How to transfer files from Android to iPhone

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Via bluetooth

The first thing that comes to mind when transferring files simply is Bluetooth. It would seem that it could be easier. connect both phones, confirm the pairing and drop all the necessary files. The problem is that the OS on the iPhone does not have a Bluetooth data transfer function. The closed system does not allow for easy file sharing like Android does. However, there are ways to work around the limitation by using third-party applications.

To remove the restrictions, there is the Cydia application, in which you can find a paid utility that allows you to transfer data from iPhone to other devices.

  • Turn on Bluetooth for both devices.
  • Download the Cydia app from the AppStore.
  • Enter “Airblue Sharing” in the search box.
    transfer, files, android, iphone
  • Install it and open.
  • Select the files you want from the menu.
  • After selection, a window will appear in which there will be devices available for data transfer.

Since the app is third-party, be careful when choosing apps in Cydia. the best results will be shown in the top. Lower rated Airblue downloads may be malware.

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone: basic ways

Through the Move to iOS app (reverse transfer)

iOS offers users the official Move to iOS program, which allows you to move all data from Android to an Apple device. The program only works for transferring data from Android to iOS, but not vice versa. After downloading the program to both devices:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi from Android.
  • Connect both devices to charging.
  • In the program on the iPhone, select “transfer data from Android”.
  • On Android, confirm the operation, select “Search Code”.
  • A code will appear on the iPhone screen, which must be entered on Android.
  • Select the data to transfer.
  • Once downloaded, click “Finish” on Android.
  • On iOS, complete the operation.

For correct movement, it is undesirable to use devices while transmitting and receiving data.

The application works not only to transfer media files, but also to fully recreate the use on an Android device. transferring contacts, messages, applications.

Via PC

How to transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone via PC? To exchange data, you need a USB cable for iPhone and a standard one for Android. remove the wires from the chargers. Connect iPhone to PC, standard media menu will appear, select “open files“. To view them, select the “allow” function on the phone, which appears when connected to a PC.

Open the phone carrier in which select all the files you want to transfer. Drop them into one place on your computer, create a folder. After transferring photos, eject iPhone and insert Android. No permission is needed here, just open the media and transfer all photos and videos there.

Through the SHAREit app

SHAREit allows you to share files between Android and iPhone. To use it, you need to download it on both devices and create a profile. After registration:

  • Disable Cellular Networking on iPhone.
  • Select “Send” in the application, then “Connect to iOS”.
  • Next, the application creates a Wi-Fi point, its name will appear after creation.
  • On the recipient, connect to the created network.
  • Select “Get”.
  • Select recipient on iPhone.
  • Confirm Acceptance.

Through the Xender app

Another application available for transferring photos is Xender. For the operation, you will also need to download it to both devices. Data migration works both ways.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Run the app on two devices.
  • On the sender, select “Upload from / to”, then select “iOS”.
  • The device will create a network.
  • Connect the receiving device to the network.
  • Confirm Action.

Transferring Data from Android to iPhone

First of all, it is worth using the method that Apple itself recommends to switch to their products from Android devices. Ideal for use on new iPhones or after a factory reset.

Interesting! Keep in mind that it will be possible to transfer data from Android to iPhone 11 100%, but the Android version must be at least 4, and the iPhone itself must be at least 5.

Important! Only the first method is suitable to transfer all the data at once, in other cases they will have to be transferred separately, the same contacts and photos.

Transferring the photo

The easiest way to transfer photos to a new iPhone is using cloud storage applications, the same Google Photo or One Drive.

Install Google Photo from Google Play on your Android smartphone, follow the instructions and wait for full sync. Immediately after that, the pictures will be available from any device, you can even view them directly from your PC at.

On the iPhone, install Google Photos from the App Store and log in with your own account, the photos will start syncing and you can watch them from your phone.

Important! The rest of the possible options for transferring photos are described in detail in the material. how to transfer photos from android to iPhone.

Move to iOS. transfer all data at once

It is important that both phones are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and that there is free space on the iPhone for all data to be transferred. On your Android device, install the official Apple app. Move to iOS from Google Play.

