How To Stream From Phone To Smart TV

Wired connection

If the TV panel is equipped with a USB port, then a SIMple solution is to connect the devices via a USB cable. In this connection, the smartphone is connected as an external flash drive. The large screen will display in a structured way all the media content stored in the phone’s memory. The picture displayed depends on the TV model.

The connection of devices is implemented as follows.

  • Disconnect the standard USB-USB-micro cable used to charge your mobile gadget from the power adapter.
  • Connect the corresponding ends of the cable to the USB port of the TV and the power connector of the smartphone.
  • In TV settings, define the signal source as USB port
  • On the smartphone, select the “USB-connection” mode.
  • Wait for the media directory shortcuts from the phone to appear on the screen.
  • To listen to a song broadcast through the phone, the user needs to use the remote control to open the corresponding music file on the TV screen.

A more complicated option for wired connection of devices is through the HDMI port (if available). The difficulty lies in ensuring physical compatibility, additional costs may be required for the purchase of an adapter and cable.


Miracast technology is a relatively new standard for wireless data transmission, which appeared in 2012 as an analogue of Apple’s branded Airplay service. It is possible to stream music from an Android smartphone using this standard to Smart TV.

The pairing sequence is as follows.

  • Activate the Miracast function in the network settings on the TV panel.
  • Turn on the corresponding function on your mobile gadget. Activation, depending on the model, can be built-in (through the setup menu) or through an additionally installed application.
  • Select the TV receiver detected by the smartphone and connect to it.
  • Once connected, you can play music from your phone on your TV.

Owners of ordinary models, not Smart TVs, can implement the considered pairing option through a special adapter with Miracast support. The device is connected via the HDMI port. In the TV-panel settings, you need to select the HDMI to which the adapter is connected. The settings on the smartphone are the same as those listed above.


Airplay is a convenient way to sync your iPhone with any TV via the Apple TV. The sequence of actions is as follows.

  • Make sure iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same home Wi-Fi network.
  • In the iPhone menu in the “Control” section, select the “Screen Repeat” mode.
  • Select Apple TV from the list of available devices.

Home network organization

A good solution for exchanging data between a TV, smartphone, planet, PC would be to create a home DLNA network. So, from a mobile gadget it will be possible to broadcast any music, photo or to other equipment on the network, while controlling the playback directly from the smartphone. Such a network is being built using a Wi-Fi router: all devices must be connected to it by a wired or wireless method.

The TV needs to be set up to work on the network. To do this, search for a home network is activated in the “Network / Network Connection” section. Next, you should select an available network. Wi-Fi connection requires a security password.

Then you should connect to the router from your smartphone. In the settings, go to the “Wireless networks” section and activate the wireless pairing mode through the “Wi-Fi” item. During this procedure, you will need to enter the network parameters: access point name and password.

After that, you should install a program called iMediaShare (available for Android and IOS) on your mobile device. To transfer files from a smartphone, select it in the iMediaShare gallery and choose where to play it: TV, PC or any other device on the network.

How to transfer music from your phone to TV

It is easy to connect various external devices to a modern TV: for this, both wired connection ports and various wireless technologies are provided. So, a smartphone, through SIMple manipulations, can broadcast music to TV. How to play music from your phone on TV.

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Wi-Fi Direct

Implementation of device pairing using Wi-Fi Direct technology is suitable for a TV that supports this function and an Android mobile device. In such a connection, the devices find each other directly, and the TV receiver acts as a network distributor.

To output the sound from the phone to the TV, the following settings are made.

  • Wi-Fi Direct is activated in the TV panel settings menu.
  • A SIMilar function is enabled on the smartphone in the “Wireless networks” tab.
  • When the smartphone sees the access point, and this will be a TV, you need to connect.
  • In a smartphone, to send sound or to a large screen, use the “Send” section of the menu.

Wireless connection

You can listen to music from your phone on a TV via wireless pairing of devices. There are different ways to connect your phone to your TV. The choice depends on the technical equipment of the TV-receiver and smartphone.

Thus, each user can choose the option that is more convenient for him to use. So, creating a home network requires certain manipulations, but the result of the work can be used constantly. You also need to focus on the capabilities of the technology itself: many models of TV panels do not have Wi-Fi, and only wired switching will be available for them, or you will need to purchase additional set-top boxes / adapters.

