How to switch SIM card on Samsung phone

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How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy. step by step guide

Inserting a SIM card into a Samsung is much more difficult than untrained owners of other smartphones think. To perform this operation correctly is a whole art. And most of all the SIM adventure you try to put in the progressive Galaxy’s tray. Let’s make a reservation right away. the instruction is universal. What we are about to cover will work on both the A10 and A50. Go.

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Possible problems

The most common problem is associated with guessing the “key”. Popular tools among the people are paper clips, pins, needles. The more ideal the pin diameter is, the better. The second nuance is trimming the SIM card. Many Samsung owners cut the edges with scissors. in this case, you need to act precisely. The third problem is that the smartphone refuses to see the SIM card at all. Let’s see what can be done.

How to find out your phone model

The model is designated with a special number containing information about the series, characteristics and functionality. The easiest way is to look in “Settings” and find the “About device” section there. If you have a removable cover, look for the desired data on the surface of the battery. The IMEI along with the serial number will also be found there. If you type # on the keyboard, you can get into the online databases where the required information is stored.

In order to correctly insert the SIM-card into “Samsung”, you should understand your model in advance. And here a simple Antutu application comes to the rescue. If that doesn’t work (which is unlikely), try combinations # or #. Not only the model of the gadget will be displayed, but also the software you are using.

How to insert a SIM card into a “Samsung” of a specific model

There are several varieties of Sims, the instructions for inserting them will vary. Nowadays, phone models with two trays are gaining popularity. both slots will be of the same type. Let’s list the types of SIM cards:

  • full-size (vintage for push-button gadgets);
  • mini (for devices produced in the tenth years);
  • micro (2003 product focused on LTE and 3G technologies);
  • nano (tiny premium SIM card with missing plastic edges).

Galaxy developers decided to use nano technology. At the same time, we were pleased with two slots and a microSD memory card. All cards are invested in the same way, but the localization of the trays is the result of design thinking. If you did not find a sticker with step-by-step instructions, proceed according to our guide. Now you will learn how to insert a SIM card into “Samsung”, even if you use A7 and A5. Our recommendations will be useful for all users of the The steps are:

  • Disable smartphone (or tablet).
  • Find the tray cover at the end.
  • Look for a small dot. key hole.
  • Arm yourself with a needle and push it into the hole.
  • Open and carefully remove the tray.

If you acted correctly, this is what will open to the eye.

It should be borne in mind that there are several types of trays in mobile devices. The most common solutions are for one or two SIM cards. And there are also hybrid solutions and coupled with a memory card. The Galaxy A6, for example, has two nano slots and a microSD drive. Since the sim cards have a bevel, it will be difficult to install them incorrectly. The same applies to tablets of the Tab S series, which are actively sold in the post-Soviet space. Act carefully. and you will achieve success.

The phone does not see the SIM card

It is likely that your SIM card is simply faulty. You know how to insert a SIM card into “Samsung”, and you couldn’t be wrong, so why doesn’t the gadget accept the attachment? There may be several reasons:

  • expired shelf life;
  • poor pruning;
  • spoiled slot;
  • mechanical damage;
  • damaged contacts;
  • software failure;
  • card holder contamination.

Incorrectly cut sim card

You are not dealing with an ordinary piece of plastic, but with a complex microcircuit. The slightest mistake will cause the SIM card to stop functioning. If the trimming is done incorrectly, contact your mobile operator. The service point will replace your device, keeping your tariff plan and current balance. Examine the markings for accurate orientation.

To avoid a problem, handle trays and card modules with care. Do not let dirt get inside the phone, carefully cut the edges. If you can’t do something, contact the master. The gadget will still be useful to you, do not break it.

How to switch the Internet to the desired SIM-card from SIM 1 to SIM 2 on Samsung Galaxy Duos or vice versa. Samsung Galaxy how to turn off the Internet from one SIM card and turn it on to another.

How to switch the Internet to the correct SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Duos. In this article, we will look at how to change the SIM card in the settings on a Samsung Galaxy with two SIM cards with which we want to use the Internet on a smartphone. Earlier we already had an article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G Internet to the desired SIM card, and if you were looking for how to do this and got to this page, then you can go to the article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G to the selected SIM card on Samsung Galaxy by going by this link.

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If you cannot find in the settings how to disable mobile data from one SIM card and enable it on another SIM card from which you want to use the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Below you will learn how to switch the Internet from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa on Samsung Galaxy Duos.

And so to switch the Internet of Samsung Galaxy Duos to the desired SIM card, do the following on your smartphone:
Open Settings.
In the menu that opens, select the SIM card manager.
Next, we find the item Data transmission network.
Now you can choose from which SIM card to use the Internet with SIM 1 or SIM 2. You can also completely disable the Internet from both SIM cards by selecting Disable mobile data in the menu.

