How to set up a universal remote for a toshiba TV

Remote control for Toshiba TV

Android remote control for Toshiba Smart TV serves as a common universal remote control for Android TVs, D-Pad, touchpad and gamepad to navigate Android TV.

The app also includes support for voice control, as well as the use of your phone or tablet, a virtual keyboard for entering text.

With Amazon-Alexa support built-in, you can have full control of your smart home, for Samsung Smart TV, Rock and Smart TV, all with the power

Operating your TV, English. Toshiba KL934 User Manual

English. 13. English TV Control A wide range of external equipment can be connected via the jacks located on the side or rear of the TV.

Although all the necessary settings and control of the TV are carried out with the remote control, the keys on the right panel can be used for some functions. Switch on If the standby LED is off, check if the power plug is connected to the mains and press the “” button on the left side of the TV to turn on the TV.

IRC remotes instructions

To view PDF documents (attachments to IRC remotes), you can use the official free program. Archive of instructions for IRC xxx C, D, DD, E remotes is located. Detailed and short instructions for all IRC xxx F programmable remotes can be found in the battery compartment of each IRC remote control there is a white sticker indicating the number of the IRC remote control (first line) and the date of its manufacture (last line, date format: day / month / year).

The applications and pictures of the original remotes below are fully valid only for those IRC remotes that were manufactured after the date of the formation of the application itself (indicated in the first line of the application).

Old versions of applications are not saved. Each IRC xxx F console has nine code bases. The codes in the first four bases (codes 101-499) are reserved for devices of the IRC xxx F brand. These codes in bases 1-4 of each IRC xxx F console are unique and refer only to this remote control

How to set up a universal remote

Universal TV remote control: how to set up codes

»The days when you could only switch the TV manually are long gone: today all TVs have a remote control, and sometimes more than one. Unfortunately, the remote control is a rather fragile thing: it can break or get lost, and buying a new one can become a serious problem To prevent this from happening, universal remotes have been developed that make the life of the owner of the equipment many times easier. “Philips” or “Toshiba”. The work of the universal remote control is to intercept the signal. its recognition and further use. The advantages of such remotes include ease of use and the ability to easily replace the main one. In addition, universal remotes are usually inexpensive and easily purchased from all

How to set up a universal remote

? All universal remotes for TVs, players, air conditioners, barriers and gates work according to the same principle.

Each button of such a remote control, when pressed, can generate a code for a certain sequence of IR pulses of the remote control, one code out of many.

The codes for the remote controls are stored in non-volatile memory. The question of how to set up a universal remote control comes down to choosing from a variety of codes one that corresponds specifically to your TV, barrier or other device.

Universal remote control for TV how to set up codes: the table shows codes for setting up a universal remote control for TVs and other equipment.

Table: Setting codes for the universal remote control TV brand Code TV brand Code Aiwa remote control setup code 0072 Akai remote control setup code 0074 Akura remote control setup code 0083

Instructions and codes for setting up a universal remote control for a TV

Equipment manufacturers try to equip each of their devices with a remote control so that the user is comfortable using their products.

You do not need to get up to turn off the light, adjust the operation of the air conditioner, fan or turn on / off the TV, everything can be done while sitting on the couch. This, of course, is convenient, but over time, coffee tables become cluttered with different remote controls, which creates a certain confusion and annoyance.

If you still do not know that there is a universal remote control that can be configured to control several devices at once, then in this article we will tell you about all its capabilities and provide instructions on how to use and how to properly configure it.

TOSHIBA SE-R0319 remote control (IRC 25 F analog remote control)

At the indicated price, we offer an analogue remote control in another IRC 25 F case (picture on the left) of Russian production with a full set of all the original functions, excellent quality and an unprecedented warranty period. You can familiarize yourself with the analog remote control in detail at the following link. The remote control is suitable for the following equipment:

  • TV 26DV703R
  • TV 22SLDT2
  • TV 22DV704W
  • TV 19DV703R
  • TV 26SLDT3R
  • TV 15SLDT2
  • TV 19DV704R
  • TV 15SLDT3R
  • TV 22DV704
  • TV 15DV703R
  • TV 26SLDT3
  • TV 19SLDT3R
  • TV 22DV703R
  • TV 22SLDT3R
  • TV 32DV703R
  • TV 19SLDT3WR
  • TV 19SLDT2
  • TV 22SLDT3WR
  • TV 22DV704R
  • TV 15SLDT2W
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IRC 25 F code 113 replaces the original SE-R0319.

