How to set up TV with Smart TV

Setting the language

To change the language, launch Settings and open the Settings section. Scroll down and select Language input. Then open Language and set the desired language. The language is changed automatically, but some interface components will still consist of foreign words.

Remote control information

The remote control is standard. It is made of ordinary black plastic and has an oblong rectangular shape. There are control buttons in the center, buttons for entering numbers at the bottom. The remote control is intended solely for controlling and making settings after starting x96.

Installing Applications

You can install the application for the Android TV x96 set-top box from removable media, or by downloading the installation file from the Internet. To speed up the process, we recommend using the APK Installer program.

Also, the necessary applications can be installed using the Google Play service.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi

Go to settings, find Wi-Fi and open “Available networks”. Find the desired access point from the list and enter the password. If the connection is successful, the “Connected” status will appear. Sometimes a preliminary configuration of the router is required. To do this, you need to open the router menu, set channel 9 or 13 and assign the number of clients more than 3. After that, you need to restart the router and repeat the above procedure.

How to set up Smart TV Box х96

Android Smart TV Box х96 is a compact device that allows you to use your TV as a Smart TV if this function is not included in it from the factory. The set-top box comes in two configurations, which differ in the amount of RAM and permanent memory. The approximate cost of the device varies from 30 to 40.

Changing the launcher

Launcher is a system application responsible for the graphical interface that controls the x96 media player. If you do not like the standard launcher, install the application and change it.

Most often, users use Nova Launcher, which allows you to create a familiar desktop. You can install it from a Micro-SD card, or by downloading it on the Internet, directly from the set-top box. After that, you need to go to the settings, select “Home Screen” and put a checkmark in front of Nova Launcher.

Date and time setting

It should be noted right away that setting an incorrect date and time may affect the operation of the device. For this reason, errors may appear when entering the Google Market or browser, and some third-party applications will not work correctly. There may also be problems with access to the Internet. To avoid this, go to the settings and set the 24-hour format, select the desired time zone, specify the exact time and date. It is also advisable to synchronize the time and date settings with the network.

Before using the set-top box, it is advisable to do a factory reset. This will get rid of possible factory firmware glitches.


The set-top box comes in a black cardboard box with the company logo and model name. In addition to the set-top box itself, the box contains a remote control, an HDMI cable, a 5V / 2A power adapter and an instruction manual for the x96 set-top box.

Smart TV box

Smart set-top box for TV is an additional device, via cables or HDMI port, connected to the TV screen. The operating system, processor and memory unit are located inside the Smart TV box. Internet connection is carried out by the built-in wireless connection module. Many set-top boxes are equipped with a built-in WEB-camera and microphone. Even old TVs can be turned into a modern multimedia Smart TV complex using the AV output of the set-top box.

Externally, the Smart TV set-top box can be miniature and inserted directly into the HDMI connector, or it can be a separate small-sized unit. A larger number of outputs are placed in such a block for connecting to TVs of different years of release. Most Smart TVs use Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.4 and 5.1 as the operating system. The number of processor cores and internal memory varies from model to model.
The most modern way of transmitting audio and video signals from a set-top box to a TV is the HDMI port, and it is present on all modern Smart TV set-top boxes. Some models have connectors for transmitting a signal to old TVs, in which there is no modern HDMI port. Internet connection is carried out by a built-in wireless module. Some models have wired connectivity.

Smart TV connection. Smart TV setup.

Connecting Smart TV consists in connecting it to the power supply network, connecting a cable or terrestrial antenna, connecting a satellite antenna (if available), connecting Smart TV to the Internet (wired or wireless), as well as connecting external equipment: DVD player, video camera, acoustic systems, etc.

Smart TV setup occurs when the TV is turned on for the first time. Smart Smart TV will ask you to choose the language of the user Menu that is convenient for you, set the system clock and indicate the location of the TV (not only the time zone, but also in which room and on which stand it will be located). Then the Smart TV will tune to the TV channels and indicate all the programs available in the antenna network. The next step to connect Smart TV is to configure the Internet connection. You must enter the username and password provided by your Internet provider. There are often cases when this data is forgotten. Find the network with the best signal strength from the suggested connection options, most likely this is your home network. Very often the password is written on the back of the router, take a look. Another option is to access the Internet from your phone or tablet, and in the connection properties section, allow opening the password window. Now you need to set up Smart TV in accordance with your preferences: sort the TV channels in the usual order, adjust the color tone of the picture and bring the TV picture size in accordance with the transmission format.

