How to set up wink on Smart TV

Retro games in Cody

From the 18th version of the player, it is possible to play retro games in the application. The program supports various plugins and connects to gamepads. Get together with friendly companies and spend time playing games from childhood. Games in demand among 2048 users, Bomberman, ScummVM emulator.

Switch the system to Russian and change the keyboard layout

  • Launch the “Main Menu” and click on the “Gears” icon.
  • Click on the Interface item.
  • In the “Region” section, change the language from English to Russian or any other.
  • Repeat the procedure with the layout.

Setting up IPTV in Kodi 18

To set up IPTV in Kodi 18/19, you will need:

  • Open the “Settings” folder, then the “additions” item. Click on the “Download from repository” line. Click on a specific repository.
  • In the list, select “PVR Clients”.
  • Now find the line called PVR IPTV Simple Client and download.
  • Right-click on the item “Add-ons Settings”.
  • Enter information gradually and check if the data is correct. Select “Local network”, mp3 format and “Ok”.
  • Restart the application and open the “TV Channels” section.

How to set up IPTV viewing in Kodi 18/19 on Smart TV?

Don’t know “How to set up IPTV viewing in Kodi 18/19 media player?”. It is worth starting with the fact that Cody is a media player for watching movies, TV shows, clips and other media content. The application is suitable for all brands of TVs. In addition, it can be installed on a personal computer, gadget or tablet. The utilities are versatile with a simple interface. Everyone will figure out how to install and configure the plugin. Detailed instructions are posted below.

How to install plugins?

The developers offer several types of add-ons. Official and third-party plugins are available to users. The first ones are produced by Kodi and are suitable for all models of TVs, smartphones and set-top boxes. The second category was created by regular users. They are difficult to activate on the program.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

To connect the plugin, you need to purchase a repository. After installing it, follow the steps:

  • run the line called “Download from repository”;
  • click on the downloaded files;
  • in the window that opens, click on one of the video add-ons and click on “Install”;

Adding OTTPlayer to Kodi

OTP player is a universal widget for installation on any device. Regardless of the operating system, it is installed on every device. This add-on is easy to connect, downloads playlist from the Internet and is fast. The main advantages of the utility:

  • has division into categories according to the interests of users;
  • reproduces quickly and efficiently;
  • Supports popular playlist.

What are add-ons (addons) for Kodi?

Add-ons are small applications running on the platform of the same name. With the help of them, it is possible to perform many actions. Users can watch various TV channels, study the weather in a city or country, and play games on a console.

wink, smart


The first step in the installation is to change the language from English to Russian. Follow the directions:

  • click on the “Settings” section (the “gear” icon on the left side);
  • then select the line “Interface setting”, after the item “Regional”;
  • next to the “Language” mark, select “Russian”.

The main parameters are entered. Next, the program is programmed by default.

How to use Rostelecom app on Samsung Smart TV

Rostelecom is a telecommunications company that provides home Internet services, mobile communications, as well as digital and interactive television. Currently, for fans of television viewing, providers provide more and more functions for maximum comfort. You can use Rostelecom’s application for Samsung and LG Smart TVs, which the company has released for the most convenient viewing of TV programs and movies. Consider the capabilities of this program for Samsung TVs.

Compatible with Samsung TV models

The application from Rostelecom is available for TVs from 2012 release. Samsung TVs are equipped with Tizen or Orsay operating systems. The list of supported models is quite extensive, although there are models, especially on the Orsay platform from 2012 to 2014, that were not included in the list of supported, for example TB750 / 550, BD-F8900 / F8909 / F8500 / F8509 / F6900, UH6500 / 6510/6600 / 6700/7000 and others. As for the Vink application, it was developed for Samsung Smart-TV on Tizen OS from 2013 to 2018.

Application features

Any application is created to make the use of Internet resources more convenient. The concept of interactive television (IPTV) has come into use relatively recently and is only gaining momentum among the user audience. This type of TV viewing assumes the ability to control playback of available resources. That is, you can pause, skip, or even record the video content you are watching.

