How to set up the clock on a Samsung phone

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How to connect Gear S3 to Android and iPhone

  • Turn on the clock
  • On your smartphone, open the Samsung Gear app
  • Update the Samsung Gear app to the latest version if necessary
  • Click “Connect”
  • Activate Bluetooth when requested by the app
  • Follow the instructions on your smartphone to complete the connection

You can also connect a Bluetooth headset or wireless headphones to the watch. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On the watch screen, tap Settings
  • Then select “Connections”
  • Tap the Bluetooth switch to activate the connection
  • Rotate the ring around the screen and click on the Bluetooth icon
  • When you see the name of the Bluetooth headset appear on the screen, tap on it to connect
  • If you don’t see a Bluetooth device, click Scan and then click the name on the device when you see it appear on the display

Well, the reverse action, to disconnect from a Bluetooth device (speaker or headset), do the following:

  • On the Apps screen, select Settings
  • Click “Connections”
  • Click on Bluetooth device
  • Click the “Settings” icon
  • Click Disconnect

How to download music to your watch

On the home screen of your smartphone, go to Applications. Select Samsung Gear. The Samsung Gear app may be located in the Samsung folder on some phones. Then do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab
  • Click “Submit Content for Transfer”
  • Tap “Select Audio Tracks” (may be called differently)
  • Check the box next to the audio files you want to move to Gear S3
  • Then click “Finish”

To automatically sync new songs to your Gear S3 while the watch is charging, tap the slider next to auto sync to turn sync on.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Gear S3

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Continuing the topic of setting up the display, here’s how to take a screenshot on this watch. First of all, all screenshots taken on your device are saved in the “Gallery”. You can transfer screenshots from your Gear S3 watch to your smartphone. Screenshots transferred to your phone will be saved in the Gear folder in the “Gallery”.

To take a screenshot, simply press the Home key at the same time and swipe across the screen from left to right. very convenient as you can see! Go to the Gallery app to view all screenshots.

How to choose a different watch face

There are many different interchangeable watch faces for the Gear S3. Most of them are available in the Gear app on your Android device, right from the app you can view, select the appropriate one and set as the main watch face.

Switching between third-party watch faces can be done on the phone as well as on the watch itself. To do this without using your smartphone and app, long-tap the current option on the screen, then swipe left or right to view the preset watch faces. After installation, you can click on the “Styling” tab and select the colors of the display, as well as customize it to your liking.

How to pay with your Gear S3 with Samsung Pay

A very useful feature as you do not need to carry a wallet or even a smartphone with you. Just spend hours at a compatible payment terminal. Here’s how to set it up. You must activate NFC and set Samsung Pay as your default payment method before using Samsung Pay on the Gear S3

  • On the start screen with applications, turn the frame to the “Settings” tab
  • Tap NFC Connections, then tap NFC to
    enable this module
  • Now choose the payment method “Samsung Pay”
  • On the Apps screen, rotate the bezel and select Samsung Pay (or press and hold the Back key)
  • Scroll through the list of cards, select the card you want, and then
    click “Pay”
  • Touch the top of the Gear S3 to the card reader
  • Payment must be successful
  • It’s all!

How to set and reset a PIN

Since smartwatches do not yet have a fingerprint scanner, data protection is carried out using a regular PIN code. How to install the code and what to do if you forgot it, the tips below will help you with this.

  • On the Apps screen, tap Settings
  • Click “Security”
  • Tap Screen Lock
  • Click “Screen Lock Type”
  • Click PIN.
  • Enter your 4-digit password
  • Re-enter 4-digit PIN to confirm
  • Make sure the clock is off
  • Press and hold the power button until “Rebooting” appears on the display, then release the button.
  • On the “Rebooting” screen, press the “Power” key to confirm the reset of the device
  • After that, the clock will be reset to factory settings along with the PIN.

You should understand that Factory Reset will entail complete deletion of data from the watch. Use this method as a last resort if the information stored on your watch is important to you.

How to set the time

There are two ways: automatic, for which the time zone is automatically updated. And manual. when you set the time yourself on the Gear S3 watch. Below are instructions for these two methods.

