How to trim audio recording on iPhone

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Voice recorder on iPhone. where is it, how to set it up

Apple devices can be compared to a full-fledged computer, photo and sound studio. A dictaphone in apple devices is a basic function that allows you to record, store, modify and transfer sound recordings.

Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

Finding where the voice recorder is located on an iPhone or iPad is not difficult. As one of the basic features, the application is located on one of the device’s desktops and is indicated by a special icon. The appearance of the icon, depending on the version of the iOS operating system, may have slight differences.

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The iPhone voice recorder can be compared to a full-fledged sound editor

For your information! The pre-iOS 12.0 icon depicts a black recording wave on a white background. Subsequent versions show a red and white waveform with a blue slider on a black background.

Before iOS 12, the voice recorder icon was white

American developers of apple devices are trying to ensure the maximum comfort of using devices, so all available applications are signed.

How to enable voice recorder on iPhone and iPad

How to enable voice recorder or how to record audio on iPhone? After starting the application, a working screen appears on a white background with existing entries. At the bottom of the screen there is a black strip with a red touch button, which repeats the “Home” button in size and appearance.

After pressing the button to start recording, the inscription “New recording”, a time sensor and a sound track will appear in a black frame. During the operation of the recorder, one working button will remain, which is a circle with a red square in it. In this mode, you can only start recording and end it by pressing the red button.

Important! The mode is suitable for recording short information or for saving recorded data as separate files.

If you need a selective recording, but save it in one document, you need to expand the black working screen. The Pause and Resume buttons appear. In the pause mode, you can listen to the recorded information. While recording, you can work with other smartphone applications by pressing the Home button. The voice recorder will continue to record in the background.

To record a phone call from an iPhone, a dedicated app or device is required

Note! Only information from external media can be recorded on iPhone, iPad. If it becomes necessary to record a telephone conversation, Apple’s technology will not help. This option is not available in the basic configuration. This can be done only through additionally installed applications. The company takes the privacy of personal information very seriously.

How to set up voice recorder on iPhone

The function of creating audio recordings has been available since the days of the iOS 3.0 operating system. The first voice recorder had limited capabilities:

  • creation of monochrome audio recording;
  • listening;
  • file storage and deletion.

In this form, it existed for a long time. Voice Recorder iOS 12.0 and later is a true audio editor that allows you to:

  • create a record;
  • edit (trim, duplicate an existing record);
  • share by sending to e-mail, social networks, instant messengers or save to the “Files” folder;
  • adjust the sound quality;
  • set the frequency of cleaning deleted files;
  • customize geo-contextual names of audio files.

Setting up the voice recorder does not take long. The updated version of the application has some small subtleties. In particular, in the voice recorder settings, the Siri and Search tab contains the Quick Commands function to make the program easier to use. The function makes it possible to control the recorder using voice commands. You can use the requests offered by mobile assistants by clicking on the icon. or set your own, saving them for Siri.

Using the “Clean up Deleted Data” tab, you can set the optimal period for permanently deleting files that have already been placed in the trash.

Note! For the scrupulous, the item “Never” has been added, which includes the eternal storage of deleted audio recordings. However, keep in mind that unused files will clog your phone or tablet memory.

When you select “Never”, all deleted files will be stored forever in the “Recently Deleted” folder

The “Geo-contextual names” function has appeared in the settings, after activating which new audio recordings will be automatically named with the address where the recording was made. However, when geolocation is turned off, the function is useless and the files will still be saved as a “New entry” with a sequential number. Both in the first and in the second case, the file name can be changed manually.

One of the most important tabs in the recorder settings is “Sound quality”, which contains two items “Compressed” and “Lossless”. The recorded voice information in a compressed form will have less weight, which means it will not take up much space in the phone’s memory. When choosing the second option, the sound quality will be much better, but the weight of such a file, accordingly, will be much larger. This mode is more useful for professionals or in the case when recording is carried out in difficult conditions (extraneous noise, poor sound). For domestic use, the “Compressed” mode is quite enough.

When geo-contextual names of the record are enabled, the address where the file was created will be automatically assigned as the name

For your information! To adjust the volume, you need to move the device closer or further away from the sound source. If it is not possible to bring the device closer, you can connect an external microphone, with which the recorded voice will be more clear.

