How to transfer voice recorder from iPhone to computer

Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC via Import Function

This method is good because it allows you to quickly transfer as many photos as you like to your computer.

  • connect your phone to your computer using a cable;
  • unlock the device and allow access to the PC;
  • go to the “Start” menu on your computer and open the “Photos” tab;
  • click on the “Import” button (located in the upper right corner of the screen);
  • in the menu that opens, select the action “From the connected device”;
  • select the device, mark the photos you want and specify the storage location on your PC.

Method One: How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone via iTunes

To move photos, you need a Lightning-to-USB cable and iTunes installed on your computer.

The transfer process will be different than transferring images from iPhone to computer using a cable. The fact is that you won’t be able to transfer or copy images from a PC to a device using File Explorer. this is a feature of the iPhone.

The transfer process is exactly the same as transferring photos from iPhone to PC.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer using cloud services

They are convenient and efficient for more than just data storage. Cloud storage can also be used to quickly move files from phone to computer and vice versa. The choice of cloud storage is large. in addition to the branded iCloud, there is Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others.

Let’s take a closer look at how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using the example of moving photos from iPhone to a Mac or Windows computer using the iCloud service.

It should be noted that iCloud for PC on Windows is rather limited in functionality, unlike Mac OS X. Only iCloud Drive, photos and bookmarks are available to the user. However, we only need the ability to transfer images from iCloud, and it is. To access all the functions of cloud storage, you need to go to the official iCloud website.

The proprietary iCloud app lets you move photos and other images from your phone to your Mac without using a USB cable. Devices are connected via Wi-Fi. All you need to do is set up the iCloud app on your PC and iPhone. You need to sign in to the service on both devices with one Apple ID account. In addition, before moving, you need to check if there is enough space in the cloud storage to transfer new photos.

  • open the “Settings” application and go to the iCloud tab;
  • find the item “Photos” and check if the options “iCloud Media Library” and “My Photo Stream” are active;
  • if the options are not active, move the slider to the right to enable synchronization. then all photos will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage.

How to set up iCloud on Mac or Windows:

  • if the iCloud program is not installed on the PC, download it from the developer’s official website;
  • open the app and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID;
  • in the window that opens, select what you want to sync: photos, bookmarks, mail, etc.
  • click on the “Apply” button located at the bottom of the window.

After setting up the program, the “iCloud Photos” folder will appear on the computer, where the photos from the phone will be moved.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

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Transfer Voice Memos from Your iPhone to Your PC 2020

Many seemingly simple actions with phones can confuse an inexperienced user. If he only dealt with Android devices, it will be difficult for him to figure out all the intricacies of Apple phones right off the bat. For example, how to transfer files from the machine to the PC. We tell you how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer step by step for dummies.

On Mac

You can move photos from your phone to a PC using the proprietary iTunes audio player. It is built into the Apple ecosystem and does not need to be installed additionally.

  • connect the device to a computer using a USB cable;
  • start the media player;
  • give permission to connect the device by clicking on the inscription “Trust”;
  • open the “Photo” program and click on the “Import” tab;
  • choose an action: “Import All” to move all images, or “Import Selected”. to transfer individual photos.
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How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac using a cable

Since these devices are part of the same Apple ecosystem, data transfer is easy:

  • connect your device to your Mac;
  • unlock the device and allow access to the computer;
  • open the “Photos” application on the PC. the “Import” screen should appear in it with all the photos and video files that are on the connected phone;
  • mark the photos you need to move to your computer and click on the “Import selected” button;
  • wait for the data transfer process to complete and disconnect the device from the computer.

Method two: upload photos via cloud services

The above describes a way to transfer an image from a phone to a PC using the proprietary iCloud application. But there are still many convenient cloud storages, for example, Yandex.Disk. It allows you to automatically upload the captured images to the cloud. From there, they can be easily downloaded to your device if required.

  • create a Yandex account to access cloud storage;
  • install the Yandex Disk application on your phone and computer, open it and log in;
  • in the program settings, find and activate the item “Upload photos”. now the pictures will be automatically transferred to the cloud, and they can be deleted from the device so as not to fill up the memory;
  • if you need to transfer a photo to your phone, go to the mobile application, mark the necessary pictures (the folder with the copied photos is already in the cloud) and click on the three dots in the upper corner of the screen;
  • in the menu that opens, select the “Save to device” option.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iTunes?

On the Apps & Data screen, click Recover from iTunes Copy. Connect your smartphone to your computer and select iPhone from the iTunes device menu. Click “Recover from a copy” and select the desired copy by date. If necessary, enter the password. May 20, 2019.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer via USB?

You must have an updated version of iTunes. Just click a button and open iTunes on your computer. You should now connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. On the left side of the window, you can see the icon in the mobile image.

How to transfer a recording from a voice recorder?

How to transfer recording from a voice recorder if the computer does not have a USB port

  • Use a mini plug cable (not supplied).
  • Connect the other end of the mini-plug cable to the Microphone jack or In-Line jack on your computer.

