How to Share Stories on Instagram from iPhone

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How to create an Instagram story

So, I explained what stories are, what they are, too. I listed the requirements. It’s time to talk about how to make a story and share it with your followers.

  • go to the Instagram application feed;
  • in the upper left corner, click on the icon with a man (or avatar) and a plus sign;

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  • click on the round button (which is in the center) and record the history;
  • edit if you want to overlay text, stickers or graphics;
  • select recipients (you can send in messages to your subscribers or share with everyone).

Wait until the stories are loaded, after which all users will be able to view them. Before posting a story, make sure it looks the way you want it. Relevant so as not to engage in constant editing and not to confuse subscribers.

Types of Instagram stories and their features

Stories can also be divided into several modes, each of which has its own characteristics and is used for a different purpose. Now I will talk about each of the subspecies so that you can navigate which one you use in a given situation:

  • Normal is a standard mode that allows you to post both videos and photos to your feed. If you just click on the circle, you get a photo, if you press it, you get a video. The duration is 15 seconds. After creating content, you can apply additional elements, filters or effects.
  • Live streaming is a subspecies of stories in the form of online broadcasts. You can chat with your subscribers live, discuss something with them or ask questions. Often used by big bloggers and brands.
  • Text is a mode with which you can place text information. Choose background, text color and font, customize everything and publish.
  • Boomerang is an option that publishes a looped video. As soon as the video sequence ends, it immediately starts again.
  • Superzoom is a subtype of Instagram stories that allows you to record ten-second videos with a gradual approach to the object. Sound effects can be added.
  • Postback. analogue of Boomerang, but with the opposite effect.
  • Hands-free. Allows you to record standard videos, but with the push of a button.
  • Library is a mode in which you can publish photos and videos directly from your phone. Allows you to make videos using a third-party editor.

Before adding stories, you need to know some technical details. Instagram allows you to upload photos in stories with a resolution of 9:16 sides, the size of pictures should be no more than 1080 x 1920 pixels. Also, if you plan to upload a video, then remember that the size of the stories should not exceed 2.3 GB, the minimum resolution is 720, and the available formats are MOV, MP4 or GIF.


Any story can be edited within 24 hours after publication. During this time, you can remove minor bugs, change the filter and make additional adjustments.

  • go to your profile in the application;
  • click on the profile picture;
  • the story will open, at the bottom right click “”;
  • a menu will open where you need to select “History settings”.

All settings that are available will open. Namely:

  • hide story from. you can specify a list of people from whom you will hide your stories;
  • close friends. you can create a category of people with whom you will share stories with one click;
  • allow replies to messages. enable people to reply to your stories. You can choose: “Everyone”, “People whose updates you are subscribed to” or turn it off altogether;
  • saving. is responsible for saving stories. You can choose to gallery or save to archive. You can disable saving completely;
  • share. you can enable or disable reposts in stories, messages or

These settings are sufficient to provide the desired privacy. Pay special attention to saving, since the publication will be deleted if you move all the toggle switches to the inactive position.

How to add content to Stories

As I mentioned above, you can add content to stories from your smartphone. The size of the stories is also limited to 15 seconds. In order to add a finished photo or video, you need:

  • open the Instagram app on your phone;
  • go to the feed;
  • click on the round icon with a person (or avatar) and a plus sign, which is located at the top left;
  • at the bottom left there is a square button with a thumbnail of your photo, click on it;
  • a gallery will open, where you need to select a photo that will go to the story;
  • edit the photo the way you want;
  • click the “Recipients” button;
  • choose where the story will be published.

Now you know how to make stories on Instagram. I would like to talk separately about some of the editing elements:

  • face masks and filters. Allows you to make a photo or video more colorful and unusual. There are both static and animated;
  • stickers. You can add various stickers to your image, edit their size and position;
  • Painting. There are several brushes, you can paint a portrait, make an inscription or Accent on some object. 9 colors you can use;
  • text. It is fashionable to change the font, color and position of the text. Many people make beautiful lettering with this tool.

The tools in the application are quite primitive, but they are enough to make high-quality material and an interesting story.

What are Instagram stories and why are they needed

Instagram Stories are short videos or photos that are posted for 24 hours in the user’s profile and displayed in the followers’ feed. Stories duration. 15 seconds.

Ordinary stories “live” for only 24 hours, and then are moved to the archive. This feature first appeared in 2016 and has become very relevant among Instagram users. Thanks to this, it is actively developed and refined.