Smart set-top box

In the event that the TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module, you can use special Smart set-top boxes or use special wires.

At the moment, there are a huge number of Smart consoles from different manufacturers with different functionality and different operating systems. There are special models with Miracast support that work in a SIMilar way to native support. Alternatively, you can use Android models. In this case, the TV itself becomes a large tablet and, among other things, you can connect any smartphone to it without wires. Today, Smart set-top boxes are quite cheap, so buying it is a good alternative not only to connect your phone to a TV, but also to make it with Smart functions. recently, Google has developed its own set-top box called Google TV, it performs SIMilar functions. accessing the Internet directly from the TV, connecting a smartphone to it, installing applications.

Wireless signal transmission

Sometimes it happens that a friend came to visit and wants to shows or photos from his vacation. It is more convenient to watch them on TV than on a small phone display. And there are no wires for connection. In this case, this is done via Wi-Fi. If the TV has Smart functions, then there will be no difficulties with connection in principle. Manufacturers have provided options for convenient and easy broadcasting. But even if the TV is old enough or SIMple, nobody cancels the option with a wireless connection, but a special device is required.

Modern TVs with Smart technologies have their own solutions for synchronizing a smartphone and TV, as well as more universal ones. The first option is suitable if both devices belong to the same brand.

Samsung has Screen Mirroring pre-installed. In order to broadcast a picture from a Samsung phone, just pull the shutter down and click on the application icon. The device will ask you to turn on Wi-Fi and automatically find all available TVs, not necessarily of the Korean brand, with the included wireless adapter, after that you need to select the desired option and the smartphone screen will appear on the TV screen. The method is great for watchings and photos, but not the best option for those who want to play. The data transfer speed may not be too high and a “jittery” picture may be observed in dynamic games.

Xiaomi phones have a function SIMilar to Samsung’s Screen Mirroring. In the settings of the smartphone in the network section there is an item “wireless screen”. By clicking on it, a list of available TVs will open. Convenience lies in the fact that the TV displays the entire screen of the smartphone, and in addition, when viewing. the sound comes from the TV, not from the phone, that is, the user does not need to think about how to amplify the sound.

LG TVs are equipped with Smart Share technology. The application icon can be found in the application feed by pressing the home button on the remote control. The application displays all devices that are on the DLNA network. DLNA is a universal option that allows you to receive information not only on an LG TV and a SIMilar smartphone, but in general from any equipment that can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

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To set up a home network, namely DLNA, you need to connect all the necessary gadgets to one Wi-Fi network. To do this, the house must have a router. Next, on the PC, you need to find the item “wireless network settings” and select “home network”. In it, the user selects files that can be transferred within the network. In addition, a password for accessing devices to the local network will be created here. After connecting the phone and TV to this network, it remains on the TV to select access to media files from external sources.

Sony TVs have Wi-Fi Direct in their settings. After activating it, the device starts distributing its own Wi-Fi and you can connect to it from any mobile device. The disadvantage of the technology is that such a connection allows viewing only. photo or listen to music from your phone on TV. After the devices are connected to each other, you must select the desired file and select when you turn on its demonstration on TV.

The methods described above are special cases for different manufacturers and brands, but as mentioned, there is a universal Miracast technology that allows you to synchronize a wide variety of gadgets of any brands with each other. Intel’s Wi-Di technology has SIMilar functions. The principle of operation is generally the same, so a few years ago, both technologies became interchangeable.

The technology is supported by almost every TV and smartphone. With its help, you can output streaming with sound. To connect, you need to enter the TV settings in the network menu and activate the function. After that, in the phone you need to find the item “wireless screen” and click on it. A window will appear with a list of available devices, where you should select the desired TV. After synchronization, the TV screen will display the phone’s desktop.

Today we will analyze how to broadcast the phone screen to the TV even if there is nothing special at home.

Good afternoon, regular readers and newcomers! Modern technology allows many devices to be synchronized with each other. For example, you can use a laptop or smartphone as a TV signal source. Today I am going to talk about how to cast your phone screen to your TV. There are several connection options. using wires, external set-top boxes or via Wi-Fi networks. It is important to understand that in some situations you can view only files that are in the phone’s memory, while other options allow you to fully transfer the image from the desktop to the TV screen.

