How to set up a TV telefunken for 20 channels

Automatic search

This is the easiest way to set up digital terrestrial TV on your TV.

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  • Go to the TV menu go to the Channel section.
  • We select the reception mode Antenna, Ether or DVB-T2. It is necessary to select these options, since they denote Terrestrial digital TV.
  • Next, select autosearch for channels.
  • Type of DTV or DTV channels for searching numbers only.
  • Click ok and wait for the end of the setup, it may take some time.

Manual channel search

Almost all TVs have the ability to tune the channel in Manual mode. To do this, you need to know the frequency of your multiplexes. You can find out by going to the RTRS website by selecting the Interactive Map. After that, select your settlement and click on the TV tower icon. You will be shown the frequency of the first and second ptrs channel packet with frequency indication.

After you find out the frequency, go to the TV menu.

  • Find the menu item Channels.
  • Do not forget to set the Receive Mode Ether.
  • Next, we are looking for the Manual tuning section, if you have a Philips TV you need the Signal Test item.
  • Here we just drive the desired frequency and start scanning, after the channels are found, we save them.
  • Then we drive the next frequency of the second channel multiplex.

As you can see, manual search for digital channels is very simple and fast, thus it won’t take much of your time.

Checking the TV for DVB-T2 reception.

First, we check whether your TV supports DVB-T2, since it is in this format that digital television is broadcast on the territory of the Russian Federation.
This information can be found in the instructions of your TV, check the product data sheet, this information should be indicated in it.
There is also another way, using the Internet, for this we go to the site See the figure of the Russian Federation. Here we find the item
Check if your TV accepts digital terrestrial TV, enter the brand and model of TV, and see if it is possible to receive a digit or not.

How to tune 20 channels on your TV

Almost the entire country has switched to digital television, which means that twenty digital terrestrial channels are available in almost any locality. Now, in any city or village, you can watch 20 channels in high definition for free, no need to pay a subscription fee or buy expensive equipment for satellite reception.
All you need Antenna and TV itself supporting DVB-T2 format.

Setting up digital channels

In order to tune 20 digital channels on your TV, you need to do a few steps in the TV settings menu.
for this we take the remote control and press the Menu button. In different TV models, it may be called differently. For example, for Smart TV, you must press the HOME button.

The site provides instructions for setting up different brands of TVs such as DEXP, Doffler, Samsung, Akai, Philips, Thomson, Sharp, etc. For convenience, you can use the search on the site.

Antenna for receiving 20 digital channels.

In order to catch a digital signal, an antenna is needed; it can be both indoor and outdoor with an amplifier. It all depends on several factors. The antenna must be in the DCM range, since the multiplexes are located in it.

  • How far is the TV tower from you?
  • Building density and what floor you live on, also pay attention to where the windows open if there is a direct line of sight of the TV tower, this must be taken into account in the city.
  • If you live in a city in an apartment building, ask your management company about the collective antenna, if it is present, feel free to connect to it.
  • The reception also depends on the power level of the transmitter and the location of industrial objects that cause interference.
  • Most importantly, the closer you are to the TV tower, the better the reception.
  • Then the signal will be caught on a simple copper cable.
  • For example, in some cases, it will be easier to catch digital channels in the country than in the city.

Signal information

If after setting twenty channels they show with interference, you can see the input signal level.
To do this, find the Signal Information item, where the strength and quality of the received signal will be shown.
The higher the score, the better.

Stage 1: assembly

  • We carefully study the inscriptions on the cardboard box. Find the top side of the media center. It is from this side with the help of a clerical knife we ​​cut the adhesive tape.
  • We remove all the components of the delivery from the shipping box. At the same time, the TV itself is laid down neatly with the screen down on a flat surface, on top of which there is matter. Also, do not forget to remove the transport fasteners.
  • On the underside of the TV, we fix the supports with screws.
  • We install the multimedia device on the horizontal surface of the table, on which it will be used in the future.

Telefunken led32s41t2 channel order is lost after configuration

Today I bought, set up 20 digital channels, after a while the numbering of the channels was mixed, i.e. on 1 button became radio, and the first channel moved to 21 buttons. Other channels also mixed. I started auto-tuning again, for a while all the rules, and then the same trouble. The TV was taken for the old man’s father, he himself will not constantly tune. 11/16/2018, Syzran.

Your TV has the ability to create a list of your favorite channels, try using it.
Select the channel to edit. If this channel is your favorite, you can add it to your favorites list by pressing the FAV button.
The formation of a list of favorite channels must be done in the order you need.