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To connect Interactive TV, Rostelecom needs a special set-top box, and for greater convenience, a program can be installed. Viewing on Smart TV without a set-top box is not possible. Previously, the program was called Zabava, like the portal of the same name for viewing IPTV. Later the application became known as Interactive TV. Everything about this service can be viewed on the website

Now, if you decide to download ZABAVA, you need to enter “Vink” in the search. If you want to reinstall or update an existing old application, you also need to take into account that the new version of Interactive TV will no longer be available. And to replace it, he will have to install Wink. Rostelecom’s Smart-TV widget provides access to all site functionality. And for Samsung TVs, this means:

  • the presence of more than 200 channels of any subject;
  • the ability to download new, recently released films at an affordable price;
  • excellent content quality;
  • choice of any films, TV series, etc.;
  • video content management: rewind, archive, pause;
  • online and recorded TV shows;
  • multiscreen. the ability to view on different screens. This saves the point where playback was stopped. For example, you started watching TV at home, or you can continue watching on your tablet while traveling. That is, one account can be used on 5 different devices. Installation of interactive TV on a smartphone and any other device is possible.

Support for Interactive TV ended in October 2018. Now in Google Play or AppStore you need to enter into the search: Wink or Wink. You can also follow the links on Vinca’s website.

Installation and configuration

To watch IPTV, you will need to download the Interactive TV application. After that, you need to do the following:

  • configure (if not configured) Internet connection on TV;
  • go to Samsung Apps;
  • find and download Interactive TV (currently only Vink widget is available);
  • after installation, the program will be on the desktop, to use it, just run it.

To configure Rostelecom on TV Smart, after downloading the application, you will need to register. All you need is an email and password. You can also log in through the social network account. Odnoklassniki, or MailRu. After confirming the registration, you will need to specify your region. No additional settings are required, everything is very simple and accessible.

In any case, if you have any questions or difficulties, it is better to contact Support at the hotline number 8 800 100 08 00. But sometimes the following problems may arise with the application:

  • the program does not start or crashes. The hardware resources of the TV may be insufficient. In this case, you need to close other open widgets. You can try to update the TV firmware version;
  • channels are not shown. Perhaps it’s the time zone; you need to check the appropriate time and date setting;
  • error opening some channels. Perhaps the problem is in the time zone. Also make sure to pay for the service package.

If problems occur frequently, it is recommended that you reinstall the application. Resetting the TV to the factory settings can also help. Also check the quality of your internet connection.

Prefix for working with the application

After concluding an agreement with Rostelecom, you will receive a special set-top box for receiving IPTV services in the set of additional equipment. Now let’s look at how to install an Interactive TV Rostelecom and how to connect a Rostelecom receiver to a TV. Depending on the model of the receiver, you need to connect it to the Internet. This can be done directly or through a router, or wired or wirelessly. After that, the set-top box connects to the TV.

Most often this is done via HDMI ports (the best option), but with other connectors, another connection is possible. Next, it is important to select the “AV” mode on the TV and the signal source, that is, the port through which the connection to the set-top box is made. After connecting, the Rostelecom splash screen should appear on the TV screen. This process may take some time. Then the system will ask for a username and password to enter. Usually this data is indicated in the user agreement. After the identification is completed, you can use the interactive TV.

Now you can download the Interactive TV application. It is curious that the application itself can work without a prefix. However, without this device, you will not get access to IPTV.

After you have managed to configure the application, you can simply turn off the receiver, since viewing will be possible without it.

As for the set-top box itself, the company offers several models, so you should choose in accordance with your preferences and TV capabilities.

Thus, the application from Rostelecom for viewing interactive television provides many advantages to its users: managing video content, watching all kinds of films, TV shows, serials in excellent quality without advertising, as well as viewing anywhere and anytime thanks to the Multiscreen function. Apps are available for any device for free. The widget is suitable for Samsung TV models from 2012 release.

