How to set up Mi remote on TV

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 inches. detailed review and customization of the most affordable Android TV

Greetings! Today we will talk about the most affordable TV in the Xiaomi TV line, with a diagonal of 32 inches and a resolution of 1366×768, which is based on Android 6. The TV is good, but requires some preparation for work (localization) and the installation of a useful set of applications. I will tell you how to almost completely get rid of Chinese, which applications work well on TV and how to install it all.

You will also find out my personal opinion about the TV, all its strengths and, of course, disadvantages. And in order to immediately dot the i, I will immediately express my opinion about the screen resolution. Many will say that it is 2018 and 4K TVs are already starting to come in, and here is a pitiful HD. With this I only partially agree. Firstly, there is a small diagonal. 32 inches and from a distance of more than 3 meters when watching a video, I personally do not see any difference. I put 2 HD and Full HD TVs side by side on purpose. And secondly, such TVs are often taken as additional, for example, in the kitchen or in the nursery. In general, why am I doing this? Besides, if you do not use it as a monitor, then the resolution is sufficient, many people watch HD projectors with a diagonal on the entire wall. and nothing, their eyes have not burst. Therefore, I will not attribute the screen resolution to any pros or cons. this is just its feature, due primarily to its low price. But even if you are an ardent opponent of such a TV, do not rush to close the review, because if you are, in principle, interested in Xiaomi TVs, it can be useful. The fact is that in older models with a larger diagonal: 43 inches, 49 inches. Full HD resolution; 55 “, 65”. 4K resolution, uses a similar skin that only has Chinese by default. There is no international firmware and it may never be, so revision is required with your own hands, on your own. But in fact it is very simple, I spent no more than a couple of hours on everything, most of which I was looking for useful information. But first things first, I propose to get acquainted with the technical characteristics first:

The box itself is also made of standard cardboard, and inside the insert is made of dense foam. In general, the chance of damaging content in transit is minimized. On the box you can see the mi hare and the abundance of Chinese characters. TVs are currently sold mainly within China (at least officially), so initially everything is only in Chinese.

The kit included a small instruction, legs with a set of screws and a remote control.


The compact remote control with a minimum of buttons fits perfectly in the hand. A finger reaches out to all controls. There are navigation buttons in the form of a conventional cross and “ok” in the middle, buttons for working in the system (menu, home, back) and volume control buttons. Everything is very simple, nothing more. The plastic is rough, not easily soiled. The transmitter is powerful, you do not need to play the sniper, aiming the receiver at the TV. The only thing missing for the ideal is the air mouse function, because some applications in Android are not adapted for the remote control and you have to connect a regular computer mouse via USB, which, by the way, is also an option. At least for the initial setup, a mouse is needed, but then you can completely get by with the remote control.

The appearance is quite pleasant and modern, the plastic does not look cheap and does not have an unpleasant smell.

The legs are attached to the base with two screws each. With legs, the TV is stable, does not wobble. The minimum depth of the surface where the TV is planned to be installed is more than 180 mm, because it is precisely this width that the “legs” are spread.

The surface of the screen is matte and does not glare from light, visually the TV seems to be very thin. Although the central part with the board is 9 cm thick.

Frames are small: 1.1 cm at the top and 1.4 cm at the sides.

In the lower part there is a small Mi logo, under which there is an LED, which actually lights up only during system boot and has not been seen anywhere else. The IR receiver from the remote control is also located here. There are no problems with sensitivity, within the room the signal reaches from any angle.

In the lower part in the center there is a physical on / off button. Downward-facing speakers are located to the left and right of it. The speakers are quite large, the specifications indicate the power of 2 to 5W. The volume is high, for watching movies and TV programs I usually use 30% volume. The sound is dominated by mid-range frequencies and at high volume the TV just starts “yelling”, so for lovers of high-quality sound it is better to connect an external audio system. In the system settings, you can turn on Bass Boost, which adds a little low frequencies, volume appears. In general, the sound is normal, especially for a budget TV. I have LG from the same price category in my kitchen, but the sound is much worse there.


To connect and configure a multifunctional Chinese remote control, first of all, you need to charge it. that is, connect the power connector to the desired type of battery. Most often AAA or AA batteries are suitable.

