How to set up iPhone 7 when you first turn it on

Turning on the device

The power button is located on the right side panel above the SIM card tray. Press and hold the button for a few seconds. Wait for the welcome screen and press the “Home” button to enter the initial settings.

Apple ID

If you already have an account, enter its ID when prompted by the setup wizard. Otherwise, select “Don’t have an Apple ID or have you forgotten it?” or skip the step and generate an ID later. You can do this the first time you log into iCloud or iTunes, as well as on the Apple website in the Apple ID section.

When creating, we indicate the following information:

  • Name and surname.
  • Country.
  • Date of birth. You must be 18 years old at the time of registration, otherwise an account will not be created. If you are younger, you will have to cheat and set the correct date.
  • A valid email (this will be the account identifier).
  • Create and enter a password for your account twice. You will need a password of at least eight characters, containing numbers, uppercase and lowercase Latin letters.
  • Select three security questions and enter the answers to them.

A letter with a six-digit code will be sent to the specified email address, which must be entered to activate the account.

Register the created Apple ID (the login is your email address) in the smartphone settings or enter it when you first connect to iTunes or App Store. after that the services will be configured for your account, and you do not need to re-enter the ID and password on subsequent connections.


After creating the Touch ID, the setup wizard will ask you to create a passcode. The key is needed to unlock the device in case fingerprint recognition does not work, as well as to access the phone functions of a person who is not included in the Touch ID base.

iphone, first, turn

The user has three types of passwords, which can be selected on the key creation screen by clicking the “Passcode parameters” button:

  • Six arbitrary characters (letters and numbers);
  • Six digits;
  • Four digits.

Setting initial parameters

We will not dwell on the first trivial screens (entering the language, location, etc.) and will go straight to the security settings:


It is cloud storage for mail, photos, videos, documents and backups. The service stores and synchronizes contacts and files for all Apple devices in your account. To access the storage, enter the iPhone settings into your Apple ID account and the service will be automatically available. Select “iCloud” and in the storage management section enable the programs that will use the service and sync between devices.

If at the time of creating your Apple ID you did not have mail in iCloud, then you can create it at any time in the settings of your smartphone. After creating a new mail, you can put it as an account identifier instead of the one specified during the first registration.

IPhone activation process

Before turning on your iPhone, check to see if you have a SIM card of the correct size (micro for older models and nano for newer). Activation will fail without a SIM.

You will also need a wireless Internet connection (or cellular connection) or a computer with iTunes (as an option for restoring a backup).

And only after you are convinced of all the listed steps, you can safely hold down the Power button (or hold down the lower volume and lock buttons on iPhone 10 and above).

There are no legal methods to activate a device without a SIM card! In versions iOS 7 and higher / lower, such a vulnerability did exist, but since iOS 7.1.2 it has been fixed.

Setting up iPhone for the first time

So, after simple preparations, we activate the new one, after the purchase, the iPhone, that is, we set up the language, some additional services, indicate the region of residence, restore data from backups, if required. From this moment the countdown of the warranty period will begin.

Another interesting article for you: How to enable and configure sound on iPhone

Step-by-step instructions using the iPhone 6 as an example, how to start a smartphone from scratch:

  • To “revive” the device, you first need to press the Power / Turn on button and hold it for 3-4 seconds:

The screen will light up, the company logo will appear. a silver apple. Then a welcome splash screen will appear in different languages.

  • Next, you need to choose your “own” language and region, which, of course, will not be difficult:
  • Now we press the button “Configure manually” if you have the first Apple device.
  • Next, you need to connect a Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet, or a computer with a pre-installed “iTunes” and wired Internet.
  • Next, the iPhone will ask you to insert a SIM card.
  • Then we set up Touch ID (from English touch. “to touch”). A place is allocated in the phone memory to save a fingerprint, which can be used to unlock the iPhone (with one touch of the sensor). Making purchases on the Internet, authorizing on portals. everything happens quickly and without problems thanks to the sensor.
  • Despite the fingerprint ID, a digital code / password must be created too.
  • Since we are setting up a new iPhone, we select the following item:
  • Next, in the window that opens, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID. In the absence of such at the moment, some recommend postponing the registration of an account, others. to create it immediately. The most convenient way is to use a computer and register by clicking on the link!page=create on the official website of “Apple”.

