How to set up a wink remote on your TV

Cable TV does not work Rostelecom. solution

Today interactive television from Rostelecom is one of the most popular services in Russia. In terms of the number of connections, it has already overtaken a similar service from Beeline and is now actively competing with What are the benefits of interactive TV? Excellent quality of broadcasting TV channels, including in HD quality, the possibility of deferred viewing, rewinding and recording of your favorite TV programs, a large film library with paid and free films for every taste, viewing content not only on TV, but even on a tablet and smartphone. This is the most modern and demanded digital television format today. Unfortunately, there are problems with him, and of a rather different nature. What to do when Rostelecom’s cable television does not work and can I somehow fix it on my own. I’ll tell you about this now.

How to set up the Wink remote to your TV

Recently PJSC Rostelecom presented its new brand and a unified platform Wink for interactive television. Now in all branches of the provider, when connecting IPTV, they issue set-top boxes with this firmware. They come with a slightly different Wink remote control, which, although not radically, differs from the usual Rostelecom remote control, which STB receivers were equipped with before. That is why today I want to tell you how to set up the Wink remote control on a TV in order to control it and adjust the volume.

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How to set up the Wink remote to your TV

Recently, PJSC Rostelecom presented its new brand and a unified platform Wink for interactive television. Now in all branches of the provider, when connecting IPTV, they issue set-top boxes with this firmware. They come with a slightly different Wink remote control, which, although not radically, differs from the usual Rostelecom remote control, which STB receivers were equipped with before. That is why today I want to tell you how to set up the Wink remote control on a TV in order to control it and adjust the volume.

Setting up the Wink Remote in Automatic Mode

As before, the Vink consoles have a function for automatically enumerating control codes. It allows you to very quickly set it up for most modern TVs Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony. To take advantage of this, follow these steps:

Press simultaneously and hold for three seconds the “OK” and “Left” buttons on the remote control. The LED on the TV button should blink twice, which means the Wink has switched to programming mode.

As soon as the TV turns off, you can release the “CH” button.

In order for the Vink remote control to save the settings, press the button
“OK”. The LED on the TV button will blink twice. All is ready!

How to manually configure the Vink remote control

If you have any exotic TV like Xiaomi, Dexp, Hisense, Fusion, etc., then in this case the auto-selection of the code does not always work and you need to manually iterate over the codes. Now I will show you how to do it.

Here is a table of codes for most TVs:

For Hi, Hisense, Xiaomi and DEXP (DNS) TVs, the following codes are sometimes suitable:

The procedure for setting up the Wink remote control is as follows:

Press simultaneously and hold for three seconds the “OK” and “Left” buttons on the remote control. The LED on the TV button should blink twice, which means the Wink has switched to programming mode.

Find the code for your TV in the table and dial it.

Press the TV off button. If the TV turned off, then the code came up. If not, try the next one and so on until you can tune the remote to the TV.

5.Click on the “OK” button to save the settings.

Teaching Wink to TV

There are a lot of TV manufacturers now, and of course there are no codes for all. For example, the owners of TV Xiaomi, HiSense and Dexp contact quite often. In this case, a third way of setting was introduced. teaching the Wink remote control to any TV. The main thing is that the remote control from the TV set must have an infrared port. This method will not work for models with Bluetooth!

How to teach Vink remote control to TV? Yes, very simple.

  • Press the OK and Down buttons at the same time and hold for at least 5 seconds. As soon as the TV button lights up. release.
  • Aim the Wink remote at the TV remote so that they are facing each other with IR ports.
  • Press the desired button on the TV remote, then press the same on Vinkovsky.
  • Click OK to apply the settings. The TV button will blink several times and turn off.

We check the operation of the copied button on the TV. Then you will need to repeat the operation for the remaining buttons. The main thing is, when you teach the Wink remote control to turn off the TV, do not confuse the buttons. The Power button turns off the TV set-top box, and the TV button is made for the TV set!

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If you still have questions, here is a very good video tutorial on how to set up the Wink remote control in several ways:

How to set up the remote control from the Rostelecom set-top box?

By default, the remote control from the Rostelecom TV set-top box performs exclusively the functions of controlling only the set-top box itself, that is, it cannot add sound on the TV, turn it off or on. It can only change channels and call up the menu.

But it can be configured to work with a specific TV with special codes that depend on the manufacturer and model of the TV. Below we will consider the ways of programming the remote control. in manual mode and automatic.