Where are voice recorder recordings stored on iPhone

Sound files recorded on the voice recorder are stored in the application itself. When you start the program, a list of audio recordings available on the device appears. Files are placed in the chronology of creation, indicating the date and duration of each.

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Apple cares about the safety of information, so it provided users of Apple devices with the ability to create an iCloud backup. Cloud storage of several terabytes will contain all the necessary information. However, it is worth considering that 5 GB is provided for free.

You can create a backup copy manually or configure the automatic backup function. To copy, you need a wireless Internet connection and a power supply.

Voice recorder recordings are stored in the application itself

Note! Files that are sent to the trash do not disappear without a trace. Some time (depending on the option selected in “Clean up deleted data”) are stored in the “Recently deleted” folder. If you mistakenly delete files from this folder, you can recover without loss of recording quality.

How to cut a fragment from an audio file?

The process of trimming a song in Audio Trimmer is very simple:

  • Choose mp3 or any other audio file on your computer.
  • The sound will start playing immediately if your browser supports this feature. Otherwise click “Download”.
  • Drag the handles to select the part you want to remove and click Crop.

How to trim a song on iPhone via iTunes?

  • Open your music collection in iTunes.
  • In the left pane of the window, go to the “Songs” tab.
  • Go to the “Options” tab.
  • When finished with trimming the time, make changes by clicking on the “OK” button in the lower right corner.

How to put music on the iPhone on a call?

Open iTunes and select the song you want to create a ringtone from (or add a song by clicking File → Add File to Library). Listen to the song and record the start and end times of the segment you would like to hear as a ringtone. The maximum ringtone length is 40 seconds. Advice!

How to Add Ringtone to iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds & Tones menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

In which application can you trim music?

  • Audacity.
  • Swifturn Free Audio Editor.
  • mp3DirectCut.
  • Movavi Video Editor.
  • Sound Forge Pro.
  • Wave Editor.
  • MP3 Cutter and Editor.
  • Direct WAV MP3 Splitter.

How to put purchased music on a call on an iPhone?

  • Open the iTunes Store app.
  • Click the button.
  • Click Sounds.
  • Find the ringtone you want and click the price to make a purchase.
  • Choose the option with automatic ringtone installation.
  • You may need to enter your Apple ID password to complete the purchase.

How to trim a ringtone melody?

Using this free online service, you can easily trim a song to create a ringtone or alarm melody.

  • Upload audio files. Highlight the desired fragment using markers and fine-tuning buttons.
  • Set the call format. M4R for iPhone, MP3 for everyone else. Click CROP.

How to trim a song on iPhone via iTunes?

Select a song or audio file from your iTunes library. Right click on the song and select Details. In the “Details” window, go to the Options tab and look at the “Start” and “End” lines. Check the boxes in front of them and set the desired fragment for the ringtone. May 17, 2013.

Where are voice recordings stored on iPhone?

Voice recordings are stored in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, after which they are permanently deleted. If the voice recording is still in the Recently Deleted folder, you can restore it by following these steps. Open the Voice Recorder app and click Recently Deleted.

How to trim a song to iPhone ringtone?

  • Open the website in the browser.
  • Select the file from which you want to make a ringtone
  • Select the required interval by moving the blue sliders.
  • If you want your track to start out of silence, gradually increasing the volume, then turn on the “soft start” function.
  • Choose format: iPhone ringtone.
  • Click “Crop”

How to trim a song in Aimuvi on iPhone?

In the Action menu that appears (the gear icon), select Clip Trim. In a green or red rectangle that represents a sound clip, the Action menu icon appears at the left edge, and in the background music field, it appears in the upper left corner.

How to Record Audio with your iPhone. Voice overs, Notes and Dictation

How to Add Ringtone to iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds & Tones menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

How to trim an audio recording

Not infrequently, there is such a need as trimming one or another audio recording for various purposes, it can be trimming for a ringtone, or shortening a long loss. The process of trimming an audio file is quite simple, but sometimes problems arise. This article will just help you deal with this issue.

There are many programs, both free and paid, both online utilities with a fairly simple interface, and more advanced software for a personal computer. This article is just about free programs that will help you cope with this task, and special skills are not required here.