Sometimes such batteries are replaced with batteries of the same size, which is much more profitable, since it implies reusability, because the batteries can be recharged through an electrical outlet.

After recharging the remote control is completed, it can be synchronized with the equipment. The universal version of the remote control without settings will not function, but they can be performed in manual or automatic mode.


Manual synchronization can be performed when the activation codes are known to you, or when the remote control cannot be configured in automatic mode. The codes for manual tuning are selected in the technical data sheet of the device or in special tables created for your brand of TV. The sequence of actions in this case will be as follows:

  • turn on the TV and point the remote control at its screen;
  • press the POWER button and at the same time dial the previously prepared code;
  • wait until the indicator lights up and pulses twice, while the POWER button is not released;
  • check the operation of the main buttons of the remote control by activating their functions on the TV.
  • Manual remote control Huayu. turn on the TV and point the remote at it. Simultaneously press and hold the POWER button and the SET button. At this time, the indicator will begin to pulsate. Now you need to enter the code that matches your TV. After that, the indicator will turn off, then press the SET button.
  • Setting up your Supra. turn on the TV and point the remote at the screen. Press the POWER button and at the same time enter the code that matches your TV. After the light pulsation of the indicator, the POWER button is released. the code has been entered.

The code is entered in the same way into remote devices of other manufacturers. All remotes, even if they look different, have the same technical structure inside.

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Sometimes, even on more modern models, you can find the appearance of new buttons, but the essence of the remote control remains unchanged.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the last few years smartphones have begun to be produced, which also have a built-in remote control, with which you can control not only the TV, but also, for example, turn on the air conditioner. This control option is universal, and the synchronization of devices in it occurs via the built-in smartphone Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi module.

How to set up a universal TV remote?

Manufacturers of modern multimedia devices for controlling them from a short distance produce remote control devices. Most often, any model of TV or video player is supplied with an original remote control suitable for it.

Remote control is convenient because a person does not need to make unnecessary gestures in order to activate or deactivate certain options of the technique. Sometimes there are several such remotes in one room, and in order not to get confused in their use, you can purchase one universal model that will combine the control of several devices. To activate the remote control and “bind” to the technique, it must first be configured or programmed.

How to find the TV code?

Before proceeding to activate the universal remote control, you will need to know the code for your TV. Some models have a three-digit code, but there are those that work with a four-digit code. You can clarify this information by carefully studying the operating instructions supplied with your TV model. If there are no instructions, special reference tables will help you, which can be found on the Internet by typing in the search engine the phrase “Codes for setting up the remote control”.

To operate a remote control device and link several devices through it, the program code performs the main function.

It is with the help of the code that the recognition, synchronization and operation of all devices that you plan to control using the remote control take place. A code should be understood as a specific set of numbers that is unique. Search and code entry can be performed both automatically and manually. If you dial a certain order of numbers on the universal remote control, then the automatic search and selection option will be launched. For various TVs, their own unique codes have been developed, but there are also common ones, for example, the following:

  • code 000 is used to turn on the device;
  • channel search by moving forward is carried out through 001;
  • if you want to go back one channel, then use the code 010;
  • you can add the sound level with code 011, and decrease it with code 100.

In fact, there are quite a few codes, and you can see for yourself by studying the tables with them. It should be noted that in original control devices the code system cannot be changed. It has already been entered by the manufacturer and is suitable for the multimedia device to which the remote control is supplied. Universal consoles are arranged differently. they can be customized for any type of equipment, since their built-in code base is much larger and more diverse, which gives this device the opportunity for widespread use.

Difference between original and universal remote

Any remote control device is used to implement the capabilities of a technical device. There are original models. that is, those that come off the assembly line with a multimedia device, as well as universal consoles, which are designed so that they can be programmed to synchronize with many models of equipment produced by different world manufacturers. Sometimes it happens that the original remote control is lost or for some reason out of order.

If the model of the TV or other equipment is already old, then it is simply impossible to find a replacement for the same original remote control.

In such cases, the task of remote control can be taken over by a universal device.

The pulsed emissions of universal consoles are such that they are suitable for controlling many models of both modern technology and devices of the old generation. In addition, the universal device has a peculiarity. it can be adjusted for sensitivity to several devices at once, and then the extra remotes can be removed and only one can be used, which, you see, is very convenient.