For example, in 2018, it became possible to archive stories, create eternal stories, add animated gifs and change fonts.

Experienced story owners use stories wisely and get the most out of them. As statistics show, interaction with users using Instagram Stories increases activity by up to 30%. And this is a significant increase, we agree?

Instagram stories: what they are, what types they are, how to make them, post them, delete or hide them

Hello everyone! Stories on Instagram are a very useful tool, with which you can not only tell subscribers about your life and communicate with them, but also beautifully design your profile.

Many people ignore this function and lose in reach and activity, which is not very pleasant, especially when the page is just developing and each view is a potential purchase and a new subscriber.

Today I will tell you about what an Instagram story is, how to post, delete and edit them. Ready? Then let’s get started.

Possible problems when creating stories

In this section, I will tell you about the most popular problems that users have with Instagram Stories. And I will also show you possible solutions.

How to make beautiful Instagram Stories

It’s time to get creative by adding artwork to your posts. The first tool we’ll look at is called masks. The latter are animal ears, various crowns or virtual glasses.

Turn on camera mode, rotate the camera, and select the smiley icon. Several photos of masks will appear below, with the help of which a beautiful story is created.

Markers let you paint freehand motifs J Take a photo, then check the marker icon at the top of the frame.

Work on the width of the virtual cyst. Play with the size by moving the slider in the vertical plane. To set a color, first hold down the hue display, then select a suitable visual design from Spectra.

Before uploading Stories to Instagram, it is useful to go through the eraser to make the content expressive. The tool comes in handy when the picture has a solid background. In the Story Editor, tap on the marker image and start creating bright images.

How to share Instagram Stories from your phone

Before posting Stories on Instagram, let’s talk about the recommended frequency of new content creation. It is optimal to load the following number of stories:

  • from 3 to 5 Stories every day, if the follower base has not exceeded 5 thousand people;
  • when there are twice as many followers, then the number of Stories can be increased to 7 pieces per day;
  • from 10 to 15 publications, we advise you to post if there are more than 10 thousand virtual friends.

Note that the placement of photos or videos from different operating systems does not differ in technology. Similar functions, commands and interface. The difference lies in the use of third-party applications on a specific operating system.

How to upload Instagram Stories

Let’s describe the “trick” that allows you to archive the material under discussion. Yes, users are free to do so that the Stories are not erased without a trace, and after a day they fall into the repository.

To commit automatic archiving:

  • go to the phone configuration;
  • tap “History settings”;
  • in the “Save” group, activate the “Save to archive” slider.

How To Repost Autoplay Video On Instagram Story (iPhone & Android). Fixed

To send Stories from the archive to selected subscribers, follow the instructions:

  • go to the archive (dial icon with an arrow);
  • tap on the fragment of interest;
  • tap the “Share” label at the bottom of the display;
  • specify followers who have been awarded to view Stories;
  • follow further instructions of the site.

How to post Stories on Instagram (section “Relevant”)?

  • after posting the material, the “Select” icon will appear at the bottom of the window. tap the button;
  • click the “Add to actual” button;
  • select the folders where the content will fit;
  • give a name;
  • edit the cover.

How to post a story on Instagram from your phone: step-by-step instructions

How to make a Story on Instagram, we will analyze in the current article. Since this format of materials opens the door to observing the changes in the life of the profile owner. A kind of unofficial part, which has no place in the Feed, but which is capable of stirring up the interest of followers to the profile.

Stories. short videos (maximum duration. 15 seconds) or photos that are deleted a day after publication. The use of stories is gaining momentum right now.

When a person prepares content for posting on the Feed, little things are processed. However, the format of interaction with subscribers through Stories is tacitly devoid of scrupulous “polishing”.

Let’s see how to keep snapshots deleted after 24 hours. It’s about Stories Highlights and archiving. Thanks to such services of the official client, monitoring of Stories is available, which are broadcast under a strict time limit.

How to add a post to Stories

Thinking about pasting multiple Stories together? However, there is no need to carry out such a transformation. The application automatically forms a line from the content published by the user.

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As you add another Story to Instagram, remember about the function of involuntary saving of the uploaded stories. With Highlights, content is no longer lost on the servers of the media platform, but is available in the specified section of the personal page.

But Stories albums also open up other opportunities for Instagram members:

  • building content in a specific order, by analogy with the initially posted stories;
  • option to add special elements to all Highlights windows.


