How to set up a Xiaomi 4 bracelet on Android

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Preparing a fitness bracelet for connection

The preparation of the device itself consists of unpacking and charging it. You don’t need to do anything special. While the gadget is charging, go to the next step and prepare the smartphone.

Customization and use

After a successful binding, the fitness bracelet needs to be set up. They look for the “Notifications” section on the screen, enter it and configure it according to the required indicators:

  • notifications about incoming SMS and calls;
  • unlocking the display. so that the smartphone does not constantly ask for an activation code;
  • adding a Google Fit account.

The profile has the ability to make the necessary options:

  • intended purpose of the device: pedometer, calorie counting, heart rate measurement;
  • notification of the resumption of activity;
  • alarm clock;
  • issuing sleep data after waking up;
  • adding friends to Mi Fit.

When standard functions are not enough, it is permissible to expand their list by downloading additional applications: Mi Band Master, Mi Band 2 Selfie, Runtastic.

Using a smart gadget is simple, just put it on your hand and be constantly with it. On devices with a screen, it is easy to read the necessary information visually. raise your hand at eye level, which will serve as a signal. In simpler models, activation is performed by pressing the watch button.

To measure the pulse, press the “Pulse” and “Measure” icons in the Mi Fit application. Then they press their hand to their chest and freeze for a minute. The Runtastic utility allows you to use the gadget as a pedometer. choose “Run Mode”. “Start”. During training, the watch automatically measures the heart rate and the number of steps, notifying if an overload has occurred.

Other functions

You can also connect the detection function if you have removed the bracelet from your wrist and cannot find it. Click on Locate Band: then you will hear the vibration of your device. The Vibrate for incoming calls option (vibration during incoming calls) is responsible for notifications about phone calls. It will only be available when the fitness bracelet and smartphone are synchronized via Bluetooth.

You can set up an alarm. Early bird alarm is responsible for “soft” awakening. If the fitness tracker is on your wrist while you sleep, it will read your metrics and analyze your sleep quality. And about 30 minutes before waking up, he will calculate what time for waking up will be most comfortable for you.

In the sleep menu, you can see how much time you slept. And also see the duration of deep and light sleep, the time of falling asleep and waking up. All information is presented in diagrams. If you want to see general statistics for all days, click on the icon with columns in the upper left corner.

As you can see, connecting the fitness bracelet to the phone will not be difficult even for a person who is far from “smart” technology. The tracker helps you keep track of your health and daily activity.

How to use a fitness bracelet while running

Start running mode in your bracelet app, or install an additional running app such as Runtastic, select a running mode (outdoors or on a treadmill) and tap Start. The fitness bracelet will measure the distance traveled and your heart rate, it can warn you about excessive load or notify that the workout goal has already been achieved.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone

Smart bracelets work in conjunction with Android and iOS applications, which allows them to be tied to most models of smartphones and iPhones with a Bluetooth connection. The wrist gadget is equipped with IP67 protection, which makes it immune to the negative effects of moisture and dirt.

List of brands suitable for syncing with a smart bracelet:

  • iPhone: 4S, 5, 5S;
  • iPod touch 5;
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

To connect a track to a smartphone or iPhone, the first step is to download the Wear OS by Google, Mi Fit or other application, depending on the OS. Go to your personal account by pre-registration or by entering an existing login with a password.

Then they adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Enter the “Settings” clock, then “System”. “Disable”. “Reset settings”.
  • After turning on the wrist device, follow the visual instructions, sequentially issuing the corresponding requests.
  • When prompted to enter the code, open the application on the Wear OS by Google phone and press “Configure”.
  • Select the brand of the gadget you want to connect.
  • A combination of numbers is displayed simultaneously on both screens. If they are identical, then click on the connect button. If the code values ​​do not match, then restart the watch and try again.
  • After connecting, both devices are synchronized by clicking the desired button on the PC (Sync) screen located in the upper right corner of the interface.