Many users of Samsung Galaxy duos on their own cannot find how to change the SIM card from which you need to use the Internet in the settings and the money goes away, do not stand the SIM card where the unlimited Internet is connected. And therefore, I think the article will be useful, especially for inexperienced users of Samsung androids. We hope this article helped you and you were able to switch the Internet to the desired sim card.

How to set up for Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call or so that all calls go from the desired SIM card

Don’t know how to set up on Samsung so that the phone offers a choice from which SIM card to call? On this page you will find instructions on how to make the phone offer a choice from SIM-1 or SIM-2 for outgoing calls, as well as configure so that all calls go only from the desired SIM card.

1) The first way is how to set up Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call:
– Open “Settings” on your phone or tablet.
– In the settings we find the item “SIM card manager.
– Next, in the menu that opens, we find “Voice call” and in the window that opens, select “Always ask”.
Now when you want to make a call, the phone will offer from which SIM card to make a call from SIM-1 or SIM-2. Also, if desired, in the Samsung settings, you can select the desired SIM card from the two with which all calls will automatically go.

2) The second way is how to configure the choice of SIM card for calls on a Samsung phone. Suitable for Samsung Android 10, 9 smartphones:

The article was posted on February 14, 2017. Edited 06.04.

Setting up a phone with 2 SIM cards for Internet access

When you turn on the phone for the first time, the system asks for the communication priority. That is, you need to specify from which card to make calls, send SMS, get in touch.

This question appears only on those gadgets where there are two cellular communication providers. You immediately select your preferred type. Then it is possible to change it in the settings according to the following algorithm:

  • open the settings of the smaron;
  • select the item “SIM-cards and mobile networks”;
  • scroll down;
  • there will be two sections. “Calls” and “Internet”;
  • click on each of them and choose which SIM to use.

There is also a third option. each time you turn on mobile data, ask which operator you will use. Then at this point you select the line “Not configured”.

How to switch internet between Huawei and Honor SIM cards

How to switch internet to another SIM card on Honor and Huawei? This question has repeatedly arisen among the owners of two SIMs from different mobile operators. If you have two tariffs from different companies involved at once, you need to set clear settings that would regulate calls, messages, traffic. In this article, we will look at the algorithm for adjusting the settings while enabling data transfer.

How to set up Internet switching on Honor and Huawei phones from one SIM card to another when the monthly limit is exhausted

If both tariffs provide for a certain amount of data to access the network, then when the limit of one is exhausted, you will have to switch to the other. The algorithm below will help you switch the Internet between Huawei and Honor SIM cards:

  • open the settings of the smartphone through the icon on the desktop or swipe curtains;
  • click on the section “SIM-cards and mobile networks”;
  • go down;
  • click on the last line;
  • choose the second SIM if you had the first one before.

Immediately, we focus on the fact that when performing this action, traffic transmission must be disabled.

After changing the SIM priority, it is better to completely reboot the gadget. The need for such action usually arises in two situations:

  • if the first number has run out of the available gigabyte limit;
  • if the operator’s network is not available in the area.

But be sure to turn off mobile data when changing SIM, as the action may not be performed correctly. However, there are often difficulties in making the transition. They are most often associated with such circumstances:

  • there is not enough money on the second SIM card to access the network and free gigabytes have run out;
  • the operator does not catch in this place;
  • a system failure has occurred.

To resolve the issue with the ended traffic, it is enough to replenish the account. If you are faced with the second problem, then you will not be able to solve it with your own hands. Usually the operators of the Big Four (MegaFon, Tele2, MTS and Beeline) provide their coverage for the entire territory of the regions. However, there remain remote villages and parts of the country where the signal is poor. Then you need to climb a hill. If there is a malfunction, restart the gadget and try switching after a while.

Setting up a phone with 2 SIM cards for Internet access

You do not need to configure your SIM card to access online. Cellular operators send automatic settings to the phone immediately after connecting the tariff plan. Users who use two cards in the device often purchase different tariffs.

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On one SIM card they put a plan with unlimited Internet, and on the second they usually install a simple TP for calls, where a certain amount of money is withdrawn for each megabyte spent. But, some users purchase two tariffs at once with a specific traffic package. Then, when the limit on one number is exhausted, you will need to switch to another. How to choose a second SIM to use online?