Turn on the iPhone and during its initial setup, go to “Programs and Data” and indicate that you want to transfer data from the Android OS, then go to the screen with entering the code.

On your Android device, open the settings and go to the section with wireless networks. remove / disable the current network. Then connect to the one that the iPhone created, it will be immediately visible. Network password. its name.

Important! You can, of course, not delete the network and try with the same one to which you are already connected, but a connection error may occur.

Launch the app and enter the code from the iPhone. A window will appear where you need to select what you want to transfer. make these items active and start the process. Leave the phones on until the carry lights are grayed out on both phones.

At the end, just click “Finish” on your Android smartphone and proceed with setting up your iPhone.

Important! Also, you can simply reset your iPhone to factory settings and do the same operation. So all the data will be transferred and it will be easiest to start using the new device. Go to “Settings”. “General” and erase the content and settings, then follow the instructions above.

Transferring contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts, go to the standard contacts / phonebook application on your Android phone. Click on the ellipsis icon at the top right of the screen to open the settings. And select the import and export item there.

We need to export contacts in the VCF file format, then we will transfer it to the iPhone. Do this by clicking on the appropriate items.

The file will be saved on a USB flash drive or phone memory, you can find it through any file manager. information about the location will be displayed. Transfer it by mail, Bluetooth or other means to iPhone.

As soon as the iPhone receives the file, it will immediately ask you whether to import contacts or not, answer yes and the phone book will be copied.

Important! In detail with pictures and all other methods, read the material. how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone: All the Best Ways

Transferring data from Android to iPhone is a popular and important topic for many users of mobile devices. when changing your device to a new mobile OS. you need to transfer everything that was on the old device.

So that there are no problems and the transition is as fast as possible, it is important to know how to transfer all data from Android to iPhone correctly, so that everything immediately works as it should and without problems.

In the previous article, we took a closer look at how to transfer all data from android to Android. Today you will find out in all details and with pictures, the best ways to transfer all information from android to iPhone as simply and quickly as possible.

Important! Information can be transferred from any Android device, it can be a smartphone or a tablet. Regardless of its brand: Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei or whatever. Everything is done according to one instruction.

Sync iPhone and Google Contacts

The undoubted advantage of using special utilities is the contactless transfer of information. However, this only works for new Apple devices, and if you have already used your iPhone, all settings and modes will have to be reset to factory settings. How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without losing data, your personal profile on Google will tell you. If your Google account has already been created and activated on Android, you need to create a similar one for the iPhone using the already known algorithm.

Algorithm of actions for transferring content:

  • Access must be made available on an iOS smartphone. To do this, go to the section “Programs and data”, select the option “move from Android”.
  • This stage is carried out when trying out a new phone. When the procedure has already been completed, it is worth clearing the entered information and repeating the transfer again.
  • Open the Move to iOS program on an Android phone. After that, you need to read the terms of service and click the “continue” button.
  • A six- or ten-digit code will appear on the iPhone screen at this time. It must be entered on Android.
  • After confirming the synchronization of devices on the smartphone with Android, the message “data transfer” will appear. At this time, from another phone, you can log into the system and select the information you want to transfer.
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It is important not to interrupt the process and wait for the completion of work on both devices.

It is optimal to carry out such a procedure without a SIM card in order to eliminate the risk of a possible call. The procedure itself will take some time, depending on the size of the files and the speed of the wireless connection. Disable syncing after smartphones have finished sending (or receiving) the required information.

Transferring information between phones will help you to perform and install similar applications, for example, Wondershare Mobile Transfer and CopyTrans. Initially, these programs were developed to synchronize gadgets with different operating systems with each other, so there should be no problems in transferring information between Android and iPhone. You can figure out how these applications work on your own, tips and easy navigation will help you quickly and successfully move contacts.

What is required for this:

  • In the menu section of your iPhone, find “Mail”, then go to the section. “Add Account”.
  • Activate the account by entering the credentials (username and password) of an existing account.
  • You can export information through a google profile in the “other” section by selecting the required documents. By default, all data, saved files and phonebook numbers that were on your old device are synchronized.

