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How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another via iTunes utility

The second method for how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone is iTunes. This is a standard utility for working with an iPhone or any other Apple mobile device from a computer. This method is most relevant for those who have problems with Internet access.

Connect the iPhone from which you want to transfer contacts to your computer and run the iTunes utility. Wait for the sync to finish or interrupt it.

Select the “info” tab under music, videos and files. The tab will contain information about your iPhone, as well as the option we need to sync contacts. Make sure that there is a check mark next to the item with synchronization of contacts, that is, contacts are synchronized.

Start sync. Wait for it to end and connect the second iPhone.

On it, also go to the “info” tab, enable synchronization of contacts and start synchronization. After that, it will have all the contacts from the first iPhone.

iTunes allows you to fully sync not only contacts on your devices, but all other data as well. The utility itself is available for free download on the official Apple website. Versions for Windows starting from Windows 7 and MAC are also available. The utility works with any iPhone model, as well as any other Apple mobile device. A Russian-language version of the utility is also available.

3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

If you have several iPhones or you recently bought a new one, then transferring contacts is a must for you. Therefore, it is important to once master how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone in order to return to this question in the future.

This article discusses three ways to transfer contacts. All of them are described step by step, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. So if you can transfer all contacts via iCloud cloud storage, iTunes utility, or iTransGo utility from iPhone software maker Tenorshare. The latter method is more simple and intuitive than the others. Therefore, check out all and choose the one that suits you best.

There are also other ways to transfer contacts, but they are much more difficult and less fast than the ones selected here.

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud Storage

Transferring contacts via iCloud cloud storage is the best solution for those who bought a new smartphone and also have a stable Internet connection on both smartphones.

Go to iPhone settings. If you have iOS 10.2 or older, then just go to the iCloud menu. If the version of the operating system is newer, but first you need to go to the section in your name or phone name, and already in it, to the iCloud tab.

In the tab, select the Backup item and enable only the backup of contacts in it. After that, click on the create backup button.

After creating a copy, go to settings in iCloud on the second iPhone if it is also linked through the same Apple ID. Now turn off all recovery options except contacts by simply turning off the corresponding switches.

Run a restore from a previously created backup, which will only be done for contacts. Now this device will have all the contacts from the book of the past.

This method allows you to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone only with the decency of the Internet, which is not a problem now. You can also use iCloud to transfer settings, photos, videos, application data and any other files, up to transferring all data and settings from one iPhone to another.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iTransGo

We have a good way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another without using cloud storage is Tenorshare’s iTransGo utility. The utility has a simple, unloaded interface. The new versions of the product have Russian, which makes the work easier. The method requires just a few clicks from you.

Connect both iPhones while powered on to the computer. Run Tenorshare iTransGo utility and wait while it detects smartphones.

The utility will show from which to which smartphone the data will be transferred, so if the order does not fit, then click on the “flip” button in order to swap the smartphones. Click on the button “next” or further.

Now you will be presented with a selection of all Spectra files that can be moved from one iPhone to another. Here just select the required item “Text content” and in it “Contacts”. Click the “Start transfer” button to start the process of transferring contacts from one smartphone to another.

Do not disconnect both devices until the transfer is complete. After that, contacts from the old smartphone will be transferred to the new one.

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

This method only requires you to have a computer and two wires for your smartphone. The weight process barely takes a few minutes and is suitable for those who do not want to understand the intricacies of the synchronization processes and the work of the iTunes utility.

Final part

Choosing a method to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another is extremely easy. If you want to quickly transfer contacts and you have a stable Internet connection, then the best way is iCloud cloud storage. For those who constantly work with iTunes, this utility is the best way. It allows you to create a common database of contacts and during the synchronization process all contacts will be copied to other devices that are linked to your Apple ID. For more convenience, you can set up sync over Wi-Fi.

A stand-alone method is iTransGo from Tenorshare. The utility is suitable for those who, in a couple of clicks, want to transfer contacts to another iPhone via a computer.

It is also worth noting that the developer Tenorshare also produces other utilities for users of portable electronics from the famous American manufacturer. In addition to iTransGo, there is also an iFoneCare application that allows you to work directly with files on your smartphone, as well as clean it of unnecessary data, fix critical system errors and reflash. You can find a detailed list of Tenorshare utilities and their capabilities on the developer’s official website.