Most often, universal remote control devices come to us from factories in China, while the birthplace of the original remote control depends on the manufacturer of the multimedia device to which it is attached, which means that it corresponds to the brand and has a higher degree of quality. Another feature of universal controls is that they are less expensive. If you wish, you can choose them by color, shape, design. Each such remote control contains a software encoding base, due to which it is synchronized with most models of multimedia equipment.


The general principle of setting up a universal control panel has approximately the same algorithm of actions, suitable for most devices:

  • turn on the TV to the mains;
  • direct the remote control to the TV screen;
  • find the POWER button on the remote control and hold it down for at least 6 seconds;
  • the volume control option appears on the TV screen, at this time the POWER button is pressed again.

After this procedure, the universal remote control is ready for use. You can check the functionality of the remote control after its activation in the following way:

  • turn on the TV and direct the remote control to it;
  • on the remote control, dial 4 times the number “9”, while the finger from this button after pressing do not remove, leaving it for 5-6 seconds.

If the manipulation was performed correctly, the TV will turn off. On the sales market, most often there are models of remote controls, the manufacturers of which are Supra, DEXP, Huayu, Gal. The settings algorithm for these models has its own nuances.

  • Supra remote control. point the remote control at the screen of the turned on TV and press the POWER button, holding it for 6 seconds until the option for adjusting the sound level appears on the screen.
  • Gal remote. turn on the TV and point the remote at it, while on the remote you need to press the button with the image of the type of multimedia device that you are currently configuring. When the indicator is on, the button can be released. Next, they press the power button, at this time an automatic code search will start. But as soon as the TV turns off, immediately quickly press the button with the letters OK, which will make it possible to write the code into the memory of the remote control.
  • Huayu remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV, press the SET button and hold it. At this time, the indicator will be on, on the screen you will see the option to adjust the volume. By adjusting this option, you need to set the necessary commands. And to exit this mode, press SET again.
  • DEXP remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV screen and at this time activate by pressing the button with the brand of your TV receiver. Then press the SET button and hold it until the indicator turns on. Then you need to use the channel search button. When the indicator turns off, immediately press the OK button to save the automatically found code.

Often, for various reasons, it happens that an automatic code search does not bring the desired results. In this case, the settings are made manually.

How to program?

A remote control (RC) in a universal design can adapt and replace several original remotes, which are suitable only for one specific device. Of course, this is only possible if you reconfigure the new remote control and enter codes that will be universal for all devices.

In addition, any universal remote has the ability to memorize those devices that have already been connected at least once. This makes it possible to make it a wide memory base, while the original devices have a mini-memory format. But the same remote device can be installed on another device, you just need to enter the appropriate control codes.

The programming instruction for the universal control device of almost any model informs that you can activate the memorization of the entered codes by pressing the POWER and SET buttons.

After performing this action, the indicator on the remote control will be activated, it will pulsate. At this time, you need to select the button that corresponds to the device with which you synchronize the remote control. You need to finish programming by entering the appropriate code, which we take from the technical passport or tables in the open Internet access.

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After entering the code, you will have the opportunity not only to control each device separately, but also switch from one device to another using the remote control. Software coding methods can sometimes have some peculiarities, which you can clarify by studying the instructions for your remote control device. However, all modern remotes have a clear graphical interface, so device management does not cause great difficulties for a simple user.

How to set up the DEXP universal remote control, see below.

No code

Another universal method is code search. Brief instruction:

  • activate the TV and move the remote control;
  • hold down the “TV” and “OK” keys;
  • after 2-3 seconds the keys will light up;
  • click on “switch” TV channels and turn off TV;
  • the stake was successfully selected;
  • to save the parameters, click on the “TV” button.

Smartphones with universal remote function

Most smartphones with a built-in universal remote option. Customize based on personal preference. Regulate the light in the apartment or the supply of cold air in the air conditioner from the mobile.

How to set up a universal remote on an LG TV?

How to connect a universal remote to an LG (LG) TV? Insert batteries or rechargeable battery. Next, determine the conjugation of the TV and PU. Click on the correct mode and wait for the indicator to turn on.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to connect a universal remote to an LG TV: codes, instructions

Technician designers complement the devices with a useful control panel. This makes it easy to use any system. It is now possible to turn off the light, turn on the air conditioner or adjust the set-top box while sitting on the sofa. One device is useful to the user. Faced the question “How to set up a universal remote control for an LG TV.” A short instruction will help you understand this issue. With simple actions, users activate control with appliances at home.