A similar service is provided by other browsers, for example, Yandex, where you can also create your own profile. The possible algorithm of actions may differ slightly, but the settings are created with intuitive control, so an inexperienced user can also figure it out.

Quickly transfer contacts from Android to iOS

The urgent need to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android can happen in various situations. This is usually a smartphone repair, but there may be different variations.

Necessary actions on Android and iPhone to transfer phone numbers

All actions are performed either by independently transferring data from one device to another, or after synchronizing the phones with each other. The algorithm for executing various methods is described in detail below, special attention should be paid to the rules for the smooth transfer of information, and what is required for this.

How to perform an urgent redeployment:

  • In the menu section, complete all the necessary files by dropping them onto an SD card or internal memory.
  • After that, remove the memory card, or activate your Google account.
  • Save the received information in the appropriate section on the updated device.

This method is in many ways similar to the previous one, but its undoubted advantage is the transmission speed. You can also save the numbers you want to the SIM card and then rearrange them to the iPhone. The main drawback is the restrictions on entering numbers and difficulties in further editing. If possible, it is better to transfer all the information by the methods described above, or save it to a stationary computer.

Program for transferring contacts from Android to iPhone

One of the most popular ways is to use special programs designed to export files to various operating systems. In this case, from the Android OS, it is required to transfer numbers to the iOS platform, so you need to learn more about specialized applications.

How to send a file from MacBook to iPhone?

  • Open the file you want to send, then click the Share button in the application window. Control-click the file in the Finder window, then choose Share from the context menu.
  • Select AirDrop from the list of options.
  • Select a recipient from the AirDrop list:

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Phone to Computer?

First, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable that allows you to transfer files.

  • Turn on your phone and unlock it.
  • On your computer, click the Start button. and then select Photos. to open the Photos app.
  • Select Import From USB Device and follow the instructions.

How to Send a File over Bluetooth on Mac?

  • Turn on Bluetooth. This can be done from the “Menu bar”, or through the settings.
  • Go to “System Preferences” again and go to the “Sharing” section. Check the box next to “Bluetooth Sharing” in the left menu.
  • Done. Can send files to Mac.

How to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone | iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy to Mac?

How to Transfer Photos from Android Device to OS X

  • Connect your Android to your Mac’s USB port.
  • Run “Image Capture”.
  • In the sidebar, under Devices in the utility, click on the Android smartphone.
  • It is optional, but it is advisable to specify the folder where you will need to transfer the photos. through the drop-down list under the image viewing area.

How to connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi Windows 10?

  • Select the Phone menu.
  • Now, to connect Android to the operating system, click on the Add phone button and make sure that the Internet is turned on on the smartphone and PC.
  • In the window that appears, select the country code and enter your mobile phone number.

How to transfer files from phone to computer via Wi-Fi?

Go to the Wi-Fi Direct tab. it may be hidden in the additional menu. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct on both devices and pair. Find the file you want to transfer in the phone memory, click Share and select the transfer method “Wi-Fi Direct.” May 23, 2018.

How to upload photos on Mac?

  • Drag photos or folders from Finder to the Photos window.
  • Drag photos or folders from Finder to the Photos icon in the Dock.
  • In Photos, select File Import. Select the photos or folders you want to import, then click Browse for Import.

How to quickly transfer photos from Android to iPhone

IPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, not from scratch, iPhone 8, iPhone se, iPhone 6s, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and so on is a closed system, but Android such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei or HTC and many others open.

Apple’s system security is so strict that we cannot send files between these systems via Bluetooth, this can be fixed.

Therefore, this post is made for phone users changing their iPhone. On the pages of this site, I have already shown how to transfer photos from Android to computer, and then from computer to iPhone, but you can move without a computer.

This method is based on applications from Apple. Thanks to them, you can transfer almost all the necessary data from your old Android smartphone to a new iPhone.

The whole process has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 6.0) and Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3).

I transferred data from these smartphones to the iPhone SE, which was running iOS 10. Below are several ways.

Note: there is now a NEW VERY FAST UNIVERSAL way. its description is here.

