How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

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Connection problems

The main causes of device connection failures include:

  • discharged batteries on any of the mating gadgets;
  • disabled Bluetooth on one of the devices;
  • too much distance between devices;
  • obstacles to communication (for example, a wall);
  • functional malfunctions of Bluetooth.

In the latter case, to fix the problem, you can turn both devices on and off, or delete the Bluetooth pair and create it again. Also, before using Bluetooth on the iPhone, you can update the software on the device to the latest version.

What is the danger of using pirated applications

Jailbreaking iOS allows you to use the hidden capabilities of the device, but you also need to take into account the disadvantages of jailbreak:

  • Pirated apps crash much more often than official ones.
  • Hacking may impair the performance of official apps.
  • Thoughtless installation of tweaks can lead to the inoperability of iOS, since they do not pass the moderation of specialists.
  • Incompatibility of individual tweaks.
  • Jailbreak compromises the security of the user’s personal data.
  • There may be problems with updating iOS, the need for a complete flashing of the device.

Therefore, it is highly undesirable to hack the system and use pirated applications to work with iOS devices.

Is it possible to transfer files from iPhone using Bluetooth

As we said, there is no legal transfer of files over Bluetooth to the iPhone. The fact is that Apple is very serious about the observance of copyright for programs, pictures and music, and also considers the exchange of unapproved files unsafe, violating the protection of the operating system from viruses and other factors.

IPhone 5 and newer has a special AirDrop technology that allows you to exchange files between two Apple devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone, OSX).

  • Run “Airblue sharing” and find the appropriate program.
  • Install the tweak on your device.
  • The program is ready to use, you can transfer files via Bluetooth using it.

To transfer data via Bluetooth, you can use any file managers that have the “Open file in” function. Sending files is possible to devices with different operating systems: Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, as well as OS X, Linux and Windows. In order to exchange data with an iPhone or other iOS device, you need to have a similar file manager and a tweak on it.

Bluetooth features in Apple products

Connecting various devices, which are becoming more and more with the development of technology, is what you need Bluetooth in the iPhone. You can connect with it:

  • telephone headsets;
  • wireless headphones;
  • audio and video equipment (some TVs, docking stations, car tape recorders);
  • keyboards;
  • Smart bracelets and watches;
  • monopods;
  • various devices for the “smart home” (lamps, door locks, heating system).

How to connect a wireless device

To connect your device, you must first check if the accessory is compatible with your iPhone model. Then you need to perform the following operations:

  • Before turning on Bluetooth on iPhone, turn on the third-party headset and activate the Bluetooth-module with discoverable mode in it, carefully following the instructions. Then we start setting up the connection.
  • Activate Bluetooth on iPhone. To do this, you need to enter the main menu, go to the “Bluetooth” tab and drag the green slider to active mode.

You can also turn on Bluetooth in a faster way. call the control point by swiping up on the screen (lift the curtain), select the desired icon and click on it.

To check the activity of the Bluetooth module, you need to pay attention to its icon in the upper right corner of the display. If it is white or black, the module is active, if it is gray, it is not enabled.

  • The iPhone will start scanning and show active wireless devices within range, which is about 10 meters. Select the desired accessory and connect to it by enabling Bluetooth pairing.
  • The device is connected to a smartphone and is ready to use.

This connection will be saved in the iPhone’s memory, so you only need to activate Bluetooth on the devices to reuse the accessory. Pairing will be done automatically.

In order to disconnect an unnecessary device, in the Bluetooth settings select it from the list of connected equipment and click “Disconnect”. Play for little money in online casinos from 10 rubles on popular slot machines from Novomatic.

In the future, you can instantly resume the connection. If you are no longer going to pair with this accessory, select “Forget device” in the settings menu.