How to pass parameters if the initial gadget setting is used

When the company released gadgets running on the iOS 11 operating system, customers were able to transfer information from iPhone to iPhone. This procedure is provided during the initial configuration of the gadget. For the operation to be successful, you must follow these instructions:

  • on the purchased device, the language should be set, in this case “Russian” is selected;
  • a window will appear on the screen for entering data on the Apple ID account, the user clicks the “Continue” item;
  • an image will appear on the new device;
  • it needs to be scanned by a smartphone that has already been in use;
  • on the new device, enter the same access code that was used on the old phone;
  • you can configure the Touch ID / Face ID functions on the purchased gadget;
  • after that, the smartphone will prompt you to choose to restore data from saved backups, you will need to select the desired.
  • note
  • It takes 5 to 20 minutes to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new phone. It all depends on how the gadget works. When the procedure is completed, all parameters will be saved in the new smartphone.

How to copy data using iCloud

The user can drop the necessary files and contacts using the iCloud smartphone. To do this, you first need to sync. This is one of the easiest ways to transfer data to a new gadget. For this option to be available, the user will need to insert a working SIM card into the device.

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Before transferring data from iOS to iOS, the client must create a backup. To perform the operation, you first need to connect your smartphone to the Internet via Wi-Fi. After that, the owner must log in to the Apple ID system. Next, the client needs to follow the instructions to create a copy:

  • a section with settings opens on the cell phone;
  • in the menu, select the “Aykloud” item;
  • “Backup” is selected in the list;
  • after the transition, the user will see a list, in front of the inscription “Aikloud copy” must be ticked;
  • now the item “Create a copy” is selected.
  • note
  • While the copy operation is in progress, it is prohibited to turn off the device.

As soon as the system creates a new backup, the user can start the operation to transfer the parameters to the new gadget:

  • first you need to turn on the purchased device, a welcome message should be displayed on the screen;
  • if such a window is not displayed on the screen, you will need to manually reset the settings to the factory settings;
  • the client is now connecting the gadget to the Wi-Fi network;
  • you can adjust the parameters of the smartphone until the item “Data and Programs” appears on the screen;
  • select “Recover from a copy of Icloud” in the list;
  • the owner of the smartphone must log into the Apple ID account through the iCloud system;
  • the previously created backup is selected from the list.

After selecting the copy, the data download will start. The operation takes several minutes, during the process you cannot turn off the Internet on your phone.

  • note
  • If the user needs to reset the installed settings to factory settings, he should open the section with iPhone settings. There the client clicks on the “Basic” sub-item and clicks on the “Reset” button. A section for resetting settings and content is selected from the list.

How to create a backup

To completely transfer the necessary information from one iPhone to another, the client must create a copy of all the data contained in the gadget. This can be done using the Aycloud cloud. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • to transfer the parameters of an old smartphone, you will need to make a copy in the cloud;
  • first, the user must go to the section with the gadget settings;
  • then select the “Menu” item, where the client clicks on the “iCloud” section;
  • a list will open on the screen, in which the owner selects the “Copies and storage” subsection;
  • if the client has the “Backup” service activated, then the latest version of the copy will be located at the very bottom, the date is also indicated there;
  • if a new copy is required, you can create it yourself, for this click the “Create a copy” button;
  • when all the actions are completed, the copying procedure will begin, the duration depends on the operation of the smartphone and the speed of the network connection.

After a few minutes, the time of the last copy will appear on the screen.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Apple is constantly releasing new versions of gadgets, and iPhone owners are trying to replace outdated models with updated ones. But after purchasing a smartphone, you need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Information is spread in different ways, it is worth talking about them in more detail.

How to transfer information using iTunes

This is an additional way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. To apply the option, the customer must download the iTunes application to their computer. Also, the user must have a wire to connect the smartphone to the PC. A Lightning cable will do. The transfer operation is performed according to the following scheme:

  • the client must check which version of the program is installed on the computer;
  • if iTunes is not the latest version, it is recommended to update it;
  • then the old device is connected to a stationary PC;
  • iTunes starts on the computer;
  • after launch, a window will open, at the top of the page there is a smartphone icon;
  • you should click on it;
  • then select the item “Encrypt local copy”;
  • you also need to add an access password;
  • the screen will display a question about the need to create a backup;
  • the user clicks the “Skip” button;
  • the copying operation will start, it will take some time;
  • when the procedure is completed, you should disconnect the old gadget from the PC;
  • you can pull out the SIM card from the smartphone, having previously turned it off;
  • now you need a new smartphone, it is connected to the computer;
  • the basic setup is performed, the language is selected and the Wi-Fi network is connected;
  • iPhone Settings will be highlighted, you must select the “Restore from a copy of iTunes” section;
  • now you need to go to the application and click on the “Restore from backup” button there;
  • the client clicks on the last created copy and specifies the access password.

