How to switch the TV to the set-top box with the remote control

The interface is quite functional and convenient

A very convenient channel management has been created. now you can watch a TV program, flipping through the channels in the list one by one, sorted in advance by subject, or you can select favorites. In the channel list you will find an online TV program with a picture-in-picture option.

Perhaps the main and only drawback can be called the fact that the recorded video cannot be deleted from the set-top box, tk. the recording is encoded. You can record multiple programs at once. Recording takes place either by pressing a button or according to a set schedule.

Unencrypted. there are only 9 of them. can also be viewed through a computer on a VLC player. The remote control is programmable, with its help you can control four devices. Oddly enough, you can even program keyboard shortcuts. for example, sound control can be used on a TV or set-top box. The instruction is in English, but on the official website of the company you can also find it in Russian.

An important flaw. only one TV can be connected to each separate set-top box.

Another disadvantage is a rather long loading of the set-top box when it is turned on after a complete shutdown of the equipment.

Since there has been no zombie box in my room for a very long time, and its role is played by a TV tuner connected to a computer, which with a creak picks up 12-15 channels, I decided to try this service as a replacement for the tuner. Fortunately, everything is free. The only thing that I missed then was that I did not specify whether this service works on a computer. But in vain

On the appointed day and hour, an installer came into my apartment, at the parade in uniform, with a roll of vitukha and a black box Where do you have a computer and where is the TV that we will connect?. asked the installer. “We’ll connect the computer,” I replied And you can only connect a TV. And only one the installer was stunned by the answer Here are on Well, telly, so telly. I show my parent’s TV. The installer in a matter of minutes stretches the wire from the computer to the TV, crimps the wires and connects the equipment.

It took only some 10 minutes, and here I am. the happy owner of digital TV.

So, he left, and I began to deal with a new toy.

Varieties of the universal remote control from Beeline

The company offers users several options for universal remotes. They all have approximately the same principle of operation and customization features. The use of such devices is quite simple and therefore even an inexperienced user can cope with the implementation of certain settings.

Resetting the attachment to its original state

If the previous method does not work, you can reset the tuner settings. At the same time, we remember that they will disappear. All actions are reduced to the following steps:

  • Press the power button on the console, hold it until all the LEDs light up, then release.
  • Wait about six seconds or until a green LED appears.
  • We repeat the steps described in the first paragraph. In total, you need to do the same manipulations four times.
  • If the process is successful, the screen will display gear icons and a status bar. The update will take a few minutes.

Since there are a lot of reasons why the remote control could stop working, it is not always possible to immediately detect the source of the trouble (most often the problem is detected already in the course of measures to eliminate possible malfunctions). Sometimes the user may need third-party professional help.

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Factory reset

Do not forget that universal remotes are initially configured for Motorola consoles. If there is another model available, then the remote control will need to be tied to it first. Then such actions are performed.

  • Press and then immediately release the STB button.
  • Then the SETUP key is held down until it blinks twice.
  • After that, you need to alternately press buttons 9, 7, 7.
  • When the STB button flashes four times in a row, it will indicate that the settings have been reset to factory defaults.

Motorola mxv3

To do this, you need to press TV and at the same time on OK. In just a second, you can release these keys and start entering a four-digit code. When the actions are completed, the remote is directed to a specific device and then the power button is pressed.

Resetting the remote to factory settings

You can return to the original parameters when the Beeline control panel does not work as a result of a software failure, in the following ways for different remote controls:

  • Universal remote control Beeline. Press and immediately release the “STB” button, then press “Setup” and hold the key until the “STB” blinks twice, then dial the code 977. the “STB” procedure will be reported success by blinking four times.
  • Motorola MXv3. We hold down the “STB” and “OK” keys, hold for three seconds, after which “STB” should light up, press “Delete”. The “STB” button will blink several times.
  • Motorola RCU300T. Press the “STB” and “OK” buttons simultaneously, hold them for three seconds and release them, as a result of which the “STB” indicator will light up, then press “Mute”, the “STB” button will blink several times.
  • Jupiter-5304 SU. Press and hold the “STB” and “TV” buttons for five seconds, after which the red indicator will give four short signals.
  • Jupiter T5-PM. Press “STB” and hold until the indicator starts to glow, after which we write four digits of the prefix model encoding and click on “STB”.
  • Tatung. We hold “STB” and “OK” for three seconds, “STB” should light up, then press “Delete” and make sure that “STB” blinked several times.
  • Cisco. Press the “STB” key and, without releasing it, press and hold “OK”, type the code 900 on the remote control. the prefix should not react. Now we press “STB”, the indicators on the remote control will blink.