How to set up a universal remote for a TV

Despite the seeming simplicity in this matter, it is impossible to acquire and immediately start using it for its intended purpose. But do not be alarmed, there is nothing impossible in this, and after reading the instructions, everything will definitely work out.

  • First of all, turn on the TV using the control panel located on the TV itself.
  • After making sure that the batteries are inserted into the remote control, press and hold the button responsible for selecting the TV for 5 seconds. It will say “TV” on it. After that, the red indicator on the front panel of the remote will light up.
  • Next, enter the four-digit code for the TV of the required brand from the list using the numbers on the remote.

TV brand Code TV brand Code Aiwa setup code 0072 Akai setup code 0074 Akura setup code 0083 Alcatel setup code 0089 Astra setup code 0221 BangOlufsen setup code

Difference between universal and original remote control

The principle of operation of most remote controls is based on the transmission of encoded information via infrared radiation. When the button is pressed, the manipulator transmits a signal to the receiving device through the IR transmitter, and the receiving device (TV, for example), thanks to the presence of the IR receiver, identifies the send and executes the command.

Unlike original remote controls, the universal remote does not contain 1 original code, but a large number of different firmwares, which allows the device to communicate with many units and models of various equipment. Often this is electronics of a certain manufacturer, but there is no hard limit here.

Thus, one remote control can be used to configure and control several household appliances in the house. At the same time, setting up the connection between the remote control and the controlled device has a certain algorithm. This article will discuss how to set up a universal TV remote control.

How to set up a universal TV remote?

Most pieces of modern technology have a remote control included, which allows you to configure and control the device from a distance. This creates convenience, especially with regard to switching channels and viewing modes on TV. However, even a few electronic items (TV, air conditioner, TV-receiver) in the house means the corresponding number of remotes on the coffee table, which creates a visual blockage of the space. Therefore, it is much more profitable to use one universal remote control that can replace several original manipulators for different devices.

Activate programming mode

For manual synchronization, you must enter the programming mode. The instructions are usually indicated in the specifications or on the box of the purchased remote control. Different manufacturers set the tuning algorithm in different ways, but often the programming mode is activated when the same SET / POWER buttons are pressed. Direct the remote control to TV and press the indicated button.

Some advanced models of universal remote controls can be configured via a computer (connecting via a USB port). There are also remote controls with an interactive display, with which you can also configure, the same applies to touch screen TVs (tactile interactive setting).

Assign TV control button

So, the programming mode is on. Next, you need to assign a button that will activate the control mode for this specific device (in our case, a TV), because there may be several of them. Often there is a button on the remote with the name “TV”. Press the button and do not release until the indicator lights up (usually 3-5 seconds).


Most users prefer to use the automatic setting mode of the universal TV remote control. This method is the simplest, since it does not require special manipulations from the user.

Each model has its own principle of automatic adjustment. In summary, the instruction looks like this:

  • Press and hold the SET (or POWER) button and wait while the manipulator scans the nearby household appliances and selects the appropriate code from the database.
  • Dial the number “9999” on the remote control dial, keeping your finger on the last 9-key. Wait for the completion of the selection of the code and synchronization of devices.

The MUTE icon (or other indicators) that appears on the screen indicates that the identification was successful and the remote control is configured to work with the TV.

The only drawback of this method is the duration. It takes about 15-20 minutes to scan and select a code from the database.

Synchronization and identification by code

If there is no time and desire to wait for the automatic setup to complete, you can find and enter the required code yourself. To do this, you should look at the instructions that come with the remote control. There should be a list of supported electronics models with the corresponding code. Find the device you want, and then enter the code using the remote control dial. The code will be fixed in memory, and the successful completion of synchronization will be marked with an indicator signal.

Manual setting

For advanced users who do not want to waste time on automatic setup, there is a manual synchronization mode of the universal remote control with the TV. The instruction looks like this.