The first two points are important if the bracelet was previously paired with another mobile device and needs to be untied. If the performed manipulations do not give the desired result, it means that the Internet connection is bad. Disconnect the device and turn it on again, then repeat the sequence of actions.

Most fitness bracelets sync with Android devices and iPhones in the same way, with one caveat. the software for each gadget is fixed in the built-in instructions in the image of a QR code. When it is scanned, the system sends it to Google Play to download the required application.


How fitness bracelets are charged

The capsule of the gadget is charged from a special USB. The cord can be connected to both a computer and an electrical outlet. The method of charging all fitness bracelets is the same, the only difference is in the appearance of the cord and the gadget itself.

How to set up a Xiaomi 4 bracelet on Android

Despite the rather wide arsenal of capabilities of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, perhaps one of its most useful functions is the alarm clock. It is he who is able to wake you up and at the same time not disturb the person who is nearby. How to set up an alarm clock on Mi Band 4 and control it from your bracelet?

The first thing to do is to connect the Mi Band to a mobile device via the Mi Fit app, since it is from the smartphone that all alarms are set.

Adding a new alarm

After that, launch Mi Fit and clicking in the “Profile” section on the name of the fitness bracelet, click on the “Alarm” item.

At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Add” button, set the frequency of the alarm, time and save the settings.

After that, the application automatically synchronizes the smartphone with the bracelet and sends information about the newly created alarm clock to Mi Band 4.

Setting personal vibration

One of the pleasant innovations is the ability to set a personal vibration pattern, which will be triggered when the alarm clock is running.

To install it, click on the “Vibration” button and in the window that opens, click on “Add”.

Coming up with a short vibration pattern (like a melody) that will vibrate, and after creating it, click on the “Stop” button.

The last thing to do is come up with a name for the vibration pattern, save and select it as the main one.

Alarm clock control with Mi Band 4

No less interesting is the ability to control alarms using the bracelet itself (and not through the Mi Fit app).

To do this, activate the main screen of the bracelet and activate the “Additional” category.

In the window that opens, look for the “Alarm” item and go into it.

A list of alarms will be displayed, which can be turned on and off depending on your needs by clicking on each of them.

It is worth noting that from the bracelet itself, you can control only those alarms (on and off) that are added on the smartphone via Mi Fit.

Is there a device search function in mi band 4 and how to use it?

When developing mi band 4, the manufacturer provided for a situation when the user lost his fitness tracker. The Mi Fit app can help you find your device. To do this, you need to go to the application on your smartphone and select the “Find Mi Band” function. After that, the mi band bracelet will vibrate and light up. Of course, finding your bracelet in a noisy city with this function is unlikely to work, but finding a lost gadget at home or in the gym is quite.

How to set up notifications in Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Fitness tracker Xiaomi mi band 4 can show smartphone application notifications, SMS messages and calls. To do this, you need to go to the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” section, select your tracker and click “Notifications”. In this menu, you can select those applications, the notifications of which will come to mi band 4, by clicking the checkmark next to each application. You can also customize the display of notifications only when the screen is off. In the same way, you can configure the display of SMS messages and incoming calls.

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Is there an NFC function in mi band 4 and how to set it up?

Xiaomi released the tracker in two versions. with and without NFC function. Outwardly, they differ only in the shape of the button. However, it is worth noting that NFC currently works only in China, so it makes no sense to configure this function, as well as to purchase mi band 4 at a higher cost in the hope of contactless payment using a bracelet.

How to adjust screen brightness in mi band 4?

In the latest version of the popular Xiaomi tracker mi band 4, it is possible to change the brightness of the display at night. This helps to optimize the perception of information in poor lighting conditions, and additionally makes it possible to extend the battery charge. The good news is that you can adjust the display brightness in mi band 4 directly on the tracker itself. So, in order to configure the night mode of mi band 4, you need to go to “Settings”, then select “Brightness” and there make the necessary changes.