Stage 2: switching

Now let’s figure out how to connect a Telefunken TV. This operation consists of two steps. First, connect the power cord to the wall outlet and power supply socket. Then we connect the cable with the TV signal and connect it to the connector marked ANT IN.

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In some cases, when using a wired connection to the computer network, it is also necessary to bring a twisted pair cable with a tip to the multimedia center. It connects to the RJ-45 port, which is marked as LAN.

Stage 3: search for TV programs

Next, you need to turn on the Telefunken TV and wait until it finishes loading. Then we go to the setup menu and start the auto-search procedure for TV programs. At the same time, do not forget to indicate the type of input signal. The latter can be digital or analog. Can also be conventional broadcast or cable program format.

At the end of the autosearch operation, save the changes made. If the “shell” of the device does not support Smart TV, then the configuration is complete. Otherwise, it is necessary to implement one more stage, which will be further described below.

Briefly about the brand

This company was founded back in 1903 in Germany. Initially, she specialized in the development of telegraph equipment. Then the range of its devices gradually filled all the available niches of the electronic equipment market. Until recently, all of its production facilities were located in Germany. Now devices of this brand are manufactured in different parts of the world. Even on the territory of the Russian Federation there is such an enterprise.

Instruction and operation manual

The instruction for the Telefunken TF-LED32S32T2 model contains information about the control buttons and connectors on the TV case:
1. Remote control sensor / Power indicator
2. INPUT button
3. MENU button
4. CH / CH buttons-
5. VOL / VOL buttons-
6. POWER / STANDBY button
7. Power switch
8. Computer AV input
9. Composite video input
10. Composite audio input
11. Connector for satellite dish
12. Antenna / cable connector
13. HDMI1 input
14. HDMI2 input
15. HDMI3 input
16. Coaxial audio output
17.AV input
18. Component video input YPbPr (mini)
19. Connector CI (PCMCIA)
20.USB port
21. Headphone jack

How to automatically tune channels on your TV

This is the easiest way to set up and requires a minimum of effort and knowledge. The TV itself finds all available channels and remembers them.

To enter the automatic tuning mode, enter the TV menu by pressing the MENU button on the remote control. Depending on your TV model, this button may also be denoted by the words HOME, INPUT, OPTION, SETTINGS or special symbols in the form of three longitudinal stripes, a house, an arrow in a square, and others. detailed information on this matter contains the instruction manual for the operation and tuning of TV channels. Some variants of the designation of the menu call button are shown in

In some cases, before tuning channels on a conventional antenna, you must additionally select the region of your location. To do this, in the setup menu, find the item COUNTRY or REGION and select the corresponding entry in the list.

After the auto tuning of channels is complete, a sort menu may appear on the TV, with which you can arrange the channels found in an order convenient for viewing.

It is worth noting that when changing or adding transmitted channels by the cable TV operator, the setting must be done again.

How to tune channels on a TV without a remote control?

The process of automatic and manual setup in this case occurs in a similar way, but to access the TV menu, the buttons located directly on its body are used:

If there are no such buttons, you need to purchase a remote control.

How to tune channels on your TV

If you have purchased a new TV set, changed your cable TV operator or broadcast type, then the first procedure you will have to face is setting up TV channels on your TV.

Depending on the method of signal reception, there are three main types of broadcasting:

  • over-the-air. the broadcast from the TV tower is transmitted to a regular antenna;
  • cable. channel packages from the operator’s distribution center are transmitted to subscribers’ apartments by wire method;
  • satellite. the signal from the satellite is transmitted to a parabolic antenna (dish) and converted by the receiver.

In turn, terrestrial and cable television can be analog and digital. The second one is characterized by a higher quality of image and sound, but to view it, additional equipment in the form of a digital set-top box (tuner) may be required, especially when it comes to the old TV model.

Within the framework of this article, the automatic and manual tuning of analog channels on the TV is considered (for cable channels, everything will be identical).

How to tune channels from a conventional antenna to multiple TVs?

Often people complain that in one room the channels on the TV are tuned worse than in another. Some of them are missing, while the rest have interference. This is due to the wrong connection. It is important that both TVs are equidistant from the main cable. Otherwise, the one that is closer will take over most of the signal. Also, to connect two or more TVs, you should use a high quality cable that is better protected from interference. Therefore, the standard cheap cable, which is usually offered by many cable TV operators, will not work here.

How to tune channels on an old TV?

In the absence of a menu, channel tuning is carried out by special controls, which can be located under the switching buttons or on the back side near the antenna connector. In addition, on old domestic televisions such as “Electron” or “Rubin” and portable car TV receivers, band switching is provided using jumpers, sliders or buttons. Tuning of television channels for such devices is performed only with your hands.

