How to tune cable channels on your TV

Setting up your Samsung TV

Setting up a Samsung to receive cable TV does not take much time.

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  • Enter the TV settings by pressing the Home or MENU button.
  • Go to the submenu Broadcast or Channel.
  • In the Antenna section, put the Cable.
  • Click on Autotuning.
  • Then you need to select the type of channels Digital and Analog
  • The search mode must be selected Full. If you know the parameters of your network, then you can select Network or Fast, but for these two modes you need to enter your network data in the cable search parameters.
  • Click on Search and wait for the end of the process.

Setting up channels on older models

On television equipment of older models that are not equipped with a remote control, tuning, including searching for TV channels, is carried out using special controls. They are located on the front panel next to other buttons.

To start manual tuning of channels, you need to pull out a special box, in which these controls are actually located, allowing you to determine the frequency. As for setting the picture of analog channels, it is also done manually. Rotary controls are used. Sound and brightness can be adjusted in a similar way.

Quite often, a tuned TV, when turned on again, requires additional adjustment, since such equipment does not have a storage system.

SONY setup

The setup for cable TV on Sony TVs is slightly different from other models where the steps are almost identical. Also, on older SONY BRAVIA models, you need to select the country Germany in the settings.

  • Press the HOME button and find the Settings menu item.
  • Next, we are looking for a Digital configuration.
  • Open the item Automatic tuning of digital stations.
  • Select the type of connection TV Cable or DVB-C.
  • If a list of operators appears, choose our own, if you don’t find the one you need, click on Others.
  • Specify Scan Type Full, if you know the frequency of your operator, you can specify the Network.
  • Click start and wait for the full channel setup.

LG setup

In order to install cable channels on an old-model alji TV, you must definitely change the country, because when you select Russia, the DVB-C format will not be available and to enable it, you must put Finland or Germany in the TV parameters. You will then be able to tune digital channels.

  • Go to the menu, click on auto search by selecting Cable TV.
  • You will be given a list of operators, choose your own, if yours is not there, be sure to click on Others.
  • Selecting Full Search
  • We put a tick on digital channels.
  • Click on ok and wait for the end of the search.

Cable TV setup

When searching for cable channels, you will need to select which channels you want to watch digital or analog, you can also select both lists in the settings.

  • Press the MENU button on your remote control.
  • Find the CHANNELS menu section.
  • Next, you need to enable Autosearch for channels.
  • Country selection, Germany or Finland is recommended for old TV models, in newer ones choose Russia.
  • Antenna Selection. choose Cable, Cable TV or DVBC.
  • DTV channels are digital only, ATV are analog.
  • Search mode Full and start the search.
  • We are waiting for the end of the installation of channels.

Setting up a digital cable box.

Cable operators use a variety of digital set-top boxes. It is not difficult to set it up, sometimes it is easier to do it than on a TV.

  • After you have connected the set-top box to the TV with the appropriate cable, enter the set-top box menu.
  • If you have a universal set-top box like the World Vision T62A that receives air and cable, you need to select the search range
  • Turn on Autosearch, broadcast mode Full.
  • We are waiting for when all channels are scanned, it may take some time.
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Regardless of the functionality with which a TV is purchased, the user always sets a key task for the device. broadcasting broadcasting. However, few people know how to tune channels on a TV.?

The answer to this question will depend on many different factors. First, what kind of television equipment do you use. Smart TV or an ordinary device. The type of broadcasting is also important: satellite, cable, digital.

It is extremely difficult for an ordinary user to understand all the subtleties listed. That is why it was decided to create a universal instruction that will allow you to set up the main channels in the shortest possible time.

Setting up channels on Smart TV

Models operating on the Smart TV platform appeared in the Russian Federation relatively recently, but almost immediately began to enjoy enormous popularity. There is nothing surprising in this, because “smart” TVs are very convenient to use, moreover, they differ from analogs in extensive functionality, support all innovative audio and video formats.

To add a particular TV channel, you just need to follow the algorithm described in the instructions. Some users call the wizard to set up not only TV, but also an Internet connection.

In general, you can save money and try to do it yourself, since the initial setup takes up the minimum amount of free time. The main thing is to comply 100% with absolutely all the recommendations set out in the instructions. The search for TV channels is carried out automatically. The system will scan and save available programs.