How to set up mi band 4: additional gadget settings

In the previous article, we reviewed the basic settings for mi band 4, which must be done immediately after purchase. In this material, we will talk about additional, but no less important settings for the bracelet, and also draw the attention of users to important points of using and setting up the gadget.

How to set up mi band 4: important information for users

How to control music on your phone using mi band 4?

In order to be able to control music with mi band 4, you do not need to install additional software. everything is provided in the bracelet itself. To do this, select the “Music” function in the bracelet menu. Here you can switch tracks, increase or decrease the volume, pause the track being played and start it again when needed. The buttons are small, but they allow you to quickly control the music on the mi band 4.

Main functions

After synchronization and activation, the following functions are opened to the user through the functions:

  • Huawei TruSleep. Thorough sleep analysis by natural phases and tracking of major circadian rhythms;
  • Reminder. a mode of notifying the user about the absence of movement. This information is given hourly. The person gets up from the workplace to warm up;
  • Continuous Heart Rate Tracking. Heart rate tracking. During training, the tracker will let you know that a person’s heart rate is off-scale. You can practice in such a mode, which was set by the coach;
  • Alarm clock. here you can set up to five alarms;
  • Do not disturb. an option that allows you to preset time intervals during which the device will not react to what is happening. If events take place on social networks, this will not affect the peace of mind of a person;
  • Notifications. activation of notifications that come from the smartphone. The list of applications is set. They will force the gadget to reflect the events held and information about the received messages;
  • Weather reports. starts displaying the weather. You need to set the city or region, the conditions of which are of interest;
  • Bluetooth disconnection notification. if a person often forgets a smartphone, this option will be useful. You can get a distinctive notification.

If desired, the Russian language can be configured on the Honor Band 4. The functions can be turned off or turned off. It is allowed to set the sequence of their change. You can make settings, after which you can control the options for obtaining information with a gesture or wave of your hand.

How to set up the Russian language of Honor Band 4?

To perform such an operation, the user must go to the tracker settings. The open menu is scrolled to the letter A. This is a special item for scrolling the keys.

After entering the menu, options open on the screen. Select Russian from the list. After exiting this menu, the device is automatically Russified. There is no need to reboot it. At the same time, some sections in the gadget will continue to be reflected in the Latin alphabet.

How to set up a fitness bracelet Honor Band 4?

The standard settings of the device and the close connection with the smartphone are carried out exclusively through the Huawei Health app. To establish the required parameters, you need to perform the following actions:

  • The specified application is being downloaded.
  • Turns on on smartphone Bluetooth.
  • Application starts.
  • Plus is pressed.
  • Next, you need to find the name of the bracelet.
  • Connecting while executing utility commands.

If the operations are performed correctly, the gadget is automatically synchronized with the mobile phone. This process will automatically update the software. The proof of this is the correspondence of languages ​​between the tracker and the smartphone.

Configuring notifications

Setting up notifications on the Honor Band 4 is easy enough. A person needs to go to a special menu and carry out manipulations that correspond to the previously set goals.

You can receive notifications for such indicators as steps, distance traveled, sleep, calories. As noted above, you can also configure the transmission of notifications from the phone. The standard settings are slightly different depending on the OS of the mobile.

On Android

If you need to configure functions on devices of this OS, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • The Bluetooth option is activated on the phone;
  • The corresponding application is downloaded;
  • The utility is launched;
  • Attention opens the main menu, where you need to find the name of the tracker.

If the desired name is not in the list provided, you will need to restart the application. As soon as the situation improves, the person clicks Connect and confirms via the iPhone smartphone. After carrying out the main initial settings, the owner of the gadget can regulate sleep and activity.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Setting up notifications on iPhone

The implementation of the main settings on smartphones of this brand is no less clear and easy. To be able to set up notifications and set alarms, you need to carry out the operations described above.

The overall fitness device interface and custom services and features are intuitive. You can easily figure out the main principles of its application. This is especially true if the device was obtained through a draw.