How to transfer photos to iPhone from Android manually

To manually transfer photos, you first need to copy them to your computer. In most Android devices, they are located in the internal memory of the phone in the DCIM folder.

After copying photos, launch iTunes, connect iPhone to computer and wait for it to be detected.

Then click on the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes interface. After opening the window with information about iPhone, click the item “Photos” in the list on the left.

Next, check the “Synchronize photos” checkbox and select “Copy photos from:”, “Select folder” from the drop-down menu.

Specify the folder with photos you want to transfer and click “Select folder”. Now all you need to do is click the “Apply” button in the lower left corner and confirm all changes. Photos should be easily backed up to iPhone memory.

The second way to transfer photos from Android to iPhone is through the SHAREit app

Enable the app on both phones. If you haven’t used the app before, add your profile and set an avatar.

Go ahead. Disable cellular data transmission for the application to function properly.

On the sending phone, select Send. Then, on the sending device, select the file (s) you want to transfer.

Select “Send”. In the lower left corner, select “Connect to iOS / WP”. A dialog box will open. Click “Continue”.

Wait for the phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. His name will appear on the screen. Go to the receiving device. Exit the SHAREit app.

Go to your phone settings and connect to the network created by the transmitting device. Return to the SHAREit app and click the Get button.

An avatar of the user who wants to receive the file appears on the sending device. Select it.

On the receiving device, receive the file. Wait while the file / files are transferred from one device to another.

The third way to send photos from Android to iPhone is with the Xender app

Enable the app on both devices. On smartphones, you need to grant multiple permissions. The app will take you to settings.

On the sending device, tap the red icon in the lower right corner. In the bottom line “Upload from / to” select iOS.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

Wait while the device creates a network. Go to the receiving device. Exit the app, go to Wi-Fi settings. Connect to the network created by the sending device.

Return to the Xender app and click the red icon in the lower right corner. Select “accept”.

On the receiving device, select the user you want to pair with. Select the peaks you want to send and then click “Submit”.

Fourth Way to Move Photos from Android to iPhone

If you have the right amount of data package or both devices are in the range of Wi-Fi networks, the easiest way is to send a photo by email.

Probably, everyone already uses the WhatsApp or Viber program, which conveniently implements the functionality of transferring photos from one device to another.

  • Internet connection required. bearable problem
  • Photo is compressed during transfer and quality is lost

Therefore, this factor forces many to use alternative methods via email or computer.

To do this, you can use the convenient and simple program FotoSwipe, and most importantly it is still free. And so what is required:

  • Download FotoSwipe program from AppStore or GoogleApp to both devices, no matter iOS or Android.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both gadgets
  • We open programs on both devices. we give permission to access photos and determine geolocation.
  • Everything! We transfer photos to each other without any registrations, the Internet and loss of quality with a simple swipe.

The program is still free, so I think it should be in every phone. Success.

Additional Information

If you used an Apple Music subscription on your iPhone, transferring it by cable or something else, you probably shouldn’t: Apple Music is the only app from Apple that is also available for Android (you can download it in the Play Store), and your subscription in it will be active, as well as access to all previously purchased albums or songs.

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Also, if you use “universal” cloud storage, available for both iPhone and Android (OneDrive, DropBox, Yandex Disk), then access to such data as photos, videos and some others from a new phone will not be a problem.

Apple and Google are demonstrating different approaches to the design and development of their mobile operating systems with different limitations and features.

In this regard, the banal data transfer between iPhone and smartphone on Android turns into a real quest.

We offer 5 relevant ways to send any files from iOS to Android and vice versa. No computer, cable or jailbreak.

Move to iOS

Move to iOS is a special application developed by Apple for transferring data from Android to iOS. You can download it on Google Play for Android and in the AppStore for iOS. In both cases, downloading and using the application is free.

In order for you to be able to transfer all important user data in this way, you need to fulfill certain requirements:

  • Both devices require this application to be installed;
  • Android version must be at least 4.0;
  • IOS version. at least 9;
  • iPhone must have enough free space to accommodate all of your user data;
  • We recommend that you fully charge the batteries on both devices or keep them charging. Otherwise, there is a risk that the energy supply may not be sufficient. It is strongly not recommended to interrupt the data transfer process;
  • To avoid unnecessary load on internet traffic, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection. For more correct transmission, it is also advisable to disable other programs that can use Wi-Fi;
  • It is recommended to enable the “Airplane” mode on both devices, since even a call or an incoming SMS can interrupt the data transfer.