Automatic tuning

  • We transfer the remote control to the setting (programming) mode using the [OK] buttons. [TV]. simultaneously press and wait for the indicator signal (double blinking red).
  • We direct the remote control towards the set-top box, dial 991 and hold down the [CH] button (change channels), wait until your TV turns off. After that, press [OK] to save the changes, while [TV] should blink red twice again. This is a signal that the remote is set up and ready to work with your TV.

Remember! Channels on TV when using [CH] must remain in place, otherwise, try first.

wink, remote

Be careful with the [CH] button, sometimes you need to hold it down for a long time until the codes get through. After turning off the TV. do not press this button anymore, otherwise the wrong code will be saved, and the procedure will have to be repeated again.

If your set-top box remote control already worked and was tuned to your TV, but at some point stopped controlling the TV, then you can reconfigure it using the methods described above. If they did not help, you need to call Rostelecom technical support. First, they will try to help you remotely by phone, then they will send a technician to set up or replace the remote control.

How to resolve the conflict of remotes

Sometimes, due to internal failures in setting up the remote control, the latter begins to behave incorrectly, while simultaneously executing commands for the set-top box and your TV. For example, when you press the volume control button, the channels begin to switch. To solve this problem, the user should follow these steps:

  • We direct the remote control towards the set-top box, press and hold [OK], [POWER] until the [POWER] indicator blinks red twice, that is, puts the remote control into the setting (programming) mode.
  • We dial the code 3220, try to add or subtract the sound in the field. If the problem persists, start over, but dial 3221, if unsuccessful, dial 3222.3223 or 3224.

It also happens that two remotes go astray at once, from the Rostelecom prefix and the remote from your TV. For example, using a television remote control, instead of adjusting the volume, channels begin to change and a menu is activated. To fix the problem, you need to do the following:

  • We go into the settings through the menu, select “System settings”, then click on the “Remote control”. In the section, select the commands that were configured on the console. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, the prefix will not accept the wrong code, moreover, it will indicate the correct one below.
  • Now we try to add sound again using the TV remote. If the problem is not resolved, then go to the “Remote control” section again, make a choice on “Allow all”, try to configure the remote control to a different code.

As a rule, everything is solved at the first attempt, since the television remote control, with such failures, works only on the provided codes.

Manual programming

  • Press for five seconds simultaneously two buttons on the remote control. [OK]. [TV]. We are waiting for the [TV] button to start blinking red. this means that the remote control programming mode has turned on. If the LED does not flash, release the buttons and repeat the action.
  • We direct the remote control towards the set-top box, enter the code (of four digits), which were taken from the list for your TV model (you can download the PDF file below). If during the code entry the channels began to switch, then the remote control did not turn on the programming mode, the first step should be repeated.
  • After entering the code, the [TV] button will start blinking red again, which means that the code has been matched. If the LED is not blinking, but is constantly on red, then the code is entered incorrectly. It is not always possible to get to the desired code the first time, sometimes you have to go through several combinations to bind the remote control to the TV.

Attention! If your TV is not listed, the remote control setting may not work. Then we try the second method. automatic.

Hard reset or hard reset

If you changed the TV (bought a new one), then the set-top box will have to be reconnected and the remote control set up for the new TV. To do this, you will have to Hard reset or hard reset the Rostelecom TV set-top box to clear the previous settings. The user actions are as follows:

  • Press [OK]. [TV]. wait for the double blinking of the indicator on [TV].
  • We type on the remote control977, while the [POWER] button should blink red four times.

That’s it, the settings have been reset, the remote control can be tied to a new TV. By the way, you can first try to bind without resetting, in most cases this does not interfere.

Setting methods

The following buttons are used in the remote control setup procedure:

The remote control can be programmed in two ways:

  • manually, when the code corresponding to the TV model is entered with the buttons;
  • automatically. when the autosearch of a suitable code from the internal list sewn into the remote control is activated.

Important! During the code selection procedure, the TV must be working.

What is the bottom line

  • Of the two, manual is faster, but you need to have a code table handy. Automated longer, but there is the ability to adjust to the TV model that is missing from the list.
  • The remote control may not be programmed for all existing TV models.
  • To re-bind the remote control to a new TV, you can do a hard reset and quickly set everything up.
  • The conflict of the remotes (if they use the same communication channel) can be corrected, although this is quite rare.

If, after completing all the above steps, the remote control still cannot be tied to the TV, you should call technical support, indicate the TV model and the nature of the problem. You will definitely be helped.

How to set up a universal remote for an LG TV

A universal remote control is a device with which you can remotely control several devices at once, for example, a TV, an audio system, a set-top box, etc. This is very convenient, since one remote control replaces several, saves time and eliminates the blockages of unnecessary equipment.