With the technical part sorted out, it’s time to talk about how to upload Instagram Stories. Click on one of the labels at the bottom of the display:

  • touching the words “Your Story” means that everyone has access;
  • “Best friends”. viewing rights are given to privileged members of the media platform;
  • if you tap “Recipients”, it becomes possible to select people that are free to monitor the publication on the iPhone from Direct.

Click on the gear icon to get to the Stories configuration. Activating the window shown in the screenshot allows you to customize the interaction of fans with the “filed” photos:

  • hide content from outsiders;
  • allow to leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев;
  • regulate word of mouth in relation to stories;
  • autosave frames in the Camera Roll;
  • reposts.

How to add Instagram Stories from Gallery

If you run the official client of the photo hosting, the Feed is shown first, which is what we need now.

  • tap on the “Your story” button at the top left;
  • tap the “Gallery” icon in the lower left corner of the window (rounded square);
  • when you are at a loss with which Story to post on Instagram from the Gallery, tap on the icon shown in the picture;
  • a drop-down menu will be displayed, where mark the directory for storing images;
  • click on a suitable picture. you will see a frame with an edit;
  • place 2 fingers on the screen and spread them apart if you intend to increase the detail. The reverse action, which is to reduce the viewing area, involves pinching the fingers;
  • adjust the position of the post on the screen. Similarly, touch the photo with your fingers and drag to an arbitrary place;
  • tap on “Your Story” to insert content into your Instagram profile.

From android

  • Tap on your header profile photo. An alternative option is to swipe to the right in the Ribbon;
  • after the done manipulations, proceed to the publication design. One way is to shoot fresh content with a portable camera;
  • real time mode allows you to generate new posts on Android through several schemes of the shooting device:
  • to create a masterpiece of photographic art, select normal mode by clicking on the round white button at the bottom of the frame;
  • to capture the moment of life on the video, make a long tap on the white button. If necessary, adjust the size of the picture by moving your fingers. Release the clamped circle when the shooting of a specific fragment is completed;
  • the blogger’s services are available to change the angle to the camera for selfies and vice versa, to shoot the world around;
  • an additional option, located also to the right of the large button, is the overlay of masks;
  • on the left side of the shooting activation icon there is another pair of buttons:
  • flash control;
  • the ability to connect library materials.
  • How to post a photo on Instagram without losing quality and without borders

    How to post a photo on Instagram without losing quality? Unfortunately, this issue remains relevant for active users of social networks, despite the fact that the developers eliminate many inconveniences with each new application update. Thus, it is far from always possible to load a picture while maintaining the original size or quality characteristics. But there are methods by which it is still possible to take a photo in good quality.

    For iPhone

    Most of the specialized programs and options for the iPhone allow you to get high-quality content without specialized editing skills. Among the best ones are:

    • CLRZR. The software is provided free of charge and has an easy-to-edit interface. It will help not only to preserve the original quality without cropping, but also improve the already damaged image.
    • Prisma. The software is also provided free of charge. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it helps to change not only the quality, but also the artistic component of the composition, it can turn a picture into a work of art. Cropping and editing is also possible here if needed.
    • Trigraphy. The high quality of the picture can be achieved here not only by mechanical means. Special effects add additional load to the content, visually making it more “expensive” and interesting.

    It is not necessary to use special applications to enhance your photos. This can be done by setting the preset camera settings. To do this, you will need to change the parameters to more acceptable at your discretion, after clicking the corresponding menu item.

    To change the resolution of an already finished picture, you need to go to its settings. This will require:

    • Open the “Photos” application and select the photo of interest.
    • Press the “change” button.
    • Make the necessary changes (add text, crop, enlarge, rotate, etc.).
    • Click on the stick icon shown in the upper right corner to compare the old photo and the already changed painting. Save changes.

    The original photo is also saved for the convenience of the user, so in the future you can choose the most suitable option for publishing and viewing.

    No loss of quality

    It is almost impossible to post content without changing the initial parameters and sizes, since the social network publishes records only after endowing them with its own characteristics. Accordingly, the positive properties of photographs begin to suffer from this. This can be seen especially clearly when magnified. It is only possible to save the situation and minimize losses using the built-in Instagram settings. The service application technology is also described above.

    No white borders

    If previously it was impossible to post full-format content without borders on Instagram, today this problem is in the past. How to post a photo on Instagram without cropping and without borders is described above. But in order to use this instruction, you must first make sure that the phone supports the options and allows you to use the latest software update.