Analogue Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes in the process of setting up channels, certain questions may arise, some of which are discussed below.

Preparing the TV

Before proceeding with direct channel tuning, you must connect the TV to the broadcast source. With an analog signal, the cable of the antenna or cable TV operator is connected directly to the antenna input of the TV (marked in the photo):

In this case, it is worthwhile to separately consider the situation in which more than one TV is used in an apartment. In this case, a special antenna splitter is used for connection, which in most cases has two or three outputs:

Tuning channels on TVs before 2011

Many Philips TVs have different interfaces. However, the general scheme for installing digital television on them is as follows:

  • On the TV remote control, press the Home button, which is indicated by a house. You will see a menu in which you need to go to the “Configuration” tab;
  • Then a window will appear in front of you, in which you will need to go to the “Installation” tab and click OK;
  • An additional menu will appear, in which you will need to “Configure Channels”;
  • After you click OK, another additional menu will appear. Here you select “Automatic installations” and click “Start”;
  • In order to find and save channels, click on “Reinstall”;
  • Now you will be prompted to select a country. Better to install one of the countries of Western Europe, for example, Germany or Finland. If you are offered only Russia or Ukraine, then you will need to contact specialists who will help you install more modern software on TV;
  • Now you should go to “Digital mode” and select “Cable” as a signal source;
  • In the window that appears, you will need an “Automatic” channel search.
  • Click “Start” and wait for the setup to complete.
  • Once the search is complete, click “Finish” and enjoy browsing the available programs.
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If during these steps your TV starts to ask for a password, then you will need to enter 0000, 1111 or 1234. These are standard passwords that will give you access to certain options.

How to tune digital channels on Philips TVs

Wanting to connect digital television, many people turn to companies that provide these services. These companies offer everyone to tune in free digital TV channels for a set amount. Most clients agree to this, and do not even know that it is optional.

You can set up DTV on almost any TV. The only thing that is required for this is the presence of a tuner, which can be built-in or external. It all depends on the brand of your TV and its model. Most modern TVs have this property. The main thing is that it was a foreign-made device and was released not earlier than 2005-2006.

Philips TVs are quite popular in Russia. This is due to their reliability, quality, prevalence and relatively low cost. Today we will talk about how to set up digital TV for those who are also a device from this company.

Modern Philips TVs

modern models are configured in much the same way, but there are some peculiarities.

To set up a modern Philips model, you will need:

  • Select the “Installation” item in the menu;
  • In the menu that appears, click “Search for channels”, and then “Reinstall”;
  • Now you will see a window in which you need to define the country. It is advisable to choose the one indicated on the sticker on the TV. This could be Finland, Germany or France. For TV series PFL, Sweden should be selected as the country;
  • Now you need to go to “Digital Mode” and select “DVB-C Cable”;
  • After that you need to add some Preferences;
  • In the list that appears, select the manual transmission speed mode;
  • A window will appear in front of you, in which you will need to enter into an item that can be called Network frequency / Baud rate / Symbol value, value 6.750;
  • After that, there are two options for settings: “Fast” and “Full” frequency scan. The quick one will search for 10 minutes, and the full one will take about half an hour, but can find more available TV and radio channels.

If you choose quick scan, then further you will need:

  • Set the frequency drop to 8MHz;
  • Disable analog channels, if you already have them tuned in, click “Done” and start searching.

If you want to perform a full scan, then:

  • In the network frequency mode, select “Manual”;
  • Then you should set QAM. 256 and frequency. 298.00;
  • After that, you also need to turn on or off the search for analogue channels and start searching.

If everything was done correctly, your TV will start streaming free digital channels available in your area.

Manual mode

All TV models support manual search. This option, in comparison with the automatic one, is more difficult due to the large number of actions. But it is necessary when it was not possible to activate the automatic search. For manual mode, the user must specify the frequency for a specific region, and then:

  • select the item “Channels” in the main menu;
  • set the reception mode “Ether”;
  • open the “Manual setting” mode;
  • enter frequency, start scanning.

Then wait a few seconds until the system finds the channels on its own. Save, enter frequency for another multiplex.

How to connect 20 channels of digital TV to an old TV

Setting up a digital set-top box for 20 channels on an old TV includes purchasing a special tuner. Search is similar. manual or automatic modes.

Cable TV

If desired, you can connect digital cable TV. To activate, you need a cable receiver, as well as a specific access module. If the TV already has a built-in receiver, then only the module is additionally needed. It is important to carry out operations with the equipment turned off. It is necessary to insert the smart card into the CAM access module to activate.