How to set up Internet switching on Honor and Huawei phones from one SIM card to another when the monthly limit is exhausted

On Huawei phones, the switching procedure is fairly straightforward. Initially, use the smartphone settings and perform certain manipulations:

  • Opening the parameters.
  • Find the tab “Wireless networks”.
  • Next, go to the subsection. “SIM card settings”.
  • In the menu that opens, you will see two active cards. In this case, they belong to the same operator. Below you will see the settings items, where for each action you need to select the SIM card that will be used. In our case, opposite “Data transfer”, select one of the installed cards.

Then you need to configure automatic switching between SIMs when the traffic ends:

  • Enter the “Wireless Networks” tab again.
  • Open the item “Data transmission”.
  • At the top in the right corner, click on the gear, thereby opening the options.
  • Set limit limit for each SIM.
  • Then go to the “Traffic notifications” section and opposite the “Over the monthly limit” check the “Disable mob. transfer “.
  • Do the same for the second number.
  • After the steps taken, try to turn it on online by pulling out the upper curtain and pressing the corresponding button.

When you have spent all the traffic, then you can switch the Internet between Huawei and Honor SIM cards. You will notice a corresponding notification where you need to select the second item. “Switch to another card”.

After that, the system will open the settings menu, where the user will be asked for confirmation again.

To complete the procedure, simply turn on mobile data.

Call settings

Above, we have selected a priority SIM card for calls. In the “Call settings” menu, we are asked: should we offer each time the choice of a SIM card for making an outgoing call, if the priority SIM card is not used? The option is useful for the forgetful when you constantly confuse the SIM card with which you are calling. Personally, I do not use this function and consider it unnecessary.

Replies 2

Hello. In order to switch from one SIM card to another, you need to press any number so that it is displayed in the phone and then switch to the SIM card you need with the button.

Many modern smartphones support 2 SIM cards. After you have inserted SIM cards into your phone for the first time, I advise you to configure each SIM card through the SIM card manager. This is necessary for correct operation and to avoid confusion. through which SIM card to call and access the Internet.

Active mode

When you turn on the active mode here (in the settings of the SIM card manager), you can receive calls to both SIM cards even during a call. Feature useful and enabled by default.

SIM card settings

For each SIM card, its own settings are available in the manager: Enabled / Disabled, an icon for identification (SMS, Internet, work, home, SIM 1, SIM 2), name and network mode. I do not recommend changing the settings if you are not familiar with them.

  • Simka is included. You can turn off the SIM card (the first, the second or both at once. it doesn’t matter) to save battery power, so as not to receive calls and if you are flying in an airplane.
  • Icon for SIM 1 or SIM 2. Use only these icons to avoid confusion later.
  • SIM card name. write the name of the operator, so again not to get confused.
  • LTE / 3G / 2G network mode (auto). In some smartphones, the second SIM card can only work in 2G mode (calls and SMS. without the Internet). 3G is SMS internet calls. LTE (4G). high-speed SMS Internet calls.

Settings, priority SIM

To work, go to Settings. Connections. SIM-cards manager.

Before us are 2 active SIM cards. You need to choose a priority SIM for calls, SMS and the Internet. Usually, the default is always SIM (in my example, this is Megaphone). To change the settings, select “Calls”, “SMS”, “Mobile data” and select the desired SIM card.

Samsung GT-C5212i DUOS Black

How to switch from one SIM to another.

Mobile networks

Setting up a mobile network for each SIM is easy. Settings. Connections. Mobile networks (option is not available without an inserted SIM card).

  • Data roaming. Enable / disable data transmission (internet) in roaming. In Russia, not all operators can use the Internet throughout the country, as in the home region (applies to the Far East, Chukotka, Crimea), so it is better to disable the option. I generally keep quiet about international roaming. be sure to turn it off!
  • VoLTE calling. enabled option improves the quality of voice calls over the 4G (LTE) network.
  • Network mode. We choose LTE (4G) / 3G / 2G (auto). Those. simultaneously we use 3 communication standards for calls and the Internet. 2G. only valid for calls and SMS, the Internet will not work.
  • Access points. You don’t need to change anything here. The mobile operator sends and automatically sets your Internet access settings. And 8-10 years ago, it was necessary to manually register separately the settings for the Internet and receiving MMS messages, passwords and logins, servers, protocols and types of access points. Fortunately, everything is now automated. If you changed the settings by mistake, you can always restore the default.
  • Network operators. You can select the desired cellular network manually or automatically. By default, the network is searched for automatically, even in international roaming (a “friendly” network with optimal tariffs is selected). But you can always select the network manually:

The basic settings of the mobile network are set automatically. an inexperienced user is better off not changing them.

Change the name and icon of the SIM or USIM card

SIM card manager.
Select a SIM or USIM card and a name for it.

Register name, change SIM name-

or USIM card and select Yes.