    Why Instagram cuts photos when posting a lot

    Many netizens complain that the software has cropped a lot of uploaded photos and degraded their performance. This happens for the following reasons:

    • the original dimensions do not fit within the scope of the placement possibilities;
    • the user initially set the image processing properties in the software that were inconvenient for publication;
    • the amount of memory occupied by the photo is too large (especially if it is closely related to the size of the post).

    In other cases, users can independently select the width and height of the post directly during posting. All of this is especially true for iOS. But how to upload a photo to Instagram without cropping it for android? The scheme for preparing a post in this case looks almost the same. First, you need to make sure all the Instagram settings are suitable for publication.

    How to post a story on Instagram from your phone

    To add stories directly from a mobile device, you will need:

    • Go to Instagram and swipe the screen to the right (how to swipe, read the link);
    • The screen for adding your new story will open:
    • Then either take a new photo by clicking on the white circle, or upload content from your own gallery.
    • Please note: in Stories, when taking new photos, you can adjust the flash, switch to selfie, and also choose a mask for it.
    • How to create video stories on Instagram? Actually, exactly the same: open your media library and select the video you need.

    Both videos and photos in Stories can be quite interesting to design: by swiping to the right and left filters are selected, and tapping on the icons on the top right opens the ability to add:

    • Stickers, both regular and gif;
    • Drawings;
    • Text;
    • Links. but only for business accounts with more than 10 thousand subscribers.

    For videos, there is also an additional option to leave the sound in the publication or turn it off.

    How to add multiple Instagram Stories

    You don’t need to glue anything. Everything is simple here: we make one story, then a second, then a third. and the materials will automatically be lined up and displayed one after another. The main thing is to wait until the previous stories are fully loaded before adding the next one, this is very important. Stories will be displayed in the order of loading: first, the first added, at the end. the most recent.

    How to add eternal Stories to Instagram? I have a separate article about this, you can read it here.

    How else can you post stories on Instagram

    Cons: you can upload only photos, there is no built-in editor, they have to be cropped and processed in advance to make them look good.

    You can use the SMMplanner service: the service is paid, but it has a trial period, and as a gift during registration, the user receives 50 notes as a gift. By the way, they are charged every month. One video or photo uploaded to Stories will be considered a post. All basic photo editing functions are available, as well as filters, frames, stickers, various brushes and blur.

    Well, of course, as an option, you can post a story on Instagram from a computer using emulators such as Nox or BlueStacks: this way, on a PC, you get a kind of screen smartphone. There it will already be possible to do everything: upload photos, videos, change the profile, respond in direct, even delete an account.

    How to add a story to Instagram?

    When, in 2016, Instagram suddenly began to lose ground to the American Snapchat, yielding to it both in traffic and in the audience, it was then that Instagram Stories were born. Although a lot of time has passed since that moment, many users still do not know how to add a story to Instagram and what else can be done with this cool type of content. We will talk about this today in this article.

    How to post stories on Instagram

    As you will see now, there are several ways to add stories to Instagram. here you can choose which one is more convenient. We will understand each one, clarify the pros and cons.

    How to add a story to Instagram from a computer

    The site of the application has an insultingly limited functionality: there you can edit your profile and view other people’s pages, no more. It’s easy to watch someone’s stories from a PC, but adding them will take a little tinkering.

    • The first way is to install the official Instagram program on your computer. It works on the basis of Windows, while having ALL the capabilities of a mobile application.

    An icon will appear on the right in the browser. it will activate the Instagram mode. We open it and select a suitable emulator that will allow the effective use of the account. For example, Android. KitKat. Then go to the official Instagram website and log into your profile: you will immediately see the difference.

    At this stage, you can already share photos in the feed: click, in fact, the camera icon and select the picture. At the bottom of the screen there will be editing functions, filters are also there. To upload a story to Instagram from a computer, you need to have ready-made content on your PC. Click on the house at the bottom left, and then on the icon at the top. The extension will tell you to rotate the device. Here you will need to narrow the window or try the combination Ctrl-Alt-left arrow. Then publish by clicking on “Add”.

    How to add a photo to Instagram from your phone

    This can be done in two ways, either directly from the insta itself, or already from the device’s image gallery. Before uploading pictures to the feed, make sure you have an Internet connection. Otherwise, everything is saved with all the settings, but publication will become possible only when the phone goes online.