Why does the iPhone need Bluetooth

Apple products differ from devices of other companies in many advantages, the main of which are constant system updates and a reliable data protection system. But still, the main set of functions and capabilities is the same for all gadgets from different manufacturers. All smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth technology, one of the functions of which is wireless data transfer between devices. However, it is this Bluetooth function on the iPhone that is excluded. the developer explains this by copyright protection of the information. Let’s figure out the question that at the dawn of the appearance of “apple” devices in our open spaces was asked by all users. then what is Bluetooth on the iPhone for?

How to connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth

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I work as an engineer at Technootkrytie.

Share photos via iMessage

A decent alternative to AirDrop as a photo sharing tool is the built-in iPhone messenger iMessage. Sending a photo via iMessage is free. and there are no guidelines for distance between devices.

To send a picture via iMessage, you need to proceed as follows:

In the “Settings” find the “Messages” section and go to it.

Activate the “iMessage” slider.

A window will appear warning that activation of the built-in Apple messenger may turn out to be paid. about 5 rubles will be debited from the account (the exact cost of activation depends on the operator).

If the user turns off iMessage and then turns it on again, they will have to pay again.

Click “OK” if you agree with the terms of iMessage activation.

Log into your Apple ID account. enter the password. and wait until the activation of the messenger is completed. Then you can start composing the message itself.

Open the “Messages” application and click on the icon depicting a sheet of paper with a pencil (in the upper right corner).

Enter the recipient’s phone number and click on the “Photo” icon.

The following menu will appear.

transfer, photos, iphone

If you want to send one of those photos that are already stored in the memory of your iPhone, click on “Select available”.

Using the “Photos” application, select a picture to send. open a suitable photo and click “Select” in the lower right corner.

The snapshot will be attached to the message.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone (3 Ways)

Click “Submit” and wait for the download bar to reach the end.

A message sent via the iMessage service is blue, and an ordinary SMS is green.

Using iMessage is a very convenient way to send photos, but it requires some material costs (for activation) and an Apple ID password, setting up which is a long and rather tedious procedure (how to create an Apple account is described here). If you need to send a photo urgently, and Apple ID is not configured on the iPhone, it is better to use other methods.

How to Send Photos from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop?

One of the most obvious ways to send a photo from one Apple gadget to another is to use the AirDrop function, which appeared on iPhones along with the 7th version of iOS. AirDrop uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to form a network within which iPhone owners can exchange data. Learn more about how to activate AirDrop and send photos using this technology here.

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Alas, AirDrop is not a panacea. The technology has a lot of weak points, because of which the owners of iPhones are forced to master other ways to send photos. What are the disadvantages of AirDrop?

    Data transfer occurs only if the gadgets are close to each other (at a distance of no more than 9 meters). AirDrop can help you exchange, say, charts and charts during a business meeting, however, if the user needs to send a vacation photo home, this technology is not an assistant. To send photos, you need to pre-configure iCloud accounts on both devices. AirDrop is extremely unstable. Experienced users of “apple” products constantly accuse the current Apple leadership of releasing raw technologies on the market and as an argument they cite the poor-quality work of AirDrop.

The AirDrop function is present only on iPhones of the 5th, 6th and 7th modifications running on iOS 7 or later versions of the “operating system”. Due to these restrictions, data exchange via AirDrop is unavailable for a significant part of Apple smartphone users. for example, for iPhone 4 / 4S owners, as well as for conservatives who do not want to change their favorite iOS 4 to the latest software.

How to Send Photos from iPhone to iPhone?

A user who has changed his Android to an iPhone in order to have more opportunities to communicate with friends will be unpleasantly surprised that the transfer of photos in the usual way. via Bluetooth. is not available on the new gadget. Apple does not allow file sharing via Bluetooth because it believes it contributes to copyright infringement and malware infection of the mobile device.

However, the newly-made owner of the Apple device does not need to despair. fortunately, there are a lot of paid and free ways to send a great photo to another Apple gadget.

Other ways to send a photo

In order to send a great picture to another iPhone, it is not at all necessary to use the unique functions of your “apple” device. You can apply one of the universal methods suitable for any OS.