Top 3 best universal remotes

  • Rexant 38-0011;
  • Vivanco UR 2;
  • One For All URC 6810.

Differences between original and universal remote control

The remote control is useless as a separate device. It connects together with the TV set. Work action:

  • When a key is pressed, the user touches the microcircuit. Because of this, a circuit of electrical impulses is formed.
  • The LED element of the accessory converts the action into infrared radiation. At the same time, the wave indices reach 0.75-1.5 microns. Signal is transmitted to the connected device.
  • The TV has a phototransistor. It displays the IR signal and transmits it as an electrical impulse. The signal goes to the control point. Because of this, the action is reproduced.

The communication method, which is widespread in remote control, is pulse-code modulation. It differs in that each action is given a sequence:

  • digits 000 to deactivate the TV;
  • code 001. switch to the next TV channel in the list;
  • code 002. return the previous TV channel;
  • combination 011 to change the volume indicators;
  • 100. reduce the level of the reproduced sound;
  • 111. deactivate TV.

Thus, when a key is pressed, the electrical circuit converts the signal according to a clear pattern.

  • Original;
  • Counterfeits;
  • Suitable for everyone.

The first and second types are controls designed for a specific type of device. The main difference is that the original creates the factory where the TV is produced. Non-original sell licensed companies.

The universal option is customizable for any technique. It is designed for various TV models. In case of a lost gadget, it is suitable for any device. When buying, the user often pays attention to the external structure and its design. Since the technical characteristics are the same.


Each TV has a specific communication code. Using it, it is possible to set the parameters of the NC. Select instructions depending on model.

  • start the receiver;
  • on the universal remote, click on the “Start” button, then enter the TV code;
  • now release the key.
  • open the change mode, in parallel press the keys: “Start” and “Set”;
  • waiting for the signal to appear on the gadget;
  • enter the combination;
  • signal goes out.
  • we activate the TV;
  • click on the buttons “C” and “Settings”;
  • after initialization, we remove our fingers from the keys;
  • checking the work.

What is a universal remote?

Owners of digital television acquire a universal remote control. To install it, you need a separate receiver. They have the same structure and consist of a plastic case, electrons, soft keys, LEDs and electronic power parts.

The universal spacer has a similar internal structure as the standard one. Not every device is adapted to control. External similarity does not guarantee the versatility of the PU. Read the technical specifications before purchasing a useful accessory.

Setting up Xiaomi Mi Box S: step by step instructions

In this article, I will tell you how to set up Xiaomi Mi Box S: install Russian, set up IPTV, torrents and show some useful features on Mi Box S.

Xiaomi Mi Box S is an excellent TV box with support for 4K video, IPTV and fresh Android TV for little money.

First launch of Mi Box S

Connect the box to a power outlet and to the TV via HDMI connector. The STB will boot up and a welcome message will appear.

Keep the remote at a distance of 20 centimeters from the set-top box, following the recommendations of Xiaomi.

In the global (international) version of boxing, there are Russian and Ukrainian. Select the language you need and click OK.

Mi Box will prompt you to customize your TV using your Android device. There are two options:

  • Agree and launch Google on your phone, check the verification code, confirm copying the settings several times and connect to Wi-Fi automatically.
  • Refuse if there is no Android device and go through the usual setup. Sign in to your Google account, Wi-Fi network, etc. It will take a few minutes more.

Enter a name for your TV set-top box. There are several standard options to choose from.

If you previously had an Android set-top box, you can immediately install the necessary applications that you used before.

I will skip this installation in order to clearly show and tell why these programs are needed.

Plug in your USB stick. Plug the flash drive into the USB connector and click on one of the 3 items.

The first one is needed for those who plan to occasionally download movies to a USB flash drive and then watch on TV.

The second one is suitable for constant use: games, torrents, TV series, etc. You cannot extract it.

Please note that the permanent drive will be formatted in a special format to work with the Xiaomi Mi Box S. You will not be able to remove and use it as usual.