Factory reset

If you did not configure the remote control the way you originally wanted, or if it stops working, return its factory settings and configure it again:

  • Turn on the setting mode on the remote control: with the STB button held down, click on OK.
  • Release the buttons after two seconds. they light up.
  • Write 900. If everything is done correctly, the STB button will blink 4 times.

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV

Smart TVs with Smart TV functionality are gradually conquering the TV market. Smart models are so powerful that many users are beginning to think about replacing their old TV with a modern, high-performance model. Internet access, an abundance of interesting applications and services, unlimited Internet content. all this can now be available on your TV.

The benefits of Smart TVs are undeniable. Of course, all of these features can be used with a computer or laptop. But can a small monitor convey the feeling and atmosphere that a relatively large TV screen can convey? Probably not. But what if you are completely satisfied with your old TV, except for the lack of Smart functionality. Is it really necessary to buy a new model?

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Many users have already faced not only these questions, but also the question of how to make Smart TV from a regular TV. In this article we will describe all the possibilities to improve your TV and bring it closer to advanced “smart” models.

It should be noted that you can make Smart TV from a regular TV using a special set-top box that connects to the TV. Today there are several types of such attachments. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics. That is why we will also remind you what set-top boxes exist and what to look for when choosing them.

Now on sale there are a large number of Smart set-top boxes that allow you to turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV model. Such a set-top box connects to your TV and takes care of all the computing operations. Modern consoles come in the form of flash drives or small boxes. Smart set-top box has its own processor, its own memory and RAM. In essence, such set-top boxes are similar to modern computers. Recall that we have already considered all the subtleties when choosing a Smart set-top box. We will not repeat ourselves, but pay attention to common questions faced by ordinary users.

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the fact that the set-top box does not emulate Smart platforms from various TV manufacturers. As you know, every major TV manufacturer has its own proprietary Smart platform with its own unique features, pre-installed applications and services. The overwhelming majority of set-top boxes run on the Android platform. The Android platform is very flexible, a large number of applications have already been written for it, which are designed specifically for TVs. Thus, with the help of such a set-top box, you can make Smart TV out of a regular TV. You will be able to use all the initially built-in applications, as well as install additional programs of your own free will.

Many are interested in what specific additional programs can be installed and what benefits they provide. The app from Megogo allows you to get organized access to a huge database of films, TV series, cartoons and a variety of show programs. The MX Player application allows you to use one of the most advanced players for the Android platform. This player is capable of working with almost all known file formats. The Skype app allows video calls (requires additional purchase of a webcam). VideoMix is ​​another application that is designed to comfortably watch movies, TV series and other videos. This is not a complete list of applications available for installation. The Android platform itself is very popular and there is definitely no shortage of interesting programs.

The possibility of connecting digital television is very interesting. You can connect IPTV package. With the help of IPTV, you can enjoy video in quality up to Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. Smart set-top boxes have a built-in IPTV client that will allow you to watch high-quality video on your TV. I would like to note that this is not digital cable TV. All information is transmitted via the Internet cable. Smart set-top boxes also boast a built-in social media client, and some models support playback of movies in 3 D format. It becomes obvious that making a Smart TV from a regular TV is quite realistic and it will cost much less than buying a new Smart TV.

Some users ask the question, what then is the “smartness” of the set-top box, if it does not support well-known Smart platforms from major manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the “smartness” of the set-top boxes lies in the fact that they actually provide similar capabilities to Smart TVs. The Android platform is scaring off some buyers. People don’t understand how an Android box can have the same capabilities as Smart from LG or Samsung. There is no need to look for a catch where there is none. It is quite possible to make a Smart TV model out of an ordinary TV. Use Smart set-top box on Android and enjoy rich functionality.

Set-top boxes on the Android platform are produced in large quantities, and the demand for them is constantly growing. They are equipped with their own set of applications, which often have nothing to do with branded services (Viera Connect from Panasonic, Smart Hub from Samsung and others). However, most often such set-top boxes are produced by a company that does not specialize in the production of televisions. Branded consoles from major manufacturers stand apart. Such set-top boxes support proprietary services and have rich functionality. An example is the LG SP820 prefix. this set-top box gives full access to branded LG Smart TV applications. With it you can turn an ordinary TV into a real Smart TV.

