How to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer

Screencast to PC or Smart TV

Starting with Android 5, it became possible to broadcast an image to a Windows 10 computer or Smart TV.

You just need to get to this function, you can try to do it with the help of “MTP connection and screenshot” using the mouse and keyboards as indicated above, or by means of ADB.

Connecting to a memory chip (Service Center)

If the Android device is in very poor condition and it is not possible to reanimate it, but you need to extract the data, then you need to find a service center that can connect to the memory chip and extract all the data.

Synchronization Programs

Almost every Android manufacturer has their own utility:

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Htc
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei

Let’s take a look at data recovery using Samsung as an example:

  • Launching Samsung Smart Switch
  • We connect the smartphone to the PC
  • We create a backup by clicking on the “Backup” button
  • After creating a copy, go to the conductors to the place (click the MORE button and go to the settings to find out the path), where the backup is located and find the Contact.spb file
  • Open the file and at the prompt “Open with” select the Kies program
  • A program with contacts will open in front of you

It’s easier if you buy or temporarily rent from someone a smartphone of the same brand as your broken one in order to synchronize. This applies not only to Samsung, but also to other manufacturers, so as not to perform additional actions as described above.

MTP connection and screenshot

If your Android is recognized by the computer as a flash drive, you can copy files to it or vice versa to get the necessary data, then you can do this. We connect the device to the computer and take a screenshot of Android on the PC, go to the Android files, go to Pictures / Sceenshot or DCIM / Screenshot and see what is on your screen. If the screen reacts, then click where we need to, if not, then use the external keyboard or mouse, from the method indicated above.

Connect USB keyboard and mouse
to Android via OTG adapter

Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android to access your data and try to pull them all out.

Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen on it and you can control Android with an external keyboard and mouse.

How to Pull Data if Android Display Broken?

Did you accidentally drop your smartphone or tablet and its Android display crashed, or the sensor is not working? The cost of replacing it will be exorbitant, but what if you urgently need to get all the data from it? Then let’s move on to reading this article.!

Very often on the Internet you can find a question of the following content:

How to Copy Samsung Contacts to Computer

“Broke the display and how can I get all the data from Android now? Help. “

The Android 1 website decided to deal with this problem, since at the moment there are no clear and formulated solutions!

Via Viber

Have you used Viber on your smartphone? Great, this messenger will help you restore your entire phone book. To do this, you need to install the Viber program on your computer, if it was already installed, then great, you do not need to do anything. How to install Viber on PC is described in detail in this article.

If the Android screen is completely broken and there is no image, then you have to do this:

  • Charge your Android smartphone
  • Turn it on
  • Bring Android to the monitor with the back side (screen to you, camera to PC) to enter your account

In the “Contacts” tab, you will see all your contacts that you had on Android.

MOBILedit program

transfer, contacts, samsung, computer

Using the MOBILedit program as an example, let’s look at how to transfer contacts from a phone to a computer. Before downloading this program, establish a connection between the gadget and the PC.

We launch the program. With a pre-established connection, the phone is usually recognized automatically. The program menu is quite convenient and easy to use.

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Going to the “Settings” option in the “File” menu, you can select phone models, set the type of connection between the gadget and the computer, select the language, adjust the sound, etc. Here, in the “Applications” option, you can select the path for saving backup files.

Depending on where the contacts are stored. on the SIM card or in the phone, we select the appropriate section. Based on the experience of working with contacts, many users advise to immediately save them to the SIM card. Using the “Phonebook” section, you can delete or put in order contacts, filter out duplicates, change names.

The program allows two-way synchronization of contacts. data on the phone with mail data on the computer.

Copying contacts from phone

How do I copy contacts from my phone to my computer? This is straightforward. One of the easiest ways to transfer contacts from your phone to your computer. this is an opportunity to use the “Import / Export” option in the mobile itself. We select this option in the “Contacts” menu. Using the “Import” function, contacts previously saved in a file are transferred to the phone book, and the “Export” function creates a backup copy in a file with the vcf extension. We transfer this file to the computer by connecting the phone to the PC. Modern mobile devices have the option of exporting and importing directly to the computer. In this case, only a telephone is needed.

How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to Computer Easily

Copying data to reserve from mobile to computer. a way to protect yourself from all sorts of troubles associated with the loss of information in case of loss of a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what it is. breakdown of the device, its loss or theft. The result is always the same. If you lose your phone, all the information that was on it is automatically lost.

Modern mobile phones, as a rule, have a CD with software included. It contains programs for working with the phone. for editing music files, for connecting to the Internet, as well as for backing up data from a mobile phone to a computer. But with all the advantages of such programs, they all have one drawback. They are not universal, i.e. are designed to work with a single phone model or a small range of models. Thus, when replacing the phone, you automatically need to change the software to work with it. And this is not very convenient.