It is worth considering each utility in order and opens the Audacity list. This software can be downloaded from various sites with audio software, absolutely free. Audacity is an audio editor with the ability to record audio files, edit them. There is also the ability to apply various filters and effects. The audio tone can be adjusted with this computer program. It will not be superfluous to remember, and the ability to suppress noise. Let’s take a closer look at the process of cutting an audio recording step by step.

To begin with, the selected track must be imported, for this you need, after opening the program, go to the “File” menu and select the “Open” item, or select the “Import” item.

The recording on the computer is selected, it is now loaded into Audacity. The audio track appears.

In order to trim the audio recording, it is worth bringing the mouse pointer to the place from which the recording will be trimmed, and select a certain area that will later be trimmed.

When the area is selected, you need to go to the “Edit” menu and select the “Cut” function. Unwanted fragment will be deleted.

The last step is to save the trimmed audio file. To do this, go to the “File” menu and select “Save the rest” and select the format.

Everything is simple and intuitive. Audacity also has a lot of other functions, you can learn more about them on the program’s website.

Three free programs to quickly edit audio files

Free Audio Editor

The next editor is Free Audio Editor, this article discusses version 9.4.0 of the program. Although, the processes, especially, do not change from version to version. Quite a simple and convenient utility with great functionality. It will allow you to produce, not only standard procedures with an audio file, but also to record your own track, which can later be thrown onto a CD without leaving this program. If you need to improve the sound in a recording, Free Audio Editor can also handle it.

Consider the process of trimming a file in this case.

After opening Free Audio Editor, you should download the audio file. To do this, in the top menu “File” you need to select the item “Open” and open the desired record.

Next, the file has already been loaded and is ready to be cropped. For this action, the mouse cursor is hovering over the place where the deleted fragment will begin, a dotted line appears, a start has been made.

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To form a fragment, the dotted line is pulled in the right direction, forming the desired area for removal.

The matter remains small, the “Delete” function is selected in the “Edit” menu.

The selected area is deleted and must be saved. To do this, the menu “File” and the item “Save” (“Save as”).

The main thing is that the desired format is selected. Mp3 format.

Free Audio Editor download.


It remains to consider the last program. Mp3DirectCut. This utility boasts a good selection of effects, simple functionality and a user-friendly interface.

The trimming process is similar to the previous two. The editor is already open and the user still enters the “File” menu and the “Open” item.

The audio track is loaded and the desired area for deletion is highlighted with the mouse cursor. The next step, “Edit”. “Cut”. After, the file is saved in mp3 format.

It is worth noting that the actions, in all three cases, are absolutely identical. All have the opportunity to use the Russian language. Well, there shouldn’t be any problems with the pruning process. If the question arises, which program to choose, then it is worth considering them in a little more detail. It all depends on the functions that are required from the selected software.

Of the three audio editors considered above, the more recommended one is Free Audio Editor, since there are no particular drawbacks in using this program. As for Audacity and Mp3DirectCut, the first utility has crashes and crashes when saving a file in mp3 format, while the second one, Mp3DirectCut, does not suppress noise.

How to crop and crop (crop) a video in the iMovie app on iPhone

While you can crop and crop your video in the Photos app, iMovie will do just that. This quality video editor from Apple can also make any necessary changes to the video length and size. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the iMovie app on your iPhone.

Click on “Create Project” and select “Movie”.

Select the video you want, click on the checkmark icon and select “Create Movie”.

Click on the timeline so that a magnifying glass icon appears in the upper right corner. Click on it.

To crop the video, use two fingers to increase or decrease the frame size (pinch gesture).

To trim its length, drag the borders of the timeline. This will allow you to set a suitable start and end of the video.

When you’re done, click “Finish”.

How to Trim Voice memos iOS 12 (and iOS 13)

To save the video to iPhone or send it to a friend, tap the export icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to crop a video (crop) in the Photos app

Find the video you want to edit and click on it.

Click on the crop icon at the bottom of the screen.

Move the corners of the rectangular selection tool in the video to remove unwanted areas.

Or, if you want to fit the video to a certain aspect ratio, click the resize icon and select the necessary values ​​under the video.

Cropping or cropping (crop, crop): what’s the difference?

For many users, the terms crop (cropping) and cropping are considered synonymous. However, it is better to separate the two. Both actions really relate to video editing, but if crop changes the resolution of a clip, then crop. its duration.