Can I use other messengers to send photos from iPhone?

The list of instant messengers that can help you send a photo from iPhone for free is not limited to the built-in iMessage. you can use other programs, for example, What’s App, Viber, Telegram. We will look at how to send photos through the What’s App, available for download at this link.

After you download the messenger, proceed as follows:

Launch What’s App and on the welcome page confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking the “Accept and Continue” button.

Enter your phone number and click on “Done” in the upper right corner.

Enter your name in the appropriate field and attach an avatar (this is optional).

If you don’t want to waste time looking for a suitable photo for your avatar, you can take the profile from along with the photo and name. This is done through the “Download from” button.

Next, proceed directly to sending a message with a snapshot.

Go to the “Chats” section and click on the icon depicting a sheet with a pencil.

Select the addressee for the message among those who are present in your “Contacts”.

On the next screen, click on the up arrow icon.

A menu will appear in which you need to select one of the options:

    “Select photo”. if the picture is already ready and stored in the “Photos” application. “Take a photo or video”. if there is no picture yet, but you want to take it immediately from the iPhone camera.

You can also quickly access the camera by clicking on the icon with the image of the camera.

We will give preference to the “Select photo” option.

iPhone will take you to the “Camera Roll” section of the “Photos” application. there you have to select a picture to send. Click on the desired photo and you will see the following picture:

What’s App has a built-in photo editor that allows you to crop a picture, rotate it at any angle. In addition, the messenger makes it possible to sign a photo. this is useful if a lot of similar messages are received on the addressee’s smartphone.

After adjusting the snapshot through the editor and adding a signature (if necessary), click “Submit”. The photo will appear in the chat.

The addressee can save it to the device’s memory. to do this, click on the picture and click on the “Share” icon.

Select “Save” in the list of options then the picture will be immediately sent to the “Film” section.

IPhone Photo Stream. what is it?

Along with iOS 7, iPhones now have the Photo Stream function, which makes it possible to share a large number of photos with loved ones, while spending a minimum of traffic. The essence of the function is as follows: the user saves pictures in the “Photostream” and sends his friend the data of his account from iCloud. The recipient activates the account on his iPhone, and all the pictures are available to him in the folder “My Photo Stream”.

Pictures from “Photo Stream” are uploaded to the iCloud cloud only after the “photographer” enters the Wi-Fi range.

Activating Photo Stream on iPhone is quite simple:

transfer, photos, iphone

In the “Settings” find the section “Photos and Camera” and go to it.

Toggle the My Photo Stream and Photo Sharing sliders to the active position.

You can access these sliders in another way. if you go along the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Photos”.

IOS 8.1 devices also have an iCloud Music Library toggle switch. If you activate it, all photos and videos from the iPhone will be uploaded to the “cloud”. The user who decides to turn on the iCloud media library must understand that the space in the “cloud” can quickly end. only 5 GB are given for free.

“Photostream” also has a limit, which, however, is expressed not in gigabytes, but in the number of pictures. For general viewing, you can post no more than 1000 photos. when the 1001st photo appears in the stream, the very first one automatically disappears.

Please note that Apple does not recommend sharing your iCloud account data with “third parties”. thus, the “apple” company declines responsibility for the fact that the user’s personal information may be “in the wrong hands.” Only relatives should be attracted to the exchange of photos through the “Photostream”. Giving your iCloud password to someone you don’t know is a very unreasonable act.


Set up the Mail app and send photos without activating your Apple ID or worrying about security. You can transfer a snapshot in a few simple steps:

Find the photo you want in the “Camera Roll” and open it.

Click the Share button, then click Next.

In the menu that appears, select the “Mail” option.

Write down the recipient’s mailing address and click “Send”.

After a while, the photo will appear in the recipient’s mailbox, from where he can easily download it to the smartphone’s memory.