Cable TV connection

For cable channels, the connection algorithm is slightly different. But still, the procedure is about the same:

  • use the remote control to enter the menu and select the “Configuration” section;
  • find the “Installation” section and click “Channel settings”;
  • the next item is “Automatic mode”;
  • then the channels are reinstalled: there is an important nuance here. the choice of the country, you should put a tick in front of Finland or Norway, since the activation of cable television in Russia is officially impossible;
  • after that you need to specify “Cable” and “Installation”, manually set the frequency and transmission speed mode;
  • select the scan mode (full / fast), enable analog channels (if necessary);
  • when the TV finishes searching for channels, you need to exit the menu by clicking on “Finish”.


Sometimes it happens that it becomes necessary to change any settings for a new user when selling a TV, or simply unlock a device that was inadvertently locked. In this case, you can use the reset function to return the TV to its original state as it was purchased. After that, you can re-configure it, swap channels, adjust the sound and screen brightness.

In the menu, select the item security, where there will be a tab “Reset code”. After that, you need to enter the wrong password, but do not confirm it. Then, on the remote control, using the channel switching buttons, they dial the following sequence: up, up, down, up, enter the code 0313 and confirm it. This will set the initial password.

You will need to remove the lock through the “Parental Control”, where you should enter the standard code.

Modern TVs are constantly being improved and undergoing changes. Not the last place in the introduction of new technologies is occupied by Philips. Today, there are no problems connecting the device to a computer, accessing a network or wireless Internet. Despite the development of modern technology, one problem still remains, because not everyone knows how to tune digital channels on a Philips TV.

Setting up your TV

Models of different generations, of course, differ, but usually the difference is only in the interface. For the most part, the principle of regulation remains the same. If we take the models 40PFL3208T and 32PHT4001 of 2013 and 2016, their settings will be approximately the same, only the elements of the Smart TV interface will differ. The only feature is pop-up prompts on the screen, where you need to enter a special password. This is a mandatory requirement.

Philips TVs require a fast or full scan. In the first case, you first need to set the frequency difference, turn off the analog signal, and then connect the search. If you chose full scan, you need to:

  • enable manual mode;
  • set the frequency to 298;
  • change the QAM value to 256;
  • set up an analog signal;
  • To start searching.
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If everything was done correctly, the screen will display free TV channels available in the region.

Receiving a digital signal

As has been known for a long time, the digital form of signal transmission is much better than the analog one due to the higher image quality and the absence of interference. In addition, the net can withstand any weather conditions, it is not afraid of icing. But not everyone knows how to set up digital TV on Philips, although it is not that difficult if you follow the established pattern of actions:

  • go to the menu using the “Home” button, open the “Control” section, where you need to find the “Installation” and “Channel settings” tabs;
  • choose one of the proposed options: reinstall if you need to completely remove past TV channels and scan new ones (they will be arranged in order. first digital, then analog, but they can be rearranged) or update when new channels are tuned over old ones without deleting them (they will be located at the end, but they can also be moved);
  • select a country from the list and set search parameters;
  • start “Search”;
  • sort the channels if necessary.

MTS, Yugratel, Ufanet

There are no autotunings for these satellites, so first you need to start a satellite scan. If the antenna detects it, there will be no need to store the channel. But fine tuning can only be done manually, especially when the “Multiplex” option is connected.

Before you can tune digital channels on your Philips TV (MTS, Ugratel or Ufanet), you need to select the language and location of the TV. Then you need to go to the item “Installing a satellite channel”, select the required tuner and start the search. After that, switch to manual setting, as a result of which the scale of the incoming signal is displayed on the screen. Next, automatic configuration is performed, if such a function is present. When it is not there, the setting is done manually.

Channel search

Usually, when buying equipment, there are instructions for it in different languages, which describe in detail how to set up channels on a Philips TV. If the device was purchased from hands and no accompanying documentation was attached to it, you can go to the official website of the company, where there are instructions for all modern models.

To search for channels, you must use the remote control. It is important to remember that the remote control device may differ from model to model, but the “Home” button is responsible for entering the menu everywhere. Algorithm for searching TV channels:

  • go to the menu, find the “Configuration” item;
  • select the “Installation” item;
  • in the “Automatic installation” section find “Search”;
  • choose a country with digital broadcasting;
  • go to reinstall channels;
  • select the type of scan (fast / full);
  • enable channels for search, click the “Start” button;
  • exit the settings using the “Finish” button.

