How to Take Slow Motion Video on iPhone

How much space does a slow motion video take?

Due to the efficiency of the H.265 video codec (HEVC), 1 minute of recording in Slo-Mo mode (1080p / 120 frames per second) takes about 170 MB of memory, 240 fps. 480 MB.

How to transfer videos to Mac or PC

In Preferences → Photos → Transfer to Mac or PC, choose your preferred file transfer format. Two options are available. Automatic and Transfer Originals.

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When you select the latter, the file format will be preserved in its original form, and in Automatic mode, when transferring video from a phone to a computer, it will be encoded with an H.265 encoder, which will increase compatibility by changing the file size. Use this setting if your computer does not support the H.265 video codec.

When transferring videos using AirDrop or the Share menu, iOS always transfers the converted H.264 version for better compatibility.

Comparison of time-lapse quality on different iPhone models

By default, iOS devices record Full HD video at 120 fps, but the settings can be changed if desired. Note that the ability to shoot Full HD video at 240 fps is present only in the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, earlier models only support video recording in 720p resolution (1,280 × 720 pixels).

  • iPhone 5s. 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) @ 120fps
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 720p @ 240fps
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. 1080p @ 120fps or 720p @ 240fps
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. 1080p @ 120fps or 240fps.

1080p / 240fps video recording requires H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) codec built into Apple A11 Bionic microprocessor or higher.

Slow motion video on iPhone: how to shoot and adjust quality, which iPhones are supported

All modern iPhones have a colossal number of functions that users sometimes do not even know about, and this is a technological and rather expensive device. Today we will talk about such a wonderful function as the slow motion mode: on which devices it is present, how to use it all and what settings can be tweaked.

Starting with the iPhone 5s, all models of Apple smartphones can record video at 120 frames per second, but only the latest versions equipped with the A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic chips, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, can record Slo.Mo video in Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) at 240 fps.

Which devices can view slow-motion video captured on iPhone

Full HD video recorded at 240 fps can be viewed on any device that is compatible with iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, although modern iPhone or Mac models (iPhone 6 or later) may be required for quality playback. iPad Air 2, Mac models released since Mid 2015).

Slow motion video can be viewed on iPhone just like any other. All iPhone models from the 4s have a 60Hz display, so any high frame rate video plays without any loss of quality. For high-quality playback of the recording on desktop computers (based on macOS or Windows), you will need devices equipped with a 6th generation Intel Core processor or lower.

However, it is best to watch videos on iPad Pro. All 2017 models support Apple ProMotion technology, which provides picture refresh rates up to 120Hz. When playing video at 1080p / 240fps on an iPad Pro that supports this technology, the screen refresh rate will automatically increase to 120Hz for smoother, clearer playback.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone (1080p / 240fps)

Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.

Choose the quality of slow motion.

Advice. To display the hidden option to record 720p video at 240 fps on modern devices, switch from High Efficiency to Most Compatible in Settings. Camera → Format. Camera format menu does not appear on unsupported devices.

Close “Settings” and launch the “Camera” application.

Select the “Slow down” option at the bottom of the interface.

Advice. iOS can remember the last used mode, for example, “Video” or “Photo”. To do this, open “Settings” → “Camera” → “Save settings” and switch the toggle switch of the “Camera mode” option to the “on” position.

Press the “Record” button or the volume rocker to start or stop recording.

The recorded video will be saved in the Photos application as a.MOV file.

Examples of slow motion video captured on iPhone

An example of shooting in Slo-Mo mode on iPhone 5s:

Create a new project and add the required video. Click on the button to edit it and edit the required speed, how the result will look can be viewed immediately.

  • No mandatory subscription. free
  • Canvas
  • Correction
  • Adding text
  • Transformation
  • Pruning
  • Chromakey
  • Effects
  • and many other cool features

Video slowdown apps on iPhone

Splice. Video Editor Maker

It is considered one of the best video editor for iPhone. Includes many tools for working with videos and has a very nice interface.

After creating a project, you can add many different effects to the video, including the function of changing the playback speed.

  • Distributed by subscription
  • Effects
  • Filters
  • Pruning
  • Working with sounds
  • Text
  • and many other tools

VN video editor

High-quality and convenient video editor that does not require a subscription at the moment. It is very simple to work in it, all actions are placed on separate buttons and are accompanied by instructions.

Add a video to a new project and set its new speed by clicking on the speedometer icon below. The speed can be changed according to the established templates, if desired.

How to Slow Down Videos on iPhone: Quick and Easy

You can slow down video on iPhone using special applications that allow you to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This often helps if the slow-motion recording parameter was not set when shooting a video. Consider the TOP of such programs from the App Store.