  • On the Apps screen, tap Settings
  • Go to “Device”
  • Click Date & Time
  • Click on the “Automatic” tab to enable or disable the automatic date and time update function
  • On the Apps screen, go to Settings
  • Click “Device”
  • Go to “Date and Time”
  • If necessary, tap “Automatic” to turn off the automatic update function
  • To manually set the date, click “Set date”
  • Select year, month and day to manually set the date
  • Then click “Set” (or install)
  • To manually set the time, find the item “Set time”.
  • Manually insert hours and minutes
  • Now click “Set” (or install)

Automatic and manual tuning

To save money, the owner can use the automatic mode to assign parameters on an Android smartphone. With automatic selection, the phone’s SIM card automatically assigns time information.

You can change the indicators as follows:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Select the heading “Date and time”.
  • Check the box next to the phrase “Use the time and time zone of the network”.

Setting the date and time on an Android smartphone

Important! If the time zone is incorrectly determined, you should manually adjust the indicator.

Instead of automatic installation, the user has the right to choose a manual data entry format. Find out the current time in the region where you are located will help the search engine in the browser. Instructions for making changes in stand alone mode:

  • Go to the profile “Dates and time”.
  • Set the time zone for your place of residence.
  • Enter numbers to set the desired parameters from the current date.

The method has several disadvantages. You need to find the current time before setting. When traveling, you need to remember about time zone changes, otherwise the watch will show the wrong time.

What to do if time gets lost

The reasons for the differences between the actual time and the display on the phone display:

  • battery replacement;
  • reboot the phone;
  • infection with viruses that interfere with the operation of the system.

In the first case, the clock may go astray if the user removed the battery from the device. When reactivated, you need to re-enter the time values.

Important! New smartphones feature a non-removable battery. Therefore, the indicators will be less likely to go astray.

It is necessary to clean the memory of the smartphone if the time is reset after a reboot. To solve the problem, you can set automatic settings.

Viruses have a bad effect on the working condition and functions of the gadget. Antivirus software is required to scan the device.

Error in displaying information

How to set the time on your Android smartphone

Any user of a modern smart device will be able to figure out how to set the time on a smartphone. Date and time display option helps to organize the workflow perfectly.

How to display on the main screen and lock screen

The time is in the upper left corner on an Android smartphone. On the main screen of the gadget, you can apply the main settings or widgets.

  • Go to the home screen. Hold free space with your finger.
  • Select the category “Widgets”.
  • Add watches from the list.

If the clock does not appear on the display after setting the assigned program, the instructions below will help:

  • go to device settings;
  • select the item “Screen”;
  • find and change screensaver settings;
  • mark the item “Clock”.
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Time widget on lock screen

How to add clocks from other regions

Classic widgets will help in displaying the source from all cities:

  • Select the “Clock” program from the standard set.
  • At the bottom of the screen, go to the “World clock” section.
  • Find the desired city through the search bar and add.
  • To change the order of regions in the list, hold the position with the city and move to the desired place in the list.
  • To delete a city, hold its name and drag it to the bottom of the display.

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Setting the time and date

As a rule, you don’t need to do anything here. autodetection works. If this did not happen, everything can be done manually:

  • enter the settings menu;
  • go to the “time and date” section;
  • specify year, month, day, hours and minutes.

When configuring these parameters, you should remember that the time on the gadget and smartphone must be the same.

As a rule, devices already come russified. But if this did not happen or you need to install the Ukrainian language, everything can be done through the settings (Settings). There you need to find the appropriate tab. Language. and give a command to select the desired language.

Many smartwatches, including the Apple 4 series model and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500, are equipped with GPS modules. With their help, you can track not only where their owner is, but also how fast he is moving. Setting up geolocation in Smart watch is easy. To do this, find the appropriate section in the menu and allow the device to determine the location automatically.

Details on setting up a SIM card

The new SIM card must be activated by replenishing it with the required amount. It is better to disable the PIN-code lock: this will make it more convenient to work with the watch. In some cases, you will need to call the number indicated in the starter package. To do this, you need to insert the card into your smartphone.

Preparation for configuration can be considered successfully completed.

Preparing to set up your Smart Watch

Before setting up the device, it is important to make sure that the gadget starts without problems.

Recommended: charge the battery to 100% so that it does not run out during the setup process.

The charging method may differ depending on the model. For example, some of them can be charged wirelessly.

Note: if the device does not see the charging, it may be faulty. It happens that you need to clean your contacts. However, this does not happen with new smarts. But with a second-hand, this happens all the time.