When the preparatory stage is completed, you can proceed directly to the transfer of contacts:

  • Connect both devices to Wi-Fi.
  • On iPhone, if you are launching it for the first time, select the “Transfer data from Android” option. If the recovery menu does not appear, then most likely the device has already been used and needs to be reset on it. Only then will the desired menu appear.
  • Launch Move to iOS on your Android device. The application will request access to device parameters and access to the file system. Provide them.
  • Now you need to confirm your agreement with the application license agreement in a separate window.
  • The “Find the code” window will open, where you need to click on “Next”. After that, the Android device will start searching for an iPhone to pair with.
  • When the program finds the iPhone, a verification code will be displayed on its screen. A special window will open on the Android smartphone where you need to rewrite this combination of numbers.

    Now it remains to mark only the data types that need to be transferred. You can transfer almost all user information, except for applications from the Play Market and data in them.

    This method of data transfer is the most acceptable and correct, but it does not always work well. Some data on iPhone may not be displayed.


    The easiest way to transfer a particular file between different file systems is messengers.

    They are already on every smartphone and nothing else is required to transfer data. Just open the correspondence and add the desired file from the device.

    The most convenient way is to use Telegram. The application allows you to insert a photo or video from the gallery directly into the chat, or add any data from iCloud.

    The messenger is built into the Share menu, you can send a file from any third-party application, for example, a player, file manager or cloud client.

    When you change one Android smartphone to another one running on the same OS, there should be no problems with transferring information. But what if data is transferred between devices on different operating systems, for example, from Android to iOS? Is it possible to move them without causing serious problems?

    Transfer contacts, calendar and photos from iPhone to Android using Google Drive

    The Google Drive app (Google Drive) is available for both Apple and Android and, among other things, it allows you to easily upload contacts, calendar and photos to the Google cloud and then upload them to another device.

    This can be done using the following simple steps:

    • Install Google Drive from the App Store on your iPhone and sign in to your Google account (The same one that will be used on Android. If you haven’t created this account yet, create one on your Android phone).
    • In the Google Drive app, tap the menu button and then the gear icon.
    • In the settings select “Backup”.
    • Turn on the items you want to copy to Google (and then to your Android phone).
    • At the bottom, click “Start Backup”.

    In fact, this completes the entire transfer process: if you log in on your Android device under the same account that was backed up, all data will be automatically synchronized and available for use. If you also want to transfer the purchased music, about this. in the last section of the instructions.

    Google drive

    Google Drive is a cloud storage from Google, where all data from an Android device can be successfully copied. This storage can also be accessed from Apple devices. The essence of the method will be to make backups on the phone and place them in the Google cloud storage, and then transfer them to the iPhone.

    For example, Android has a useful feature that allows you to back up your contacts on your phone. If for some reason you are unable to use the built-in capabilities of the system, you can use third-party applications or use a computer.

    Fortunately, in new versions of iOS, the transfer can be done by linking a Google account to the phone. But first, you need to set up synchronization on your Android device:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Then go to “Accounts”. Instead of a separate parameter, you can have a special block with linked accounts. Here you need to select the item “Google” or “Synchronization”. If the latter is there, then choose it.
  • Put the switch on the position on in the “Enable Synchronization”.
  • Click on the “Synchronize” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you just need to link your Google account to your iPhone:

    • On iOS go to “Settings”.
    • Find the item “Mail, addresses, calendars” there. Go to it.
    • In the “Accounts” section, click on “Add an account”.

    Now you just have to enter the details of your Google account, which is tied to your smartphone. After the devices are synchronized, contacts, calendar marks, notes and some other user data can be viewed in the corresponding iOS applications.

    Music, photos, apps, documents, etc. will have to be transferred manually. True, special applications can be used to simplify the procedure. For example, Google Photos. It will need to be downloaded to both devices, and then synchronized by logging into the same account.