How to throw pictures from the “Cloud”

To copy photos from iPhone to iPhone, a user on a new device needs to go to the “cloud” and download them, following the instructions:

  • turn on the new smartphone, follow the steps suggested on the screen;
  • connect to a Wi-Fi network;
  • click “Recover from iCloud copy”, going to “Application and data”;
  • log into your “cloud” iCloud by typing in the Apple ID and password registered on the first smartphone;
  • find a copy created earlier, check its size and creation date;
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.

You can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone in other ways, presented below.

Transferring images to another iPhone via iCloud

So, let’s start with the fact that it is possible to transfer photos through iCloud. This method is simple, so it is preferred by many users. It is necessary to back up data in the cloud and move images from one device to another.

The “cloud” option is suitable if these gadgets have one owner or the information is allowed to be used by other persons.

Let’s look at the data transfer procedure step by step:

  • connect the device with files to the Internet via “Wi-Fi” (mobile communication will not work);
  • in the menu go to “Settings” of the name of the owner of iCloud “Backup to iCloud”. For iOS 10.2 and older: go to iCloud Backup Settings;
  • carry out “Create a backup”;
  • wait for the completion of the procedure, while remaining connected to the Internet.

Transferring pictures using AirDrop

A handy feature that serves as an alternative for sharing multimedia files between Apple devices. AirDrop.

AirDrop appeared in iOS for a long time, but not all users know how to use it. There is no need to connect to the Internet for this, which is one of the main advantages of this method.

Transferring images is quite simple: to upload multimedia files, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Control Center”, turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both Apple devices.
  • Activate in AirDrop settings.
  • Select the desired photo when going to the application with pictures.
  • Click “Share” and select the desired user.
  • On the device that receives the picture, you need to confirm the file transfer.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the maximum range of the AirDrop: about nine meters. Plus, this feature is only available for iPhones with iOS7 and later with a Lightning connector.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone: Basic Ways

Gadget owners often need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. However, many of them face some difficulties when performing this procedure, despite the intuitive interface of the mobile phone. Smartphone user will learn different ways to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone from this article.

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We use third-party cloud services

In addition to iCloud, users can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone through other popular services, for example: Google Drive, Yandex Drive, Dropbox. When transferring, smartphones are either connected to the same or different accounts in storage, which makes this process available to almost all users.

It is necessary to register in the “cloud” and then add the necessary files. This data can then be downloaded from the link by another user. He only needs to open access to view and download files. An image is transmitted in a similar way via email.

After reviewing the information provided, users will transfer pictures to other devices without any difficulty. It is necessary to perform the actions as described in the instructions, adhering to certain rules. This will help avoid mistakes when transferring photos. Users will be able to choose a method based on personal preferences and capabilities.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

ICloud Photos must be turned off on the receiving device to be able to upload photos through iTunes. In the settings, open your account, go to the “iCloud” section, go to “Photos” and disable the function. or immediately go to this section and disconnect from there (see the picture).

Save photos from the first iPhone in a folder on your computer and launch iTunes.

Click on the phone’s stash and go to the “Photos” section. Activate the sync function and specify the folder where the pictures were saved. Click on the button. “Synchronize”.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone: in detail

Transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone is quite easy task. This can be done in several simple ways at once, which we will consider.

Using them, you can always quickly transfer the necessary pictures to another iPhone, or, conversely, get them to your.

In the past, you learned how to scan a QR code on an iPhone. Now we will take a closer look at how to transfer / copy photos from iPhone to iPhone, in all possible ways.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone. Via iCloud

Let’s take a look at the best way when you don’t need to use the same Apple ID account on two devices. This way you can share your iCloud photos with anyone. Plus, in this way, you can download old photos from iCloud to a new iPhone.

Open a browser on your phone, preferably Safari and go to Log in with your Apple ID.

Click on the “Select” button, select the images you want and click on the transfer icon in the lower left corner. Next, choose how you want to share: mail or link. In our case. click that you want to get the link.

A special link will be generated, copy it and send it to the second smartphone. For example, just a message in the telegram.

As soon as the user on the second smartphone opens the link, he will be able to download the sent pictures.