The final stage is image adjustment

There are situations when, after tuning the TV channels, programs are broadcast in unsatisfactory quality. There are several ways to improve the image:

  • set HD in possible cases. this is true for digital channels that can be shown in high-definition quality;
  • select one of the proposed picture display modes. for this, in the menu in the corresponding tab, you need to mark the appropriate mode (“Cinema” is considered optimal for Samsung and LG TVs);
  • manually in the same menu, set the parameters of brightness, contrast, clarity and color.

While tuning channels on the TV, do not forget that if you immediately spend time and set high image and sound quality, a comfortable list and convenient control, then in the future, watching your favorite programs and movies will bring satisfaction.

Some nuances of customization

In case of force majeure situations, it is always possible to tune the channels using one of the alternative methods discussed below.

What you need to set up

The process of tuning TV channels depends on many factors: the method of receiving the signal, the desired image quality, the type and year of manufacture of the TV receiver itself, as well as additional external equipment (its functionality). The main configuration methods will be listed below, point by point.

How to tune digital TV channels

To tune digital channels, in most models of TV receivers, you must specify the connection type “Cable”, and then start an automatic search. However, depending on the manufacturer of the TV equipment, the type of connection may be in different tabs. For example:

  • Sony. in the menu “Autosearch for digital stations”;
  • LG. “Autosearch”;
  • Samsung. “Auto Tuning”;
  • Philips. “Digital Mode”;
  • Panasonic. in the “Add TV signal” menu, check the box next to the “DVB-C” item;
  • Dexp. “Tuner type”;
  • JVC. “Tuner Mode”;
  • KIVI. “Antenna Type”.
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On a note! In Ergo, Erisson and Bravis, digital channels are found automatically as a result of scanning, if the cable is plugged into the corresponding connector.

Easy auto setup

Automatic configuration is convenient in that it practically does not require entering any data. The TV receiver itself determines the parameters of the signals. However, in order for the TV technician to correctly evaluate the stream, the user must indicate the broadcasting country. Here it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions for the TV, since it depends on the model which state should be set.

Below is a list of countries that are recommended to be specified when performing automatic channel tuning on different brands of TVs:

  • LG Smart TV. if Russia is not in the list, then you need to specify Sweden or Finland;
  • Philips. if there is no Russia in the drop-down menu, then you should select Sweden, Germany, France;
  • Sharp. digital channels will be accepted if France, Finland, Sweden or Switzerland are selected.

To carry out automatic tuning, it is also necessary to select the “Channels” tab in the MENU item, in it. “Automatic tuning” and confirm your action. The TV itself will find all the channels in random order and will ask you to save the list, and the user should agree. Then you can manually edit the list. remove unnecessary and duplicate channels, as well as number.

Advice! In case of automatic tuning, it is possible that the TV receiver will periodically update the list of TV channels on its own. Then everything that the user configured will go astray. To avoid this, you must uncheck the box next to “Automatic update”.

Channel search without remote control

  • Not all TV models have a MENU button on the panel. In this situation, you can enter the list of settings by simultaneously pressing two buttons, as a rule, these are volume controls.
  • You can confirm your actions without the OK and MENU buttons using Vol.
  • On Sony TVs, it is possible to start auto channel search by long pressing MENU on the panel.
  • Older Philips models have joysticks as volume controls, so they cannot be used to invoke the menu mode. To solve this problem, you should look for a suitable model of the remote control.

Rules for tuning channels on a TV

To enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, you must first tune in the channels on your TV. Firstly. you need to find them, secondly. remove unnecessary ones, thirdly. put the first in the general list those that will overwhelm you the most. This is all the more relevant when the channel list is periodically updated automatically, which leads to the failure of all previously made settings and the appearance of a new list.

Principles of setting up satellite TV channels

Satellite TV requires a special antenna and tuner to receive and convert the signal. In this case, it is very important to choose the correct position of the antenna itself and free access to it for correction. The quality of the signal and, in general, its presence depends on this. Even if the antenna is rotatable, then it must have precise spatial parameters of location.

Setting up satellite channels is carried out through the receiver in the “Channel search” menu. There you need to specify the name of the broadcasting satellite, and then manually enter the parameters according to the instructions of the tuner. After that, in the “Transponder” tab, enter the data of the transceivers of the selected satellite, which can be found on the Internet. Each satellite transceiver corresponds to its own channels, which it broadcasts.

Important! The whole tuning process is repeated for each head located on the satellite dish.