Signal quality check

Verification of the correctness of the actions performed occurs after pressing the “INFO” button. Press the button three times and analyze the information that will eventually be displayed. If the indicators are more than 60%, then the signal quality is excellent.

Search through receiver

To activate via the receiver, you must first configure it.

  • Take the set-top box out of the box and be sure to remove the tape so that the tuner does not overheat.
  • Cut the TV cable 1.5 cm so that the cable is slightly exposed.
  • Peel back the protective film and insert the cable into the appropriate connector.
  • Connect the cable to the set-top box and TV.
  • Connect antenna to TV.

Next, proceed with manual or automatic settings.

Smart TV

The new TVs with the Smart platform are much easier to set up. It is necessary to perform the transition “Menu” / “Broadcasts” / “Auto tuning” / “Start” / “Scanner”; Then wait for the display of all channels and complete the setting with the “Close” button.

How to set up and connect 20 channels of digital TV without a set-top box

With a built-in tuner, apart from the antenna, no additional equipment is needed. You can use an antenna that previously captured an analog signal. To activate the work, open the menu, activate the TV work.

Equipment connection

To connect devices, the user needs:

  • disconnect the TV from the power supply;
  • connect the antenna cable to the antenna input;
  • turn on the TV to the socket;
  • open the main menu with the remote control and activate the search;

Search can be manual or automatic.

Hieroglyphs on the screen

3.13.2019 14:32:22 Telefunken TF-LED40S41T2S Arkhangelsk Region The interface began to be written in hieroglyphs for no reason at all. For example. by clicking on the “menu” under all the characters of the hieroglyphs. Before that it was in Russian. By clicking on “HOME: go to the start page of the Smart TV mode” the designation has become in English. Before that, it was also in Russian. I haven’t changed anything in the settings. Why it has become so, I do not understand. How to fix? Unfortunately there is no way to attach a photo of the screen, it would be clearer the problem.
3.18.2019 TELEFUKEN 32 POLOTSK All menus in hieroglyphs how to change into Russian
12/10/2020 Telefunken TF-LED32S59T2S Kemerovo Hieroglyphs appeared in the menu and in the credits when switching channels, before there was Russian everywhere. How to get everything back?

It is necessary to select the item “Reset to factory settings” in the menu and reboot the TV.

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Tuning TV Telefunken to channels

Select Menu Channel.
Tuner Type: Antenna / Cable.
Auto Search: Automatically searches for available channels.
Country: select a country
Mode: Select the search mode: DTVATV (Digital TV Analog TV), DTV, ATV. Search type: Advanced / Fast / Full.
Start: Start of auto search. Digital channels will be searched first, then analogue.
Manual search: manual search for TV channels.
DTV Manual Search: Searches digital channels manually. If you have selected Antenna as your tuner type, simply select a channel number and press Start to start searching. If a cable is selected, the following options become available:
Network ID: Auto / manual input.
Frequency: Auto / Manual Input.
Character range: Auto / manual input. Modulation: Auto / 16QAM / 32QAM / 64QAM / 1 28QAM / 256QAM.
Start: start manual search.
Manual ATV search: search for analogue channels manually.
ATV search: select a search frequency.
Color system: Auto / PAL / SECAM.
Sound system: Auto / DK / BG / I / L.
Modulation: Auto / 16QAM / 32QAM / 64QAM / 1 28QAM / 256QAM.
AFC: on / off automatic fine adjustment function.
Start: start manual search.
Channel Editor: Enter the channel edit menu. The controls are red, green and blue buttons. Use the UP / DOWN buttons to select the desired channel and press:
Red button to delete channel.
Green button to skip a channel while scrolling through channels with CH /-.
Blue button to move the channel in the list with the cursor buttons.

Interference in the picture

08/04/2020 Telefunken tf-led55s17t2su Academic TV tunes not all channels in dTV mode. Tuned channels are interfering.

Channels, interference are not tuned. these are signs of a bad antenna. Achieve good signal strength.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the image on digital DTV channels, with a weak signal, “freezes”, “crumbles into squares”. If the screen displays a different kind of interference, you may be receiving an analog signal instead of a digital signal.