We use AirDrop via Bluetooth, mail, instant messengers

The easiest and fastest way. Open the photos on your phone. the “Photos” application and go to the “Media Library” section.

Click on the “Select” button and select the photos you want to transfer. Next, click on the “Share” icon at the very bottom left.

Indicate how you want to make the transfer, select: AirDrop, mail or, for example, vibe. We use AirDrop, click on it.

Turn on Bluetooth by clicking on the corresponding link. On the second iPhone, it should also be turned on, as soon as it is found, click on it to start transfer.

Interesting! I also recommend that you read the material about transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone. There is a lot of useful information on this topic.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Cloud storage

Alternatively, you can use any cloud storage, there are quite a few different ones: Google, Yandex, Dropbox, One Drive and others. Let’s see how to do this using the example of the same Google Photo.

Install the Google Photo app from iTunes on both devices. Run on the volume from which you want to transfer photos and allow the application to access albums.

You can enable autoload in the settings so that all pictures are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Or upload the pictures you want individually.

Now you can share uploaded images in several ways:

  • Select pictures and send by link, mail or in another way from the application
  • Add a user account as Partnerа and your gallery will be visible to him. To do this, add an account at.
  • Log in with the same account on the second smartphone and download everything

These have been the fastest and most useful ways to transfer pictures from one iPhone to another. Bookmark this page so you don’t forget.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone (iPad) to Mac

On a Mac, open the stock File Explorer and select AirDrop from the left side menu. All that remains is to press the “Turn on Bluetooth” button (if it is off) and send files from the iPhone or any other iOS gadget using the method described above.

In case AirDrop is missing from the sidebar, go to Finder → Preferences (or press Command (⌘) comma (,)). There, open the “Side Menu” tab and in the “Side Menu Items” section, check the box next to the AirDrop item.

Use third-party cloud storage, for example, Google Photo or Yandex.Disk

Alternatively, use third-party cloud storage such as Google Photo (unlimited space for free, the program allows you to delete photos and videos uploaded to the cloud from your device), Yandex.Disk and so on, which often have a more loyal policy and provide more free space for free basis.

You can post photos permanently on social networks, for example, on Instagram (you can create albums) Odnoklassniki, etc.

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad, Mac) to another using AirDrop

AirDrop technology (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transfer) is great for transferring data between iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The data transfer speed is quite decent.

Transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Apple has implemented the AirDrop function as conveniently as possible.

Make sure both iPhones have Bluetooth modules turned on.

On the receiving device, open Control Center, tap the wireless widget, and then tap the AirDrop button and select the option “For all” or “For contacts only”.

On the iPhone (iPad) from which the photo will be sent or

Tap on the “Select” button in the upper right corner.

Instead of the AirDrop icon, a list of available contacts for sending content will appear. Select the required contact from the list, after which the transfer of photos and videos to another iPhone (iPad, Mac) will begin.

How to Transfer Photos and Videos from One (Old) iPhone to Another (New)

Of course, the easiest option would be to back up to iTunes, but at the same time other data, such as music, contacts, and so on, will be moved along with photos and videos. But what if you only need to move photos and videos? There are many solutions as always.

Upload all photos and videos to iCloud Music Library

Automatic upload of the entire library to the “cloud” iCloud solves problems with the storage and movement of photos and videos. The process is completely automatic and every new moment of life is immediately placed in its own storage on a remote Apple server, and then on all user’s devices associated with one Apple ID account.

Setting up such a system is very simple. on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, open Settings → Apple ID (topmost section) → iCloud → Photos and activate the switch opposite the item “iCloud Media Library”.

True, all this joy will last exactly until 5 free gigabytes of cloud storage allocated by Apple runs out. As an option. to purchase additional space. the are not so high, and the ecosystem created by the Cupertinos will work practically without restrictions, because the cloud still stores backups of all devices, documents and other data.