    From android

    Read the instructions on how to upload a photo to Instagram directly from the application if your device runs on the Android platform:

    • Upload your Instagram.
    • Tap on the plus sign in the middle of the visa.
    • Select the desired file, if it is located in the proposed folder (by default, it is “Gallery”), or go to another folder by clicking on the black triangle at the top of the screen next to the name of the current folder.
    • We make a choice, for this you need to left-click on the desired image.
    • We crop, make a collage or add more images using the buttons that appear.
    • Touching the item “Next” from the top right.
    • In the next menu, select either a ready-made filter, or the edit item, where there are many tools for refinement.
    • Activate the “Next” button again.
    • The window that appears makes it possible to insert a signature, geolocation, make the same publication in other social networks.
    • As a result, using the “Share” button we complete the creation of the post.
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    You can also upload your works inside the Gallery. This is the simple method that many people prefer. To do this, select the file and do the following:

    • Click on the Share icon at the top of the screen.
    • In the drop-down menu, select the Instagram icon, select the feed.
    • In the window that opens under the name “New Post”, make a crop (round icon at the bottom left) and poke on the arrow at the top right.
    • Edit pictures by applying a filter or going to the “Edit” tab.
    • Tap the “Next” button located at the top right.
    • Sign, come up with tags, apply the settings suggested by the program, if it is included in your plans, and select “Share”.

    In this way, you can lay out both vertical and horizontal images. In the first case, it is important not to use the trim function. On the contrary, you need to cancel it by clicking on the circle with two brackets (on the left under the picture) once.

    How to upload a photo to Instagram: from phone and computer

    Initially, the Instagram image-sharing service was invented for mobile devices, therefore, questions of how to add a photo to Instagram on the phone are easier to solve. But from a computer it initially seems unclear how to be, however, for this there are various ways, of which you can always give preference to the most acceptable in each case. Thus, users have many options to share their pictures. From a smartphone, you can publish a picture instantly, literally right away, as soon as it was taken. But from the computer it is possible to download high-quality files obtained, for example, by a DSLR camera and processed by powerful editors installed on the PC.


    On iOS, there are also two ways to add a photo to Instagram:

    • Being in
    • From film.
    • Open and log in to Instagram.
    • Touch the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
    • Pick up pictures or videos from the proposed ones, or find in other places by clicking on the black arrow at the top next to the name of the current folder.
    • Edit images with the tools offered by the service.
    • Download them by clicking “Share“.
    • Turn on the Photos app.
    • Select photos.
    • Click on the icon with the image of a square and an arrow.
    • In the proposed list, tap on the Instagram icon. If it is not there, click the three dots at the end of the list of all applications and open access to the Inatagram service.
    • Edit the photo, sign and insert more data that the program will offer.
    • Use the Share button.

    How to add an Instagram photo to an already published post

    If the post has already been published, then it is no longer possible to replenish it with new materials. An existing publication can be edited, but only the signature and location can be changed. To do this, select the photo to be edited in your profile, click on the three dots to the upper right of it and select Edit. After that, you can edit the signature, add or change the location.

    There is also no way to add new photos for the carousel. Even their order is set during publication, which then cannot be changed. This can only be done by deleting them and republishing them. You can add pictures only to Stories. a temporary post that will be deleted after 24 hours.

    How to record Instagram stories

    The procedure is carried out in several steps:

    • Go to the mobile application Instagram, at the top there is an avatar, next to the button “Stories”.
    • To add new Stories, click the “Your Story” button, which is shown in the screenshot.
    • The standard camera window will appear. One click. take a photo, hold the shutter. record a video.
    • You can view the result, apply filters or add a description. Click on the “Aa” button to tag the user on the photo.
    • Supplement the story with different pictures and videos, after 24 it will be deleted from the moment it started.
    • Pay attention to the “Save” button, the finished history can be sent to the phone’s memory. True, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes will not be visible.

    You can follow the stories from the top panel. Also, the story will appear if you click on the user’s avatar. The social network allows you to make several Stories, users will be able to switch between stories.

    We figured out how to write a Story on Instagram. The new mode delighted the Instagram audience, as can be seen in the number of stories in each feed. It is especially important for business profiles to use this feature in order to appear in the feed of their subscribers as often as possible. Now it’s worth moving on to the musical question.

    How to record Instagram Stories with music

    Have you come across in the “Stories” feed with background sound, for example, with a popular song? Study our material and you can do the same stories on Insta on Apple smartphones and tablets. We will also tell you how to record an Instagram story if this is your first time getting to know a unique tool.

    You take a few pictures, record short videos, add emojis, masks and text, and then post them all together to your account. that is Stories. Your subscribers will be able to watch the pleasant moments in life. When creating a story, the corresponding icon will appear in the top header; we will not publish in the profile or general feed.