Setting initial parameters

We will not dwell on the first trivial screens (entering the language, location, etc.) and will go straight to the security settings:

Ways to Activate iPhone

There are several ways to activate an apple device.

Preparing iPhone for activation

Setting up a new smartphone requires preliminary measures:

  • Removing the factory film from the device. Otherwise, the Home button will not work correctly and you will not be able to make a fingerprint as an identifier.
  • Recharging a battery that is at least 20-30% full.
  • Having a SIM card in the tray and connecting the device to Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G Internet.
  • Download and install updated to the latest version of iTunes software on your PC. This is necessary for the initial setup of the iPhone if the user does not have “Wi-Fi” and “SIM-unlimited”. Wired Internet and iTunes will help launch the new iPhone.
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Everything is ready, now we can proceed to activation when the Apple gadget is turned on for the first time.

What is iPhone Activation?

IPhone activation. the process by which a new iPhone contacts Apple servers via the Internet and receives permission or prohibition to use a smartphone with an installed SIM card.

How Apple Activation and Warranty are related?

The iPhone activation process automatically starts the Apple Warranty. In other words, the countdown of the warranty period for the new iPhone will start not from the date of purchase, but from the day the smartphone is activated.

ATTENTION! When you turn on your iPhone for the first time, saying “Hello” (Hello, etc.) on the screen does not mean that the iPhone is really new. To check that you bought and activate your new iPhone, the article below will help you:

How to activate and set up a new iPhone

Immediately after purchasing an iPhone smartphone, before using it, you must first activate and configure it. This process is completely simple and does not take much time.

How to activate iPhone

First you need to insert a SIM card into the device. The tray in which the card should be located is on the side of the gadget (or on the top panel in the iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS). We open this slot with the help of a special tool that is in the packaging from the smartphone on the spread of the cardboard. You can use a paper clip or needle to remove the tray;

After the working “SIM” is placed in the slot, turn on the iPhone (press and hold the Power button for 3-4 seconds), wait for the welcome screen to appear and press the “Home” button to open the presets;

Then select the language and indicate the region of residence;

After that, connect to a Wi-Fi network or, if there is no access to one, to a cellular network (the Use cellular network button) or to a computer with iTunes pre-installed (download here) and with the ability to access the Internet.

Starting with iOS 11, the ability to quickly set up has appeared, which consists in copying credentials from your other device running iOS 11 or newer.

In the next window, set up Touch ID by storing your fingerprint. This will allow in the future to unlock the device by simply touching the sensor, as well as make purchases on the Web and quickly log in to various resources.

Then enter a four to six character password that will be used to unlock the device. By pressing the button Code-password parameters, you can select the type of code-password;

The next window will offer to restore programs and data from a copy to iCloud / iTunes or transfer data from Android.

How to set up an iPhone 7: Unbox and set up your new iPhone

If this is not necessary, then you should select the item “Set up as a new iPhone“;

After that, a window will open with a field for entering your Apple ID, but if the user has not previously created an account, then you should not register an account directly at this stage.

To refuse registration, click on the buttons “No Apple ID or forgot it”, “Configure later in Settings” and “Do not use”.

To correctly create an Apple ID without linking to a credit card, this instruction will help you;

Next, you will be asked to enable geolocation options, as well as activate the virtual assistant Siri, but we can also postpone these actions for the future;

When setting up iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, you will be prompted to customize the response of the Home button.

When you set up your iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X, you will be prompted to activate the True Tone display. The function allows you to automatically adapt the iPhone screen to ambient light.

How to Setup the iPhone 7 for Beginners

In the next window, the user, depending on the state of vision, will be able to select the scale and display features of the iOS interface.

On the next screen, if you wish, you can enable automatic sending of device diagnostics reports to the Apple database.

The activation process consists only of the above actions. After completing them, you can safely start using your gadget.

Turning on

The actual key is located on the right side of the device. It is pressed and held until the Apple logo appears. After a few seconds, the display will show a greeting in several independent languages. The user is required to swipe the screen from the left to the right side.

Through the power key

This method is suitable for any technique. You need to press it and hold it for a few seconds. On the CE iPhones, it is located at the top of the gadget (as well as on younger models), in more modern ones. on the right side of the smartphone.