If there is no desire to buy something in addition, then, as one of the temporary measures, optimization of the content for the displays of iOS devices can serve, instead of the original file size, although in most cases this option turns out to be useless due to the huge number of saved photos and videos on the device.

Download photos and videos from iPhone to computer (Windows or Mac) and then from computer to new iPhone

In addition to the fashionable wireless transfer of photos and videos between devices, there is an older one. transmission via cable. Since direct cable transfer between iOS devices is not supported by Apple, a computer is used as an intermediate link.

How to save photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) to a Mac or Windows computer, USB flash drive or external hard drive, we described in detail in this material.

After the necessary photos and videos are on the computer, transfer (copy) them to a new iPhone or iPad using any of the following methods:

  • Uploading photos and videos from a computer to cloud services, for example, Google Photo or Yandex.Disk. After the photos and videos are uploaded to the “cloud”, all that remains is to download the corresponding iOS applications to the new iPhone.
  • Copy photos and videos from computer to iPhone using iTunes application. Instructions: for photos and for videos.
  • Send a photo using AirDrop (Mac only).
  • Transfer photos using third-party applications such as BitTorrents Sync.
  • Sending photos and videos from computer to iPhone by email (e-mail).

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How To Transfer from iPhone to iPhone. Contacts, Pictures, Videos &

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad) to another using USB flash drives and adapters

On the official Apple website, you can find a fairly large range of accessories, thanks to which you can transfer photos and videos directly to a USB flash drive or SD card.

Attention! Requires iOS 9.2 or later.

  • Lightning adapter for reading SD-cards (2,490 rubles). Allows to directly connect to iPhone or iPad SD card.

Third-party manufacturers also make various flash drives for iOS devices that allow you to store or transfer data, such as Leef iBridge, Transcend JetDrive Go 300, iXpand Flash Drive and others.

Read also. All

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We share the history of calls and messages on two iPhones with one Apple ID

Second way

Using standard and third-party messengers can help you transfer photos to iPhone. You can use standard iMessage or download messengers from. VK, WhatsApp and many others. The essence is the same everywhere: you attach a photo using the “Attach a file or image” function and send it in a regular message. You choose where to send the photo. These can be your friends, acquaintances or relatives. The main thing is that you know their contact details or they were among your friends on social networks.

Third way

This is a very interesting method. The thing is that photos can be automatically transferred to the iPhone of relatives or close friends whom you trust. But it is best that these are the people closest to you. The thing is that starting with iOS 7, you can transfer photos from iPhone to another iPhone using the same Apple ID.

IOS 7 introduces Photo Stream. Its essence is that all the photos that you take appear in this folder automatically. As soon as the iPhone connects to the internet, the images are uploaded to the iCloud server. After that, the most recent photos will be available on any iPhone under one Apple ID account. Up to one thousand photographs are stored here. As soon as new ones are uploaded, the oldest photos are automatically deleted.

Fourth way

Alternatively, use free file hosting services.

  • Go to the browser.
  • We enter in the search engine “file sharing”.
  • Choose from the list of found the one that you liked.
  • Next, select the item on the site “Add a file or upload a file”
  • Select the desired photo in the gallery.
  • Loading.
  • We receive the link and send it to whoever we wanted.

Next, your friend or relative should go in the browser to the link where the photo was uploaded, after which he will be able to download the photo in its original size.

Bonding multiple Instagram videos on iPhone

Fifth way

This is probably the oldest method of transferring photos from one iPhone to another. We use the standard “Message” application and send MMS. True, the quality of the sent images for the modern world is already unsatisfactory. Since the size of the photo is limited, they are compressed and lose quality.

Going to Messages, to the right of the text entry field, click on the camera icon, and select a photo from the gallery, and then, using the prompts, select the addressee and send him the desired photos. That’s all, good luck in your endeavors.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Not so long ago, 10-15 years ago, in order to show photos to our relatives or friends, we took huge albums with us. They kept the home collection of photographs and the entire history of the family. And in order, for example, to give a photo to parents or someone else, you had to go with the film to the photo salon and take another photo. And it all cost money.