Universal remotes are produced by many manufacturers, and they all differ not only in price, but also in the set of functions and types of devices that can be connected to them. Therefore, carefully read the datasheet before buying.

Setting up a universal remote: steps and instructions

  • Before you start setting up the universal remote control for your LG TV, turn on the TV (with the original remote control from the device or using the Power button on the case).
  • Point the remote at the TV, press the TV (TV) button. Hold it for a few minutes. The indicator on the front of the device should light up.
  • Press a combination of programming buttons on the remote (they differ depending on the manufacturer, so carefully study the instructions. This can be a combination of Power and Set, Setup and C, etc.
  • The field for entering the code appears on the TV screen. For different models of LG TVs, this can be 025, 164, 161. Enter the code using the remote.
  • Wait for initialization to complete. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the indicator on the remote control will turn off.
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LG’s universal remotes have proven themselves well in the market. They are compatible with any equipment from this manufacturer.

It is important to remember that in many universal remotes, all settings are reset after removing the batteries from them at the same time. Therefore, they need to be changed strictly one by one, or the adjustment will have to be carried out every time from scratch.

Almost all modern LG TVs running on the webOS operating system can be connected to the Magic Universal Remote Control, which works in the same way as a computer mouse. With its help, it is convenient to select the desired functions directly on the TV screen by moving the cursor over it.

The Magic Remote Control may be included or purchased separately, depending on the TV model. In some cases, you may also need an additional connection of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the Magic Remote Control

  • Turn on the TV using the “native” remote control or the button on the case.
  • Approximately 15-20 seconds after turning on the TV, point the Magic Remote Control towards it and press the OK (Wheel) button.
  • The remote control is activated, after which the corresponding inscription will appear on the TV screen.

You can also customize various settings for the Magic Remote, such as the speed at which the cursor moves across the screen and the size of the cursor. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Press the Home button (Home icon) on the remote.
  • In the upper right corner, select “Settings” (Icon “Gear”).
  • Click the button with three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, you can change the speed with which the cursor will move across the TV screen, as well as its appearance: size and shape.

If you do not use the cursor, then after a certain time it becomes inactive and its image disappears from the TV screen. To return it, just shake the remote control from side to side.

The Magic Remote Control can also be used like a regular remote control. To do this, press any of the buttons: “up”, “down”, “right” or “left”.

The range of use of the Magic remote control is 10 meters, if you use it from a greater distance, there may be problems with signal transmission.

How to set up a universal remote on a smartphone

A smartphone can become a universal remote control. To do this, he must have the Smart function. To do this, you need to download the application. for instance,

How to set up a remote control for your Samsung TV yourself?

Currently, the TV remote control is an indispensable attribute. Manufacturers produce many devices that are designed for different models of TV sets. Most of the remotes are universal and suitable for several types of devices. In this case, we will focus on universal control devices for Samsung TVs. Detailed instructions on auto-tuning and self-manual tuning can be found in this article.

Auto tuning

Setting in automatic mode is suitable for those users who do not want to search for pairing codes, or if the search for the code did not return any results.

Auto tuning for Supra devices:

  • turn on the TV set and point the remote control at the TV screen;
  • hold down the Power key for 5-7 seconds;
  • then the LED will light up;
  • press Power again;
  • the volume bar icon will pop up on the screen, this indicates the correct completion of the setup process.

Auto setup for Huayu devices:

  • point the remote control at the TV screen, hold down the Set button, and then Power;
  • wait a couple of seconds and release both buttons;
  • click on Power;
  • the volume scale that appears on the TV screen indicates the successful completion of the setup;
  • to exit the mode, you need to press the Set key twice.

Auto setup for the “Beeline” remote control:

  • hold and release the TV key;
  • press the OK button and hold it for a while;
  • after automatic search for the code, the TV receiver will turn off;
  • release OK button.

Auto tuning for Gal remote:

  • point the device at the TV receiver, press the device type key and hold for 3 seconds;
  • as soon as the LED lights up, the button must be released;
  • press the power key to automatically search for the code;
  • as soon as the TV receiver turns off, you must quickly press the OK button, this will save the settings in memory.

There are several more auto-tuning algorithms for some remotes:

  • turn on the TV and hold down the TV button until the indicator lights up;
  • press and hold Mute to search for a code;
  • you need to wait for the process to complete and check the result, to do this, just press the volume key.

Wink DIY Wall Remote Install

Another option for auto tuning.