    Now you can forget about spamming photos in the followers’ feed, they will see everything in a separate window. The function was introduced by the developers for more comfortable communication, you show interesting moments in real time. Each story “lives” for 24 hours, and then is deleted from the server. First, let’s figure out how to make “Stories”.

    How to record Instagram Stories

    Now the owners of iPhones have such an opportunity, the recording must be carried out without headphones, otherwise you will only hear the sounds of the shooting. Follow these simple instructions and in a few minutes you will be able to publish your musical story:

    • On your Apple gadget, you need to open any application that can play audio files in the background. For example, you can take the official VK client or a regular program for the iOS operating system.
    • You can add music only to the video included in the story. Play the desired track.
    • The music is playing, head over to the Instagram app and switch to Stories mode. You can also click on the camera icon. it is located in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • In the window that opens, you should swipe down to get to the “Control Center”. Here we select the tab with the player, which we included in the second step.
    • Unpause the track when you decide to shoot. Done, now you have background music.
    • It remains only to post a new story using the appropriate button.

    With devices running on the Android operating system, this method does not work, perhaps the readers know how to work it out. The variant with the “apple” technique works one hundred percent, which was tested in November 2021.

    You can also watch someone else’s story recorded in the same way. background music will sound. The Instagram developers have not yet decided to add a full-fledged audio accompaniment, as it is done in the standard utility on the iPhone. Perhaps new updates will fix this moment, and we will not have to use third-party programs.

    Autoposting services

    Some auto-posting services on social media support posting stories to Instagram. Try:

    However, in most services, the function of publishing stories is only to upload a photo or video. From the above list, only Parasite and SMMplanner support more or less advanced design: add text or gif, see how the story will look after publication.

    Note! In order not to mess with the size of the picture, save yourself our cheat sheet for the size of pictures for social networks.

    How to make an Instagram story from your phone

    The easiest way is to post your story to Instagram via the mobile app. You will need the official Instagram app, download it from the Play Market or the App Store. We install, log in or register, draw up a profile if necessary.

    Modes and effects for shooting Instagram stories

    Instagram has more and more functions for decorating stories: effects, shooting modes, elements that can be used to decorate a story. I’ll tell you in order about all these functions.

    The shooting effects are a row of circles at the bottom near the shooting button. To the right of it are preset effects, to the left are those you added. How to add an effect, I’ll tell you further.

    Effects create a background, add snow or hearts to videos and photos, and change the color of the frame or face in the frame

    Each of the circles will add a visual or sound effect to the photo or video you shoot through the app. Many of them are interactive: for example, masks that are superimposed on the user’s face and change along with facial expressions.

    Interactive masks react to your facial expressions and change with it

    • When editing, you can reset the effect by clicking on the cross above the circle. Then go back to the top of the list. Convenient not to scroll to the beginning.
    • You can add new effects to yourself. To do this, scroll through the filters to the end. there will be a magnifying glass icon that will take you to the gallery. You can also add a filter from someone else’s story, just click on its name. The added filters will be displayed to the left of the capture button.

    Shooting modes are icons on the left. With their help, you can create another fun effect for, for example, a looping video boomerang or video with a zoom.

    Shooting mode options. This is not the entire list. expand it by clicking on the arrow below

    • Text. text, GIF or sticker on a colored background. Quick option to create a poll, poll or wish someone a happy birthday.
    • Boomerang. short loop video.
    • Collage. several photos on one screen. Here you can combine materials: remove something from the application, and select something from the gallery on your phone.
    • Shooting from multiple sources. shooting several stories in a row, each one can be applied with different effects.
    • Level. a grid to align the camera when shooting. This mode can be combined with any from the list.
    • Photo booth. video of four rotating shots.
    • Superzoom. Auto Zoom Video.
    • Hands free. a mode for shooting long videos in stories. With it, you do not need to record each story separately: just turn on the mode and shoot as much as you need.

    This is what the “Text” mode looks like.

    How To Share Another Person’s Story On Instagram (and posts)

    Some modes have additional settings. For example, in a collage, you can select several grid options, and in a photo booth, an imitation of different photographic film.

    How to make an Instagram story from your phone and computer

    In this article, I’ll show you how to make an Instagram story and show you how to post a story from your phone or computer. Let’s see all the functions of the story editor. I’m sure you did not know about some of them.