General sequence for setting up a Smart watch

If there is no experience of “communication” with such a device, then the instruction will help. It consists of three steps: first you need to prepare the device, then set up and connect to the phone. And last but not least, install those applications that are of interest to the owner.

Getting started with Smart Watch

It remains to install a SIM card, edit some settings, synchronize the watch with the phone and download a set of necessary software. All this is not difficult at all.

Important: do not worry if the smartwatch does not immediately respond to an attempt to turn it on. You just need to keep your finger on the power button longer. Typically, the retention time is about three seconds.

Synchronization with a smartphone

Pairing your smart watch with your phone is required. Some well-known brands release devices that can only be friends with the gadgets of the same company. For example, this is a typical situation for Apple. Most often, device interaction is possible only if both the smartphone and the watch have an identical platform.

However, there are exceptions. Many Samsung Smart Watches support Android phones. Chinese-made gadgets are also not so capricious in this regard. They pair with a smartphone, regardless of the operating system it supports.

IPhone owners, for example, can sync Android smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with Wear OS.

Usually, information with the name and version of the software required for the interaction of devices is indicated in the instructions. Many manufacturers also provide a link that allows you to download the software from the official website.

Important: to pair Apple Watch and iPhone, after the user puts the application on the phone and starts the watch, point the camera of the mobile phone at them. After that, the devices are synchronized automatically.

When everything is over, notifications and calls that come to the smartphone will be duplicated on the watch display. This gives the user the ability to:

  • See incoming calls and drop them.
  • View and reply to SMS.
  • Go online.
  • Some models support the function of listening to audio from the smartphone’s memory.
  • The GSM smartwatch supports the functions of answering incoming calls and making outgoing calls.

Note: If you set up auto-connect via Wi-Fi, the watch will connect to the network as soon as it is within its limits. But it should be borne in mind that this option drains the battery much more than Bluetooth.

Installing a SIM card and setting up communication

The location of the slot for the communication card may differ from model to model due to design features. Usually the SIM card slot is located on the side or under the battery. The second option is quite common in children’s smartwatches.

Note: if the SIM does not work, you need to transfer it to your phone and recheck the above preparation details. If the watch does not see the SIM card, you should put it in again: it may not fit snugly into the slot.

How to set up the battery

It is advisable to swing a new battery, recharging it to 100%, and then discharging it “to zero”, and recharging it completely. Some experts advise doing this 2-3 times.

Use other themes

Some users managed to get rid of the unusual clock by replacing the default theme with an alternative one. This, of course, is not an option, but only a workaround, which will not be to everyone’s taste.

However, the choice is limited at the moment, so it’s worth giving it a try. There are also several paid themes, but until we are sure that after installing them the steps will not remain the same format, we do not recommend spending your money.

On the other hand, you can use free themes and fix the clock this way. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes”.
  • Item “Topics” below.
  • Find a theme called “Simple Line Black”.
  • Install the theme and click “Apply”.

If you do not like the changed appearance of the icons and background, you can always change the wallpaper and restore the default appearance of the icons. Be sure to check the instructions below to change your home screen wallpaper, lock screen and restore icons.

  • Open the Gallery and choose your preferred photo for the lock screen and home screen.
  • Open the menu in the form of 3 dots and select “Set as wallpaper”.
  • Then open the settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes”.
  • Item “Icons”.
  • Select default view and save changes.

On the other hand, many users are happy with the pre-installed theme, but they all want to change that silly and annoying Samsung lock screen clock. Or rather, make them vertical like on all Android devices.

Changing the clock using notifications

But until Samsung fixes and adds the option to choose the look of the watch (as in the Always On Display functions), there is one, so to speak, loophole that can be used. Namely, if notifications on the lock screen are enabled, you can pin something like a weather widget there.

Due to its location, the watch changes its format to a standard horizontal one. If this method suits you, then it is quite easy to do. For example, let’s take a weather app called 1Weather. Small and pleasant to look at, it will change your clock to horizontal.

  • Install 1Weather from Play Store.
  • Open the settings.
  • Item “Lock screen and protection”.
  • Punt “Notifications”.
  • Find 1Weather.
  • Turn on notifications for 1Weather.

As long as notifications remain on the lock screen, the annoying row position should not be displayed.

How to Change Clock on Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen?