To use a USB flash drive on a computer, you need to go to Menu. Storage and reset. Clear and format like a removable drive.

The prefix will offer to transfer photos, files and other content to the USB flash drive.

I do not recommend doing this now. You can transfer too large games or movies to the drive at any time.

Setting up IPTV and HD Videobox on Xiaomi Mi Box S

If you want to use IPTV, torrents or HD Videobox, install MX Player or VLC Player.

Be sure to configure X-Plore Manager from the previous point!

Upload and install the.APK file via the file manager on the set-top box.

Who doesn’t know, HD Videobox is an application for watching movies and TV shows. It searches for videos on dozens of popular movie portals, sorts them by quality and displays them without ads.

For all the time of using, I have not come across a single movie that I could not find in the Videobox. Even new items of this year are available.

IPTV. Internet TV with which you can watch TV channels, movies and even listen to music.

For data transmission, special.m3u /.m3u8 links are used, and IPTV playlists are a collection of such sources.

First, decide how you will watch TV channels: use your playlists or include already installed channels inside the player?

For my own playlists, I recommend Perfect Player, and for the second option. Fry! TV.

Our playlists and Fry! TV have a TV guide for a few days ahead. Also, paid IPTV has the ability to record broadcast.

Download the.apk file of the selected player.

How to remove an app from the home screen?

The main screen of Mi Box contains your favorite apps and channels. To free up space, you need to remove unused applications or channels.

To do this, go down to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Tune channels button.

Box control from a phone or tablet

Lost your remote?. No problem! Install one simple app on your Android phone and the problem is solved.

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Click on the blue microphone icon to type a request for Mi Box using your voice.

Useful tricks for Mi Box S

How to swap apps in Favorites?

Place the cursor on the desired program and hold down the center button. A small menu will pop up: Open, Move, Remove from favorites.

Doesn’t connect to the Internet

I can’t connect the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 55 “TV to the local network via a wire. Everything works fine on Wi-Fi, but there is not enough speed. HD channels are very slow. I manually registered the IP address, dns, gateway, subnet mask (experience setting up network equipment When the network cable is connected in the settings, under the local network icon, the status “Connected” appears. But access to the Internet does not appear. It was not necessary to configure the equipment with the android. Please tell me, can there be any other nuances that I do not know about? 11/18/2018, Vladivostok.

Modern TVs connect to a local network without any complications. It appears that your TV software needs to be updated.

Mi TV 2

The Mi TV 2 model was released in 2016 and has screen modifications with a diagonal of 49 “and 55”. The kit includes a TV, remote control, soundbar, subwoofer. Android 4.3 OS.

Answers to questions on Xiaomi TV

Features of the Xiaomi Mi TV remote control

In the lower right corner of the TV, there is a special Bluetooth system that operates within a range of 20 meters. Press the Menu and Return to Home button at the same time and you will hear a sound, after which you can release the buttons (please adhere to the specified distance), and the remote control contacts the TV. Then you will hear two beeps from the remote to indicate successful pairing.
A remote that supports sound control can be used with a gamepad, the TV becomes a game device. The remote that supports the sound control mode has special characters on the body, in contrast to the remote control that only supports Bluetooth connection
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Wi-Fi connection

11.11.2019 Xiaomi L32M5-ARU Xiaomi L32M5-ARU Kemerovo Good afternoon, I bought a TV, I can not configure the WI-FI network. I enter the password, but he writes incorrectly.

Automatic tuning

To connect the remote control to the TV automatically, you need to do the following:

  • After turning on the TV, hold down the POWER key on the remote control until the volume adjustment function appears on the TV screen.
  • Press POWER again.
  • Check that the device is working properly. To do this, dial the code “9999”, holding down the “9” key for 5-6 seconds. The TV should turn off.

For universal remotes from different manufacturers, the diagram may differ. Different key sequences may work with individual models. A detailed algorithm for connecting the UPDU is indicated in the instructions for it.

Rating of universal remotes

A large number of UPDUs of different price categories and with different functionalities are presented on the market.