What a smart Chinese fitness gadget can do

The manufacturer claims the following functions of the M4 smart bracelet:

  • Real-time display of the heart rate of the bracelet wearer. In fact, these are some averaged heart rate values ​​taken from the ceiling;
  • Blood pressure measurement (also averaged fake data);
  • Pedometer. really works, the error is 5-10%;
  • Sleep monitoring;
  • Training mode;
  • Calories burned;
  • Reminder of activity (for example, you are sitting in a chair, and the bracelet will remind you that you need to walk);
  • Time that lends itself to customization;
  • Alarm clock and more.

Hardware characteristics of Smart bracelet M4

The manufacturer declared the following hardware characteristics of the M4 bracelet:

Parameters: Features:
Screen diagonal 0.78 inch
Screen resolution 128 by 80 pixels
Bracelet weight with strap 20 grams
Battery type on device lithium ion
Battery life from 3 to 6 days
Compatibility Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

The customizable M4 device comes with the bracelet itself and a cord to charge it.

Setting and features of Smart watch M4

The M4 bracelet receives basic data (including time) when it is synchronized with the phone. On the phone (in the FitPro program), the data from the bracelet is displayed. To monitor the required data, you must click on the inscription “Start measurement” in the application.

To work with other data (for example, setting an alarm), you need to launch the application and select the appropriate option in it.

To switch between the options of the fitness bracelet, you need to press the button under the screen, and the choice of the desired option is performed by a longer press of the said button.

As we noted above, the M4 is just a cheap copy of the original Xiaom gadget. Accordingly, a number of functions in it are fake (pulse, pressure measurement, and others). Therefore, you should not rely on its results.

How to connect the fitness bracelet M4

To configure the M4 and connect it to the phone, we need a mobile application, the link to which is usually found in the QR code posted on the instructions. Install a QR code scanner from the Play Store on your phone (for example, “QR and Barcode Scanner”), and use it to scan the QR code from the instructions of the Smart bracelet.

Usually after that you will receive a link to the mobile application in the Play Store (most often it is FitPro, also Lefun Health, Wearfit and others).

  • Install such an application (in our case it is “Fitpro”) on your phone;
  • Run the application and allow the program to use various data from the phone;
  • In the opened basic screen of the application, click on “Register” in the upper left;

Click on the inscription “register” in the upper left

  • In the form that appears, enter your mailbox address, password for future entry into the application from M4, then click on “REGISTER” below;
  • Then click on “Login”, and enter your e-mail and password data specified during registration;
  • Give the program access to notifications;
  • The program will search for nearby devices and find your M4 fitness bracelet. Pair with it, and you can use the capabilities of the gadget in full mode.
  • How to set up Smart bracelet M4

    The success of the popular “Xiaomi Mi Band 4” bracelet inspires many Chinese manufacturers to release fakes, which in their appearance are very reminiscent of a popular gadget. So today we got a gadget in our hands, which many uninformed users can take for the original. How to set up the Chinese M4 Smart Bracelet, and what are the features of its functionality? We will tell you about all this in our material.

    How to set up the connection of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the phone

    Connecting the fourth version of the Mi Band bracelet to the phone cannot do without an application. It can be downloaded from Play Market or App Store.

    Install and open the application on your smartphone. You also need to turn on Bluetooth technology.

    In the application that opens on the main screen, select “Add profile”.

      Select the type of device you want to add. That is, “Bracelet”;

    Your new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 tracker is set up and connected to your mobile phone. Now the application will display the amount of remaining charge as a percentage on the main screen.

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    As well as the main items of settings and parameters that can be edited. Even if you purchased a bracelet with firmware, in which all menu items are in Chinese or English, you can change this.

    To do this, open the section with updates in the application. And click on the “Update” button.

    When the software is downloaded, the language for your region should be embedded.