The data transfer procedure will take some time, it all depends on the number of files and contacts. Until the operation is completed, you cannot turn off the gadget or disconnect it from the PC. Once the recovery process is complete, you can use your new smartphone.

How to use the Quick Start option correctly

If the client has previously used a smartphone on which the operating system iOS 11 is installed, and the purchased iPhone also has this OS, then you can change all the parameters using the “Quick Start” function. To complete the operation, the client must follow these instructions:

  • an old device is taken, it is placed next to a new gadget;
  • now you need to turn on the purchased smartphone;
  • if settings are already set on it, they are reset to factory settings;
  • on the new cell phone the language “Russian” is selected;
  • as soon as the “Quick Start” notification window appears on the purchased gadget, the automatic synchronization of the two smartphones should start;
  • for the procedure to begin, confirmation from the owner is required;
  • then the system will offer the client to authorize using the password and Apple ID login;
  • this is necessary for full customization;
  • if the button is not pressed, it is recommended to connect Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • an animated picture will appear on the screen of the new gadget;
  • smartphones should be pressed against each other with back panels;
  • it is now recommended to wait for the operation to complete successfully.
  • note
  • In order for the transfer process to be performed without losses and errors, the devices must be kept as close to each other as possible.

Also, to perform the transfer without errors, you should charge both gadgets to a full battery and do not turn off the Internet while transferring files. If you follow these rules, then all parameters will be pumped without losses and errors.

The user can transfer music, contacts and photos from an old smartphone to a new iPhone in different ways. The easiest way to do this is through Iclaud. If this method is not available, iTunes applies. New versions of operating systems have a Quick Start function.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Using the Mover App

In order to use this method, it is necessary that this program be installed in both gadgets between which information will be exchanged. The Mover app is available in the AppStore and you can download it absolutely free. So, let’s get down to action:

  • Connect both devices to the same wireless Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch Mover on the gadget from which you will transfer information.
  • In the program window, click on the plus sign and mark the contacts that need to be transferred.
  • Launch the Mover app on the second device.
  • Pay attention to the screen of the first iPhone. an arrow will appear at the top pointing to the second gadget.
  • Did you see? Now just slide your finger along the highlighted pins in the direction of this arrow. All information will be in the new device.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using Microsoft Outlook

This is usually the easiest way. To transfer contacts, you need to do the following:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your old iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Information” section and synchronize with Outlook.
  • Disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Take a new gadget and connect it to your computer. In the program window, perform synchronization in the same way.
  • That’s all. Contacts copied.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes

In this way, you can move not only phone numbers, but also all the information (photos, videos and music) stored in your gadget. So, what needs to be done for this?

  • Connect your iPhone, which stores all the phone numbers, to your computer. Launch iTunes.
  • In the window that opens, select your device and configure the sync settings. Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Disconnect the first device from the PC and then reconnect the new one.
  • Synchronize in the same way. After it ends, you will see that all phone numbers will be in the new device.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone: instructions

Progress does not stand still, and sooner or later any owner of an iPhone gadget decides to purchase a new, more modern model of a mobile device. What worries us in the first place when we are going to part with an old phone? The answer is obvious: how to get all the phone numbers to appear on the new mobile device. Indeed, sometimes there are more than two hundred contacts, and it seems simply unrealistic to rewrite them manually. That is why in this article I will tell you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, as well as to any other modern gadget. So let’s look at a few options.