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After the setup of the Smart TV is completed, it remains to check the operation of the television channels and try the main advantages of Smart TV. going online, watching an online movie, calling your interlocutors via Skype. If in the future you need to make changes to any settings of the Smart TV, this can be done through the items of the subsections of the Menu.

How to set up Smart TV

Our masters configure Smart TV with connecting the TV to the home Internet network, searching and sorting the channels of received television broadcasts of analog and digital television, connecting additional equipment to the Smart TV, initial training of the user in watching videos and movies, using the browser, Skype, etc. etc. We know how to set up Smart TV!

Smart TV manual

Connect your Smart TV to the Internet. The router must be configured to work on the Internet with a data transfer rate of at least 20 Mb / s.
Turn on the TV, then press the Smart button to enter the Smart HUB menu.
Register an account by pressing the red button A on the remote control.
Data entry is carried out using the on-screen keyboard.
In the lines Password and Password verification, you must enter any value from 6 to 15 characters.

What is Smart TV?

First of all, let’s answer the question: “What is this Smart TV”? Imagine a computer monitor, which is connected by cords to a bulky computer unit, next to it there is a tuner unit and another digital receiver unit for receiving television programs. Let’s not forget the keyboard and mouse. This is a computer, and not a simple one. Everything is correct, but if we use modern technologies to fit all this stuffing into the monitor case, we will get a Smart TV. In fact, Smart TV is a modern thin and light TV with the capabilities of a powerful computer.

In order to watch movies on a Smart TV, it must be connected via a home network router to the Internet Cinema application or to an IPTV television channel. Here you can watch films of all genres from all over the world. Such viewing is provided both free of charge and by purchasing a user subscription.

And if you want to have a video telephone conversation with your relatives from another city, setting up Smart TV for the Skype program will help. Connect a webcam with a microphone to your Smart TV, and your beloved uncle will appear on the big screen of the Smart TV in your apartment. So, Smart TV is a window into the future of information, entertainment and communication technologies.

Smart TV remote control

The Smart TV remote control contains the following buttons:

  • Smart TV remote control numeric buttons. Used to enter numbers and text
  • Mute button. Mute and unmute sound
  • Buttons and Volume Control
  • Buttons. Switch Smart TV viewing to previous or next channels
  • TOOLS button. Entering the menu for setting up Smart TV
  • INFO button. call information window
  • Cursor buttons. navigation buttons (joystick) and confirmation button when setting up Smart TV
  • RETURN button. go back one step (to the previous Smart TV menu)
  • Colored buttons A, B, C, D. Multi-function keys
  • Positioning buttons. forward, backward, pause, stop, start
  • SOURCE button. Smart TV source selection
  • PRE-CH button. return to the previous viewed channel
  • E-Manual button. electronic instruction manual and user manual for your Smart TV
  • P-Size button. changing the format and aspect ratio of the output
    to the image screen

Smart TV vs Smart TV Box Comparison

Let’s conduct a comparative review of the characteristics and capabilities of the Samsung 6 series Smart TV and the Alfacore A30 Smart TV set-top box on the Android 4.2 operating system, for this we will connect the set-top box to the TV via the HDMI port.

The advantage and convenience of the Smart TV is the presence of a single remote control, with which you can adjust the TV parameters and control the Smart functions. No need to connect a wireless mouse or dedicated remote with mouse capabilities. The TV interface and all applications are controlled by a standard remote control using the navigation buttons up, down, left, right.
Among the programs installed on the Smart TV TV is the popular YouTube for watching videos uploaded by network users. This is a powerful resource containing a huge number of educational, entertaining, educational programs and films. Channel and video selection is carried out by navigation buttons.
The IPTV Peers TV program allows you to watch about 200 TV channels in standard quality and in HD quality. The selection of a TV program is also carried out with the navigation buttons on the remote control.
On the Smart TV, movies are played one after another and there is a problem with viewing long clips, when you try to rewind, pressing the buttons to the right or left sometimes leads to skipping to the next video. The disadvantage of the TV is the inability to install some programs and applications, their choice is limited by the manufacturer.
The setting for viewing 3D movies is made in the TV menu, in which you can set the necessary parameters. There is no such possibility in the console.