With the advent of new technologies, people are gradually abandoning ordinary photographs. Almost all images are digitized. Sharing every shot becomes easier and you can do it absolutely free. In this article we will talk about how you can transfer any photo from an apple smartphone to another iPhone.

There are a huge number of ways how you can transfer a photo from one apple device to another. They are all free, but they differ from one another. Some require the installation of applications, but there are ways with which you can do this using standard operations, but you will almost always need the Internet. After all, the iPhone does not have an IrDA port, and the photo, as it was before, cannot be simply taken and sent via Bluetooth.

Sharing Photos on iPhone

Most often, the need to share photos arises between members of the same family. For example, after a trip to foreign countries, the wife may want to share with her friends or parents the photos that her husband took on the iPhone. In such a situation, it is often necessary to transfer several hundred photos at once between smartphones. To do this, it is convenient to use the cloud storage iCloud, developed by Apple.

Starting with iOS 7, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have Photo Stream. It allows you to transfer all photos taken from devices under one Apple ID between devices. Thus, to transfer a photo from iPhone to iPhone, it is enough to provide your data from Apple ID to the person who wants to show your photos, and he will be able to see all of them in the album called “My Photo Stream”.

Important: Apple strongly discourages providing information about your Apple ID to “third parties”.

If the photos you have taken do not appear on devices with the same Apple ID, you need to check the settings. Select the “iCloud” item, then go to the “Photos” item and make sure that the options “My Photo Stream” and “Share iCloud Photos” are enabled. You can also enable the “iCloud Media Library” option, then all photos and videos will be uploaded to Apple’s cloud storage and stored there so that you can access them from any device.

Please note: iCloud storage space is limited, and if you enable iCloud Media Library, your free cloud storage space may run out over time.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

For security reasons, Apple ditched Bluetooth for transferring data between devices, but introduced its own AirDrop standard. It allows iPhone owners to share photos with each other if they are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Please note: It is enough that the iPhone is connected to the same router, while the presence of the Internet is not required.

To transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop, you need to do the following:

  • Pull up from the bottom of the screen to access the quick access menu;
  • Click on the AirDrop item in it, and a pop-up menu will open. Choose with whom you want to share photos, only with users from your contacts or with everyone without restrictions on the same Wi-Fi network;

Please note: If you need to transfer a series of photos from iPhone to iPhone, you can select multiple photos in the gallery and then send them via AirDrop.

Three Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Every year, the cameras in the iPhone are getting better, and the quality of photos obtained with their help has already approached shooting from full-fledged SLR cameras when it comes to automatic shooting without settings for a specific situation. Smartphones are convenient to carry in their s, and many users choose them as their main camera. Once you have taken good pictures, you may need to share them with friends or family. As you know, it is impossible to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using the Bluetooth communication protocol, but there are several other ways how to reset the taken pictures from one Apple smartphone to the second or to several at once.

Transfer photos between iPhones via messengers

Recently, SMS and MMS messages are leaving aside, and various instant messengers are coming in their place. There are both original solutions, for example, iMessage on the iPhone, and third-party ones. Telegram, WhatsApp and others. Through them, you can send various content from iPhone to iPhone, including photos.

As an example, consider how this is done on iMessage, the native messaging client for iOS devices:

  • If you have a user in your contacts, you need to launch the Messages application. If not, then add it to your contacts first;
  • After that, select from the list of contacts the user to whom the photo will be sent;
  • Next, click in the list of commands to send a photo and select the photo you want to send, you can select several at once;
  • Press the send button, and the addressee will receive a message, after which he will be able to save the photos in it to his iPhone or iPad.
  • A similar principle for sending photos is supported in most popular instant messengers.
  • The above are just three main ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using standard iOS functions. Naturally, there are some other options: upload to a social network, cloud storage, transfer via MMS and other options. But it is most beneficial and convenient to use the methods given in the article.