Telefunken TV remote control

The figure shows the Telefunken TV remote control, its function buttons and their purpose:

STANDBY (POWER): On / Off. Standby mode.
INPUT: Select signal source.
NICAM: NICAM / A2 audio selection.
ASPECT: Select the aspect ratio of the screen.
P.MODE: Picture mode selection.
S.MODE: Sound Mode Selection.
Numeric buttons: Selects a channel. /.: Selects the number of digits in the channel number.
RECALL: Return to the previously viewed channel.
FAV: Access the favorite channel menu.
FREEZE: Freeze Frame.
TV / RADIO: Switch between TV and Radio modes.
SLEEP: Select auto power off time.
EPG: Access to the Electronic TV Guide.
UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT / ENTER: Navigates and selects menu items.
MENU: Access to the main menu.
EXIT: Exit a menu or screen.
VOL /.: Increase / decrease sound volume.
CH /.: Scroll channels up / down.
DISPLAY: Display signal and channel information.
MUTE: Mute.
HOLD /: Holds the current Teletext page. Play / Pause or Start Timeshift Recording.
REVEAL /: Show hidden information in Teletext. Back to.
SIZE /: Changes the screen size. Forward.
INDEX /: Displays the Teletext title page. Stop playback / recording.
Back: Previous file.
S.PAGE/: Go to the Teletext subpage. Next file.
TTX: On / Off. Teletext.
T.SHIFT: Start Timeshift recording.
AUDIO: DTV / USB mode: select audio track (if available). ATV: Select a sound mode. Other signal sources: left / right audio channel selection.
SUBTITLE: On / Off. subtitles.
AUTO / REC: Auto configuration in PC mode / Start recording in DTV mode.
PVR: Access to the recording menu. Colored buttons: contextual operations in menus and teletext.
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

TELEFUNKEN TF-LED19S64T2. no digital channels

2.24.2019 telefunken led32s52t2s Tula TV, when connecting a cable digital TV or antenna, shows that no connection to a wired network was found when DTV was selected. What to do
7.3.2019 TELEFUNKEN TF-LED32S65T2 Vyshnevolotskiy What to do if digital channels are not shown on the TV, and DTV is written “The database is empty” ?
2.16.2020 Telefunken tf-led32s98t2s Bogdanovich, Sverdlovsk region Can’t find cable TV channels.
2.26.2019 Telefunken TF-LED42S62T2S Volgograd After a power surge, it turns on, shows the manufacturer, downloads Smart TV, and turns off. Apparently the firmware has flown. What should I do??
Telefunken tf led19s42t2 Can’t find digital channels on cable. The provider has a digital DVB signal. According to the technical characteristics, the TV has a built-in DVB T / DVB T2 / DVB.C tuner. Only analog ones are loaded. What is the reason? 11/13/2018, Podporozhye Leningrad Region.

Your TV uses the Source button to select source. By clicking on it, you can move the cursor keys to one of the inputs, including DTV (digital television). Try to tune the channels in this mode. To return to viewing analogue channels, select ATV (analogue television).

The TV does not tune, the order of channels is lost after tuning

Telefunken led32s41t2 Configured 20 digital channels, after a while the channel numbering was mixed, i.e. on 1 button became radio, and the first channel moved to 21 buttons. Other channels also mixed. I started auto-tuning again, for a while all the rules, and then the same trouble. The TV was taken for the old man’s father, he himself will not constantly tune. 11/16/2018, Syzran.
5.26.2019 Telefunken TF.LED40S44T2 Bataysk I can’t configure
2.27.2020 TELEFUNKEN TF-LED24S71T2 Yaroslavl Yesterday we changed the TV broadcast to cable. I downloaded the channels with automatic tuning, many new ones appeared that I do not need. I pressed the red button and deleted them. But now the frequency of the channels does not go in a row, but with gaps, for example, channel 5, then 9, then 11. Out of 120 channels, I left only 40. Now I wanted to rename them to 1,2,3. 4, etc. To be in a row. But in the TV settings and on the remote control I did not find such a function. Please tell me if this is possible.
12.15.2019 TELEFUKEN TF-LED32S39T2S Tula All settings are lost, does not show the program body, does not play via the Internet.
11/3/2020 Telefunken TF-led22s12t2 Kopeysk I cannot configure 20 channels. According to the instructions there is
9.15.2019 Telefunken TF-LED24S37T2 Krasnodar Moved the TV to another apartment in the kitchen, installed it, turned it on. does not show. The channels are all saved, but not played. I switch between DTV, ATV, AV, some are still there. just a blue screen and that’s it. I do not know which function to enter to start playing the image.
9.9.2019 telefunken TF-led40s81t2s Moscow TV does not work from the antenna (does not see it), the picture “connect the antenna” flashes, other TVs are working.
04/25/2020 telefunken led43s40t2s Full HD Smart TV Moscow dTV tunes only 8 channels

Your TV has the ability to create a list of your favorite channels, try using it.
Select the channel to edit. If this channel is your favorite, you can add it to your favorites list by pressing the FAV button.
The formation of a list of favorite channels must be done in the order you need.

Telefunken TV.

Often, users’ problems can be solved without calling the wizard at home. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.