The Smart TV menu of the set-top box is the usual Android menu that is available on smartphones and tablets. There are five scrolling desktops, an application menu, support for the Mirakast wireless signal transmission function, a screen mirroring function.
IPTV on the set-top box is viewed using a special application called IPTV. The start of watching a TV channel on a set-top box is faster than on a TV. Channel icons are located on the entire surface of the desktop, and it is very convenient to find the desired channel using the mouse.
The presence of the Play Market program in the console allows you to download any additional programs and applications: games, tools, widgets. You can install the Films EX application, which contains a huge number of films of different genres.
It is very convenient to watch movies and listen to music from the website, where there is a large amount of content, including in high quality. To do this, it is advisable to create a special account so that the messages you receive do not affect viewing. Through a tablet or smartphone, you need to upload movies to your page, and then enjoy watching them on the big screen at home.
Certainly, multitasking is higher on the Smart TV set-top box. If, while watching YouTube on TV, you switch to watching a TV channel, then it will be difficult to play the video from the same place. And if you’ve watched a video on a set-top box, you just need to pause and switch the video input. You can even turn off the TV. In the future, you will enable viewing on the console from the same place.

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In fact, the comparison of Smart TV TV and set-top box is a comparison of one device with two, as well as a comparison of operating systems. The Android TV operating systems installed on some TV models is a major step towards the user. However, so far TVs on Android TV do not have the same flexibility and convenience as a Smart TV set-top box on the standard Android 4.4 or Android 5.1 OS.

How to connect the Internet to a Smart TV

To begin with, a Smart TV cannot be considered “smart” in the absence of a high-speed. 10 Mbps. and stable (without interruptions) Internet connection. If there is an access point to the network, then to connect to it, the owner of the TV receiver will need:

  • LAN cable and router (for direct connection) or Wi-Fi router (for over-the-air connection);
  • Smart TV operating instructions;
  • The IP address of your network (sometimes required when connecting an internet connection).

Further, the process of connecting the TV to the Internet depends on one of two main ways.

In the first case, a direct connection of the TV receiver to a network outlet is provided, which is installed using a LAN cable. The user who has chosen this option just needs to find the corresponding port on the back or side panel of his Smart TV and insert the cable connector from the access point into it.

After that, the automatic procedure for establishing a network connection should begin. If this does not happen, then the provider uses not a dynamic, but a statistical IP address, in the presence of which manual configuration is required:

  • in the menu settings, select the item “Network / Network Connection”;
  • click on the “Connection settings” button;
  • select the section “Manual configuration”;
  • we activate the item “Wired”;
  • enter the IP address and DNS from your provider;
  • we confirm our actions;
  • click on the “Finish” button.

The manual configuration of the wired Internet connection is now complete. You can proceed to checking the system’s performance, registering the device on the official website and installing, followed by setting up applications.

You don’t have to manually configure Internet access if you include an additional router in the circuit, which, after configuration (manual or automatic), will synchronize the signal coming from the provider to the TV receiver.

The second way to connect the Smart TV to the network is via a Wi-Fi hotspot. This option allows users to connect all their digital devices to the router without using cables and easily watch interactive TV on a TV with Smart TV for free and without ads.

True, it will be possible to connect the TV receiver to the Internet “over the air” without installing additional equipment only if the Smart-block of this model contains a Wi-Fi module, which can be activated according to the following scheme:

  • look for the “Network / Network Connection” section in the menu settings;
  • go to the subsection “Wireless connection”;
  • select our line from the list of available WI-FI points and, if necessary, enter the password;
  • waiting for the Internet connection to be established.

If the TV model does not have a Wi-Fi module, then you can use the wireless method of connecting a “smart” device with a USB connector to a remote one using a compatible adapter, the list of which is usually indicated in the TV operating instructions. It is not recommended to use “left” Wi-Fi adapters in this case because of settings that are too complicated for an ordinary user.

There are other ways to connect your smart TV to the network, with which you can set up interactive TV on Smart TVs. We are talking about connecting a TV receiver to the Internet via a computer, laptop and smartphone, as well as using VPS and Plug Access technologies.

TV for Smart TV review: connection and app rating

Modern television is gradually turning into an interactive recreation area, where you can independently choose which films and programs to watch. The advantages of Smart TVs will be available to the user only if he can correctly connect the TV to Smart TV and confidently navigate in a large number of applications for online viewing of video content.

  • How to connect the Internet to a Smart TV
  • How to install apps on TVs
  • Lg
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • BBK
  • Rating of unofficial applications for watching TV
  • ForkPlayer
  • nStreamLmod
  • GetsTV
  • Best Official TV Watching Apps
  • IVI
  • Megogo
  • Peers.TV


This player allows owners of Smart TVs to independently find, create and download playlists with free TV channels, online cinemas and other video content. There is an online TV viewing function for Smart TV. Convenient management is considered the main advantage, and the presence of paid content is considered a disadvantage.

This service is considered one of the best cinemas for watching your favorite movies, TV series, cartoons and other video content online.