Change SIM or USIM card settings

SIM card manager.
Change the following parameters.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Android Phone

If you need to transfer contacts from a SIM card to your phone (to your phone memory, to your Google account), it’s very easy to do it with the built-in Android.

This tutorial details how to transfer or copy contacts to SIM cards with stock Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. By analogy, the action can be performed on smartphones of other brands. May also be helpful: How to Recover Contacts on Android Phone.

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How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to a Clean Android Phone

If your phone is running stock Android, or you are using the Google Dialer and Contacts app, the steps to transfer your SIM card contacts are as follows:

  • Go to the “Contacts” application. Attention: it is not enough to open the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application, you must launch a separate built-in application “Contacts”.
  • In the “Contacts” application, press the menu button and select “Settings”.
  • In the “Manage contacts” section, click “Import contacts”.
  • Select SIM in the “Import” window and click “OK”.
  • In the “Save to account” field, choose whether to save contacts to your phone (phone memory) or to your Google account. Check the contacts you want to transfer. Confirm the transfer with the button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

On this, the contacts will be transferred. precisely, they were copied from a SIM card to a phone or to a Google account. If you also need to delete contacts from the SIM, go to the “Additional Information” section, where the method to do this is described.

Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have Samsung, then transferring contacts from SIM to phone using built-in applications will consist of the following simple steps:

  • Go to the “Contacts” application (as in the previous case, you just need to open a separate application, and not the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application).
  • Click on the menu button and select “Manage contacts”.
  • Click on the item “Move contacts” if you need to move to the phone with simultaneous deletion from the SIM card or “Import and export contacts” if you need to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone without deleting. Further, it will be precisely the transfer that will be considered, copying from a SIM card to a Samsung phone is implemented in the same way and will not pose any problems.
  • Choose where to move the contacts from, in our case. from the SIM. If there are no contacts on the SIM card, you will be informed about this.
  • Select which contacts you want to transfer from the SIM card and click “Done”.
  • Specify where to transfer contacts: to phone, Google account or Samsung account.
  • Click “Move” and you will see a confirmation that the contacts have been moved from the SIM card to the phone or to the selected account.

Additional Information

If you need to delete contacts from a SIM card on pure Android or on another phone where only copying is available, but not actually moving contacts, you can do this using third-party applications available in the Play Store. With their help, you can also carry out the transfer.

In my case, the SIM Tool Manager turned out to be the most efficient application available on the Play Store: The app is in English, but easy to understand:

  • It displays SIM contacts in the “SIM Contact” tab. When you hold a contact, you can delete it (using the Delete item) or perform other actions.
  • If you open the menu, then in it you can select the “Delete All” item to delete all contacts from the SIM or Import / Export to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone (Copy to phone).

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hello. But how to delete a contact from a SIM card if it says that the contact will not be deleted but will only be hidden and nothing. you have to put a SIM card in a push-button phone and delete it. Android 7

And the application that I offer. SIM Tool Manager also does not delete? It’s strange. Does the push-button phone delete? It’s just that in theory it may be that the contact is “sewn” into the SIM-card by the operator as not removable, but then the push-button phone would not have deleted it either.

Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S8 / S8

Thank you so much. This is the only site that clearly and correctly shows how to do this.

Thank you so much. It was here that I found how to do what I need. Before that, how many I was looking for. it was not that. Explained simply and clearly.

Why does not he see the second SIM card?

The most likely reason for the fact that the mobile device does not see the SIM card is that the contacts are damaged, the case is broken or the shape is changed. In this scenario, the card does not fit properly in the slot and stops working normally. What to do. In this case, you will have to contact the telecom operator and ask to replace the SIM card.

What is the active mode of two SIM cards?

It’s called Dual SIM Active and here’s how it works. If you are talking on one SIM card, and at this time they call you to the second, then the call is forwarded to the card on which you are talking. and here, as usual, you can put one call on hold and answer another.

How to select SIM cards on your phone?

On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

  • In settings, click on the Connections tab.
  • Next, click here on the SIM Card Manager tab.
  • On this page, at the bottom, opposite the Select a SIM card option, on the right, click on the switch to enable it.

How to enable 2 SIM on Samsung?

How to activate a SIM card in a Samsung smartphone

  • We go to the “Settings” menu. “Connections”.
  • Go to the item “SIM-cards manager”.
  • Select the card (if there are two of them), which must be activated and in the menu that opens, activate “Enabled”.

How to set up two SIM cards on Android?

Management and configuration of SIM-cards on a smartphone is performed in the “Settings” section. Insert both SIM cards into your mobile device, then go to the “Network and Internet”. “SIM cards” section (or “SIM cards and mobile networks”, the name may differ).