After a while, the company logo will appear on the display, after which the key can be released. After the device is fully loaded, you can start working, it takes from one to five minutes and depends on the modification of the device and the operating system that controls it.

Russian-language interface and home region

The choice depends on how the information will begin to be reflected on the iPhone XR. If the gadget was bought in a country, then Russia will be considered the default country, all messages will be displayed in Russian.

How to turn on iPhone without battery

How can I activate my iPhone 7? To connect modern smartphones, you need a power adapter with a voltage of 3.4 to 4.5 V and an alternating current of 2 A. It must be protected against short circuits. In addition to the adapter, you will need:

  • multimeter;
  • special clamps;
  • 2 wires.

The device should be turned off and taken out the battery, find the positive and negative contacts on the device. To do this, you need to study it, the manufacturer puts the information on the outside. In the absence of data, measurements are taken with a multimeter.

Exactly observing the poles, the wires from the adapter are attached to the contacts of the device. Clips are fixed to the terminals. Then they turn on both devices and wait until the battery is finally charged.

Important! Bare wires should not be left. Ignoring safety rules will cause a short circuit and fire.

Debugging Siri

The service is a personal voice assistant, with the support of which they create reminders, set alarms, mark important dates on the calendar, send messages to friends and do many more different actions. When adjusting, you must accurately follow the prompts that appear on the display.

The program can be launched at any time by simply greeting it with the phrase “Hey Siri!”. How do I set my iPhone 6s to it? For this model, the functionality is constantly available, and on earlier versions only at the moment when the smartphone can be charged.

How to set up your new iPhone 6/6 Plus (initial setup)

After the backup from your old device is complete, proceed to set up your new phone. Install the sim card and turn on the iPhone. In the setup wizard, go to the iPhone Setup screen. In the list, we are interested in the items “Recover from iCloud copy” and “Recover from iTunes copy”. Depending on the service in which you made the backup, select the desired item.

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How to Restore Settings on New iPhone from iTunes

To restore from a copy saved on a PC, connect your phone to the computer and on the same tab where you created the backup, click on the “Restore from copy” button. Do not disconnect iPhone from the computer immediately after restoring and restarting the gadget. This was the first part of the recovery. setting up system settings and transferring programs. Then iTunes will continue to copy the rest of the information: music, photos and other.

Set up iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage is Apple’s internet messenger. Allows the owners of the company’s gadgets to communicate without installing third-party programs. To activate the service in the iPhone settings, go to the “Messages” item, turn on iMessage and enter your Apple ID.

FaceTime is a free software for audio and video calls between Apple devices over the Internet. To make calls, you need to create an account. To do this, go to the phone settings, select FaceTime and specify the Apple ID to create an account in the application. After that, you will have access to Internet telephony with those contacts from your phone book, for whom FaceTime is activated on the device.

If you already had an iPhone

It’s much easier to set up your smartphone if you’ve replaced your older iPhone with a more modern one. When switching from iPhones, starting with the fourth model, all actions for transferring information have been simplified. For example, here’s how to set up your iPhone 6s when you turn it on for the first time.

How to backup iPhone using iCloud

An iCloud backup is made automatically once a day (if the phone has Wi-Fi access and free space in the cloud). This is not a complete copy of the iPhone, but only part of the information: system settings, accounts, photos and documents. The configuration and data of the HomeKit and Health applications are also copied. If apart from this information you do not need anything else, then just check the date of the last synchronization in the iCloud settings in the “Backup” item. If it does not suit you, then update the backup copy from the same window.

Initial parameters. Account

After completing the download of the smartphone, you must enter the PIN code of the SIM card. Next stage. it is setting the current values โ€‹โ€‹of the date, time zone, time and country of the device. over, it is necessary to indicate the current data. If this condition is not met, then some functions may not be available.

Then you need to connect the device to the Internet. over, this operation can be implemented using cellular communication or using a Wi-Fi transmitter. In the first case, it is enough to activate the data transfer. And in the second. you need to scan the frequency spectrum and select the one you need in the list of available connections that appears. After that, you will need to enter the password from the wireless network.

SIM card. Turning on

At the first stage, you need to install a SIM card of a cellular operator. over, its format should be nanoSIM. If it is large, then it must be replaced or even a new starter pack must be purchased.