    Updates are downloaded over the air. At the same time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet also needs to be brought as close to the phone as possible and wait for the software download to complete. After installing it, check the menu. Now the title of the sections and their description should be in Russian. Thus, we can save money by buying a device for the Chinese market, since it is cheaper. Then connect it to the phone and update the firmware so that the Russian will “come” to the bracelet.

    xiaomi, bracelet, android

    Setting the screen lock of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker

    The screen lock in Mi Band performs an important function. it turns off the touch display at a specified time. Thus, it saves an important resource of the fitness tracker, its battery charge. But often a few seconds are not enough to fully use the bracelet. It often turns off, preventing us from choosing a particular menu item on the clock.

    Let’s fix that and set up a little more time before auto-blocking:

      Touch the touch screen of the Xiaomi device again to find the “” item in the menu;

    The maximum time before blocking on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is 10 seconds. This should be enough to decide on the choice of settings or sections.

    Another important setting is the additional screen lock. This function in the device acts as a lock and prevents menu items from opening when we accidentally touch the display. Or in case of accidental interaction with the temperature to which it reacts, for example, with warm water in the shower.

    To activate such a lock on a Xiaomi fitness bracelet, go to the “Advanced”, “Settings” section again. And in front of the item that we chose in the previous instructions, click on “Screen lock”. Check the checkbox to activate it. To test the function, wait until the screen automatically turns off after 10 seconds. Then touch it as you did before. A small hint will appear on the screen that you need to swipe down from top to bottom to unlock it.

    Adjusting the brightness on the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    The fourth generation fitness bracelet from Xiaomi has a body-friendly strap and a comfortable, compact capsule. The screen is wide enough and fully touch-sensitive, unlike trackers from other manufacturers.

    At the bottom there is a button. It is touch sensitive and is marked with a small light circle, which lets you know that this part of the screen is intended to be pressed. To scroll through the menu items, you need to touch the screen and swipe down or up, that is, swipe like on a mobile phone.

    One of the important parameters of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker is the brightness of its screen. Very often we have to refer to him on the street under a brightly shining sun. Therefore, if the screen of the device is dim, we will not see anything on it. In Mi 4, the brightness is sufficient to clearly see all the elements on the screen in daylight, even with an outstretched hand. But by default the brightness is not set to the maximum level.

      Swipe up or down the screen to find the “Advanced” main menu item;

    Now press the button below to go to the main screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. Or to the previous menu item. Also, users often have to look for the lock screen setting. By default, it is configured for 5 seconds, which is almost always lacking.

    How to set up a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    If you have purchased a new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet for yourself, then you are wondering how to set it up. In this article, we will try to tell you about this in detail. You will learn how to change the default parameters that are set by the manufacturer and are not always suitable for us.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet menu

    After unlocking the Mi Band 4 bracelet, we will see the standard dial. It displays the time, date, number of steps taken per day. The last item can be changed in the settings. At the top of the screen, you can see the amount of remaining charge as a percentage.

    If you open other menu items, then the main screen is followed by “Status”. This section contains the data recorded by the device for the last day. These include distance traveled, calories burned, steps, and more.

    The fitness tracker has several built-in sensors. The first one can be found immediately on the menu. heartbeat. This item is marked with a red heart, to select, tap on the section icon. If the device is on your wrist, the heart rate measurement process starts immediately.

    On the setup screen, you will see the corresponding animation. a pulse wave. The sensor measures the heart rate quite accurately, despite the fact that the previous version did not do it very well.

    In the Mi Band 4, you can customize the types of workouts. This is necessary in order for the indicators in the tracker to be as correct as possible. When opening the item, click on the type of sports activity that you are currently doing.

    Problems when setting up the tracker connection

    In some cases, users have difficulty pairing the tracker with a mobile phone. Perhaps at the time of setting up and connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, you made some mistake. For example, the wrong type of connected device was selected in the application. Quite often, a new device comes with a completely discharged battery. Therefore, try charging your device before pairing. Then try to connect it to the phone again. Disable other Bluetooth devices in settings and reset tracker settings.

    How to set up your Mi Band 4 watch

    Setting up the Mi Band 4 watch begins with establishing a connection between the smartphone and the bracelet itself. To do this, the user downloads a special Mi Fit app from Xiaomi. Communication is via Bluetooth, so it must be turned on during setup. The application records all data received from the bracelet, which are then displayed in the Mi account.