In the previous article, we discussed what you need to do to find an iPhone via iCloud. Now let’s make a list of the best software with which you can quickly make a slow-motion video on the iPhone.


A quality program from Apple itself. It is very easy to work with it, the interface is clear, made in a dark color so as not to be distracted by anything and the eyes do not get tired. With the help of the program, you can create full-fledged films and trailers to them.

In the app, add your video to the project. Click on it at the bottom, in the panel with frames. a tool menu will appear. Press the button with the speedometer and set the required speed.

  • Editing and correction
  • Is free
  • Making films and trailers
  • Treatment
  • Effects
  • Adding text
  • Working with sound
  • Pruning
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Slo mo video

The application is specially designed to create slow motion videos on the screen of your smartphone. The interface is directly designed for these purposes and is very user-friendly.

Add the required video file and you will be immediately prompted to unscrew the slider on the speedometer to the desired values. Allows you to work very quickly.

  • Distributed by subscription
  • Of the functions at the moment, only work with the playback speed
  • Extremely simple control

How to slow down a video on iPhone?

IPhone owners sometimes do not understand what their devices are capable of. Modern models of “apple” gadgets, for example, allow you to create bright videos with the Slo-Mo effect. Here’s How to Create Slow Motion Video on iPhone.

All iPhone models, starting with 5S, are able to shoot video with the Slow Motion effect. For the sake of such an opportunity, device users do not need to download applications from the AppStore or make clever settings for their mobile devices. You can activate slow motion mode directly in the camera menu.

How to speed up slow motion video?

Once uploaded to Instagram, the slow-motion video can be turned into “normal” video, with normal playback speed. To do this, you also do not need to download and install third-party programs. hardware is enough.

Here’s how to speed up slow motion

Open the video shot in Slo-mo and click the “Edit” button located in the bottom panel.

You will see a scroll bar next to the play bar.

By moving the sliders, you can determine the area of ​​the video that will appear in slow motion. If you bring the 2 sliders together, the video will have a standard playback speed.

How to take slow motion video on iPhone?

Technically, the Slow-Motion effect is achieved due to the fact that the video is shot with an increased FPS. the number of frames per second. After recording is finished, the clip is brought to the standard frame rate, and therefore the image is slowed down. The standard frequency for iPhones is 15 FPS. “Apple” gadgets of the 6th generation are capable of shooting HD-video at 240 FPS. It is easy to calculate that you can achieve high-quality deceleration 16 times!

However, users rarely resort to such a radical slowdown. videos with initially high FPS take up too much space. It is enough to slow down the Full HD video from the iPhone 5S (FPS 30) by 2 times. it will already look very impressive! How to activate Slo-Mo mode on Apple devices?

Launch the built-in Camera app and switch to Video.

Flip through the mode dial. Once you’ve found the Slo-Mo mode, stop there.

Start recording by pressing the REC button.

Once you’ve finished recording, you can enjoy watching the slow motion video and maybe even upload it to Instagram.

Slo-Mo must be activated before recording, not after. You can only slow down a video recorded with a standard FPS by using third-party software.

How to Change Slow Motion Video Quality on iPhone?

You can change the quality of slow-motion video shooting only on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7. Happy owners of these devices are able to choose between Full HD with FPS 120 and HD with FPS 240. The required quality of shooting should be set as follows:

In the “Settings” go to the subsection “Photos and Camera”.

Scroll down to the Camera block. In this block, you will find a subsection “Record Slo-mo”. that’s what you need.

From the 2 options in the subsection, select the appropriate.

A minute of Full HD video with FPS 120 weighs 350 MB, a minute of HD video with FPS 240. 300 MB. The weight of such videos is very large, so you should not shoot Slo-Mo videos longer than 1 minute.

You also need to set the quality of slow motion video before shooting.

Slow motion programs

Despite the fact that the built-in Slo-mo video recording function is available only on iPhone 5S and newer devices, owners of iPhone 5 and 4th modification models can also make excellent slow-motion videos. for this they need to use applications from the AppStore and Cydia.

On the iPhone 4, most of these programs will not work. utilities require at least iOS 8, while the “four” will not be able to install the “operating system” of a more modern version than 7.1.2. One of the few slow-motion video software that you can install on iPhone 4 is SloPro. This app does not have high OS requirements. it loads on iOS 7 too.

SloPro writes the original video at 60 FPS, then slows down the playback speed to the standard 15 FPS. The user of the application has other options besides recording clips in Slo-mo:

Using the program is very simple. after starting SloPro, you need to point the iPhone camera at the subject and press the red REC button.