There are many ways to change the clock on the lock screen, but there are so many ways to get confused. Now we will provide you with several ways to change the clock on the Samsung lock screen.

How to customize the clock on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen?

If Samsung is your first Android smartphone, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of features the phone has. One of the frequent questions asked by many new users is how to change (remove) the clock on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen.

How to Remove Clock from Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen?

To remove the clock from the Samsung lock screen. Open the settings on your smartphone and scroll to the item “Lock screen and protection”

Tap on “Always On Display” to remove the clock from the Samsung lock screen. If you want to change the look, then open “Digital Clock”. Different styles of clocks will be shown here. Use the option on the bottom left called “Clock Style” to change the look of the clock on the lock screen and try out different styles.

How to hide clock on Samsung lock screen?

Changing the themes on your phone can also help get rid of the clock on the lock screen. Browse through the themes and select the one on which the lock screen has been altered in one way or another, be it a change in color or font.

For example, you can install the famous free WinterSnow theme by aire design. Install the theme to your smartphone and the clock on the lock screen will be changed.

Another way to change the clock on your Samsung lock screen is to install a weather app. I would suggest installing the Weatherbug app and not clearing notifications until they are updated. This will move the fingerprint reader, which will replace the clock on the lock screen.

Some users suggest to install Dream8 theme, which will also help to hide clock on Samsung lock screen.

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With so many users unhappy about this, we can assume that Samsung will do something about it soon. Some of the upcoming updates should bring the watch to a more natural look. Until then, you can use the loopholes mentioned above.

How to connect Smart Watch to iPhone

Regardless of the manufacturer, when connecting smart chronometers to an iPhone, you need to check the battery level, install the appropriate program on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.

What applications do you need to connect your Smartwatch to your iPhone

Most wearable gadgets are running the Android Wear operating system, and it is for such gadgets that two applications have been created that will have to be downloaded if the iPhone owner decides to purchase a Google chronometer.

Important! Smartwatch app is installed automatically.

However, some manufacturers of smart watches met their potential buyers halfway and provided the ability to connect them to an iPhone without using an Android smartphone. To do this, a special application is installed on the gadget with iOS. For example, for smart chronometers from Samsung, this is the Galaxy Wearable utility, aka Samsung Gear, and for gadgets from Amazfit. Me Fit. Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to connect Samsung Watch to an iPhone will be positive.

Is it possible to connect an Android smart watch to an iPhone

Recently, there has been a tendency associated with the transition of “Yabloko” to wearable gadgets running Android. There are basically two reasons for this:

  • The price of products from Cupertino has long been the talk of the town: analogues from other manufacturers are half the price.
  • The design of Apple’s smartwatches leaves many questions for developers. I want something else that would emphasize the style of its owner.

Some smartwatches look indistinguishable from real ones

So how do you connect your Smartwatch to your iPhone? Fortunately, programmers have heard the aspirations of ordinary users and now it is possible to use a smart chronometer from most manufacturers with the iPhone. At the same time, you do not need to arrange dances with tambourines. a couple of applications and simple manipulations with them are enough.

Is it possible to connect a Samsung watch to an iPhone

The procedure for connecting Samsung Watch to an iPhone is as follows:

  • Place the Samsung Gear next to the smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Launch the application.
  • On the welcome screen, click on the “Connect to Gear” button.
  • The program itself will find the Galaxy Watch and offer to connect to them.
  • After the devices are connected, the access password will be displayed on the screens of both. It does not need to be entered anywhere, it is enough to confirm that the desired code is displayed on the display of gadgets.
  • To confirm on the watch screen, press the “checkmark”, and on the iPhone. the “Pair” button.
  • The Galaxy Watch is now synced to your iPhone and can be used.

Important! Before connecting your Samsung watch to your iPhone, you need to update your gadget to the latest version.

Configuring Smart Watch Connection to iPhone

After the pair is created, it becomes possible to configure the Smart-watch through the application installed on the iPhone. It allows you to:

  • determine which notifications from applications will be displayed;
  • set the screen unlock mode (is it possible to remove the lock from the iPhone screen through the watch);
  • choose a suitable dial;
  • customize music playback modes;
  • customize the display of weather, calendar and alarm.

Important! Please be aware that the range of available settings for Smart Chronometers will vary depending on the model and application capabilities.