    The clock is set automatically when synchronization is established between the Xiaomi tracker and the phone. The bracelet displays the same time as the smartphone. When you change the time on the mobile, it also changes to Mi Band 4. The display type and the displayed information are changed in the Mi Fit application through the “Display settings” menu. This is how the appearance of the clock is configured, which can show two types of information:

    • time itself (hours and minutes);
    • date (day and day of the week).

    How to set the time on a fitness bracelet

    Time setting on Bend is fully automated and obeys the value set on the smartphone. There is no need to specifically specify how to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. Any change in the watch parameters will immediately change due to synchronization on the bracelet.

    Additionally, for convenience, users connect the function to turn on the display when the hand is raised. this is a standard gesture for a wristwatch recognized by the Gang. Convenience consists in eliminating the need to touch the sensor to check the time.

    No smartphone and app

    Changing the time on the bracelet, setting it up is impossible without using a smartphone and an application. The use of emulators on computers is analogous to the use of a telephone, but it is more used by those who carry out the firmware of devices. Manual configuration is impossible, because the gang itself does not provide mechanisms for independent work.

    Xiaomi developers recommend using the Mi Fit app, which is available to users of two main mobile operating systems: Android, iOS. The program has low requirements for a smartphone and is available for most existing models. The same applies to Bluetooth, which most phones have.

    How to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet: setting the watch

    The continuation of the beloved series of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi. Mi Band 4, which has the main functions for monitoring health, rhythm, movement. Synchronization with a mobile phone and the wrist nature of the item determine the use of Banda as a watch. The logical continuation of the functionality of the phone is embodied in the bracelet.

    After the purchase, users are faced with the need to customize the Bend and sometimes questions arise, including how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Time control is no less important in everyday activities than the rhythm values. Users should know that the main way to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is through the Mi Fit application synchronized with the smartphone. There are more sophisticated options.

    Via computer

    Only the Mi account is authorized through the computer for the Xiaomi bracelet. The official software restricts the use of hardware other than a smartphone. You cannot set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, or change all other settings: interface, standard step count, alarm time and others.

    The only way to get around the limitation is to install a special emulator program that allows you to configure the tracker through a computer and without a smartphone. Such programs are only compatible with the Android system, which allows you to connect without desynchronizing devices. IPhone owners will have to go through the following procedure:

    The emulator acts as a platform that has the functions of a smartphone, but works through a computer.

    How to change the time on the clock: is it possible to do it?

    Changing the time on the watch for the bracelet from Xiaomi is carried out by changing the parameters in the phone settings. This allows you to easily adapt to the surrounding circumstances: changing the time zone, switching to winter time and simple clarification in case of a lag or “rush”. All changes are shown on the display instantly.

    Mi Smart Band 4. How To Setup And Unboxing | How To Connect Mi Band 4 With Phone # Mi Smart Band 4

    Calls and messages are not displayed

    Unfortunately, even the correct setting does not protect against problems. Therefore, you need to know what actions will help if the bracelet does not display alerts or does it incorrectly.

    Setting up calls and SMS on Mi band 4

    Displaying calls and messages is one of the main functions of a fitness bracelet. Earlier we wrote how to set up notifications from applications. And today we’ll talk about how to properly configure the display of calls and SMS and what to do if Mi Band 4 does not show them.

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    Software Update

    With an outdated version of the operating system (below Android 4.4), calls are usually not displayed on the Mi Band display. The only thing that can be done in this case is to turn off smart unlock and set “No restrictions” in the background activity control for Mi Fit.

    It is also recommended to regularly update the MIUI firmware as stable updates are released (on Xiaomi and Redmi phones). And, of course, install the latest version of Mi Fit or other software with which you control the wearable device.

    Checking permissions

    Make sure to grant Mi Fit all permissions. The program must have access to contacts, location, memory and phone. These parameters are set in the smartphone settings.