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Intuitive interface
Russian language support
Built-in streaming video player
Voice control

ZaZa Remote


Huge community-backed device base
Ability to read codes from unknown devices
The ability to control devices of your own assembly

How to set up a universal remote control to a TV from a smartphone?

The TV remote control is an eternal subject of dispute between household members, and the air conditioner remote control is between colleagues. On the eve of the warming and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we will tell you about several smartphone applications that allow you to remotely control household appliances.

Why does a smartphone need an infrared port? To make a TV remote! We will tell you how this is done in this practical material.

What you need to create a universal remote?

The technology of remote control of equipment from a mobile phone is by no means new. Back in the days of ubiquitous infrared ports for cell phones, there were Java midlets and applications for Symbian, which allowed switching TV channels.

irRemote. the once popular remote control program for Symbian

With the proliferation of smartphones, infrared technology seems to be a thing of the past. But she quickly returned: “smart homes” and the “Internet of things” came to the world. Infrared ports began to return to phones as a mobile device became a single remote control for smart home appliances.

However, new technologies were added, more typical for smartphones. For example, Wi-Fi, with the help of which modern Smart technology is combined into a single home network. Considering the above, it is very easy to make a universal remote control for TV and other household appliances from a smartphone.

To do this, one of the conditions must be met:

  • Either your smartphone must have an infrared port (or an IR module that connects to a 3.5mm jack or microUSB);
  • Or your home appliances must have built-in Wi-Fi modules to pair with your smartphone.

IR remote control for smartphone on 3.5 mm jack

Next, you need to install one of the applications below. And that’s all. you can connect your equipment to your smartphone for remote control.

Let’s take a look at two of the best universal remote control apps. Both apps are free, available for Android and iOS, and support both IR and Wi-Fi control.


Limited device base
Advertising in the player
Obsessive in-app purchases

SURE Universal Remote is a universal application for remote control of household and digital appliances. The app is both an IR and WI-FI remote control at the same time. To use it, you need a smartphone with an infrared port, for example, one of the latest models from Samsung, LG or HTC.

The app can replace remotes for TVs, Smart TVs (LG and Samsung), cable and digital set-top boxes, air conditioners, Roku media players, Apple TV and Chromecast, AV receivers, home theaters, CD and DVD players, projectors, and home automation e.g. LED lighting.

SURE. device selection

The setup is simple: install the application, select the connection type, device type, start the search, connect to the found devices and control them using the intuitive buttons on the screen.

SURE also allows you to organize a so-called device system at home, in which several devices in one room (for example, a TV, AV receiver and a video projector in the hall) are combined into one group. After that, you can turn them on by clicking on one common button in the application. Important: only IR or only WI-FI devices can enter the same system.

SURE. device system control

In addition, the application allows you to transfer playback of photos, videos (including streaming) and audio from a smartphone to connected devices through the built-in player. Thus, you can view your mobile gallery on a large screen, “stream” movies from your smartphone directly to your TV, or listen to your tracks on your home stereo system.

SURE. multimedia playback

Finally, SURE Universal Remote allows you to control equipment not only by pressing buttons on the smartphone screen, but also by voice using the Alexa Voice voice command conversion system.

Sure Universal Remote


Poor Russian localization
Advertising of devices from a developer company
Lack of a number of devices popular in Russia

Another application for controlling devices as a remote control is ZaZa Remote. It also supports Wi-Fi Smart devices and older devices with an IR remote control in the same way, only you need an appropriate smartphone or plug-in.

The application can control air conditioners, TVs, digital and satellite set-top boxes, projectors, DVD-players, amplifiers, fans (!), Robotic vacuum cleaners, DSLR cameras, LED lighting and much, much more.

Application setup is also intuitive. Install, select the type of device, look for its model and start the connection. The main advantage of the app is its huge device base. It contains over 6,000 brands of home appliances and about 80,000 supported remotes. All this is available in the application even offline.

ZaZa. air conditioner control panel

But even if your device is suddenly not in the database, this is not a problem. The smart search built into the program allows you to read the device ID and search for its model on the Internet, as well as independently select a remote control compatible with it from the available online database (there are more than 250,000 of them).