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How to transfer contacts to iPhone from any other phone

In order to copy contacts from NoKia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson to iPhone, you need to make sure that your old mobile can work with PC. Usually, the set with the phone should come with an installation disc on which you can find the necessary program. So, let’s get down to action:

  • Connect your old phone to your PC and sync it with your computer using the app.
  • In the window that opens, find the “Export contacts” function. Using it, the program will create a file with contacts in one of these formats: CSV, vCard, vcf, etc.
  • Disconnect your old phone and connect your new iPhone to PC.
  • Start iTunes and look for the “Import Contacts” function. If the file formats are compatible, then all phone numbers from one application will automatically be transferred to another application. You just have to transfer contacts to iPhone by synchronizing it with iTunes. And how to do this, see a little higher.

From all that has been said, we can conclude that moving contacts from phone to phone is not that difficult. The main thing is to follow the instructions. I hope you will not have any more questions about how to transfer contacts from iPhone or iPhone.

Before the beginning

Before transferring data from iPhone to iPhone, you need to perform a couple of manipulations so as not to lose information. If the smartphone was previously synchronized with the Apple Watch smartwatch, then the connection with the old phone should be broken. When you do this, the watch will automatically save files. After establishing connection with the purchased smartphone, download the information from the copy. the watch is ready for use again. It is important not to interrupt the work in the process of obtaining a backup copy, otherwise the archive will not be saved, and the information packages will be lost. We’ll have to be patient and wait.

Transferring information from SIM

Ask in advance about the characteristics of the purchased device. whether the configuration of the existing SIM is suitable for the new smartphone. If the form does not match, contact the mobile operator’s salon:

  • to replace the card with a suitable one;
  • to buy an adapter;
  • for trimming the card to the working size.

If the card is suitable, transfer the contacts from the smartphone to the SIM. To do this, download the My Contact Backup application from the AppStore and follow the instructions. Also, contacts are transferred if the “Contacts” item is activated in the “iCloud” menu when creating a backup.

Making copies

In order to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud, you will have to attend to creating a backup copy. To do this: enable Wi-Fi transmission on the current smartphone; open the settings menu and find the item with the owner’s name; go to the item “iCloud”, in the window that opens, find the link “Backup to iCloud”; move the slider to the active position; click on “Create a backup”. Wait until the copying is completed and do not disconnect the Internet connection. the copy is uploaded to the cloud server, the duration of the process is affected only by the amount of uploaded information. If the owner believes that the smartphone contains a lot of useless files, it is recommended to clean the iPhone.

Restoring information from a backup

To transfer information, you will need to turn on the purchased smartphone. If the device has already been configured for the user, the settings will have to be reset. Wait for the welcome screen to appear and follow the instructions until the Wi-Fi setup window appears. Then connect to the network and continue following the instructions until the Programs and Data window appears. The smartphone will offer four options, select “Recover from iCloud Copy”. Enter your Apple ID username and password to continue. Then select the appropriate backup by date, and also sign in to your iTunes and AppStore accounts. Wait for the information to download to your smartphone and complete the setup.

Archive creation

Before you transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes, you should take care of creating backup archives. For this:

  • connect the current smartphone to a personal computer via the supplied USB cable;
  • open the iTunes app;
  • encrypt the information, if you used the “Activity” and “Health” programs, to do this, check the box next to “Encrypt backup”;
  • click on the button “Create a copy now”.

To make sure that the copy was created correctly, after copying is complete, go to the “iTunes Settings” menu item. In the “Devices” tab, a window with a backup copy and creation date will appear.

Synchronizing devices near each other

Place smartphones in close proximity, and then open the Quick Start app on your current phone. To transfer data to your new iPhone, follow the guidelines.

  • Connect the phones with Bluetooth and pair. To transfer information, the smartphone will offer to use the current Apple ID. Verify that the correct user record is being used.
  • An animation will be displayed on the purchased smartphone, position the current device over the purchased one so that the picture is in the middle of the viewfinder. Wait for the end message to appear on the purchased phone. If the camera module of the current machine does not work, select the manual authentication method.
  • If necessary, confirm the action by entering the current digital display lock code.
  • Set up identification by face or fingerprint on the purchased smartphone. iPhone will kindly offer instructions.
  • When prompted on the display, enter the numeric code.
  • The purchased smartphone will offer to restore settings, apps and files taken from an extreme iCloud backup. The user independently chooses which settings and files should be transferred.

If the current smartphone is synced with the Apple Watch, then confirm the pairing request with the new smartphone.

Storing information in the cloud

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Quick Start

The function works on devices with IOS version 11 and higher. At the same time, two phones should be in your hands, since the transfer will be carried out directly.