Models to look out for:

  • One For All URC7955 Smart Control. Suitable for controlling TV, set-top box, DVD player and other devices. Recognizes devices from over 700 manufacturers such as “Samsung”, “Sony”, “Toshiba”, “PanSonyk”, “LG” and others. Has a manual learning option, so you can write commands into it yourself. The signal range is 15 m.Sold at a price of 4000 rubles.
  • Rombica Air R5. This model is designed to control home appliances that support Bluetooth connectivity. Has an extended set of options for Smart TV. Radius of action. 10 m. Cost. from 1300 rubles.
  • One For All Evolve. Universal remote control with infrared port that supports learning function. Designed primarily to control Smart TV and related equipment such as TV set-top boxes. The length of the infrared radiation is 15 m.Price. from 1700 rubles.
  • Samsung Smart Control. Smart remote for Samsung Smart TVs and related devices. Works via bluetooth. Price from 5000 rubles.
  • HAMA Big Zapper. A budget model supporting over 1000 devices. Able to store in memory settings for controlling each device. Has a learning function that allows you to customize additional commands. Sold at a price of 600 rubles.
  • INVIN I8. Universal remote control with QWERTY-keyboard and touchpad, designed to control TV, PC, smartphone and other types of equipment. Price. from 900 rubles.

One For All URC7955 Smart Control. Remote Control.

Below is a comparison table with the main characteristics of each device.

Parameter One For All URC7955 Smart Control Rombica Air R5 One For All Evolve Samsung Smart Control HAMA Big Zapper INVIN I8
Interface Infrared port Bluetooth Infrared port Bluetooth Infrared port USB, infrared, Wi-Fi
Range of action, m 15 ten 15 6.5 ten ten
Price, rub. From 4000 From 1300 From 1700 From 5000 From 600 From 900

Manual setting

To manually configure the device, you need to know the codes for the control functions of your TV. You can see them in the documentation for the TV or on the manufacturer’s website. The tuning algorithm is as follows:

  • Press the POWER button and, without releasing it, dial the TV code on the digital panel.
  • When the indicator lights up and blinks, remove your finger from the power button.
  • Check the main functions by clicking all the buttons in turn.
  • If, after the manipulations performed, not all keys were activated, they must be configured separately by holding down the desired button and entering the code corresponding to the function.

The difference between a simple and a universal remote

The difference between a simple remote control and a universal one lies in the ability to flexibly configure the latter to control any device.

The work of the remote control is as follows: when the user presses a button, the remote control sends a signal to the TV using an LED. The latter reads it and performs the appropriate action.

Each team is assigned an individual three-digit code. Different models and manufacturers of TV, DVD players, TV set-top boxes, audio players, air conditioners and other household appliances have different codes. Therefore, the standard TV remote control included in the kit is most often not suitable for controlling a device of another model or category.

The universal remote control with infrared port allows you to manually program codes for each action, thanks to which the device can be configured to work with different devices. There are also remotes that connect via Bluetooth.

They do not need to be manually paired with each individual device, however, they can only be controlled by devices that support this technology.

Setting up without code

If for some reason you could not find out the TV code, use the following instruction:

  • Press the TV and Ok keys at the same time. The buttons on the device should light up. Hold them down until all keys, except for the numeric keypad, are no longer lit.
  • Press the CH key repeatedly, intermittently, until the TV turns off. Each time you press the button, the remote will cycle through the possible pairing codes. Disable TV means that a suitable code has been found.

What is a universal remote

A universal remote control is a device designed to control several household appliances at the same time, such as a TV, DVD player, air conditioner, etc.

These devices are developed using a variety of technologies and are sold at different prices. Inexpensive ones are designed for certain types of equipment or are “tied” to the manufacturer. For example, there are remotes for Sony or Samsung TVs that allow you to control any devices of this brand. expensive models can be customized by owners and used with equipment from different manufacturers.

Ways to connect and configure the universal remote control to the TV

The universal remote control is popular because it allows you to control all the TVs, DVDs and audio players in the house at once. Thanks to this device, you do not have to constantly confuse many separate remote controls and buy batteries for each of them. Setting up a universal TV remote is a simple task that in most cases takes a few minutes.

How to set up a universal remote control

To use the device, it must be powered up and synchronized with the equipment.

How to connect a new remote control to the TV:

  • Turn on the TV to pair with.
  • Press the TV button on the remote control and hold it until the indicator on the remote control flashes.

Further settings are made either automatically or manually. Also, the algorithm will be different if the TV code is unknown.