What to do if the watch won’t connect

Experience suggests that the most common reason why a watch won’t connect to an iPhone is because Bluetooth isn’t working. You need to check its status and if this is the only thing, try to synchronize again.

The battery level can also prevent the Smartwatch from connecting to the apple gadget. It is possible that pairing with an Android phone is interfering with the connection. In this case, you need to restart the watch, and turn off Bluetooth on the Android smartphone.

If, even after all the above actions, the connection did not occur, a cardinal solution is applied. resetting the gadget to factory settings.

Connecting Other Smart Watches to iPhone

It will take a little more effort to sync portable devices from other manufacturers with an iPhone. So, all the preparatory measures have been completed, but for verification, a kind of checklist is presented below:

  • there is a smartphone running Android with an application installed on it to control smart watches;
  • the BLE Utility application is installed on the iPhone;
  • the clock itself is present and it is turned on;
  • Bluetooth is enabled on both smartphones.

Now you can start synchronizing your gadget and your Android smartphone:

  • Open the application and click “Configure”.
  • Select the desired language on the watch.
  • After completing all the requests of the application, it will start searching for the device.
  • When the search process is over, a code will be displayed on the screen of the wearable gadget, which must be entered into the appropriate field on the smartphone display and click the “Connect” button.
  • A few more manipulations (what exactly to do will be prompted by the application itself) and the clock is synchronized.

It is more convenient to watch the weather on your hand, and not reach your smartphone

The next step is to link your smart chronometer to your iPhone:

  • Launch BLE Utility Application.
  • Go to the “Peripheral” tab.
  • The watch will issue a special password that must be entered into a field on the iPhone screen.
  • Devices will start to align and pair.

Apple Watch and Android device: do they connect??

As practice shows, an exit from the Apple ecosystem is possible. To help those who have purchased an “apple” chronometer, but have not yet collected for a brand new iPhone, the following instruction will come in handy on how to connect an iOS smartwatch to an Android smartphone.

The solution to the problem is to use special software. Initially, in order to connect gadgets to each other, you need to download BLE Utility (a kind of imitation of Apple devices) to your watch, and Aerlink to your smartphone: Wear Connect for iOS, a program for accessing Apple devices. When the programs are installed, it is worth:

enable Aerlink, and in it the iOS Service, without removing the notifications;

open the downloaded utility on the watch, find the Peripheral tab;

the phone will immediately receive a signal about the detected clock;

If suddenly the synchronization fails, you should restart the programs and try again.

A little bit “in the ointment”: Apple Watch works at full capacity only with an iPhone, and in conjunction with Android gadgets, the watch has a stripped-down functionality. But to receive the main notifications, see calls (without the ability to answer), control the charging, the user will be able to.

Configuring notifications

All received calls or messages to the phone Smart-watch (for example, brand Gogps Me) will be notified by sound, vibration or the appearance of an inscription on the screen. Notifications are configured through the same software that was used to connect smart watches. It’s easy to do, you just need:

Thus, you can build a flexible notification policy, including only the most necessary ones. Superfluous and distracting programs can be ignored.

Apple Watch and iPhone: Pairing

This duo doesn’t need any additional apps. The preparatory work only includes the activation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the iPhone, optionally the XR series. Then step by step:

If the watch is new, you need to put it on your hand and turn it on by holding the button on the side of the case until the logo appears.

Bring your watch to your iPhone. An inscription about the settings through the gadget menu will appear on the screen. Click “Next”.

Aim the camera at the chronometer dial. Wait for a signal that the pairing was successful.

Register your watch by creating a login ID.

Now you need to make Apple Watch settings. If suddenly during the settings the system requires an OS update, you need to confirm the action by updating it to the latest version.

Nuances of setting up Apple Watch

During connection, the watch itself will show a list of available functions that will work in conjunction with the iPhone. This is the search for a lost phone, geolocation, Internet access and others. They appear on Apple Watch automatically.

In addition, you can choose other options in the settings, for example, the voice assistant Siri. When you activate it in the watch, the function will automatically become available on the iPhone, even if it has never been used before. During the connection, the user also installs all the programs he needs, creates a password for Apple Pay, and more.

The signal about the completion of synchronization and all settings is a slight vibration effect in Apple Watch, including in Series 4 models. As soon as this happens, you should press the side wheel and everything will be ready.