Where are voice recordings stored on iPhone?

Voice recordings are stored in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, after which they are permanently deleted. If the voice recording is still in the Recently Deleted folder, you can restore it by following these steps. Open the Voice Recorder app and click Recently Deleted.

Where are the voice recorder recordings stored in MIUI?

We are looking for the voice recorder application on the phone’s desktop and open it. In it, click on the three stripes to the right of the record button. In the menu that opens, both the folder with the recorded calls and the recordings made in the voice recorder are available.

How to transfer Audio from a voice recorder to a computer?

Everything happens according to the same principle as syncing music:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Go to the device page. And open the Music section.
  • Check the box next to Enable voice recording.

Where are Huawei voice recorder recordings stored?

Where are the recordings from the voice recorder on Huawei and Honor? Didn’t find where the recordings from the Huawei and Honor voice recorder are stored? All files are located in a separate folder. Once stopped, the recording is automatically directed there. Later, you can change the save location or move them to another folder.

How to download recording from iPhone voice recorder?

The Dictaphone application is present in the set of standard programs of any Apple iPhone, from the very first models to the more modern ones. 4, 4S. Most likely, the gentleman’s set of subsequent versions of iOS will also be equipped with this, sometimes useful, application. I think it makes no sense to talk about the step-by-step operation of recording voice notes, I pressed the red button. the recording went, but some users do not know how to download the voice recorder recordings from the iPhone to a computer and find their location.

Before we look at the procedure for downloading voice recordings from the iPhone, I would like to tell you about one feature of the “Dictaphone” program. The fact is that you cannot record a telephone conversation in the iPhone using a standard dictaphone, so you cannot play Bond by recording the voice of the subscriber at the other end of the mowing line by standard means. Thus, Apple does not allow violations of the rights of the interlocutor.

Now, there are two official ways to download voice recorder recordings from iPhone to computer. using sync in iTunes or you can transfer recordings by e-mail.

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Sync Voice Recorder Recordings to iTunes
This method of copying recordings from the iPhone voice recorder to a computer is possible using iTunes installed and a USB cable.

Launch iTunes and connect iPhone. Click on the phone that appears in the “Devices” section

In the “Overview” tab, put the marker “Process music and video manually”

After that, in the “Music” tab, put the markers: “Synchronize music” and “Include voice recordings”. Click the “Apply” button to start synchronization.

Synchronization will help download voice recorder recordings from iPhone and they will appear in iTunes in the “Music” section

The downloaded voice recorder recordings are also displayed in the “Voice recordings” section located in playlists or in devices. Here you can listen to them

Як перенести голосові пам’ятки з iPhone на комп’ютер. iPhone Voice Memos на ПК

If you want to rewrite the downloaded recordings to Flash, you will have to find them on your computer, it’s easy to do. right-click on the recordings, select “Show in Windows Explorer” (depending on the OS version, this item may sound a little different) and a folder with Your entries.

If a computer and iTunes are not at hand, and the records are urgently needed, then you can use the second method, using e-mail.

Send voice recorder recording from iPhone by mail
In order to transfer voice recordings from the phone via e-mail, we need to set up mail on the iPhone and make a recording using the “Dictaphone” application. Then we perform the following actions:

Click on the button with three horizontal stripes
2. Select the voice recording you need and press the blue arrow button
3. Select “E-mail”, enter the recipient’s address and send

The disadvantage of this method is the inability to send all voice notes together at once, you have to send one at a time, which is not very convenient. If the recordings are much more convenient to transfer them using iTunes.

There is also a third way to copy voice recordings of the voice recorder from Apple iPhone to a computer, using the iFunbox program, you can try it, for many who could not transfer the voice recorder recordings to a computer using iTunes and mail, i-FunBox helped out.

A way to upload a file from an iPhone via email

Another method, which is very similar to the previous one, is to transfer the recording from the voice recorder from the iPhone to the computer using e-mail. As with the previous method, you need to have an email application on your iPhone. Open it and compose a new message. In it, click the paperclip icon, which means attach a file, and find the voice recorder recording in your smartphone. Then save the message in a draft. You just have to open your computer, go to your mailbox and download the file.

The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot send a large number of files here. Even if you select several and try to open them in the letter, they will be downloaded in turn. Uploading to mail (uploading files to the Internet) usually takes much longer than files are downloaded to our device. Therefore, large files can take a long time to load.

How to transfer a recording from a voice recorder using iTunes

In order to transfer the audio recording using iTunes. you need to connect your device to your computer using a standard USB cable. After that, we will be able to transfer not only the recordings from the recorder, but also other files to our PC.

  • Insert the USB cable with one end into the corresponding port on the PC, the other into our iPhone;
  • Wait while the operating system installs the required driver and detects the device;
  • Launch iTunes;
  • Go to the “Music” tab;
  • In the next window, check the box “Enable voice recordings”;
  • Go back to the previous window by clicking “Browse” and click the “Synchronize” button below;
  • Then click “Playlists”;
  • In the next window, select “Voice recordings” on the left in the block;
  • Select any entry here and right click on it and then click “Open in Windows Explorer”.