So, the crop works with the size of the picture. This technique is used to optimize video for posting on social networks or remove unwanted objects from the frame. And cropping (trimming) makes the video just shorter. In this case, you can trim both the beginning and the end of the video to form the desired duration.

If your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, you can quickly adjust video length and resolution using the Photos app. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a video shorter or crop a fragment of the frame, the built-in Photos application will help you to solve the problem.

How to Crop or Crop Videos on iPhone and iPad without Third-Party Apps

We often shoot videos in a hurry and literally “on the go.” As a result, there may be a lot of unnecessary things in the frame. There are several easy ways to change the length of your video or crop it. With each subsequent release of iOS, the Cupertinos are implementing new functionality, thanks to which we can abandon many free and paid analogues from the App Store, being content with regular applications. In this article, we will tell you how to crop video using the standard “Photos” application on iPhone and iPad.

Frankly, when I was offered to write this material, I immediately thought that to trim the video, you need to install the free program iMovie, which does an excellent job with video editing, completely forgetting about “Photos”. The native iOS viewer has an excellent tool that is ideal for our task.

The iPhone video cropping skill is quite useful. After all, this makes it possible to create videos with the ideal aspect ratio for subsequent publications in. Instagram or or save the most precious moments of your life without extraneous elements in the frame. Agree, I don’t want to see my thumb in the corner of the screen. But if you just need to reduce the length of the video or change its width and height, then quick cropping is possible right on the iPhone. The video does not need to be uploaded somewhere for processing on a computer.

How to crop video on iPhone and iPad using Photos

Open “Photos”.

In the “Albums” tab, go to the “Videos” folder or find a video in another way convenient for you.

Open the video and in the upper right corner click the “Edit” button.

At the bottom of the display, click on the camera icon, a storyboard will appear, and in the left and right corners of the arrows, which can be dragged to shorten or increase the length of the footage. When you start working with them, the ribbon will turn yellow. If necessary, you can reproduce the resulting section.

Click the Finish button and choose the Save Video As New or Save Video action. Be careful with the second point, because by incorrectly cropping the video, you can lose valuable frames. It is much better to save “as new” and delete the original separately. This will keep it in the basket for 30 days.

Don’t worry if you clicked Save Video by mistake — you can go back to the original version and undo the crop. Just open that video, click Edit, and select Check In in the bottom right corner. Then click Return to Original in the menu that appears.

But keep in mind that if you do this, not only the video resizing will disappear, but all other previously made changes to it will also disappear.

Try all the video editing features on iPhone

You can do a lot more with your video with the editing features on your iPhone. They go far beyond just cropping and trimming. The Photos app now covers basic editing functions not only for photos, but also for video. You can crop, crop, straighten, flip, rotate, adjust brightness, change exposure, apply filters and more to enhance the final look of your video.

And if you want to add background music or combine multiple videos into one, then iMovie can do just that. So now you can make basic changes to the captured video right on the iPhone.

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Setting the melody

After the ringtone is created and uploaded to the smartphone, you need to put it on a call. The question arises as to how to set the ringtone on “iPhone” (5s, 5, 6s, 6). This will require:

  • go to the “Settings” menu;
  • open the “Sounds” section;
  • select the item “Ringtones”;
  • find a custom melody and set it on the call.

It is not difficult to create a ringtone for “iPhone”, the main thing is to choose a suitable program or service and follow all the steps in sequence. In addition, do not forget that the duration of the melody must not exceed 30 seconds and the file must have the.m4r resolution, which corresponds to the format of ringtones on the iPhone.

How to Trim Song for iPhone Ringtone (Easiest Way)

Many Apple smartphone users call the method of creating iPhone ringtones using iTunes inconvenient. It is difficult to argue with them, since the process of creating a ringtone in iTunes cannot be called intuitive. Fortunately, there are many other ways to create iPhone ringtones. We described the simplest of them in this manual.

How to Download Ringtone to iPhone

Launch iTunes and go to the menu for viewing sounds by selecting the switch of the same name.

Transfer the ringtone to the iTunes window. It will immediately appear in the list of available ringtones.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, select your device in iTunes and go to the Sounds menu under Settings.

Activate the “Sync sounds” switch.

Check the box next to All Sounds or select specific sounds to sync with iPhone. After that click “Apply”.