Smart watch and iOS device: connection methods

This section is interesting for those who carry a smartphone from Apple in their and dream of seeing classic Huawei Watch or other watches of a famous brand on their hands.

How to connect a smart watch to a phone: ways for 2 smartphone operating systems

Smart watches are now at the peak of popularity: they are an indispensable attribute in the image of young people, an authoritative assistant for caring parents, an accessory for proper time planning and much more. Every 5th Ukrainian uses smartwatches in professional activities and everyday life, but in order to get the most out of a gadget, it is necessary to combine it with a smartphone. How to connect a Smartwatch to a phone based on Android and iOS. further in the text.

How to connect a second smartwatch to your Android phone?

This will make it possible to manage the functionality of several hours from one mobile phone. The function is useful, for example, for parents. connect two gadgets to monitor children.

you need to go to the installed application on your smartphone;

find a plus sign in the list of already connected Smart watch, click on it;

the “New watch” menu will open, where you can add another device.

Synchronization is similar with the first connection. The action is repeated for every next gadget. By the way, most utilities allow you to connect an unlimited number of watches to one Android phone (for example, such. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active).

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Android Wear and iPhone watches

Linking directly between smartwatches on Android and iPhone is not yet possible, and therefore the first step is to pair the Smartwatch and Android phone. How to do this is described in the previous sections. When the connection has already occurred, then you need to:

download the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS program to your Android phone, it will be automatically transferred to the watch;

activate Aerlink through the watch, start searching for the device;

enable the program downloaded on the iPhone, go to the Peripheral tab;

a pairing code will appear on the watch, which must be entered in a special line on the phone screen.

Then the accessories will connect. An Android watch paired with an iOS displays all notifications. let you customize music, accept or reject calls. By the way, the dial for incoming calls is designed in the style of iOS devices: simple and concise.

How to connect your watch to your iOS phone ?

You can sync iPhone with such a watch in a similar way.

  • Download the Gear S3 app to your computer, download it to your smartphone via iTunes and start syncing by simply clicking the “Connect” button.

Now the Smart watch and the phone will always be in touch only if you do not want to turn them off yourself and if the Internet does not disappear on the phone. At the same time, the watch itself will always be in touch, since it is able to transmit a signal using a regular SIM card. Smart watches can even connect to a wi-fi network, which further expands their capabilities.

How to sync your smartwatch with your phone?

For several years in a row, the so-called Smart watch has been available for sale. a wrist watch with a very wide range of possibilities. They found their audience among young people, business people, and especially caring parents. Such a watch is several times more reliable than a regular smartphone and is not capable of sending spam. The only problem is how to connect the smartwatch to the phone. But you will find its solution below.

Why you need a smartwatch and is it worth buying?

What to choose for a child. smart watch or phone? This is the most pressing issue among parents who are worried about the safety of their offspring, want to control their movement and keep in constant communication. Today, there is already a large selection of Smart watches that support a SIM card, which means that they can work autonomously without a smartphone, or you can purchase a more familiar model and synchronize it with your phone. When it comes to buying for a child, the advantages of a watch over a phone are as follows:

  • The child can always wear the watch on his wrist, so it is less likely to get lost and the child will not miss a single message.
  • A smart watch is a more reliable and durable gadget, while a smartphone can even break if dropped from a 10-centimeter height.
  • Smart watch has no such thing as “unexpectedly low battery”, which allows you to keep in touch with your child at any time.
  • Although modern watches have a number of useful functions, nevertheless, with their help, a child will not be able to sit on prohibited sites on the Internet or receive spam.

In addition, a synchronized watch with a phone gives parents the ability to:

  • be aware of the current location of the child;
  • receive emergency signals from the baby, for which he only needs to press one button;
  • learn about removing the gadget from your hand;
  • send notifications and text messages to your watch;
  • create a call restriction.

The only drawback of smartwatches has been the high price for a long time. But as soon as well-known Chinese companies joined their production, a lot of affordable models appeared, which in their functional properties are in no way inferior to branded gadgets.

How to connect Smart watch to phone?

Smart watches necessarily have software that synchronizes with the phone. However, note that some watches can be connected to either Android or iOS, although many models are equally easy to connect to all smartphones. Be sure to check this question before buying, otherwise you will have to buy a new phone to connect to a new child’s watch.

How to connect your watch to your Android phone?