Next, using a paper clip, we remove the special tray for installing the card. Then it must be installed in it. In doing so, pay attention to the “key”. the cut corner of the SIM card. It should be in the same place as a similar item in the tray. Also, the contact pads of the SIM card must be turned up. At the next stage, we install the tray back into the smartphone.

After that, you can start and turn on the iPhone 7. To do this, it is enough to hold down the power button of the device for 2-3 seconds.

How to set up “iPhone 7” when you first turn it on? Step by step guide

This overview will walk you through the steps of how to set up “iPhone 7” when you turn it on for the first time. At first glance, this is a rather complicated operation. But if you follow the instructions set out in the future in full, then it will not be difficult to cope with it.

iphone, first, turn

Installing programs

Actually, this is where the first inclusion ends or how to activate the iPhone 7 immediately after purchase. Now you need to use your smartphone and enjoy it.

Setting Up iPhone 7 For the First Time

Setting methods. Execution order

This operation, how to set up “iPhone 7” when first turned on, can be done in two ways:

  • With the help of customer service for an additional fee.
  • On my own.

In the first case, the newly-made owner of the mobile device gives it to the service engineers for configuration, after paying for their services in advance. He also expresses his wishes and recommendations to them, and experts strive to implement them as much as possible. In the second case, the device is reconfigured without the assistance of the user.

The general procedure for performing this operation consists of the following stages:

  • Installing a SIM card.
  • Turning on the device.
  • Setting initial parameters.
  • Account creation.
  • Establishing a network connection.
  • Installing additional application software from the Apple Store.

As part of this review, the algorithm for performing such an operation was described, how to set up “iPhone 7” when you first turn it on. The majority of owners of such mobile devices have developed a persistent stereotype that this is a complex operation and only narrow-profile specialists can perform it. But actually it is not. Apple developers initially minimized the possibility of error during the setup process. Therefore, even if something goes wrong and the owner makes a mistake, a hint will appear and allow him to solve any issue that has arisen.

Therefore, it is inappropriate to pay an additional amount for the initialization and software configuration of such a device. It can be done without assistance. At the same time, you will understand the features of your smartphone and in case of problems during its further operation, solve them yourself, and do not contact the service center. In the latter case, you will again have to pay a large amount for solving a fairly simple issue.

Home button

In order to remove all open applications on your smartphone, you need to double-click on the home button, and the applications you recently opened will appear. If you want to take them away then swipe them up.

To access Siri, hold the Home button.

IPhone Control Gestures

These four gestures are very easy to remember:

  • Pressing;
  • Tug
  • Swipe (Swipe);
  • Pinching and spreading fingers.

How to set up iPhone 7? What you need to do right after purchase?

Good day, my dear blog readers! Today we will talk about the following topic: “How to set up iPhone 7”?

Nowadays, everyone mainly buys phones from Apple, as they are convenient and they have many interesting and useful functions that are not available on ordinary Android. Many people buy iPhone 7 without knowing how to start using it.

IPhone Lock and Power Button

To turn off your smartphone, hold and hold the lock button, and then pull the “Turn off” slider. To turn on iPhone, press and hold the lock button until the Apple logo appears.

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Safety comes first in your phone! Let’s create a print. To do this, go to “Settings” (located on the screen), then to the section “Touch ID and Password”.

Setting up iPhone the first time you turn it on

  • Choose language.
  • Select a country or region.

Select the network you need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Create your own password, it will be used when the display is turned on!

  • Create an Apple ID, to register your ID, you need to click “Forgot your password or not Apple ID?”

Next, you will be prompted to set up Siri. You will be asked to say a few phrases so that Siri will remember your voice.!

Volume buttons

In order to make it louder, press the upper button, and if you make it quieter, then press the lower.

Activation methods

How do you activate your iPhone 7 after turning it on? There are three ways that can help you cope with this task:

  • via cellular communication;
  • using Wi-Fi;
  • using iTunes.

The easiest way to work with the card is to connect the mobile Internet to it. The presence of a 3G network will also help. Then you only need to insert the SIM card into the iPhone, and it will connect to the Apple server by itself, allowing it to check the status. Next, activation will occur, and you will see the logo of your mobile operator on the screen.