Wired connection

For those who are not going to use Smart functions and only want to view from the phone, a special MHL cable was developed, the fact is that you cannot connect the phone to the TV via the USB cable. The devices SIMply do not understand each other, or rather, streaming cannot be configured and the phone can only act as a flash drive. MHL solves this problem without difficulty. The technology allows you to transmit in FHD format with 60 frames per second, and in addition, it SIMultaneously charges the smartphone, which is very convenient, since the device starts to sit down quickly. Using this cable, you can set up control of the TV from your phone and even play. In this case, the device will act as a joystick. MHL has an HDMI connector at one end and this side connects to the TV, on the back there is a standard MicroUSB plug, it is he who connects to the phone.

What to do if you urgently need to view some files from your smartphone, and you don’t have Wi-Fi, MHL cable and Smart set-top boxes at hand. In this case, you should use a standard cable to charge the gadget. The first thing that needs to be done in order for the phone to be identified on TV as a flash drive is to enable developer mode in the mobile gadget. To do this, you need to enter the phone settings and open the item about the device. Among the many items is the “build number”. You need to click on it 7-10 times. A message appears stating that the device is in developer mode. After that, you should go back and find a new menu item “for developers”. Until activated, it is hidden from the eyes of the owner. In this menu, activate the “USB debugging” menu. After completing these steps, it remains to connect the devices with a cable and select “data transfer” on the smartphone. A message will appear on the TV stating that a new USB device has been found, you just need to go to it and find the desired content.

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That’s all for now.

Thank you for attention! Until next time! Best regards, Rostislav Kuzmin.

How to stream Tik Tok to TV from a computer?

If it was not possible to set the tik tok on the TV, then it can be broadcast through a personal computer. It is very convenient to watch files on the big screen, therefore it is recommended to connect the TV to the computer via Wi-Fi.

The Aptoid system, which must be downloaded to a personal computer, allows data to be transmitted to the TV. There are few unique and highly effective programs for transferring applications from a computer to a TV, since the first of them has a large screen, so there is no need to watch on TV.

Downloading and installing Tiktok on TV

Tik Tok is a popular service for streaming and viewing files. To do this, you need to register in the system from a mobile application or from a personal computer.

How To Stream From Phone To Smart TV

Why is there no Tik Tok app for Smart TVs?

It is impossible to download tik tok to a TV set, since household appliances are intended for watching TV programs. A program has not been developed for Smart TV that allows downloading applications to the TV.

You can download it on Android TV. To download Tik tok to your TV, you need to go to the Smart TV menu in your profile and register. To activate your account, you need to enter your email.

Log in to your account and launch the LG Smart Word application. Select the Tik Tok application and press the “install” button. If you download a paid application, you need to enter your bank card details to withdraw funds. After installation, the application can be found on lji in the Smart TV list. You can also press the “My Apps” button on the remote control.

How to stream Tik Tok to TV from your phone?

To broadcast tik tok files on the TV screen via a mobile phone, you need to connect TV equipment to the mobile phone. For this, several methods are used, for example, Wi-Fi Direct. The technology is available even for budget TVs. With its help, it is possible to connect two devices for free. No network equipment needed. When using this method, you do not need to install new programs on your smartphone, since the technology is embedded in it. But, when using technologies, you can only see the photo of the application. not available.

Miracast is a technology that allows you to pair your TV with modern smartphones. The technology provides the ability to broadcast from a mobile phone to a TV. Miracast is a popular modern technology that transfers files from a mobile device to a TV.

To connect, go to the settings section on your smartphone and find the section for wireless display or broadcast. The names differ depending on the version of the Android system. If the mode is active, the function is activated immediately. After setting it up on the smartphone, go to the TV.

On Samsung, go to the signal selection menu and select Screen Mirroring. On Phillips in Settings, we find the network settings section and turn on the wi-fi mode. On Ldzhi TVs, go to the settings section, select the network section and enable the Miracast function. We go to the settings on the mobile phone in the “screen” section. We find the broadcast function and connect it. A TV will appear on the phone, on which we press and wait on the screen of household appliances to show files from tik tok.