    How to post a story on Instagram

    Stories publishing settings are located under the gear in the upper left corner. Here you can choose:

    • people who won’t see your stories;
    • close friends, so that if you want to show stories only to them;
    • who can react to your stories;
    • whether to save your stories and live broadcasts and where;
    • whether other people will be able to share your stories;
    • whether it is necessary to automatically publish your story also on (for this you need to link Instagram and).
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    Customize your stories to show them where you need them and only to those who need them

    There are three options for posting: upload to everyone, upload to friends list, send by private message.

    • “Share for everyone”. the story will immediately appear in the general list, and all your subscribers will see it, except those added to the black list.
    • “Publish to Friends”. the story will also appear in the Stories Feed, but only those whom you added to the list of close friends will see it.
    • “Recipients”. go to the list of your subscribers. There will be everyone to whom you can send a private message.

    Three options for sending stories

    How to edit Instagram Stories

    When you have removed the material or selected it from the gallery, the final editing will take place. You can add an effect, text, stickers and gifs to a story, draw something and add a link.

    How To Share Someones Instagram Story To Your Story

    I will show you how to edit an Instagram story using different functions.

    Color filter. It can be changed by moving your finger to the right and left. Just scroll to the matching filter.

    To apply a color filter, swipe left or right on the screen until you find the one you want.

    Effects. a button with a smiley face and two asterisks. Here they are similar to shooting effects. there are also masks, filters with snowflakes, with color changes, and so on.

    Please note. if you have already used an effect when shooting, you cannot add an additional effect when editing a video or photo, so that they do not conflict. You just won’t have a button to add an effect.

    In the option on the right, I used the frost effect when shooting, so there is no button to apply an additional effect.

    Link is a button with a chain link. On a personal account, you can only add a link to a video from your IGTV. You can add external links on the author or business account, but provided that the audience is more than 10,000 subscribers.

    Button to add a link

    Download. arrow button. With its help, you can download the story that you got to your phone.

    If you want to save the result to your phone, click on the arrow

    A sticker or GIF is a curved rectangle icon. Through this button you can add a so-called sticker, also known as a sticker. Using a sticker, you can beautifully design a hashtag, mark a geolocation or another account, make a test, vote or poll. The element can be made larger or smaller and rotated, filled with your own text. If you need to delete an added item, drag it to the bottom of the screen, where the trash can icon appears.

    The sticker will help you make a beautiful hashtag and at the same time suggest popular options

    Here you can also find a GIF, they are pulled from the Giphy service. Click the GIF button with a magnifying glass, select a GIF from the list, or search by keyword.

    Choose GIFs from the list or search for the ones you need by keywords

    You can also take a photo and attach it as a sticker, for this press the button with the camera. Take a photo and just like with a sticker or gif, adjust the size, tilt and place.

    A sticker with a camera icon is needed to add another photo to the photo

    Marker. With the help of a marker, you can draw something on the story. There are several types of lines and eraser, you can select the thickness and color of the marker.

    We select the type of mowing line, color, thickness and draw directly on the video or photo

    Text. Write the text you want and edit. There are three options here. Left aligns text to the edge or center. The middle one is responsible for changing the font or its color. Right. adds effects to the font.

    Life hack. To quickly add text, click anywhere in the editor. A window for adding text will open.

    Please note: when you move elements on the story, the editor shows guides along the edges. It is better not to step behind them, otherwise the element may be partially hidden. for example, your avatar will close it in the upper left corner.

    Guides are shown when you drag an element to the edge of the screen

    Sound. If you shot a video with sound, there will be an additional button to turn it off.

    If you need to mute the video, click the speaker icon

    That’s all the settings. Now you can proceed to the publication.

    Important! Read our article about the features and interesting tips of Instagram stories. we talked about invisible stickers, templates to save time, delayed posting and other useful things.

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    How to shoot a story on Instagram

    There are three ways to go to the Instagram story creation window. The first is to click on the plus icon in the bottom bar of the app. The second is to go to the main page (section with the house icon) and click on the circle with your avatar.

    Buttons that will display the story editor

    The third way is to pull the main page to the right.

    Pulling the screen to the right will also open the story creation window.

    In all three ways, you go to a window from which you can create not only a story, but also a post, and also start a live broadcast:

    From one editor you can create a post, story or start a live stream

    In the story, you can post a ready-made photo or video, or take them directly from this window. To select premade content, click on the square gallery icon in the lower left corner.

    Through the icon in the lower left corner, you can go to the media gallery on your phone and select files from there

    You can select one file or several at once, to do this, click the “Select several” button, it looks like two superimposed squares.