In terms of its capabilities, the LG SP820 set-top box is similar to the usual Android set-top boxes. You have access to the Internet, applications, and built-in Wi. Fi. and branded service from LG. Among the downsides is the insufficient filling of Smart TV with the necessary content. Many applications are in a foreign language. But these are all nuances. Thanks to such set-top boxes, you can make Smart TV from a regular TV (on a proprietary platform).

In this article, we talked about how to make Smart TV from a regular TV. As it turned out, for this you need to connect a set-top box to the Smart TV, which will take over all the computing duties. As you can see, such a set-top box greatly expands the capabilities of a conventional TV. If you want to enjoy Smart capabilities on your TV, but you have no desire or opportunity to buy a new model, then the set-top box is a great way out. Everyone can turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV.

Date and time setting

It is important to know that incorrect setting of the date and time can affect the operation of the TV set-top box. There may be errors in applications, problems with access to the Google Market, errors in the browser, some applications may stop working, problems with Internet access, etc. The date and time settings should be: use of the network date and time. enabled, 24-hour format. enabled, the desired time zone is selected.

How to set up an Android Smart TV box set-top box?

Setting the language

On the desktop, click on the Settings shortcut, then Settings. Next, we see the advanced settings of the TV set-top box, scroll a little lower and go to the Language input section, in which we click Language and select the desired language. Ukrainian or Russian. The language will change automatically, but some menu items and the center page may contain English words.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi

We go into the settings further Wi-Fi and look for the name of your router in the Available networks list (you will see a list of all the nearest W-Fi points), select the necessary one and enter the password. If everything is done correctly, then the message Connected will appear in the status of your network.

Note! In some cases, it is necessary to additionally configure the router if the TV set-top box cannot connect to the Internet. To do this, go to the router settings, select the W-Fi section, then Basic settings and set Channel 9 or 13 (the default is Auto), as well as the Maximum number of clients 3 or more. After restarting the router and trying to connect the TV box again.

Changing the launcher

Launcher is a graphical interface with which you control your TV set-top box. If you do not like the factory launcher, then you can change it to any other by installing the application. The most popular and convenient. Nova Launcher, allows you to make a standard Android desktop. You can install it using a USB stick or download it on the Internet via a STB. After installation, you need to go to the settings, then the Home screen (icon. house) and select Nova Launcher from the list.

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Setting up Android TV set-top box X96

If you bought a TV box based on Android and it is not configured, or you did a factory reset and do not know what to do next, then this article will help you how to set up everything from scratch. For example, we have chosen the most popular and best-selling model called X96, but in general, the information presented is suitable for all modern TV boxes with the Android operating system.

Installing Applications

Any application for Android TV box can be installed from a flash drive or memory card, and using the APK installer program, this is done very quickly. First, you need to transfer the necessary applications to removable media, insert a set-top box into the TV, launch the APK installer, check the boxes against the necessary programs and click install in the menu. Everything will be installed automatically. A list of useful applications for Android TV set-top boxes can be found here.

You can also download applications through the service, but for this you need to have a Google account, you can use an existing account or create a new one. If you use the Gmail mail service, then you already have an account and you can use the login and password from the mail to access the applications. Some useful applications have been removed from Google Play and need to be installed from a USB flash drive.

Note! In the process of using the TV set-top box, applications must be updated. In most cases this happens automatically, you only need to agree to download the update and click Yes. Some programs may stop working without the latest updates.

Installing and configuring the MTC receiver

Before you start setting up the remote control for several devices, with the ability to use it not only with a receiver, but also with a TV, it is important to correctly connect the MTC set-top box, which will allow you to use the functionality of satellite TV. The process of integrating devices is not difficult, the elements are mated using special cords that come with the equipment, but before performing this procedure, you must carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer to avoid possible mistakes.

Initially, you need to connect the cables to the appropriate connectors from the TV to the set-top box, which is done when the TV is off. Next, you need to turn on the equipment and check the result. Using the remote control from the TV, by clicking on the Source button, the switching input is selected and the operation of the set-top box is checked. If all the manipulations are performed correctly, the receiver loading window will appear on the TV screen.

Next, you need to follow the steps described in detail in the operating instructions for the set-top box, aimed at setting the initial settings for the device. For this purpose, it is better to use a remote control (RC). The process consists in choosing the preferred parameters for controlling the device, namely the system language, picture format, and then searching for TV channels.