ZaZa. custom devices

And even if you are a radio amateur and assembled the device with your own hands, you can register it in the application database and, after a short adjustment, control it from your smartphone, picking up the remote control to your liking. To do this, the app has a DIY function that allows you to catch the IR signal from your radio controlled device and configure the remote for it.

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How to set up the remote for your Toshiba TV

In order for the Toshiba remote to work, you will need to configure it. This can be done in several ways. You can set up Smart remote control knowing the TV code automatically and manually. Also for a Toshiba TV, an option without a code is suitable.

Toshiba TV Remote

Owners of Toshiba Smart TVs can enjoy the benefits of phone control as a smartphone app that simulates a real remote control is available. It can be downloaded for free. Installation will open access to all the control functions that a regular Toshiba TV remote provides.

At the same time, in recent years, the universal control panel has become more and more popular. Detailed instructions explain what it is and how to set up your TV and remote control.

Via TV code

To set up a universal remote, you need the TV code. Typically, the parameters are spelled out in the data sheet. Values ​​for different brands are usually listed in the instructions for generic devices. Toshiba TVs usually have the following codes: 034, 035, 130, 141, 164, 188.

You may not need to enter a code to set up your Toshiba remote, as the TV and remote control can be set up automatically. But if this option is not suitable, you can register the value manually.

What is a universal remote

Manufacturers offer remote controls that are customizable for all device models, that is, a universal remote control is also suitable for Toshiba. They function due to a built-in special program and a code base that can recognize different device models. To use the TV, you will need to go through the setup procedure. The following information explains in detail how to set up the universal remote.

You can use the universal remote control for Toshiba TVs with CT-90326, CT-90405, CT-8023 remote controls if it is a regular device and Toshiba SE-R0319 if you have a built-in DVD player. It is important to pay attention to the labeling. Usually, the instructions for the device indicate which models the remote control works with. For example, the original 90326 remote control for Toshiba 32AV833RB from the Regza series can be replaced with the universal RM-162B. The device will also fit other TVs of the REGZA series or any other model.

Among the key advantages of universal devices, one should highlight their variety in size and appearance. It is often much easier to find them than the original remote control. In this case, the model of the device can be selected so as to replace several PUs from different equipment at once.


The automatic setting method implies the selection of the code value by the device independently. To set up the remote for your Toshiba TV, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Turn on TV.
  • Aiming the remote control at the infrared port, press the POWER button on the remote control. Detain her.
  • The indicator light should be responsive. When the light comes on, release the button.
  • Processes will start on the screen. When the sound icon appears, press POWER again.

This is the easiest way to set up your Toshiba remote. The remote control can also be activated manually.

By hand

The manual method involves the self-introduction of the code from the instruction into a special field. Before setting up the remote, you need to turn on the TV. Then perform the following manipulations:

  • Point the remote control to the infrared port.
  • Simultaneously press POWER and the SOURCE button.
  • When the indicator light flashes, release the keys.
  • Enter code.
  • Check device functionality.

Setting up without code

Not knowing the code designation, they try to look for it according to the following scheme:

  • Turn on TV.
  • Direct the remote control at him and hold down TV and OK at the same time.
  • After all the buttons light up, release the combination.
  • Wait until only numeric keys remain lit.
  • Switch channels with the CH button. Channel selection will be carried out.
  • When the TV turns off, the code is matched and the settings can be saved.
  • Press TV to save.

A modern option for connoisseurs of comfort is setting up a TV using a smartphone. Only in this case you will not need to search for the code. This is a find if this information is missing. Such a “bomb” is available for free download on the Internet. The main thing is to find the right option. There is no need to set up such a remote control. It’s ready to use after installing the app. With it, the TV will turn on and off, it is also possible to control the sound, switch channels. Such a remote control has the same functions as a conventional one, so it is easy to operate the device.

When choosing a universal device, it is important to know how to set it up correctly.

Only in this case is the adequate functioning of the technique possible. There are many remote control options for Toshiba. If you have any doubts about the choice, you should consult with a specialist who will help you determine whether the remote control is suitable for the device and tell you how to properly configure it for Toshiba.