It is much more convenient to work with a universal program that understands any phone.

Transferring the phone book using a disc

How do I transfer the phone book to my computer using a disk? This is another popular method. Let’s consider the option of how to transfer contacts from the phone to the computer using the phone software that came with the kit. If for some reason it’s not there. download software and install. Note. software can be safely downloaded only from official sites.

We connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. After pairing a mobile phone with a PC, we start the process of synchronizing all data. It takes a little time. At the end of the synchronization process, in the dialog box, open the “Phonebook” section and start copying the phone contacts using the software.

It is convenient, for example, to create a separate text file with which you can recover information. It is also easy to carry out the reverse procedure for transferring data from a computer to a phone.

We use other means

How to transfer contacts from phone to computer using Google service? It’s even easier. Another way to copy contacts from phone to computer is by using the Google cloud service. To do this, enable synchronization with your Google account on your phone. We go to, after which we see all our contacts that can be deleted, edited and some other useful functions.

If for some reason it is impossible to use the phone, for example, it crashed, stolen or lost, then this method of copying contacts and creating a backup is suitable.

How to back up your contacts and transfer them to your computer?

On the toolbar, press the button “Save / Export to file” or “Save / Export” from the menu “File”. In the window that opens, select the path to the PC to save the data. Enter the file name and click “Save”. The process takes some time. The backup is ready and saved on your computer’s hard drive. In order to restore the data, select the option in the “File” menu “Open / Import” and the saved file.

Instructions for transferring contacts to MOBILedit are in the “Help” tab.

AirDroid program

Today there are many programs for copying phone numbers to a computer. The way most of these applications work is to create a vcf file. All phone contacts are packed into it. These softwares differ only in the setting, and the result is, in principle, the same. Let’s dwell on one more similar service. AirDroid. This program allows you to control your gadget from a PC remotely.

We create an account in the AirDroid service before transferring contacts from phone to computer. To do this, go to the official website of the service and go through registration, install the AirDroid application on the gadget, enter your account and copy the contacts to the selected folder.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 3 Proven Ways

The purchase of a new iPhone is a joyous occasion. But before showing off a cool device in front of your friends, you need to fill the contact book of the novelty with numbers from your former smartphone. Since the lion’s share of modern phablets operate on the basis of Android, the article will tell you exactly about the nuances of transferring data between Android and IOS. After studying this manual in detail, it will be possible to move all numbers without loss. So, what software to use to carry out these manipulations?

Move to iOS

A service that will help you transfer all the necessary contacts from Android to iPhone in a matter of moments. Before you start using it, it will not be superfluous to check if there is enough memory on the “apple” device to accommodate all the necessary Android files. After that, both devices connect to Wi-Fi and to power. Well, and then. in order:

It will take less than a couple of minutes to go through these few steps.

After that, you need to start the iPhone and find the line “Transfer data from Android”. A set of numbers will appear on the display of an iOS device, which must be duplicated on Android (a good gadget on this operating system is the Samsung Galaxy J7). The device sync process starts.

After connecting the devices to each other, the user will be offered a list of materials suitable for copying. Here you can select all the items or put “check marks” only in front of the desired files. All. It remains to wait for the completion of the transfer of information. During the process, it is not recommended to “minimize” the software, turn off the Internet or power.

By the way, Move to iOS is developed by Apple. Its release took place simultaneously with the appearance of the ninth version of iOS to the world.

Engaging Google: a detailed manual

Another way to copy and transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (for example, 7 Plus) is using Google Contacts.

The action takes place in 2 stages:

All data from Android is sent to Google account. To do this, you need to click the menu “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”, then register the login of your personal account and “Synchronize contacts”. If the memory contains a large amount of numbers, the transmission will take some time.

Retrieving numbers from your iPhone account is no more difficult than the previous guide. Only in this case, already on the “apple” you need to go through the following path: “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars”. “Add account”. “CardDAV account”.

Now you need to specify all the requested data and wait a few minutes. After a short time, the iPhone will have a complete list of numbers. The information can be left as it is, or edited at your own discretion.

How to add contacts to iPhone from Android without syncing?

The easiest way to transfer all your phone numbers to iPhone is to use the standard Import / Export menu items. In this case, you do not need to download additional programs or synchronization. How it all goes?

On a smartphone with Android OS, you need to find “Contact” and “Import-Export”. This section has “Export to storage”. Thus, a file in vcf format will be created in the database, which can also be read by devices from Apple.

Copy numbers from sim cards

If you want all the numbers from the SIM card to remain in the iPhone:

  • Insert SIM card;
  • Settings menu. “Contacts”;
  • Activate “Import SIM contacts”.