On the receiving iPhone, you need to do a full reset, otherwise you simply won’t be able to transfer the data. If you have not turned on the phone yet, then you do not need to reset.

transfer, iphone

Open the settings, go to the “General” section, then open the “Reset” menu item and click on “Erase content and settings”. If asked to enter a code word. do it.

When you turn it on for the first time, you need to go to the settings stage (after selecting the language and region). Here you will be able to use the “Quick Start” function.

Bring the old iPhone to the new one, as close as possible, an information message will appear on its screen. click on the “Continue / Next” button.

You will be asked to point the camera of the old smartphone at the screen of the new one to confirm the action. Next, you will need to enter the password code also from the old iPhone. The transfer will begin, after which all that remains is to do the initial setup of the new iPhone. This method is as simple and fast as possible.

Important! Do not interrupt the process, do not put the old phone away while there is a message on it stating that the transfer is still in progress. Otherwise, everything will have to start over.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone: All Methods

There are several easy ways to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Apple has made this process as easy as possible for users.

Using them, you can quickly copy everything that is stored on your current smartphone to a new one, and even the settings will be transferred.

In the previous article, we examined in detail what to do if you forgot your Apple ID password. Now we will analyze in no less detail all possible ways of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another, for example, from the old to the new one as simply and quickly as possible. The instruction will be with explanatory pictures to make it easier for you to understand. Also you can use it for iPad tablet.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Via iTunes

This option is suitable for those who cannot use the Quick Start feature and want to transfer data that exceeds their free iCloud space. ITunes must be installed on the computer.

Important! To avoid errors in the process. connect a wire no longer than 1 meter and preferably into the blue USB port of version 3.0.

Connect the iPhone to be copied to your computer and launch the program. Click on the icon of your phone, the “Overview” section should be open in the left column. In the right window, click on the “Create a copy now” button. Wait for the process to finish.

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The new device must also be zeroed, reset the iPhone to factory settings, as we discussed in the first chapter. You can of course not do it, turn off the locator function in the settings and just click on the restore button in the program, but it’s easier to do just the reset.

When you turn on for the first time, go to the menu for choosing where you want to restore your device from. Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes. If prompted to make the device trusted. do it.

Select the option with iTunes on your smartphone, it may also be called “From Mac or PC from Windows”. Next, indicate that you want to restore from the copy and the copy itself. Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the process to finish.

Interesting! If the copy was encrypted, you will be asked for a password. do so. Plus, when restoring a copy from Tunes, even those applications that are no longer in the App Store will be restored.

About third-party programs and Bluetooth

Do not use third-party computer software to perform the transfer. Firstly, this does not make any sense, everything can be done with the functions described above. these are official ways. Secondly, there is a high probability of losing your personal data, since often such software is malicious and it is not clear where your Apple ID or photos can get.

transfer, iphone

Only certain content can be transferred via Bluetooth, for example, contacts or photos. You can read how it works in the article. how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Via iCloud

We will transfer all the information from the icloud cloud to the new smartphone from the iPhone backup. In time, everything will take about the same as in the method described above.

On the phone from which data will be transferred, open the settings and go to your account by clicking on your name. Next, open the section “iCloud”.

Here go to the “Backup” section and activate this function, immediately make a new copy.

The receiving iPhone should also be reset to factory settings if you’ve used it before. Do it as described in the previous chapter.

After enabling, you will be prompted to restore from iTunes or iCloud. select iCloud. Next, enter the data from your account on which the backup was made and wait for the process to finish.

Interesting! I also recommend that you read the material. Transferring Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. There are detailed ways to do this as easily and quickly as possible.

What will be carried over to the new iPhone

Using the methods described below, the following content will be transferred to the new smartphone:

  • Settings
  • SMS
  • Phone book
  • Applications that were installed
  • Purchases
  • Notes, calendars, voicemail, and wherever you are
  • Photos, if their synchronization is not enabled separately in the settings
  • Health information
  • Passwords and keychains

Usually, the entire copying process does not take more than ten minutes, but, of course, everything will depend on the amount of content, so in some cases it may take more time.

Instructions on how to import numbers from a SIM card to your phone

  • Import records from vcf file.
  • Sync data with iCloud.
  • Use the iTunes desktop program.
  • Third Party Applications.
  • Importing numbers from a SIM card.