    Master for Mi Band

    The utility has advanced functionality, and it is very easy to customize the display of calls using it.

    Click on the three bars in the upper left corner and click “Calls”. “Add notification”. Choose one contact or all.

    Go to the additional menu. First of all, we set the type of notification. It can be a preset vibration, arbitrary text or a name, a subscriber number.

    If you chose the first option, we indicate the number of vibrations, their duration and delay. Next, let’s move on to filters. We set or uncheck the checkboxes from different positions: receiving notifications in quiet, normal, vibration mode and when the screen is off.

    Configuring messages is similar. We go to the tab of the same name, add elements and set the parameters. Messages can be sorted by content filter.

    Mi Fit

    • Pair your smartphone and wearable device.
    • In the lower right corner, click “Profile” and tap on the linked Bend.
    • Go to the “Incoming call” tab and move the slider opposite the “Warn about an incoming call” item.
    • Provide access to the numbers on the phone and activate the line “Show contact details” so that the name of the caller is displayed on the display.
    • Optionally, block notifications from unknown numbers and set a delay with an interval of up to 30 seconds.
    • Go to “Profile”. “Alerts”. “”.
    • Select the “Incoming SMS” tab and move the toggle switch opposite the only item. There are no more settings here.

    Deactivating the option “On screen off only”

    If calls do not come from Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, disable the “Receive notifications only when the screen is off” function. When you receive a call on the messenger, the smartphone display automatically lights up, and the bracelet does not need to vibrate, because the user already sees the call. But it happens that the phone is far from the owner, lies in the in silent mode, so notifications from Mi Band are needed. You cannot explain these situations to the application, so just deactivate the function.

    There is a similar point in the messengers themselves. Go to “Settings”. “Notifications” and uncheck the box next to “Turn on the screen”.


    To set up on Android, you need a smartphone and a fitness tracker. Step-by-step instructions will help you follow in our footsteps and do everything exactly as recommended by the manufacturer Mi Band 4.

    Configuring notifications

    It is not difficult to enable the function, but it is important to follow all our recommendations so that it starts working as usual. Users often experience problems with notifications, but we will try to answer all questions and post existing solutions.

    Mi Band 4 notifications

    Thanks to the enlarged screen of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, viewing notifications has become more convenient compared to models of previous generations. The developers have increased the amount of built-in memory. now 10 messages are stored, if more are received, the old ones are pushed out of history. At the top of the message, the application icon, content and time are displayed. In the case of SMS, a standard image is displayed. The font is a bit small, but you can fix this problem by uploading a custom.ft file. Below we will show you how to do this.

    In the previous version of the fitness bracelet, large texts were split across multiple screens. You could scroll through the notifications by swiping to the right. The four distinguished themselves here too. Messages are now displayed on one screen. To view the full text, you just need to slowly swipe down on the display. Switching to the next SMS is carried out with a quick swipe down. The interaction mechanics are very convenient.

    Mi fit

    The easiest way to set up the functionality is in Mi Fit, since this is an official application that has been tested by a large team of developers. If the basic capabilities are not enough, you can use third-party programs. We will also touch on this topic.

    xiaomi, bracelet, android
    • Pair your phone and device.
    • Go to “Profile” and select a device from the list.
    • Go to the desired section.
    • Turn on the toggle switch and activate the “Receive only when the screen is off” function. This will eliminate duplicates.
    • Click on the “Manage” button and select the programs from which you want to receive updates.
    • Optionally, you can create a custom vibration pattern. Fill in the progress bar to the required value, test the impact on Mi bands and click save or repeat the recording.

    The fitness bracelet allows you to customize several types of notifications:

    We have already considered the basic setup of the first option, move on to the rest.

    To configure notifications about calls and messages, return to the “Profile” tab and open the additional menu.

    Select the desired item and follow all the recommendations of the program. In the case of calls, you need to allow access to contacts and calls, as well as give permission to work in the background.