The video explains how to properly insert a SIM card into an iPhone 7.

The process via Wi-Fi is also not difficult. First you need to turn on the device, insert the SIM card and press the touch button “Home”, opening the menu for selecting the country, then the language. Having decided on this data, connect the iPhone 7 to Wi-Fi with the presence of the Internet. Further steps will be prompted by the settings assistant: just follow the inscriptions on the screen.

There is also a third activation option, in which you need a computer. This need arises if there is no 3G, mobile Internet and Wi-Fi network. In this case, iTunes will help you.

How can you activate iPhone 7 this way? You will also need to insert a SIM card and then select the country and language of the device. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a certified USB cable. On the screen, select the inscription “Connect to iTunes”, click on it if the program does not automatically continue.

Next, the program will contact the Apple server to activate the device. Upon completion, you will see an inscription about unlocking.

Then you will be able to use the activated iPhone, setting it up at your discretion.

How to properly activate the first time you turn on the iPhone 7

In practice, many people do not know what to do after they turn on the device. There are also those who are willing to pay for the work of an assistant to follow the correct steps. Given that the process is simple, it is worth figuring out how to do this work yourself.

Immediately after switching on, a welcome message appears on the screen, and you should not be alarmed if you see hieroglyphs. Clicking on the “Home” button will open a selection menu in which you can find your country and language.

Activation without a SIM card

There are often questions about whether you really need a SIM card for a successful unlocking. Working with iOS versions 7.0 to 7.0.6, it was possible to make an emergency call to 112 to activate the iPhone. The new iOS 10 does not provide such an opportunity.

As you can see, the process is not so complicated that, using the prompts, you cannot do everything yourself. When buying new equipment, be ready to learn it and use all the possibilities.

The activation process itself begins with a 5 minute video.

Turning on for the first time or how to activate iPhone?

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about what any person faces after purchasing Apple mobile equipment. The article has been prepared for novice users of the apple company’s products, and experienced people will only smile after reading this note. after all, they have understood everything for a long time and they will say why bother wasting time and describing this simple and intuitive process.

However, as I can tell from my own experience, some people don’t know what to do after they turn on their iPhone for the first time. And many are also willing to pay money to have everything done right for them and to “load the iPhone as correctly as possible”. It is for them that this instruction is. By the way, completely free! ๐Ÿ™‚

As an example, I will consider activating the iPhone 5s, on other Apple devices everything happens the same way.

Press the power button. the screen lights up with a welcome message. It can be in any language, so when you see hieroglyphs, don’t be alarmed.

Swipe the screen, the language and country selection menu will appear.

Now we need access to the Internet, there are three ways, any will do. If the Internet is connected on the SIM card, we choose to use cellular communication.

Another option, Wi-Fi networks, we connect to them.

If the previous methods do not work, then you can always set up the iPhone using iTunes, first download and install iTunes (read how to do it here), and then connect the phone to the computer using a cable.

In any case, you need to install a SIM card, otherwise we will see such an inscription.

Congratulations, we have activated the iPhone. there are a few parameters left to tweak.

Geolocation services (what it is and how to use it). Since many functions and programs are related to map services and navigation, I recommend enabling this item.

Setting up iPhone. On this screen, we see three positions:

If this is your first “apple” device. feel free to press the first option.

The next step: setting up an Apple ID is an account in the system (you can learn more about it here), and you must create it, but you can do it later. All the intricacies of registering an Apple ID are described in detail here. And in this instruction for turning on the iPhone for the first time, I skip this point.

We accept the license agreement. we have no way out ๐Ÿ™‚

And, since in this article we are considering the activation of the iPhone 5s, and, let me remind you, it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, they ask you to set it up as well.

And the last point (finally!). We are asked. do we want to send diagnostic data to Apple, I choose to send. why not help improve products and services? ๐Ÿ™‚

And that’s it, the first activation of the iPhone is completed and it is ready to work.!

Hooray! Now you can fully use the device!

Well, the instructions for activating the iPhone 5S turned out to be quite large. But the author of the article has nothing to do with it. Apple is to blame for everything, it was she who delayed this procedure so much ๐Ÿ™‚ However, there is nothing complicated in it. a little attention, patience and everything will definitely work out!