    Transferring Data from Android to iOS

    Fortunately, the developers of both operating systems have provided the ability to transfer user information between devices. For this, special applications were created, but you can use some third-party methods as well.

    We use a computer and a browser via iCloud

    Important! In this case, the function of syncing photos with iCloud must be enabled in the settings.

    Go to iPhone settings, go to the “Photos” group and see if the “iCloud Photos” function is enabled.

    Connect your Android device to your computer in file transfer mode, go to the DCIM folder and copy all the photos to some directory. The phone can be disconnected from the PC.

    Open the website in a browser on your computer., enter your account information and go to the section with photos.

    Click on the upload photo icon in the top bar and in the explorer select all the photos you want to upload. Immediately after the synchronization of non-iPhone takes place, all photos will be available on the device.

    Apple’s official app. Move to iOS

    This method is suitable for use on new iPhones or factory reset. If you have been using your smartphone for a long time, then look better at other options.

    We have already examined this application in detail in the material. transferring data from android to iPhone.

    After resetting the iPhone, during its initial setup, you need to go to the data transfer point from Android and go to the screen with entering the code.

    You need to install the Move to iOS app from Google Play on your Android device. Go to the settings of wireless networks and delete the connected Wi-Fi network, then make a connection with the one that the iPhone created, the password is the name of the network.

    Run the application and enter the code indicated on the iPhone, then follow the instructions of the setup wizard and wait for the process to finish.

    How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone

    All methods are working, and the first are the fastest. Let’s start by simply transferring your entire photo gallery over Wi-Fi, which is the easiest and fastest solution.

    Using apps

    There are special applications that help transfer information. For example, you can use Send Anywhere.

    Install and run the application on both devices: SA for Android and SA for iPhone.

    Select the photos you want to transfer in the application and click on “Send”. A window with a QR code will open.

    On the second phone, go to the “Receive” section and scan the QR code. Data transfer starts, wait for it to end.

    We use a computer and iTunes

    Important! To transfer photos to work in the iCloud settings, you must turn off “Photo sync”. If you do not want to turn it off, then go to the third chapter.

    Go to iPhone settings, go to Photos and turn off iCloud Photos. If you don’t, the sync button won’t appear in iTunes.

    Connect your Android phone to your computer and in file transfer mode and transfer photos from it to some folder. The pictures themselves can always be found in the DCIM folder on the smartphone, then disconnect it from the PC.

    Launch iTunes on PC and connect iPhone. In the program menu, go to the “Photos” section. In the “Synchronization” block, click on the column for choosing where you want to copy photos from and select an option from the folder.

    Specify the directory where the photos downloaded from the Android phone are stored and wait for the process to finish.

    How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone quickly

    You can transfer photos from Android to iPhone using a few simple ways, so that all the pictures are on a new smartphone.

    This can be done online and using a computer. In this material you will find the fastest, easiest and most proven methods of transferring pictures to apple devices.

    The previous post was about how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. Now you will learn how to quickly transfer photos from Android to iPhone in simple ways and in pictures.

    Cloud storage

    There are tons of cloud storage options with free GB for storing your files. The most popular are: Google Disc, One Drive, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk and others. Let’s look at the example of Google Photo, how to transfer all photos to the cloud so that they are accessible from any device, including from a PC and an iPhone.

    Important! Google gives 15 GB of cloud storage space for use, if you need more and there are really a lot of photos, then skip directly to the second chapter.

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    Download the Google Photos app from Google Play. Launch and log in with your Google account. Sync your entire gallery.

    Install Google Photo on iPhone from the App Store and also log in with your account. Sync the entire album or transfer pictures to your device individually.

    You can use other cloud storages in the same way. Yandex.Disk has currently introduced unlimited uploads to all photos and their storage, for example, you can use it.

    Interesting! Also, the transfer can be carried out by mail or messengers, in the latter case. pictures can be compressed, at least Viber compresses exactly.