    You can customize the delay, set the vibration pattern and turn off the reminder for unknown numbers.

    There are much fewer parameters in SMS. activation and a familiar pattern.

    To set up target notification, do not leave the open menu and select the last item.

    A similar situation with the inactivity reminder.

    The hardest part is to turn on the message about the loss of Bluetooth communication. Previously, Mi Fit had such a feature, but later the developers removed it. You can still configure the “alarm” through third-party software.

    Notify Fitness

    This program significantly expands the standard functionality. The developer added the ability to customize a custom template. You can set an icon, a reminder mode, enter text and add a filter by content. For example, a user can set up a stop list to disable reaction to spam in WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.

    The list of built-in icons is small and some options are available only in the paid version. It is quite possible to pay 210 rubles for cool software, but first it is worth testing in detail the main competitor MBM. The apps are very similar, although Notify has unique features like workouts, map connections, and disconnect alerts. It can be configured only in the PRO version.

    • Click on the icon with three stripes.
    • Switch to the “Miscellaneous” tab.
    • Scroll to the bottom and activate the function when the bracelet cannot find the smartphone. Remember to set up a timer to check.

    Notifi significantly enhances the capabilities of the bracelet. For example, you can send a message to the tracker about the discharge of your smartphone. It will take more than one day to master the interface and learn the functionality, but it is very useful.

    Mi band master

    Notify’s main rival in the custom software niche. Works according to a similar model. the most “delicious” functions are available only after payment.

      built-in debugging mechanism; large space for customization (delay, filter, type, multiple modes); messages about important events (exceeding heart rate, distance, calories, charge).

    5 menu items are responsible for notifications. They can control various functions: from alarms to messages from instant messengers.

    There are no more than 2 templates available in the free version. For more demanding users, PRO is suitable for 185 rubles.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 notifications

    The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet supports incoming call and message notifications. What to do if notifications from Whatsapp, Viber or other messengers are not received? The problem lies in the correct setting, which we will talk about in this article.

    Turn on incoming call notifications

    Also, as in the case of application notifications. in “Mi Fit” open “Profile”, select the bracelet and click on the item “Incoming call”. Next, click “Allow access to the phone”.

    Give the application the required permission and you’re done. Now you can activate the “Warn on incoming call” item. Also here you can enable the display of the phone number and the name of the caller.

    Turn on app notifications

    You can enable notifications on Mi Band 4 not only for instant messengers, but also for mail services such as Gmail, Yandex. This is done simply:

    Install the application “Mi Fit” and connect Mi Band 4 to the smartphone.

    We open “Mi Fit”. click on “Profile” and select the connected device from the list of available ones. in our case it is a bracelet.

    In the menu that opens, there is an item of interest to us “Notifications”. click on it. In a new window, a message will be displayed about the lack of access to notifications, click on it.

    We allow the application “Mi Fit” to access notifications by first pressing OK, and then selecting it from the list.

    In the new window, click “Allow”. The notification function can now be enabled. Applications for which notifications will be available will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    Now you can add Whatsapp or any other messenger to the list. To do this, “Manage Applications” at the bottom of the screen. Find what you need in the list and activate.

    Done. Whatsapp has appeared in the list of applications and you will receive notifications on your Mi Band 4 when messages arrive.

    We insist the background work of Mi Fit

    In order for the notifications on Mi Band 4 to work, constant background activity of the Mi Fit application is required. To do this, go to “Security” and select the item “Applications”.

    Here we find “Mi Fit” and enable autorun.

    Slightly lower in the same menu is the item “Activity control”. go to it and set “No restrictions”.

    There is one more small touch left. Open the application menu by clicking on the on-screen icon in the form of a square. If your smartphone has touch-sensitive keys, press the key in the form of three horizontal stripes. A menu with running programs will open. Press and hold your finger on “Mi Fit”.

    An additional menu will appear where you need to click on the lock icon.

    This is necessary so that when you clear the RAM, you do not close “Mi Fit”. After all these manipulations, there should be no problems with notifications.