Further, it is recommended to perform the procedure for updating the STB firmware, which is done in the following way:

  • In the system menu, select the “Settings” section, where you will need to go to the “Update” item.
  • The system will ask for a four-digit code. By default, it consists of four zeros.
  • After entering the code, with its subsequent confirmation with the “OK” button, the system will start the update process and reboot the device for the new data to take effect.
  • The provider card is inserted into the STB and the carrier identification is checked.
  • The next step is to check the status of the card. If the manipulations are performed correctly, the status must correspond to the DO4-4 code, and you can see it by following through the “Settings” menu item to the “Conditional Access System” section, followed by opening the “Smart-card Status” tab.

If the cipher matches the operating code, then the setup process can be considered complete, the device is ready for use. The screen will display the broadcast of the channel that is the first in the list of programs available for viewing.

Since the “advanced” users of modern technologies are trying to constantly simplify their life when controlling the devices at their disposal, then we will consider how to connect the remote control that comes with the set-top box to the TV in order to control the units with one remote control.

Setting up the remote control

The set with the MTS prefix comes with a universal remote control by default, which initially implies the possibility of its operation with several adjacent devices. It is necessary to set up the MTS remote control in such a way that it can be used to control not only the receiver, but also the TV. One remote control is much easier to keep in sight, and it is much more convenient to control devices from one unit in practice.

There are several ways to set up the remote control from the set-top box for the TV mating with it, and the choice of the programming method depends not only on the user’s wishes, but also on the model of the TV at his disposal. If you have a TV of a well-known manufacturer, then you can program the remote control using the TV manufacturer’s code in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Study in detail the instructions for the remote control, paying maximum attention to the code book, where digital combinations are prescribed for pairing it with a TV of a certain manufacturer, having found the corresponding code for your TV in the list.
  • Turn on the TV, then hold the TV key on the universal remote control until the LED in the upper segment of the remote control is activated.
  • Enter the appropriate code previously found in the reference. It is necessary to enter the desired combination in ten seconds, so the code must be prepared in advance.
  • If everything is done correctly, the LED will go out after a few seconds, and you can use the MTS remote control as a TV remote control.

If the indicator starts flickering after entering the code, then you will have to repeat the procedure again or try to “bind” the remote control to the TV by another method, since the blinking of the LED indicates that the system has not accepted the code.

Situations are not uncommon when a user cannot find the brand of his TV in the code book, due to its not too high popularity by brand. In such a situation, you can try to bind the remote control to the TV in automatic mode by performing the following manipulations in turn:

  • As in the previous case, turn on the TV.
  • Hold the TV button until the LED starts to flicker periodically, which happens after about the fifth second of pressing the key.
  • Release the button, point the remote at the TV and wait for the device to automatically select the appropriate synchronization code. At this time, the signal selection window will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • If the codes match, the result will be displayed on the screen, after which you will need to press the “Menu” button to save the settings.

This completes the automatic setup of the MTS remote control for TV control, the devices are paired and ready for synchronous operation. It remains only to evaluate the result of the work done, by checking the reaction of the TV to pressing the keys, and in the future to use the remote control from the MTS set-top box as a universal remote control.

If the TV reacts to all the keys, then the pairing procedure was successful, but sometimes it happens that some commands from the remote control are not perceived by the TV due to incomplete match of the code signals. In such a situation, it is recommended, as an alternative, to use, not the easiest, but effective way of setting up the pairing of the functionality of devices in manual mode. To do this, you will have to hold down the TV key again until the indicator on the remote control case flickers, and select the pairing code with the button responsible for increasing the sound, with a pressing frequency of no more than a second. When a positive pairing result is displayed on the TV screen, the user will need to check the functioning of the “problem” buttons, and then, depending on the effect, save the settings or continue the selection procedure. You can save the settings by pressing the TV button again. Often this method allows you to set up synchronous interaction between devices, regardless of the popularity of the TV brand, but the process will take much longer than in the first two cases.

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If, in the process of performing work at any stage, the user made a mistake, and each of the subsequent attempts to pair the devices leads to a deterioration in the result, a banal reset of the remote control settings to the factory parameters will help to correct the situation. The procedure is performed by simultaneously holding the 0 and TV buttons on the remote control. After resetting the settings, the procedure will have to start from the very beginning.