After that, the complete list of recorded numbers will be copied to the device section of the same name.

In addition to the above, there are many other ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. All of them involve the use of computer programs (for example, CopyTrans) and take much longer. But as an alternative and for additional information, you can master them at your leisure.

As for the listed copying techniques, even a beginner can handle them. You just need to carefully follow the advice of the article and follow the instructions step by step.

Copying contacts through specialized software

Another way to transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to a computer is to use special software, namely Smart Switch or Samsung Kies. In the first case, you will need:

  • Download on your PC the specified utility of the version that suits your operating system, and then install it.
  • Download drivers for your smartphone. The USB Samsung Driver app will help you with this.
  • Connect a mobile device to the computer and launch Smart Switch.
  • In the window that opens, enter the “Settings” section and select “Archive items”.
  • Specify the items, the content from which you want to copy, and click Ok.

If you have not changed the installation path of the program, the phonebook backup will be written to the C drive in the Smart Switch folder. After the user has transferred contacts, the smartphone can be disconnected from the PC.

To create a backup copy of numbers, the Samsung Kies program is also perfect, which can be found freely available on the Play Market or Samsung Apps. To accomplish the plan, it is enough to connect the PC with a smartphone, open the specified utility, select the “Contacts” checkbox and start copying.

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Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy / Note to Computer

Q: How to backup Samsung contacts?

Samsung contacts backup. a wise decision as phone data can be lost or deleted for many reasons. And generally, a computer can be the most ideal place to store contacts due to its large capacity and security. Then you may wonder how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer. This is actually a simple task, and here are some effective ways to get you started.


On our Samsung Galaxy contacts. these are the most important files. We always need to transfer them to a computer for backups in case of data loss. However, how to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer without hassle? On this page, we will show you 4 simple and effective methods for this.

You can follow the catalog to find out how to use the best program. Samsung Messages Backup, the official software. Samsung Kies, popular email. Gmail and the old fashionable way to transfer our contacts from Samsung to computer via VCF file If you don’t like using third-party software, skip to Part 3 and Part 4.

Steps to backup Samsung phone contacts to PC with Android Assistant:

First. Launch the software and connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable. Then the phone can be identified by this program automatically. Your phone parameters information including phone model, system version and memory size will be displayed in the main interface, if this fails, you need to enable USB debugging on your device.

Secondly. Click the Contacts tab on the left to view the entire list of contacts in the program, as shown below:

And finally. go through and check all the numbers you want to back up and then click “Export” to export and save the selected number to your computer in CSV format.

Above are all settings for transferring contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer. If you want to handle this on your Mac, you can get the Mac version and copy contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Mac by yourself.

Note: If you want to transfer contacts from your desktop computer to Samsung devices, you can directly click the Import button to easily download the available contacts to your device. But it should be noted that this helper program only allows you to import your backup contacts in certain formats. Therefore, if your contacts are copied in other formats, you can consider the below program.

Video tutorial. how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer:

How to copy contacts from Samsung to a computer

Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Computer with One Click

To complete the Samsung contacts transfer process with one click, you need to seek help from Android Mobile Manager. This software is specially designed for Android users to transfer, copy, backup or save all the contents of their Android phones to desktop with one click. So that it can work well with your Samsung phones. It also allows users to edit and manage your contact list directly from their desktop computer. To achieve all of these goals, the only thing you need to do is connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable.

Now just grab this tool and follow the instructions below to see how easy the program works.

Run the program and open USB debugging

Scan and preview contacts

After enabling USB debugging, you will see the main window of this program on your computer. Click the “Contacts” button at the top of the panel, and then you will see that all information about contacts is indicated in the program. Before exporting, you can, if necessary, edit these contacts in the program.

Select and check the specific contacts you want to back up, or click the box next to Name to select the entire list, and then click the Export button to save them to your computer. You can save exported contacts in CSV / HTML / BAK / VCF format as you like.

Phonebook transfer using standard Android features

For all mobile phones running Android OS, the Contacts application is standard. It is in its settings that there is a tool that allows you to write backup phone numbers to the external or internal space of the device with the subsequent transfer of this file to a PC.

To copy contacts from Samsung to your computer, you need to do the following:

  • Find and open the “Contacts” program on your smartphone.
  • Call its properties and start the “Import / Export” procedure.
  • In the window that appears, specify where the phone numbers will be backed up: to the internal storage or to the built-in SD card.
  • Confirm the entry by clicking “Yes”.
  • Connect device to computer via USB cable.
  • Find a backup of contacts on Samsung and drag it to a PC like a regular file. The required document will be hidden in the storage / emulated / 0 / folder and have the.vcf extension.

In the future, the number base can be opened, viewed and edited through the Windows-integrated Outlook application.