  • Direct the remote control to the TV receiver and press the TV and OK keys. You need to hold down the keys for a while. Then all keys on the remote control will light up. It is necessary to wait until the moment when only the buttons with numbers are highlighted.
  • To save actions, press the TV key.

For Samsung TVs with Smart technology, there are touchscreen remotes. Control devices come with a TV receiver. Touch remotes can also be purchased separately. To configure, you need to follow these steps:

  • point the remote control at TV and hold down the Return and Guide keys for a few seconds;
  • the Bluetooth icon should appear, this notification says that the connection was successful.

Many users complain that this kind of touch control fails quickly. For Samsung Smart TV models, you can also use universal button remotes.

Manual configuration instructions

To configure the universal remote control manually, you must first find out the code from the TV receiver model. When you enter the code, the devices are paired. If the code is known, then the procedure for the following.

  • turn on the TV receiver and point the control device at it;
  • hold down the Power key;
  • enter code;
  • after double blinking of the LED sensor, release the button.
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver and hold down two buttons. Power and Set and wait for the LED to flash;
  • enter code;
  • press the Set key after the light sensor goes out.
  • to pair, press the TV button;
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver;
  • hold down Setup until the LED blinks twice;
  • enter code;
  • if the devices are successfully linked, the LED will blink several times;
  • to check the control, you must press the volume key.
  • press the TV button and hold it until the LED flashes;
  • release the key;
  • enter code;
  • after entering the code, the TV will reboot.

Possible malfunctions

Some problems may occur when using the Samsung TV universal remote control. If it does not work when buying a new device, then you must first carefully study the instructions for use. In the absence of pairing, the reason for the incompatibility of the remote control and the TV model may be hidden.

If the devices are compatible, the batteries must be removed and reinserted. You can replace the batteries with new ones. Fast battery drain can also be a minor problem.

Better to buy rechargeable batteries, they can be charged several times. This will save a lot of money.

To prevent minor problems, before pairing devices, you must disconnect the TV from the power source, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. If the manual tuning is done correctly, but the remote control still does not respond to the TV receiver, you need to perform all the steps again. The user may not have entered the code in time. It is important to know that the code must be entered within 1 minute.

Continuous blinking of the LED on the remote control indicates an incorrect setting. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the TV and turn it on again after a while. Then re-configure.

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In the next video, you will see an overview and connection of a universal remote to a Samsung TV.

Automatic code selection

Turn on your TV and STB set-top box. Then pick up the universal remote control. Press the LEFT and OK buttons at the same time and hold until the “TV” indicator blinks two times.

Next, point the Wink remote at your TV and press the CH button. We look at the reaction of the TV. If it turned off, then the control code came up. If it has not turned off, press the CH button again until the TV turns off. Sometimes you have to do this for a long time. each button press substitutes one control code. As soon as it comes up. press the OK button on the remote control to save the settings.

Note: I usually advise using auto-selection when connecting to TVs for which there are no codes in the Rostelecom setup tables: VR, Irbis, Polar, DNS, Xiaomi.

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Setting up the remote manually

The second way to set up your Wink remote to control your TV is to manually enter the code. This is done like this:

After that, the Vink remote control is ready to control both the STB set-top box and the TV!

How to set up the Wink universal remote

As before, setting up the Vink remote control from Rostelecom to the TV is necessary to adjust the sound on it, as well as turn it on and off. All other functions are performed already on the console. There are three ways to set up your Wink remote. Here they are:

  • Setting by automatic search of control codes;
  • Setting by manual code entry;
  • Learning the remote control for the signals of the native TV remote control. instructions.

I’ll go over the first two in more detail. The third method is suitable in cases where the TV is not in the list and it was not possible to pick up the code in automatic mode.