Another online cinema with a large selection of legal free and paid video content. On this service, all the new films of the film industry appear very quickly, which can be viewed at affordable prices.

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Rating of unofficial applications for watching TV

With the installation of applications more or less sorted out. It remains to understand which programs are in greatest demand among owners of Smart TVs.

How to install apps on TVs

Therefore, you can significantly expand the initial functionality of your TV receiver by installing additional programs, if you know where you can find and download useful and safe Smart TV applications for your device.

  • Google Play for Android TV sets;
  • for LG TVs (webOS), these are LG Smart World and LG Game World;
  • Samsung Smart TV Apps for Samsung devices (OS Tizen).

There are other operating systems as well. For example, owners of TVs with Roky TV OS can use apps developed for iOS and Android.

To install the TV application on LG Smart TV, the user will first have to create an account on the official website of this South Korean company ( to create his account and register the device.

The process of downloading and installing the selected application is automatic, which will be completed after the corresponding message appears on the display of the TV receiver. Immediately after that, the user can find a program or game in the Smart TV menu or using the button on MY Apps on the remote control.

Best Official TV Watching Apps

Therefore, it is better to use all the capabilities of IPTV using official programs from the top of the most popular applications.

Other programs for smart TVs


The app for watching TV channels on Smart TV is available on LG, Samsung and devices using the Android operating system. Registration is not required. more than 160 TV channels are available immediately after installation. You can create your own playlists (Favorites tab). The application requires an Internet connection speed of at least 2 Mbit / s (for HD channels. 3 Mbit / s, for 3D. from 4 Mbit / s), therefore, a wired connection from a reliable provider (for example, Beeline) is recommended.

There is a paid subscription, upon registration of which several packages of TV channels are opened: sports, educational, children’s, for adults. per month.

Smart TV apps for watching TV

The first thing to do after buying a TV with Smart TV is to connect it to the Internet. Without this, all the “smart” functions of the TV set will not work. Two types of connection are popular:

    Wired with a LAN cable. The Internet wire directly or through a router or router is connected to a special connector on the TV. Setting up with such a connection is fast, to use the resources you only need to log in with the login and password provided by the provider.

  • Wireless connection over a Wi-Fi network. Conditions. good signal strength, built-in Wi-Fi module in the TV. If it is not there (there are such models). you need to purchase an external adapter. The process of setting up a connection consists in searching for a Wi-Fi router network on the TV, entering a password and connecting. On modern TV models, the process takes a few minutes and does not require special knowledge.
  • The second necessary step after purchase is to register an account. Only after that all the possibilities of Smart TV will open to the user. A valid email address is required to complete the appointment. You can register on the official website using a computer or on TV.


    This is a service provided by the provider Rostelecom in its interactive Wink service. With its help, video content is transmitted to five gadgets at the same time. The user of the service can watch more than 250 TV channels, including in HD and 4K quality. In addition, Wink offers access to over 5000 thousand films and TV series, a large array of sports, children’s and educational programs.

    How To Set Up your Smart TV

    To activate the service on a device, you need to do the following steps:

    In the section of the program “My devices” you can see the number of connected devices. The use of the service is paid. per month. Free 7-day period provided.

    Digital TV without set-top box

    Television switched to digital broadcasting. This ensures high picture quality and no interference. To view, you need two components:

    • decimeter antenna;
    • TV support format broadcasting DVB-T2.

    Until 2013, only top models could receive and decode a digital signal. Nowadays, most TVs have a built-in DVB-T2 receiver, so you don’t need to connect a special set-top box to receive digital terrestrial channels. To find out which of the TVs is equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner, you need to study the technical documentation of the TV, or on the Internet.


    The most popular service for viewing and posting video content. In addition to a huge archive of movies, TV series, documentaries, more than 20,000 channels of a wide variety of topics are broadcast in only the Russian-language segment of video hosting: hobbies, satire, adventure, fitness, game streams, etc. On YouTube, you can create personal channels, upload videos, broadcast live reports, connect to streams. For many, their channel on the service becomes source of income. On the other hand, there are more and more ads on YouTube. To get rid of it, the administration of the service offers a premium subscription.

    TV for Smart TV: a variety of content in your home

    Most models of smart television devices surpass even Tricolor satellite television in terms of the variety of content. Self-selection of programs allows the owner to customize the TV to suit their needs. The article talks about the most popular TV applications for Smart TV devices, how to connect and configure them.

    How to connect and configure applications

    After downloading and installing the TV application designed for Smart TV, you need to connect to the provided resources and make the necessary settings for the program to work properly.