  • Download the dedicated Android Wear app to your phone from the Play Store.
  • Simultaneously launch the app on the phone and turn on the watch.
  • In the application settings, click “Configure” and the phone will automatically display the name of the watch. Click on the name you need.
  • Codes will be displayed on the screen of the phone and the new gadget. If they match, click “Connect” and wait for the process to complete.
  • If the codes do not match, try repeating the procedure again.

Then you just have to follow all the instructions that the application will display on the phone screen and configure all the necessary parameters for controlling the watch.

Is it possible to connect several hours to one phone at once?

Parents with many children can buy smartwatches in bulk, since they only need one phone to control them. How to do it?

  • Open the Android Wear app on your phone.
  • Next to the name of the already connected watch, find the arrow pointing down and click on it.
  • You will see the “New watch” menu, following the instructions of which you will be able to synchronize your phone with another gadget.
  • If you want to connect a third watch, repeat all of the above. There are no restrictions on the number of connected Smart watch the phone and the application have.

Considering the huge variety of manufacturers and designs of smartwatches, you can easily choose the right model that will best meet your expectations. Find out how to choose a smartwatch at the link.

How to Set Clock and Date on Android Phone?

Android is a modern operating system that continues to evolve. It is very easy to use and simple enough. Of course, there are launchers in which it is easy to get confused, but these are isolated cases.

Despite everything, some users do not know how to change the date or time on their Android smartphone or tablet. Today we will tell you how to do it correctly.

We go to the desktop of the device and find the “Settings” icon. We tap on her.

Thus, we find ourselves in a section with numerous settings. Do not worry. Scroll down the page until you see the item “Date and Time”. Click on it.

At the top of the screen, you can see the words “Use network time”. This means that the device is synchronizing with the network, so you cannot change the date or time. these items are inactive.

What to do? That’s right, turn off synchronization over the network. We tap on this item and put a tick “Off”.

After that, we see that the items “Date” and “Time” have become active. To change the data, you need to click on one of the above items.

This is what the date setting section looks like.

And so. the section for setting the clock (time). When finished, don’t forget to click “Finish”.

By the way, you can also uncheck the “Time zone of the network” item if you are afraid that problems will begin with the translation of the clock hands in spring or autumn, and then set the time zone yourself.

How to change time and date on Samsung Galaxy?

Go to the settings and find the section “Date and time”.

Uncheck the box “Automatic time detection”.

Items “Set date” and “Set time” will become active.

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Call settings on Samsung Galaxy Android 2020 phone

On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Phone icon and click on it.

Further, on this page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you can customize your call settings. Below we will take a closer look at each parameter.

How Set Clock Widget All Samsung Devices

Blocking numbers. Here you can enable or disable blocking of unknown subscribers. You can add a phone number to the black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

Signals and ringtone. Here you can customize:

  • Vibration when responding;
  • Vibration when finished;
  • Signal when a call is connected;
  • Signal at the end of a call;
  • Notifications during a call;
  • Set a ringtone for SIM cards 1 and 2;
  • Select vibration alert;
  • Vibration during a call;
  • Keyboard sounds.

Answering and ending calls. You can include:

  • Speaking of the subscriber’s name. With Bluetooth headset or wired headset only;
  • Answering a call by pressing the Home key;
  • Automatic call acceptance. Automatically answer incoming calls after a set time if a headset or bluetooth device is connected;
  • End call. Power key.

Quick replies. You can create messages to quickly reply to SMS without entering text. Enter any entry in the field, for example: How are you? Click on the plus sign on the right to add a template.

Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

  • Service provider;
  • Voicemail parameters, number;
  • Notifications. Alert Style, Sound, Vibration, Icon Indicators, Lock Screen, Ignore Do Not Disturb.
  • Hide contacts without numbers. Display only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the Contacts tab;
  • Information about the subscriber. Displays the latest contact information for each caller;
  • Help with roaming. Roaming Assistant allows you to make calls to your home country while traveling abroad;
  • Select the country automatically. Automatic application of the home country code when calling contacts you have already called before;
  • Always call to a roaming country;
  • Ask every time you call.

Information about the phone. Here you can find out:

  • Phone version;
  • Call version;
  • Open source licenses.

You can enable calls in the pop-up window. Show current calls in a pop-up window instead of hovering over the screen while using other apps.

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