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about the Wink service

These days, you don’t need to connect satellite dishes to a receiver or install analog receivers on roofs. All you need to do is connect to a wired or wireless Internet, and you can watch any TV programs in your mobile or Smart TV. The online service Wink provides us with this opportunity. The cinema works only on the territory of Russia. In some countries, services are limited. To check if you have the ability to connect to it to watch on TV, visit the main page

To use the service, users will need to register. In the process, you must use a phone number or email. The creators of Wink promise to soon support interactive TV accounts.

To start watching new movies and programs, you need to download a free application for TV, phone, set-top box, log in with your account, select the appropriate content and pay for a certain period of subscription.

A Simpler, Smarter Home: Wink Hub

Features of the Wink service: Explanation:
Free subscription period. Deadline. 30 days.
Ability to download movies to smartphone or tablet. You can watch even where there is no Internet.
Child profile. You can customize the display of only children’s content.

For each Wink subscription, we can connect up to 5 devices of different types: smartphone, Smart TV, computer, tablet. Or use 5 devices of the same type (for example, five mobile phones). They will all have access to one account. And thus, on each device we can watch any paid content we like.

How to Watch Free Wink on TV

Television is taking on a new look. Today we can watch TV channels, programs, series on our mobile phone by paying a monthly subscription. The only condition for this is the presence of the Internet. In this article, you will find out if it is possible to watch absolutely free programs and films from the Wink service on your home TV.

Is it possible to watch content for free?

Most Smart TVs have Android firmware (or OS). Thus, they are not much different from mobile phones. If you confidently use the file system and applications on your smartphone, then there will be no problems with the TV. This means that you will need to install the Wink app on a non-market TV. There is a hacked free application in which you do not need to pay for watching movies. You can download it on this forum page

To use the application, you will also need your own account in the service. Therefore, it must be created. The Wink app will not let you view any content for free. Some programs and series will remain paid. What is this. a flaw of the application owners or new, not yet studied content, is still unknown.

Registering to Wink on TV

So, to start using the Wink application, you need to visit the official website and click on the small button on the right side of the page at the top.

It serves both for authorization for those who already have accounts, and for registering new.

    You will see a form prompting you to enter your mobile phone number;

This completes the registration. You can use an email address instead of a telephone. After that, all the functions of the personal account on the website will become available.

Now we need to select the appropriate free content to watch on TV:

  • At the top are the categories: movies, series, TV shows. Choose one of them;
  • If you downloaded the app from the link from the previous section, free Wink material for your TV will be available in the selected category. If you are afraid to use third-party clients and downloaded the official one, then after choosing a movie, series or TV program, you will need to pay for the services in an accessible way;

Error while playing Rostelecom

There are also a number of errors that depend on the network flow and the Rostelecom provider. For example, an initialization error or 6000000 wink. Consider a technique for resolving such situations.

Access point change

It’s simple. go to connections, and activate another Wi-Fi. If there are no free access points for connection in the nearest range, then delete the current one, completely reset its settings and reconnect.

Error in filling out the form

Wink Rostelecom does not work if the turn-on command was sent incorrectly. To resolve the situation, restart the TV.

Reset TV

If reinstalling Smart Hub didn’t help, go to a more serious and global step. a full reset of the TV. This is an extreme measure, and is used only when other methods are powerless. Features:

  • will clear memory;
  • will remove all errors;
  • roll back the interface to the factory version;
  • will clear all user preferences.

Why Wink doesn’t work on TV: reasons

Regardless of what Smart TV you have and how old it is, there are a number of circumstances that negatively affect the work of Wink Rostelecom. The main thing is that the malfunctions are associated with improper operation of the player. Most of the channels, TV series, shows and films in Vink use special encrypted content. If the player does not read these codecs, and does not have the capacity to play the file, then an error is generated.