    This is what the Select Multiple button looks like

    If you need to remove material, use the round button at the bottom center. To take a photo, click on it. To shoot a video. pinch and hold as much as necessary. A colored strip will run along the edge of the button: one full circle of it is equal to one full story duration. This will help you fit the video at the right time.

    Hold the button to take a video. Press shortly to take a photo

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    Make your Stories more diverse. learn how to upload videos

    Methods for adding video to Stories. Description of actions for android and iPhone. Additional options for processing content before adding. How to choose or shoot the right video that Instagram will approve.

    Not everyone knows that you can add video to a story. But this way of presenting information is very beneficial. Many facts will be provided in a short time. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to have basic skills in using a social network.

    The instructions below will help you complete your intended task. By working this way, you diversify your account.

    From android

    Most of the people use the social network with the participation of Android. It’s easy to upload videos to your Instagram story on it. It is enough to fill in a small sequence of actions and repeat it each time before uploading the video to the story on Instagram. Together with the shooting, this process will take no more than 2-3 minutes.

    By creating regular posts with the participation of such files, you will enrich your account and attract other people to it.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to add videos to Instagram Stories:

    • Open your mobile app.
    • In the upper left corner there is a function with which new stories are added.
    • Then the editor will open.
    • When this happens, approve the geolocation access.
    • Turn on your microphone. The application will ask for it itself. Make sure it is not obstructed by your hand, case or clothing.
    • There will be a recording circle in the middle of the screen. It involves working in a conventional vision.
    • Click on it and hold it. The recording will last no longer than 60 seconds. If you want to finish early, just release the screen.
    • After shooting, the system will open an editor that will allow you to change anything. You have a chance to crop the footage, apply a lot of filters, captions and edit the content at your discretion.

    This way of serving is distinguished by simplicity and convenience. This method gets to work more than once a day.

    How to add multiple videos to Stories

    If you are wondering how to add multiple items to the feed, know that this is real. For implementation, use the following algorithm:

    • Once logged into the social network, select a scheme to add a new one.
    • When the camera opens, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
    • In the upper left corner there will be “Gallery”. This is the file folder.
    • In the right corner there will be a function “Select multiple”.
    • Scroll through the full suggestion to see all.
    • Tap on the desired squares, even if there are many.
    • Each individual file can be edited, even if there are many of them. to attach a frame, labels, geolocation or many filters to it. If necessary, mark the people there.
    • If you want, attach a lot of polls or polls. It is also possible to decorate with many emoticons or stickers.
    • When editing is over, click “Next”.
    • After that, select the function of sending to the page. Additionally, you can send the result to one of your friends or to many.
    • Done!

    Now you know how to add multiple files at one time. With this method, you can diversify your feed and attract the attention of subscribers.

    How to add an already recorded video to Instagram Stories

    Sometimes there is a need to download already created content. Instructions on how to add a video to Instagram Stories if it has already been filmed:

    • Open your standard app.
    • Find a feature that allows you to publish.
    • When you get to the post creation function, swipe down.
    • This opens access to everything that has been added to the phone in the last 24 hours.
    • Find what you need from the options offered.
    • Download.
    • Done!

    This option is only suitable for content published on this unit within the last 24 hours. If the film was shot later, it will not be possible to use it in this method. It will not be shown in the gallery for selection. Therefore, if you do not shoot immediately for publication, do not delay with the location. This way you cannot bypass the system

    The same requirements apply to the new parameters. The duration must be up to 60 seconds (this is already a lot), otherwise the video will simply give an error. If the selected option exceeds the limit, cut it artificially.

    How to post a video to Instagram in Stories from your phone

    Regulations from Instagram clearly formulate the requirements for uploaded material. You can familiarize yourself with them on the official page. The system will skip most video files if they meet the following parameters:

    • does not contain prohibited materials;
    • has a duration from 3 to 60 seconds (this is already a lot);
    • captured right before upload.

    Before uploading a video to Instagram in a story, you should shoot it using the application methods. There are three methods that he favors. Their features are described in the table.

    No. Method Features of the
    one Normal With such a survey, for its implementation, it is necessary to click on the recording detail and hold it throughout the entire time. If you release it, it automatically stops working.
    2 Boomerang Shoots looped clips for 2 seconds duration. Combining them produces a ring effect.
    3 Free hands It allows you not to hold the key with your hands. Convenient for those who plan to show something in the video and be present on their own.

    The most popular is the usual one. You will find more options in the application settings. But in practice, it is clear that these three are quite enough to achieve the desired goal.