Wink Code Table

AIWA 0056 0643
BBK 1645 2285 1523
Blaupunkt 0014 0015 0024 0026 0057 0059 0503
Daewoo 0634 2098 0661 0499 0624 0374 1909 0037 0556 0009 0218 0217 0451
1137 1902 1908 0880 1598 0876 1612 0865 0698 0714 0706 2037 1661
1376 1812
DEXP (Hisense) 1363 1314 1072 1081 2098 2037 2399
Funai 1817 1394 1037 1666 1595 0668 0264 0412 1505 0714 1963
Fusion 0085 0063
Haier 0057
HITACHI 0056 0006 0008 0009 0012 0013 0020 0022 0027 0030 0032 0033 0045
0080 0060 0062 0068 0069 0074 0083 0002 0057 0035 0111 0112 0504
0510 0514 0517 0522 0525 0527 0528 0529 0128 0130 0133 0542 0568
0574 0575 0148 0605 1078
Hyundai 1281 1468 1326 1899 1694 1612 1598 0865 0876 1606 0706 1556 1474
1376 2154 1563 1667 1163
JVC 0653 1818 0053 2118 0606 0371 0683 0036 0218 0418 0093 0650 2801
Lg 2182 1423 1840 1663 0178 0037 1305 1842 1768 0714 1637 0606 1319
1721 1265 0556 0715 1681 0001 0698 2057 2731 1859 1860 1232 2362
Mystery 2241
Panasonic 0650 1636 1650 0226 0250 1310 0361 0853 0367 0037 0556 0163 0548
0001 1335 0108 1480 2264
Philips 0556 0037 1506 1744 2015 1583 1495 1867 0605 1887 1455 1695 1454
0554 0343 0374 0009 0200 0361 1521 2665 2463
Samsung 2051 0812 0618 0587 1458 1619 0556 1249 1312 2103 2137 1630 0644
2094 1584 2097 1235 0009 0037 1678 0217 0370 0060 0766 0814 0072
0264 1037 0163 1243
Sanyo 0208 1208 0292 0036 0011 0370 0339 0072 0217 0045 0009 0163 0037
0556 0486 0170 1649 1624 1037 1667 1149 1163 1585 2279
Sharp 0093 1193 1659 1667 1393 2214 0036 0818 2402 0053 0200 0852 2810
1163 1935
Sony 1505 1825 1651 2778 1751 1625 0010 0011 0834 1685 0036 0000 0810
Supra 0374 0009
TCL 2272 1039
Telefunken 0625 0560 0074 0109 0343 0498 0262 0471 0287 0335 0073 0037 0556
0486 0714 1556 0346 0821 1585 1588 1163 1667
Thomson 0625 0560 0343 0287 0109 0471 0335 0205 0037 0556 1447 0349 1588
Toshiba 1508 0508 0035 1567 1289 1656 1667 0714 1243 1935 0070 1582 1265
1704 0217 0109 0195 0191 0618 1916 1908 0009 0698 0037 0832 1556
0650 1156 1343 1037 2732 2598 1163 1652 0767 2818

A complete list of codes for the Wink console can be found here. link. This is the most complete list of supported TVs to date.

Wink remote control from Rostelecom. tuning to TV

Not so long ago, Rostelecom switched to a new platform for its digital interactive television. Wink. The first step was a software change, and then it was time for hardware updates. First, there was a new set-top box for OTT. And a little later, ordinary STBs went already in new orange boxes, with a new logo and a Wink remote control appeared in the kit. If we compare it with the already familiar remote control of an ordinary Rostelecom set-top box, then there are not so many external differences. The first thing that catches your eye is the change of the color of the “Menu” button to orange. The logo for Vink has also changed. It is clear that now, most likely, a separate brand will develop.

The shape of the remote control and the location of the control buttons remained the same. Only the key to go to the film library changed the icon.
The color of the illumination of the TV, Power and AV buttons has also changed. It used to be red, now it is a nice green color.

It would seem that everything, but it was not there. The main difference is in the sequence of setting up the Vink remote control on the TV. If you try to do this according to the instructions from the old Rostelecom remote control with a purple or blue menu button, then nothing will work for you. What to do? Read on!

Learn the Wink remote for any TV

In addition to the above ways to program the Wink remote control, there is also an opportunity to teach it. This is an option in case if nothing happened by auto-selection, and your TV is not in the list of codes. Then you can teach the Vink remote control to the TV. In general, this feature should work with all modern Rostelecom consoles, except for the very first models. You can distinguish them by the color of the buttons:

That is, you can train a remote control with orange and purple buttons. But with the blue. no, they do not know how.

Learning the Wink remote looks like this. We take our own remote control from the TV and put it opposite, so that their IR receivers look at each other. Then press the OK and Down Arrow buttons simultaneously. We hold them for 8-10 seconds until the TV button lights up. On the purple remote control, the combination is different. a link, but otherwise everything is the same.

On the TV remote, press the button you want to copy. For example, increasing the volume. The Power button will blink in response to this. Now on the Vink remote control, press the button that needs to be programmed. In my example, increasing the volume. If the training went well, the “Power” button will light up red and after 10 seconds it will go out. You can check. This way you can program all the buttons you want.

Note: Do not confuse the buttons for turning on the TV and the set-top box during training. On the Vink remote control, the central “Power” button controls the prefix. To turn the TV on and off, use the “TV” button.

If you have any problems with the settings. write, we will try to help!