The vcf option is optimal if you previously had a backup of your contacts saved in the cloud or on a PC. In this case, it is enough to send the file to a new smartphone, and then import the contacts.

The iCloud cloud service allows you to automatically transfer contacts to your phone. It is enough to activate the synchronization option on the old phone, and then do the same operation on the new phone.

ITunes comes in handy when the network on the iPhone is down or there are difficulties with the iCloud service.

Third-party applications allow you to back up and transfer important information. A convenient way when you don’t have a computer at hand.

The method of importing numbers from a SIM card is useful if you need to change your phone number.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

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Switching to a new iPhone is not uncommon among iOS users. This is usually a whim, but sometimes an urgent need due to a damaged apparatus. Regardless of the reason, this article will show you how to transfer phone records from one device to another.

Instructions on how to sync contacts using the iCloud service

Usually the synchronization process does not exceed 2-3 minutes. At the time of copying records, you should connect the phone to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Instructions on how to transfer contacts by importing from a vcf file

Next, the automatic export of contacts will start. The process lasts from a couple of seconds to several minutes, which is influenced by the number of records. New numbers will be automatically transferred to the directory.

Instructions for transferring contacts using iTunes

Important! iTunes will replace existing recordings on the new device. Take care of moving important contacts ahead of time.

  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch iTunes. It is recommended to check for program updates before starting data synchronization.
  • After detecting your phone, open the “Details” tab.
  • Next, activate the option “sync contacts”, and then confirm the action.
  • After copying the data, disconnect the old device, then connect the new smartphone.
  • In the “Information” tab, go down to the inscription “Advanced”, where check the item “Contacts”. And then confirm the action.

How to transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring photos and videos via iCloud is one of the easiest ways. What do you need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone? To do this, you need to create a backup in the “cloud” and copy pictures from one device to another. However, it is important to remember that this method is only suitable in cases where smartphones have one owner or other people are allowed to use the information.

The whole procedure for transferring images is performed in several steps:

  • connect to the Internet;
  • open “Settings”. Owner name. iCloud. Back up to iCloud;
  • wait for the image transfer to complete.

After transferring photos from smartphone to cloud storage, the question arises of how to transfer photos from iCloud to iPhone. To download images, follow a simple sequence of actions:

  • Sign in to iCloud and enter your Apple ID and password;
  • select the copy created earlier.
  • wait for the files to be transferred.

Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Cloud, etc.

You can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using cloud storages such as Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Cloud. Dropbox, etc. Like the previous one, this method is very simple. All you need is to connect multiple users to one account and use direct links. What does it mean? Going to the “cloud”, you should select the necessary pictures, click the “Share” button and select “Copy link”. Now it can be shared with anyone who wants to download photos.

To transfer photos from iPhone to iPad, Mac or iPhone, many resort to this simple and quick method. The usual “” are used. WhatsApp, Viber, etc. There are two options for transferring images:

  • add the necessary photos to the gallery of the social network and download them by logging into your account from another device. If the pictures are confidential, restrict access to the album for other users;
  • send images by message. Everything is simple here: select the desired account and send the files. To transfer a photo from iPhone to your Mac or iPad, we choose ourselves as the recipient. By the way, so that images do not lose quality when sent, it is recommended to send them in the form of files, not photos. Otherwise, they cannot be used to print a photo or photobook in the Mimigram app. If this is not possible, and it is essential to maintain high resolution, use another method.

The use of this method of transferring photos from one device to another is gaining in popularity today. And this is not surprising, since, as practice shows, the method is really very effective and fast. So, to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, you can use the Leef iBridge accessory, which is a USB flash drive for iOS devices. It is equipped with two connectors: USB-A 3.1 and Apple Lightning, thanks to which you can easily connect the accessory to USB devices and download the necessary files.

One of the easiest ways to transfer photos to iPhone from iPhone is to use iTransGo utility, developed by Tenorshare. The program is available for PCs with Windows or MAC operating systems. To transfer photos, you need to connect both smartphones to your computer and run iTransGo. The next steps are to indicate which files need to be transferred and check the boxes next to them. The final stage will be pressing the “start transfer” button.

Find out more about the capabilities of your smartphone in our blog. Find helpful tips for editing photos and creating creative gifts here.