Once you’ve finished shooting, you should start editing. The user needs to select a video in the library and open it.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone

On the next screen, you need to press the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. this will start the editing mode.

At the bottom is a rather modest toolbar. Using the Clip In and Clip Out buttons, you can trim the video from both ends. Buttons “Speed ​​In” and “Speed ​​Out” allow you to slow down a part of the video.

You can select and apply any effect to the video using the “Render” button located at the top of the screen. The library of effects is small. there are only 3 options in the list. The most impressive one is “Ghost”. The entry and exit points of this effect are marked with disturbing sounds.

To complete editing in SloPro, you need to click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Here’s a video we were able to make using the SloPro app on iPhone 4. there is a slow motion inset with the “Ghost” effect:

To share videos in SloPro, click on the “Share” button.

There will be 3 social networks where you can upload the video for free Instagram, YouTube.

Owners of the paid version of the application get more options for exporting and sharing videos. The watermark can also be removed only by the person who paid. The paid version of SloPro costs 4.

You can also slow down video on iPhone using other applications:

    SlowCam. The famous application with a snail on the logo is also installed on iOS 7. However, this program does not have a free version. You will have to pay 149 rubles for downloading SlowCam. RePlay. The RePlay video editor is one of the most popular among Apple technology users. It includes 24 presets for video editing, including Snappy. This style allows you to slow down and speed up your finished video. RePlay is considered a free application, but you will have to pay 219 rubles to remove the watermark. Among the disadvantages of the video editor are the high requirements for the iPhone operating system. The program will not install on iOS below 9.0. Slo-Mo Mod. The Slo-Mo Mod tweak from Cydia allows you to add the Slow Motion effect even to “old” devices. including the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The tweak will also be useful to owners of more modern models, because it allows you to choose the frame rate at first shoot slow motion video. Slo-Mo Mod is a completely free program, however, before installing it, the user needs to download the Burst Mode component to the iPhone with jailbreak. This useful component may be needed in the future to support other tweaks.
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On modern iPhones (5S and up), the Slow Motion effect can be configured using hardware capabilities. To make a slow motion video on an “old” iPhone, you have to download and install mobile applications from the AppStore. The best option is the SloPro program; it has a free version, is very easy to use and does not have any fantastic software requirements. Jailbroken iPhone owners should prefer the Honor Slo-Mo Mod tweak for deeper customization of the Slow Motion effect.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone

Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

Swipe right or left on the screen until you reach Slo-Mo mode.

Slow motion video on iPhone

To start recording slow motion video, aim the camera at an object, then press the red circle button at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

Advice. If you want to record a still image while recording, press the white circle button to the left of the record button. A still image will be saved during recording.

When you’re done, press the record button again to stop recording. Slo-Mo video is automatically saved in the Photos app and a thumbnail will appear in the lower left corner of the Camera app.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5

Slow video recording has been available for iPhones for years. This was first introduced on the iPhone 5 to allow users to shoot video at 120 frames per second, which then created a slow motion effect. The fps rate has doubled in newer generations of iPhones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. These devices can record Slo-Mo videos at 240 frames per second, which is a big improvement over the iPhone 5s. Slow motion video on iPhone, how to do it?

Slo-Mo videos are fun and can turn boring videos into interesting ones. Using the Camera app, you can easily capture Slo-Mo videos on your iPhone. You can record videos at 240fps and play them back at 1/4 that speed without sacrificing video quality.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to record slow motion videos on your iPhone using Slo-Mo mode and edit them as needed. We’ll also take a look at the steps to change the Slo-Mo frame rate.

How to View and Edit Slow Motion Videos on iPhone

When you finish recording Slo-Mo video on your iPhone, it will be automatically saved to the Camera Roll. Open the Photos app and go to the Camera Roll.

Find the Slo-Mo video you just recorded and click on it to open.

To watch Slo-Mo videos, click the play button in the center of the screen.

There is a graph at the top of the screen that allows you to edit your video. You can change the time when the slow motion effect starts and ends.

Slow motion video on iPhone

The area where the stripes have the greatest gap is the part of the video that is in slow motion.

Outside this area is the part of the video that will be played normally.

To change the time, slide the black bars left or right.

When you’re done editing, click the “Done” button in the corner of the screen.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Slow motion video on iPhone

In the “Camera” section, click on “Slo-mo Record”. (This option is only available on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and above).

Slow motion video on iPhone

Here you can choose whether to record slow videos at 120fps or 240fps.