    Copying information via Move to iOS

    Move to iOS is an official Apple product that allows you to transfer a calendar with all your notes, phonebook contacts and other user data from Android to iPhone or iPad. For a successful transfer, the following conditions must be met:

    • The iPhone must be running iOS 9, and Android must be at least 4.0;
    • All programs affecting the functioning of the Wi-Fi module should be stopped or completely removed;
    • There must be enough free space on the iPhone for new data;
    • The batteries on the devices need to be fully charged;
    • Even a phone call can interrupt copying, so on smartphones it is better to temporarily disable incoming calls by activating airplane mode.

    Install the Move to iOS app on your Android phone before transferring notes, calendar, and other data. This can be done through Google Play or another site. If you download the utility from a third-party source, first check it with an antivirus. The further procedure will be as follows:

    • Turn on Wi-Fi on both gadgets.
    • On your new iPhone, when you set it up for the first time, enable the “Transfer data from Android” function. If the smartphone has already been in use, you will need to erase all information and settings from it by starting the appropriate procedure.
    • Open Move to iOS and agree to the terms of use of the program.
    • In the “Find the code” window, click “Next”, thereby activating the synchronization of mobile devices.
    • After the application detects the iPhone, a verification code will appear on it. Enter it in the appropriate field.
    • Check the data that you will transfer and click Next.

    Ways to Move Information from Android to iOS

    Copying data between different operating systems can be done in several ways. It all depends on the type of files you want to move. To transport calendar, SMS messages, notes and numbers from the phone book, the easiest way is to use the Move to iOS program or Google virtual storage. To transfer multimedia, a PC and iTunes application are used or, all the same, a cloud service.

    Transferring information through a computer

    • Connect Android to PC via USB and copy the required data.
    • We connect the iPhone to the computer and launch the iTunes program.
    • To transfer images and videos, go to the “Photos” tab, mark the appropriate items and indicate the path to the directory where the files are stored.
    • We click “Apply”, thereby activating the copying procedure.

    The exact same steps must be done to download music to iPhone.

    Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

    Using Google Cloud Storage

    You can transfer calendar, notes and other important information from Android to iPhone through the Google service. This is done as follows:

    • Go to the “Accounts” section through the phone settings.
    • See if Android is tied to Google. If there is no pairing, click Add and select Google.
    • Using your Gmail, link your smartphone to the cloud service.
    • In the synchronization settings, mark the required items and tap “Synchronize”.

    After copying the information to the virtual disk, it will be available from a computer or other mobile device. Now, to transfer data to iOS, it is enough to link it to the same account. This is done in the “Mail, addresses, calendars” tab. If everything is done correctly, the iPhone will automatically offer to synchronize.

    The Google Photo service will help you transfer photos and videos from one phone to another. On Android, this application is standard, but on iOS, you need to download it. To copy, it is enough to bind both smartphones to one account and perform the minimum settings in the Google Photo program itself.

    Move data from iPhone to Android

    Transferring data from iPhone to Android is done in much the same way as in the reverse order. You can use Google Virtual Drive to copy your phone book, notes and calendar. This is perhaps the easiest way to transfer from iOS to Android, although there are other transportation methods (Dropbox, Outlook, Yandex, etc.).

    If you only need to transfer phone numbers, you can use the iCloud service:

    • Log in to your iCloud account.
    • In the “Contacts” section, select all the numbers, then call the properties and select the Export vCard item.
    • Copy the recorded file with contacts to the computer, and then move to the Android memory card.
    • On Android, open the “Contacts” program built into the system and activate the “Import / Export” procedure in its settings. Specify SD card as the source. The receiver will be a mobile phone.

    Google Photo will help you copy photos from iPhone to Android. We recommend using the Music Manager utility to move your music. With its help, all audio content hosted on iPhone or iTunes can be moved to Play Music, another Google service. From there you can download songs directly to your phone or listen to songs online.

    To transfer audio files from iPhone to Android, you need:

    • Download Music Manager to iPhone. We will not consider how to download this application, since there is nothing complicated about it.
    • Specify the source of music content in the program settings.
    • Enter Play Music from Android and transfer the required songs from there to the device’s memory.