In such a simple way, you can quickly create a ringtone and download it to your iPhone. Agree, it’s much easier than cutting a song using iTunes and manually renaming the file to the desired format.

Online services

How to create iPhone ringtone? You can use the online service “mp3cut”. For this you need:

  • go to the website of the service “” in the computer browser;
  • click on the big blue button “Open file”;
  • in a new window, select the desired musical composition;
  • set an interval of no more than 30 seconds by moving the sliders;
  • set the parameters “Smooth start” or “Smooth fading”;
  • at the bottom under the track select the item “Ringtone for iPhone”;
  • click on the “Trim” button;
  • click on the “Download” link;
  • specify the location to save the file;
  • download ringtone to iPhone using iTunes.

How to Save Voice Recording from iPhone to Computer

Long audio recordings don’t fit into email attachments. I’ll show you two ways to send a long audio recording from iPhone to computer.

For example, you recorded a long interview or speech for 50 minutes or more on an iPhone dictaphone and now want to upload this recording to your computer to edit the video.

To do this, click on the “send” icon at the bottom left.

And we choose one of the proposed options. For example, send by e-mail.

But the error message is the attachment size is more than 25 MB. Unable to attach attachment.

It will also not be possible to send via imessage, because “The attachment is too long. Would you like to select a smaller clip of this attachment to send? ”. Imessage also has a limit on the maximum size of an uploaded file.

It will also not be possible to send via email iCloud due to the error “The message size is 36.2 MB, which is more than 27.0 MB, the maximum size allowed by the server.

And then the error “Preparation failure” can get out. The record is currently being optimized for submission. And no matter how much you wait, it will continue to be optimized.

Using audio editing.

The first way is audio trimming. So, to reduce the size of the audio recording on the iPhone made using the voice recorder application, click “edit”.

Then click on the cropping icon at the bottom right.

IOS 13: How to Trim / Part Delete a Voice Memo Recording on iPhone / iPad

You will now enter file cropping mode. Pull the right endline to the left to cut off the end of the recording (don’t be afraid nothing will delete).

I made 39 minutes out of 57 minutes, cutting off almost 20 minutes from the end. Now click on “Crop”.

  • Crop original
  • Save as new entry
  • Cancel

A new audio file will be created with the same name but with the (copy) appended. Thus, we have created a copy of the file with a cropped ending. On iOS 10, this problem should no longer occur, although everything can be.

Now it remains to do the same, but only cut off the beginning of the file, and the end of the file. And we will get two medium files from one large file, which can be sent to a computer or anywhere.

Using iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon that appears.

Now click on the “Music” tab and tick the “Sync music” checkbox, and also check the “include voice recordings in sync”.

Synchronize iPhone with your computer by clicking “Sync” at the bottom in iTunes.

Wait for the sync to finish. All now all your voice recordings have been transferred to your iTunes library. Click on the Music icon in iTunes to open your music library.

Find the name of the file you named your audio recording here.

Right-click on it and select “Copy”.

Now you can paste this entry to any folder on your computer. To do this, right-click on an empty space and select “Paste”.

The audio recording from your iTunes library will transfer to your disc. Only it will not save the name, the audio recording will be renamed. Also, for the security of your Apple ID account, I recommend installing Apple ID Two-Step Verification.

The audio recording format will be.m4a, to convert.m4a to.mp3 or any other format you can watch the video tutorial. It shows how to convert from.flca format to.mp3, but also instead of.flac you can do it with.m4a format.

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Ease of use

Completely free and easy to use! Upload the audio file, select the part you want to trim and click the Trim button. Your audio file will be ready in a few seconds!

If you’re looking for a full-featured audio editor, you can try Audacity. open source downloadable program.

Adapted for mobile devices

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No need to install third-party apps or programs!

Trim music online

Trim mp3 tracks and other audio files on your device online without installing complicated software. Do you want to cut a fragment from your favorite song?

Perhaps you need to delete part of an audio recording you have recorded? If so, our free online audio cutter. that’s all you need!

Cut song online

Audio Trimmer. a simple online tool that lets you trim audio files in seconds. Select the file and click “Upload” to get started!

Downloaded files are stored in a temporary folder and are automatically deleted from the server within two hours.

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Create recurring sounds, ringtones, alarm tones and sound notifications online. You can also apply simple fade-in or fade-out effects to achieve smoother audio transitions.