Slow motion video on iPhone

It is worth noting that Slo-Mo video is not recorded in slow motion, video is recorded at normal speed just like standard video. The difference is that Slo-Mo mode records many more frames per second, allowing the video player on your iPhone to apply the slow motion effect where needed.

TOP tips on how to shoot beautifully on the iphone

Apple has always focused on good quality footage. Plus, the Appstore has a huge variety of photography apps. Therefore, you just need to get acquainted with several built-in functions and download a couple of programs in order to get a tasty picture instead of an ordinary photo.

Slow shutter speeds are not provided by the factory settings, but this does not mean that you will not succeed. The smartphone camera does not have a function for adjusting the shutter speed. Therefore, you will have to download a special application. We recommend SlowShutterCam. The app is supported by both ios11 and ios 12.

You will also need a tripod, as long exposure photos require the phone to be stationary for a certain amount of time. And holding the iPhone in your hands without minimal movements is unrealistic. The tripod model in this case does not really matter.

  • How to create a light trail effect?

The best outdoor shots are when it gets dark, but the street lights have not yet been turned on. In the application settings, select the sensitivity level ¼ and the exposure time 15 seconds. The darker it is around. the higher the sensitivity and shutter speed values ​​need to be set. The longer the shutter speed you designate, the more light hits the iPhone’s sensor.

Through the same application, you can create a motion effect on a photo. To do this, select the MotionBlur function and take a picture of a moving object.

First, play with the background and lighting. This is the foundation of interesting and high-quality product photos. Choose a location with good natural light, such as a windowsill. Take a solid color photo background (Whatman paper, piece of cloth, baking sheet, etc.) and position the subject. Use a grid and don’t neglect the golden ratio.

Place one or more reflectors opposite the composition. You can use a sheet of white paper or foil. Now we take the gadget and proceed directly to the shooting. Focus on the main element of the composition. To do this, point your finger at it on the screen.

If you own an iphone 7 plus or iphonex, you can play with the exposure and get a photo with a blurred background. For predecessor models, this effect can be achieved using the FabFocus application.

For newer apple models such as the iphone 7 and iphone 8, macro photography will not be a problem thanks to the portrait mode. But with iphone 5s, iphone 6 or iphone SE, you need to make an effort to get a cool shot.

A general rule of thumb when shooting macro is to avoid direct rays of the camera lens. Focus on the subject with touch and hold the exposure. It should be borne in mind that when focusing, the phone must be stationary. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting a blurry frame. To avoid this, use the focus lock function. Press and hold the screen until “AE / AFlock” appears. In some cases, HDR mode may enhance the quality of macro shots. Another effective option, how to shoot macro in good quality on an iphone, is to use additional lenses.

  • How to take photos well on iPhone in the dark?

Usually, when shooting at night, there is a lot of noise in the photo. Flash doesn’t improve the situation in any way, making the frame sharp and unnatural. The CortexCamera application will help us in obtaining a high-quality picture in the dark.

For newer models, it is possible to shoot in raw with manual settings. To do this, you need to install the Lightroom program.

Many Apple phone users are wondering whether it is possible to shoot underwater without harming the gadget. Manufacturers promise a high level of moisture protection, but does this mean that you can dive with the phone??

It has been experimentally proven that models starting from the seventh iPhone can withstand immersion in water. But at the same time, the functionality of the smartphone is reduced to almost zero. Therefore, those who are interested in underwater photography should use a special waterproof case.

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Slow Motion Video On An iPhone | Filmmaking Tips

  • How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone?

Starting with the iPhone 5s, all models have built-in slowo functionality. To shoot a video of this format, select the “slow motion” mode in the camera. To change the recording resolution, in the settings you need to open the subsection “slow motion video” and select the appropriate parameters.

To make slowmo video with music, you should use one of the special applications. Most Popular. Flipagram, Apple Clips, Coub and Slo Mo Video.

Life hacks for shooting from a smartphone

No one is surprised by people who take out their phone at the most unexpected moment and begin to take pictures of themselves, people or events with enthusiasm. But there are situations in which open photography is not appropriate, and the frame needs to be taken unnoticed. Here secret shooting comes to the rescue of the owners of iPhones. Not every user knows about such a function. We propose to consider in more detail several ways of how to properly take pictures on an iphone with the screen off.

  • First you need to open the camera. We recommend that you check the status of the flash to avoid accidentally getting into an awkward situation. After turning off the flash, select the appropriate photo or video mode.
  • Double-click the Home button to open the multitasking panel. It is better to have a couple of other applications in it. At the same time, the camera continues to work simultaneously with other open programs. To take a photo, you must press the volume button. The size of photos and their quality does not change with this method of shooting.