Your recordings will now be synced and everything will be displayed in one place. If you are not familiar with the file system of your computer, then write down the path to the dictaphone records so that next time you can easily and quickly find them.

How to transfer voice recorder recording from iPhone to computer

Every mobile device has a voice recorder. Apple’s gadgets are no exception. It is often used when interviewing, creating voice messages, recording a conversation as an answering machine, and so on. Sometimes such a record needs to be processed by a special editor program. Therefore, users often have a question, how can you copy a recording from the built-in iPhone voice recorder to a PC.

Transfer Voice Recording from iPhone to Computer via Cloud Storage

Another common way to transfer your files from iPhone is to use cloud storage.

For those who already have an account in such services, it will be quite simple to do this:

  • Open your records on a mobile device.
  • Select a file and from its menu select “Share” or “Send with” in the form of a file upload icon.
  • Specify the cloud storage application and transfer the file.
  • Open your cloud through your computer browser and download the required recording.

If you do not have an account on cloud services, then you can only be advised to create one. Which one. choose yourself. You can get all the information in the search engines. We can only say that in most cases they have the same functionality, the differences are only in the iPhone user interface.

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Using iMessage

iMessage allows iPhone users to send all kinds of messages over the network. This can be text messages, a short video, or an audio recording.

No. Button Action
one Microphone icon Press and hold.
2 Up arrow icon When the recording is complete, you can transfer it. The program deletes such an entry after 2 minutes from the moment of its creation.
3 “Settings”. “Messages”. “Audio messages” Change voice recording.

You can only transfer files via iMessage to your Apple device, which is your Mac. But first you need to configure it.

  • If you don’t have an ID yet, you need to create one. It should be the same for all your devices. If you have it, but you forgot your password, go to the official Apple website and open the link “Forgot your password? “.
  • Select the item in the program “Use in iCloud”.
  • Enter numbers or e-mail addresses so that other users can use them to send messages. Here you can add your mail to receive files from it.
  • You need to select the desired sound file, click on the icon for sending and indicate in the list of iMessage programs.
  • Click the Send button.

As we can see, transferring a recording from an iPhone voice recorder to a computer is very simple. And for this there are many ways that do not require any special knowledge from the user.

How to Save Voice Recording from iPhone to Computer

Long audio recordings don’t fit into email attachments. I’ll show you two ways to send a long audio recording from iPhone to computer.

For example, you recorded a long interview or speech for 50 minutes or more on the iPhone dictaphone and now want to upload this recording to your computer to edit the video.

To do this, click on the “send” icon at the bottom left.

And we choose one of the proposed options. For example, send by e-mail.

But the error message is the attachment size is more than 25 MB. Unable to attach attachment.

It will also not be possible to send via imessage, because “The attachment is too long. Would you like to select a smaller clip of this attachment to send? ”. Imessage also has a limit on the maximum size of an uploaded file.

It will also not be possible to send via email iCloud due to the error “The message size is 36.2 MB, which is more than 27.0 MB, the maximum size allowed by the server.

And then the error “Preparation failure” can get out. The record is currently being optimized for submission. And no matter how much you wait, it will continue to be optimized.

Using audio editing.

Then click on the cropping icon at the bottom right.

You will now enter file cropping mode. Pull the right endline to the left to trim the end of the recording (don’t be afraid nothing will delete).

I made 39 minutes out of 57 minutes, cutting off almost 20 minutes from the end. Now click on “Crop”.

  • Crop original
  • Save as new entry
  • Cancel

A new audio file will be created with the same name but with the (copy) appended. Thus, we have created a copy of the file with a cropped ending. On iOS 10, this problem should no longer occur, although everything can be.

Now it remains to do the same, but only cut off the beginning of the file, and the end of the file. And we will get two medium files from one large file, which can be sent to a computer or anywhere.

Using iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon that appears.

Now click on the “Music” tab and tick the “Sync music” checkbox, and also check the “include voice recordings in sync”.

Synchronize iPhone with your computer by clicking “Sync” at the bottom in iTunes.

Wait for the sync to finish. All now all your voice recordings have been transferred to your iTunes library. Click on the Music icon in iTunes to open your music library.

Find the name of the file you named your audio recording here.

Right-click on it and select “Copy”.

Now you can paste this entry to any folder on your computer. To do this, right-click on an empty space and select “Paste”.

The audio recording from your iTunes library will transfer to your disc. Only it will not save the name, the audio recording will be renamed. Also, for the security of your Apple ID account, I recommend installing Apple ID Two-Step Verification.

The audio recording format will be.m4a, to convert.m4a to.mp3 or any other format you can watch the video tutorial. It shows how to convert from.flca format to.mp3, but also instead of.flac you can do it with.m4a format.

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