Correct setting of MTS TV equipment

Popular mobile providers periodically expand the range of their services, offering the user an additional range of options, such as Internet and TV connectivity. The MTC company also did not stand aside and offers its subscribers not only mobile communications, but also satellite television and the Internet, and a wide coverage area makes it possible to provide high-quality services in this category throughout the Russian Federation, against which the provider’s services are in great demand among users.

When new subscribers are connected, the company offers users a set of equipment for receiving high-quality television broadcasting, which includes a set-top box and a remote control, with the ability to control several devices simultaneously with it. In this article, we will tell you how to independently cope with the TV connection from MTS, with an overview of the correct setup of the remote control.


MTS is a relatively young “player” in the satellite TV services market, but the professionalism of its employees, the quality of TV broadcasting and the provider’s pricing policy allowed the organization to take one of the leading positions in terms of the number of subscribers.

If subscribers rarely have complaints about the quality of service provision, then the issues related to setting up television and synchronizing equipment are not isolated. It is recommended to study the equipment operating manual in detail before engaging in direct connection, and the recommendations written in the article will help to avoid common mistakes made in the process of setting up TV broadcasting from MTS. As a fallback, there is always a call to the service center of the provider in order to obtain professional advice.

How to bind the remote control to a TV or DVD player (so that you can turn on the device, adjust the volume and change channels)

There are manual and automatic tuning methods. The second method works in most cases, so let’s take a look at it:

  • Turn on your TV or DVD player.
  • Hold down the TV or DVD key. Without releasing it, click on OK and also hold your finger on it.

Click on DVD or TV control mode

Factory reset

If you did not configure the remote control the way you originally wanted, or if it stops working, return its factory settings and configure it again:

  • Turn on the setting mode on the remote control: with the STB button held down, click on OK.
  • Release the buttons after two seconds. they light up.
  • Write 900. If everything is done correctly, the STB button will blink 4 times.

Automatic setup for full control of TV or DVD player

You can control the TV using the remote control from Beeline. Above, we examined the binding of the remote control only to the TV volume. But in order to get full control of the TV or DVD device (for example, to enter the settings menu, change channels, etc.), you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the TV-device or DVD, depending on which device you want to “introduce” the remote control.
  • Click once on TV or DVD on the remote.
  • Now point the remote control LED at the device.
  • Press and hold the center OK button until the TV or DVD turns off by itself. During the hold, the system will independently search for the control code for your device. The remote control must be aimed at it, or at least be in sight.
  • Turn the device back on and check if the remote works.

Manual setting of the remote control for full control of TV or DVD player

There is also a manual way to set up full control. Use it only if the first method didn’t work. Its essence is to enter the control code yourself:

  • Turn on your TV or DVD set-top box.
  • Point the remote at the device.
  • Hold Setup for a few seconds. until it blinks twice. After that, immediately (within a maximum of 4 seconds) write a combination of numbers for your device (taking into account the manufacturer). Combinations for common models are shown in the table below. If more than 4 seconds have passed, repeat the procedure from the second step of this instruction.
  • If the code is correct, the Setup key will flash twice again.

Channel management

If you only need a remote control to switch between channels on TV, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the STB button. Don’t let go of it. click on OK. Take your fingers off two keys in a couple of seconds. In response, they will light up twice.
  • Use the remote to write the combination 966. STB will blink twice again, but without the OK button.
  • Click on TV or DVD on the remote, depending on what you link to. a TV or a player. The same key will blink three times. Now you can switch channels regardless of the mode currently selected on the remote.

How to bind a volume key

If you only want to use the volume up / down buttons for your TV, do the following:

  • Click on STB first, and then, with STB held down, click on OK and wait a couple of seconds. Letting go of the buttons. they blinked at you twice.
  • Write the combination 955. The STB button will blink twice.
  • We click on the TV or DVD button on the remote control, depending on the device with which the connection is established. The button will blink you three times. This completes the setup.

Volume setting

If you want a remote with a Learn button to adjust the volume on all your TV devices, do the following:

  • Press the TV key. Hold it down and click OK at the same time. Do not release the buttons for another second. two.
  • When you remove your fingers from the two buttons, all the keys dedicated to the remote modes will light up. Then everything but TV goes out.
  • Click on Mute and hold your finger on it until the TV key goes out, and then lights up again (you need at least 3 seconds for this).
  • When you release the Mute button, click on it again. this will save all the settings.
  • After that, the TV key will stop lighting up. this will mean the successful completion of the setup.

Detailed configuration of the remote control without the Setup key

If you come across a remote without a “magic” Setup button that instantly sets up a binding, use the instructions below.