Resetting Smart Hub

If an error occurs in the Vink application itself, it is possible to completely reset the Smart Hub with all its presets, errors and crashes. Before resetting, check out some of the features:

  • make sure that your Smart TV is officially certified in the country;
  • copy the files stored in the device’s memory to a third-party storage device;
  • remove the flash drives from the slots.
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If Wink does not work on Smart TV, please apply Smart Hub flashing guide:

  • open the “Support” item in the main menu;
  • choose self-diagnosis;
  • there go to the Smart Hub update;
  • enter pin code (usually 0000);
  • wait for the system to process the request;
  • go to the panel with all applications, and select the “APPS” window;
  • activate the installation.

Error code 6000000 wink

This value indicates that the Internet connection has been lost. Reconnect the cable or restart the router.


Often the failure is due to outdated versions. This is solved by reinstalling the software. As of early 2021, new versions are available for Samsung Smart TV series J, K, M, N, Q, LS 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. First, find out your TV model:

  • in the instructions;
  • on the box in which the equipment was bought;
  • on the factory label, which is usually located on the back or side;
  • in the TV menu. model code.
  • take the remote control and use it to open the main menu;
  • there go to the APPS section;
  • select “Wink” from the list;
  • press the center button and hold it for 3-4 seconds until the context menu appears;
  • start reboot;
  • after the reinstallation is complete, close and open the software.

If the problem persists, go to the next step. changing the access point.

Why Wink Rostelecom does not work on TV and computer: reasons for what to do?

“Wink does not work” is a serious problem for Russian citizens. Now all the programs that users previously expected on TV can be watched anywhere using this service. The service works on any device after a simple registration. It is possible to connect up to five devices under one account for free. But if only the devices support the service. Read more about what to do if the option does not function in this article.

What to do if Wink stops working on Smart TV

If Wink does not work on Smart TV, then before proceeding with the settings, make sure that the option is connected correctly:

  • the user is registered;
  • received a promo code for using the service.

If the program still does not start and the TV displays a black screen, you must do one of the following:


  • restart the TV;
  • reinstall the program;
  • reinstall the service;
  • switch wireless network;
  • change DNS server addresses;
  • reset Smart Hub;
  • reset samsung settings.

It is necessary to fix the problem starting with the first option. And proceed to the last one only if the previous ones did not work.


If the platform stops working, suddenly restart the TV. Unplug the device from the outlet for a few minutes. Then turn it on again, reinstall Wink again. If the problem is resolved, then use the function as usual. If the situation remains the same go to the next step.


If Wink Rostelecom does not work, reinstall it. The app is only supported by TVs manufactured no later than 2015. To clarify the model and year of issue of the TV, use one of two options:

  • inspect the factory label on the back;
  • open the menu under the heading “Support”.

The item “Model code” displays the requested data.

After making sure that the TV can in principle support the function, proceed to reinstall it. Follow the established algorithm.

  • Select “APPS”.
  • Press the center button of the remote control;
  • Select the service name from the list of applications;
  • Hold the center button until an additional menu is displayed;
  • Select Reinstall.

If done correctly, the application will be reinstalled. Installation time depends on internet speed.

Resetting Smart Hub

After activating the function, the data that was connected before the error occurred is deleted. Factory reset removes previously installed programs, updates factory settings.

  • In the menu click “Support”.
  • Perform the transition “Self-diagnosis” / “Reset Smart Hub”.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Expect a few minutes of TV information processing.
  • We return to the “Main menu”.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select Wink, install it.
  • Run the application.

Before taking such drastic action, make sure that the TV is certified for the Russian Federation. If you reset the settings on a TV without a certificate, you can completely block the device.

Error while initializing the application

To fix the problem, you need to register DNS in the TV settings. Eliminating the error that is generated during application initialization involves performing the following actions described below.

  • Go to “Network” / “Network Status”.
  • Select “IP Settings”.
  • Click “DNS Settings” / “Enter Manually”.
  • In the displayed field, write, Click “Finish”.
  • Confirm the action by clicking OK.

Why Wink doesn’t work on TV: reasons

The service has only recently started functioning, so it has certain inaccuracies in its work. Often the program is under moderation to improve the technology. Now it is available for download only to residents of the Russian Federation. Access abroad is not planned. The main causes and remedies are described below.