If you are interested in shooting with a completely locked screen, there is such a loophole in iPhones.

  • In the settings we find the parameter “universal access”.
  • We activate the “increase” function.
  • Next, set the minimum value in the “full screen” parameter.
  • We find the item “select a filter” and set the minimum light.
  • In the item “keyboard shortcut”, again, note the “increase”. Now, after triple pressing “Home”, the screen brightness will decrease to a minimum.
  • Next, we lock the phone, and then open the camera and start shooting.
  • We push the camera shutter almost to the end and press “Home” three times. After that, the lock screen freezes, and the shooting continues until the iPhone is unlocked.

These are the ways to shoot events secretly offered to us by Apple manufacturers. In addition, there is another interesting function in the apple arsenal. the user can shoot video and, at the same time, listen to music. Here’s the truth, this applies mainly to screen recording. It can be done as follows:

  • Download and install the AirShou application.
  • Go to the settings in the item “device management” and click on the “trust” button next to the application profile.
  • Next, you will be redirected to download and install the TutuHelper application. After uploading it, the screen recording function will appear in AirShou.
  • In the settings, you should also select the resolution options and click on your iPhone in the proposed list of available devices.

To record with sound, make sure the phone is not in silent mode. You can record paused videos. If you want to finish recording, you need to press the “stop” button. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Supported Devices

Slow motion video is available on iPhone 5S and all following models. Over time, the technology improves: the quality of shooting and the number of frames are constantly increasing. While the iPhone 5S can shoot at 720 at 120 fps, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X offer 1080 at 240 fps.

To achieve such a result, an Apple 11Bionic processor and support for the H.265 codec are required. only the latest models of devices from Apple can boast of such capabilities.

Converting to regular video

If you want the video to play without the slowdown effect, it is not necessary to upload it to your computer and process it in a complex editor. You can change its speed on iPhone:

  • Open Slow-mo entry.
  • Click “Change”.
  • Above the playhead there will be a scroll bar that you can customize or remove. This bar is responsible for the playback speed, so you can speed up the video a little or completely refuse to slow down.

Click Finish to save your changes. And no powerful video editors needed.

What is slow motion

Slow Motion mode involves shooting at a higher frame rate. Usually the standard is 120 or 240 fps, which, when played back at normal frequency, gives a 4-8x slowdown. Such shooting allows you to beautifully shoot moving objects and consider every detail during playback.

Slow Motion has become more widespread on mobile devices than on digital cameras and still cameras. This is due to the peculiarities of the technology: for processing high-resolution frames, a powerful hardware component is required. It is much easier for a smartphone to cope with this task than a video camera with a weaker performance.

Shooting and viewing slow motion video

To shoot a movie in Slow Motion mode:

  • Launch the Camera app.
  • Switch between shooting modes until you find Slow Motion.
  • After activating the desired mode, click on the record button.

Shooting settings are set automatically, but you can change them yourself. For example, to change the quality and number of frames per second, open the settings, go to the “Camera” section in the “Slow motion video” item, set the required parameters.

On the latest models (starting with iPhone 6S), there is an additional “Format” switch. It’s also under the Camera section of iOS settings and lets you choose the storage method with optimal compression and maximum compatibility. In particular, if you select the “High Efficiency” mode, you will receive a video in 1080 resolution at 240 fps.

With the iPhone 5S and the following models, everything is clear. they have the option built into the standard camera application. And how to shoot video in slow motion on iPhone 5 or, for example, 4S? To solve this problem, you need applications from the App Store — SlowCam or SloPro. To shoot slow motion video on iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, just install one of the listed applications and start recording through it. the appropriate settings are set by default.

Shooting and Editing Slow Motion Videos on iPhone

Slow motion video has been available on the iPhone since 5S, but not all Apple smartphone owners have learned how to use this function. Although there is nothing complicated in slow-motion shooting: just turn on the desired mode, and then adjust the playback speed and quality.

Transfer to other devices

We figured out how to edit and shoot video in slow motion on the iPhone, but one more question remains. playback of the video on other devices. You can watch videos in maximum resolution on any more or less modern smartphone. even the iPhone 4S will do. To play on a computer, it must be equipped with an Intel Core processor (6th generation) or any discrete video adapter.

For the file to have maximum compatibility with different devices, select compression using the H.264 codec:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Photos” section.
  • Choose to transfer to Mac or PC.
  • Set automatic tuning.

The clip after compression will take up more space, but you can play it on almost any device.