 32A3200 contains information on how to connect a TV.
1. Unpack the TV and place it on a dry and flat place. When installing the TV, make sure the power is off;
2. Antenna plug of terrestrial, cable or satellite TV should be connected to RF input port of TV DEXP.
3. The AV output of the DVD player, or other equipment, can be connected to the AV input port of the TV through an AV cable. Make sure all AV cables are connected in the correct order according to the color coding on the DEXP TV cabinet.
4. Component output (YPbPr) of DVD player can be connected to component TV input via AV cable. Dexp TV’s component and AV input cannot be used at the same time.
3. The audio video output of DVD player can be linked to the AV input port of TV
5. To connect the computer to the Dexp TV, connect one end of the VGA cable to the port on the computer and the other end to the VGA port on the TV DEXP, and tighten the connector latches clockwise at each end of the cable. When connecting the 15-pin VGA connector, insert it carefully so as not to damage the pins.

How to tune channels on a Dexp TV

Tuning of television channels can be done in automatic and manual mode.
Press ENTER to start Auto Search 1. Select country and type of channel search
2. The TV will automatically memorize all available channels.
When the search is completed and the indicator bar reaches the end, the found channels will be saved. Press MENU in TV channel search and Auto search will go to digital channel search.
If you are using manual storage for digital channels, use the / buttons to select a channel. Press the ENTER button to search for channels. When a channel is found, the search will stop and the channel will be stored with the corresponding number. If an unwanted channel is found, use the volume buttons to continue searching. Then click on EXIT to exit the search.

Editing the channel list after setting up the TV Dexp

Highlight this option and press ENTER to enter the TV Edit Menu.
Press ▲ / to highlight the required parameter. To delete a TV channel, press the RED button.
To rename a TV channel, press the GREEN button (in ATV mode).
To move the TV channel, press the YELLOW button.
To set a pass to a TV channel, press the BLUE button.
To add a TV channel to your favorites, click the button with the heart.
Press the CH or CH button to move one page forward or backward.-.