    If you want to know how to transfer a game from iOS to Android or vice versa, you need to upset you, since it is technically impossible to do this. This is due to the fact that in almost all mobile applications, assemblies for different operating systems are different. Other content can be copied without problems.

    Transferring photos using Yandex Drive

    Another great tool that allows you to move media content between different operating systems is Yandex Disk. As an example, consider how to transfer files from Android to iPhone using the specified service:

      Download the Yandex Disk program to your Android device. This can be done through the Play Market absolutely free.

    For the final move from Android to iPhone, you just need to install Yandex Disk on the receiving device, enter the cloud storage using the same account and copy the required photos to your smartphone.

    The procedure for transferring media content from iPhone to Android via Yandex Disk follows exactly the same scheme, so it makes no sense to dwell on this additionally.

    Transfer Photos from iOS Device to Android

    When buying a new Android instead of an old iPhone (or vice versa), many are faced with the problem of transferring photos, contacts, notes and other important information from one platform to another. Android and iOS operating systems work with different encryption algorithms, so you won’t be able to transfer any data between them directly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Let’s figure out how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone and in reverse order.

    Copy photos between different OS via computer

    It’s no secret that when you connect Android to a PC via a USB cable, a smartphone or tablet can be used like a regular drive. This allows you to transfer any files quickly and easily. With the iPhone, however, this feature does not work. Interaction between iOS and Windows is carried out through the cloud storage iCloud and the iTunes sync program.

    To transfer photos from iOS to Android via a computer, you first need to sync the gadget with the iCloud virtual drive:

    • In the iPhone settings, go to the iCloud section and open the “Photos” tab.
    • Synchronize your mobile device with cloud storage. To do this, drag the slider opposite the line “iCloud Music Library” to the On position.
    • To automatically save the copied photos to your PC, enable the “Upload to My Photo Stream” function.
    • Check the box next to “Save originals”. This will allow you to transfer files in their original size, that is, without compression and loss of quality.

    After you succeeded in syncing your iPhone with the iCloud cloud, you need to set up the program of the same name on your PC. This is done as follows:

    • Install iCloud on your computer.
    • Sign in to the app by entering your Apple ID and account password.
    • In the next window, mark the items, the data from which you want to copy, and click “Apply”.

    After completing these procedures, the iCloud Photos directory appears in Windows Explorer with three folders: Download, Upload, and General. To upload a photo to your computer, you will need to enter the second folder and copy the files from there to your hard drive.

    After that, you just have to connect Android to PC via USB cable and drag the necessary photos to the internal or external memory of the gadget. To transfer photos from Android to iPhone via iCloud, you need to copy the files to the Downloads folder. Once they are synced, they will appear on your iPhone.

    Ways to transfer user data between iOS and Android

    Developers of mobile operating systems have endowed their products with ample opportunities for transporting personal information between different devices, be it iPhone, Android or personal computer. Therefore, when moving from iPhone to Android or vice versa, you should not have any particular difficulties in terms of transferring media files from one device to another.

    The following tools will help you move pictures between different operating systems:

    • computer and iCloud cloud storage;
    • Yandex Disk virtual service;
    • Move to iOS program;
    • Google Photo;
    • iPhone sync app, iTunes, etc.

    Let us dwell in more detail on some of the proposed options.

    Copying photos using the Move to iOS utility

    Considering how to quickly transfer photos from iPhone to Android or in reverse order, you should highlight the simple and effective Move to iOS application. This is a relatively new tool that is available to all mobile device users starting with iOS 9 and Android 4.0.

    To transfer media content from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS, do the following:

    Transfer data Android to iPhone 2020

    • We connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • In the iOS settings, select the item “Transfer data from Android”.
    • You will be prompted to install Move to iOS on iPhone. We agree with this.
    • Install this application on Android from the Play Store and launch it. Then, in the window that appears, enter the digital code, which was displayed on the screen of the “apple”.
    • To switch from one platform to another, mark the data that you want to send, and click Next.

    The process of copying information from one gadget to another will begin. After it finishes, all the photos previously saved on Android will appear on the iPhone. The only condition is that there must be enough free space on the receiver smartphone. Otherwise, the transfer process will fail.